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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro's Carnaval is back!
San Pedro Town is once again in a festive mood with the anticipated 'El Gran Carnaval de San Pedro,' which started over the weekend. Official ceremonies were held on Saturday, February 10th at the Central Park under the theme 'Canta, Baila, Y Goza!' The festivities so far have attracted hundreds of residents and visitors alike, who are enjoying the block parties, and the colorful comparsa dance groups' performances on the main streets of downtown San Pedro. The three-day festivity kicked off with a short formal ceremony on Saturday with members of The San Pedro Town Council addressing the community. The event started with a minute of silence in memory of the late carnavalero Felix Ayuso. Ayuso's family was presented with t-shirts commemorating the life of their deceased loved one.

San Pedro UDP Town Council slate unveils manifesto 2018-2021
The United Democratic Party (UDP) San Pedro Town Council slate launched their manifesto on Thursday, February 8th at El Patio Restaurant in downtown San Pedro. With municipal elections less than a month away, the event served as an opportunity to briefly summarize the accomplishments of the current administration and what the island can expect if re-elected for an additional term. Mayor Daniel Guerrero, his councilors, along with UDP Area Representative and Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr., addressed a large audience of supporters, pledging to the well-being of the island community based on their campaign motto 'Improving Lives.'

Belizean Accommodations among TripAdvisor's Top 2018 Awards in the World and Central American Categories
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is pleased to announce once more that several Belizean accommodations have been recognized in this year's TripAdvisor's 2018 awards list, both at the World and Central American categories. TripAdvisor is a travel planning and booking site, and its Travelers' Choice award winners were determined based on the millions of reviews and opinions collected in a single year from TripAdvisor travelers worldwide. In the 16th year of the awards, TripAdvisor has recognized 8,095 properties in 94 countries and eight regions worldwide.

Ambergris Today

Ana Najarro Is La Reina Del Carnaval 2018
Canta, Baila y Goza - is this year's Carnaval theme and on Friday, February 9, 2018, five beautiful contestants took on the stage as they competed for the title of Reina del Carnaval. Singing, dancing and having loads of fun Ana Najarro, Angela Guerrero Pitts, Delcia Garcia, Dulce Portillo and ElsaWiltshire proved to those in attendance that beauty comes in all ages. The Angel Nu�ez Auditorium roared in laughter and applause as spectators gathered to enjoy an evening with the five beautiful contestants who had promised an evening of much entertainment. The crowd went wild as the lovely contestants came out in their opening presentation in colorful costumes and proudly introduced themselves to everyone in attendance. Taking first runner up was the lovely Dulce Portillo and winning the grand title of La Reina del Carnaval was Ana Najarro. Congratulations to Ana and all the lovely contestants for putting up a great show�Que Viva el Carnaval.

Carnaval 2018 Day One - Bad Bunnies And Pocahontas
Carnaval 2018 has officially begun and on Sunday, February 11, 2018, the children enjoyed the painting and foam party at Central Park. This year two groups of adult comparsas took the streets of San Pedro to entertain everybody. Dona Flora's Group were "Pocahontas" and danced the night away to melodious beats, followed behind by the ever popular "Barbies". Without fail the men's group always draws a crowd and this year they danced to the popular "Moviento Naranja" beat dressed as beautiful bunnies. Below are pictures of this year's first day of Carnaval for your enjoyment. Don't forget to head on out today and enjoy Day Two of Carnaval!

Misc Belizean Sources


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U.S. Embassy Town Hall Meeting
Friday, February 16 at 11 AM - 1 PM, Blue Water Grill - San Pedro. At the meeting, we will introduce staff from the Embassy who provide assistance to U.S. citizens in Belize, discuss the services the U.S. Embassy provides, and answer questions you may have about our services. Topics include: security in Belize, hurricane preparedness, and information on renewing your passport via DHL. Limited consular public services will be offered (cash; exact change required):

Mrs. Aleida Marisa Ortega is an Exceptional Belizean!
For the month of February, we are excited to feature Mrs. Aleida Marisa Ortega as our Exceptional Belizean! From a very young age, Aleida dreamed of attending school. But because she was confined to a wheelchair, this ambition was a challenge. At the age of 18, she found the courage to pursue her dream and discussed with a teacher from her village school the possibility of her attending school for the first time. Mr. Marcelino Matus, who would become her teacher and mentor, supported Aleida's goal and she was allowed to attend class in the mornings. She was subsequently allowed to sit the Primary School Examination and graduated upon completing Standard four. The few years of schooling prepared Aleida for the future. Upon graduating, she met Mr. Armando Valdez from the Red Cross Branch of Orange Walk, who encouraged her to join painting classes at the Red Cross Center. Although Aleida enjoyed and learned much from two years of art classes, another of her interests was being a radio announcer. This dream became a reality after she approached the management of Estereo Amor and was allowed to cohost a two-hour music radio show.

South Neighborhood Clean Up
The EC Board would like to invite you to our first South Neighborhood Clean Up for 2018. SATURDAY 17 Feb, 2018. Please come out and join the South AC Neighborhood Watch and on Saturday, Feb 17th to help clean our community in the south.

Sagebrush Church Groundbreaking Event and Taco Party!
Sunday Feb. 18th, Paradise Theater. Everyone is invited.

Wine de Vine Valentine's Masquerade Party
Wine de Vine is always a great option for Valentine's Day. ... Join them for a fun masquerade party!

Presentation of Credentials
The Ambassador of Guatemala to Belize H.E. Mr. Georges de la Roche Du Ronzet Plihal presented his Letter of Credence today, February 12th, to the Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in Belmopan. The Ambassador said it is an honour to be in Belize and that on behalf of the government and people of Guatemala, he hopes to bridge a closer relationship between Belize and Guatemala. The Governor General graciously received the Ambassador's Letter of Credence and welcomed him and his delegation to Belize.

Get your Que Viva Felix Ayuso Carnaval tshirt!
All proceeds from the sale of tshirts will be donated to the San Pedro AIDS Commission in honor of Felix Ayuso. LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE. SIZES: Medium, Large, X-Large, Small: Sold out! EXCLUSIVELY SOLD AT THE SAN PEDRO TOWN COUNCIL OFFICE.

Benque Lenten Season Exhibit
The Benque HoC is having a Lenten Season photography exhibition launch on Thursday, along with an interactive lecture. "Benque Viejo Del Carmen prepares for one of the major seasons of community solemnity the LENTEN SEASON, a time to reflect and showcase our community spirit! Join us Thursday February 15,2018 for a lenten season interactive lecture on traditions and believes followed by a showcase of the Collective Photography Exhibition of the Lenten Season in Benque by amateur and professional photographers of Belize."

Bike Belize Experience
FCD thanks The European Nature Trust, Mark Wilkins, Jim Bevis and all who made the first Bike Belize Experience a success. To the bikers, our gratitude for choosing to be a part of this fundraising activity in Belize.

Belize Embassy Science Fellow Diana Cutt!
The U.S. Embassy is proud to welcome to Belize Embassy Science Fellow Diana Cutt! The Department of State's Embassy Science Fellow program is designed to bring the breadth and depth of the U.S. federal government's expertise in a variety of science and technology related fields to our Embassies and partners around the world. During her six weeks stay, Diana, a hydrogeologist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, will support capacity building within the National Hydrology Service and the Rural Development department to assist local agencies in managing the country's groundwater resources.

1st Belize National Research Conference
21- 22 March, University of Belize

Corozal House of Culture 6th Anniversary Open House February 23rd

Rediscovering Antonio Soberanis
Coming up on February 15th. The National Institute of Culture and History through the Institute for Social and Cultural Research (ISCR) invites you to join us for a memorial ceremony honouring Antonio Soberanis Gomez at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, 15 February 2018, in Santana Village (along the old Northern Highway). The ceremony will commemorate the life and contributions of the Belizean Patriot followed by a rededication of his burial site.

Channel 7

A Thaw in Relations?: New Guat Ambassador Named
For the first time in almost two years, Belize has a Guatemalan Ambassador in country. He is Georges de la Roche Du Ronzet - and he presented his credentials to Governor General Sir Colville Young in Belmopan today. The former Ambassador, Manuel Roldan Barillas was recalled in April of 2016, when the BDF killed a 13 year old Guatemalan boy in the Cebada area of the Chiquibul Forest. There were reports that he would return in early March 2017, but he didn't, and the absence of an Ambassador has cast a shadow over neighborly relations. But, now there's a new Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Sandra Jovel and a new, internationally scrutinized push to complete the referendums in both countries. The appointment of an ambassador now, can be seen as an effort to normalize relations after the tensions of April, 2016.

20 Year Old Was Lured To Death In Unfriendly Turn By A Female
And turning now to crime news, Belize City saw its first murder in two weeks on Friday night. 20-year-old Tyrone Gibson - a young man who made no secret of his gang affiliations - was murdered while standing on West Collet Canal. It seems Gibson who is a known to affiliate with gangs in the St. Martin's area - was lured by a female over to another gang's turf - a costly error which he paid for with his life. Sahar Vasquez found out more today from his mother and police. On February 4th Tyrone Gibson turned 20 years old but he will never get to experience life at 20 because he was murdered five days later. Seven shots pierced his body while standing outside the terminal waiting for a female friend to arrive.

Shooting Victim Plunged Into Canal For Safety
A man had to jump into a Belize City canal to escape a shooter on Sunday night. Between 7:00 and 8:00, 35 year old taxi man Reginald Garoy was speaking to someone on east canal - when a gunman fired a shot at his head - which just grazed him. Garoy ran for his life - and according to eyewitnesses - jumped into the ink-black canal to escape the gunman. He got out of the canal and ran to the nearest police station - which is precinct 1. Today, police had slightly different details from those we got on the ground:... ASP Alejandro Cowo, CIB - Eastern Div.: "Police from precinct one were at the police station when a male person arrived there. He came running. His name is Reginald Garoy, and he had reported that he was at the corner of west canal when he was approached by a male person who fired several shots at his direction."

Two Shot At Hot House In OW Town
Two persons were shot in Orange Walk Town on Sunday night. 24 year old Amin Mendez Jr., and 20 year old Jessica Melendez were closing up their family business, Amini's when a gunman appeared and opened fire. Both were shot to their lower legs. Police told us more:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo, CIB - Eastern Div.: "On the 11th of February sometime after 8:40p.m., Orange Walk Police responded to a shooting incident. As a result they visited the Northern Regional Hospital where they observed a male and female injured. The male person is 24 year-old Amin Mendez Junior and 20 year old Jessica Melendez of the same address. Amin Mendez had a single gunshot to the lower left leg and Jessica Melendez suffered a gunshot wound to the right knee."

PG Witness To Cop Killing Claims Police Threats
Two weeks ago on January 29th., we showed you Keevan Wade, he's the main witness in the killing of Mario Vernon the third. Vernon is the 24 year old PG resident who was killed by police constable Tevin Aranda under questionable circumstances. We first encountered Wade at the PG protest for Mario's death, when he stepped forward and spoke publicly, saying that he feared for his safety because he was being visited and intimidated by police. Well, this weekend he pulled out his cell phone and started to record when police were circling his home - and in an emotional video, he claimed one of the officers threatened his life:

PUP Flex Mass Muscle - Enough to Improve Party's Prospects At Polls?
Municipal elections are only weeks away and, on Sunday in Belize City, the PUP hoped to bolster their prospects of electoral success with a "buff" convention. The truth is the party hasn't won anything close to a majority of the 67 municipal seats countrywide since 2003 - so the party is desperately in need of a slump-breaker. Could a Sunday Tsunami provide the momentum to break that slump? Daniel Ortiz rode the blue wave all the way to ITVET. Here's his story:.. Coming from all over the country, party supporters gathered in the hundreds at the corner of Faber's Road and Central American Boulevard. They rolled out in a massive march, the first show of strength for the day. Coming from all 31 electoral divisions, these loyalists started traveling early in the morning, spending hours and hours on the road. There were about 150 buses, plus those who came on their own, plus the city supporters, easily accounting for over 7,500 + supporters.

Sixth Street Saved By Fast Acting Fire Department
There was a blaze in Belize City last night - and the quick response of the fire department - might have saved a neighborhood. It happened on 6th Street in the King's Park area - where the freezer in a Blades ice cream truck caught fire. What made it worse was that the ice cream truck had a butane tank which was ready to burst. The Fire Department explains how they brought it under control:... Benesford Matura, Assistant Fire Chief: "Upon arrival we found a van totally engulfed in flames already. A quick attack got the fire under control. After extinguishing the fire, we were conscience of a van next to it which received minor burns. This van was parked next to a two story structure where the downstairs was cement and the upstairs wooden. That got a little scratch on the wall of the structure. These van was used by Mr. Williams Zou from the same Williams Supermarket that was just across the street.

Killer Bees Killed Dogs
A Belize City family lost their three watchdogs to killer bees this weekend. It happened around 4:00 on Saturday afternoon when the man of the house was cutting the yard. The noise seemed to have disturbed a bee nest which was burrowed into the ground. When the bees let loose - the three dogs - who were chained up - were at their mercy as their master had to run for cover:... Voice of: Mary Sanchez - Bees Killed Her Dogs: "As he was cleaning the yard, about 20 minutes the bees swarm in and we couldn't do anything. A lot of bees just attack the dog and the bees attacked him as well. He managed to run away and there was nothing he could do. He sat down to think about what he could do, how he could help the animals since all of them were chained. Three dogs." Reporter: "They were under attack at the time from the bees?" Mary Sanchez - Bees Killed Her Dogs: "Yes, three of them. When the bees start the dogs started to run and bark and so they make noise. The animal came and attack them."

Andy Rhaburn Charged, But Not For Mom's Death
Alleged mother-killer Andy Rhaburn has finally been charged - but not for her murder. On January 16th, the 26-year-old allegedly beat his mother 53-year-old Braulia Pech to death with a crowbar in the Carmelita Village in Orange Walk. Rhaburn fled the scene and was on the run for a week until the cops found him hiding in the bushes on the outskirts of the village. Rhaburn was shot once after he allegedly tried to attack the police with a machete. He was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital where he recovered under police guard.

Gun Found in OW May Be Stolen From Police
This weekend police found a 38 revolver in Orange Walk town - and it may be one of theirs. ASP Cowo told us how they found the firearm when they searched a man who was acting supiciously on Saturday morning at 3:30. ASP Alejandro Cowo, CIB - Eastern Div.: "Police were patrolling on Santa Lucia Street when they observed a male person acting very suspiciously as a result they went and approached the person and upon exiting the vehicle and police observed this person placing something between some tyres of a vehicle parked on the street. As a result, police stopped the person and conducted a search on the person but nothing was found on him. As he was informed that he was being taken to where he had been seen where he was hiding something, he managed to escape from police custody. As a result of that, police went to where the vehicle was and police discovered a .38 revolver which was taken to the station and labeled it and at this present are seeing one make person being sought in regards to this investigation here."

Man Sent To Jail For Own Safety
Twenty-three year old Mahogany Heights resident Floyd Escarpeta, was charged with burglary and theft when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. On February 6, Escarpeta allegedly broke into 72 year old Modesto Bardarlez's home at mile 16 and three quarter on the Coastal rode. He stole several household items and personal documents - as well as Bardarlez's pickup truck. Police recovered the pick-up with Escarpeta's help. Today in court, he pled not guilty to the charges. The prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that jail is the safest place for Escarpeta right now, because Bardalez's relatives children have allegedly threatened to harm him.

BDF Soldier Dies From Burn Injuries in Accident At Home
A BDF soldier has died from severe burns he got at home in the Toledo District. According to initial reports, 27 year old Rodolfo Martinez from Big Falls Village was at home in the Toledo District cutting the yard and had been sprayed with gasoline. But he wasn't aware of this, and went inside the house where he came in contact with a stove and caught on fire. Other reports say he was trying to fix the stove and it exploded. Whetever the case, he received massive burn injuries to the front of his body - and police found him at 5:45 pm at the Punta Gorda Hospital. He had to be transferred to the KHMH in Belize City - where he died today.

The War On Lampposts?
On Friday we told you about an accident on the newly repaved stretch of the Phillip Goldson highway between miles 7 and 8. As you can see, the impact claimed a lamp-post. Well, there were two more accidents this weekend on that same stretch of road - which uprooted two more of the towering new aluminum lamp-posts. The first involved a Mazda Tribute, and the second involved a Toyota Hilux. According to reports, there have been at least 5 collisions ion this stretch which have destroyed lamp-posts.

US Embassy With Half A Mil For BDF and Coast Guard
Today the US Embassy donated over $400,000 US dollars of equipment to the Ministry of Defence. Both the BDF and the Coast Guard received a number of items that will help them in their fight against the drug trade and transnational crime. We were there today for the handing over at the Ladyville BBF camp. Adrianne Galanek, Charge d Affaires, US Embassy: "All of this donated equipment comes with training packages both here in Belize and in our training schools back in the United States. Today the police coast guard is receiving pick-up trucks, boat trailers, body armor, ballistic high cut helmets, boat motors, flotation vests and two fuel tank cleaning system to name some of the equipment." "The BDF air wing is also receiving equipment. They are receiving tool bags, a fuel quantity tester, site compass, radio tester, video borescope and cabinets to protect flammable liquids."

Channel 5

Lured to His Death on Canal Side: the Murder of Tyrone Gibson
There had not been a murder in the city since January twenty-seventh.� During that time, police put more boots on the ground to curb gun violence and restore some peace [...]

Blue Wave Sweeps through Belize City
Just twenty-three days from a municipal election, supporters of the People's United Party descended in the city seven years after its last national convention. The Opposition, on Sunday, took full [...]

The P.U.P.'s Updated Policies and Plans
The National Convention's primary business aside, the P.U.P. also has a lot to say about the major issues of the day. From crime to Guatemala, the party produced a number [...]

Johnny B.: "We Will Fight Everywhere" for Municipals
The P.U.P. is counting on the surge of energy presented on Sunday to prevail less than a month from now. But with the U.D.P. already boasting of sweeping all sixty-seven [...]

Cordel Hyde Talks Belize City Strategy
Lake Independence area rep Cordel Hyde is the acknowledged field general of the P.U.P. in Belize City. It will be his task to shepherd voters to the polls for Bernard [...]

New Guat Ambassador Comes to Belize
A new Guatemalan ambassador has taken up residence in Belize, almost two years after his predecessor Manuel Estuardo Roldan Barillas was abruptly recalled.� Roldan returned to a new post as [...]

P.U.P. Says Keep Calm: No Belize Referendum this Year
As you heard earlier the P.U.P. is demanding a greater say in the education campaign on the Belize-Guatemala issue. But as to taking a formal position on the coming referendum [...]

No Compromise for Opposition to Win
And while the P.U.P. effectively countered the suggestion of disunity on Sunday, another elephant in the room is financing. The party has consistently maintained that it will not accept campaign [...]

Witness to Mario Vernon Shooting Claims Death Threats by Police
Are Punta Gorda police interfering with a purported witness in the officer-involved killing of Mario Vernon?� Amateur footage has surfaced showing an altercation between a PG resident who emotionally charges [...]

Reginald Garoy Shot in Belize City
Thirty-five-year-old taxi driver Reginald Garoy was shot to the right side of the cheek and right ring finger on Sunday night in Belize City. Garoy told police that he and [...]

Couple Shot Inside Store in Orange Walk
A man and his girlfriend were shot in Orange Walk on Sunday night. Police say that twenty-four-year-old Amin Mendez Junior and twenty-year-old Jessica Melendez were inside Mendez's grocery shop on [...]

Andy Rhaburn Faces More Charges for Carmelita Terror
Additional charges of attempted murder and use of deadly means of harm have been brought against twenty-six-year-old Andy Rhaburn.� The Carmelita resident is accused of killing his mother, Braulia Pech, [...]

Friend Turned Burglar Remanded for Attack on Senior Citizen
Mahogany Heights resident Floyd Escarpeta has been charged with burglary and theft in connection with breaking and entering into the home of a senior citizen farmer and stealing his valuables [...]

Cops Get Gun in O.W. but Not Owner
Around three-thirty on Saturday morning, police on mobile patrol in Orange Walk found a point thirty-eight revolver and four live rounds of ammunition on Santa Lucia Street. Police say they [...]

Disaster Averted: Flames Gut Ice Cream Truck, Scorch House in King's Park
The Fire Department's quick action on Sunday night averted a major disaster on Sixth Street in Belize City. An electrical fire broke on an ice cream truck just as its [...]

Family Burned Out in Hattieville
Meanwhile a family of four from the Bainesville community, just outside of Hattieville, is tonight without a roof over their heads following an early morning fire last Thursday that swept [...]

Family Feud Leads to Threatening Words Charge
But as it turns out, Belisle says that the alleged culprit is well-known to the family. While she is not sure what could have triggered the torching of her home, [...]

U.S. Makes Latest Donation of Equipment to B.D.F., Coast Guard
The Belize Defence Force and the Belize Coast Guard received more than eight hundred and fifty-thousand dollars in drug fighting equipment and training packages. The US Embassy handed over the [...]

Belize Island to Host Private September Cruise
There's an article online that's been attracting attention in the area of tourism. Naughty Island. It's off the coast of Belize, and according to a U.K. newspaper, later this year; [...]

Guatemala Electoral Body Produces Booklet on Referendum Process
Guatemalans head to the polls on April fifteenth to decide on the following question: Do you agree that any legal claim by Guatemala against Belize on continental inland territories and [...]

Bike Ride Raises Thousands for F.C.D.
Twelve bikers set off on a six-day adventure across Belize and into the Chiquibul Forest Reserve last week in support of Friends for Conservation and Development. �It was organized by [...]

The Weekend in Sports
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities�]


Man flees assailant and finds refuge at Police Station
Last night, Reginald Garoy, a taxi driver, was on West Canal when he was approached by a gunman who fired several shots at him. Garoy managed to escape from his assailant. At this morning's press brief, ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB, spoke about the shooting incident. ASP Alejandro Cowo - Head of CIB "Okay �

2 years after former Guatemalan Ambassador was recalled, New Ambassador assigned to Belize
The Ambassador of Guatemala to Belize His Excellency Georges de la Roche Du Ronzet Plihal presented his letter of Credence today to Governor General His Excellency Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in Belmopan. The Ambassador said it is an honour to be in Belize and that on behalf of the government and people of Guatemala, �

Briceno said that Belize is poorly served by the UDP administration
The Opposition leader in his keynote address to supporters said change must come since the country is not being served well by the Dean Barrow administration. John Briceno - PUP Leader "Today Belize is poorly served by this incompetent UDP administration, as a result of their mismanagement we have suffered, all of us have suffered. �

Briceno feels that the PUP is the change the nation needs
In his presentation, the PUP leader said that if given the opportunity to lead, it will not be business as usual. John Briceno - PUP Leader "The time has come for changing of the guard and as well the time has come for the changing of the red colors, we have to get rid of �

A massive crowd showed up for PUP's National Convention
The ITVET compound was the venue for the People's United Party's national convention. On Sunday Party supporters from across the country were bussed into Belize City. The day began with a parade of supporters who met at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Neal's Pen Road and made their way to the ITVET compound �

Brigadier General speaks about being at the helm of the BDF
Brigadier General Steven Ortega was recently appointed as the Commander of the Belize Defence Force (BDF). Love News asked him about his new position and how he is adjusting to it. Brigadier General Steven Ortega - Commander of the BDF "As you can guess very busy basically getting to learn a new job spec and �

US Embassy donates US $432,000 worth of equipment to help fight crime
Belize's central location makes it vulnerable to transnational organized crime. Today, the US Embassy donated equipment to the Belize Coast Guard and the Belize Defence Force that will be used in the fight against such organized crime. At today' handing over ceremony Charge d'Affaires Adrienne Galanek spoke of the donation. Adrienne Galanek - Charge d'Affaires �


15th anniversary of National Council on Ageing
The National Council on Ageing is celebrating its 15th Anniversary. As part of its celebration, an interactive exhibit of the council's work was held at the Belmopan Civic Center today. Ixchel Poot, Executive Director of National Council on Ageing told us more. Belmopan Senior S...

Fined $15,000 for shooting his friend in the mouth
45 year old Edwardo Torres is a at home tonight, having received a fine instead of jail sentence for the shooting death of his friend. Torres was not tried for murder or manslaughter but unlawful harm through negligence of a firearm. It might seem like a strange charge considering a life was lost, ...

Civil service Credit Union short on funds
Civil Service Credit Union is going bankrupt. Media reports confirm that 1.2 Million dollars of shareholders funds are inaccessible to some 1200 members even after the Central bank of Belize intervened to try to stabilize the waning Credit Union. In an interview with the Reporter, Cedric Flowers, Ch...

Man awaits sentence for running over 3 year old boy
40-year-old Hubert Martinez was charged back in December 2013 for knocking down and killing 3-year-old Jahston Terry. The little boy was on the side walk at Pound Yard walking with his then 5-year-old brother, when suddenly, a white pick-up van driven at the time by Martinez drove on to the sidewalk...

20 pounds of weed found in his car; Belmopan man pleads guilty
Belmopan police found about 20 pounds of weed in a car on Thursday night. Sometime before 7 p.m. police were conducting an operation in Teakettle Village when they observed a white Toyota Matrix four door car parked on the side of the road. A male person was standing beside the vehicle and a female...

Weed on bus leads to arrest
On February 8th at about 8:00 p.m., officers were conducting a Vehicle Check Point on the Phillip Goldson Highway between miles 4 and 5. They searched a bus that was traveling from north to Belize City. Police spotted 41 year old Larance Lahoudi, who they say was acting suspiciously. Police then sea...

Four charged for drug trafficking
Orange Walk police also made some arrests for drug trafficking. On the morning of February 8, Police conducted a search at the residence of Georgina Ramirez Flores located in San Lazaro Village. Present at the time of the search were 69 year old Guatemalan national Georgina Ramirez Flores...

Colt gun found in bushy lot
On February 8th, Police conducted a search on an open lot on Racoon Street. They found a 9mm Colt Combat Commander brand pistol which contained a magazine with eight 9mm rounds of ammunition. No one was in the area at the time, so items were labeled and deposited as found Property.

UAE delegation in Belize for rural electrification project
A delegation from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund are in Belize to meet with the Ministry of Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities and village leaders for the implementation of the emPOWER Rural Electrification project (emPOWER project). The emPOWER project envisions to install 344 kW of solar PV ...


Connecting Landscapes across the Belize Wildlife Corridor
Today, we live in a very interconnected world. This is something that conservationists have learned when studying the species that they are trying to protect. It's not good enough to create protected habitats that are isolated, like islands surrounded by roads, fences, farmlands, cities, etc. That's not how most species have evolved. Their habitats need to be connected to others via wildlife corridors if life is to really thrive and be robust enough to survive in the long-term. Roughly 26% of Belizean land and sea is preserved within a total of 95 reserves, which vary in purpose and level of protection. Most of the protected land is comprised of two conservation blocks, the Selva Maya area in northern Belize and the Maya Mountains in southern Belize. Separated by human activities such as roads, villages and agricultural activity, the Belize Wildlife Corridor provides a unique bridge of natural habitats that connects the two blocks through unprotected and privately-owned land.

9 Great Valentine's Options on Ambergris Caye
Valentine's day is right around the corner and the following list will help you choose a romantic dinner option if you are in the market for one. Please note it is a good idea to make reservations sooner than later as seats are filling up. Remember it is the end of lobster season too so make the most of it. One last thing. You do not have to wait for Valentines to plan a romantic time at any of the places listed below or even a significant other for that matter. I take myself on fun dates all the time..

2018 The Burning of Juan Carnaval held in Corozal
Carnaval is a Western Christian and Greek Orthodox festive season that occurs before the liturgical season of Lent. With the Ash, Wednesday, Carnival ends and Lent begins, preparation time for 40 days for the Crucifixion, Death, and Resurrection of the Lord, all within the Catholic Church.The main events typically occur during February or early March, during the period historically known as Shrovetide (or Pre-Lent). Carnival typically involves a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus, masks, and a public street party. People wear masks and costumes during many such celebrations, allowing them to lose their everyday individuality and experience a heightened sense of social unity.

Belize Zipline Tours - Fly Through the Belize Jungle
CALICO JACK'S ZIPLINING: Glide through the Belizean rainforest in this thrilling and exhilarating tour. Offering a variety of 3 different runs, you can choose a beginner run for 45 minutes or, step out to the next level and zipline through the rainforest for a full hour. If you crave more excitement, then combine both runs - 9 runs, 15 platforms, a jungle lift, and 2,700 feet of adrenaline-pumping ziplining! JAGUAR PAW ZIPLINING: Zig zag along cables across the Belizean rainforests! This tour presents you with surprises, adventure, wonders, and amazing views of Belizean nature. This experience is a great choice for couples on a romantic honeymoon, family adventures, or group getaways looking for a thrilling journey.

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018: Belize, Model Search
Ambergris Caye is indisputably one of the most gorgeous islands in the Caribbean. That wasn't always the case-because it was part of the mainland until 600 A.D., when some enterprising Mayans dug a channel to improve their trade routes. The 25-mile long strip of land off the coast of Belize now offers the epitome of island living. Swim with friendly nurse sharks by the resort, or venture farther out into the sea to check out one of the most impressive natural features in the area: the Great Blue Hole, a 407-foot deep sinkhole deemed one of the top scuba diving sites in the world by none other than Jacques Cousteau.

Another fishing addiction
We are heading back south to Belize where we have gone on winter breaks nearly every year since 1990. We look forward to temperatures in the 80s, sun, trade wind rattling the coconut trees and seeing our Belizean friends again. Of course I'm writing this with great anticipation after another below zero morning outside walking the dog and getting in firewood. We will be part of the annual Cheesehead invasion of Placencia, a village at the end of a peninsula in southern Belize. Bill and Sue Smith and Jeff Cudd of River Falls have been there since January. Jesse Smith will be visiting, along with Carol's brother Ken Schreiber of Osseo, Wis. Some people get addicted to catching trout on a dry fly, others get pumped casting for muskellunge. I have become addicted to wading coral flats fly fishing for permit and bonefish.

MPM's Maya exhibition draws on new scholarship to reveal hidden worlds
Milwaukee Public Museum just opened its latest traveling exhibition this week and it covers some familiar ground. "Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed" is the largest exhibition about the ancient Maya ever to be displayed in the United States. The museum also hosted a big Mayan exhibit in 1987, but in terms of Mayan scholarship, 1987 is ancient history, according to Carter Lupton, the museum's curator emeritus of, well, ancient history. "When I was a student in the 1970s, you couldn't read most of the Maya glyphs," Lupton said as he walked me through the exhibition while the final touches were being made. "They used to say all these people depicted on these stelae are priest kings. They didn't know the names. They didn't know when they lived. They thought everything was calendrical, that the only thing they could really know were dates."


  • San Pedro Carnaval, 4min.

  • San Pedro Carnaval, 2min.

  • Restore Belize, 5min. Established in 2010, the Restore Belize Programme was created in response to a rising crime rate in Belize. Eight years later, Belize Now found out how the programme has impacted lives and achieved its goal thus far.

  • The making of the Charlie Burton Park, 7min. Residents, especially children, of the Gibnut Street area, now have a park to call their own thanks to a true tri-partisan collaboration between citizens, businesses, and the Belize City Council. Kudos George Michael Reid! The man behind the entire project, whose persistence motivated so many good hearted folks to commit to this project. Here's the story behind the making of the Charlie Burton Park.

  • Holiday resort in Belize where clothing is 'optional', 3.5min. A resort is offering couples the chance to enjoy a getaway on a 'naughty island' off the coast of Belize where clothing is 'optional'.The holiday costs up to �12,000 for a week-long stay in one of the five-star villas where guests can enjoy activities such as swimming and scuba diving.The offer is being organised by Naughty Nawlins, which has teamed up with Dream Pleasure Tours to completely takeover the island, which is close to the town of Dangriga.

  • Alvin Henderson - Chairman of the Belize Shrimp Growers Association, 3min. Raising the standards of the Belize Shrimp industry through sustainable cluster development.

  • Vermillion Flycatcher (Pyrocephalus rubinus), Crooked Tree, Belize. February 12, 2018., 1/2min.

  • San Pedro, Belize carnaval 2018 comparsas, 5min.

  • Guatemala & Belize 2017, 17min.

  • Don Octaviano Pott, accordion player from Caledonia, 1min. He accompanies the caledonia carnavalistas. His accordion is 51 years old, and he bought it for $65 in Belize City. WOW!

  • Morning Matters in Cayo, 64min.

  • El Gran Carnaval De San Pedro continues!, 2min. Las Bad Bunnies

  • Day 2 of Carnaval, 2min. Ambergris Caye Elementary School does U.S President Donald Trump parody on immigration

  • Carnaval Day 2: Cupid theme, 2.5min.

  • The 'Barbies' pick fun at Queen of the Bay Pageant controversy. Carnaval 2018, 6min.

  • San Pedro Carnaval Day 2 - Valentine Cupids Invade the streets, 12min.

  • Baby crocodile, 1/2min.

  • The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, 3.5min. The Government of Belize will soon be receiving US$800,000 from The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, to support Belize's efforts in fighting malaria.

  • Corozal 2018 Carnaval, 10min.

  • B E L I Z E | 2017, 4.5min.

  • Belize 2018, 38min.

  • Meksyk Gwatemala Belize 2018, 57min.

  • San Jose Succotz - Belize, 1.5min.

  • Belize Fishing - Island Channels 2017, 15min.

  • Belize Travel Diary!!, 4min.

  • Belizean Osprey flying over Hatchet Caye - Southern Belize, 1min. The Wild Belizean Osprey, flying over Hatchet Caye in Southern Belize. Shot from the air using a phantom 4 drone.

  • Belize National Quality Infrustructure EPA Video, 7min. Enhancing the National Quality Infrastructure of Belize - Highlighting the Citrus Industry in Belize. ~Towards a Stronger Caribbean -

  • Glossy Ibis feeding, Crooked Tree, Belize. February 10, 2018., 1.5min.


  • El Carnaval Orange Walk Town, 7min. Gracias al grupo de Caledonia, Belize High School of Agriculture, Masewal de Yo Creek, Mayor Kevin Bernard, Orange Walk Town Council, Banquitas House of Culture, Institute for Social & Cultural Research, Northern Maya Association of Belize