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The San Pedro Sun

US Sanctions against Venezuela blamed for fuel shortage
Due to the shortage of fuel in the country, gas stations on the island were out of fuel for a short period of time. A picture posted on Facebook alarmed islanders as it stated that from Thursday, March 1st Caribeña Enterprises, located in San Pedro Town, will only be selling premium gasoline due to the shortage of regular gasoline in the country. However, on Friday, March 2nd Caribeña Enterprise representative, Israel Alpuche clarified that the fuel shortage was short lived and that operations are back to normal. John Mencias, in an interview with the media reiterated that GOB has no role in the current situation and explained that US sanctions against Venezuela were to blame. These sanctions mainly affect the financial markets which has limited PDVSA’s access to certain banks, causing delays in payments made to and from Venezuela. Mencias explained that PUMA, Belize’s sole fuel importer, contracts a trader called Traficgura, which then places the order to APBEL, the joint Belize-Venezuela company.

What’s New: A brand new option in town, Camo Cantina and Island Ops
A bush bar and grill has opened in town, decked with a jungle theme ambiance right on Seagrape Drive south of San Pedro Town. Camo Cantina and Island Ops is the new watering hole serving a unique menu inspired by camping cuisine complemented with amazing outdoor live action gaming. Yes! Live action Laser Tag is played with guns that fire infrared beams. Owners Jason Southwell and Phil Rigby wanted to bring something new to the island and their new place is unlike anything on the island. The thatched roof bar is impossible to miss and once you walk into the cool atmosphere it is a welcoming one. Southwell explained that when they thought about the laser tag idea it was imperative that the place be a great place to hang out while enjoying some laser tag. The jungle-themed bar is fully stocked, with four flat screen TV’s, grilled food, ample space and the most friendly and professional staff. A popular grub on their menu is the food pockets which are filled with a variety of items, from pasta, chili, meat, cheeses and more.

Caye Caulker residents weigh in on the impacts from the Caye Chapel Development
Other residents in Caye Caulker also support the fishermen’s stand and believe it is an issue that is ought to affect everyone on La Isla Cariñosa. Dorothy Beveridge has lived on the island for several years and like the rest of the islanders believe something is wrong with that development. “We have been hearing from the local fishermen that the productivity of marine products has been decreasing due to the presence of this mega-development, which had done a test dredging,” said Beveridge. “Our reef is our protection, mangroves are our protection, we are necessarily a beach island, so we need to educate the tourist to appreciate what is already here. Yes, we want to attract more tourists, but let’s develop the area in a sustainable way, because if the natural resources are destroyed, particularly the reef, then there is will nothing for the tourists to come see.” Beveridge and other residents denounce the fact about the intentions of building over the water structures.

Ambergris Today

Cocktails & Conservation Fundraiser At Mahogany Bay Village
Join Oceana Belize at the gorgeous Mahogany Bay Village on March 10th, at 7 pm for an evening of Cocktails & Conservation, music and food with members of the Reef Week Committee. Come celebrate with us and learn how to stay "reef-minded". Proceeds of the event go to support the Reef Week Initiative. We'll have members of our Reef Week Initiative and members of the San Pedro community talking about how they do their part to keep Belize blue, green, and beautiful. We'll also be discussing everyday green policies that easy to implement (zoning in on single-use plastic reduction), the work that our Conservation NGO groups do, and ways to partner with them to show support year-round.

Pre Election Rallies Held Over The Weekend In San Pedro Town
The People's United Party held its Pre Election rally on Friday, March 2, 2018, at the Hon. Louis Sylvestre Sporting Field. The PUP 7 team addressed the crowd in attendance with short yet powerful meaning of hope and change. After formalities the crowd was entertained by Electro Soundz from Orange Walk up to 2am! The United Democratic Party held its "Road to Victory" Pre Election Rally on Saturday, March 3, 2018 at the Honorable Loius Sylvester Sporting Complex where after short testimonies from fellow UDP Supporters from the different areas of Ambergris Caye addressed the ausidence the UDP 7 team addressed the crowd with high spirits, confidence and enthusiam. The party continued with Super Furia until the wee hours of the morning.

Baby Alyssa Nunez Dies, Belizeans Take To The Streets In Protest
In the wake of the horrific news on Thursday, March 1, 2018, that of a 17-month old baby girl was brutally raped in Maskall Village, the nation grew angry and residents of Belize City and San Pedro, Ambergris Caye took to the streets in protest. Over the weekend though, Baby Alyssa succumbed to her injuries and passed away about 4a.m. on Sunday, March 4. Alyssa Nunez was undergoing treatment at the KHMH in Belize City. On Friday, March 2, 21-year-old Everal Martinez of Maskall Village, was arraigned after having been charged with "dangerous harm" upon baby Alyssa. Love News in Belize City announced that they have been informed that the Belize Police Department intends to upgrade the charge of 'dangerous harm' to ‘murder' today Monday. A medical examination of the child was conducted on Thursday and confirmed that she had been raped.

SEA Rangers Make Illegal Product Bust Near Reserve In Placencia
Belize’s Southern Environmental Association (SEA) Rangers and the Belize Coast Guard conducted a joint patrol near the north western area of the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve (GSSCMR) off the Placencia Coast, on the night of March 1, 2018 resulted in the discovery of the 4,594 conchs, 7 spiny lobsters, 5 sea cucumbers, and a hawksbill turtle. The discovery was made based on SEA ranger intelligence around 5:13 PM, during a routine patrol. The illegal products were found 50 yards inland of a mangrove area on Jacks Caye inside two large old refrigerators. The product was then loaded onto the SEA boat, brought to Placencia and labeled as found property.

Belize And Mexico Inaugurate Placing Of Olmec Head In Belmopan
The Undersecretary for Latin America and the Caribbean, Ambassador Luis Alfonso de Alba, accompanied by the Executive Director of the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID), Agustín García-López Loaeza, was on a working visit to Belize. The program of the visit included the presentation of the final construction project of the Mexico Sports Hall at the Marion Jones Sports Complex in Belize City by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)...

Misc Belizean Sources


New Justice of the Court of Appeal Sworn In
Justice Lennox Kirkwood Campbell was today sworn in as a new Justice of the Belize Court of Appeal by the Governor General H.E. Sir Colville Young, at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan. Justice Campbell is a retired Supreme Court Judge with a long and distinguished legal career. His legal service includes criminal practice (1975-1983), Resident Magistrate in the Parishes of Portland and St. Andrew in Jamaica; Judge of Family Court and Traffic Court; Assistant Director of Public Prosecution, Crown Counsel and Assistant Crown Counsel. His civil practice (1986-1998) includes Acting Deputy Solicitor General of Jamaica, Senior Assistant Attorney General, and Director of Litigation Division (Attorney General’s Chambers).

New prices for diesel and kerosene

In accordance to the Substantive Laws of Belize, Revised 2003 - Section 26: (1) Every person who is the holder of any liquor licence granted under the provisions of any Act authorising the sale of intoxicating liquor in any premises maintained solely for that purpose shall take all necessary steps to cause such premises to be closed to the public upon election day between the hour appointed for the opening of the poll and the hour appointed for the closing of the poll.

Protesters take to the Swing Bridge in downtown Belize City
In an attempt to disrupt the flow of vehicular traffic

Update on Caye Caulker Airstrip Project
Here are 5 photos I took today at the air strip along with explanations of each photo and updates on the project.: Photo #1 - Equipment (steamroller) and materials being stockpiled at the Eastern End of the Air Strip (by the Terminal). Photo #2 - There is a large, shallow hole that has been dug on the southern shoulder of the Air Strip about 1/4 of the way heading east to West. Not sure what it is for, but it wasn't there yesterday.

Truck crashes and burns near Rockville

Vacancy for a National consultant - Development of the National Comprehensive Strategic Plan for Adolescence Health
The consultant will provide technical assistant to the situation of adolescence health using the AA HA (Accelerated Action for Adolescence Health)! Toolkit. This Toolkit is a structured evidence based tool to help countries to objectively conduct a situation analysis on adolescent health and the prioritization of interventions to improve the health of adolescents in Belize.

Productivity Enhancement of Banana Farms Through Integrated Soil Fertility Management in The Banana Belt Area of Belize” Official Project Launch
The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the European Union (EU), the Banana Growers’ Association (BGA) and the University of Belize (UB) will be officially launching a project entitled “Productivity enhancement of banana farms through integrated soil fertility management in the banana belt area of Belize”. This is to take place on March 13, 2018 at 11:00 am, at the Banana Growers’ Association office, located at Savannah Area, Independence Village, Stann Creek District.

The time to secure and protect our children is now!
The Toledo Alcaldes Association and the Maya Leaders Alliance issue the following release following the death of 17 month old Alyssa Nunez.

Chunox Fishermen Association tour guide training interviews
Notice to all persons who registered for the tour guide training interviews will be taking place on Saturday 17 March 2018 at 10 am at the Chunox community center. Make every effort to attend. Please share

Museum of Belize's Street Art Festival Booth
We would officially like to thank everyone who were a part of the fun and festivities of the Museum of Belize's Street Art Festival Booth 2018! A special thank you to our student volunteers from the Department of Youth Services who facilitated our Mosaic/Origami Arts Crafts Section.

11th Natural Resource Management & Research Symposium
Last week Thursday and Friday, we got the opportunity to share our work at the 11th Natural Resource Management & Research Symposium organized by the Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation (Belize Chapter). We spoke about our ongoing work with livestock farmers to implement mitigation measures to reduce human jaguar conflict; analysis of satellite imagery to monitor deforestation and plan conservation actions; the implementation of SMART technology to improve compliance of protected area rules; collaborative work with 30 farmers to grow cacao in Belize’s first agroforestry concession; and, insights into our long term research program at Ya’axché.

Farmer John Rash recently extracted 75 pounds of honey!
Ya’axché works with small scale farmers within the Maya Golden Landscape to adopt climate smart farming practices and in doing so, trains and equips farmers. We are as excited as the farmer; this is the first harvest of the year – the dry season honey production has begun. You can support farmer Rash by buying pure honey for only BZ $7.00 per bottle. Orders can be made by calling 600-4245 or 631-3876.

Channel 7

Family Takes A Stand For Baby Alyssa
For the past five days the nation's attention has been fixed on the terrible and tragic case of Baby Alyssa Nunez - the 17 month victim of sexual and physical abuse so violent that it left her brain dead in the hospital. Well, she died on Sunday morning, leaving a deep wound imprinted on the national psyche - with everyone asking: how could this happen? And, who would do such a horrible thing? And since then all attention has focused Everal Ezekiel Martinez - the 21 year old stepfather who was charged on Friday for dangerous harm to the child. We know, everyone is saying he should be charged with far worse, and that situation is evolving this evening.

Everal Martinez Arraigned For Beastly Crime
And while the family's almost incomprehensible grief and loss is one part of the story - today, crowds thronged to the courthouse to see Everal Martinez. But to make sure no one tried to turn public rage into street justice right there on the court stairs, multiple police units like the MIT, the GSU and The SAT, along with very senior officers had the building on lockdown. Here's what we saw:.. Courtney Weatherburne reporting: A phalanx of police officers vigilantly guarded the Magistrate's court this morning. And for good measure, they brought out metal barriers and barricade tape. It is quite an unusual scene but it was necessary to maintain law and order in one of the most high profile cases in years. It seemed the angry mob was out for blood as it waited for the accused Everald Martinez to be taken to court.

Post Mortem Confirms Head Injury
And, as of just a few minutes ago, we know the result of the post mortem - Baby Alyssa died of: "Massive brain hemorrhage, due to head trauma." Today, before that result came out the investigator from Eastern division CIB was very guarded in his remarks:... Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB- Inspector: "On Sunday police arrested and charged Everald Martinez a 21-year-old unemployed of Maskall Village. He was charged with two counts of attempted rape of a child and two counts of attempted assault of a child under the age of 16 years old." Reporter: "Did police ever received an official report from the doctors stating that this child had been raped?" Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB- Inspector: "The investigation is ongoing that aspect of the investigation is ongoing. The autopsy is going to be done today on the baby and we will see what other charges if any will be put on me. Martinez. Any additional charges."

Special Envoy: Advocacy Can Only Go So Far
The Prime Minister's Wife and Special Envoy For Women and Children Kim Barrow joined the protestors in the park today. She says the problem is deeper than this terrible case suggests - but advocacy isn't enough to end it: Kim Simplis-Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children: "My office is an advocacy office and I do everything in my power to advocate for women and children, it is not a solution to everything, not everything I do will solve our issues, it will take all of us. It will take our police officers, our judicial system, our media, our teachers, ultimately, at the end of the day it begins at home and it ends in the home. Our mothers have to be more vigilant when it comes to our girls and our boys, this has been happening for years. We have given voice to these issues, that is why this is happening, that is why we know about this today because our doctors are finally calling it what it is and reporting it. How many of our children have died like this and we didn't know why."

Maskall Resident Urges Vigilance In Child Rearing
And, when we went to Maskall last week to find out more about the story - one resident also spoke about personal accountability in watching who takes care of your young child. Asking to appear off camera, she urged parents to be more vigilant: Voice of: Resident: "I just pray and hope and ask each parent to let them open their eyes, see who you are bringing into their child's life, get to know that person good before you bring that person because you never know what that person could do with your baby. I have my baby and honestly I have to choose wisely who come into my life because I would never want anyone to hurt my baby like that."

Protest Predated Arraignment
So, as the community crystallizes the tough, tough lessons of this small child's death, the level social activism has been unusually high. Yesterday, before anyone knew that he would be taken to the Magistrate's Court, a group of grassroots activists teamed up with the family members of infant's biological father for an earlier protest. Here's what a few of the public speakers had to say on Baby Alyssa's behalf: Moses Sulph: "I want to thank you all this morning and ask God to give... to defending Alyssa. Alyssa is gone, but let's not let her memories fade. Your child today, could be mine tomorrow. Don't wait until it's your turn. All those onlookers who are on the side watching us march, get off your feet and join in, because today its Alyssa, but tomorrow it just maybe your child."

Woman Says Report Of Baby Disposal Untrue
Tonight, the country is in a state of shock after the news of baby Alyssa's traumatic death, and ripples of outrage and incomprehension started to go out again today when news circulated of another dead baby. It was reported on Facebook that the remains of a premature newborn were found at a property on Antelope Street in Belize City. This morning the police said that they had gotten reports and were on the scene investigating the area. Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB- Inspector: "There is a matter that police are dealing with as we speak, that is on Antelope Street. There is information that police is working on that there may be suspected human remains at that location. Police are out there with the pathologist and we are looking into that."

Two Died In Head On Collision
This weekend two vehicular accidents claimed the lives of three people, The first accident took place on the Southern Highway in the Independence village last night around 8. Two vehicles collided head-on killing both drivers instantly. The police shared more details about the deadly accident. Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB- Belize City: "Police from that formation responded to a road traffic accident between miles 32 and 33 on the southern highway that is at the Red Bank junction. They found one James Andrews 48 years old of Independence Village and one Micheal Martinez 41 years old of Santa Cruz Village on the scene apparently dead. The investigation from Police indicated that Mr. Andrews who was driving an Astro Van coming from the direction of Santa Cruz heading to Independence and Mr. Micheal Martinez heading in the opposite direction collided..."

Tractor Runs Over Man Doing Mechanical Work
The second accident happened on Saturday morning after 10 in the village of San Luis in Orange Walk. Forty-nine-year-old Elijio Grajales was with his brother Orlando Castillo doing some mechanical work on a tractor. Castillo left the compound to get something and that's when it is believed that the tractor ran over his 49-year-old brother while he was underneath it. The police shared more about the unfortunate incident. Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB- Inspector: "Police from Orange Walk visited San Luis Village where they found one Elijio Grahalez a 49-year-old labourer of Orange Walk. He was found in the face-up position and had injuries to the head and face. He was bleeding from the mouth the brother of the deceased Mr. Orlando Castillo indicated that his brother was operating on a tractor apparently the tractor had mechanical issues and the tractor did not want to start..."

Man Critical After City Shooting
Tonight, a Belize City man is in critical condition after being shot to the midsection. On Saturday evening, 31 year old Kearney Thompson was at an apartment complex on Vernon Street when a man appeared from the back of the yard and fired two shots at him. The police shared more on the incident. Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB- Inspector: "He was sitting at a verandah on Vernon Street at the Williams apartment when heard several shots and realized that he was shot in the left back and the lower abdomen. He is currently at the KHMH in a stable condition. No suspects in regards to that case as well."

Couple In Car Got Shot
There was another non-fatal shooting in the city this weekend. This one was on York Street around 4 on Saturday morning. Raymond Wayne and Tiffane Vernon were sitting in a car when a gunman approached and fired several shots. Both were hit and taken to the hospital. Police say Wayne is puzzled as to why someone would shoot at him. Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB- Inspector: "They observed one Wayne Davis with a gunshot wound to the forehead. He was there along with Tiffany Vernon. They said that they were sitting at #4 York Street when a lone gunman approached from the front of the vehicle and fire approximately 8 shots. One hitting me. Davis on the forehead. He was treated and released likewise Ms. Vernon was treated and released."

Social Security Says Chopping Victim Case Is Before Appeal Tribunal
On last Friday's news, we showed you the plight of Michael Tesecum. He's the Belize City Council Employee who was chopped by his co-worker on December 18. You'll remember it as that crazy incident where a bus full of sanitation workers was forced to look on as Dennis Bodden chopped Tesecum in the back of the head, and the right eye He came to us to complain last week that the injury to his eye requires a very expensive surgery, one which he can't afford. He says that as a contributing member of Social Security, he is upset that SSB is refusing to allow his injury benefit claim. He says that without it, he is at a very high risk of developing complications which could kill him.

New Justice of Appeal Is Jamaican
A new Court of Appeal judge has been sworn in. He's the 72 year-old Jamaican, Lennox Kirkwood Campbell, and he formally took the oath of office today before Governor General Sir Colville Young. He is a retired Supreme Court judge with a long and distinguished legal career. He practiced criminal law, served as Resident Magistrate in Jamaica, as well as Crown Counsel, and Assistant Crown Council. His civil practice includes the posts of Acting Deputy Solicitor General of Jamaica, Senior Assistant Attorney General, and Director of the Litigation Division. He has also served as Legal Advisor to the Government of Jamaica on various matters.

Convicted Killer Asks For Reduced Sentence
He was sworn in for the session of the court of appeal which began today. The Court of Appeal has reserved its decision in the appeal of 32 year old Toni Pasos, a laborer of San Narciso Street, Orange Walk Town, who was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 17 years. Pasos was charged with the murder of 51 year old Miguel "Chino" Medina, a resident of Orange Walk Town, who was stabbed 50 times in December of 2014. According to the evidence, Medina was lying on a mattress in his bedroom socializing with Pasos and two other men when he insulted Pasos and Pasos drew a knife and stabbed him.

Another Child Shot In City
And the news about violence to children continues to get worse it seems. There are multiple, credible reports of the shooting of a four year old child at this hour. The child was rushed to the hospital immediately, and we only know that there is blood on the ground in the area. We do not know the condition of the child at this time. Our news team is following it.

Briceno Blasts Boots
John Briceno wants the Prime Minister to fire Minister of Social Development, Boots Martinez and the Commissioner of police to investigate him on an allegation of corruption. Hoping to build as much public pressure as possible before the election, The Leader of the Opposition has sent letters to those two and the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit. He alleges that Martinez was operating an illegal and corrupt scheme through the contractor who claims he wasn't a contractor, Kirk Lamb. Briceno alleges, quote, "This is a clear abuse of public funds...

“Court-us Interruptus”?
And in other news out of the Court of Appeal, the Catholic Church in Belize has pulled out of the appeal of the Section 53 case. You'll remember it as the landmark decision from Justice Kenneth Benjamin which legalized gay sex between consenting adults. Last month, we told you how the Catholic Church, the only religious organization taking part in the appeal of that decision, hit a setback when their attorney on record asked the court to be removed as their legal representation. They also failed to file any legal arguments to meet the deadlines for the case management. Well, on Friday, the Court of Appeal got in touch with the litigants in the case. In the court's communication, it says, quote, "Take notice that the Roman Catholic Church, the Appellant in Civil Appeal Number 31… hereby wholly withdraws its appeal against the Respondent in the… appeal.

South Cup, All The Way Up
Just over 2 weeks ago, we showed you opening of the Eastern Division South Cup. It was the brain child of former Eastern Division South Commander, Chester Williams, as a community outreach initiative to get at risk youths in gang neighborhoods to socialize in a positive and peaceful setting. Now its third year, the Police Department has gotten major help from Bowen and Bowen, through their Sprite Brand, as well as the National Sports Council, and the Belize City Council, to improve on the tournament. We stopped by this Saturday to see how the tournament was being played on the Wilton Cumberbatch Basketball Court, in the Port Loyola area. That court had gang graffiti all over it, and so, the Sports Council teamed up with residents of the neighborhood to repair and repaint it.

Shooting Victim Child In Grave Condition
And before we close tonight, an update on that terrible story we just told you about: a 4 year old was shot a short while ago in Belize City - and, initial reports from multiple sources are that the child's condition is grave. We stress that is unconfirmed, but it's coming from multiple sources. We do know the child was shot about 20 minutes ago on Nurse Findley Crescent and we'll have more details for you in tomorrow's news. Our team is on the scene at this minute.

Channel 5

Baby Allyssa Dies
Tonight, we have full coverage of the events leading to the death of a little girl from Maskall, who has rallied the nation against the despicable sexual abuse of children. [...]

Everal Martinez Faces Sex Charges Amid Protests
Seventeen-month-old Allyssa Nunez passed on Sunday morning, but from Friday, twenty-one-year-old Everal Martinez of Maskall was in police custody on a charge of dangerous harm. That charge has been lifted [...]

Belizeans Vent Rage at Battlefield Park
The death of the Baby Alyssa has sparked outrage across the country, some impromptu and others organized protests have held since the weekend. This morning before Everal Martinez was brought [...]

Family Wants to Speak with Police
Prior to being arraigned before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford, Everal Martinez was charged with deadly use of harm on Friday evening.  The single count was presumably a holding charge, a [...]

Corozal 7-Year-Old is Target for Sex Assault
As outrage grows against the vile circumstances that led to the death of Alyssa, there is another case that police are investigating. A seven-year old schoolgirl was allegedly abused by [...]

Human Remains at Antelope Street Yard?
Today police went on the south side looking for what’s reported to be remains of a baby buried in a yard.  Reports had been circulating since Sunday that a mother [...]

Boots Martinez Felt Charitable
Leader of the Opposition John Briceño has written separate letters to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, and director of the Financial Intelligence Unit Kent Clare, demanding [...]

2 Dead in Red Bank Collision
Two men were killed in a road traffic accident on Sunday night. Around eight-fifteen p.m., James Andrews and Michael Martinez were behind the wheels in separate vehicles travelling in opposite [...]

O.W. Man Gets Run Over by Tractor
On Saturday around ten in the morning, a man lost his life in a fatal freak accident in northern Belize. Elio Grajalez was reportedly fixing a tractor that had mechanical [...]

More Organizations Condemn Baby Allyssa Death
The widespread condemnation and presentation of solutions in the wake of the death of Baby Allyssa is mounting. Separate press releases were issued by the Belize City Council Child Advisory [...]

Special Envoy: “The Laws are There”
In 2013, extensive amendments to the Criminal Code of Belize were passed in respect of fully delineating potential offenses of sexual assault against both adults and children. Those laws were [...]

Catholics Officially Out of UNIBAM Appeal
It’s now official: the Government of Belize is going at it alone in the upcoming appeal of the August tenth, 2016 judgment of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin regarding the amendment [...]

Court of Appeal Taps Jamaican Well Again for Judge
Just in time for its first session of the year 2018, the Court of Appeal has a new judge. Jamaican national Lennox Kirkwood Campbell was sworn in by the Governor [...]

Raymond Davis a Gun Target in Northside…
In the city, police presence is being felt as far more officers have been deployed to the streets following a recent flare of gun violence. Over the weekend, two persons [...]

…Hours Later, Kearney Thompson is the Target
That shooting was followed by another, hours later on Saturday night just after seven o’clock. According to police, Kearney Thompson was on Vernon Street when a lone gunman fired shots [...]

Honduran Fishermen Busted in Reserve
A routine patrol by rangers of the Southern Environmental Association, better known as SEA, and Belize Coast Guard officers resulted in the arrest of three Honduran fishermen. The patrol near [...]

MoH Takes Second Look at ‘Cancer Healer’
The Ministry of Health indicates it will launch another investigation into a British health practitioner reportedly based in Belize. The Daily Mirror in the U.K. has printed an expose naming forty-nine year [...]

Football Rumbles on in Sports Monday
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities…]


Toledo Alcalde Association: time to end attacks against our most vulnerable
The Toledo Alcalde Association also condemned the hideous act and is calling for justice for Baby Alyssa. Love News spoke with Pablo Mis, the Program Coordinator for the Toledo Alcalde Association. Pablo Mis – Program Coordinator, Toledo Alcalde Association “The Toledo Alcade Association is first of all expressing our deepest regret over the loss of …

Double fatalities on the Southern Highway
On Sunday, a road traffic incident which took place on the Southern highway, claimed the life of two persons. Inspector of Police, Wilfredo Ferrifino, Deputy of CIB told the media that the driver of both vehicles involved in the accident died at the scene. Inspector of Police, Wilfredo Ferrifino, Deputy of CIB “A road traffic …

Tractor runs over man
There was another traffic incident, this time in the Orange Walk District that claimed the life of one person. Inspector of Police, Wilfredo Ferrufino, Deputy of CIB told the media that the incident took place on Saturday morning. Inspector of Police, Wilfredo Ferrufino – Deputy of CIB “Orange Walk police visited San Luis village where …

Several persons injured in shooting incidents
There were several shooting incidents over the weekend. While it did not result in any fatalities, several persons were injured. This morning at the police press brief, Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino, Deputy of CIB, provided the media with the details of the incidents. Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino – Deputy of CIB “At approximately 4:00 a.m. on Saturday, …

Diesel and Kerosene prices are rolled back
Belizeans have become accustomed to gas prices changing frequently. Tonight we can report that there has been an adjustment in the prices of diesel and kerosene. Those who buy diesel will see a savings of thirteen cents with the new price being nine dollars and eighty-eight cents from ten dollars and one cent while persons …

Honduran fishermen arrested in Belizean waters
Three Honduran fishermen, Henry Castro, Joel Alfredo Ponce Aguilera and Marlon Ivan Gavarette Alvarado have been charged with engaging in commercial fishing whilst not being the holder of a valid fisherman’s license, engaging in fishing without a Special License in the Gladden Spit and Silk Caye Marine Reserve and use of a vessel for commercial …

Baby Allyssa Nunez dies
Tonight we have full coverage of the death of 17 month old Alyssa Nunez, the arraignment of the man who is accused of causing her injuries and her subsequent death and protests which unfolded over the weekend and today in Belize City and other parts of the country. We start off with the unfortunate news …

Everal Martinez charged with ‘attempt rape’ and ‘attempt assault’
21 year old Maskall Villager, Everal Martinez was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford this morning. He was charged with two counts of attempted rape of a child and two counts of attempted assault of a minor. Since the charges are of an indictable nature, no plea was taken. Hipolito Novelo was inside the courtroom …

A protest for justice for Allyssa Nunez
Since the news that baby Alyssa Nunez had been sexually attacked, several protests and vigils have been held across the country. On Sunday morning, protesters rallied in downtown Belize City where they demanded that justice be served for the child and today protestors were in front of the Belize City Magistrate Court waiting to see …

Special Envoy for Women and Children shows support
As you saw, the Special Envoy for Women and Children Kim Simplis Barrow was in front of the magistrate court this morning during the protest and inside the court for the arraignment of 21 year old Everal Martinez. Last week her office issued a release urging that the offence be handled thoroughly and in the …


Boots on hotseat again; 40,000 Dollar Questionable disbursements
As far as we could recall, back in the 1990’s “Housing for the poor” was the brainchild of then Political newcomer Anthony Boots Martinez as he committed to help alleviate poverty in Southside Belize city. But when the government changed in 2008 and the UDP came into power, the co...

Inauguration Ceremony of the Olmec Head in Belmopan.
The Inaguration Ceremony of the Omelec Head in took place in Belmopan today. The Government of Mexico in Partnership with Print Belize and The Government of Belize donated a replica of the Omelec Jade Head to the City of Belmopan last year. The Jade head was finally inaugurated this afternoon. Prese...

Signing of Memorandum between Mexico and Belize for 25 High School Scholarships.
The Government of Mexico in partnership with Belize signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Escuela Secundaria Technica today for 25 scholarships. In an effort to continue strengthening the ties between Mexico and Belize, 25 scholarships were promised by Mexico to 25 Belizean students from low inc...

17 Month Old Sexually Abused Victim Taken off Child Support
A17 months old baby girl, Allyssa Nunez, was sexually abused and sodomized last week. Plus News brought you that story in our News Cast. The latest information reaching out news room is that a collective decision was made to take the child off life support. The child passed away early Saturday mon...

American Nationals caught with drugs in San Pedro
Police arrested a Belizean, an American, a Spaniard and a German in a drug bust in San Pedro. According to Police reports, San Pedro Police visited the residence of 43 year old Belizean Percival Edwards Armstrong at 5:15 a.m to conduct an Anti-Drugs Operation. Police search resulted in the discover...

15 year Old Female Minor Reports Unlawful Sexual Intercourse
An unlawful sexual intercourse report was made in Independence Village today. Police reports are that a 15 year old female minor of Independence Village, accompanied by her mother, made reports to Independence Police that on the 27th of July 2017 she had engaged in sexual intercourse with a known ma...

Children’s Advocacy Groups Strongly Condemns Violence Against Children.
Last Week we reported 3 incidents where children were victims to crimes no child should ever have to suffer. After the news got out, UNICEF, NCFC and the Belize Family Life Association put out strong statements on all 3 incidents. The NCFC says, quote “The National Committee for Families and Childre...

Kirk Lamb says he signed contracts but hasn’t built any houses
Kirk Lamb is the 38 year old Belize City resident who claims he has been working for Anthony Boots Martinez for the past 25 years as a caretaker. Lamb became the center of political controversy when he revealed to the media earlier this week that he was one of the persons used by Boots Martinez as...

11 year old grazed by bullet; another man grazed to the head
An 11 year old was also grazed by a bullet in Belize city on Wednesday; so was a 26 year old man. According to Police reports, 26 year old Nicholi Rhys was walking at the corner of Prince Street and East Canal about 6:30pm when he heard several gunshots fired. He later discovered that he was graz...


Justice for Babies was held today in Corozal
Every child inside and outside of the womb is precious, a life. A life worth fighting for. They are our future. Fight for life! We are the Pro-Life Generation!! Everyone joined hand in hand to speak our voices out for Justice for babies. On Monday, March 5th everyone gathered at the Corozal Central park to send the message to the whole world stop Child Abuse. It commenced at 9am and other was 5pm. The same energy you are putting into fighting over a color let us use that energy to fight for our babies! For once lets get together as one and stop fighting over irrelevant stuff! Lets fight for our children our future! Child abuse needs to STOP NOW!

Corozal Roundabout to be completed this Friday
For several weeks I have been recording on the construction taking place along a roundabout near the Santa Rita area of Corozal Town. Belize Scoop has confirmed that this Corozal Round About will be completed this Friday. Yes, it looks like it is completed right now, But some additional things will be added to the Round About. It has a Mayan Head Sculpture, 4 Mayan stones, 4 walkway towards the Jade Head one that is only steps and Brown Stones that are squared around the Roundabout. This Roundabout is to attract Tourism in the Country when they are coming to visit the town. And, to show that Belize has a very strong Mayan culture. But, How about adding the word "Corozal"? This will show the town its representation of Corozal. The Locals wants more scenery and a better look.


  • Belizean in MMA, 1min.

  • Corozal Marches Against Child Abuse, 2min. "PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!" That was the general sentiment that resonated this morning in our Corozal Community, in the wake of the atrocious and barbaric crime committed against our child, Baby Allyssa Nunez (RIP). Corozal residents, from all spectrums, joined as one this morning to show their solidarity against all those children who have been the victims of violence, assault, harm and sexual abuse, committed by men.

  • Belize District Preschool Festival of Arts March 5, 2018, 90min.

  • Death of Baby Alyssa Nunez Spikes Protest in San Pedro, 6min. In the wake of the horrific news on Thursday, March 1, 2018, that of a 17-month old baby girl was brutally raped in Maskall Village, Belize, the nation grew angry and residents of Belize City and San Pedro, Ambergris Caye took to the streets in protest.

  • This is how beautiful Blue Hole and Belize are!, 2min.

  • The Popol Vuh : Mayan Creation Myth Animated Full Version, 60min. The ancient Maya viewed everything as having a soul, a purpose. Animals in particular were embodiments of certain gods, were artisans and scribes. Some animals were just animals, but even humble creatures like ants had a place, and in the Popol Vuh, the leafcutter ants played a big role. Having been defeated in challenge by the Hero Twins, the lords of Xibalba set a task to the boys, to bring them gourds filled with flowers, but all the while being inside the House of Knives. They were being watched and though spoke to the knives to not cut them, could not leave to get to the flowers. So the boys spoke to the ants, the ants went to the garden of two lords of Xibalba, where they cut 4 different kinds of flowers and brought them back to the boys. Enjoy this animated version of the Popol Vuh

  • Talk Ah Di Town March 5, 2018, 28 min.

  • The Belize Training and Employment Centre BTEC, 5min. BTEC, a unit of BELTRAIDE, completed its most recent Job Preparedness Training in early February. The training was done in Wait Staff and Housekeeping services. We spoke to the manager of BTEC and a few of the participants on the importance of such training.

  • Three new school buildings, 4min. The Government of Belize thru the Social Investment Fund (SIF) has inaugurated several new projects in the Corozal and Orange Walk Districts in the last few months. Last Thursday, February 22nd, our Belize Now team was there for the opening of three new school buildings. The buildings were constructed by way of grants from the Caribbean Development Bank under the Basic Needs Trust Fund’s 7th Programme with counterpart funding from the Government of Belize and the communities of Carmelita and Ranchito. Both projects are valued at just over one million Belize dollars each.

  • Belize Village Life - Diving , 3min.

  • Belize Village Life - Tortillas, 1.5min.

  • Belize 2018 Day Four, 5min. Today we explored downtown Corozal, the Santa Rita Archeological Site, and went to Cornerstone Presbyterian Church.

  • Belize 2018, 4min. My four weeks in Belize in four minutes. Clips from Punta Gorda, Hopkins, Plasencia, Golden Strean, San Ignacio, and Caye Caulker.

  • Belize Diving Day One, 3.5min. First day of diving in Ambergris Caye, Belize. We saw nurse sharks, remora fish, and beautiful healthy coral. Diving with Belize Pro Dive Center.