A false killer whale is a type of larger dolphin. They don't get quite as large as orcas and don't have the the distinctive white markings.

These whales and dolphins require deeper water for basic survival, which is why they are not regularly spotted in Belize. Unless those animals that strand alive, or become trapped in shallow water, are responded to rapidly, they will become distressed and may die. This pod of false pilot whales have been “lost” in our shallower coastlines for over a week and are at risk for death unless rerouted back to deeper waters for safety.

From the picture taken it looks as if they’re on the east side of the Drowned Cayes which means if they head at least 2 miles south they’ll catch the English Caye channel and should make it back outside the reef.

The English Caye channel will lead them out as that is deeper waters. It is a fairly large group (for Belize), with reports between 35-50 individuals who have been in this area for more than a week. This video was taken this past weekend, so BAS is not aware of their current location at the moment. However we are hoping they find the channel, and soon!