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The San Pedro Sun

Police Report
Drug Trafficking On Thursday, March 1st at 5:15AM, San Pedro Police conducted an Anti-Drugs Operation and visited the residence of 43-year-old Percival Edward Armstrong Belizean of a San Pedro address. Present at the time of the search was 61-year-old American National Debbie Klauber, 39-year-old Spaniard scientist Agustin Gregorio Suarez, and 33-year-old German Event Organizer Ina Hermannsdorfer.
Found Property On Thursday, March 1st at 7:40AM, San Pedro Police conducted an Anti-Drug Operations in the DFC area that resulted in the discovery of a black plastic bag containing cannabis amounting to 696 grams.

Oceana Belize to hosts a Cocktail & Conservation Fundraiser at Mahogany Bay Village
As part of the 2018 Reef Week activities, Oceana Belize will be hosting a Cocktail & Conservation Fundraiser on Saturday, March 10th at Mahogany Bay Village. The event will feature an evening of music, cocktails, and food as well as various presentations by Oceana and conservationist from across the country. All proceeds from the event will go towards supporting the Reef Week Initiatives. "We are so excited to share this event with the community of San Pedro Town.

SPJC places second at this year's ATLIB Football Tournament
The San Pedro Junior College (SPJC) male football team placed second place in the Association of Tertiary Level Institutions in Belize (ATLIB) Sports Committee Football Tournament on Saturday, March 3rd. The competition took place at the Ambergris Caye stadium in San Pedro Town with two female and three male teams from the Belize District battling to represent the central zone at the National Tournament. At the end of the day, it was Saint John's College Junior College (SJCJC) that took the first place in both categories and the ticket to participate at Nationals.

Belize and Mexico discuss Disaster and Risk Analysis and Management
In Belmopan on March 2, 201, Belize's Minister of National Emergency Management, Hon Edmond Castro, met with a delegation headed by the Director of Mexico's National Center for Disaster Prevention (CENAPRED), Doctor Carlos Miguel Valdes. Matters discussed included, Training, Data Sharing, and Regional Collaboration in Disaster and Risk Analysis and Management.

Ambergris Today

New Justice Of The Court Of Appeal Sworn In
Justice Lennox Kirkwood Campbell was sworn in as a new Justice of the Belize Court of Appeal by the Governor General H.E. Sir Colville Young, at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan on Monday, March 5, 2018. Justice Campbell has served as Legal Advisor on various matters to the Government of Jamaica, served as a member of legislative committees, and has received professional and national honors including appointment to the Queen's Counsel in 1999 and awarded the Order of Distinction (Officer Class) in 2016. Justice Campbell is 72 years old and is a Jamaican national.

Misc Belizean Sources


R.I.P. Lulu. May you Rest In Peace and rise in glory
He will be greatly missed. Condolences to family and friends.

BTIA Meets with Department of Environment to discuss the DOE Hotels Environmental Checklist
The BTIA will be reviewing the process presented and state its official position with comments and recommendations. Our members made it clear that we support the works and efforts of the DOE and are in support of environmental compliance requirements for the most part. The Secretariat and its members in attendance expressed their main concerns about the additional costs to stakeholders and the presence of another tedious process. The cost and process of conducting business in Belize continuous to become a more challenging environment more specifically for small and medium businesses.

Corozal - Here is a clandestine garbage dump site on the roadside just outside the town limits
About a mile from the entrance to southend along the Ferry Road. We took this photo just recently. As far as we can recall, it has been there for years. It is unhealthy and unsightly. Many of these illegal dump sites happen to be on the the periphery of the town boundaries, therefore outside the scope of responsibilities of the town council.

Students who are approved for the scholarship program will receive Four years of FREE Tuition and Textbooks at High School of their choice. Application form and details on requirements can be found at www.belizetelemedia.net/scholarship-program. DEADLINE: May 18, 2018

Teachings of Quetzalcoatl(Kukulkan)
The Yucatec Maya called Quetzalcoalt "Kukulkan" and he was admire for his teachings . Enjoy the teachings of the Indigenous teacher,The Native Christ,The Prophet . The term Toltec is used as those from MesoAmerican who follow the Toltecayolt which means " The art of living".

Promoting Belize at the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show!
The Belize Hotel Association was at the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show on February 24 and 25, 2018, promoting our members and the country of Belize. Representatives, President Ted Tejada and Marketing Director Tessie Tonaco, met and spoke to over 500 persons who were very interested in Belize, and the many activities that our country has to offer. Several persons already had vacations planned to Belize this year, while others were visiting on cruise ships, and many more had a very eager interest in vacationing in Belize in the near future. The Travel and Adventure Shows are the largest and the longest running series of Travel shows in the U.S.A., with over 76 shows, in the past 14 years.

La Ruta Maya pre race meeting on Thursday night
Hey Belikin La Ruta Maya Belize River Maya followers, the pre race meeting takes place this Thursday night at 6pm on the 2nd floor of the Embarcadero Plaza in San Ignacio. The crew will be there from 4pm for late registration. It is right across from the Welcome Center.

Belize Band Fest 2018 Text Voting
The Text Voting to determine the Most Popular Band for Band Fest 2018 starts on Monday February 26, and closes at midnight on Friday March 23rd. Digicell Subscribers can register your vote by texting the number of The Band of your choice to 22637 (BANDS) SMART subscribers can register your vote by texting the number of the Band of your choice to 8946.

BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of Feb. 19th - 25th, 2018
A windy week, but sunny most of the time. Our anglers had a pretty good week of Bonefishing in spite of the windy conditions. The guides are really skilled at finding places to fish no matter what the circumstances. Some of the anglers managed to boat over twenty fish a day. The week ahead looks promising and should produce great fishing days.

Seatrade Cruise Global 2018

Exceptional Talent Show
Happening this weekend in Belmopan!

Bringing Belize's health and education leaders together for a lively discussion
With Fulbright Scholar from the U.S. Dr. Carla Reigle Fry. Enhancing health and education is everyone's business!

Tacogirl raising funds for Solar Panels for Schools
I am actively campaigning to raise $7200 in 7 days. Funds will be used to pay for installation of solar panels on New Horizon and the San Pedro High School. Work will be done by Kenyon College. I got first four donations of $200 each this afternoon. Thanks to Brittney ODaniel of Sandbar San Pedro, Diana Evans of FEATHERS and Sarah Reza of Have Fun Stay Fit for helping get the ball rolling to make this important endeavor happen. Please make contact if you are willing to help. $6400 left to Raise by March 12th. Cost Breakdown: $3600 BZD per school for a complete package installation and basic monitoring assistance. This includes a total of 16 panels; 8 per school, two Inverters, a few other components, mounting hardware, and wiring.

Channel 7

The Slaughter of The Innocents Continues: 4 Year Old Boy Murdered
12 year old David Morrison was murdered two weeks ago; 1 year old Gregor Mena was shot in the toes on Wednesday night, 1 year old Alyssa Nunez died on Sunday, and last night, the victimization of the innocents continued with the murder of 4 year old Treshawn Goff. At the end of last night's news we told you he had been gravely injured. Well, he died just before 7:00 this morning. As we found out today, he was playing in his grandfather's yard when death came for him. Sahar Vasquez reports on the loss of a precious little life:...

Police Say They Are Making Headway
And today, police didn't have much details on this case but they assured the public that they are making headway. ACP Edward Broaster, Commander of Operations: "Last night we had the shooting of the 4 year old and Mr. IBraham. Unfortunately the 4 year old succumb to his injuries and we would like to extend our condolences to the family. We are trying our best to deal with the situation. We have been making inroads from last night in the investigation and I believe by later on today or tomorrow we will be having significant evidence or information that will see possibly arrest."

PUP Leader Asks "What The Hell?"
And with today's shocking death, Opposition Leader John Briceno felt pressed to speak on the murder. Yes it is a day before election, but he says the killing of another child suggests a dangerous tipping point:.. Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "The violence and despicable attack even against our innocent children is symptomatic of moral decay occurring all across our nation. I think that we as a people must take stock as to where we are, as parents, as family members, neighbors, community leaders, churches, everyone. This is something that we need to address very quickly. We need to show not only empathy and sympathy and concern for the family, but we also have to show some sort of outrage. How can this be happening in our country in such a small society where everyone knows one another."

Policing Politicians
2018 Municipal elections are finally here. And along with the thousands coming out to vote across the country, the police will also be on guard in full force - prepared for pretty much everything that could happen or could go wrong on election day. ACP Edward Broaster Commander of Operations told us about their on-the-ground strategy. ACP Edward Broaster, Commander of Operations: "Well the police has the members of the police department from different detachment in full force in all districts and towns for the city and town council elections and already we are having problems with political parties with banners and so forth which we are addressing as we speak but we have the numbers to police the elections and we hope that we have a peaceful elections as has been the tradition in Belize."

Another Attack On Hon. Montero For Compensation
And speaking of elections, the Leader of the Opposition made sure to seize upon the very last opportunity to sway voters with another revelation about the family of UDP Cayo Central Representative Rene Montero. Birceno produced documents which show a 2011 compensation settlement for Montero's sister. She first got the land in 1998 - in the last days of the Esquivel Administration. The PUP took it back, and then she - like other members of her family - got compensated when the UDP was re-elected. Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "I just issued a release where the Montero family collected another 1.4 million. They paid $13,229 for land in 1998 and now the Barrow/Faber UDP government have compensated Minister Montero's sister and brother-in-law to the tune of $1,488,019.53. If that is not an outrage, if that doesn't get us upset - first to be able to want to take some sort of action, then what?"

They Stole His Land With Internal Complicity Claims Man
And one Stann Creek man is claiming another kind of land irregularity. Derick Garcia - who lives and works in Cayman - but he's a Belizean who got 2 pieces of land on northern Ambergris Caye during the UDP's time in office. But he lost the titles, and applied for new ones back in December of 2015. He went back to Cayman - and didn't know when someone forged his name and transferred the land to another person who he's never met. Garcia told the media his story today:.. Derick Garcia - Claims Land Fraud: "To my surprise I was informed that both titles are no longer in my name. I inquired about it at the front desk, I was told that the record show that I am no longer the holders of those 2 titles. The land was indeed transferred on May 25th 2016. The transaction was signed off by the transferor which should have been me. The signature does not match mine."

Another Southern Traffic Fatality/a>
Two men died on the southern highway this weekend, and now there's been another traffic fatality in the south. This morning at around 6 police responded to another fatal road traffic accident. This time the accident occurred in the village of Crique Sarco which is in Western Toledo. Forty-six-year-old Carlos Chun was driving his motorcycle when he lost control and was flung off the bike. He was found lying dead on the ground with his bike on top of him. The body now awaits a post-mortem examination.

SMART Help For Hand In Hand
Today Hand in Hand Ministries received a much needed monetary donation from SMART. It's $15,000 dollars. The money will certainly go a long way to assist with projects especially those geared towards children and families affected by HIV and AIDS. We were there for the handing over: Abel Vargas, Director of Operations, Hand in Hand Ministers: "Well first of all the donations we are getting from smart is an encouragement for us really. Ever since we started hand in hand about 15 years ago we have always tried to garner local community to assist us because most of our monies come from abroad of course and it is very important for us to show some local support so when Smart rose to the occasion for this it was very encouraging and we are very excited about it."

Churches Abandon Section 53 Appeal
Last night, we told you how the Catholic Church was completely pulling out of the Appeal of the Section 53 judgement. That's the case that Gay Rights Activist Caleb Orozco brought to challenge Section 53 of the Criminal Code which made sodomy a criminal offense. 1 year and 7 months ago, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin delivered a landmark decision making it completely legal between consenting adults. Shortly after the ruling was handed down, the Churches stepped up public pressure on the Government, urging them to make a limited appeal. That was supposed to open the door for the Catholic or the Anglican Church to appeal the entire decision itself. Very early into that process, however, the Anglican Church stated clearly that they had no intention to push for a full appeal of the decision.

Man Gets Off, Accuser Killed
30 year-old Mason Patnett, who has been facing an attempted murder charge since December of 2012, was finally told today that he no longer has to worry about that crime, at least not right now. Patnett was charged for the shooting of 23 year-old Marvin Bul. Just over 6 years ago Bul was in a yard on Dove Street in Ladyville when a car pulled up and a gunman shot him. Police arrested Patnett and 21 year-old Raheem Crawford, and the cops charged both men with attempted murder, wounding, and use of deadly means of harm. In August of 2014, Raheem Crawford was shot and killed, leaving only Patnett to face those charges which they allegedly committed against Marvin Bul.

What's Really Up For Grabs Tomorrow
And so tomorrow March 7th is the Municipal election. It's long anticipated and debated, but really the hype exceeds the event. Really, it's just a local election, which may shift the balance of power - but it cannot overturn that balance. Jules Vasquez looked at what's up for grabs:... Tomorrow, 114,574 voters in 9 towns and cities countrywide will get 11 hours to choose which of these 158 candidates, 134 from the main mass parties, 24 independents they want to leade their municipalities. They will do so at 51 polling areas and 215 polling stations from PG to Corozal Town. In the last election in 2015, 59% of the voting population came out countrywide - the greatest percentage in Orange Walk Town, and the lowest percentage in Belize City.

That Festival Feeling
And, before we get into all that politics mish-mash, we leave you tonight with highlites of the very precious pre-school festival of the arts as a part of child stimulation month.

Channel 5

4 year old Treshawn Goff is silenced, and nobody knows why
A young boy, a student of the Port Loyola Pre-school, did not live to see his fifth birthday. Before eight o'clock on Monday night he became the latest victim of [...]

Four of nation's youngest dead in two weeks; many more scarred
It has been a deadly child Stimulation Month so far in which two children lost their young lives in violent and despicable circumstances. Before that, two others perished in gun [...]

Charges pending for Everal Martinez, but lawyer says he's not afraid
While freshly outraged by the death of Treshawn Goff, Belizeans are still thinking and talking about the tragedy of Allyssa Nunez of Maskall Village. She was sexually assaulted and sustained [...]

P.U.P. says no to election boycott as Opposition Leader tackles crime
Voters go to the polls in a matter of hours, but the national consciousness of the people is also focusing on the violent deaths of children. Around midday today, the [...]

Despite mockery, John Brice�o maintains bipartisan approach is needed
Brice�o's youngest son is fourteen; he says he fully understands the pain of the families who have lost their children and others to violence. And despite the doubling of boots [...]

Lands takes away Derick Garcia's Ambergris property while he's out of town
In addition to the recent revelations of massive land compensation to connected government supporters revealed in the past few days, there are ordinary Belizeans still complaining about the shady dealings [...]

More members of Montero family got compensation; Finance and Lands equally guilty
Andre Vega, the son of former Lands Minister Gaspar Vega and Sharon Pitts were taken to court for the return of over four hundred thousand dollars given to them as [...]

On the eve, fire engines come out for U.D.P. in P.G.
On this eve of municipal elections, attention is once again being drawn to allegation of the misuse of government resources to support the ruling political party. On Monday night in [...]

Where have you gone, Godwin Hulse?
Minister Godwin Hulse has been pretty much silent in the past months. But last week the unassigned U.D.P. caretaker for the Fort George constituency was on the campaign trail with [...]

Nolle prosequi stalls attempted murder case
Crown prosecutors say they have insufficient evidence to try Mason Patnett in the attempted murder of Marvin Bull, who has been missing since 2014. They entered a motion of nolle [...]

After delays, appeal against Araceli Cahueque comes to court
The Court of Appeal has been considering the appeal of the Crown against Aracely Cahueque since 2016. She is the former Corozal resident and former beauty queen accused of abetment [...]

What do the people say about Election Day?
Voting starts at seven o'clock across the country on Wednesday morning. Thousands of registered voters will cast their votes to determine the sixty-seven candidates that will lead the two city [...]

P.U.P. says it's time to vote - U.D.P. out?
At his press conference today, Brice�o made a last appeal to voters to exercise their constitutional rights to determine the leaders of the towns and city councils across the nation. [...]

Police will keep the peace at the polls
The complement of the Belize Police Department will be deployed into the streets of Belize City, as well as other municipalities across the country tonight, in anticipation of the opening [...]

SMART donates to Hand in Hand Ministries
Hand in Hand Ministries received a fifteen thousand dollar cheque from Smart today. The donation will be used to cover operations cost for the outreach program of the non-profit organization [...]

One step closer to end of UNIBAM appeal
The appeal of the Section fifty-three case decided in the Supreme Court in August, 2016 is before the Court of Appeal. On one side is Caleb Orozco, Executive Director of [...]

Unraveling the mystery of 'cancer healer' Mary Jewell
On Monday, we reported on a woman who is operating as a healthcare practitioner in northern Belize without a license. The British woman, identified as Amanda Mary Jewell, according to [...]


Treshawn's life cut short by gun violence
The ongoing gun violence has claimed the life of four-year-old Treshawn Goff. The incident occurred last night about seven forty, four-year-old Treshawn Goff was in a yard on Nurse Findley Crescent when gunmen opened fire. As a result, the child was hit to the right side of the head by gunfire and was rushed to �

CWU advocates for tougher legislation
Up to news time, no additional charges have been levied against 21-year-old Everal Martinez. It is expected that since 17-month-old Allyssa Nunez died on Sunday morning, he will be charged with a more serious crime. This is the reason his attorney Oscar Selgado did not apply for bail for Martinez when he was arraigned before �


Everald Martinez receives four charges for Baby Alyssa
Belizeans from all across the country took to Social Media over the weekend in outrage and sorrow, expressing emotions of hurt and anger over the abuse and subsequent death of Baby Alyssa Nunez. The 17 month old toddler died at the KHMH on Sunday morning after being in critical condition for sever...

Protests over Baby Alyssa's abuse and death
As we said, there was a crowd in front of the court house today where several persons gathered to voice their frustration over such a horrific crime and desire for justice to be served. We spoke to a few of them this morning. Mark Rheno, protestor I close my restaurant for a day just to come and s...

Calls for Justice and stiffer penalties for sexual offenders
Today, the NTUCB also released a statement condemning any form of physical, emotional or psychological abuse of children and women. The NTUCB says it is calling "� for all those responsible for the death of this baby to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In addition, NTUCB urges legis...

Two dead and 2 spared in fatal Traffic Accident
Two men are dead after Sunday night's fatal traffic accident on the Southern Highway. A red Astro van, driven by driven by 48 year old James Andrews of Independence Village and an Orange Great Wall Wingle, driven by 41 year old Michael Martinez of San Juan Village collided between miles 32 and 33 k...

Two persons shot while sitting in Vehicle
Two persons were shot in on Yorke Street in Belize City on Saturday Morning. Reports are that 49 year old Raymond Wayne Davis and Tiffane Vernon were sitting inside a vehicle when a lone gun man approached the vehicle and fired several shots at them. Police gave us more details. On Saturday,3rd of M...

Another private land sold by Lands Department
The Lands Department, also known as the "Hot Bed of Corruption" , as so eloquently described by Belize's Prime Minister, is once again in the news tonight. Derick Garcia; a Belizean citizen who currently resides in Grand Cayman, approached the media today in disbelief of the injustice he says the...

One Man Shot on Vernon Street
A man was shot on Vernon Street on Saturday night while he was sitting on a verandah. Reports are that 31 year old Kearon Thompson was sitting on the veranda when he heard several shots fired. Thompson later realized that he was shot twice. Sometime around 7 Am on the 3rd Mr. Keron Thompson rather ...

Freak accident leaves one man dead
One man is dead as a result of a freak accident in Orange Walk. Plus News received reports that 49 year old Elehio Grahalez was operating on his tractor that did not want to start. Grahalez's tractor reportedly started while he was inspecting it and ran him over. He was killed on the spot and his tractor was found 16 feet away from his body.

Antelope Street Human Remains
Plusnews received reports that the remains of a baby were found in a yard on Antelope Street today. While police did not confirm that it was the remains of a baby, they did confirm that human remains were found.

Opposition leader calls for Investigation of Boots
UDP Minister of Human Development and Poverty Alleviation Anthony Boots Martinez remains under sustained fire . As we told you last week, the Leader of the Opposition called for Minister Martinez's resignation. Today, the Leader of the opposition sent out three letters: one to the Prime Minister, one to the Commissioner of Police, and one to the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit.

Another aggravated burglary in Belize City
28 year old Belizean Steve Miguel Castillo was reportedly burglarized at his home address on Friday. Police reports are that when Castillo was entering his home in Belize City around 6 a.m this morning, he was met by a male person with a firearm.

One truck overturns on highway; two explode on feeder road
Two trucks collided today, causing a burst of flames. The incident happened on the road leading to Rockville off Mile 21 on the George Price Highway. WE don't have the details but apparently, two trucks collided and caused some sort of fire ball.

New Justice of the Court of Appeal Sworn In
Justice Lennox Kirkwood Campbell was today sworn in as a new Justice of the Belize Court of Appeal by the Governor General H.E. Sir Colville Young, at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan.

Rene Montero's Family Receives Millions in Land Compensation
More political scandal surface one week before the big municipal elections. Plus News has been telling you about allegations of corruption made against Minister Boots Martinez by his former employee Kirk Lamb. While Min Martinez continues to defend his position, Opposition Party Leader John Briceno,...


154 "horses at the gate" for Wednesday's Municipal Elections
On Nomination Day, February 21, a total of 154 candidates were nominated across the political spectrum to contest the municipal elections, which will fill 67 seats in all 7 municipalities in Belize on Wednesday, March 7. The two main political parties, the United Democratic Party (UDP) and the People's United Party (PUP), have a combined total of 134 candidates. The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) have fielded candidates in 5 out of the 7 municipalities.

Elio Grajalez, 49, dies in freak accident in his yard
Elio Grajalez, 49, a farmer of San Luis, lost his life in what is being described as a freak accident at about 10:00 Saturday morning in his yard. His own tractor rolled over him and killed him. Information to us is that Grajalez was working on his tractor, which he was having difficulty starting. He reportedly put the tractor in gear and was trying to make it start; he was inspecting the front of the tractor to try to see what the problem was when the machine suddenly started and lurched forward, knocking him down. After rolling over him, the tractor rolled for about 20 feet before it was stopped by a parked vehicle, which was damaged in the process.

Toni Pasos, 32, convicted of manslaughter, appeals sentence of 17 years
The Belize Court of Appeal, in its session which began today, has reserved its judgment for the appeal of Toni Pasos, 32, who was charged with murder but convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 17 years in prison for the stabbing of Miguel "Chino" Medina, 51. The trial judge, Justice Herbert Lord, who was both judge and jury, had found that it was a case of provocation, and as a result, delivered a verdict of guilty of manslaughter on August 25, 2016. Pasos' attorney, Hubert Elrington, only appealed his sentence, and not his conviction.

Justice for Baby Alyssa!
This morning in the Belize City Magistrate's Court, Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford read four charges to Everal Martinez, 21, the stepfather of Baby Alyssa Nunez, 17 months old, of Maskall, who died in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) yesterday, Sunday, at around 4:00 a.m. Alyssa had been admitted in a critical state and had been placed on life support. All four offences for which Martinez was charged are said to have occurred on Wednesday, February 28, in Maskall, in the Belize Judicial District.

4-year-old boy shot in the head on Nurse Findley Crescent
Despite the fact that children were playing on the road of Nurse Findley Crescent, in front of the Abraham family's house in Port Loyola at about 8:00 tonight, a brazen gunman drove up in a car from the direction of Fabers Road near Excelsior High School, into Nurse Findley Crescent, and after bringing the vehicle to a halt, came out firing. Ian Abraham, Jr., 27, a mechanic who was repairing his car in front of the house, was hit in the abdomen. There was confusion as the children and family members scattered for cover to escape the gunfire. The gunman then drove out of the area at high speed.

NTUCB holds 51st AGM in the cultural capital, Dangriga
Delegates from the 10 unions which make up the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) traveled to Dangriga for the umbrella group's 51st Annual General Meeting over the weekend. Guest speaker for the occasion was the Dangrigan elder statesman, Dr. Theodore Aranda. In his address, Dr. Aranda told the union delegates that they should not limit themselves to efforts to better conditions of employment for their members.

City Boys 10 & Under Grassroots - Week 4 results
Good night, Football Family. The City Boys 10 & Under Grassroots Tournament 2018 continued with Week 4 games on Saturday, March 3, at Yabra field. In the 4 games scheduled, Warriors FC won by default (3-0) over Carlston Elite; City Boys Jr. clipped Reality Youths, 2-0; Sampson Academy got the 3-nil win over St. John Vianney; and Ladyville Rising Stars crushed Poor & Famous, 6-nil. Players of the day were: Jarreth Tablada, Jahson Stanford and Cael Pollard of Ladyville Rising Stars, and Raymond Gentle of City Boys with 2 goals each!

Bandits undefeated at Week 8, with sights on CONCACAF berth
Verdes FC is the Opening Season champion, but Belmopan Bandits SC is still undefeated at Week 8 of the Premier League of Belize 2017-2018 Closing Season and are beginning to demonstrate dominance (after two early season draws against Placencia Assassins FC and Verdes FC), and look poised to regain the championship, and with it a certain berth in CONCACAF League play. (See standings below.) On Saturday night at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium, the foreign forces were much in evidence, as the Bandits jumped to a 3-0 first half lead, and ended with a 3-1 win over visiting Placencia Assassins.

Pepsi NEBL Week 7 highlights
The NEBL Week 7 games this past weekend marked the half-way point (with a few back matches remaining) in a double round-robin regular tournament, where the top 4 of the 7 participating teams will qualify for the post-season playoffs. At the end of the 4 weekend games, the won-loss records showed San Pedro Tiger Sharks (6-1), Griga Dream Ballers (5-1), Smart Belize Hurricanes (4-2), DigiCell Belize City Defenders (3-2), Verdes (2-5), Belmopan Bandits (2-5), and Orange Walk Running Rebels (0-6). In the only Friday night game, Smart Belize Hurricanes visited the Sacred Heart Auditorium in San Ignacio, and came away with a 79-74 victory over Verdes. Hurricanes was led by Kurt "Chengo" Burgess 17 pts 15 rebs, Akeem Watters 16 pts 11 rebs, and Glency Lopez 16 pts; while for Verdes, Richard Troyer had 22 pts, and Darnell Oden 16 pts.

Joslyn Chavarria, Jr. (Elite), Alicia Thompson (Female), and Fitzgerald "Palas" Joseph (Masters) take top honors in 37th Annual Belmopan Cycling Classic
The Cycling Federation of Belize (CFB) and the Belmopan City Council co-sponsored the 2018 Belmopan Cycling Classic yesterday. As the last major cycling race before the legendary Holy Saturday Cross Country, this race normally serves as a gauge of cyclists' state of readiness for the Big One; and the results are noteworthy, both for the dominance of the DigiCell-4G Team, which had 5 of the top 10 finishers, and for the competitiveness of some Weekend Warrior veterans, particularly one Fitzgerald "Palas" Joseph, a.ka. the Black Rocket, a 50-year-old former Cross Country 3rd place finisher, who out-sprinted 11 others, including some Elites and U23s, at the finish, to place 3rd in this year's Belmopan Classic.

Wednesday's critical elections
A couple days away from critical national municipal elections in Belize, we find this a difficult editorial to write. On Wednesday, the Belizean people will express their opinions on some important issues, and the likelihood is that our lives as Belizeans will change significantly. Whether Belizeans vote for things to remain the same, or they vote for there to be changes, the fact is that we, as we write, do not know what Belizeans will say by means of their ballots. As we write, we do not know how Belizeans will vote, so we are writing in ignorance about important opinions which will be delivered in critical elections nationwide. You may ask, how would our Belizean lives change significantly if Belizeans voted for things to remain the same? Well, those who are in charge of things would be confirmed in their power, so they would probably become even more reckless and arrogant. And, those who are calling for substantive changes would become discouraged.

Consortium was Professor Laing's brainchild
Dear Sir, With great interest, I read the feature story: "Belizeans Abroad: An UntappedResource"byNuri Muhammad, in your publication of 3rd March, 2018. It contains some of the most positive and thoughtful recommendations on how to strengthen Belize's present parlous situation by actively utilising its Diaspora. However, it is necessary, in the interest of those who do not know, that certain historical facts are set straight. The Consortium for Belizean Development was NOT the brainchild of three Belizeans, namely, the Hon. Philip Goldson and Ambassadors Edward Laing and Bert Tucker. (Incidentally, all three of them are dead.)

Illegal drugs are the norm
While 7News has now disavowed the authenticity of this document, my doubts still linger regarding this entire situation. On the one hand, the Minister of Police does confirm that some officers are banned from US- sponsored training because of suspicions (or should I say evidence, since the US does not act on suspicions) of a wide array of irregularities, the Embassy and GOB are both still denying it. By the way, when was the last time any government, including the US and GOB, has ever fessed up to anything negative? For those who have studied diplomacy, no government will openly accuse another of any wrongdoing unless it's something extremely terrible and the same applies here in the case with the US and Belize. My uncertainties always tell me that where there is smoke, there has to be fire.

In March 1993 the People's United Party won the Belize City Council elections decisively, so much so that then United Democratic Party deputy leader Dean Barrow, on viewing the raw totals at the old Civic, shook his head ruefully and said, 'back to the drawing board'. The PUP brain trust, emboldened by that decisive victory, called general elections at the end of June 1993 and lost narrowly. In 1994 the ruling UDP almost swept the national town board elections but would lose the 1996 Belize City Council, and a year later, the town board elections - 46 of 49 seats. They were swept out in every town except for San Ignacio, where they took four seats.

Only manipulation can save them
The UDP 2018 is the PUP 2006-2008 and the UDP 1996-1998. The people looked at the UDP 1996-1998, saw that it was full of hate, and turned it out. The people looked at the PUP 2006-2008, saw that it was corrupt, and turned it out. The people look at the UDP 2018 and see that it is both corrupt and full of hate. The teachers of Belize looked at this government and decided they had to go on strike to force it to stop trampling our democracy. There is no way the UDP can win the 2018 national municipal elections if the system is being run as it was wisely, honestly designed. The only hope for the UDP on Wednesday is the "manipulation".

What a terrible indictment of the whole Nation of Belize by the man who is aspiring to be leader of his nation! The Deputy reminds me of the farmer whose bedroom hangs over the empty space above the corral in which for ten years his prized stallions have fed off blush grass. Upon awaking he peers down and gasps. His horses are gone! And so is the bush grass they used to eat. Is he shocked? Am I unkind or unfair if I remark that he should have known better. The gates of the corral had never been checked to verify that the locks were secure. What is the proverb that warns against making sure too late? I wish I were a great satirist able to write using animals and other cartoons to avoid calling names.

Brothers Akeem Humes and Shadiki Baezar charged with attempted murder
Two brothers, Shadiki Baezar and Akeem Humes, were arraigned on three charges today by Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. The charges were attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. No plea was taken because the offences are indictable. Neither could the court offer them bail. They were remanded into custody until April 20. The incident for which they were charged occurred around 6:25 p.m. on February 23 at Mile 7 1/2 on the George Price Highway. Darnell Domingo, 18, a student of Western Paradise village, reported to the police, that while he and Francis Parham, 29, were travelling to Belize City on a motorcycle, a white car came from the opposite direction and one of the occupants exited it and fired several shots in their direction.

Home invasion in Buttonwood Bay
Police have launched an investigation into the aggravated burglary of a house in Buttonwood Bay, in which no signs of forced entry were found. Three thieves reportedly invaded the home of a couple, who were subsequently tied up. The man was beaten in the head with a gun butt, and the house was ransacked, then the thieves escaped with personal items, computers and other electronic items totaling $8,000 in value. Information to us is that at about 5:30 this morning Steve Castillo came home and on his arrival found a man inside his house. The intruder quickly pointed a gun at him and held him prisoner at gunpoint.

Bail of accused murderer, Oriel Leslie, revoked for violation of curfew condition
On Thursday, Oriel Leslie and Tyrone Meighan, two of three men accused of murder, were released on Supreme Court bail when they and their attorneys, Dickie Bradley for Meighan and Ellis Arnold, SC, for Leslie, appeared before Justice Dennis Hanomansingh, who released each of them on a $25,000 bail that was granted with certain conditions, but in less than 24 hours after Leslie regained his freedom, a police officer found him in a nightclub beyond the cutoff time by which he should have been at his home, as was required by one of his bail conditions.

Raymond Wayne Davis, 49, shot in the head, survives
Raymond Wayne Davis, 49, a car dealer, and his lady friend, Elaine Vernon, suffered gunshot injuries and were both taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Davis suffered an injury to his forehead, but luckily, it was not a direct hit, and Vernon was grazed on her arm. They have both been treated and released from the hospital. The shooting occurred on York Street, at about 4:00 Saturday morning. During the weekly police press brief held this morning at the Racoon Street Police Station, Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino, Deputy Commander of Crimes Investigation, said that Davis and Vernon were sitting in his vehicle, which was parked on York Street, talking, when two unknown men came down York Street and one of the men fired at them.


Irresistibly healthy and delicious treats at Juice Dive
As the first commercial cold press juicer in Belize, Juice Dive is so much more than shots of wheatgrass! Using a combination of vegetables and fruits, pressed to extract all its nutrients and fiber, the juices are refreshing and tasty. Proprietor Renato Solis is a Belizean who returned to his home country after living in New York, USA for the majority of his life. His wife Brooke is also a major inspiration - the reason the family is healthy, according to their son Justin. "She has been making the Green Goddess dressing since I was in elementary school, and I think of her every time I have it in a meal." With Brooke's original recipes, Renato, Justin and his brother Alex, Juice Dive is a true family business. As for their food selection, everything on the menu sounds delicious, but my eye is caught by the Thai Chicken Wrap. I love the complex and savory flavors in Asian cuisine, and can never get enough, so Justin and Sergio get to whipping up two separate wraps for us to try.

4 Fun and Delicious Things I Did on My Weekend
This first one was a Friday errand but it definitely counts as starting my weekend of fun. In February, Blue Water Grill customers pitched in $3,042, Guests of The Phoenix gave $784, and customers of Wine de Vine, $84. All three businesses matched the donations to bring that total to $7,820, add CFC donation for a grand total of $9170. This resulted in faculty and staff of San Pedro High School receiving a cash bonus of $200 each for all the hard work they do in educating the youth of Ambergris Caye.

It's Wild! It's Civilized! It's Chaa Creek!
We have never come across a resort as unique as The Lodge at Chaa Creek. It bloomed from humble beginnings as an organic farm to the majestic reserve and upscale vacation lodge it is today. Chaa Creek is full of history, adventure, luxury, wonder, romance, rustic elegance, relaxation and life! It's a call to be 'Wildly Civilized' in the jungles of Belize, a place like no other; a world of its own. We went horseback riding, sunset canoeing, took a Rainforest RTV Safari Tour, rejuvenated with spa treatments, enjoyed food to our heart's content, toured the Natural History Center, interacted with Blue Morpho Butterflies and bit into the freshest of produce at the Maya Organic Farm.

Stuff for Kids to Do On Ambergris Caye that Won't Break The Bank
It's been over a week now since my brother, sister-in-law and gang of 6 kids departed Ambergris Caye. Ages 4 to 10, boys and girls, everyone had a killer time. Or at least that's what they tell me. And I was worried. I always am when friends and family visit. And this was my first large group - and the first bunch of younger kids. I planned day fishing trips, a super fun chartered trip to Caye Caulker, a trip to Cayo Frances Farm and Fly & the sandbar and a boat trip up north to swim and banana boat at Tranquility Bay (we never made that one - too windy)� I wanted to go on the ACES Night Time Crocodile Tour - we didn't make that one either. They all went snorkeling at Hol Chan and swimming with sharks will be remembered FOREVER. The other kids on the playgrounds of Barrington Rhode Island will be regaled with tales of the Coutant derring-do.

Belize to held 2018 Municipal Elections
If you are entitled to vote in Municipal Elections in Belize, be sure to come out on March 7th. It's your civic duty. Belize is divided into 31 electoral districts or constituencies, each represented by one member in the House of representatives. Belize's constituencies are divided in such a way that their voting population is as equal as possible to each other ensuring, theoretically, that resources are equally shared among the country's citizens, as required by the constitution. After the 2003 General Elections, two additional constituencies were created from territory of existing constituencies in order to further ensure the equality of the voting populations among the constituencies. Coming out of January 2008, the most populous constituency (Stann Creek West) had a voting population of 7,085 while the least populous constituency (Fort George) had a voting population of 3,195.

Belize Geography
Of 13 Commonwealth member countries in the Americas, only Belize, Canada, and Guyana lie on the mainland, three of the most sparsely populated countries in the association; all the others are islands or archipelagos. The country's current Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, is the first of African descent. With one foot in the Central American jungles and the other in the Caribbean Sea, Belize may be small but it's packed with adventure and culture.

International Sourcesizz

Why are the world's climate funds ignoring coral reefs?
Coral reefs are set to be one of the first casualties of climate change. Even if global warming is held to 1.5C - the toughest goal in the Paris Agreement - an estimated 90% of the world's coral reefs will be degraded by 2050. With the Ocean Summit in Mexico 7-9 March, and with 2018 dubbed the International Year of the Reef, the world's coral reefs are getting extra attention. Yet E3G research has found that virtually no climate finance is going towards saving coral reefs, on which half a billion people rely on for food and coastal protection. Coral reefs are vitally important for the planet, being home to a quarter of all fish species, and with an economic value of around $9.9 trillion globally. Coral reefs also support iconic species such as dolphins and sharks. It is also known the oceans are responsible for producing most of the oxygen we breathe. The damage we are doing to the world's ocean ecosystems could be life-threatening for humans.

Amazing Vines
I'm endowed with far more curiosity than knowledge. That curiosity was sparked two days ago by my visit to Barton's Cave in Belize, a cave used by the ancient Maya for ceremonial religious purposes including human sacrifice. Steep limestone cliffs flank the entrance, and from those cliffs hang remarkable vines related to the ficus family. These vines originally took root in the nooks and crannies of the rock formation, extracting whatever water and nutrients they could from their barren perch. Nothing terribly unusual about that. All manner of scrubby plants find precarious rocky footholds. But these vines do something more - they grow a vine-like root that, over the process of years - our guide said decades - descends twenty-five to thirty feet until they reach the water below. Just think about that - for years those useless appendages dangle to little effect. But eventually they reach the water, and there they become transformed.


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