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The San Pedro Sun

United States and Belize Sign Cultural Property Agreement and Repatriate Belizean Cultural Property
The Government of the United States and the Government of Belize signed a Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the Imposition of Import Restrictions on Categories of Archaeological Material of Belize. The Agreement solidifies the collaboration between the United States and Belize to combat looting and trafficking of cultural objects in Belize. The Government of the United States also repatriated Belizean cultural property recovered by Special agents from the U.S. National Park Service. Acting Chargé d’Affaires Deborah Lingwood represented the Government of the United States and Acting President of NICH Greg Vernon—the Government of Belize. The goals of this cultural property Agreement are to: reduce the incentive to pillage; help Belize protect its cultural heritage; and increase lawful access to cultural objects and awareness of world heritage by encouraging interchange of materials for scientific, cultural and educational purposes.

Ambergris Today

Belize Signs Memorandum Of Understanding With The United States Of America To Protect Artifacts
On Friday, February 23, 2018, the Government of the United States and the Government of Belize signed a Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the Imposition of Import Restrictions on Categories of Archaeological Material of Belize. The Agreement solidifies the collaboration between the United States and Belize to combat looting and trafficking of cultural objects in Belize. The Government of the United States also repatriated Belizean cultural property recovered by Special agents from the U.S. National Park Service. Acting Chargé d’Affaires Deborah Lingwood represented the Government of the United States and Acting President of NICH Greg Vernon—the Government of Belize. The goals of this cultural property Agreement are to: reduce the incentive to pillage; help Belize protect its cultural heritage; and increase lawful access to cultural objects and awareness of world heritage by encouraging interchange of materials for scientific, cultural and educational purposes.

Misc Belizean Sources


Police find a burnt airplane in Northern Belize
They find nothing and say there is no additional information to share.

Spanish Lookout Commercial/ Industrial EXPO
Come out and see us at the Expo 2018, all Grow big products will be marked down, on special, and you can register to win either free products or a free garden or farm consultation for Cayo residents! Mar 2 - Mar 3, Countryside park, Spanish Lookout. 9am - 5pm.

Belmopan City Council Receives New Equipment from the Belize Road Safety Project
The Mayor of the Belmopan City Council, Mr. Khalid Belisle has received equipment from the Chair of the Belize Road Safety Project, Ms. Yvonne S. Hyde, Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Economic Development and Petroleum along with the Contractor Representative – the Belize Roadway Construction (BRC) at approximately 2pm today, February 26th, 2018. In 2013, the Government of Belize received funds in loan financing from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) towards the cost of the Belize Road Safety Project. Over the past five years, many activities have taken place and have contributed to an increased awareness in reducing severity of road traffic deaths and injuries. The question that is always lingering on everyone's mind is: What can be done to address key risk factors that cause road traffic deaths and injuries?

BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of February 12th thru February 18th, 2018
Our first Orvis Bonefish Bonanza of 2018 produced smiling faces in our beautiful places as everyone enjoyed their time on the water. The weather wasn't as good as it could have been but the company and camaraderie made up for it. Enjoying the lodge with a group can create lifelong friends, and that is what it is all about. There is nothing better than spending time with friends in beautiful places! Lots of bones landed

Water Interruption today in Santa Elena Town and Esperanza Village
Belize Water Services informs its customers in Santa Elena and surrounding areas that there will be an interruption in the water today, Tuesday, February 27, 2018, starting at 1:00pm. The areas to be affected are Santa Elena Town and Esperanza Village. This interruption is necessary for the installation of a new water main. Due to the upgrade, customers may experience low water pressure and/or discoloration when water is restored. Residents of these or nearby areas are advised that water supply should return to normal by 11:00pm. If they experience water supply problems after 11:00 pm, they should immediately call BWS’ hotline at 0-800-CALL-BWS (0-800-225-5297) to report it.

Street Art Festival 2018 Winners

A few snippets of this year's Street Art Festival!
As the daylight fades the Main Stage lights up and the music of the Marimba Legends brings the masses together along with MORE FM's DJ Bobo. The Living Statue draws many admirers, even a Mayoral Candidate. The Chalk Competition is coming to a close and the winner will soon be announced, here are some entries...

Arte con Voz de Mujer Exhibit
In celebration of Women’s Month the Corozal House of Culture is delighted to present our annual Arte con Voz de Mujer Exhibit; creating a platform for expression and appreciation by showcasing our exceptionally talented female artists of Corozal. Sculpture, paintings, textiles, basketry, photography, jewelry, animation and more will be on display through to March 23, 2018. You are cordially invited to the exhibit launch Friday, March 2nd beginning at 7pm.

Belize Police Department Public Information Day
The Belmopan Police Formation cordially invites the public to be an integral part of its community awareness day.

SonoScan Ultrasound in Corozal
We will be in Corozal Town this Wednesday Feb. 28 at 5 Rivers Medical Clinic on 5th Avenue. For appointment & info inbox or call 653- 1120

Live comedy show of " YANCUIC "
Everyone is cordially invited to enjoy a wonderful weekend full of laughter and fun at the PRINCESS CASINO FREEZONE, Corozal this Friday March 2nd and Saturday March 3rd with our live comedy show of " YANCUIC ". Come out, enjoy and get a chance to win. See you there! It all starts at 10:00 p.m. NO COVER!

BSI new Sugar Industry Newsletter
Download a copy of our new Sugar Industry Newsletter by visiting

Channel 7

Eight Lawmen Arraigned For Murder
Tonight, 8 lawmen are in jail for murder - 7 BDF soldiers and 1 police officer - all members of the Belize Special Assignment Group. They are accused of the murder of 46 year old Ariel Salazar and the attempted murder of Oscar Payes. It is the first time 8 lawmen have been charged for a murder - and the first time so many soldiers have been sent to jail on remand.

Family Of Deceased Wants Convictions, Not Arraignments
And so how does the family of the deceased feel now that they have been charged? As you've been seeing in interviews with them - they are stricken by grief - and then on top of that - outraged by the unthinkable injustice of the fact that their loved one was killed by lawmen who had no business looking for a phone in their his home. This evening, our colleagues from CTV3 News caught up with Ariel Salazar's sister, and she made it clear that she is not comforted by the quick arrests of these 8 lawmen until somebody is found guilty for her brother's death. She explained why:

ACP Williams Says Investigators Had To Get “Behind The Masks”
As we told you in our first story, it is a historic first time that eight lawmen have been charged at once for murder. It was a joint effort between the Orange Walk police on the criminal side and the commander of the Professional Standards Branch on the internal side. But, ACP Chester Williams - as a trained attorney - brought the force of his learning and the seniority of his office to an investigation that is very bold. Today he explained that they had to get behind the masks of these members of BSAG:

Drug Plane Lands And Set On Fire In OW South
We met Williams in Dangriga - where he was investigating another death in police custody - and we'll tell you about that in our next segment. But, first to news about another drug plane landing in Belize….This morning, Orange Walk Police were called out to the rural parts of Orange Walk South to an area between Indian Church and Hill Bank. That's because another aircraft was illegally landed in that part of the country.

Jamaican Died In Police Custody - Who’s to Blame?
Since yesterday, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams has been in Dangriga - investigating another death in police custody. This time, 44 year old Jamaican detainee Humphrey Mitchell allegedly jumped out of a moving pickup truck to his death on Saturday afternoon around 3:00. No, we know you're saying - it sounds like the typical kind of police story - where a victim is turned into a perpetrator - or, in this case, a man with some kind of death-wish. Courtney Weatherburne went down to Dangriga to search for answers:

Leader Of The Opposition Criticizes Compol
Now, this public perception of increasing lawlessness within the law enforcement fraternity - reflects - to a large extent - on the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie. Today the Leader of the Opposition was very critical of Whylie: Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "We have a Commissioner of Police that has been there for a number of years, and obviously he's totally incapable in addressing these structural issues that are affecting the Police Department. And until we address the top, then we can't address the bottom, and the Prime Minister needs to act very quickly because people's lives are at stake."

Is GOB Broke? Fin Sec’s Fiscal Panic
We heard from Briceno at an impromptu press briefing he had today about Government's finances. That was triggered by this extraordinary memo which leaked to the press on Friday. It is a panicked memo from Financial Secretary Joe Waight to CEO's of all Ministries - and it is reported to say, quote: "We are being overwhelmed with requests for reallocations and dereservations of "savings" identified in various accounts. These are illusions as the reality is that there is no money in the bank. As it is we will likely have to issue more T -Notes to meet the early end of (fiscal) year payday next month. Our debt is already at 100% of GDP and rising. If we continue on this path we will certainly crash. I am appealing to all to instruct your finance officers to just stop trolling through their books to find unspent funds. The money is simply not there."

Opposition Leader John Spoke to Fin. Sec. Joe
Government says that all the details of the Government's finances will be known when the Prime Minister presents the budget on Friday, March 9th. That's two days after the elections, and just three weeks before the end of the fiscal year. To be sure, it's a very late budget presentation - but the Leader of the Opposition says he knows why government is waiting until after the election:..

Oil Tanker Anchored Off Bz Coast Is PDVSA’s Problem, Not Belize’s
And a story that dovetailed perfectly with all this talk of budgetary panic is the news that an oil tanker named "Syrtos" has been anchored off the coast of Belize since last week Wednesday. The tanker, with thirty eight thousand barrels of fuel from the PDVSA refinery in Curacao because the ship's owner hasn't been paid. The way the story was put out by certain media outlets was that government can't come up with the money to pay - and that fit right in with the Joe Waight panic memo. But, a neat fit doesn't always make for good facts - and in this case, that story is inaccurate. Indeed, there is an oil tanker parked off the Belize City coast which hasn't been paid - but it's PDVSA in Venezuela who hasn't paid them - and it has nothing to do with Belize.

Still Looking For Alaine
Last week Friday, we told you about 35 year-old Alaine Garcia. He's the Belize City resident who went missing from his new home in Hattieville on last Week Tuesday morning. His common-law wife told us that he walked her out to the road to catch her bus to work. A little later that same morning, he did the same thing for their 3 kids, so that they could get to school. The problem is that a shooting happened near to the area of their new home, and residents reportedly saw him fleeing for his life. He's been missing for 6 days now, and with every passing day, his family's worry grows.

Teakettle Shooter Caught
Belmopan police are reporting tonight that they have charged a man for a Saturday night shooting which left a man hospitalized. He's 58 year-old Jose Luis Herrera, a resident of Santa Teresa Village, and he's facing charges of attempted murder and use of deadly means of harm. Police say that around 11:50 p.m. on February 24, they were alerted to a shooting incident at the Gato Verde Bar, which is located in the Arizona area of Teakettle Village.

Stolen Car Recovered In Las Flores
Yesterday 26-year-old Roberto Adolfo Leiva reported that he parked his grey 1997 Honda CRV on Sultana Street Belmopan. He went to a nightclub but when he returned an hour and a half later his vehicle was gone. Leiva told police that he has the only key for the vehicle and his passport, credit card, and vehicle documents were inside the glove compartment. The Police found the vehicle in Las Flores. They continue to investigate.

City Double Murder - No Arrests
At the top of the news, we told you about the arraignment of the 8 lawmen for the murder of a man in Orange Walk. That was the high-profile case which hit the news late last week, but before that, it was the Wednesday night double murder of 26 year old Lloyd Valentine, and 12 year-old David Morrison. As viewers are aware, this 12 year-old young man was mercilessly gunned down and killed in a gang war between adults that he has nothing to do with.

Police Still Can’t Confirm Murder-Suicide
And before that public outrage of 12 year-old David's murder, the concern was for the apparent murder suicide in Belize City. As you'll remember, on Saturday February 17, just before 6 p.m. police forced their way into the Rose Lane home of 46 year old Hermelinda Pinks Emmanuel, and her husband 43 year-old Jason Emmanuel. They found both dead from gunshot injuries to the head, and a 9mm pistol beside Jason's body.

Late Evening City Shooting
Someone was shot in Belize City a few minutes ago. It reportedly happened on Gibnut Street where one person shot. Our sources say that the 2 suspects on a black motorcycle did it and sped off to the direction of Central American Boulevard.

Another Sarstoon Showdown
This weekend - the Guatemala military was back at it - blocking a Belizean vessel from traversing the Belize side of the Sarstoon. It was another mission by the Territorial Volunteers along with a Spanish news team. The Guatemalans told them that they are not allowed to go up the river and directed the group to to turn around. They crew told the Guatemalans that they are in Belizean waters, but they said nothing it's not Belizean waters, it is a disputed area and they are in control of it.

Street Art Festival Was Sweet!
On Saturday Downtown Belize City turned into a sort of Art gallery with live displays. It's the annual Street Art Festival which, again, transformed Albert Street and attracted crowds of curious art lovers and interested observers. 7News was there and Sahar Vasquez tells us what she saw:...

Man Accused Of Immigration Swindle
Belmopan police say they caught a man in an immigration hustle. 45 year old Salvadoran Alberto Lopez 45 yrs of Montalvo Street Belmopan reported that in August, Mark Rosales approached him claiming to be an immigration officer. Rosales allegedly offered to help Lopez get his nationality and was paid a total of $7,055 in 22 installments.

Police Concede Nexus Between 8th. Street Murders
Last week, we told you about the murders of 35 year-old Luis Dominguez and 45 year-old Clinton Fitzgibbon which happened in the same Kings Park area, only 3 days apart. Both men were City Council employees, and Fitzgibbon was supposedly murdered because the shooter was looking for a family member of his. It has been speculated that Fitzgibbon was murdered as some form of retaliation for Dominguez's killing.

Shooting On A Highway
And in our last story from today's police press conference, the cops shared the details of a weekend shooting which happened between miles 7 and 8 on the George Price Highway. It happened yesterday at around 6:30 p.m. 18 year-old Darnell Domingo, a student from Western Paradise told police that he and 29 year-old Francis Parham were heading to Belize City on motorcycle. While on their way, they were approached by a white car coming from the opposite direction.

Half Pound Of Weed
Yesterday morning while conducting a routine patrol in Las Flores police saw a man acting in a suspicious manner. They searched him and found 232 grams - or about half a pound - of cannabis inside his backpack. The man has been identified as 24-year-old Elmer Castillo of Belmopan. He was charged with drug trafficking.

Revolver In The Bush
Today around 11 am uniform and special branch officers assigned to the Belmopan Police found a .38 revolver while searching a bushy area on the outskirts of the Armenia Village. No one was in the area at the time so the firearm was deposited as found property. It will be sent to the Forensic Laboratory for fingerprint and ballistics testing.

Man Takes Plea For Passengers
Today 33-year-old Alfred Williams, Frank Smith, 37-year-old Moses Conorquie, and a 17-year-old appeared in court. On February 23rd the four men were driving there Toyota Camry when they were stopped at a checkpoint between miles 3 and 4 on the George Price Highway. They found a black .380 pistol with 12 rounds of ammunition under the front seat.

Bze. District Rules: Hummingbird and BES Win
On Friday Belize's best Primary School Volleyball teams met at the Nationals in Orange Walk. The boys and girls battled all day for the first place trophy. In the end, both Belize City teams left with the big win. For the females, Hummingbird Elementary school won for the second consecutive year while Belize Elementary School won for the boys.

Channel 5

8 to Court for Murder, Attempted Murder in O.W. Beating
Tonight, eight lawmen are behind bars on charges of murder and attempted murder. Seven are members of the Belize Special Assignment Group and the other is a cop, assigned to [...]

Did Humphrey Mitchell Have to Die in Dangriga?
Police have another incident on their hands that is giving them a black eye. A forty-four-year-old resident of Sarawee in the south died on Saturday while in custody. Police picked [...]

Drug Plane Goes Down in Western Orange Walk
A suspected drug plane was discovered partially burnt this morning in an area between Indian Church and Hill Bank villages in Orange Walk District. Police say they were tipped by [...]

Shooting Near the Exit of Belize City
Just after six p.m. on Sunday when shots rang out near the six-mile bridge on the George Price Highway. Eighteen-year-old Darnell Domingo, a student of Western Paradise Village, and twenty-nine-year-old [...]

One Held for Cayo Shooting
Meanwhile in the Cayo District, police have one person detained in connection with a shooting incident that occurred just before midnight on Saturday. It occurred in the Arizona area of [...]

Reporters Stand Up to Guats in Sarstoon; Who Will Stand Up for Belize?
Over the weekend, there was yet another confrontation in the Sarstoon River. Members of the Guatemalan Armed Forces aggressed a group of Guatemalan and Belizean journalists traveling with the Belize [...]

Gov’t Defends Finance Woes but P.U.P. Unconvinced
Financial Secretary Joseph Waight sent a blistering communication to chief executive officers some days ago asking that their finance officers stop searching for additional funds as there is no money [...]

Don’t Touch the Diesel!
The Government has also hit out at suggestions that it owes for previous shipments of diesel oil from Venezuela and that a tanker cannot be discharged because G.O.B. hasn’t paid [...]

BSAG, ComPol, Aragon Must Go, Says Opposition Leader
The People’s United Party has called for the dismantling of the Belize Defence Force’s Belize Special Assignment Group, in the wake of the murder of Ariel Audinette. Seven members of [...]

Many Suspects, No Arrests in Double Murder
The gunman who ended the lives of twelve-year-old David Morrison and twenty-six-year-old Lloyd Valentine in a deadly shooting on Wednesday evening in Pregnant Alley remains at large tonight.  It has [...]

Eighth Street Murders Linked, but Not Solved
Clinton Fitzgibbon and Luis Dominguez, both former employees of the Belize City Council, were killed within days of each other on Eight Street, in the city’s quiet King’s Park neighbourhood. [...]

Police, Family Stumped in Disappearance of Alaine Garcia
Police say the search continues for missing thirty-five-year-old Alaine Garcia of Hattieville. The six-foot-five-inch tall man was last seen alive around five a.m. on Thursday, as he dropped off his [...]

Trinidad C.J. Archie Challenges Law Association, Media in Court
Trinidad and Tobago’s Law Association and some media houses have found themselves facing legal action from the country’s Chief Justice, Ivor Archie. Archie has been accused of various instances of [...]

Cycling Clear for Elections According to Sports Council
In sporting news, elections for the Belize Cycling Federation have been called for a few weeks from now. The federation said it was waiting for the National Sports Council to [...]

M.C.C. Locked Down, Say Footballers
Think football in Belize City, and three letters come to mind – M.C.C. Yes, the name originally belongs to a cricket club from London, but the patch of land they [...]

James Adderley’s Sports Monday Highlights
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of weekend sporting activities….]

Soldiers, Cop Under Scrutiny as O.W. Reels from Vicious Beating and Killing
Seven soldiers of an elite unit of the Belize Defence Force and a police officer are in custody tonight following the savage beating of an Orange Walk resident at his [...]

Victim of Gang of 8 Speaks Out
Noe Sanchez was the other person attacked by the group of eight soldiers and a police officer. He told his story to the media, saying that as they were being [...]

BSAG Soldiers, Policeman Had ‘No Authority’: Chester
As we said, eight law enforcement officers are now in custody and there is an ongoing criminal and internal investigation into Ariel Audinette Salazar’s death. There are also many unanswered [...]

P.S.B. Chief Says it May be Murder; D.P.P. Decides
ACP Chester Williams says that the men didn’t get a directive from the commanders of the Orange Walk Police Station to go to Sanchez’s house that morning. He says that [...]

Williams Says ‘Rogues’ Do Not Define Police, B.D.F.
And while the Police Department has had its fair share of a black eye, ACP Williams says that the actions of the men are not indicative of the mode of [...]

In Hattieville, Preacher/Businessman is Prey for Early Morning Thuggery
This morning, a most vicious act was visited on the former Regional Commander of the Salvation Army, Major Errol Robateau. The churchman now owns a bus service in Hattieville Village [...]

Where is Alaine Garcia and What Happened to Him?
Tonight, Alaine Garcia, a resident of Hattieville, remains missing, and his family believes something bad may have happened to him. The former Belize City resident was last seen on Tuesday [...]

No Money No Deh! FinSec Tells It Like It Is
Is government broke? So broke that they may have to resort to issuing treasury bills just to pay salaries at the end of the month? Recent correspondence to C.E.O.s purportedly [...]

P.M. Mum on Budget
The budget for the new financial year 2018-2019, is to be tabled in the House of Representatives on March ninth, that’s two days after the municipal elections. From what we [...]


GOB On The Defensive, Claims Fin. Sec. S.O.S.To CEO's Is Not Alarming
On Friday February 23rd, the information contained in a text message sent by Financial Secretary Joseph Waight to Government Chief Executive Officers and leaked to the media, that additional funds were not available for this month’s salaries for public officers, sent waves of distress across the country. The text message, which Waight confirmed as his, appeared to be setting the record for CEOs, who had been requesting the release or “dereservation” of funds, which remain in “savings” accounts for each Ministry. Waight responded in his message that the money they see in the system is just “an illusion” and that there is actually no money in these accounts.

RTA Claims Life Of Orange Walkeno
There was also a fatal traffic accident on Sunday afternoon in Ranchito Village in Corozal which claimed the life of an Orange Walkeno. This was the gruesome scene between mile 82 and 83, where 26 year old Justavo Patt of San Jose Village was knocked down and killed by the damaged vehicle seen a few yards ahead from his body on the road. The black in colour GMC Terrain SUV was driven at the time by 34 year old Carlos Vargas, a resident Orange Walk Town.

Weekend RTA Claims The Life Of August Pine Ridge Residence
A road traffic accident which occurred in the wee hours of Sunday morning near Camp one in the village of Shipyard here in Orange Walk District, has resulted in the death of one man from August Pine Ridge Village. At about 3:30 yesterday morning, twenty five year old Alvin Reneau was driving a white Dodge caravan from Guinea Grass Village towards Shipyard when he reportedly lost control of the vehicle and collided into a tree.


Three officers investigated for death of detainee
Three police officers are being investigated following the death of 44-year-old Jamaican, Humphrey Mitchell who allegedly jumped out of a moving police vehicle in an attempt to escape police custody. The incident happened in the area of mile three on the Stann Creek Valley Road while officers were transporting Mitchell to the Dangriga Police Station …

BSAG eight charged with murder of Ariel Audinette
The Professional Standards Branch continues its investigation into the death of 46-year-old Ariel Audinette. As we reported, Audinette was at his Orange Walk residence with three other friends when eight members of the Belize Special Assignment group forced their way into the house, reportedly looking for a cellular phone. But the men acted outside of …

Opposition Leader doubts government’s explanation on fuel matter
Last week news broke of fuel rationing in the country. This, according to reports is the result of government not paying outstanding bills. The oil tanker, Syrtos, is anchored off Belize’s coast unable to unload its shipment of fuel. While government, late on Sunday afternoon, issued a release debunking that allegation, today Opposition Leader John …

Opposition Leader: Government trying to spin the truth on budget
And while the government gave an explanation on the Financial Secretary’s statements, Opposition Leader John Briceno is not convinced, especially since he says the Prime Minister has been avoiding the subject of the budget. Here’s how he put it. Reporter “Sir you say you spoke with the Financial Secretary are you able to divulge any …

Opposition Leader – Government response weak on Guatemalan incursions
Briceno was also questioned about his party’s position on the recent events that have occurred at the western border, where Guatemalan soldiers entered Belize to make an arrest in Belizean territory. John Briceno – Opposition Leader “I saw the video and I’m quite disturbed that the Guatemalan Military are now becoming so brazen but that …

GOB addresses diesel delay
The Government of Belize says it is not responsible for the temporary delay in the replenishment of the supply of diesel. In a release issued yesterday, the Ministry of Finance said that this delay is quote, “solely due to unanticipated difficulties encountered by PDVSA, not by PUMA or the GOB, in the offloading of a …

GOB clarifies Fin Sec’s statement
The Ministry of Finance also clarified statements made by the Financial Secretary, Joseph Waight. As we reported on Friday, Waight sent a message to Government CEOs telling them that there is no money in the bank, so finance officers should stop searching for unspent funds. According to Waight, the Government will likely have to issue …

Burnt aircraft found in Orange Walk District
The Belize Police Department confirmed this morning that an aircraft was discovered between the villages of Hillbank and Indian Church in the Orange Walk District. According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvette, who is in charge of National Crimes Investigation Branch, the discovery was made early this morning. ACP Joseph Myvette, Head NCIB “Sometime …

Alaine Garcia still missing
Hattieville villager, thirty five year old Alaine Garcia remains missing tonight. Tomorrow will make one week since his disappearance. He was last seen on Tuesday morning by his common law wife, Kellyn Neal. His family fears that he might have been a victim of gun violence but they still have the hope of finding him …

Main murder suspect released
The main suspect in the double murder of 26-year-old Lloyd Valentine and 12-year-old David Morrison has been released. Valentine and Morrison were fatally shot last week Wednesday night in Pregnant Alley, Belize City. However, today ASP Alejandro Cowo told the media that the person they believe did it, had to be let go due to …

Francis Parham targeted by gunman
Yesterday evening Belize City police responded to a shooting incident near mile 7 on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Assistant Superintendent of Police and Head of the Belize City Crimes Investigation Branch, Alejandro Cowo shared what the investigations have revealed.

Both murders are drug related, says investigator
The murder of Luis Dominquez and Clinton Fitzgibbon are related to each other. This was confirmed this morning by Assistant Superintendent of Police in charge of Belize City’s Crime Investigation Branch, Alejandro Cowo. Dominquez was shot and killed while he was at a residence on 8th Street. Fitzgibbon was fatally shot on the same street, a stone’s throw away from where Dominguez was gunned down. ASP Cowo updated the media.

Teenager killed in road traffic incident
Nineteen-year-old Silvan Mencias lost his life as a result of a road traffic incident early yesterday morning. It happened in Camp One in Shipyard Village in the Orange Walk District. Mencias was in the passenger seat of a white dodge caravan which was being driven at the time by 25-year-old Alvin Reneau.

Jose Herrera charged with attempted murder
A bar brawl led to one man being shot. He is 29 year old Adolfo Flores. According to the Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, ACP Joseph Myvette, over the weekend Flores got into an altercation with a group of persons in a bar in Arizona Village, Cayo.

Guatemalan farmer caught inside the Chiquibul Forest
A Guatemalan farmer was caught inside the Chiquibul Forest last week. On Thursday morning, while police were conducting a joint patrol with members of the Belize Defense Force in the South Cebada Area of the Chiquibull National Park they came across a beans farm located some two kilometers inside Belize’s.

Ranchito Villager knocked down and killed
Twenty six year old Justavo Patt also lost his life as a result of a road traffic incident over the weekend. Patt who is from Ranchito Village was on his bicycle when he was knocked down by 34 year old Carlos Vargas who was driving a Black GMC Terrain SUV.


Relaxed and renewed at Oasis Day Spa
After the devastation that 2016’s Hurricane Earl wrought on the majority of beachfront businesses, including Oasis Day Spa, it was hard to imagine whether recovery was in the cards. Thankfully, the owners and therapists were resilient, and a year later, a brand spanking new building is up on the newly constructed dock, ready to tend to your spa desires! The rustic setting is beachy and perfect, gauzy curtains blow in the breeze, seashells and wood walls in soothing tones charm you into feeling right at home! With such marvelous delights like hot stone, Swedish, or deep tissue massages, body scrubs, facials, manicures and pedicures, there’s much to choose from. The ambiance is Caribbean perfect: over the water with open windows providing light and refreshing sea breeze, but set at the right height to allow privacy while undergoing your treatment of choice. Below, the lapping of waves provides a soothing soundtrack while Jessica and/or Samirah work efficiently at working the worries out of your troubled muscles.

Reef Week 2018 Belize
The Reef Week Belize Instagram contest is underway! It’s the time to submit your photo(s) or video(s) to showcase the 2018 theme: Our Reef Rocks! Protect it! Don’t Neglect it!

Mama Lowe's Oriental and Organic Products
Mama Lowe's Oriental and Organic Products is located at 4th Ave and 1st St South Corozal Town. No need to go far to find organic for your home stacks. Our Organics products we sell come in different flavors, orders, fruits, vegetables, milk and more. Our products we sell are pure natural stuff from local products and imported products. Here's a list below of what we sell: We sell pure organic Strawberry smoothie and banana and Ginger smoothie, bob's red mill whole wheat, fitness cereal, choco krispis, zucaritas, golden fit, stila, Muli, Kellogg's, Quaker, zucchini with blossoms...

Bandfest 2018 to be held in Corozal
On Saturday, March 24, 2018, the Ricalde Stadium in Corozal Town will be holding its bandfest. People will come out and witness the 13th annual Belize Band Fest. Under Sir Collvine Young this event is made possible. Sir Colville Norbert Young GCMG MBE (born 20 November 1932) is the Governor-General of Belize, and also a patron of the Scout Association of Belize. He was appointed Governor-General in 1993, taking office on 17 November of that year, and was knighted in 1994.Sir Colville studied at Belize's St Michael's College (now part of Anglican Cathedral College (ACC) and not to be confused with the institution now known as Maud Williams High School), and earned a B.A. degree in English from the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica prior to his doctorate in linguistics from the University of York in England. Here's a view of last year's event:

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How to Spend a Few Perfect Days in Belize
Formerly the colony known as British Honduras, Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the official language. With ancient Mayan ruins rivaling the ones on the Yucatán Peninsula, lush tropical rainforest, and white-sand beaches with access to the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s well worth a visit. And with the recent openings of Mahogany Bay and Itz’ana, plus many more resorts on the way, it’s the Caribbean’s fastest-growing destination. Because the country is so small, it’s easy to take a puddle jumper by the local airline Tropic Air and explore several different regions.

Ed Goldman: “Authorpreneurship”: The agenda for debut of Belize writers' confab
If you want to ask industry experts for help with your writing, remember to say, “Belize” and thank you. Even if that semi-pun makes you groan, I hope it means I have your attention. What I have to tell you about may be worth a read. Belize is the English-speaking coastal paradise where advice columnist and author Joey Garcia is organizing what she hopes will become an annual get-together for wannabe and wannabe-better writers. So perhaps you’re asking, “Why Belize?” For one thing, Garcia — who writes the popular and often sage-like “Ask Joey” column for the Sacramento News & Review as well as the book, “When Your Heart Breaks, It's Opening to Love" is a native of the Central American/Caribbean paradise and one of its cultural cheerleaders.

Breaking down walls in Belize’s hearts through mission
While some students will spend their spring break vacationing in tropical paradises, a certain group of Franciscan University students will spend it sharing themselves with the people who live in paradise but can’t own it. The Belize Mission, sponsored by Missions of Peace, takes 21 students and chaplain the Rev. Shawn Roberson, TOR, to three high schools in Belize in order to teach theology and catechetics in the classroom for a week during the university’s spring break. At the end of the school day, classes are followed up by after-school relational ministry with the children. Mission leaders Bridgette Behler and Evan Nohara said that the biggest and perhaps most unexpectedly difficult element of the mission is establishing relationships with the children in the schools before being able to teach them. Nohara described the goal as “reaching them on a human level before God changing their heart,” emphasizing that nothing they could teach would make a difference without that personal relationship.

A rod and reel bridge the age and income gap
Life has a funny way of hitting us with the unexpected. About a year ago, I met a gentleman named Winston Moore. At first glance, Winston and I have very little in common. He’s in his 90s; I’m in my 30s. He’s a self-made multimillionaire and one of the most successful businessmen in Idaho history; I’ve never seen a million dollars, and I probably never will. But our mutual friend, Marty Holly, introduced us because of one great commonality — a deep and insatiable love of fishing. As it turns out, Winston and I also share a love of Belize. I’ve only been there once (it’s where I caught my three bonefish), but Winston went as many as seven times in a single season. During a recent chat, he told me the story of the biggest tarpon he ever caught in Belize. Estimated at 212 pounds, the fish took him more than 6 hours to land.


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  • 6a.m. Morning traffic - San Pedro, 15sec. 2mins in 14secs; 8X speed

  • Florencio Mes, the last of the “Three Kings”, celebrated a milestone today, 1/2min. He turned eighty years old. He is the renowned Mayan Harpist who lives in San Pedro Columbia in Toldeo where he has been keeping the musical traditions of the Maya alive for more than fifty years. He had very little schooling but he rose above the challenges to become an ambassador for the Mayan culture and music when he began to play the harp at age sixteen. He studied music in Guatemala and became so skilled in his music that Stonetree Records recorded him and his Kek’chi Maya Strings. The last cultural king has performed around the world at music festivals, including Mexico, Italy and Malaysia. Here’s a snippet of Mes playing the Mayan harp at his eightieth birthday gathering today:

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  • Street Fest 2018 -Benque Sawdust Tapestries Showcas, 2min. In case you missed it, take a look at Benque House of Culture making their colorful sawdust carpets at the Street Art Festival!

  • Anselma Yam Pott, age 102, 7.5min. Anselma Yam Pott is a Yucatec Maya of Patchakan in the Corozal District who Celebrated her 100th Birthday in the 2015 . Today she is over 102 years old . Anselma Yam Pott was a well known partera(midwife) who serve for 80 years as a midwife in Patchakan and surrounding areas . Nojoch Chiich Anselma Yam speaking in Maya with Nojoch Mak Faustino Yam .

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  • Creative Sector's Role in Crime & Violence, 60min.

  • Countrywide DJ competition, 9min. he Office of the Music Ambassador is hosting a countrywide DJ competition to name a National Champion. The winner will walk away with a five thousand dollar cash prize and a fully-funded opportunity to perform at a popular event in New York City. Our Belize Now Team attended one of the stops to learn more. The competition was in Corozal and Orange Walk this past weekend and will make its way to Belize City and San Pedro next weekend.

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