The legal battles between the Government of Belize and the Ashcroft Alliance continued at the CCJ today. Today they were arguing over the same 90 million dollars plus arbitration award which the Government owes the Belizean Bank for the Universal Health Services debacle.

As has been extensively reported - the government has tabled the appropriations bill in the National Assembly - because they hold very firmly that only that body can authorize a payment from the consolidated revenue fund.

But, the Ashcroft Alliance is impatiently waiting on its money - after it got a firm and final judgement from the CCJ. But, the government majority in Parliament has clearly indicated that it will vote against it.

Now, the Belize Bank is trying to do an end run around parliament - and trying to get an enforcement order from the CCJ to the Ministry of Finance and the Attorney General.

Arguments went on for almost three hours at the seat of the court today in Port of Spain Trinidad. Here's an excerpt of the back and forth between Belize Bank;s Eamon Courtenay and the judges of the CCJ:..

And after the court was done with their rigorous questions for the Belize Bank Attorney, the Government's lawyer was up next, and the court made sure to drill him just as thoroughly. Here again, is an excerpt of the conversation between the Queen's Counsel, and the CCJ Judges:

Arguments have concluded and the court has reserved judgment for a later date.

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