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Anthony was a student at the San Pedro High School who, due to financial difficulties, was only taking classes at night in order to help his parents during the day.

It was a rainy day on Monday, October 17th 2016 when Anthony was taking his stepfather lunch. Anthony came in contact with a live electrical wire, and when his stepfather found him on the ground, he was trembling and foaming at the mouth.

Despite the efforts of the doctors, they could not save his hands which were greatly damaged due to the high electrical voltage he received. Anthony also received injuries to the head and chest area.

Anthony has been accepted at Shriner's Hospital in Mexico City for treatment and prosthetic hands. He will be going there in about a week for his treatments.

We are raising funds for his travel to Mexico City including his Mother. There will be money needed for an apartment, food and transportation during his 2 - 3 week stay. There are 2 volunteers also traveling with Anthony and his Mother. And there will be follow-up care.

Please make a donation for Anthony so we can make travel arrangements right away.

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