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The San Pedro Sun

Caye Caulker 3rd Annual Lionfish Derby competition shows a decrease in the invasive species
Caye Caulker’s 3rd Annual Lionfish Derby Competition, held on Saturday, March 24th at the Barrier Reef Sports Bar and Grill, assisted in reducing the population of the invasive species in local waters. The competition saw the following 10 teams competing to win prizes in four categories; Contour, Sagebrush from San Pedro’s Amigos Del Mar Dive Shop, Scuba Sensation, Belize Diving services, APBX, Lions Fish Hunters, Miguel, French Angel, Los Locos and Caye to Happiness.

Marco Gonzalez Spring Equinox Event a Grand Success
A very successful Spring Equinox event was held at the Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Reserve on March 18th and was wrapped up on Tuesday with La Sirene General Manager Greg Pisarczyk and Daniel Matusiak, Director of Marketing/Sales, presenting a Gold Sponsor check of $2,000 to Jan Brown, Chairman of the Board, MGMSAC, Ltd. “We are delighted to be the best of neighbors with La Sirene to our south,” said Ms. Brown. “They have been a sponsor before and we appreciate this wonderful donation.”

Wolfe’s Woofer: Math
"Thanks for the ride home, Mr. Dennis,” Mario said. “I would like to ask you one more favor, though.” “Maybe,” I told him. “When will you pay me back?” “Oh, no. I don’t need to borrow money this time. I need some advice about wiring up the electricity for that room I just added on my house. We’ll sit on the porch and I’ll get Consuela to bring us a beer.” “What’s wrong with you?” he asked Consuela, when she brought our drinks. “You look all vexed.”

Guest Editorial: Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall
by Lisa M. Shoman. The KHMH is not even 23 years old. Its doors were opened in September of 1995. It’s probably a good thing Dr. Karl Heusner isn’t alive to see what the edifice named after him has become, and I can only imagine the embarrassment it is to his living relatives. When we build a home, we certainly expect it to last in excellent condition (with some sensible maintenance and repair) for at least 25 years. Apparently, we were not entitled to assume the same for the building which houses nation’s primary referral health institution. We Jewelizeans love to run mean jokes about what the acronym KHMH stands for, but the truth is, for all save the wealthy 1%, the KHMH is the frontline for saving lives in Belize.

Doctor Love: Name Withheld
Dear Doctor Love, In October you gave some advice to a woman whose boyfriend would not take the last step in their relationship and marry her. Your answer was that she should accept the level of commitment he was willing to give her or break up and find a man who would sign on the dotted line. In your words, “The doctor likes to think that a marriage of the heart and mind is more important than the ring and the paper.”

Ambergris Today

Amigos Del Mar Takes Lionfish Tournament In Caye Caulker
The Amigos del Mar Dive Shop Team, San Pedro, came out victorious at the 3rd Annual Lionfish Derby held in Caye Caulker on Saturday, March 24, 2018. Teammates Anita, Shamir, Mikey and Maverick managed to dive and catch 121 Lionfish and the first place trophy. The tournament is sponsored by the Barrier Reef Sports Bar in Caye Caulker in collaboration with Oceana Belize. Prizes were given out for the most lionfish caught, the smallest lionfish and the largest lionfish. Congratulations to Amigos del Mar of San Pedro and all other participants/winners at the 3rd Annual Lionfish Derby.

SJC & SCA Classes Of ’78 Celebrate 40 Year Reunion
After several months of planning, the combined classes of Saint John’s College and Saint Catherine Academy alumni ’78 held its 40th reunion at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City on Saturday, March 10, 2018. Over 100 alumni, friends and teachers came from all over the United States and Belize to fill the beautifully decorated Caracol Room and enjoy an evening of entertainment and fellowship. Present at the event were both former SJC and SCA headmaster and principal. Father Timothy Thompson, SJC Headmaster ‘78, opened the event with a prayer and during a time of sharing Sister Mercy, SCA principal ’78, recalled the special times she had with her “girls”. Several other former teachers in attendance including SCA teachers Mrs. Alice Castillo and Ms. Eloisa Reyes and current SCA principal Mrs. Salome Tillett and her spouse; and former SJC teachers Mr. Jorge Pelayo, Mr. Eric Neal, and Mr. Manuel Esquivel and spouse. Also in attendance was current President Mrs. Mirtha Peralta and her spouse. The alumni committee recognized each teacher with a gift basket.

Misc Belizean Sources


Maya Day 2018
It was beautiful seeing all of the activities and people at Maya Day 2018. Tomorrow we begin planning Maya Day 2019. We want to see more people involved. The Kekchi Maya,Mopan Maya and Yucatec Maya together for Maya day celebrating our culture,heritage and identity as Maya of Belize .

Maya Day 2018
From the far north of Belize came our Yucatec brothers and sisters. You inspire our people with the amazing dances and ball game. We will reciprocate the visit soon. Thank you to the Northern Association of Maya Yucatec

Ministry of National Security Statement on Incident in Mayflower Street Area, Belize City
The Ministry of National Security has reviewed the facts surrounding the confrontation, which occurred on Sunday, March 25th, between security personnel and residents of the Mayflower Street Area. The Ministry is satisfied that there was justifiable cause for security personnel to enter the area as there were multiple reports of gunfire in the vicinity, which created a state of fear and panic among residents in the area. Furthermore, the Ministry is satisfied that the authorities exercised great restraint in the face of verbal and physical attacks on them. The incident resulted in the injury of two (2) Police Officers.

2 DAY FREE EVENT !!!!! Who's ready for the Easter weekend? Higher Levelz Promotions and the San Pedro Town Council have partnered to bring you a line up of some of the best DJ's and performers in the country! Over 15 performers! See you on Saturday, March 31 and April 1st at Nook's on the beach!

CARPHA and EU Team Up To Train Regional Laboratory Technicians
Under the auspices of the European Union, the laboratories of the Caribbean Agency for Public Health (CARPHA) offered a basic course in the updating of serological diagnostic techniques for the Zika virus. Thirteen participants from the Trinidad and Tobago Public Health Laboratory (TPHL), Insect Vector Control Division (IVCD), Eric Williams Medical Sciences Centre (EWMSC), and some technicians from the Regional Health Authorities, were trained in the detection of human antibodies against Zika Virus. This training will have a positive impact on the strengthening of laboratory capacities in Trinidad and Tobago and will be repeated in 5 CARPHA member states".

Earth Hour 2018
FOCUS sends a huge thank you to the CYEN Belize, Oceana Belize, Corozal Town council, CJC Eagles and CEMJC pioneers for working together to make this event successful. Also, a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Omar Vasquez and Mrs. Ruth Shoman for the sponsoring of the new Earth Hour banner.

Caye Caulker Easter Traffic Note
The Caye Caulker Traffic Control Committee is hereby informing the general public that the following portions of Avenida Hicaco Street: from Fantasy Dining to Bambooze Restaurant and 7 Days store to Amigo’s Restaurant, will be blocked between the hours of 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM on Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. This will also continue on all other weekends as well. NO VEHICLES ARE ALLOWED TO CUT THROUGH BARRICADES IN THIS AREA. Police & fire department are the only ones allowed. Please respect blockage area.

Vamps Ice Cream in Corozal
1st Avenue, Corozal - "Now you can get your Vamps Ice Cream in cones, shakes, sundaes and banana splits. You can still buy our packaged Ice Cream in stores but we're offering you ambience with your favorite ice cream. We're excited to invite you to our opening this Thursday at 10 a.m."

Thunderbolt Water Taxi:- Easter Schedule:
Monday, 26th March through Thursday, 29th March:- Corozal to San Pedro 7:00 am. San Pedro to Corozal 3:00 pm. Stops in Sarteneja 7:30 am and 4:30 pm. Good Friday 30th March NO RUNS. RESUME regular runs on Saturday, March 31st.

Human Development Office in San Ignacio Relocated
The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation hereby informs the public that effective April 3, 2018, the new location for the Human Development Office in San Ignacio is on the 3rd floor of the new San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Hall building located on No. 28 Maya Street, adjacent of Falcon Field, San Ignacio Town. The public is further reminded that the office’s telephone number remains the same which is 804-2098.

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, The San Pedro Town Council held its first Movie Night at Central Park: Easter edition, showing Hop. It was definitely a fun night as the kids had their face painted and took pictures with the colorful Easter frame - even the adults got in the fun! While watching the movie, the children were treated to popcorn and juice.

Another mural is under way as part of the Corozal Street Art Movement (CSAM)
Artist and educator Vianay Bautista Alpuche is spending part of her Easter break creating something very special!

Travel Advisory to Mexico this Easter 2018
This information is published as a service to Belizeans to inform travellers as to Mexican laws and regulations so that they can adequately prepare for their travel to Mexico and avoid unnecessary difficulties. It is updated as new information becomes available or to provide clarification. Have a safe and happy Easter! A. IMMIGRATION & CUSTOMS 1. Belizeans do not require a Visa to visit Mexico. This applies to the entire country - from Chetumal to Tijuana. 2. Only Passports and “Border Cards” (Tarjeta de Visitante Regional - TVR) are valid for entry to Mexico.

Let your travelling feet take you to our beautiful and scenic Sarteneja Village this Easter April 1st 2018. It will be a day for all the family to build wonderful memories and have lots of fun. We will be there so we will see you there.

Realize Belize Easter Drop-in
Realize Belize had their pre-Easter function at Hode's on Saturday. "Thanks to all the individuals with disabilities, and children, parents and families who came out to our Easter drop-in today in San Ignacio - thanks for sharing your time with us! It was great to see so many people - old friends and new...we look forward to seeing you again at another Realize event!"

Channel 7

Street Style Gun Salute for Slain Gangster Leads To GSU/Ghost Town Showdown
The funeral for notorious gang figure, 26 year old Kendis Flowers funeral was held yesterday in Belize City. As we've been reporting, Flowers was a senior member of the Ghost Town Crips and yesterday, as a send off, some of his fellow gang members rendered a street version of the 21 Gun Salute. Now, that kind of salute is reserved for state funerals, but yesterday the streets did their version, and it sent chills through the Mayflower Street neighborhood - near Vernon Street. After the funeral and the procession were finished, the GSU went in to arrest those who they believed were discharging firearms indiscriminately in public. But they stepped into a volatile situation of a grieving family who believes that same GSU killed their loved one!

Crazy Vendetta Killing Extends Cycle of Retaliation
And from lawlessness in Ghost Town, we turn now to the weekend murders, starting with the one which happened in the Lord's Bank Village. Over the past 2 weeks, we've been showing you the street feuds in the Lake Independence Area of Belize City that have claimed the lives of 2 older women in 2 separate families. 52 year-old Bernadine Louriano was murdered in her home on Aloe Vera Street. It is believed that she was targeted by her son's enemies in an attempt to get at him. Then, a week later, 64 year-old Theresita Flowers and 17 year-old Delcia Blanco, were shot and killed in their home on Tibruce Street, which is only 1 street away from Lauriano's home.

Louriano Charged For Double Murder
And while Orellana was killed in Ladyille, his relative, 19 year old Alejandro Louriano was today charged with last weekend's double murder of 17 year old Delcia Blanco and 64 year old Theresita Flowers. Louriano appeared before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford today where he was remanded into custody until May 30th. Louriano allegedly shot and killed Blanco and Flowers in their home on Saturday, March 18th. 2 others were injured in this brazen shooting as well.

Businessman Murdered In His Yard
And while that large imprint of violence defies comprehension, far from the center of Belize City violence, a well known businessman was found murdered last night in a residential neighborhood at mile 8 on the George Price Highway. 64-year-old Mario Guerrero was found dead in his own yard at Sunset Park. Sahar Vasquez has more: Mario Guerrero Senior was a talented sea captain known for his skill in traversing calm or rough waters. The 64 year old owned the popular boat service named Guerrero's Charter Service, but his mastery of the seas was of no help last night when two men pounced on him in his yard at Sunset Park.

Killing On Trio Road, Toledo
And the weekend's third murder happened in the Toledo District. A Trio Village man was stabbed to death and robbed over the weekend. 36 year old Guatemalan Mario Oddilio Loyo was last seen on Friday when he went to cash his pay cheque. But Loyo's body was found yesterday evening around 5:00 in a drain on the village road with nothing but his underwear. Today police told us what else they found. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB: "Information was received by Independence police and as a result police went to an area that is about 4 miles from the junction of the southern highway into Trio road where upon arrival they observed the motionless body of a male person lying face down inside of drain."

Fatal Accident On Southern Hwy
A man was knocked down and killed on the Southern Highway this weekend. It happened yesterday before midday near Bladden Village. Guatemalan Jose Cac was drunk and he was staggering across the highway when Elisabelia Gilharry, who was heading to Bella Vista in her car, slammed into Cac. He died shortly after. We spoke to an eyewitness and she told us what she saw. Kayla Cadle, Eyewitness: "We were inside and then we just heard a hard knock and all three of us ran out and when we came out we saw the man on the ground but the car stop and we just run out to try and help the man but he was already dead."

Fuel Prices Going Up For Easter
Fuel prices are going up at midnight - so if you are driving anywhere for Easter, you might want to fill up that gas tank right after the news. Premium gas is going up by 15 cents to $11.39 per gallon; Regular is going up by 43 cents to $10.61 per gallon; while diesel is going up by 25 cents per gallon to $10.13 per gallon. Kerosene is increasing by 24 cents per gallon.

Gunshot Falls From The Sky through KHMH Roof
At the top of the news we told you about all those shots fired in Mayflower Street in the gun salute for slain gang member Kendis Flowers. That happened during the Flowers funeral at around 3:00 pm. And, by very strange coincidence - right around that time a bullet came down out of the sky and went right through a piece of zinc roofing at the KHMH emergency room. A release from the hospital says, quote, "a bullet penetrated the roof of the KHMHA building at our Accident and Emergency Department… and while no one was injured, the outcome could have been gravely different." End quote. From our understanding, the bullet came from above the hospital.

Shotgun Hunter Thought He Saw A Racoon; It Was His Friend and Sons
Last week we told you about a hunting trip gone wrong where a man and his two sons were shot. Fortunately it wasn't fatal. It happened last week Sunday night in the New Road Area of PG. Farmer Santos Cucul went hunting for raccoons in his cornfield. Cucul saw what appeared to him like the raccoons eye and fired his shotgun injuring his friend Raphael Choj Sr. and his two sons. Well, this weekend our team met with Choj's daughter and Cucul to get both sides of the story. We start off with Esmeralda Choj who explained what caused the confusion. Esmeralda Choj, Daughter: "This last Sunday that past my father and two brothers went out hunting but actually they found a little creek and they love to fish so they went down and start to fish in the creek. Then my brother told me because they were the first ones I spoke to, they told me that they saw when the man went into his farm."

The Search For Seguro
Tonight, a family from Biscayne village in the Belize District continues to worry about the wellbeing of 64 year-old Alfred Seguro. He left his house last week, and hasn't been heard from for 5 days and counting. His family tells us that he's a stroke victim, and ever since that event, he's had a habit of wandering around the village, but he has never gone missing for more than an overnight. This morning, we found his family and police searching in the bushes behind Biscayne. His niece told us today that they are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst possible outcome:

Shootings in City This Weekend
A Lebanese business owner shot at a man on Saturday evening. Fortunately it wasn't fatal. There was some dispute between businessman Khalid El Turk and Felicito Cho at the corner of Central American Blvd and Ceasar Ridge Street. Turk pulled out his gun and fired at Cho. Police told us more. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB: "There other 3 shooting incidents in the city. The first one occurred on Saturday the 24th of March 2018 sometime after 5:00 pm. Felicito Cho a truck driver was inside of his truck which was parked at the corner of Central American Blvd and Caesar Ridge Street when he was approached by the owner of the truck businessman namely Mr. Khaled El Turk where a confrontation ensued between the two of them, Khaled pulled out his license firearm and fired several shots at Mr. Cho injuring him on his right wrist and receiving abrasion to his left foot and forehead. Police at the scene detained Mr. Khaled."

Gang Rivalry Led To Mopan Street Shooting
3 city residents - including a minor and a female were injured in a Sunday night shooting. 17 year old Tariq Myles, 27 year old Derrick Pineda and 32 year old Natisha Tillett were hanging out at a Mopan Street house when two gunmen rode up and shot at them. Police say it may be as a result of an ongoing gang rivalry in the area. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB: "Police were called to the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital where they saw 2 male persons and a female suffering from various gunshot wounds. The first male person was identified as Tariq Miles, he had a gunshot wound to the right side of his buttocks. The other person was identified as Derek Pineda..."

Kelly Street Shooting Leaves Man Critical
Police are also looking at gang rivalry as a possible motive for a Kelly street shooting that has left one man critical. It happened on Saturday night where well-known car washer Fabio Paradez was struck to his legs. Police told us more: ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB: "Police responded to shots fired at the corner of Kelly Street and Hunters Lane and as a result upon arrival they were informed that a shooting victim was at the KHMH, upon checking at the KHMH police observed Fabio Paradez, Belizean laborer of Berkley's Street suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to both legs. Mr. Paradez was admitted in a critical condition and still is in a critical condition at the KHMH.."

Guat Snorkler Drowns At Hunting Caye
Yesterday evening police found the body of a Guatemalan woman near Hunting Caye in Belize's southern waters. The information is that she went snorkeling in the area and drowned. Here is more from the briefing. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of CIB: "Information just came in a while ago that a female, a Guatemalan female was snorkeling at one of the Cayes around there, I think it is Hunters Caye and she disappeared and as a result Coast Guard was called in and they conducted a search in the area and they recovered the body of a Guatemalan female."

Crime Solvers Catch A Revolver
A 20 year old man was caught with a 38 Special in Belize City on Saturday night - and he's in jail tonight because of it. Around 11:30 on Saturday night, Police saw August riding a bicycle on cemetery road and pulled him over for a stop and search. They say that he took a gun from his pocket and threw it on the ground. Police retrieved the gun and found that it was a .38 revolver with 6 live rounds. Police say August told them he found the revolver on Partridge Street. August was charged with Kept Firearm without a Gun Licence and Kept Ammunition without a Gun Licence.

Chad Eckert, In His Own Defence
Up to one week ago we hadn't heard the name Chad Eckert - but that's when he appeared as the principal of Apex International, the private company that has gotten the contract to manage the Civic Center. It's the most costly public building ever constructed in Belize - and immediately the private management contract came under scrutiny. And Eckert himself came under fire, as the details of an October 2017 lawsuit against him was fed to the press. Turns out that Eckert - who is married to a Belizean - was the owner of Belize Sea Island Cotton which was producing cotton in Northern Belize. Well, his former manager Gustavo Cardenas was suing him claiming that Eckert wronged him in many ways.

A March For Healing
On last week Friday's newscast, we told you about the Light Our Hearts Rally that organizer Shakera Young was putting together as a sort of support group for the grieving families who have lost loved ones to crimes, and gun-related violence. Having lost her son in a tragic murder herself, she understands what the mothers and grieving family members of these victims have been enduring. So, she and her church ministry put together this event in her effort to help these families through the slow healing process they must go through. We stopped by and spoke with her as well as a few of the participants affected by the street violence:

Rt. Hon. Dean Dices and Slices In Budget Wind-Up
The house meeting didn't end until 11:35 on Friday night - an excessively marathon two day event. But the Prime Minister wound up the budget debate about an hour before that. Even thought it was late in the evening, the PM finished on a combative note - taking the Opposition Leader and the Deputy Leader for the west to task for their private land holdings, and those belonging to their families. Here's just some of what he listed and the reaction it elicited:..


Alejandro Lauriano charge with murder of Teresita Flowers and Delcia Blanco
While police investigate the murder of 28-year-old Justin Orellana, the nephew of Bernadine Lauriano, this morning police reported an update into the double murder of 64 year old Teresita Flowers and 17 year old Delcia Blanco, who police say were killed in retaliation for the Lauriano homicide. ASP Alejandro Cowo said a nineteen-year-old family member …

Businessman attacked and killed outside residence
Police are also investigating the murder of businessman Mario Guererro, whose body was found outside his residence in the Sunset Park area of Western Paradise Village after nine o’clock on Sunday night. ASP Cowo says Guerrero appears to have been attacked with a stool, but authorities are still working on establishing a motive. ASP Alejandro …

Bernadine Lauriano’s nephew killed
The weekend saw a total of three murders, but not on the street of Belize City as two of incidents happened in Rural Belize and another in the Toledo District. There were also three separate shootings in which five people were injured. We start our coverage of the weekend crime with the murders that were …

Justifiable force was used says Ministry of National Security
The Ministry of National Security says that GSU officers exercised justifiable force during the chaos which exploded on Sunday evening on Mayflower Street. A release from the Ministry states that quote, “there was justifiable cause for security personnel to enter the area as there were multiple reports of gunfire in the vicinity, which created a …

Guatemalan killed in Toledo, an apparent case robbery
Also on Sunday, sometime after six o’clock in the night, police responded to a call of a body found about four miles into the road that leads to Trio Village in the Toledo District. Police say they found 36 year old Mario Loya, a Guatemalan national who lived in Trio Village, in a drain. He …

BTL worth $729 Million
On Thursday, Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno, spent some time during his budget debate presentation on what he termed as “Barrow’s BTL Fiasco”. Briceno criticized the government’s move to nationalize Belize Telemedia Limited, saying that it is not worth a billion dollars as the Prime Minister claimed. Briceno says that as real value based …

PM Barrow shift focus on “Anti-corruption apostle”
And after he was done with PUP Leader John Briceno, the Prime Minister shifted his attention to Cayo South Area Representative, Julius Espat. Like with Briceno, the Prime Minister outlined several land transactions involving Espat, who he described as a supposed “Anti-corruption apostle”.

Prime Minister calls out Opposition Leader over land transactions
On Friday night, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dean Barrow closed the 2018 budget debate. Earlier this month the Prime Minister presented the budget he entitled “Maintaining Steadiness; Consolidating Stability; Advancing Growth.” The Opposition, People’s United Party, was given two weeks to prepare for the budget debate. With parliamentarians from both sides of the …

Five injured in Belize City shootings
Three separate shootings left five persons injured over the weekend. The first incident happened around five o’clock on Saturday when 45 year old Felicito Cho was shot in his foot. Police report that Cho was inside a white tow truck with his wife when they were approached by the owner of the truck. The owner …

Advocate Eva Middleton dies
The Belize Assembly for Persons with Diverse Abilities (BAPDA) has suffered a great loss as a result of the death of its Manager, Eva Middleton. She passed away at the hospital on Saturday night after she suffered a stroke about two weeks ago. Middleton was known for work in advocating for the rights of persons …

Chaos erupts on Mayflower Street
Things turned ugly on Sunday on Mayflower Street in Belize City as the GSU descended in the area in an attempt to detain a ‘Ghost Town Gang” affiliate. The crowd was not having it and chaos erupted with shots being fired and bottles thrown and broken. If you are on Facebook you might have already seen videos of the incident, showing the pandemonium that unfolded following the funeral of Kendis Flowers.

Bullet penetrates KHMH roof
A bullet penetrated the roof of the KHMH on Sunday afternoon. At around three o’clock the bullet pierced the roof above the Accident and Emergency Department. No one was injured, but the KHMH today expressed concern about the safety of its patients, visitors and staff.

Health Minister addresses KHMH’s roof issues
During the budget debate, Minister of Health Pablo Marin addressed the issues facing the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital. As we have reported, the KHMH is facing structural problems which have caused it to operate at fifty percent capacity.

AMJ inviting youths to shot some hoops
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at (AMJ) is hosting a basketball camp scheduled to take place from March 25 to March 30. The Ahmadiyya Muslims have chosen basketball as a means to reach the youths of Belize. Love News spoke with Naveed Mangla, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at in Belize about the basketball camp. Usman Jamil, …

Deputy Mayor speaks about plans for old capital
We also had the opportunity to speak with the newly elected Deputy Mayor of Belize City, Oscar Arnold. He told Love News his financial background will help him to effectively execute his duties. Arnold said that while campaigning residents brought to their attention the problem of the drain covers across the city. He added that …

DJ Competition Climax
The Belikin Belize DJ Championship was held in several different districts and tonight those district winners will compete in the national competition. A total of eight deejays will be competing. Music Ambassador, Shyne Barrow shared with the media the categories the deejays will be judged on. For the Belize district competition, DJ Puffy was in …

Mayor Vellos shares vision for Corozal
The March 7 municipal elections, ushered in many new faces that now sit on town and city councils. As we reported yesterday, the Ministry of Local Government put together a two-day conference to get the newly elected leaders acquainted with their roles and responsibilities. One of those new faces is Rigoberto Vellos, the Mayor of …

McKenzie feels he is the right man for the job
Ashton McKenzie, the newly elected Mayor of Punta Gorda feels that given his experience as a past councilor he is the right fit for Punta Gorda and can bring about the change the town needs. McKenzie shared with Love News his plans to help the development of that municipality. McKenzie said that his council …

Taxation is natural, says Minister Wilfred Elrington
Parliamentarians are at this hour still debating the 2018/2019 budget. The second day of debate began with a lengthy presentation by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Pickstock Area Representative, Wilfred Elrington. Elrington focused on the need to emphasize efforts in providing quality education to at risk youths in order to reduce major crime in the …

It’s a “no meat in the ham” budget- Julius Espat
Following Minister Wilfred Elrington’s presentation, Cayo South Area Representative, Julius Espat, rose to contribute to the debate. Espat criticized the Government’s budget as one which has fiscally fatigued over this past decade. Espat says that the best tools to effectively root out corruptions are the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and the Integrity Commission while taking …

It’s a “barrow-gant’ budget, says Kareem Musa
The next parliamentarian to make his contribution to the budget debate was Caribbean Shores Area Representative, Kareem Musa. Musa began by describing the budget as a “barrow-gant” budget.

‘Boots’ goes on the offensive
Anthony Martinez is the Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. He began his budget presentation by speaking out against the recent spike of crimes against women and children. This issue, he says, is not one that can be solved by the Government, much less by a single Ministry. Martinez says that this …


Repair Work Starts on the Road, North Ambergris Caye
As you head north from San Pedro town…over the bridge… The road is paved for about 3.5 miles. And then unpaved. Over the past year…through the rainy season…and traffic, including the non-stop (from 6am to 5pm) running of dump trucks from the quarry to town…the road has become bad. And then it became worse. And then it became a chiropractic situation. Our daily golf cart jaunt from our home at 7 miles north to San Pedro town turned into a MAJOR grind. 30 minutes turned into almost an hour with jagged rocks exposed and deepening holes. But…just two days ago…REJOICE! The grader is here. The road roller is here. And in the two days that it has been working, it has smoothed the road between Belizeans Shores, passing Las Terrazas Resort and is already up to Portofino.

7 Great events you don't want to miss in Belize
From scuba diving to hiking up Mayan ruins or caving like Indiana Jones, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities in Belize. You’re probably thinking that you’ve been there and done that in Central America—perhaps in Costa Rica or Mexico. But more than likely, you haven’t experienced what makes Belize unique from its neighbors: its fusion of Caribbean, African, Latin and Mayan cultures. From a West-Indian style carnival in Belize City to lobster feasts, Garifuna John Canoe dance contests and chocolate celebrations in Punta Gorda, planning a visit around one of the following seven local festivals in Belize will give you unique insight into its melting pot culture—the kind you won’t experience across the border.


  • 3rd ANNUAL LION FISH DERBY, 3min. Join us on our epic journey as we share the day with a crew at the 3rd Annual Lion Fish Derby. The lion fish is an invasive species hardly any known predator other than the spear. This event was hosted by Barrier Reef Sports Bar & Grill

  • On Friday, March 16th, The Prime Minister delivered the closing statement for the 2018 Budget Debate, 48min.

  • Corozal Historical Walk Places to visit in Corozal, 3.5min.

  • Belize 2018 - El Pescador Lodge Fly Fishing, 4min.

  • Belize 2018 | Ambergris Caye, 6.5min. We made it to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. It was an amazing pay off to save the beautiful beaches, Cayer Caulker Island, shark diving, amazing new friends, golf cart riding and fresh seafood till the end of our Belize adventure.

  • Hooping at Big Rock Falls, Belize, 1min. ocation: Big Rock Falls, Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize Hooper: Nikki.

  • Belize Ocean Club Resort and Belize Underwater March 2018, 12min. We had a great trip at this resort. Best diving I've seen in the Caribbean. Staff were great, awesome food, a really pleasant visit and break.

  • Cave Tubing in Belize 2018, 21min. Cave tubing in Belize was an amazing experience! The rainforest scenery leading up to the cave was simply amazing. The tour guide that guided us through the cave was full of knowledge and educated us about the cave and the history of Belize.

  • Real talk from Belize, 7min.

  • Corozal Community College 2018 Field Show Belize Band Fest, 14min.

  • Belize Estel's Dine By the Sea!, 1.5min. Great place to eat in San Pedro, Belize!

  • Belize Tour of San Pedro Town, 4min. Ride through San Pedro Town, Belize.

  • Shark Ray Alley Belize, 4min. Nurse sharks and sting rays everywhere.

  • Aquarium dive site Belize, 4min.

  • Half Moon Caye Belize, 5min. Diving half moon caye, there were a lot of reef sharks hanging around.

  • Belize Original #1 Pupusaria, 2min.

  • Belize Hol Chan, 3.5min. Diving with a Manatee at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Belize!

  • Belize Eel Whisperer!, 2min. Scuba diving with eels!

  • Sea turtles Belize, 12min.

  • Corozal Community College 2018 Belize Band Fest, 3min.

  • Cave Tubing ?!? The best travel, MUST SEE in Belize!!, 7min.

  • BDF FC vs San Pedro Pirates FC, 2hr15min. Sunday March 25, BDF Wins 4-0

  • Morning Matters at Caribbean Tire, 67min.

  • New Commander of Eastern Division South, 50min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Introductory lesson on the basics of CPR and First Aid, 35min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Belize 2018, 5min. Trip to Belize 2018 - Ambergris Caye and the Lamanai Mayan archeological site.

  • Nzinga Waite hosts Dr. Doudou D. Faye in Belize, 30min. #2 of 3-video with information regarding the many uses attributed to the natural healing elements of the Neem, Moringa and Shea trees.

  • 2018 Belize City Tour, 26min.

  • 2018 Belize port area, 17min.

  • VISIT OF HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH TO BELIZE., 50min. 30 years ago, 1985. Here is a recording for those of us who love Royalty. This video recording however, is more than just royalty, it recalls an historic event just 4 years after Belize attained it's Political Independence from Great Britain. Those of us who were 10 years old at the time are now fully grown adults. those of us who were 30 years old are now senior citizens. Amazing and interesting to see once again, so many faces at a time when Belize was in it's infancy and those people and faces such as policemen, soldiers, civil and public servants, teachers, school children and more, all who were a part of that historic chapter in the existence of our beloved Belize.