Blue Water Grill (BWG) is aiming to raise $45,000 dollars to buy a Hematology Analyzer for the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II. The machine will allow the polyclinic to give blood tests results in one to two hours rather than waiting two to three days to get them.

In the past, through their monthly donation program, BWG has purchased an EKG machine, ultrasound machine and x-ray machine for the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II. Through their efforts BWG along with their sister businesses, The Phoenix and Wine De Vine, have also raised funds to assist several non-governmental organizations and other institutions such as San Pedro High School, Hope Haven Center, Oceana Belize, the San Pedro Roman Catholic School among others. "San Pedro is the economic engine of Belize, and so our tax dollars should be reinvested in the community here for better schools, roads, and a proper hospital," said Blue Water Grill.

Blue Water Grill hopes to raise the $45,000 dollars during the month of March. However, if they don't manage to do so they will continue their efforts into the month of April. To learn more about Blue Water Grill initiatives and if you are interested in making any donations to help them reach their goal you can visit them at or call 226-3347.