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The San Pedro Sun

Emergency care still available at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital despite operating at 50% capacity
Belize’s largest and most used public medical center, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) has been operating at 50% capacity since Monday, March 19th due to the dire infrastructural conditions at the installation. It was reported on Friday, March 16th that debris started falling off the hospital’s ceilings in certain sections of the building, forcing management to cancel all clinics and switching to an emergency management mode. As assessments are being done to start the necessary repairs, the situation at the hospital is worse than expected and according to engineers, it will take a long period of time to complete the urgent renovations. However, even under these conditions, the Public Relations (PR) Office at KHMH has indicated that the hospital will still accept emergencies patients, including those from Ambergris Caye.

Island students sit the first phase of PSE 2018
On Monday, March 19th, Standard Six students countrywide sat the first part of the National Primary School Examination (PSE), testing their knowledge of English and Science. For students of San Pedro Town and Caye Caulker, their first phase of the PSE was held at the San Pedro High School (SPHS). The students sat the English exam first, which consisted of two sections: multiple-choice questions and a writing assignment. The science exam was given to the students in the afternoon and only consisted of a multiple-choice section. After the students were released at 1:45PM, The San Pedro Sun managed to speak to some students, who shared how prepared they were for the exams.

San Pedro Turtles are Belize’s 2nd Annual Beach Rugby Tournament Champions
San Pedro Turtles claimed the championship title at Belize 2nd Annual Beach Rugby Tournament 2018 held at Lazy Lizard Bar & Grill in Caye Caulker on Saturday, March 17th. The tournament saw five teams competing for the coveted championship title. All three island teams that participated did incredibly well, with the San Pedro Hammerhead Sharks placing second and San Pedro Snails taking the third place. After all the games had ended, the total points accumulated throughout the day were tallied, and the team with the most points was named the champion. With a grand total of 176 points, the San Pedro Turtles were officially named the 2nd Annual Beach Rugby Tournament Champions. “Most Valuable Player” was Ruben Olivarez of the San Pedro Turtles. In second place was the San Pedro Hammerhead Sharks, with 135 points, and rounding out third place were the San Pedro Snails, with 96 points.

SPHS dominates the Northern Softball Regionals
Both the male and female softball teams from the San Pedro High School (SPHS) captured the championship at the National Secondary School Sports Association (NSSSA) Northern Softball Regional on Saturday, March 17th. The tournament took place in Corozal Town, where the SPHS teams joined the male and female teams from Belize Rural High School (BRHS), Orange Walk Technical High School (OWTHS), Corozal Community College (CCC), and Escuela Secundaria Technica Mexico (ESTM) for a full day of softball competition and the chance to represent the northern region at the NSSSA National Tournament. The matchups saw the first female game ending in a win for ESTM via default after BRHS was disqualified for unknown reasons. With this win, ESTM advanced to the championship game. In the second female game, SPHS overcame the OWTHS girls, winning the match with a 29-25 point game score.

Ambergris Today

Fun Activities For Child Stimulation Month
The month of March is filled with fun activities for children as they are celebrated the entire month as it is Child Stimulation Month. PreSchools have a busy month planned out for students, parents and family to participate it. Aerobics, Grandparents day, Daddy Days, Movie Days, Cultural Day and even Civic Pride Day. Here are a few pics for you to enjoy! Long live the children of our community - the future leaders of the world!

Belize To Phase Out Single-Use Plastic Bags And Styrofoam And Plastic Food Utensils
The Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce, and the Ministry of Tourism led a collaborative taskforce comprising the Department of the Environment, Customs Department, Beltraide, Directorate General of Foreign Trade, and Solid Waste Management Authority to advance a proposal to Cabinet to reduce plastic and Styrofoam pollution through the phasing out of single-use plastic shopping bags and Styrofoam and plastic food utensils by April 22, 2019. The proposal was approved by Cabinet at its sitting today, 20th March 2018.

Misc Belizean Sources


The Attorney General of Belize has succeeded before the CCJ in his application to reduce the interest rate contained in a certificate issued by the Court. The certificate was made following an arbitral award made against the Government. A rate of interest of 17% compounded monthly was initially awarded in the 2013 arbitration award of BZ$36m made by a tribunal of the London Court of International Arbitration against Belize in favour of the Belize Bank. In November 2017, the CCJ gave permission for the Bank to have the arbitration award enforced as if it were a judgment. Following the CCJ’s 2017 ruling, the Bank requested a certificate under s 25 of the Crown Proceedings Act from the CCJ’s Registrar to detail the amount of money owed to the Bank by Belize. The certificate was duly issued in January 2018. According to the certificate, the debt stood at BZ$91.6M as at 15 December 2017, with interest “continuing to accrue at 17% compounded monthly until the date of payment”.

San Pedro 2018 9-A-Side Football Tournament
April 14, 2018. U-13, U-15. Registration is Free! Get your teams ready!

Opening at BEL
A vacancy exists at Belize Electricity Limited for the post of Technician I in the Distribution Department (Independence).

Cayo Easter Fair 2018
The 2018 Cayo Easter Fair is just 10 days away. It'll be at the Macal River park on Saturday, the 31st of March, and Sunday, the 1st of April. There will be food and fun for everyone, and Miss Deb's will be there. If you want a booth, now's the time. Call the SISE Town Council at 804-2035 for more information.

Cayo Teams Win ATLIB Football Championship
Congratulations to the Sacred Heart Junior College Scorpions male team and the University of Belize Black Jaguars female team! They won the ATLIB Football Championships.

financial management training workshop in Trio Village
Ya’axché believes in strengthening the institutional capacities of community groups. Over the weekend, a financial management training workshop was held in Trio Village for the Trio Farmers Cacao Growers Association. The members of the community based organization, over the two-day training, learned the concepts of bookkeeping, financial reporting and budgeting. This workshop aims to strengthen their skills in financial management and to ensure a long-lasting functional and effective community group that contributes positively to natural resource management.

San Pedro Lagoon Clean Up
Hosted by ACES / American Crocodile Education Sanctuary. Saturday, April 7 at 7 AM - 11 AM at The Bridge. Join us in clean sweeping our beautiful San Pedro Lagoon and mangrove waterways. Don’t be late! We are meeting under the bridge. Let’s clean up our mangrove river! We will have some boats available for people hop on, but if you want to bring your own means of transportation (anyone got kayaks?), then that's more room for garbage! Bring dive boots/water shoes and some hand cleaner disinfectant. The more help the better!

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday.

Colombian Foreign Minister Visits Belize
Today, a delegation from Colombia headed by Foreign Minister, H.E. Maria Angela Holguin, met with Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs Hon. Elodio Aragon, and representatives from the Ministries of Education and Trade. The purpose of the visit was to discuss ways to strengthen the bilateral agenda. The main focus of the meeting was the review of the existing cooperation programme between the two countries. Colombia shared information on opportunities they are presently offering in the areas of security and education from which Belize may benefit, and further committed to continue its sharing of best practices in both areas.

Women Leading Climate Resilience
Mariko Wallen, a resident of Placencia, attended the 62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62) which took place at the United Nation Headquarters in New York. Wallen was chosen among a pool of many nominations around the world to share her personal experience on coral restoration and sustainable livelihood activities during the CSW62 side event titled: “Rural Women Leading Climate Resilience”. This event featured representatives of grassroots women’s organizations engaging in an insightful dialogue highlighting the importance of investing in women leadership. The event offered knowledge exchange and learning opportunities among women participants, which will contribute to strengthening partnerships and bridging knowledge gaps providing greater benefits to the communities such as increasing climate resilience.

Calling all Belizean Youth ages 18 - 30! Highlight your talents, show your involvement in climate change and participate in the CLIMATE CHANGE YOUTH VIDEO COMPETITION 2018! More details coming soon....

Government of Belize will not Proceed with Proposed Tax Increase on Agricultural Land Clearing
The Ministry of Finance informs that there was a meeting this morning at the Office of the Prime Minister in Belize City with the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of General Sales Tax (GST), the Executive Members of the Belize Agro-Productive Sector (BAPS) Group, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce. Resulting from this meeting, the Government of Belize has agreed not to proceed with the Statutory Instrument (S.I.) that would have standard-rated for GST purposes (at the rate of 12.5 %) Land Preparation for Agriculture, Harvesting and Crop Dusting Services.

Cayo Earth Hour 2018
The 2018 Earth Hour for Cayo will be this Saturday, and will take place in Belmopan, at Mae Gordon Park. It'll be more like a festival, and Miss Deb's will be there. Happy Spring!

Belize DJ Championship Finals

Marine Construction Vessel in Belizean Waters
Due to numerous messages about this vessel, please know that we continue to monitor the situation. Here is what we do know: this is the Jascon 31, a marine construction vessel; it has been in Belizean waters for approximately a month, moored near Robinson Point off the Belize District. When we contacted officials at the Belize Port Authority Belize Port Authority Belize Port Authority we were informed that the vessel is only seeking safe habour until it's next port call. It's expected time of departure was unknown. We thank the Belizean people for their continued vigilance on this issue.

Channel 7

“Judgement Day” Anticlimax: CCJ Gives Partial Judgment
Today was supposed to be judgement day for the Government of Belize in the 90 million dollar case with the Belize Bank - but it turned out to be not such a momentous judgement after all. That's because the court only gave a partial decision on the rate of interest added unto that 90 million. It did not make any pronouncement on what the bank asked for, which is an enforcement order against the Minister of Finance and the Attorney General, forcing them to pay the judgment debt. So, while everyone waits on that, in the matter of the rate of interest, Government wanted the CCJ to reconsider whether the judgment should have a running interest of 17.6% compounded, or a simple interest of 6%.

Will Bze Bank Crowfoot GOB’s Assets Based on US Judgment?
We also asked Courtenay about a ruling out of the US District Court of Colombia which gave the Belize Bank permission to enforce a 35 million US dollar judgement - also related to the Universal Health services debacle. The US District Court order is dated, March 12, 2018, and it reads quote, "Enforcement of the Judgment is granted... It is further ordered that [the] petitioner may now seek attachment or execution of Government of Belize property to satisfy this Court's judgment..." End quote. This means that the Belize Bank can now seek to crowfoot government assets to satisfy the judgment. So, this morning, the press asked Courtenay outright if they are going to do just that:

Still No Answer On Who Will Pick Up KHMH Slack
As you heard last night, the KHMH is in crisis mode - managing a major structural failure that covers half the hospital. As a result, key services have had to be suspended and core functions have been locked down. And while the KHMH management tries to restore normalcy, as it waits on a Mexican engineering team, what is the response of the wider public health sector? Today we spoke to the Health Ministry CEO Dr. Ramon Figueroa and he told us that the ministry is doing its part to provide the patients with the health care they need.

Mex Newspaper Says Drug Plane Dropped 1.5 Tonnes of Drugs Into Hondo
A Mexican newspaper says that the King Air 200 that crash landed in the Blue Creek area one week ago made a huge wet drop in the Rio Hondo. This confirms what experts told us after seeing the black bags, rope and markers attached to it inside the plane. The Diario Quintana Roo reports that 6 boats manned by Belizean crews lifted more than three thousand pounds of illicit drug cargo out of the Rio Hondo near the Mexican village of Ramonal. Villagers told the newspaper that they saw and heard the plane circle three times over the Hondo - flying an estimated 150 feet above the water's surface. They also saw silver and brown packages tumbling out of the plane.

City Man Days 17 Days After Being Shot
Tonight there is another Belize City murder to report - but it started out as just a shooting. Back on March 5th we told you about a shooting at an apartment building on Vernon Street in Belize City. The shooting victim was 31 year old Kearny Thompson. He was sitting on a verandah when someone shot him in the left back and lower abdomen. He was rushed to the KHMH where he was diagnosed with major damage to his internal organs and listed in a critical condition.

Mexican Bank Card Scammers Back To Court
Three Mexicans appeared in Belize City Magistrate's Court back at the end of January for bank card fraud. Since then, they have been on remand pending other charges. Well, those charges came down today - but in Orange Walk Magistrate's Court. Thirty-one-year-old Belen Hernandez and Lionel Rodriguez, along with twenty-six-year-old Joscan Jafet appeared before Magistrate Albert Hoare. Belen Hernandez who was read a charge for the theft of $500 from the Atlantic Bank in Orange Walk Town, while Jafet and Rodriguez who were charged with stealing $300 dollars and $200 dollars respectively from Atlantic Bank in Corozal town. The alleged thefts occurred on January 19, 2018. All three are represented by attorney Kevin Arthurs.

The Nuts and Bolts of Disposable Styrofoam and Plastics Ban
We always see those Department of the Environment ads about keeping the place clean, recycling and using biodegradable products instead of those Styrofoam plates and utensils. Well, those messages are more than just public announcements now. As we told you last night, Cabinet approved a proposal to phase out single-use plastic shopping bags, Styrofoam and plastic food utensils by next year April. And by "phase out'', the plan is that there won't be any of these products on the market in country. It is a major change but the CEO in the Ministry of Environment says it is necessary to keep the environment clean and wildlife safe. Dr. Percival Cho told us more about the ban and the alternative products that will replace the foam containers.

Another Alleged Killer Gets Off After 5 Years On Remand
Back in December 2012, it made headlines when 29 year-old Marvin "Inches" Nunez, was killed in a broad daylight shooting right outside the gate of the St. Ignatius Primary School on Euphrates Avenue in Belize City. Well, after 5 years and 3 months on remand at the prison, 25 year-old Henry Cornejo, the man charge with his murder, was told that he could go home. He was in the middle of standing trial without a jury, where 5 prosecution witnesses already testified against him. The case was supposed to continue today, but Crown Counsel Killeru Awich entered a nolle pros and informed the court that the DPP's Office no longer wished to proceed against him. That's when the newly appointed judge, Justice Collin Williams, told Cornejo that he was free to go, but that the Crown did have an option to bring the charge against him again.

Senior Police Officers Go Into Kill Zone To Make Peace
After a weekend that saw 6-murders, police have been trying their best to return Belize City to a relative calm. They're focusing on community policing, specifically in the parts of the city where the gang rivalries and street feuds led to killings. Today, the cops were out on the Aloe Vera and Tibruce Streets, doing their Wednesday meet and greet session. Those are of course the streets where the 3 women, 52 year-old Bernadine Lauriano, 64 year-old Theresita Flowers, and 17 year old Delcia Blanco were shot and killed in their homes - in separate incidents, one week apart.

Eastern Division Has A New Commander
So, while the Eastern Division's new top brass tries to defuse tensions, the stark reality is that they took over in a difficult time for the city. Both Robert Mariano and Howell Gillett are settling into their posts after a spike of crime in the city which witnessed 5 murders in 26 hours. We asked the new Eastern Division's Regional Commander about his strategy Belize City, which is acknowledged as the most difficult area to police:

Newly Reconstituted Ministry Of Nat. Security Has Two CEO’s
John Saldivar's appointment as the Minister of National Security has raised some public concerns - as we showed you, the PUP and the BNTU expressed their disapproval. But the PM isn't reversing his decision on the basis of these alarms. So while Saldivar's position is set, who will take up the post as CEO? Today Gorge Lovell answered that on for us and says he is very pleased with this new merger. Courtney Weatherburne, reporter: "I know John Saldivar is the Minister, who is the CEO?" George Lovell, CEO, Ministry of National Security: "Myself, to answer your latter and CEO Enriquez, there are two CEO's in the Ministry of National Security. I feel good about this simply because when I was the CEO for the then Ministry of National Security before it was broken down into Defense and Home affairs we had a lot of good things going. During the time we had Ministry of National Security was when we had the formation of the National Forensic Science Service as a separate department and there are lots of good things going on there."

CEO’s Study Hard How To Use Microsoft
Lovell was just one of very many ministry heads at a computer training session for the Caucus of CEO's. They were learning about the many facets of Microsoft's Office 365. It's a cloud based platform which the Central Information and Technology Office is using as the backbone for e-government - and today the CEO's were learning to maximize use of it. The Acting Director of CITO told us more:..

Sex Education For The Aging
Usually, when you hear the words Sex Education you think about young people learning all about those birds and bees, but today we went to a session about Sexual health and aging where young people were not in the audience. Several elderly women came together to take a new lesson in sex education. We stopped in and found out what they learnt and why it is so important. Ixchell Pott, National Council and Ageing Executive Director "It is a comprehensive one-day session where we talk to women about the changes their body experiences but also how to engage in sexual activity in a safe and healthy way."

Big Guns Gone In Stann Creek
There are more guns and ammo on the street after a small armory was burglarized. It happened at Sanctuary Bay Reserve in Stann Creek. 28-year-old Manager Alfonso Bailey reported that on Sunday between midday and 2:00 pm, someone broke into his office which is also used as a storage armory. They stole one .223 semi-automatic rifle loaded with 30 live rounds, one - 12 gauge pump action shot gun, ten 12 gauge cartridges, (2) boxes of (5.56) rounds and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Meet Team Belize For Football Friendly
Last night we told you about the upcoming friendly between Grenada and Belize. We heard from a few Grenada players but we didn't get to meet our Belize Team. Well, today the FFB held a press conference and introduced a team with some fresh faces and a few savvy veterans. Sahar Vasquez asked them if they are ready for Grenada. Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "In regards to the team are you concerned that they were just put together. Do you think that will affect them in the playing of the game?"

ISCR and UB Dig Deep
As we told you last night, NICH wants to foster a deeper interest and appreciation for research among young people and the wider public. They hope to achieve this through their National research conference which opened today at the UB Belmopan Campus. There were a host of presentations on a number of interesting and relevant topics relating to social cultural perspectives, history and anthropology. We got the overview from a NICH representative as well as one presenter who spoke on the concept of social distance in prison.

Major Development Announced For Caye Chapel
Caye Chapel - just 16 miles off the coast of Belize City - is one of the most prized potential developments. Over the years we've heard about so many plans for major resorts to put down sticks out there, but none of them have materialized. And, now there's another - and it's a Marquee name. A release issued today from a Mexican group called Inmobilia Desarrollos says that the luxury franchise, Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts has announced plans for the development of Caye Cualker. They say it will open in 2021 and will be called the "Four Seasons Resort and Residences Caye Chapel, Belize".

Communication Confusion: Police Invest Big In Cell Phones, Then Switch Back To Handheld Radios
Recently, we've been showing you how the police department has been shifting slowly from handheld police radios to cellular phones and WhatsApp groups as the platform for their police communication system. In both Eastern Division North and the Rural Eastern Division, tens of thousands of dollars have been invested to get rugged cellular phones for officers so that they can have real - time, image based, communication with their fellow field officers, and the command headquarters.

Channel 5

Cotton Farmer Gustavo Cardenas Says New Civic Manager Can’t Be Trusted
The ink had not dried on a contract with businessman Chad Eckert for the management of the Civic Center when a small cotton farmer from the Orange Walk District reveals [...]

G.O.B. Pulls Back on G.S.T. Agriculture Exemptions after Meeting
Ahead of Thursday’s Budget Debate in Belmopan, the government has put aside, for now, one of its revenue-collecting measures targeted to affect the agriculture industry. During his budget presentation on [...]

Gov’t Wins Case on Reduced Interest for U.H.S. Payment…
The Caribbean Court of Justice this morning issued judgment on the first part of a three-part application and counter-application by the Government of Belize and the Belize Bank Limited. The [...]

What Will G.O.B. Do to Settle Debt?
But what happens to the rest of the case? That is still being deliberated by the C.C.J. panel. A large part of it has to do with how Government reacts [...]

“Coming Attractions” after U.S. “Crowfoot” Judgment
It hasn’t got much notice in Belize, but the U.S. District Court based in Washington, D.C., a week ago on Monday a U.S. district court judge ordered that the Bank [...]

Kearney Thompson Succumbs to Injuries from Shooting
Late this evening, police confirmed that a shooting victim has succumbed to injuries. Two and a half weeks ago, on March third, Kearny Thompson was shot on Vernon Street in [...]

Drug Plane Dropped 1˝ Tons of Cocaine near Rio Hondo before Crash Landing
Tonight, a Mexican news outlet is providing details of a wet drop purportedly from a suspected drug plane that crash landed in Cuatro Leguas, outside of Blue Creek, Orange Walk [...]

Mediator to be Selected in Sharon Pitts Case
The case of attorney Sharon Pitts with the government over improper compensation for a land purchase is headed to mediation. Pitts and Hilmar Alamilla paid small sums for adjoining properties [...]

Final Touches for First-Ever Municipal Election Petition
The first of its kind election petition challenging the results of March seventh’s elections in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, is on its way to the courts to be filed, [...]

G.O.B. Going Ahead with Section 53 Appeal for Now
Also in the court, when the Catholic Church exited the Court of Appeal case last month concerning the momentous decision on amending the Criminal Code to decriminalize private relations between [...]

No Anke Doehm, But San Pedrana Says Don’t Forget Faye Lin Cannon
There were reports that Anke Doehm, accused of child cruelty in the death of thirteen-year-old adopted daughter Faye Lin Cannon, was to return to court this morning for a preliminary [...]

Henry Cornejo Dodges Another Murder Charge
Ducking away from television cameras, twenty-seven year old Henry Cornejo this morning left the precincts of the Supreme Court a free man again. After previously being acquitted in 2012 of [...]

New National Security Minister Takes Aim at B.N.T.U.’s Elena Smith
The new Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, has taken exception to his description by Belize National Teachers’ Union president Senator Elena Smith. Speaking with reporters on Tuesday, Smith said [...]

Budget Reviewed Ahead of Debate
Earlier we spoke about one of the Budget’s revenue-collecting measures, the exemption of G.S.T. on agricultural services being lifted, being shelved for now. The rest of the billion-dollar budget will [...]

The Jaguars are Back! They Host Grenada on Thursday
The members of the national a selection team were introduced to the media. The group is a mix of well known footballers such as Ian Gaynair, Woodrow West, Dalton Eiley [...]

“Spice Boyz” Look for Upset; Team Belize Says No Way
The Belize National Team has been actively preparing for the past four weeks in anticipation of the international friendly match on Thursday at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium, in Belmopan. That [...]

Media Rejoins Police for Meet and Greet
It has been a while since the media was invited to cover a meet and greet session in Belize City.  But this afternoon, our cameras were once again recording, as [...]

New Commander Replaces Cell Phones with Radios
This afternoon, new south side commander Howell Gillett received a donation of twenty thousand dollars worth of communications equipment from Belize Water Services Limited.  The handheld radios will be used [...]

Older Women Talking About (Safe) Sex – and Food
Earlier today when we headed over to the ITVET Compound in Belize City, a most unusual discussion was taking place among folks over fifty years of age. The topic was [...]

The Plan to Phase Out Plastic and Styrofoam Use
The government says that it wants to reduce plastic and Styrofoam pollution through the phasing out of single-use plastic shopping bags and Styrofoam and plastic food utensils by April twenty-second [...]


PUP Leader Sides With Productive Sector...Advises Tax Implementation Will Ad More Pressure To Belizeans
Since his Budget presentation on March 9th when Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced GOB’s proposed tax measures for fiscal year 2018-2019, the agriculture sector has come out to condemn GOB’s decision long and hard, especially as it relates to the exemptions on General Sales Tax to be implemented against agricultural services such as land preparation, harvesting and crop dusting and G.S.T. being added to data services. Late last week the three sugar cane farmers’ associations came together as one to ask GOB to refrain from legislating these tax measures. The Belize Agro-Productive Sector Group among others have also complained that, if implemented, these costs will eventually be passed down to consumers. Yesterday during a press conference with the media Opposition Leader John Briceńo sided with the productive sector, questioning whether GOB was properly advised prior to this announcement.

Did Belizeans Fish Out More Than One Hundred Packages Of Suspected Cocaine From The New River?
Almost a week has gone by since the mysterious landing of a third suspected drug plane here in the north in less than two weeks. The aircraft was found deep in the farmlands of Blue Creek in an area known as “Cuatros Lenguas.” Along with the airplane three vehicles were found in the area and a man known only as an employee of a Mennonite businessman was detained while leaving the remote area and was being held for questioning but was since released from police custody. Now…that is as far as Belizean authorities have gone in terms of information on this incident and are yet to confirm what was being transported in the abandoned plane or who the owners of the three vehicles found in the area are.

PUP Prepares Legal Challenge To Municipal Elections Results In San Pedro
Today makes it two weeks since the municipal elections were held throughout the nine municipalities in Belize, and while most elected officers have begun to settle into their posts, there remains a cloud of uncertainty over the elections held in the town of San Pedro. For the Opposition PUP, the results cannot be accepted and they are planning to request that the Court reviews what took place. Today the Opposition Leader explained further.

OCEANA Belize Commends GOB For Going Green
Yesterday, the Government issued a release announcing that it has embarked on an initiative with stakeholders to phase out single use of plastic shopping bags, Styrofoam and plastic food utensils by April 22nd 2019. Following this publication, Oceana Belize issued a release of their own commending the decision taken by GOB indicating that the decision is welcomed by thousands of Belizeans who have carried out several clean up campaigns country wide and have seen the harmful impacts on our natural resources due to the use of single use plastic and Styrofoam.

How 12.5 Percent Tax To Data Will Affect Consumers
Tomorrow the 31 members of the House of Representatives will meet for day 1 of the budget debate. One of the central issues of discussion will be the Government’s proposed tax measures meant to plug a forecasted $118 million deficit in the upcoming budget. Among the tax measures is the expansion of GST which will see a 12.5% tax added to data services by all internet providers. We will hear both sides argue the pros and cons of this new tax measure on Thursday and Friday, but PUP Leader began the conversation during media interviews yesterday. He explained why everyone will be affected.


GOB wins case against Belize Bank at the CCJ
The Government of Belize today won a major judgment at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Its application to reduce the interest rate applicable on an arbitration award found enforceable by the CCJ succeeded. This is one of three post application judgments relating to the 2013 arbitral award of over ninety one million dollars against …

“Tune in for coming attractions.”- Eamon Courtney
Will the Belize Bank Limited seize government properties? Last week in a two page judgment, U.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta ruled that the Belize Bank Limited may now seek attachment or execution of Government of Belize’s property to satisfy the Court’s judgment in the jurisdictions where such attachment or execution is appropriate. This is …

GOB announces plan to phase out plastic bags and Styrofoam
Environmentalists are rejoicing today after Cabinet approved a proposal to reduce plastic and Styrofoam pollution. This will be done through the phasing out of single-use plastic shopping bags, Styrofoam and plastic food utensils by April 22, 2019. The Government has recognized that the phasing out of these items is a necessary pollution control measure to …

Is there conflict of interest with the two post held my Marilyn Williams?
On January 5, Marilyn Williams was sworn in as a Justice of the Supreme Court. She was previously the Chair of the Integrity Commission but stepped down to take her new post as Supreme Court Justice. Many thought this would be the case with respect to her post at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital, KHMH. …

Residents in Mexican Village say they witnessed drug smuggling before Beechcraft crash landed in Belize
The Belize Police Department has not provided any update on the investigation into the clandestine landing of a Beechcraft Super King Air 200 in a pasture in the Cuatro Leguas area in Southern Orange Walk District, an area located behind Blue Creek Village.That happened shortly after 12:00 a.m. on March 15, and one man was …

Government to continue its partial appeal of Section 53 ruling
Two weeks ago, the Roman Catholic Church of Belize officially removed itself as an interested party in the appeal of the Caleb Orozco versus the Attorney General’s case. The Roman Catholic Church was appealing the Section 53 ruling in its entirety while the Attorney General is partially appealing the ruling. However, President of the Court …

PM Barrow reverses decision to impose GST on Agricultural Land Clearing
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has decided not to impose the 12.5 % General Sales Tax on land preparation for agriculture, harvesting and crop dusting services. This was one of seven of the Prime Minister’s tax measures he proposed during his budget speech two weeks ago. However, that tax measure will not be implemented following a …

International Sourcesizz

Chetumal: They downloaded the drugs into the river
Last Tuesday, while military and police authorities deployed a large security operation throughout the Ribera del Río Hondo, a group of six boats with two outboard motors each, their crew of Belizean origin were responsible for lifting approximately a ton and a half of alleged cocaine that the Cesna-type plane threw in the waters of the Hondo River in the town of Ramonal, was what some residents of the place who witnessed the events commented. According to the comments of some of the inhabitants who were in the vicinity of the park of said town, they observed the sighting of the Cesna-type plane, which made about three overflights over the waters of the Hondo River, which was used by the aircraft as a track.

CCJ rules in favour of Belize Government
The Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) yesterday ruled in favour of the Belize Government in its application to reduce the interest rate contained in a certificate issued by the court. The certificate was made following an arbitral award made against the Government. A rate of interest of 17 per cent compounded monthly was initially awarded in the 2013 arbitration award of BZ$36 million (One Belize dollar=US$0.49 cents) made by a tribunal of the London Court of International Arbitration against Belize in favour of the Belize Bank. In November last year, CCJ gave permission for the bank to have the arbitration award enforced as if it were a judgement.

Four Seasons Is Expanding to Belize
Four Seasons is opening another new property in the Caribbean as the company embarks on what appears to be a concerted expansion push in the region. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has announced plans to develop Caye Chapel, a private island in Belize, with a mix of oceanfront estates, private residences and overwater bungalows. The project, which is slated to open in 2021, is the product of a partnership with Thor Urbana, Immobilia Desarollos and GFA Grupo Immobiliario, all of which are based in Mexico. The luxury development, called Four Seasons Resort and Residences Caye Chapel, Belize, will be a mix of 50 private estates lots, 35 private residences and 100 guest rooms and suites.

Belize government succeeds in securing lower interest rate on BZ$36 million award
The attorney general of Belize has succeeded before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in his application to reduce the interest rate contained in a certificate issued by the court. The certificate was made following an arbitral award made against the government. A rate of interest of 17% compounded monthly was initially awarded in the 2013 arbitration award of BZ$36 million made by a tribunal of the London Court of International Arbitration against Belize in favour of the Belize Bank. In November 2017, the CCJ gave permission for the bank to have the arbitration award enforced as if it were a judgment. Following the CCJ’s 2017 ruling, the bank requested a certificate under s 25 of the Crown Proceedings Act from the CCJ’s Registrar to detail the amount of money owed to the bank by Belize. The certificate was duly issued in January 2018. According to the certificate, the debt stood at BZ$91.6 million as at 15 December 2017, with interest “continuing to accrue at 17% compounded monthly until the date of payment”.


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  • Cane workers at work, 1/2min. Our deep respect for the land and its harvest. Thanks to our Corozal sugar cane farmers for inspiring us with a powerful work ethic. This is one of the hardest jobs in Belize and the most underpaid. Power to our cane farmers in the struggle.


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