Electricity Limited (BEL) signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with CFE Calificados, an affiliate company of Mexico's Comisi´┐Żn Federal de Electricidad (CFE). This agreement allows BEL to purchase more power from Mexico when prices are low. According to BEL's CEO, Jeffrey Locke, one major improvement resulting from this new PPA is that BEL, in partnership with its local suppliers, can now trade energy in the Mexican market.

Jeffrey Locke, C.E.O., B.E.L.

"With this new agreement it will give us a new opportunity to sell excess energy when we have to Mexico that would low to have more sales of energy across our lines which would then reduce our unit cost. So by reducing our unit cost it gives opportunity in the future to be able to give customers more competitive prices. We will now be invited, allowed to compete in the Mexican market so when we are inviting suppliers for Belize, we could invite them to say it's not only Belize you have the opportunity to supply they also have to opportunity to supply in the Mexican market so why is it they are able to provide reliable electricity at a competitive price then it's not only the Belizean market there taking a look at as an opportunity the Mexican market as well."

Katya Silva, Director General, CFE Calificados

"We are very committed to work together with Belize, this is a key relationship for us, and was the first customer that CFE Calificados as an affiliate had in the year and half ago and this represent something that we are really proud. This is a very important customer for us and partner as I said and for us we feel honored that Belize has trusted CFE Calificados to do business together and in terms of expanding the relationship to the new areas of course very confident CALIFICADOS that we can do business together and bring Belize to participate in the market in Mexico as well."

Signing on behalf of CFE Calificados was its Director General, Katya Silva.