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Today's Belize News: March 24, 2018 #529541
03/24/18 06:38 AM
03/24/18 06:38 AM
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Marty  Offline OP


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

GOB takes steps to ban single-use plastic and Styrofoam products
During the sitting of the Cabinet on Tuesday, March 20th, the Government of Belize (GOB) approved a proposal to ban single-use plastic bags, Styrofoam products, and plastic food utensils in the country by April 22, 2019. The bill was proposed by the Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development; Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce; and the Ministry of Tourism, who led a collaborative taskforce comprising of the Department of the Environment, Customs Department, Beltraide, Directorate General of Foreign Trade, and Solid Waste Management. Many conservationists across the country welcomed this great news as garbage pollution continues to be a main concern in Belize’s terrestrial and marine environment.

PM Barrow confirms funds for new schools in Ambergris Caye; money for island hospital yet to be secured
A new pre-school, primary, and high school are expected to be constructed north of San Pedro Town before the next general elections in 2020. The project had previously been announced by Mayor Daniel Guerrero on March 3rd and was confirmed by Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Saturday, March 17th in San Pedro Town. Barrow stated that funds for such schools have been secured, however, the Government of Belize is still seeking for additional funding for the island’s hospital.

Belize secures lower interest rate against Belize Bank $36 million award
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruled in favor of Belize in its application to reduce the interest rate on a $36 million arbitration awarded to the Belize Bank contained in a certificate issued by the court. The ruling took place on Wednesday, March 21st at the CCJ headquarters in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. The certificate was made following an arbitral award against the Government of Belize (GOB) in which a 17% interest rate per month was initially awarded in 2013. The arbitration award was made by a tribunal of the London Court of International Arbitration against GOB on behalf of the mentioned bank.

Minister Heredia denies the sale of Boca del Rio Park
Rumors that the Boca del Rio Park located north of San Pedro Town had been sold to a local investor have been refuted by Area Representative and Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr. Heredia expressed surprise upon being told of the allegations, reiterating that the park is public property, and under no circumstances should or would it ever be sold under his watch. A call was placed to the Lands Department in Belmopan City, who corroborated Heredia’s statement. They indicated that no such transaction has taken place and as far as they know the park continues to be a public area. The park has seen numerous renovations throughout the years and indeed is a popular area for leisure activities and is a favorite family spot on Sundays. Many of the recent renovations include the construction of gazebo style palapas, each with its own picnic table, a new and complete playground set, and the painting of the basketball court. Other additions have been the installation of basketball nets and the planting of several flowers and shrubs around the park.

Ambergris Today

Municipal Officials Orientation Training
The Ministry of Local Government held a two-day workshop for the newly elected cohort of municipal officials and town/city administrators on the 22 & 23 March, 2018, under the theme: “Promoting Good Governance & Integrity in Political Office for Local Government in Belize”. All elected officials from the nine municipalities were present. The training commenced with an opening ceremony and introduction of the participants from each municipality by their respective mayors. This was followed by a host of presentations to sensitize municipal leaders on the roles and functions of the Ministry of Local Government and by agencies and organizations that contribute to governance processes within municipalities. The Orientation Training provided a space for the exchange of information among councils and the ministry.

Weather-Ready, Climate-Smart - World Meteorological Day 2018
World Meteorological Day is celebrated all across the world by the member states of meteorological organizations every year on 23rd of March. It is an annual event being commemorated yearly by the almost 191 meteorological organization members as well as the meteorological communities worldwide. Each year, the day is commemorated under the banner of a particular theme that reflects the importance and relevance of these services to mankind. “Weather-Ready and Climate –Smart” is the theme of World Meteorological Day.

Misc Belizean Sources


TODAY is the BIG day!
EarthHour 2018 is finally here! How are you going to celebrate? We'll be at the BTL Park in Belize City at 7pm. Come early and bring your candles and sparklers! Switch off and #Connect2Earth - you’ll be part of the largest environmental movement for our planet, and every person makes a difference. It's not too late to put events on the live map: Events countrywide are being hosted in: Belize City at the BTL Park 7pm, Corozal at the Central Park 7pm, Belmopan at the Mae Gordon Park 6pm, Punta Gorda, Central Park 6pm.

The 2018 Belize Bandfest Parade will assemble at the junction of 3rd Street South - College Road and 7th Avenue. The parade will proceed on 7th Avenue heading south then turning left onto 1st Avenue and into 4th Avenue, and head north. Left on 5th Street North and right on 5th Avenue and proceed into the Santiago Ricalde Stadium.

Puppy Day with the Institute of Archaeology
Today is all about those fury and not so fury canines. As today is puppy day, let us examine dogs in the world of the ancient Maya. We know dogs were used as hunting aides, played important parts in some rituals, but they also supplied protein and were thus a food source. Remains of dogs have been found at all time periods of the ancient Maya. While breeds of dogs cannot readily be told from examining the remains, we do know that the Mesoamerican hairless dog is known to have been the predominant one. The Xoloitzcuintli, or Xolo for short, was also used by the Toltecs, Zapotecs and Aztecs.

Mar. 12th - Mar. 18th, 2018 Belize Fishing Report
The weather has finally settled and with it comes lots of fish on the flats. Every angler gets to feel the drug of the tug when a bonefish is on the line. If you are planning a trip, be sure to work on your casting and double haul so you can feel it too.

A Night of Rotary Membership & Trivia
Learn about how Rotary is making a difference on Ambergris Caye and consider joining. Membership Drive taking place on Saturday; see you there.

Ministry of Labour Issues Statement on Belize Aqua Culture Ltd. Employee Layoff
The Belize Aqua Culture Limited (BAL), has informed the Ministry of Labour of its intention to make redundant approximately one hundred (100) employees at the company’s operation at Mile 4, Placencia Road, Stann Creek District. The company states that the reason for downsizing is due to the incursion of significant costs in the fight against a disease outbreak that is affecting the entire shrimp industry. Substantial efforts are underway to rebuild and make its operations profitable in Belize, with a view to re-employ affected employees at a later date. The company intends to effect the lay-off proceeding today, March 23rd.

Municipal Officials Orientation Training
The Ministry of Local Government held a two-day workshop for the newly elected cohort of municipal officials and town/city administrators on the 22 & 23 March, 2018, under the theme: “Promoting Good Governance & Integrity in Political Office for Local Government in Belize”. All elected officials from the nine municipalities were present. The training commenced with an opening ceremony and introduction of the participants from each municipality by their respective mayors. This was followed by a host of presentations to sensitize municipal leaders on the roles and functions of the Ministry of Local Government and by agencies and organizations that contribute to governance processes within municipalities. The Orientation Training provided a space for the exchange of information among councils and the ministry.

GOOD FRIDAY IS DRY FRIDAY: Establishments cannot sell liquor on Friday, March 30, 2018 up until the next day (24 hours). Grocery stores that have liquor bottles on display MUST conceal all liquor products and avoid sale of these products. ONLY Liquor License holders with a Restaurant and Hotel Liquor License are allowed to sell liquor to their guests. Restaurant License Holders can only sell liquor to guests with the consumption of food. CLOSED: The San Pedro Town Council will be closing its offices on Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. We shall resume to regular working hours on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. Have a Safe and Happy Easter!


Aimee Flores at Anglican Cathedral College
Aimee Flores, Belizean stem cell and cancer biology scientist and PhD student at UCLA in California, shared her experience and motivated students at Anglican Cathedral College this morning. “Be brave, take risks, and put your dreams into action! Ask for help, talk to people, and don’t be afraid.” Thank you, Principal Mr. Requena and Vice Principal Ms. Pascascio, as well as the Belize District Education Officer Ms. Yvonne Davis for your partnership and warm welcome!

Channel 7

Wilfred Stirs Opposition With Education
The Budget Debate is the biggest event on the parliamentary calendar - and at this hour, the second day of debate is still raging on, with Belize RuraL North Representative Edmond Castro making his presentation. But while it looks like it will go until late tonight, day two started 9 and a half hours ago, at 9:00 this morning with UDP Pickstock Representative Wilfred Elrington opening up for the UDP. He started off endorsing the budget and then went onto the topic of free Education and that stirred the opposition. Here's that exchange:...

Wilfred’s War Of Words On UHS
And from free education, to publicly guaranteed private healthcare - Elrington's extended presentation ranged on to a thorny issue: the Universal Health Services debacle. Now, that doesn't have anything really o do with the budget - but the PUP side brought it into the conversation yesterday - and today Elrington struck back. He pounced on PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay - who is also the lead attorney for the Ashcroft Alliance - for playing and being paid on both sides of the fence: Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs: "This UHS guarantee never saw the light of any resolution, they fought tooth and nail against it."

Hon. Julius: Bare Bones Budget
And the subject of "poor people" is one much discussed in the two days of debate - with both sides claiming the moral authority to speak for them. PUP Cayo South Representative Julius Espat said it is a case of the government sucking them dry:.. Hon. Julius Espat, PUP Cayo South Rep.: "This budget now a days Madam Speaker is all bone, all bone, no meat in the ham." "The national debt is approximately $3.5 billion dollars. The external public debt is approximately $2.5 billion dollars and this amounts to about 66.8% of GDP. Our domestic debt amounted to about $1.026 billion dollars which is about 27.2% of GDP. We add this up and this year we have approximately 93.8% of GDP Madam Speaker which is more than last year and it keeps increasing. This is quite alarming. It is alarming because we keep borrowing to be able to try and grow this economy."

Hon. Kareem: A “Barrow-gant” Budget
Caribbean Shores Rep. Kareem Musa also weighed in on the budget calling it a "lame duck farewell budget" among many other things. Here's how he put it: Hon. Kareem Musa, Caribbean Shores Area Rep.: "Madam Speaker, I begin by declaring this a "Barrow-gant" budget during a state of emergency. "Barrow-gant" because it lacks creativity and imagination. It lacks energy. It is a budget in a coma. A lifeless body of fancy words that do not in any way reflect the true Belizean reality of struggle and hardship. A lazy excuse of a budget that was prepared without any effort or vision, no consultation with private sector partners like the Belize Chamber of Commerce. No engagement with social partners like the teachers union and other community groups. Sure signs that this is a lame duck farewell budget."

Personal Vs. Political: Boots Steps Over The Line
Now apart from the budget presentations and speeches, there were a number of other issues raised - which had nothing to do with the budget, but a whole lot to do with political slander and name - calling. One that got everyone's attention is when Port Loyola Rep. Anthony Boots Martinez called out his opponent, PUP's Gilroy Usher Sr. for spousal abuse. Well Caribbean Shores Rep. Kareem Musa didn't let that one slide and he fired back. Hon. Anthony Martinez, Port Loyola Area Rep.: "As a nation we have been greatly disturbed by the horrendous cases of child abuse and domestic violence that have come to the national attention over the past month or so. Particular the cases that resulted in the tragic deaths of baby Allyssa and Linda Emmanuel. Eradicating violence against women and children will take all faucitis of society, working together."

100 Laid Off At BAL Shrimp Farm
Belize's shrimp farming industry is rebounding from some tough years, with entire farms wiped out by disease. Aquaculture interests have had to adapt entirely new methods of raising shrimp. And one of the biggest, most heavily capitalized shrimp farms, Belize Aquaculture Limited on the Placencia road has had it the toughest. Industry insiders tell us that their transition to new techniques is going to be more complicated and expensive there than at other farms. One month ago, BAL told the Shrimp Growers Association that it would have to restructure and refine the technology to manage disease incidents.

PUP Petitions To Strike Down San Pedro Election Result
The PUP has formally filed an election petition in the Supreme Court - asking the court to strike out the election outcome in San Pedro - where the UDP won by a fairly close margin. The petition points to a a number of what the PUP says are significant irregularities with the balloting. The Courtenay Coye law firm made the filing and the 9 page document argues that the election was not carried out in line with set regulations and the non compliance affected the outcome of the election.

Autism: Anguish Turned Into An App
Autism is a condition we are hearing more and more about but what really is it? Well, autism is a lifelong developmental condition that affects the way a person relates to their environment and people. It does not make its presence known with a runny nose and high fever. It presents itself in tantrums, hitting, and biting to name a few of the varied manifestations. The condition is not curable but it is manageable. And it's not all bad. Autistic people often have brilliant minds and excel in many skills from a young age. But, taking both the good and the bad, it is daily challenge for families to manage a loved one who perceives the world and responds to stress triggers in a totally different way. Today we learnt that a family's journey on the autistic trail can be arduous and frustrating but, it can also be magical and surprising. Sahar Vasquez has Jayden's story:

A Rare Bail For Murder
Supreme Court bail for accused murders is one of the rarest things offered to defendants, but today, Justice Denis Hanomansingh did so for 27 year-old Aaron Bailey. He has been on remanded since October 2013, awaiting trial for the murder of 28 year-old Gary Pratt. He was represented by attorney Leeroy Banner who submitted to the court that his client has been in custody for over 4 years, which amounts to an abuse of process. Crown Counsel Sherigne Rodriguez objected to the grant of bail, but she did have to concede that Bailey has been in jail for a long time.

Flight Risk Or Not, He Got Bail
53 year-old Jose Alfredo Guerra, the Guatemalan truck driver who was charged with manslaughter for allegedly running over a man at the Western Border, is out on bail tonight - even though he would appear to be a flight risk. His attorney, Hurl Hamilton, presented his bail petition to Justice Denis Hanomansingh today. After hearing from Crown Counsel Sherigne Rodriguez, the judge granted him bail of $5,000. As we've reported, On March 9, Guerra's 18-wheeler truck ran over 38 year-old Guatemalan Marcus Zabaleta, who's mangled body was found between the truck's wheels.

Teachers’ List of Demands On Crime
Last night, we gave you extensive coverage of the march, the rally, and the protest against crime which the teachers held in Belmopan on Day one of the Budget Debate. But, one part of the event which we didn't get a chance to share with you is a list of demands that the Belize National Teachers Union is making of the Barrow Administration to address crime and violence against women and children. Now, if you'll remember, last year, when the teachers made demands of the Government, those were mostly to address good governance. And those demands culminated into a 11-day strike from classes. At this time, there is absolutely nothing to indicate that things will escalate to that point, but these are demands, and here's what the teachers think will help to improve the fight against crime:

Aimee: From UCLA To ACC
And while the teachers were making demands, students were most likely thinking about the Easter break. But, the high schoolers at the Anglican Cathedral College in Belize City got a special sendoff today with a guest speaker address by Aimee Flores. She's the Belizean pursuing a Ph.d in Stem Cell Research and Bio-chemistry at UCLA whose groundbreaking research on a possible cure for baldness has been published in a top US medical Journal. Today she shared her journey with the ACC students, to try and encourage them to open their minds to the sciences:.. Aimee Flores - Guest Speaker: "I think it's really important for the students to meet people, Belizeans who are out there doing different things whether it's the sciences or anything else just to encourage them to follow up on what they might be interested in seeing that Belizeans can do that."

High Powered Pistol Recovered
Last night police searched 24-year-old Ignatius Williams on Mosul Street and found that he was packing a high powered pistol. At around 10:45, they were on mobile patrol when they saw Williams riding a bicycle. They followed him, and as soon as he spotted them, he sped up and tried to escape. The chase went on to Mosul Street, where the officers saw Williams throw away an object. They caught up to him, escorted him back to the area, and found a .45 pistol with 6 live rounds of ammunition.

Turning Hurt Into Healing
Yesterday we told you about "One Struggle", a support group where grieving families come together to bond over their losses. We heard from Phillip Willougby who is an integral part of the group, and today we have the input of the mothers and victims who have found great comfort and camaraderie in a fraternity of hurt and healing. Sahar Vasquez reports: In 2011 Marcia Argalles lost her precious nine-year son Joshua Abraham to gun violence. Abraham was innocently dancing around outside when he was killed. Argalles was left in a deep state of sorrow and shock. She would never be able to hold her little boy again. As devastated as she was, the mother found a way to cope. The colossal loss made her realize that no one is really there for the family that has lost a loved one. Most people can't relate to their pain. This realization inspired her to start a support group uniting all those that have been in her shoes.

Shakera: Loss Into Leadership
And another mother of a son lost to violence who is coping with grief, and trying to offer some healing to the community in her own way is Belize City resident Shakera Young. Yesterday at the Teachers rally against crime, she gave a very revealing testimonial to the general public about what she has been enduring since the tragic murder of her innocent son, 7 year-old Tyler Savery, which happened back in November of 2016. Since then, she has decided to turn the tragedy into something positive, and so, she's organizing an event called the Light Our Hearts Rally, to give mothers and other grieving family members of slain loved ones an outlet to express that grief and rage. We caught up with her this morning to discuss the second rally being held in Belize City tomorrow evening:

KHMH - Toughest Job In Healthcare
Tonight, the KHMH is going into its second week in crisis mode. The hospital's roof is caving in; 120 support posts have been installed to hold up the main beam, and 50% of the hospital is closed off. It's the last, very tough stand for the outgoing CEO Dr. Adrian Coye. He's a highly specialized cardio-thoracic surgeon by training, but he pursued the CEO's post in the hopes of advancing healthcare in Belize. Three and a half years later, he's resigning what he calls the toughest job in healthcare. He spoke to Jules Vasquez about it earlier this week:...

Glazer Looking For Razor Sharp DJ’s
Tonight is big for Belize's best DJ's. The champion selectors from each district will battle out in the Belikin DJ Championship Final Round. And they will be judged on an international standard, by Max Glazer, who is the concert DJ for Chronixx and Rihanna,. Event organizer Shyne Barrow and Glazer told us what they are expecting to see and hear tonight. Shyne Barrow, Belize Music Ambassador: "The international superstar DJs are not overseeing they are just contributing to flow. They have experience outside of Belize. Again while we have a Father Stone and Dj Dalla who are icons in Belize it is important in what my vision is and my vision is to create a global, versatile, dynamic DJ, the best DJ that can go out there and win the Redbull competition. That can go out and perform in any part of the world. It is important to have people like Max Glazer who have toured with Rihanna and Chronixx. Who is out there in the world in the region apart from Belize to give his perspective."

No Glory For Grenada in Friendly
As we've been reporting this week, Belize's National Football Team is getting ready to participate in a new regional tournament called The CONCACAF Nations League. The Jaguars played their first warm up game last night at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium In Belmopan. It was an international friendly against Grenada - and Belize dominated. Belize finished the night with a four to two score. Grenada scored first, in the third minute, but Belize equalized in the 12th minute, and then went on to take the lead with a goal in the twentieth minute. And then they scored a spot kick in the 40th minute, and in the 53rd minute, Grenada scored to bring it to three to 2. But Belize iced the game with a penalty in the 74th minute.

Khiya Found
Last night at the end of the news we told you about, Khiya Smith, a 3 year old who was taken from her home yesterday morning. Well, the good news is that 2 hours after the news at 9:45 pm, she had been located and was in police care.

Islam Inside The Paint
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at has been in Belize for only 4 years, but in that time, they've already established themselves as a religious based community outreach organization that caters to children. One of their major focused has been to give youths an opportunity to participate in basketball training and big tournaments. So, on Sunday morning, they're organizing an all - star basketball tournament to showcase some of the young talented athletes they've worked with for months now. They are hoping that the general public will come out to the games on Sunday at the SJC gymnasium.

Channel 5

100 Gone from BAL; is Agriculture Still Relevant?
The budget debate continued today in the House of Representatives in Belmopan as members of parliament made their contributions and up to news time, the debate continues. But we begin [...]

“Nobody” Saw K.H.M.H. Problems Coming, Says Health Minister
The Budget Debate winds down later this evening after a wrap-up by Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Once again absent was former Deputy Prime Minister and Orange Walk North area representative [...]

Teachers “Hurting” Children by Demonstrating
At the start of today’s debate, Pickstock area representative and Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington said he is not a fan of Thursday’s demonstration outside the National Assembly. But it [...]

Guats Ready for Referendum on I.C.J. but What Says Belize?
With less than a month to go, eyes are on the voters of Guatemala, who on April fifteenth will go to the polls to decide whether they accept the International [...]

The PAC and Transparency
Cayo South area representative Julius Espat is chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. The Committee met last year with Auditor General Dorothy Bradley to go over the process of compiling [...]

Locked in by RJB, New Mayor Calls for Limits on Capital Projects
RJB Construction Limited, a company owned and operated by U.D.P. insider Romel Berges, entered into a contractual arrangement with the Belize City Council months prior to former Mayor Darrell Bradley [...]

Predecessor Should Have Slowed Down
Since being sworn into office on March fourteenth, Mayor Wagner has been reviewing all existing agreements between CitCo and private contractors, a majority of those deals being described as products [...]

Oscar Arnold is Deputy as Councilors Get Portfolios
The assignment of portfolios within the newly constituted Belize City Council has been finalized, with Oscar Arnold being named deputy mayor responsible for budgeting.  The exercise, according to Mayor Wagner, [...]

How to Sweeten the Lime Situation
In other agricultural news from Belmopan, Orange Walk South area representative and the P.U.P.’s spokesman for agriculture, Jose Abelardo Mai, dropped a stunner during his Budget presentation. There is currently [...]

What Can a Billion Dollars Do?
Earlier, Cayo South representative Julius Espat spoke about the PAC. He also spoke about the ways the monies are spent – and in his view, misspent – over the last [...]

Eamon, Said Called Out for “Conflict of Interest” over U.H.S.
It hasn’t come up much during the Budget debate, but the House still has to contend with the repayment of the thirty-six million loan to Belize Bank, guaranteed by Government, [...]

Kareem Musa Slams “Old Boxer” P.M.
Like his veteran representative father Said Musa, Caribbean Shores representative Kareem Musa has become a must-see attraction during the Budget debate and today was no exception. He differed slightly from [...]

What the Teachers Want (Now)
On Thursday, the teachers protested on Independence Hill following a rally at the civic center and a march through the streets of the Capital City Belmopan. They were championing the [...]

The Manifesto for Linda Adopted
The teachers went on to endorse Manifesto for Linda as their demands are included in the document. With the support of the Ministry of Human Development and the Speaker of [...]

Jaguars 4, Grenada 2
The national football team played its first international game on Thursday night. Though just a friendly match, the team showed its mettle when it took on Grenada’s Spice Boyz. It [...]

U.C.L.A Bruin Talks STEM with City Girls
Today, the U.S. Embassy in Belize organized two informative and motivational talks with students in Belize City. In the first session, Rhea Rogers of the Ministry of National Security spoke [...]

Aimee Flores May Have Cure for Skin Cancer
Flores is a biochemistry researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles who is making big waves in the research field in the U.S.  As a student, Flores excelled in [...]

Mayor Wagner to Continue Darrel Bradley’s Legacy in Infrastructure
With a new sheriff in town at 109 North Front Street, are there any projects that were started under the previous administration that Mayor Wagner is looking to complete?  That’s [...]

The DJ’s Hit the Turntables
The final round of competition for the Belikin Deejay Championship takes place tonight inside Club Elite.  Eight up-and-coming disc jockeys from across the country are vying for the coveted title [...]

The City “Lights Our Hearts” on Saturday
The second annual “Light Our Hearts” march and rally takes place this weekend at the Memorial Park in Belize City. It is organized by Shakera Young who remains steadfast on [...]

A Benefit Concert for Boy with Bone Cancer
Tonight at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts, a group of artists have been pooled together for a great cause – to help eleven-year-old Jamir Valentine, who was recently [...]

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03/24/18 06:38 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Budget lacks fiscal responsibility, says Opposition Leader
The leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, announced that the People’s United Party (PUP) does not support the 2018/2019 General Revenue Appropriation Bill. Briceno says that the budget does not contain anything that can stimulate the economy. Two weeks ago when the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dean Barrow, proposed the 2018/2019 budget, he …

BNTU proposes solutions to fight crime
While the Government of Belize and the Opposition Party have made proposals on how to effectively prevent and reduce major crimes, the Belize National Teachers Union, today made their demands. The BNTU’s demands focused on attacking the root causes of crime. The union’s National Secretary Ruth Shoman, laid down the demands.

Teachers flex muscles in Belmopan
From across the country, from all its branches, BNTU members descended on Belmopan to take a stance against the recent spike of crime committed against women and children. They marched from in front of the Belmopan Comprehensive School to the Belmopan Civic Center. They did this to increase awareness and influence policymakers and those in …

National Defence Minister vs BNTU National President
As a response to its new crime-fighting strategy in the wake of a spate of crime over the weekend, the Government of Belize decided to consolidate the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Home Affairs and re-create the Ministry of National Security. That Ministry is being headed by John Saldivar, the Area Representative of …

PUP supports the BNTU
After the teachers finished their rally inside the Belmopan Civic Center, they made their presence known in front of the National Assembly Building. Inside the building, were parliamentarians debated the 2018/2019 General Revenue Appropriation Bill. The Leader of the PUP, John Briceno, and his colleagues joined the teachers for a few minutes. Briceno says that …

Workshop prepares new elected officials to govern
On March 7, Belizeans went to the polls and elected a new cohort of officials to govern our municipalities. Today was the first of a two-day workshop held by the Ministry of Labour, Local Government and Rural Development. At the workshop, the elected officials are being familiarized with the processes and procedures that are relevant …

World Tuberculosis is being observed on March 24
World Tuberculosis Day is being observed on March 24 and today a health fair was held at the Battlefield Park to sensitize people to the signs and symptoms of the disease. Love News spoke with Kevin Mendez, HIV and Tuberculosis Adherence Counselor at the Ministry of Health about the disease. Many persons may have the …

CROSQ holds 32nd TMC meeting in Belize
The Belize Bureau of Standards in collaboration with the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards & Quality (CROSQ) held its thirty-second Technical Management Committee meeting in Belize. The CROSQ Technical Management Committee is a Special Committee that is responsible to foster the development and coordination of regional standards and technical regulations for goods and services produced …

Arson linked to death of Alvin Montero
Police are still investigating what led to the murder of 24 year-old Alvin Montero. Montero’s body was found floating in the river in the area of Roaring Creek known as “Another World” on Tuesday, some 72 hours after he had first gone missing. Police gave an update on the investigation today saying the case also …

Kearny Thompson succumbs to injuries, case upgraded to murder
31 year old Kearny Thompson has succumbed to injuries he had sustained in a shooting incident that happened on Saturday March third. Police had reported that Thompson was sitting on the verandah of an apartment complex on Vernon Street when a man who came from behind the yard, fired two shots in his direction. Thompson …


PUP trashes Barrow’s $1.83 billion budget
It was anticipated that the budget presentation of Lake I’s PUP area rep, Hon. Cordel Hyde, would have been powerful, and indeed, it was. Hon. Hyde was replying to the BZ$1.83 billion 2018-2019 budget speech presented by Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Friday, March 9. Before Hon. Hyde rose to address the House, however, PUP Party Leader Hon. John Briceño began the party’s attack against Barrow’s budget, which the party characterized as a budget that had very little for the poor and the needy.

BNTU march on Belmopan to protest crime
The most powerful union in the country, the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU), flexed its muscles this morning when hundreds of teachers descended on Belmopan for an anti-crime rally which got underway shortly after 9:00 a.m., when teachers, decked out in their lime green T-shirts with the logo “Teachas got yu back” emblazoned on the back, paraded from Belmopan Comprehensive High School, around the ring road, to the Civic Center, where the rally got underway. BNTU National President, Hon. Senator Elena Smith and Vice President Luke Palacio led the parade in which many teachers carried placards decrying the violence against women and children.

TB an “epidemic” – Ministry of Health
Belize’s Ministry of Health marked World Tuberculosis Day, which is observed every year on March 24, with a health fair which was held today, Thursday, at the Battlefield Park in Belize City. The ministry noted in a press release that the “negative impact of tuberculosis (TB) in developing countries continues to be of significant concern as it is associated with high mortality rates in HIV positive persons,” and called on “everyone to lead the efforts in improving the response to ending TB.” The Ministry of Health describes the tuberculosis reality in Belize as an “epidemic.” According to the ministry’s press release, in 2017 there were “a total of 117 new cases of TB diagnosed nationally, of which 114 were pulmonary tuberculosis, and three were extra-pulmonary tuberculosis” and “the most affected age group continues to be between 20-49, as has been the case in previous years.”

Villagers say hundreds of pounds of cocaine from drug plane were dumped in the Rio Hondo
Belizean media have reported on a story that appeared in a Mexican newspaper, Diario de Quintana Roo, which claims that villagers who live near the Rio Hondo, on the Mexican side, saw massive dumping of parcels from a plane that was in the area about the time a plane went down nearby in Belize. The villagers, after seeing pictures of the downed plane in Orange Walk in the Belizean media, noted that the plane that flew low over the Rio Hondo and dumped cargo, is similar to the one that ended up on the ground in Belize. In his story in the Amandala about the discovery of the plane in Orange Walk on March 15, Micah Goodin reported that according to police, no cargo was found onboard the plane. There was a lot of suspicion surrounding the downed plane, which reportedly was discovered by a joint patrol of police officers and soldiers of the Belize Defence Force.

GOB signs $1 mil management contract for Civic with private, foreign company
The bold nationalism that the Dean Barrow-led United Democratic Party (UDP) government espoused at the time it nationalized the telephone company, Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL), appeared to have been cast to the winds when on Monday, March 19, the government signed a 1-million-dollar contract for the management of the CIVIC, the sprawling $33 million sporting complex at the foot of the Belcan Bridge, with Apex International Services, LLC, a company registered in Florida, U.S.A. Apex International, which will engage in profit-sharing with the Government of Belize for the revenues generated by the activities at the Civic, was recommended by a Washington-based company, ING Rebel.

“You can’t put di rat fi mind the cheese,” says BNTU prez
Following their 11-day strike in October 2016, the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) made a list of demands to the Barrow Government, among which was a call for an international investigation to look into the beheading murder of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas, whose head was found in a vehicle owned by Danny Mason, a man who appeared to have had a close connection with Hon. John Saldivar, the Belmopan area representative and then Minister of Police. Mason and others were subsequently arrested and charged with Lucas’ kidnapping and murder. At the time of the kidnapping/murder of Pastor Lucas, when it was revealed that Mason had a business association with Saldivar, Prime Minister Barrow removed him as Minister of Police, citing the “optics” of the situation, and explaining that Saldivar had been put in an “untenable” situation because of” public perception.”

Belize clips Grenada, 4-2, in Int’l Friendly
With a revamped, younger mix of players, the Belize National “A” Team clinched a 4-2 win tonight against the Grenada National Team at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan. According to reports, Belize held a 3-1 first half lead with goals from Michael Salazar (8’), Jarret Davis (22’) and Elroy Smith 32’. Grenada closed the gap to 3-2 early in second half, but Elroy Smith converted from the penalty spot to make it 4-2 at the 62nd minute, and that’s how it ended. It was the first in what is hoped will be a number of practice matches for the Belize national team, in preparation for a series of CONCACAF League qualifiers beginning in September of this year, against Bahamas, Montserrat, Puerto Rico and Guyana.

Cricket News
Greetings from the BNCA (Belize National Cricket Association)! We had some interesting matches played over the weekend (March 17 & 18)! The undefeated Rural Mix met their match on Saturday against Easy Does It in Lemonal, where the three-time champions took them down with 7 wickets to spare. However, Rural Mix rebounded quite nicely and took down the 2017 champion, Excellence of Double Head Cabbage, on Sunday with 5 wickets to spare in a match played at Isabella Bank.

City Boys 10 & Under Grassroots – All Star 2018
Good morning, Football Family! The City Boys 10 & Under Grassroots All Star 2018 was held on Saturday, March 17, at the Yabra Green. The 8 teams participating in the regular tournament each selected 7 players from their respective teams along with the top 4 goalkeepers. We then divided the 60 players into 4 teams to participate in a double elimination Marathon. The 4 teams selected were – Black Orchid, Mon-Stars, Defenders, and Strikers. All Star Marathon 2018 results: Game 1 – Black Orchid 0-2 Mon-Stars.

UB females and Sacred Heart JC males are 2018 ATLIB Football Champions
Over the weekend, male and female tertiary level football teams, zone champions from across the country, converged at the MCC Grounds for the Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB) national football championship. The four zone champions for female and male junior colleges participated in a simple knockout format on Saturday, with the two losers on Saturday playing for third place on Sunday, while the two Saturday winners met on Sunday for the championship in both female and male categories.

Editorial: April 29, 1968
Where Belize is concerned, the most important document to be published in the last half century, except perhaps for the Constitution of Belize in 1981, was the Webster Proposals of April 29, 1968. The United Kingdom and Guatemala had agreed to have the United States of America mediate their territorial dispute over British Honduras, and the Americans had named a New York City attorney, the one Bethuel Webster, to prepare proposals which would enable British Honduras, which had become a self-governing colony in January of 1964, to move forward to political independence. Those documents which followed the Webster Proposals with the similar intent of settling the spurious Guatemalan claim to Belize, such as the Heads of Agreement in 1981 and Ramphal/Reichler in 2002, were mere variations on a theme which the Webster Proposals had introduced: the United States of America, the dominant Western Hemisphere, and indeed world, power, wanted an independent Belize to be subservient to, and guided by the wishes of, the Republic of Guatemala.

Of course it’s about the money
Dear Editor: In both World Wars the United States started neutral, that is, in World War I it did not join the Allied or the Central Powers initially and the same held true in World War II when the Allies and Axis were fighting. The United States would eventually join Allied forces in both great wars on what was widely believed to be a matter of principle and a mission to defeat tyranny. What is not widely known is that in the first war, one of the primary motivations behind US President Woodrow Wilson’s decision to enter was that France and England owed the US a combined $2 billion and the US realized that if the Central Powers were to win, this debt would remain unpaid.

Saldivar must go!!!
I have been super busy meeting deadlines and getting my paid job done, thus I have not been able to write my timely thoughts for readers. But trust me when I say that the issues of all the crimes, especially those against women and children, have hit home very hard. I cannot find words to express comfort to the families and this nation or to even express the personal grief I feel at the loss of yet another layer of humanity in our small nation. I have had time to reflect on the issue of violence over the past years of my professional life, and I have had the good fortune to even draw on my personal experience to understand why our society is so broken and so violent and so abusive and why we are so disrespectful and why collectively we cannot see that leadership at the top has caused this marginalization of those at the bottom. We cannot speak of true equality in this nation because those in power work to keep power, not serve the people, and those with authority bully those below them and those with control over the money rob those without access of said money.

The OSH delay: a commentary on the OSH Bill
We see it all the time. We see a Belizean pushing a lawn mower, and they are wearing cha-cha-cha on their feet. We see people riding motorbikes, and they have no helmets on, no proper shoes on, and improper clothing on. We see people driving cars and trucks on the highways, and they have no seatbelts on. At the least, the passing of the OSH Bill (Occupational Safety and Health Bill) into law would create awareness in the Belizean populace about the need for safety on the job, at work for an employer or for self. The bill that was introduced in 2014 is a lot more ambitious than that. Maybe it is too ambitious. Maybe that’s why it has been sitting on a desk between the National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) ever since.

Wi done pay (thru wi nose) fu BTL, Troy
I am aware of some third party leaders who didn’t agree with the nationalization of BTL. Their argument is that the Public Utilities Commission could have regulated the business so that monopoly didn’t trample on the rights of Belizeans. If we go back to PUP 1998-2003, we see that government “introducing” a new telephone company, the Intelco. The government argued that Belize’s schools needed internet, and the country needed internet that was more affordable, and BTL, under the ownership of Michael Ashcroft, was not providing same.

KHMH’s “multiple organ failure” and violent crime: a portent?
1. I got up (at 2 a.m.) to do some important work for my startup company (Echo Stethoscope Academy), but this “multiple organ failure” description re: the KHMH in this 7 news link (KHMH: Navigating crisis at country’s biggest hospital), disturbed me greatly. 2. Twice, I began writing in response to Belizean FB postings about the violent crime wave, but twice I decided against posting (because it was a bitter pill that the patient was likely to spit out). Plus writing (well) takes up much time. In one sentence: The escalating violent crime wave in Belize is just one symptom of a very sick society. It requires intensive care by multiple specialists. (But the Belizean patient is very stubborn … very “aaze haard”. You memba weh deh seh bout hard-a-hearing pickney?)

The CCJ drops interest rate from 17 % to 6% for Belize Bank debt
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) met at its Port of Spain, Trinidad headquarters yesterday, Wednesday, and via a teleconference hearing between its headquarters and Belize, it handed down a ruling in a government of Belize application for the $90 million judgment debt that was awarded to Belize Bank. The Government of Belize had filed an application at the court challenging the 17 percent compounded interest rate that the arbitration panel had affixed to the judgment in favor of the Belize Bank. Government had asked the court to lower the interest rate on the judgment to the statutory 6 percent that the laws of Belize call for. The CCJ’s Hon. Adrian Saunders explained the court’s decision to lower the interest on the $90 million judgment debt.

Kearney Thompson, 31, succumbs to gunshot injuries
The condition of Kearney Thompson, 31, a laborer of Belize City who was at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in a critical condition after suffering from gunshot wounds in the lower right side of the back and in the left lower abdomen, took a turn for the worse, and he died at the hospital yesterday morning while undergoing treatment. Information to us is that at about 7:00 Saturday evening, March 3, Thompson was sitting on a verandah in an apartment complex on Vernon Street, where he lives, when a gunman invaded the yard from behind and shot him.

Missing man, 23, found dead in Belize River in Roaring Creek
The body of Alvin Montero, 23, who was reported missing on Sunday in Roaring Creek, was found floating in the Belize River at about 9:30 this morning. Montero, who is from Santa Elena, Cayo District, had moved to Roaring Creek from his hometown of Santa Elena to be the caretaker of a house in the Another World area of that village. The body was found by two women who were part of a search party that were out looking for him. The women raised the alarm and they were heard by two men who were working in the area. The men went over to see what was happening and saw the body, floating face-up, in the water.

The Reporter

‘Guacamole Suppression Unit’ was out of line, says Deputy ComPol Chester Williams
Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, has condemned the actions of several police officers who appeared on a widely circulated video which purportedly showed the brutalizing of an avocado vendor. Williams said that the entire situation was regrettable and should have been handled differently for various reasons. […]

Indigenous groups recoil, restrengthen
The groups that make up the Belize National Indigenous Council (BENIC) have met to discuss ways to restrengthen in order to address concerns about the environment, the economy and social challenges, The Garifuna, along with the Q’eqchi’, Mopan, and Yucatec Maya people believe that the […]

Belize moves up in World Happiness Report
Belize has moved up one space in the World Happiness Report commissioned by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, moving up from 50th last year to 49th place currently. The report, which ranks 160 countries, goes beyond citizen satisfaction, and analyzes country scores in six major […]

Belize going green, phasing out plastic bags and foam plates
Cabinet, this week, approved a proposal to reduce plastic and Styrofoam pollution through the phasing out of single-use plastic shopping bags and Styrofoam and plastic food utensils by April 22, 2019. The Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development; the Ministry of Investment, Trade and […]

Bloodbath in Belize City
Belize city is still reeling from a surge in gun violence over the weekend that claimed the lives of five residents in a matter of hours. Victor Gibbs, Kendis Flowers, Theresita Flowers, Delcia Blanco, Denroy Alvarez, were all shot and killed between March 16-18, with each incident telling a […]

Two acres of marijuana found in the Chiquibul
During a routine joint patrol, rangers from Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) and the Belize DefenSe Force found a marijuana plantation in the Chiquibul National Park, which spanned two acres. FCD reported that the joint patrol found the plantation, which had marijuana plants averaging around five […]

Man hospitalized after attack in Caye Caulker rendered him unconscious
A man was seriously wounded and remains in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was attacked and beaten about his head on Sunday night in Caye Caulker. Shawn Magana, 23, was reportedly leaving the Island Queen bar on the Back Street (Avenida Mangle) on […]

Missing Dangriga swimmer found dead in river
Early on Monday morning Dangriga police recovered 45-year-old Brian Gregory Valerio’s body from the South Stann Creek river after he went missing while swimming on Saturday evening. According to police, Valerio’s body was found after 7:30 a.m. on Monday by family members searching in the area. The […]

Oscar Arnold is new Belize City Deputy Mayor
Oscar Arnold, a career banker of about 20 years, was chosen this week among his fellow elected Councilors as Belize City’s new Deputy Mayor. Arnold, who was sworn in last week Wednesday along with the new People’s United Party (PUP) Council, will serve in that […]

US-based company gets managing contract for Civic
It has been more than a year in the workings – a management contract for a company deemed fit to operate and maintain the newly-built Belize Civic Centre and keep it in the mint condition in which it is being handed over. That contract was […]

Belize expanding mutton production with Taiwan’s help
Belizeans who enjoy curry goat and mutton stew will be happy to know that Belize farmers throughout the country are improving the blood line of their sheep and goat herds to expand production and access export markets with certified quality and consistent quantity of supply […]

Singapore police reported 135 total days without crime in 2016
by Adele Ramos, Freelance Report I wrote some weeks ago about our Central American neighbor, Honduras, who made a dent in its terrible crime profile with decisive leadership action that included cleaning up corruption within the ranks of their police force. No country in the […]

The black tide of gangland murders (6 persons dead in Belize City in one week) has quite overwhelmed Belize City, forcing the Prime Minister to invoke emergency powers of search and detention under the Constitution for certain areas of Belize City where gang influence is high. The gangs have consolidated […]

PUP slams UDP budget – “Elections now!”
Briceño closed by saying: “If you’re tired, quit; if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen! Call the Elections now!” By William Ysaguirre Freelance Reporter “Call the Elections now!” Opposition Leader John Briceño exhorted Prime Minister Dean Barrow, when the debate on the Barrow administration’s proposed budget […]

B.N.T.U. marches on Belmopan
Incensed by the reinstatement of Belmopan area representative, John Saldivar, as Minister of National Security, with responsibility for both the Police and the Belize Defence Force, some 600 teachers responded to the call of their leaders in the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) to march […]

UHS court battle rages on, GOB gets partial win
After repeated losses in the complicated court battle over the Universal Health Services (UHS) debt guarantee, the government of Belize finally obtained a small victory at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) this week with respect to the application of interest rates. The CCJ made […]

PUP anti-crime proposals call for removal of ComPol Whylie
Opposition Leader, John Briceno has called for the removal of Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie as part of a four-pronged proposal to improve Belize’s crime-fighting mechanism. The People’s United Party (PUP) leader and his deputy leader, Cordel Hyde called a press conference on Tuesday afternoon in Belize City to speak […]

KHMH’s roof in critical condition; No word from engineers
Up to press time, the Ministry of Health could not provide a definite date on when the team of Mexican engineers would be coming in to do the structural assessment of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). Chief Executive Officer in the MOH, Dr. Ramon Figueroa, explained that the team […]

Three-year-old kidnapped! Police asks public’s help…
The police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating 3-year-old Khiya Smith, who police say was taken from her home in the St. Martin’s area of Belize City on Thursday morning. She has short, curly hair and was last seen wearing short jeans pants, a purple blouse and white slippers. […]


Marine biologist Lisa Carne cultivates coral for a healthier reef
As a young girl growing up in California, USA, Lisa Carne knew at a tender age that she was in love with the creatures of the sea. “I must have been 11 years old when I touched a dolphin in captivity. The dolphin was in a small, shallow holding tank racing in tight circles with crowds of people and no ‘supervisor’-it was horrific, and when I touched it, I knew the whole set up was wrong and that the animal should have been in the ocean where it belongs. Flash forward to 1994: on my first trip to southern Belize I swam with wild dolphins for over 90 minutes, and that was just one of many reasons I knew Placencia would be my home forever.” Lisa moved to Belize in 1995 and her first ‘job’ was ‘volunteer research assistant’ at Carrie Bow Caye, the Smithsonian field station.

Caye Caulker Go Slow lifestyle
Caye Caulker has always had a few families for about 10,000 years. The island sits in the middle of a natural feeding grounds and migratory routes for many fish, the conch and lobster industries. These grounds run about 8 miles in any seaward direction. So Caye Caulker’s official motto is “Go slow.” This is probably directed at your need to operate on Caribbean island speed but might also refer to the fact that Caye Caulker, Belize has two cemeteries and zero hospitals.The island of Caye Caulker takes up a total of six square miles. What makes Caye Caulker so charming, is that, the fact that all the island’s power is generated by a couple hundred iguanas on hamster wheels.

International Sourcesizz

New project launched to foster banana production
The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the European Union (EU), the Banana Growers’ Association (BGA) and the University of Belize (UB) launched a new project that will promote and foster social and economic development in the banana belt area of Belize, leading to the reduction of poverty by focussing on workers, their families and communities. The Banana Belt, which generates a significant number of jobs in the region, comprises 10 growers and 23 farms of relatively large holdings of plantation farms that are located in the southern Stann Creek and northern Toledo Districts. The BGA is the statutory body representing these growers. The project entitled “Productivity enhancement of banana farms through integrated soil fertility management in the banana belt area of Belize” is a joint action of the Banana Accompanying Measures (BAM) 2013 programme, to provide financial assistance to this country’s banana sector.

How the ancient Maya reared dogs for food
The Maya, a civilization that thrived in central America for almost two millennia, were skilled farmers, famed for developing highly technical irrigation systems, managing the tropical climate, and cultivating protein-heavy crops to feed their dense urban populations. But they did not stop at squash, beans and maize. A new chemical analysis of animal bones found in a 3,000-year-old city in modern-day Guatemala provides the earliest picture yet of how the Mesoamerican civilization -- that stretched across Mexico, Guatemala and Belize and peaked between 250 and 900 AD -- bred and traded dogs, and may even have raised some for ceremonial purposes. It suggests that the Maya in the city of Ceibal kept big cats in captivity, and not only ate dogs but also transported them long distances as early as 400 BC.

Caribbean Association of Banks concerned about EU’s “Blacklist”
The Caribbean Association of Banks Inc. (CAB) is deeply concerned about the recent inclusion of Caribbean territories on the European Union Commission’s (EU) list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes. The list names countries which have not displayed sufficient commitment to the tax standards identified by the EU. Blacklisting has debilitating effects on our Caribbean economies, specifically: · It exacerbates the perception of our Region as ‘High Risk’ and consequently, negatively affects the risk profile of regional financial institutions and the willingness of correspondent banks to do business with them; · It severely reduces critically-needed development funding from the EU and limits the ability of Caribbean territories to pursue their development goals; and · It makes the region vulnerable to future sanctions and financial penalties, which may be levied against “blacklisted” jurisdictions.


  • Eric Neal, Indigenous Peoples in Belize: Guaranteeing Security and Rights for All, 22min. Belize National Research Conference 22 March 2018

  • 2 HOURS IN BELIZE | Caye Caulker, 4min. The best few days in Caye Caulker, Belize! It is the most gorgeous, heavenly island I've ever been to. I swam with turtles, baby sharks, a manatee and sting rays, I watched the sunset from a white sand beach, I had amazing food, a few too many rums, and want to go back and live there!

  • Zip line fun in Belize, 6min.

  • The Road to Hopkins, 11min.

  • Belize NIFA, 7min.

  • false killer whales off belize, 1min. false killer whales on way to goffs caye.

  • Talk Ah Di Town March 22, 2018, 32min.

  • Grace & You Coconut Satay Conch, 27min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Yoga, 28min. on Open Your Eyes

  • BTIA, 16min. on Open Your Eyes

  • The Belize Road Safety Initiative, 39min. on Open Your Eyes

  • San Pedro will be buzzing with activities for the Easter Break, 17min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Caye Caulker Belize, 2.5min. Lets tour Belize. A Unique and adventurous place. Not the biggest or most populated country in the world but we are a multi-culture community. Enjoy the beginning of I Tour Belize.

  • Kristyn Tillet Professes at 20,000 Strong Rally, 5min. Ms. Tillet delivered one of the best poems ever on empowerment. Seeing her do this live was incredible! Tears welled up in many of our eyes. She will be leading Belize some day, and more power to her. This video should be played in every school, every class, every semester! "On Friday, March 16th, Kristyn Tillet, a first form student of Corozal Community College transmitted a powerful and chilling poem on the empowerment and participation of adolescents; a poem which resulted in a standing ovation from everyone in attendance at the 20,000 STRONG Women’s Empowerment Rally. Kristyn was one of 9 dynamic speakers whose voices were heard that day."

  • Double-Toothed Kite; Belize, 2min.

  • Dj Competition Belize, 5min.

  • Belize Cave Tubing Excursion Norwegian Cruise Line NCL Carnival Royal Caribbean - Chukka Butts Up, 3min. Belize Cave Tubing Excursion on Norwegian Cruise Line NCL. This Excursion was run by and it was fantastic. Other cruise lines such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Princess may use Chukka for this excursion or one of the other tour companies like Butts Up. The location is about 1.25 hours from the cruise port in Belize City. We went by tour bus on a scenic drive through the country and jungle. After a 30 min walk you get to enjoy a breathtaking tube ride through the mountain on a river. It was wonderful. Our excursion also included lunch. There were also options to add zip lining to this excursion.

  • Ride from Corozal to Orange Walk, Belize, 5min. My 1st impressions of Belize. This country is so different than what I expected or imagined. I thought it would be similar to Mexico and Guatemala but it isn't. So interesting. The national language is English, the population is mostly Black and everyone speaks with a Jamaican like accent. There are big Jehovah Witness, Morman and Mennonite communities as well. The grocery stores are all owned by Chinese. Belize is a fascinating place. Today, my ride to Orange Walk was about 35 miles which is my favorite distance. There was a nice breeze and it wasn't as hot.

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