Municipal Elections is set for March 7 and today nomination day saw representatives from the United Democratic Party, the People’s United Party, the Belize Progressive Party and independent candidates being nominated to run in the upcoming elections. However, the Vision Inspired by the People’s representatives were absent from today’s nomination activities. In a press release, the VIP said that because the UDP administration did not conduct a re-registration as requested by the opposition political parties they have chosen to boycott the municipal elections. Furthermore, the VIP is calling on electors in every municipality to also boycott the elections in protest. They say electors who are dissatisfied with or refuse to accept the current voter lists to take one of the following two steps: (1) abstain from going to vote or (2) to register a protest vote, by marking the ballot with an X across the entire ballot paper. The VIP urges citizens to do some reflection on the kind of message they send the politicians when they knowingly take part in an election that uses an illegal and outdated elections list.