They work at one of the most upscale restaurants on San Pedro - but three service staff are accused of theft from that restaurant tonight. They were allegedly pinching cash from the day's sales.

Victoria Meyers from Rain Restaurant at Grand Caribe Resort on San Pedro found that on January 24th, 21 year old bartender Brandon Moralez made sales valued at over five thousand dollars during his shift, but only handed over $4,754 dollars, leaving $470 dollars unaccounted for. On the 28th, he did much the same, except this time, he was off by almost 800 dollars.

Similarly, on the first of February, 20 year old bartender Wilson Perez was short by almost 600 dollars dollars. The next day Brandon Moralez was 580 dollars short when he handed over the sales from his shift.

Two days later, Wilson Perez was three hundred dollars short. And on the fifth, Perez and waiter Cristian Novelo were $447.00. dollars short when they handed over the sales from their shift.

As a result, Police arrested and charged Brandon Moralez for (3) counts of Theft , Wilson Perez for (2) counts of Theft, and, additionally, Wilson was charged jointly with, Cristian Novelo for (1) count of Theft.

But that wasn't the end of their funny money business. On the ninth February, Moralez tried to settle a 74 dollar bar tab at San Pedro's Jaguar Night Club with someone else's credit card. For that, he was also arrested and charged for Obtaining Property by Deception.

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