If you asked high school students what they wanted to learn in school - you might have to throw out the entire school curriculum and implement one reflecting more time with the cell phone and parties.

But, that isn't going to happen and so when representatives from the Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipality met with a group of students in Belmopan met last week, they all sat down to come up with a reasonable way to implement a new subject called Belizean Studies. We spoke to one of the coordinators vie phone today. Here is more.

Kay-De Vaughn, Project Manager, Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipality Initiative
"The Ministry of Education is developing a new curriculum called Belizean studies and they have a working group and so what they wanted to do is get a few ideas form children because this new subject will be taught to students in secondary school and so they wanted to meet with the CAB to get their ideas on what should be taught when it comes to their study so they had things like geography."

"When it comes to Belizean studies what would you like to learn when it comes to geography of Belize, what would you like to learn when to comes to the different languages, would you want just a basic understanding or would you like to go more in-depth. We talked to the children about climate change how interested are the students here in Belize when it relates to climate change. The children really wanted to know more, they didn't want like a top level education but they wanted to go more in-depth in our history and how it can help to strengthen our economy today."

"The move that the ministry of education took was very instrumental in terms of consulting with children. We hardly ever look to children to see what they think about a subject or how it would benefit them in their lives or what they see in future for the country of Belize."

This was just a consultation and more sessions like this will be held until the new curriculum is finalized. It will be implemented in high schools across the country. It may be ready for the school year. The kids who participated in the consultation are from the child advisory bodies in Belize City and Belmopan.

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