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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

PUP to seek court action for a re-election in San Pedro
The controversy surrounding the results of the 2018 Municipal Elections in San Pedro Town continues to brew as the People's United Party (PUP) disputes the election results that favored the United Democratic Party (UDP). On Thursday, March 8th a day after the elections, San Pedro PUP Mayoral Candidate, Andre Perez along with members of his party began seeking legal options regarding the alleged discrepancies in the electoral process that declared UDP Mayoral candidate Daniel Guerrero and his team winners of the elections. The PUP alleges that they are in possession of legal documents, including official documents from the Elections and Boundaries Commission that show over 200 unaccounted ballots. The next legal action, according to PUP Senator and attorney Eamon Courtenay, will be to demand a new election in San Pedro after challenging the recent results at the Belize City Supreme Court in the upcoming days. The PUP claims that there was a strong swing for their party during the election process on the island. Party officials also said that they were told of certain movements inside the counting room and perhaps due to that they now have significant discrepancies with the results. Courtenay stated that the PUP will continue fighting for what is right. "We believe that the PUP won San Pedro and we are going to court to establish that," said Courtenay. This is about the San Pedranos who voted and that is what we are fighting. We are fighting for every single vote and expect the PUP to be triumphant."

UDP wins Municipal Elections in San Pedro Town; PUP questions results
Daniel Guerrero and his six United Democratic Party (UDP) Councillors have been declared winners of the 2018 Municipal Elections held on Wednesday, March 7th. However, that victory is being questioned, with allegations of discrepancies in the election's official results. The People's United Party (PUP) and its supporters are disputing the results based on the total number of voters recorded, which, according to them, do not match the total number of ballots counted. The PUP has since sought legal advice in an effort to find a fair solution and perhaps even a recounting of the votes. However, the idea of a recount was never confirmed by Returning Officer of the Elections and Boundaries Department, Catherine Cumberbatch, during a meeting the PUP and UDP representatives had on Thursday, March 8th in downtown San Pedro. At press time, the declared victors were the full UDP slate, consisting of 3-term Mayor Daniel Guerrero and his councillors Hector Alamilla, Flora Ancona, Ruben Gonzalez, Gary Greif, Gabriel Nu�ez, and Severo Guerrero Jr,.

Minister Heredia assures hospital in San Pedro by 2020
A hospital in San Pedro Town has been perhaps one of the most anticipated infrastructural projects islanders have been long awaiting. The rapid growth of the municipality has many island residents wanting a proper medical facility, which Area Representative and Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr., hopes to complete by the end of his term in 2020. Heredia has not provided further details on the hospital, in the recent times but the project was a promise made in the UDP manifesto prior to the general elections in 2015. It is unknown and Heredia has not confirmed if the government is going to make a loan for such project as it is unclear if it will be included at the upcoming budget presentation on Friday, March 9th. Back in 2015, it was revealed that a $20 million investment would be needed to erect the hospital and Heredia announced that same year that Central Government was moving one step closer to completing a loan application to fund the hospital building. According to Heredia the MOH had done its due diligence to get the ball rolling regarding such project.

ECGO and Quality Reef to face-off in Co-Ed Softball finals
The San Pedro Co-Ed Softball Tournament finals began at Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex on Sunday, March 4th. The day saw the four participating teams taking part in three intense matches to determine the champions of the tournament. In the first round of the championships, Quality Reef went up against RCGO. At the end of the five innings, it was a clear victory for Quality Reef with 11-2 score point. Everyone is invited to come out and enjoy the last match of the San Pedro Co-Ed Softball tournament on Sunday, March 11th, starting at 9:30 AM. Foods and drinks will be on sale during the games.

Ambergris Today

PUP Taking Court Action For New Election In San Pedro
In a statement released by PUP Belize Rural South and PUP Mayoral Candidate Andre Perez, he made it clear this afternoon, Friday, March 9, 2018, that his party cannot concede defeat at the municipal elections that were carried out on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. Attorney at Law Mr. Eamon Courtney stated that after reviewing the official papers that were signed off by the Elections and Boundaries Commission that there are 275 ballots that cannot be accounted for, at minimum. He stated that 275 missing ballots puts the elections at dispute and thus the party will go to court.

Beach Volleyball Contingent Off To Youth Olympic Games Qualifier in Costa Rica
The Belize Volleyball Association is pleased to announce that a Belize contingent departed country on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, to Puntarenas, Costa Rica to compete in Beach Volleyball at the Youth Olympic Games Qualifier to be held this weekend, March 10 & 11. This tournament also serves as the U19 Central American Beach Volleyball Championship. The Youth Olympic Games is set to take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 1-12, 2018.

Misc Belizean Sources


Free Self defense Training on Caye Caulker
March 23, at the Caye Caulker Community center, 10am-2pm.

20,000 Strong Rally
Friday March 16, parade starts 8am at the Memorial Park to The Marion Jones Sporting Complex for the Rally at 9am-2pm.

THE ICE CREAM BAR reopens on Caye Caulker
*THE ICE CREAM BAR** ( formerly Scoop Dis) , Will be reopening TODAY at our new location: On the beach in front of Ocean Ferry & Fantasy Dining. Great spot to sit and cool off while licking your favorite icecream and eating a slice of my Belizean rum cake *Wifi

Chiqu�bul Challenge Marathon 2018
Join the race for conservation and participate or sponsor the second Chiquibul Challenge Marathon - CCM 2018! Location: Las Cuevas Research Station, Chiquibul Park, Cayo, Belize. Date: February 17th-18th, 2018. This event is requires registration for all attendees and is not open to the public.

BTB at ITB Berlin 2018

Confiscated Conch delivered to St. Alphonsus Primary School
Senior Ranger with responsibility for Enforcement, Serapio Chun delivered conch confiscated in the recent bust on Jacks Caye near the Gladden Spit Silk Cayes Marine Reserve, to the Feeding Program of the St. Alphonsus Primary School, Seine Bight Village. The Feeding Program feeds over one hundred students with healthy lunches every school day. The Principal, Ms. Moreira, expressed gratitude at SEA's gesture. SEA would like to thank the Fisheries Department for permitting SEA to make the donation and the Belize Coast Guard for their support with joint patrols.

Baron Bliss Harbour Regatta
Sunday, March 11 at 9 AM - 3 PM, BTL Park, Newtown Barracks, Belize City. Come out and see the 90th Baron Bliss Harbour regatta featuring youths from across the country sailing in the Optimist Dinghy and Lasers. Also the two remaining sand lighters: United and Radio

Commentary: Municipal elections in Belize are a wakeup call for the current government
By Wellington C. Ramos. Since the 2006 municipal elections, the United Democratic Party (UDP) has won and controlled all the municipalities in the country of Belize except for Orange Walk Town, which has since been under the control of the People's United Party (PUP). The municipalities include Belize City - a mayor and ten councilors; Belmopan City, the capital - a mayor and six city councilors; Punta Gorda Town - a mayor and seven councilors; Dangriga Town - a mayor and seven councilors; San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town - a mayor and seven councilors; Benque Viejo Del Carmen - a mayor and seven councilors; San Pedro Ambergris Caye Town - a mayor and seven councilors; Orange Walk Town - a mayor and seven councilors; and Corozal Town - also with a mayor and seven councilors. When this is all added it comes up to nine mayors and 67 councilors. In the elections that were held on Wednesday, the PUP won Belize City, Orange Walk Town and Corozal Town. This gives them three mayors and 25 councilors out of 67 because a PUP counselor also won in Dangriga Town. Now the UDP has six mayors and 42 councilors which is still the majority, but losing Belize City is a major shock to them. Why? Because, since the UDP came to power in Belize City in 2006, they have spent millions of dollars on infrastructural development in Belize City compared to the other municipalities. Yet, despite all this spending, Belize City has the highest amount of gangs, crimes and murders in the entire country of Belize.

Sarteneja Easter Regatta 2018
It's once again that time of the year!!! Sarteneja Easter Regatta 2018. Don't miss out; come and be part of this great event!! To all our friends from outside; start reserving your hotel rooms!!!


SISE Town Council Swearing In
The SISE Town Council will be re-sworn in on Sunday. They are having a victory parade and rally at the Macal River park, and the celebration starts at 11:00am. Grupo Jade will be performing. Congratulations, Mayor Trapp and SISE Councillors! "Residents of San Ignacio/Santa Elena are all invited to our Grand Victory Parade/Rally to be held on Sunday, March 11th 2018. A motorcade will leave the Macal River Park at 11am and parade through the three constituencies ending at the Macal River Bank. At 2pm swear in of Mayor Earl Trapp Jr. and Councillors followed by jump up with music provided by the Youth Connection and Jade Band."

Binational watershed alliance review
19 communities form part of the Binational watershed alliance. The review conducted last weekend proves that the leaders have generated community participation in safeguarding the rivers. But the effort must continue. FCD is thankful to the British high Commission Office in Belize for the support.

Heroes and Benefactors Day
While the Public & Bank Holiday is on Monday, we'd like to wish all Belizeans a Happy Heroes and Benefactors Day. Be safe over the long weekend.

Channel 7

Another Awful Case of Child Abuse
Tonight, a 4 year old girl from Bella Vista village in the Toledo District is in critical condition at the KHMH. She's there because of a congenital heart condition - the child has a hole in her heart. But when they examined her, doctors found that she has also been sexually molested - both vaginally and anally. She's been hospitalized for some time - but the molestation only became known this week. Presently, police from the Independence Southern Formation don't have a clue as to who may have done it. They are in the village interviewing relatives and talking to neighbors, but so far no suspect has emerged. The child's 52 year old mother is the one who made the report to police. We'll keep following the case.

Ugly Accident At Western Border
There was a very gruesome accident this morning at the Cargo area at Belize's Western Border in Benque Viejo. An 18 wheeler ran over 38 year old Guatemalan Marcus Zabaleta and he got mangled between the wheels. Reports say that Zabaleta may have been sleeping under the truck in the cargo section and the driver - also a Guatemalan - started driving off without even knowing he was underneath. He dragged him for a few hundred feet, leaving a trail of blood in the loading area. Police and fire department personnel had to remove his crushed remains from between the wheels and put the body - or what remained of it - on a stretcher for transport to the morgue.

Budget Presented: Sugar Plums to Sour Plums?
Turning now to politics - today was Budget day in Belmopan. It's the biggest day on the Parliamentary calendar - but the usual energy of the day was diminished because the election seemed to have sapped up the week's political energy. The Prime Minister called it a steady as she goes budget - and we found out why:... Jules Vasquez reporting: Rounding out what he called a UDP Decade - Prime Minister Barrow presented what might be his leanest budget yet - bereft of goodies and giveaways - it's austerity turned into a hardened fiscal conservatism. And, while nothing new was offered - the best that he could do was promise that what has been given will not be taken away: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "We grasp the nettle with both hands, we rise to meet the challenges, and we will overcome them. This year's budget is structured accordingly and there therefore can and will be no retreat from our signature pro-poor policies: BOOST and Food Pantry; the Apprenticeship Program; the High School Subsidies; the Payment by GOB for students' CXC exams."

Leader of The Opposition Says "No Glitter, No Substance" In New Budget
The PM called the budget Maintaining Steadiness; Consolidating Stability; Advancing Growth. Here's the reaction from the leader of the opposition: Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "Orange Walk East in the next general elections..." Reporter: "Prime Minster is saying though that they will have a 4th term." Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "Ahh he could say a lot of things. It's like his budget. The Prime Minister was known as always talk about all glitter and no substance. Well today it's no glitter and no substance because there is nothing in that budget. It's lifeless. You see nothing. He talks nothing about crime, about the social ills that are affecting us. He is talking about him being the enabler. The only enablers that he has done are some UDP millionaires that have been profiling on television. There is nothing. The very same that that remember he use to criticize the PUP about this below the line items now, now the BTL settlement he is treating it as below the line. Something that we paid from the budget. If we were to include that we wouldn't have enough money to pay the rent, pay light bill and to pay teachers. That is why he has been living on borrowed money. Issues those treasury bills and treasury notes, sucking up all the liquidity in the banking system. I don't know what the Prime Minister is talking about - a fourth term. Well if they are so confident, bring it on."

PM Says Mobile Data Tax Corrective, Not Punitive
And here's what the Prime Minister had to say in defence of his budget and that data tax:.. Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "The adjustments overall are extremely mild. I think this is a steady as she goes budget. With respect to the GST now on data services, it is as I explained, we all know that there has been a shift away from voice or the regular voice calls to data and as a consequence the GST collections have fallen steeply. We have to replace that loss and this is the logical way to do it." Jules Vasquez, reporter: "How much revenue do you all hope to raise with this new measure?" Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister: "That I think is about 6 million dollars. Overall as I said the new measures including having government pay its GST with raise about 20 million. I think there is no way we would sacrifice Southside poverty alleviation phase 3."

Leader of The Opposition Says PUP Making Major Gains
Last night on the news, you heard from the Prime Minister and UDP Party Leader Dean Barrow - who said he felt energized by the outcome of the Municipal Elections - even though his party lost critical ground. Today we got the reaction from the PUP Party Leader - who says he's the one who really has a reason to celebrate since his party stole the UDP's crown:. Jules Vasquez, reporter "What's your emotional reaction to the outcome of the municipal elections? The PM said he is inspired and motivated." Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "I don't think the Prime Minister believe that himself. But certainly from my end, we in the People's United Party we are very happy with the results and I want to assure the Belizean people that we will be working very closely with all 3 municipalities to ensure that we deliver on what we promise and that there can be open and transparency on how we are going to control the people's finances in those 3 municipalities."

UDP's "Boots" is Happy That PUP Won
And one politician who has no plans to turn anything around is Anthony Boots Martinez. He says he's retiring after Wednesday's disappointing outcome in his division. He failed to deliver in his Port Loyola division and that was a big part of the UDP's consequential loss in its home base of Belize City. But today we saw him singing at the House of Representatives and being chummy with John Briceno. He told us he is happy at the outcome:... Jules Vasquez, reporter: "Mr. Martinez, a very disappointing outcome for you in Port Loyola." Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez, Port Loyola Area Rep.: "One thing I could say it's a joyous day for me."

Man Says Cops Beat and Robbed Him
A Belize City man is complaining tonight that a group of police officers from one of the strike teams in Eastern Division abused its authority. He says they beat him badly, confiscated over $2,000 from him, and when they released him, they only returned $300. So, how did he come in contact with the cops? Well, he says that he went partying last night at the bar, Sit and Sip. From his accounts, he was enjoying himself, and the police officer acting as security at the establishment had no problem with his conduct or behavior. He claims that officers from this strike team entered the bar, and after they observed him, they started harassing him. He explained what happened, and why he thinks that that the officers stole from him after the beatdown. Here's what he had to say - he asked to speak off-camera, and that his name be withheld:

Boy in ICU, Mom Blames Neighbors
Tonight, 11 year-old Alexander Montejo, a resident of the Lake Independence area in Belize City, is at the Intensive Care Unit at the KHMH. His mother says that his health is severely compromised, and that he is at risk of dying. She has shown us a letter from the doctor, which says that Alexander's illness is caused by smoke that wafts into his house from a tortilla factory next door. She says that she also has another neighbor who has been improperly disposing of fecal waste. For legal reasons, we can't tell you exactly where this family lives, and we cannot show you the tortilla factory, or the neighbor's house. At this time, this is only an allegation, and neither of these 2 neighbors have responded to our requests for comment. But, Alexander's mother, Jennifer Arana, came to us complaining that she has nowhere else to turn to, for help.

Remember The Reef
We all know about legendary Belize's Barrier Reef - but you probably don't think too often about all the human and marine lives who depend on it for a living. That's why Oceans created Reef Week - to highlite all those issues. The years' theme is "Protect It Not Neglect It." We dropped by the launch this morning and VP Janelle Chanona shared more about the week. DIfferent activities to share eco-friendly tips and more will be taking place over the course of next week. We also asked Chanona about those False Killer Whales we told you about last week. She said that the dolphins were not found so they are hoping that the sea mammals made their way back to deeper waters.

PUP's Musa Challenges PM On Municipal Equity
As we told you earlier, it may have been budget day, but the political chatter set the tone for today's house meeting. PUP Caribbean Shores Area Rep. Kareem Musa called out Prime Minister Barrow for suggesting that UDP councils may be treated favourably when it comes to resource allocations from Central Government. And from there it turned into a discussion about Belize city council finances. Here's how that went.

JB and DOB Find Common Ground In Women
And while there will always be political tension across the house floor, rarely, very rarely, the two sides can share a grace note. Today was one such occasion. Near the end of the House Meeting, Leader of the Opposition John Briceno and PM Barrow had a courteous and heartfelt exchange - both honoring women on International Women's Day which was observed yesterday. But of course house meetings wouldn't be house meetings without the usual jabs - but this one between Barrow and Briceno was laced with good humor. Hon. John Briceno, PUP Party Leader: "I want to take the opportunity to greet all Belizean women and our Belizean women are quite outstanding human beings in Belize. So any of them single mothers who are out there toiling every single day working, trying to make ends meet for their children. We have some very strong women and I will use the Prime Minister's wife as an example when she had cancer she made it public and to show that you can fight and don't give up, just like my mother when she had cancer unfortunately she did not make it but I remember one day when I was all broken up she looked at me and said she is okay, she is not...

PUP Kareem Says He Feels No Way About Executive Snub
And while both leaders could be magnanimous for a minute - while both claiming victory - turning back now to the election, a few interesting issues emerged which are worth reviewing. Caribbean shores rep Kareem Musa, was thought to be sitting back on this municipal election - because he felt jilted that John Briceno had replaced him with Anthony Mahler on the PUP Executive. But, when we asked Musa about it on election night, he said he doesn't need any title to do his job. Reporter: "There is always controversy going into an elections, you did not maintain the seat as deputy party leader. Did that take away any momentum from you going in to deliver the seat?"

Pickstock, Politics and The People
Anthony Mahler didn't have any political bonafides when he took up the post of Deputy Leader - replacing area rep who had already won an election. So, he had a lot to prove on election day. He worked in the Pickstock Division where he pulled off a major upset against three term incumbent Wilfred Elrington. In an interview on election day, Elrington said Mahler knows nothing about politics. But he proved that he did when the votes were counted. He said he may not know about politics but he does know about people. Reporter: "The incumbent which is minister Elrington, he had some choice words. He said actually you knew nothing about politics." Anthony Mahler, Eastern Caucus Deputy Leader/Belize City: "Alright so I don't know anything about politics but I know about people and he doesn't and that is the big difference between the incumbent and myself."

Rt. Hon. Said Senses Cynicism
And while Mahler is an up and coming PUP candidate in Pickstock - Said Musa is the old general in Fort George. He told us (like 2 elections ago) that he was retiring but, at 73 - and four decades in the division, he's still in the game. On election day only 43% of the registered voters in Fort George came out - and a reticent Musa said it is the cynicism of the electorate that's to blame:.. Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "What do you think attributes to the low voter count? Do you think it is the murders or just everything that has been happening?"

Torres Talked About An Upset
And while the PUP won handily in Musa's area, despite the poor turnout - we can't say that the third party or independent voters had any luck whatsoever. Across the country - only two third party candidates were able to get even 1% of the vote. That's in PG where Ronald "Cucu" Maheia and Linston "Blues" McKenzie did it. In Belize City Ernesto Torres fared the worst of all the independent candidates. He only got 240 votes or point 1 (.1) percent of the total. He's seen that kind of outcome, or close to it before - but undeterred, he made his third run for mayor on Wednesday.

Cocono and Pango
And that's it for politics tonight - we turn now to entertainment. Cocono Bwai is one of Belize's most popular musicians - and one of the most eager self promoters. Today he came by our studio to share his latest tune called "Pango." What does it mean? Don't worry Cocono Boy explained it all to us. You can find the song on his Facebook page.

Festival Of Friends
And we close what has been a hectic week on an up note with highlites of the pre-school festival of the arts - courtesy NICH. We hope you enjoy, and have a great long weekend celebrating Belize Heroes and Benefactors... I'm Courtney Weatherburne - have great night, and join us back here on Tuesday:...

Channel 5

Budget Addresses National Stability; Belize Still Short of National Fiscal Targets
The long-awaited first and second reading of the General Revenue and Appropriation Bill dominated today's proceedings at the House of Representatives. The budget for the 2018-2019 financial year is for [...]

Debt Nears 100% of GDP
In the last few weeks, Financial Secretary Joseph Waight, in a memo to C.E.O.'s of government ministries, suggested that national debt had reached one hundred percent of GDP. The official [...]

New Measures, Including Tax on Data Services, 'Extremely Mild'
Outside the House, the Prime Minister referred to the proposed budget as being a case of 'steady as she goes.' But in the case of the new taxes, did he [...]

Opposition on Budget: 'Lifeless, Bogus�No Glitter and No Substance'
If the Prime Minister sounded somewhat lukewarm concerning the new Budget, Leader of the Opposition John Brice�o is downright cold. Offering his first impressions ahead of the debate in two [...]

The Final Price for B.T.L.
The Government of Belize's acquisition of Belize Telemedia Limited was also a feature of the Budget speech. A figure of more than half a billion dollars was widely quoted, but [...]

P.M. Hopes Venezuela Gets It Together on Fuel
For those worried about imminent increases at the pump, the Prime Minister quickly said that lesser used fuel oils, including kerosene, are the products affected by the G.S.T. re-balance. But [...]

The Rape of a 4-Year-Old Girl Reported in the South
Another child has been sexually abused in a disturbing incident involving a four-year-old little girl in the south.� On Thursday, a fifty-two-year-old mother reported to police in Bella Vista, Toledo, [...]

O.W. Grandfather Charged for Assault of 7-Year-Old, Gets Out on Bail
In another case of sexual abuse, but in the north, a sixty-six-year-old man has been charged for the sexual assault of a seven year old girl, who she knew as [...]

Melchor Trucker Gets Crushed under 18-wheeler at Border
Guatemalan trucker Marcus Fernando Zabaleto lost his life at the western border earlier today when an eighteen-wheeler ran him over.� According to police, they were called out to the cargo [...]

P.U.P. Going the Right Way, Says Leader John Brice�o after Elections
The People's United Party has won three of nine municipalities during Wednesday's elections, including Belize City which is considered the most valuable asset of the ruling United Democratic Party, and [...]

Brice�o: We Have Not Given Up on San Pedro
As for the situation in San Pedro, Brice�o says that contrary to what the prime minister said on Thursday, that the P.U.P. had signed off on the reconciliation sheet, as [...]

Eamon Courtenay Confirms Court Challenge
Following the interview with Brice�o in Belmopan, the P.U.P.'s legal advisor, Eamon Courtenay, in an interview with Ambergris Today this afternoon, confirmed that the party will take court action on [...]

P.U.P. Makes Biggest Election Heist in Belize City
The taking back of the Old Capital by the Blue Tsunami is compared to a repossession of the most valuable timepiece in the prime minister's prized collection.� He is still [...]

"Boots" is Really Happy for City Residents. No, really.
Port Loyola area representative Anthony "Boots" Martinez swears he has no hard feelings after Wednesday's municipal elections victory for the People's United Party in Belize City. He kept insisting to [...]

Port Loyola Rep Confirms He Will Not Seek Fifth Term, but When Will He Go?
As he alluded to, Martinez is headed to retirement as a four-time area representative and will not seek a fifth term. Whether he goes right away or serves out his [...]

New Bills Tackle Gangs and Protecting Witnesses of Crime
The Budget was not the only major news coming out of today's meeting in Belmopan. Three amendments to substantive legislation and a new bill were introduced which had to do [...]

U.D.P. to Make Plans in Wake of Municipal Result
Going back to Wednesday's election, Prime Minister Barrow has announced time and again that he is stepping down as party leader and head of government in advance of the 2020 [...]

Party Leader Admits Downfall Due to Lack of Presence in Key Constituencies
The People's United Party previously held five seats and following Wednesday's election, now claims a total of twenty-six, including eleven in Belize City.� The United Democratic Party's shocking loss here [...]

First Day of La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge
Fifty-three teams paddled away at the start of the annual Belikin La Ruta Maya Canoe River Challenge in the Macal River in San Ignacio this morning. Over the next four [...]

Our Reef Rocks! Celebrate with Reef Week
Reef Week started back in 2013 as an initiative to celebrate Belize's Barrier Reef through a week of events across Belize. Today, the conservation community launched the fifth staging of [...]


UDP wins majority of municipal seats; PUP gains ground
Municipal Elections 2018 are over and there have been some changes. Going into the elections, the UDP held 8 of the 9 municipalities. Following the counting of the votes yesterday, March 7, the UDP still has control over the majority of the municipalities but the PUP has made some significant gains....

San Pedro election results being questioned
While the UDP have claimed victory for the San Pedro Town Council, there are still uncertainties lingering. At a press conference today, while the Prime Minister presented UDP Incumbent mayor Daniel Danny Guerrero as the victor in that municipality, at the same time, in San Pedro, Returning Officer ...

UDP stronghold, Belize City, goes Blue
The Belize City win has been a huge upset for the United Democratic Party. The People's United Party won all 7 seats: Mayor Elect Bernard Wagner and Coucillors Elect Oscar Arnold, Delthrude Hilton, Micah Goodin, Albert Vaughan, Aisha Gentle, Ryan Elijio, Javier Castellnaos, Allan Pollard Jr., Michae...

No surprises in Orange Walk
While Belize City may have been a surprise victory, there was no surprise for the Blue party in Orange Walk as the PUP Mayor and his slate of Councilors were re elected. Mayor Kevin Bernard was once again victorious but this time, with a significant lead over his opponent. Bernard's slate includes R...

Corozal goes Blue
Corozal followed its neighboring municipality and made a change from red to blue. PUP Mayoral candidate Rigoberto Vellos beat out his opponenet Richard Quan with a total of 2, 744 votes. The full red slate garnered the highest votes. That includes Shamir Alpuche, Dylan Casanova, Hilberto Clarke, Rod...

The Red, Red West
The West has remained red in yesterday's municipal elections; Belmopan, San Ignacio and Benque. The United Democratic Party has been the dominant political presence in these Municipalities for over the past decade and that did not show much sign of changing during yesterday's Municipal Elections. We...

Twin Towns Rivalry
The twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena are known for their passion in politics. Such passion was evident at the Santa Elena Primary School polling station. Rival parties UDP and PUP made it very clear in Santa Elena that they were there to win. The atmosphere remained tense as squabbles and a...

Another win for UDP in Belmopan
Today, the United Democratic Party is celebrating what they call an expected win in the City of Belmopan. The Capital City has been under the administration of the United Democratic Party since Mayor Simeon Lopez's win in 2006. Mayor Lopez served three terms under the UDP before handing the reins over to Khalid Belisle who won for the UDP in 2015.

PG remains red
Punta Gorda also remained red in this Municipal Elections. Ashton Mckenzie ,mayor Elect, garnered 1,181 votes. The UDP Councillors will be Kevin Choc who received 1,083 votes, Winston Chun with 1,105 votes, Joicelyn Dawson with 1,093 votes, Cindy Martinez with 1,152 votes, Franklin Polonio with ,1264 , he had the most votes in that municipality, and Raynel Tate with 1145 votes.

Prime Minister Visits South, Central and West during Elections
The Prime Minister was on the road visiting polling stations across the country during yesterday's elections. Plus News caught up with Prime Minister Dean Barrow in Benque Viejo after he had made stops in Belmopan and San Ignacio. We understand that he was coming from Dangriga Town where he spent an overnight attending a UDP rally and encouraging voters down south.

Split council for Dangriga
The only municipality with a split council was in Dangriga. UDP Mayor Francis Humphreys was re elected along with 5 UDP Councillors: Earth Lopez, Chery Molina, Aaron Gamboa, Alexander Joseph, and Gary Francisco. The only UDP candidate in Dangriga who did not make it was Yadira Diego.

UDP confident of 4th consecutive win come General Elections
As we have said, the UDP have won the majority of the seats for these municipal elections, however, the loss in Belize City ha been particularly stinging. Even so, at today's post election press briefing, the UDP Party Leader says that they are confident that come the next General Election, they will win a fourth consecutive term in office.

Teen arrested in connection to car used in murder of 4 year old
A teen suspected to be involved in the murder of 4 year old TreyShawn is in Police custody today. Police reports are that on the evening before the fatal shooting, 18 year old John Edwards Linarez Jr. took a black Toyota belonging to Jose Ayala, without his permission. The Toyota is allegedly the ...

Two men shot on eve of elections
There was a shooting incident on the eve of elections. It happened at around 8:20 p.m., on Tuesday March 6 in Belize City. 27 year old Car dealer Kadeem Myers, was shot to the leg, while 49 year old Jerilin Flowers, aBelizean Teacher , was shot to the left foot. According to police reports, Myers,...

Contracts signed for works on George Price Highway
The Government of Belize, through the Ministry of Works, has signed two contracts to carry out rehabilitation works on the George Price Highway between the City of Belmopan and Blackman Eddy Village. These works entail the construction of a new bridge in Roaring Creek and rehabilitation works along...

International Women's Day 2018
Today, March 8th, is being observed as International Women's Day. Kim Simplis Barrow, the Special Envoy for Women and children, issued a video statement in commemoration of the day. Kim Simplis Barrow, Special Envoy for Women and Children: It is a time of women empowerment but it is also a time of ...

Four year old shot to the head; dead
A four year old child was shot to the head in Belize City last night. Sometime around 7:30 p.m., 24 year old Ian Abraham Jr. and a family member were fixing a car in front of their residence on Nurse Finley Crescent. A car approached and several shots were fired. Abraham was shot to the back while ...

Leader of Opposition says Crime rate is a national crisis
Leader of the Opposition John Briceno also spoke today on the recent killings at a press briefing held today. Leader of the Opposition John Briceno Our peaceful way of life as a society is under constant attack the violence and despicable attack even against our innocent children is symptomatic of ...

Catholics no longer appealing Section 53; will GOB back down?
The Catholic Church in Belize has withdrawn itself from the appeal of the decriminalization of Homosexuality; Section 53 case. Justice Kenneth Benjamin ruled that section 53 was unconstitutional. The Government of Belize filed an appeal after pressure from the public while the Catholic Church remain...

Opposition Leader discusses Montero family's questionable compensations
As we told you earlier in our newscast, the Leader of the Opposition called a press briefing to address certain issues including that of crime. Hon. John Briceno said that tomorrow's municipal election is a referendum on national issues and besides crime, the issue of corruption is also of importanc...

Attempted Murder Case Dismissed, Man Walks Free
The attempted murder case of 30 year old Mason Pattnet was dismissed today in the Supreme Court. Patnet is a free man tonight because the prosecution lacked evidence to prove their case against him. The Victim, 21 year old Marvin Bul went missing in 2014, 2 years after he pressed charges against Pat...

Toni Pasos wants lesser sentence for stabbing man 50 times
32 Year old Toni Pasos, a laborer of Orange Walk Town, who was sentenced to 17 years for Man Slaughter, in 2016, appeared before the Court of Appeal yesterday to appeal for a lesser sentence. Pasos conviction was for the killing of 51 year old Miguel "Chino" Medina, a resident of Orange ...

Bus loads of Belizeans from Salvador coming in for election
This morning PusNews was alerted to the presence of a convoy of Buses at the border. With just one day before municipal elections in Belize, such arrival at the western border was sure to raise eyebrows. A concerned individual who was at the border submitted this photograph of the 5 buses bearing Sa...

The Guardian

The People have decided UDP 6 municipalities, PUP 3
The voters across the country in all municipalities came out on Wednesday March 7 to decide who it is that will lead them for the next 3 years. After much consternation the results began to come in early and it was evident that the UDP would not be able to maintain the dominance which it had. Corozal was among the first municipalities where it was clear that the PUP would claim a victory. And they did so by a margin of just over 200 votes. And while the UDP now control 6 municipalities, in all those where we were unsuccessful, the split votes played a major role in how the votes ended up.

Twenty-five students of Escuela Secundaria Mexico receive scholarships
The visit of Undersecretary, Ambassador Luis Alfonso de Alba Gongora, and Executive Director of AMEXCID, Agust�n Garc�a-L�pez Loaeza, saw the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education and the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation, AMEXICD. In this MOU, 25 needy students of Escuela Secundaria Technica Mexico, in Corozal, received half-scholarships to the school. In this part of the morning's event, Ambassador Carlos Quesnel, Ambassador Patrick Jones, Deborah Domingo, CEO, Ministry of Education, and Carlos Castillo, Principal of Escuela Secundaria Technica Mexico, sat at the head table which was surrounded by the recipients of the half-scholarships.

Baby beaten to death
Amidst the public outrage and fiery protests, Police have arrested and charged 21 year-old Everal Martinez with attempted rape and attempted assault. The victim who he is charged in connection with is 17 month-old Alyssa Nunez, an infant from Maskall Village, who suffered sexual and physical abuse, and who passed away at the KHMH after spending several days in a critical condition. Baby Alyssa passed away on Sunday, March 3, at around 3:40 a.m., after suffering on life support for about 4 days. A post-mortem has certified that she died from "massive brain hemorrhage, due to head trauma". The doctors also found signs of sexual abuse as well.

Catholic church withdraws from case against UNIBAM
The Roman Catholic Church has decided that it will no longer participate in the appeal of the Section 53 Judgment, which makes anal sex between consenting adults legal. That ensures that the August 2016 decision from Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin is now final, and binding. The Anglican Church, which was an original interested party in the Supreme Court case, informed the nation very early that they would not be participating in the appeal. The National Evangelical Association of Belize was not able to join the litigation because they were not a party to the original case. So, all the religious organizations were throwing their support behind the Roman Catholic Church, which indicated that they would take up the Government's offer to appeal the entire judgment.

Belize and Mexico discuss Disaster and Risk Analysis and Management
Minister of National Emergency Management, Hon. Edmond Castro, met with a delegation headed by the Director of Mexico's National Center for Disaster Prevention (CENAPRED), Doctor Carlos Miguel Valdes in Belmopan on Friday, March 2, 2018. The meeting saw the discussion of Training, Data Sharing, and Regional Collaboration in Disaster and Risk Analysis and Management. Hon. Edmond Castro was accompanied by Belize's National Emergency Coordinator (NEC) retired Colonel Shelton Defour. Col. Defour held discussions with a technical team accompanying Dr. Valdes.

Ministry of Defence Hosts First WPS Policy Development Workshop in Belize
The Ministry of Defence has hosted the first ever Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Policy Development Workshop in Belize. The event took place from February 27, 2018 to March 2, 2018 at the Belize Coast Guard Headquarters at Mile 4 � George Price Highway. The main objective of the workshop was to lay the groundwork as to how the Government of Belize can increase women's participation in efforts to promote security, maintain peace, and prevent conflict. This is in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 and in support of Belize's national security goals (National Security and Defence Strategy 2017-2020).

Major environmental symposium held in Belmopan
The University of Belize hosted the 11th annual Natural Resources Management and Research symposium on Thursday and Friday of last week, inside it's Jaguar auditorium. The resounding theme for this year is making scientific data available to managers. In keeping with the theme, March 1st, started off with a keynote talk by Dr. Elma Kay from the University of Belize Environmental Research Institute. Her talk related to bridging the gap between science and management in a small country like Belize. Also during the first day, highlighted were charismatic species and their current threats, so too were marine conservation projects and initiatives.

Mexico Sports Center at Marion Jones
In continuation with our good standing and cordial relationship with Mexico, Mexican representatives arrived in Belize on Friday, March 2, 2018 to meet with Belizean government officials. During the visit, the delegation witnessed the presentation of the final project of the "Pavilion Mexico" Sports Centre within the Marion Jones Sports Stadium, just one part of a USD $5 million-dollar project which will be drawn from the Yucatan Fund. Executive Director of AMEXCID, Agust�n Garc�a-L�pez Loaeza, spoke to those in attendance saying, "The Yucatan Fund for infrastructure has been working for bilateral cooperation and we were able to come here thanks to one of the first projects in 2012, the road that allows the Chactemal Bridge between the two countries to function.

New Justice of the Court of Appeal Sworn In
Justice Lennox Kirkwood Campbell was sworn in as a new Justice of the Belize Court of Appeal on Monday, March 5, 2018. He was sworn in by the Governor General H.E. Sir Colville Young at the Belize House in the Belmopan. Justice Campbell, who is a 72-year-old Jamaican national, is a retired Supreme Court Judge with a long and distinguished legal career. His legal service includes criminal practice (1975-1983), Resident Magistrate in the Parishes of Portland and St. Andrew in Jamaica; Judge of Family Court and Traffic Court; Assistant Director of Public Prosecution, Crown Counsel and Assistant Crown Counsel.

The Belize Police Department working with partners in development
Any efficient deployment of human and other assets to fulfill the security needs of the Belizean citizenry across Belize requires a particular skill set and a desire to work collaboratively with as many partners in development as possible. In this regard, Belize's Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie has recently expressed a willingness to continue to work in partnership with the community for a safer Belize. Currently, the Belize Police Department is working productively with the United States Embassy via the Central American Regional Security Initiative, security counterparts in Mexico, the International Criminal Police Organization INTERPOL and other partners to execute its work plan.

Police Officers awarded in Belmopan
The time to recognize our police officers and community members for their great security efforts is now. In the Belmopan Police Jurisdiction that was precisely done as several persons were awarded on Thursday of last week at the popular Scotchies Restaurant. Thus; in Belmopan the Police and Community working in partnership for a better Belize has gathered a new tone. Police officer Javier Alvarez (number 743 ) was recognized for being the Officer of the Month For January 2018 and Police officer Durham Gonzalez (number 1468) for February 2018.

Rehabilitation of Portion of the George Price Highway
The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Works has recently signed two contracts to carry out rehabilitation works on the George Price Highway. These works will be carried out between Belmopan City and Blackman Eddy. The works entail the construction of a new bridge in Roaring Creek as well as rehabilitation works along the route which includes the replacement of culverts, construction of new drains, paving, signage, and earthworks. The estimated duration of works in this area is 3 months.

Youth RISE Provides Partner Agencies with Computers for Literacy and Life Skills Training
The Youth Resilience and Inclusive Social Empowerment (Youth RISE) Project has provided a total of 53 desktop computers to four partner agencies in the Stann Creek and Cayo districts. The equipment will be used to strengthen the competence of the agencies as it pertains to providing more effective literacy and numeracy training sessions to youths. Delille Academy in Dangriga has received 15 desktops; St. Ignatius High School in San Elena received 20, Cornerstone Foundation Belize in San Ignacio received 10, while the Department of Youth Services in Santa Elena received 8.

Another case of attempted murder stalled
Another case of nolle prosequi occurred in the courtroom of Justice Adolph Lucas at the Supreme Court. This time, Mason Patnett, a 30-year-old who has been behind bars for some time serving a prison term, got the news that he is now a free man. Patnett along with Raheem Crawford, now deceased after being gunned down in August 2014, were charged in connection with the attempted murder of 21-year-old Marvin Bul, who remains missing since 2014. Bul was shot and injured on December 1, 2012 in the Ladyville area. It is alleged that Patnett instigated the late Crawford to shoot Bul over an old dispute.

Jermaine Carr killed and 1 year old baby shot in the foot
Gregory Mena, a 1 year-old baby, continues to recover at the KHMH, after getting shot at his Belize City home during the street assassination of 32 year-old Jermaine Alexander Carr, the father of his older sister. His family, which includes women, and other innocent children, could have been injured in that frightening attack. The incident happened just before 9 p.m. on Wednesday February 28, at the yard located at #96 Neal Penn Road in Belize City. That's where an extended family lives together in 3 separate houses in the same yard. The family told the press that Jermaine Carr was there to visit his 12 year-old daughter, like he always did, every night after work. They say that both father and daughter looked forward to these nightly visits when they would socialize and enjoy each other's company.

Brothers on remand for use of deadly means of harm
On Sunday, February 25, 2018, police responded to a shooting incident at mile 7 � on the George Price Highway. Two men were heading to Belize City when a white car approached them from the opposite direction and opened fire on them both. The men that were travelling on the motorcycle were Darnell Domingo, an 18-year-old student of Western Paradise, and Francis Parham, a 29-year-old. Parham received three gunshot wounds.

Robbery at Golden Bay
At 5:55 p.m. on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, police visited Golden Bay Limited at No.1169 Marine Parade where they spoke to, Rong Xiao, a 27-year-old naturalized Belizean businesswoman of a Belize City address. Xiao reported that about 5:50 p.m. that evening while arriving at Golden Bay, she was walking with three co-workers when a male person approached her. That man drew a black pistol and hit her to the left side of the head which caused a cut wound.

Nicoli Rhys shot on Prince Street and Aaron Avilez shot in retaliation
At 6:40 p.m., on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, police visited the K.H.M.H where they observed Nicholi Rhys, a 26-year-old unemployed Belizean of a Belize City address, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the top of his head. Initial investigations revealed that earlier that night while Rhys was walking at the corner of Prince Street and East Canal, he heard several gunshots and later discovered that he was shot.

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Orel Leslie back behind bars after a night at Sit and Sip
Orel Leslie, a 29-year-old murder suspect who was granted bail on Thursday, March 1, 2018, is back behind bars. Leslie has violated the condition of his bail which places him on curfew between the hours of 9:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. ordered by Judge Denis S. Hanomansingh. Police say that after 1:30 a.m. on Friday, March 2, 2018, they found Leslie at the Sit and Sip Nightclub located on Newtown Barracks. The arresting officer, PC Andre Almendarez, was on a mobile patrol along with two other officers. They visited the club where they saw Leslie.

Raymond Davis shot on Yorke Street
On Saturday, March 3, 2018 at about 4:00 a.m., police responded to a report on Yorke Street. Upon arrival, officers met Raymond Wayne Davis, a 49-year-old car dealer of a Belize City address. Davis was seen with an apparent gunshot wound to the forehead. Initial investigation revealed that while Davis was inside his vehicle on Yorke Street along with a female companion, two male persons approached them and fired several shots at him which resulted in the aforementioned injuries.

Shooting in Rhaburn's Alley leaves two hospitalized
At 8:20 p.m. on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, police visited the K.H.M.H. where they observed, Kadeem Myers, a 27-year-old car dealer of a Belize City address, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the upper left leg. They also saw Jerilin Flowers, a 49-year-old teacher also of a Belize City address, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the left foot.

Joslyn Chavarria Jr. capture 37th Belmopan Cycling Classic
The Cycling Federation of Belize with collaboration with the City of Belmopan held its 37th Annual Belmopan Cycling Classic on Sunday 3rd March, 2018. In the Elite category, the riders started from the City of Belmopan travelled to Belize City and then back to Belmopan for the conclusion. At the end of 3:48:26, it was Joslyn Chavarria Jr. of the Digicell 4G Elite Cycling team that rode away with the title. In the process Chavarria also established a new record. The second rider to cross the finish line was Giovanni Lovell of Digicell 4G Elite Cycling Team in a time of 3:48:32. The veteran, Fitzgerald 'Palas' Joseph of Furnished Apt. Ltd, finished third. He was the first Master rider to cross the finish line.

San Pedro Tiger Sharks maintain lead in Pepsi National Elite Basketball League competition
The San Pedro Tiger Sharks continues to maintain its lead and dominance of the on-going Pepsi National Elite Basketball competition when it defeated the defending champions the Belmopan Bandits by the score of 95-91 on Saturday 3rd March, at the San Pedro High School auditorium in San Pedro Town. The top scorers for the San Pedro Tiger Sharks were Jihad Wright with 27 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals; Martevuius Adams with 24 points to go along with his 6 rebounds and Ashton Edwards who scored 18 points and 4 rebounds and 2 assists for the win. On Saturday 10th March, at the San Pedro High School Auditorium in San Pedro Town at 9:00 pm, the league's leading San Pedro Tiger Sharks will entertain Verdes while at the Orange Walk Multi-Purpose Complex in Orange Walk Town it will be the Orange Walk Running Rebels against the Dangriga Dream Ballers.

Verdes FC enter winning column again in Premier League Closing Season competition
The Premier League of Belize Closing Season competition continued on Sunday 4th March with three games on the schedule. At the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga Town, the defending national football champions Verdes FC returned to its winning ways when it defeated Wagiya FC by the score of 4-1. Verdes FC was the first to score when its perennial goal scorer Alcides Thomas scored the 1st goal of the game in the 29th minute of play to give his team a 1-0 lead. However, the lead was short-lived when Kenton Flores scored the equalising goal for Wagiya FC in the 40th minute of play to tie the score at 1-1. Jarret Davis then untie the score for Verdes FC when he scored his team's 2nd goal of the game in the 45th minute of play for a 2-1 lead.

Calvary Temple boys win in primary schools softball competition
The Belize City Primary Schools Softball competition opened on Tuesday 27th February, 2018, at Rogers Stadium in Belize City. There are seven schools participating in the girls' competition and eight schools in the boys' competition. The schools that are competing in this year's competition are Buttonwood Bay Nazarene, Wesley Upper School, St. John's Primary School, Queen Square Primary School, St. Luke Methodist School, Central Christian School and St. John Vianney. Meanwhile, the schools that are competing in the boys' competition are Buttonwood Bay Nazarene, Wesley Upper School, St. John's Primary School, Calvary Temple School, Queen Square Anglican School, St. Luke Methodist School, Salvation Army and St. Mary's Primary School.

Fatal Road Traffic Accident claims life of two men
Two men driving in separate vehicles lost their life after a head-on collision around 8:15 p.m. on Sunday, March 3, 2018. The men, James Andrews and Michael Martinez, were travelling in opposite directions when a collision near the Red Bank Junction in southern Belize would change their fates forever. According to Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino, police responded to the accident where they found 48-year-old James Andrews, a dive master of the Independence/Placencia area, and 41-year-old Michael Martinez, an AC technician of Santa Cruz, on the scene apparently dead.

Freak Tractor Accident claims life of Orange Walk man
Attempting to fix a faulty tractor has caused an Orange Walk resident to lose his life around 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 3, 2018. Elio Grajalez was reportedly fixing a tractor that had mechanical problems when the machine ran over him in San Luis, Orange Walk. Grajalez's brother, Orlando Castillo, told the police that his brother was attempting to operate the tractor when he noticed that it was having mechanical problems. Castillo says that he left his brother looking to see what the problem was and shortly after he found him under the tractor. Castillo assumes that Grajalez left the tractor in gear and when it eventually started, it ran over him.

Fatal Motorcycle accident in Punta Gorda
On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at about 6:00 a. m., police responded to a report of a road traffic accident on Crique Sarco Road in Punta Gorda. Upon arrival, officers observed Carlos Chub, a 46-year-old bus driver of Crique Sarco, lying on the road with a motorcycle next to his body. Chun was transported to the Punta Gorda Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Investigation reveals that Chub was driving his motorcycle when he lost control. His body now awaits a post mortem examination.

Opportunism and grief as baby Alyssa Nunez dies
On Sunday morning, we were able to confirm, the news of the passing of 17 month old Alyssa Nunez. She passed away at about 4 o'clock earlier that morning, while she was undergoing treatment, at the KHMH in Belize City. On Friday, 21 year old Everal Martinez of Maskall Village, had been arraigned after having been charged with "dangerous harm" upon baby Alyssa. It is expected that those charges could be upgraded shortly. On Saturday night and early Sunday morning, tensions were high outside of the KHMH Emergency entrance.

Another child sexually assaulted, this time in Corozal
As the death of baby Alyssa Nunez's sexual assault and death continues to incite rage and distaste in the mouths of just about everyone in the country, there is yet another case of sexual assault against a child to report. This time, a 7-year-old girl of Corozal was allegedly abused by her grandmother's 67-year-old boyfriend, someone she calls granddad. The incident happened at least two-weeks prior to it being noticed and was only seen after the child's behavior at school and home began to raise alarm.

Mount Carmel High School students serving the community
Students from Mount Carmel High School in Benque Viejo del Carmen learned valuable lessons over the weekend in giving back to the community. On Saturday, students from the Benque High School were engaged in promoting awareness of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart diseases. They were also taking blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, blood glucose and other tests. A release from the Catholic faith High School states that this is a part of giving back to the community whilst applying what they learn in class.

Waterways without borders; community groups working together for cleaner water
Over the last four weeks, a Friends for Conservation and Development FCD Environmental Educator has been busy in Belize City. Twenty primary schools, with a total of 2,485 students and 88 teachers have been sensitized on the importance of the Chiquibul-Mopan-Macal-Belize River and methods of protecting these rivers. (FCD is grateful to FYFFES for the support in making this possible.) Such an educational effort comes at an opportune time, given that since 2010 FCD has been working with nine Guatemalan communities to protect the Chiquibul and Mopan Rivers. Just last week, a two year agreement was extended with the Comite Integral para la Proteccion de las Cuencas Chiquibul y Mopan of Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala for the ongoing effort.

Since Saturday morning we've been hearing, people complaining about the cost of the very popular 'BADMAN' going up. Badman is BLENDED RUM that's packaged in 7 oz plastic bottles. The package is very convenient for persons who favor it. The bottle is sometimes carried in their pockets and or purses. Apparently the price has gone up from about $3.50 to around $5.50, depending on where it is purchased.

Too close to call
I insinuated in my last submission to Guardian that my next essay would be more of an analysis of the 2018 municipal elections than a political commentary, however, the editor informed that we should submit by today since he will close off this week's issue this afternoon, so here I am with a pre-election rally of my own.. I don't know when you will read this column, so I have to be general instead of specific about tomorrow's results since no one really knows how this will turn out. It's too close to call. All I can say is that the UDP, because of the huge majority of seats it holds in all municipalities, is the only one that can lose even if it is only one more seat to the Opposition.

Words of Life With Pastor Barry Fraser
Our subject this week is Heavenly Treasure. In the Gospel of Matthew chapter 6, verses 20 and 21, Jesus advises, "Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal; for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."


PUP blowout in Belize City, Orange Walk and Corozal!
Thousands of Belizeans in Belize City, San Pedro and the other district towns began casting ballots in important municipal elections yesterday, Wednesday, March 7, when the polls opened at 7:00 a.m., following which there were 12 hours of voting until 6:00 p.m., when the polling ended and the counting began to determine who would take up the reins of the local governments in the country's nine municipalities. Although all the official figures have still not yet been processed and made public by the Elections and Boundaries Department, the incumbent United Democratic Party (UDP), which had control over the majority of municipal seats, saw a decrease in the number of seats they controlled as a result of important gains by the Opposition People's United Party (PUP), which recaptured Belize City, the commercial capital of the country that has been in the hands of the ruling party for nine years.

PM Barrow says no increase of taxes in late budget, "but there may be some tweaking"
Prime Minister Dean O. Barrow is presenting the 2018-2019 budget to the House of Representatives tomorrow, Friday. The budget exercise lacks the fanfare of previous years when the government held widespread consultation with stakeholders. Sources within the Opposition People's United Party are hinting that this budget will be especially painful for Belizeans. The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry has also lamented the government's lack of consultation in its preparation of the budget for this new fiscal year.

Little Treshawn Goff, 4, succumbs to gunshot injury
Ian Abraham, 27, a mechanic of Nurse Findley Crescent of Port Loyola, Belize City, was hit by a bullet in the back when a gunman opened fire on the street on which he had been repairing a car. His brother's little stepson, Treshawn Goff, 4, was one of several children playing in a nearby yard when the gunman fired the murderous volleys. One of the bullets meant for the older man hit the little boy in his head. Both of them were rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), in critical condition.

Independence High School boys and St. Ignatius High School girls are 2018 NSSSA football champions
The National Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA) 2018 football championships for females and males were hosted by the Toledo Community College at the Victor Sanchez Union Field on Friday and Saturday, March 2-3. The four zone champion teams, for North, Central, West and South, participated in a simple knockout tournament in both female and male categories.

New Justice of the Court of Appeal sworn in
Justice Lennox Kirkwood Campbell was today sworn in as a new Justice of the Belize Court of Appeal by the Governor General H.E. Sir Colville Young, at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan. Justice Campbell is a retired Supreme Court Judge with a long and distinguished legal career. His legal service includes criminal practice (1975-1983), Resident Magistrate in the Parishes of Portland and St. Andrew in Jamaica; Judge of Family Court and Traffic Court; Assistant Director of Public Prosecution, Crown Counsel and Assistant Crown Counsel.

At AGM, the NTUCB puts its house in order
Delegates from the ten trade unions which make up the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) held their 51st Annual General Meeting in Dangriga last Saturday and Sunday, during which they discussed some of the pressing issues confronting their organization as it moves forward to its 52nd AGM that is scheduled to take place near the end of this year in Corozal, when it will elect its new executive. The two-day meeting was held on the grounds of Ecumenical High School and the NTUCB was the guest of its member union, the Southern Workers Union. The 51st AGM was held under the theme "NTUCB: Nurturing/Encouraging Strong Leadership for Worker Empowerment and Nation Building."

Cricket Update - BNCA
Greetings from the BNCA (Belize National Cricket Association)! There were some interesting cricket games over the weekend! The young and upcoming Rural Mix defeated the hot, hot Summer Fever with wickets to spare. Special "Big Up" to Mr. Glenford Banner (Bling) of Easy Does It, who batted 128 runs against Big Deal in Lemonal on March 4 (photo above); great performance from a young player! Another "Big Up" to Norman Revers of Easy Does It, who took four wickets in one over against Old Youth in Sandhill on March 3; old, seasoned player still doing his thing! Also, "Big Up" to Brandon Lewis of Police, who took 7 wickets against Big Deal in Belmopan on March 3.

Beach Volleyball teams to Costa Rica for Youth Olympic Games Qualifier
The Belize Volleyball Association is pleased to announce that a Belize contingent will depart the country today to Puntarenas, Costa Rica, to compete in Beach Volleyball at the Youth Olympic Games Qualifier to be held this weekend, March 10 & 11. This tournament also serves as the U19 Central American Beach Volleyball Championship. The Youth Olympic Games is set to take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 1-12, 2018. It is expected that teams from all Central American countries will participate in this important qualifying event. One female and one male team will represent Belize.

NEBL MVP Watch: 5th Edition: Tiger Shark Jihad Wright remains in the hunt!
All Star Weekend is quickly approaching in the 2018 Pepsi NEBL Season, and the playoff picture has already started taking shape. After stunning the league by pulling out a victory against the undefeated San Pedro Tiger Sharks (6-1), the Digicell Belize City Defenders (3-2) and their two MVP candidates fell short at home to championship contenders Griga Dream Ballers (5-1). In what was the match of the season so far, the dynamic duo of Nigel Jones and Darwin "Puppy" Leslie were outmatched after a furious comeback led by Dream Ballers captain Edgar "Boogie" Mitchell. Mitchell, the star point guard from last season's championship Belmopan Bandits, has returned home to Griga to lead a balanced attack that averages over 80 ppg. He was brilliant down the stretch for the Dream Ballers, scoring ten points over the final period to silence the Defenders fans!

Stann Creek FA. 1st Division Cup Week 3 scores
The Stann Creek Football Association (SCFA) 1st Division Cup 2018 tournament continued with two Week 3 games on Friday night, March 2, at the Carl Ramos Stadium. In game 1, B&B Land Sharks dropped Valley Pride, 5-2, with 3 goals from Carlos Lino (6', 63' & 71') and 1 each from Donnel Arzu (10') and Emmanuel Eiley (65'); while Valley Pride got a goal apiece from Robert Hernandez (27') and Magarito Ical (75'). And in game 2, South Side Warriors and Wagiya ended in a 3-3 stalemate. Shaking the net for Warriors were Rayshan Middleton (17' & 73') and Clifton Ramos (23'); while Jose Martinez (14' & 53') and Aaron Castillo (83') hit the target for Wagiya.

Editorial: The tides of March
Democracy won yesterday, Wednesday, in Belize, again. It was not the general elections. This one was "just" municipal elections, decision-making time for folk in the cities (two) and towns (seven) to elect the men and women who would get the jobs of keeping the streets in a good state, the drains flowing, the garbage collected, and so and so forth. But the undercurrents in this one were so thick with implications, even in the villages, that Belizeans stayed up way into the night to hear how the numbers played out in Belize's urban world. At the beginning of the day, the government of Dean Barrow sat on a 62-5 seat advantage, and his party held 8 of the 9 municipalities, including the largest, Belize City. His party has won 3 consecutive times in general elections. While the UDP has been winning, Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition has been floundering. They, the PUP, have been victims of an internal struggle over the direction of that party.

The teenage pregnancy problem
Dear Editor, In this amazing world, which includes persons in various ethnicities and religion who dwell together in harmony for the most part, it seems to me that teenage pregnancy is becoming very widespread. While pregnancy should occur at a more mature age, it seems that parents are not doing their part in parenting, and parents are not being responsible for their children. In this life which we are living, teenagers are getting pregnant at the age of 12-18, which is a risk and is associated more with factors than with biological effects of age. Teenagers at the age of 12 may have difficulties during birth, such as low birth weight, premature labor, anemia, or even death. In developed countries teenage pregnancies are associated with social issues, including lower educational level, poverty, and other negative life outcomes of a teenage mother, and the rate of teenage pregnancies is increasing in society.

Who actually won the elections?
Dear Editor, This week the two popular mass parties once again went at it again in countrywide municipal elections, with fringe participation by the third parties. The big question, is just who exactly won, and my answer will be the people and the nation of Belize. Any party that enjoys a large margin of victory in any elections and in representative seats both at the local and representative level can be a danger to itself, to the nation and to democracy. A weak opposition is never good and let's be frank, up until March 6, 2018, the People's United Party was just that. Prior to this week's Municipal Election, the United Democratic Party enjoyed unbridled muscle, which the People's United Party has also enjoyed at one time in their era.

S. Sidibe speaks �..
Dear Editor, I have often wondered if things will change when the punishment for rapists would be, not only castration, but the cutting off of the penis. My prediction is that many of the would-be rapists might think about it before committing the crime. I also wonder: how can somebody in his right mind come to this? He has to be on drugs to commit such a horrific action. Do not, for one moment, think that the punishment is too harsh. Most likely, the government will have to act upon such punishment only a few times � a decline in rape may very well happen very quickly.

The Opposition needs a good showing
Today, Wednesday, I have no clue about what the results of the municipal elections being held today in the nine cities/towns across Belize will be. The sense I get is that people expect that the PUPeez will do better than they have done in recent elections. I know it is very difficult for the Opposition to win. One, these are municipal elections and they are more than two years away from the mandated date for the next general elections. It is normal for people to stick with the party in power, especially when the general elections are far away (more than 30 months). Two, this government is very willing to take advantage of the system. This crowd know fu stretch the legal limits. Six a one an half a dozen of the other. This present government uses every means to purchase favors at the polls.

El Salvador and its history of Black exclusion
I shall never apologize for loving and looking out for my people (Black people) in Belize and the African diaspora. Based on everything that I have studied regarding Belize Black people, I have no doubt that the ultimate strategy is the permanent black depopulation of the nation. This narrative is critical from my vantage view in explaining the traction and regional/global credibility the Guatemalan oligarchy has gained regarding its claim to Belize. I further have absolutely no doubt that if Belize eventually submits its territorial integrity under the ICJ, Belize's borders will be permanently altered. Guatemala rightly is submitting a claim to all of Belize which is a brilliant legal strategy, leaving room for territorial capitulation on Belize part.

Will GOB give it away?
Here they come. As a matter of fact many are already here. All these big-time folks from all these big-time places, with self-serving speeches. They have money, they have experts, they have seed, and they have grand promises. This is the rebirth of an ancient crop whose history has been basically withheld. The value of this plant is, that it is, a high- quality raw material with over 35,000 known value-added uses, and it is demanding high-value-added dollars on the world market. This newly legalized multi-billion dollar crop needs some local control and participation, or these out-of-state folks will take control and feed us the crumbs. So what's up - - truth or myth? Cannabis for industrial use comes from a different seed than cannabis for marijuana.

Catholic Church withdraws from Section 53 appeal; Evangelicals: "God will make a way"
In August 2016, Belize Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin, after a long delay, handed down a ruling which struck down the old sodomy law known as Section 53 that was challenged by Caleb Orozco and his United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM). Following the Chief Justice's ruling, the churches of Belize went up in arms against that judicial decision and hastily filed an appeal against the decision which struck down Section 53, making sodomy a legal act between consenting adults. Now more than a year and a half after that decision and with their appeal in the judicial pipeline, however, the Catholic Church has withdrawn its appeal against the Chief Justice's Section 53 decision.

Kadeem Myers, 27, and Jerilin Flowers, 49, shot in Rhaburn Alley

Fabiana Scott pepper-sprayed by police in polling station
Fabiana Scott, a resident of Lakeview Street in the Collet Divsion, who suffers from a heart condition, says she was pepper-sprayed by police, causing her condition to be aggravated. She was taken to a doctor for examination and for costly X-rays. Scott said that after 6:00 yesterday evening she was at the polling station on Magazine Road when the polling station closed for voting, and the ballot box was locked, but shortly after, four persons rushed in wanting to vote, and were permitted to vote. That caused an uproar, since supporters of the other party protested that no way such a thing should be allowed. Police were called to the scene, and that was when members of the GSU (Gang Suppression Unit) came in and began to pepper-spray the people, to quell the commotion.

Non-fatal head-on collision on Gracie Rock Road
At about 8:20 Tuesday night, a gunman went into Rhaburn Alley from New Road and opened fire on a group of persons who were socializing in a yard. The shooter, then escaped. As a result of the shooting, Kadeem Myers, 27, a car dealer of Rhaburn Alley, and a female teacher, Jerilin Flowers, 49, also of Rhaburn Alley, were hit. Myers was shot in the upper leg and Flowers was shot in the left foot. They were rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), in a stable condition, were treated and later released. We have learned, however, that Myers was readmitted into the hospital in a critical condition yesterday, Wednesday.

The Reporter

Prime Minister presents 2018 budget
Prime Minister Dean Barrow took about 50 minutes to present the 2018-2019 $1.2 billion budget entitled, "Maintaining Steadiness; Consolidating Stability; Advancing Growth", in the National Assembly building. The Prime Minister said that Belize's external deficit of the balance of payments increased from 8.1 percent of [�]

Man crushed to death by 18 wheeler truck
A man was crushed to death by an 18-wheeler truck today in western Belize. Police say that they responded to the report just after 11:00 a.m., at the cargo area at the western border in Benque Viejo Town. There they saw the body of a [�]

Budget Presentation 2018
The House of Representatives is currently in session at the National Assembly in Belmopan, where Prime Minister Dean Barrow has presented the Budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. Of note, Barrow said that at the close of 2017, the National debt was over $3 Billion; [�]

Two minors raped; one, aged four, is critical
Two female minors have reportedly been raped and the younger child, aged four, is in a critical condition at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital. In that case, police say that a 52 year-old housewife of Bella Vista village, Toledo reported that on February 9, the […]

Ruta Maya river race adds a new category this year and returns to Belcan finish
The 21st annual La Ruta Belize River Challenge will feature an entirely new category this year – that of C2 open category – which is a two-man team of paddlers. This category was the result of feedback that interested parties raised with the La Ruta […]

Boots explains why he gave out almost $50,000
For the second consecutive week, Minister of Human Development, Anthony “Boots” Martinez is in the news, this time because he personally approved the disbursement of almost $50,000 of public monies from the government’s Charity Fund one week before the municipal elections. Martinez responded publicly by […]

Fabers Road phase one nearing halfway mark
Five months after the starting date, construction works for the first phase of the controversial Fabers Road upgrade project is nearing its halfway mark. The first phase of the project, which covers the area between Sister Clara Muhammud Muslim Community Primary School and the Fabers Road Police […]

Women in art exhibition held in the south
In commemoration of Women's Month, the Pen Cayetano Studio Gallery, located in Dangriga, in collaboration with the Women's Department, held its 9th annual LUK Ya (Look here) Women in Art exhibition. The exhibition, held on March 2, gathered a wide range of artists using various different mediums, […]

Boy, 4, shot dead in front of his home & family
The Abraham and Goff families of Nurse Finley Crescent in Belize City and the children who attend Port Loyola Primary School on Faber’s Road are in mourning over the loss of Treshawn Goff, 4, who was shot dead in front of his home on Monday […]

Belize city man critical after being shot at home
A Belize City man, Kearney Thompson, 31, is in critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) after he was shot to his right lower back and left lower abdomen around 6:55 p.m. on March 3rd. According to police, Thompson was sitting on a porch on […]

Orange Walk mechanic loses life in freak accident
An Orange Walk resident from San Luis village was killed in a freak accident over the weekend after a tractor, which he was doing mechanical work on crushed him to death before crushing a pickup truck and uprooting a nearby tree. According to police, Elijio Grajalez Sr., […]

Teacher and car dealer shot in Belize city
A Belize city teacher and a car dealer are recovering from gunshot injuries sustained on Rhaburn Alley in Belize city on Tuesday night. According to police, Jerilin Flowers, 49, sustained gunshot injuries to her left foot while Kadeem Myers was shot to his upper left leg just […]

Electorate grew 8% since last municipal election
Voters across 9 municipalities went to the polls on March 7th to choose the individuals and parties that will govern locally for the next three years. At last report, 114,574 people ages 18 and over were registered to vote, representing an increase of 8% since […]

PUP’s Bernard Wagner prepares to take on CitCo
Municipal elections 2018 are now history – with only San Pedro’s results still in limbo – but by all accounts, voter turnout was relatively low; however, People’s United Party (PUP) Belize City Mayor, Bernard Wagner is keying in on a few priority areas as he […]

PUP wants San Pedro recount, PM says 'no'
The People's United Party are demanding a recount of the ballots cast in San Pedro after the March 7 Municipal Elections, following allegations of election tampering; however, the United Democratic Party says it's not going to happen. The PUP said that the total number of […]

The Local Government and Local Economic Development
While the traditional duties of local authorities tend to revolve around the role of infrastructure development and garbage collections, in more recent times it has become widely accepted among local governments in many jurisdictions that they too have a pivotal role to play in economic development. To be honest, this […]

Softly, softly, but with devastating result, the People's United Party under leader John Brice�o upset the balance of power in last Wednesday's municipal elections, winning Belize City, Orange Walk and Corozal Towns A low voter turnout, the thing the UDP incumbents dreaded most, was responsible for the loss in Belize […]

UDP wins 2018 Municipal Election Belize City win augurs well for PUP in 2020
The incumbent United Democratic Party (UDP) swept six of nine municipalities in the west and south, but the Opposition Peoples United Party (PUP) made substantial gains, consolidating the North by winning Corozal Town and sweeping the Belize City UDP stronghold. Final result: the UDP won […]

Man stabbed and left critical; witnesses fear for lives
A Belize City man is in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH)after he was beaten and stabbed by three men early Wednesday morning and a group of men who witnessed the incident now fear for their lives. Raheem Elington is clinging […]

San Pedro experiences water shortage
There is reportedly a water crisis in a section of San Pedro Town that has inconvenienced residents needing to shower, do their laundry, cooking and cleaning. For the past few days, residents in the San Mateo area of the island have been without running water […]

Evangelical church unhappy with Section 53 Appeal
The National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) says that it is saddened by the decision of the Roman Catholic Church to remove itself as an interested party in the appeal of the constitutional challenge of the Criminal Code, Section 53. NEAB said this week that […]


Taking the Coastal Express Water Taxi to Town on A Gorgeous Day
Day after day I bump and bang to San Pedro town in our golf cart. The road north on Ambergris Caye is paved to about the 3.5 mile mark but after that? I'd describe it all�back breaking. Jagged pits and ruts, random rocky outcrops�you zig and zag the entire way. Once in a while I take a trip to town and back on the Coastal Xpress. It's the only intra-island mass transportation. The Coastal runs from town, north, every 2 hours. Shuttling employees, school kids and tourists between the resorts and homes. It also takes about half the time as my golf cart journey (currently about 50 minutes to town) - though it can be extended by the number of stops it makes. Here's my journey yesterday.

International Sourcesizz

16 Best Mayan Ruins to Explore (Actun Tunichil Muknal to Xunantunich)
Caracol, Xunantunich, and Actun Tunichil Muknal are all highlighted in Green Globe Travel's list of amazing Maya Archaeological Sites(not ruins please). They have an interesting take on the translation of Xunantunich... There's some good history information in the article. "Built some 1300 years ago, Xunantunich (whose name means 'Sculpture of Lady' in the Maya language) was the ceremonial center in the Belize Valley. The site is located along the Mopan River, near the border with Guatemala. Its central feature is Belize's second tallest structure (at 130 feet), which is rather generically referred to as 'El Castillo.'

Belize announces three-fold expansion of protected ocean waters
Today at the World Ocean Summit, the government of Belize has announced it will expand its network of no-take zones, a type of marine protected area, from approximately 3 percent to over 10 percent by the end of 2018. The expanded areas are managed in concert with a national secure fishing rights program established in 2016. "For Belize, a healthy ocean and small-scale fishing are a matter of survival," said Fisheries Administrator Beverly Wade. "We are a country dependent on our seas for jobs, income, and food. We are taking this step because the culture and health of our communities are intricately tied to healthy reefs and fisheries." This new expansion comes as Belize was recently recognized for the impact of its sustainable fisheries. According to the most recent 'Mesoamerican Reef Report Card' by Healthy Reef for Healthy People, Belize's no-take zones show growing fish populations and biodiversity.


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  • Swimming with the fishes, 2min. This video is meant to be a partial inventory of the wildlife we saw in Belize, and a little thank you to my parents and the rest of the gang for a wonderful trip.

  • 10th of Parade, Belize City 2017, 15min. St. Georges Caye Day celebrations

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