Rumors that the Boca del Rio Park located north of San Pedro Town had been sold to a local investor have been refuted by Area Representative and Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr. Heredia expressed surprise upon being told of the allegations, reiterating that the park is public property, and under no circumstances should or would it ever be sold under his watch.

The rumors began surfacing when many piles of material were observed adjacent to the basketball court at the park and many islanders began spreading news of the possible transaction. The area is very popular with sporting recreational activities, and Minister Heredia was approached about the suspicious sale, who immediately disregarded any possibility of it ever taken place. “Anything that Government sells I will know and they will not sell anything without consulting with me,” said Heredia. “Particularly a park, we would never sell it,” Heredia commented that back in the early 1990’s when the Opposition was in power on the island the area was not a park, but people used to visit the area.

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