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The San Pedro Sun

SPHS boys win 2018 NSSSA Softball National Tournament; SPHS girls take sub-championship
The San Pedro High School (SPHS) male and female softball teams returned to the island as champions and sub-champions, respectively, from the 2018 National Secondary School Sports Association (NSSSA) Softball Nationals. The tournament took place in Orange Walk Town from Friday, March 23rd to Saturday, March 24th at the People's Stadium where the best secondary schools from the north, central and south regions of the country convened for a weekend of fun and intense competition. Immediately after, individual awards along with trophies and medals for the winning teams were presented. SPHS players shone with awards at the short ceremony. Aaliyah Pilgrim was awarded for the Most Stolen Bases, while Sueny Vasquez was recognized for the Most Strikeouts. Christian Trejo took the prize for the Most Runs Batted In, while Christian Orellana scooped the Most Wins, Most Strikeouts, and Most Valuable Player (MVP) prizes. The San Pedro Sun joins the entire island in congratulating the SPHS male and female softball teams on a job well done at this year's Softball Nationals.

Businessman Mario Guerrero found dead in Belize City
Belizean businessman 64-year-old Mario Guerrero, with family ties in San Pedro Town, was beaten to death in his backyard over the weekend. His lifeless body was found on Sunday, March 25th, and Police are now looking for two men, who apparently were seen socializing with Guerrero the day before. The official police report indicates that on Sunday at 9:30PM police visited #1234, Sunset Park, where Guerrero lived and upon arrival they saw his motionless body, lying face down under a tent with injuries to the head. Guerrero's death is being treated as a murder after a broken stool was found which is believed to have been used to cause the deadly injuries to his head.

BDF dominates San Pedro Pirates F.C 4-0
For the 11th week of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB), the Belize Defense Force (BDF) F.C hosted the San Pedro Pirates F.C at the MCC Grounds. With BDF controlling the match from the beginning, it was a clear victory for them with a 4-0 point score when the end whistle was blown. The match began at 4PM, with BDF controlling the match and scoring the first goal at minute 34, courtesy of Jaren Lambey. The game continued with crosses and passes and the first half come to an end with no more goals. In the second half, BDF aggressively returned and within the first minutes, Trimayne Harris netted another goal for his team. Not satisfied as yet, three minutes later, Harris scored another goal. The match then saw San Pedro Pirates responding with close attempts to score but none successful. In the three extra minutes given, at minute 93, BDF's Kelker Palacio scored another goal for his team. The long whistle was then blown with the victory going to the home team with a 4-0 score.

Ambergris Today

Ambergris Caye Braces For Extreme Water Shortages During Peak Easter Break
Water shortages before and during the Easter break is nothing new to island residents, but it is something that is recurring more often and island residents are pretty much fed up with the water utility company. Certain areas of the island have been experiencing low water pressure for months now and just recently the Belize Water Services Limited has been issuing notices on social media that there will be intermittent interruptions in the water supply because of ongoing works at the Pumping Station. Water never seems to be fully restored when stated and to make things worse they cut off the water supply at nights without explanation.

Misc Belizean Sources


Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday.

New Basketball Rim at Boca del Rio Park
The San Pedro Town Council would like to thank Mr. David who donated a basketball rim and four basketballs for the use at Boca del Rio Park. With the help of Juan Carlos, Kahlen and Alexius, the rim was quickly installed for children to use. Thanks again guys! Thanks to Delva Corina Alvarez for the great pictures!

Dear Prime Minister, We write on behalf of our members of the Belize Cable Television Operators Association. With regards to your recent budget speech on the application of GST on Internet. We are hereby requesting your reconsideration of this proposed increase. The application of GST on this technology would affect the most under privileged in our society, the most remote residents and businesses in our country, the young entrepreneurs needing to communicate with the international market, students research and studies, farmers in remote areas connectivity and the family communications.

San Pedro well represented at SCFM conference!

Easter Holiday weekend
Good Friday, Friday March 30th, Holy Saturday, March 31st and Easter Monday April 2nd will be observed as Public and Bank Holidays. Have a wonderful, safe and enjoyable Easter Holiday weekend.

Join the Ya'axch� team as GIS Specialist!
Join our team as GIS Specialist! The GIS Specialist is expected to oversee the geospatial and sustainable land use activities according to Ya'axch�'s Strategic Plan and will work under the Protected Areas Management Program. Apply today!

Thank you to her female civilian staff and female police officers
On 27.3.2018, in collaboration with Women's Month , Officer commanding Precinct No. 1, Supt. Marcia Moody said thank you to her female civilian staff and female police officers. A total of 20 female's were awarded. Congrats to Supt. Marcia Moody from recognizing the females under her command, and congrats to all those that received an award.

Police Awards in Corozal
Today March 27th, the Corozal Police Formation, held it's monthly general meeting, but before commencing the meeting , Officer in Charge, Sinquest Martinez conducted a physical inspection of officers uniforms and appearances. The meeting was concluded with an award ceremony where six officers were awarded for their outstanding performances for the months of October 2017 to March 2018. Police officer of the year 2017 was awarded to WPC No. 1377 Belky Gilharry.

Women's Month outreach at Central Prison
To commemorate Women's Month, on March 15, the Embassy held a motivational outreach with inmates at the Belize Central Prison. We engaged perpetrators of crime and violence to help self-identify the root causes of violent behavior and to share the resources available for rehabilitation, stressing the importance of support networks. Charg� d 'Affaires Adrienne Galanek spoke about the U.S. Government's assistance to the Government and people of Belize through the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI). Guest speakers Ms. Dianne Finnegan & Mr. Emil Pulido delivered motivational speeches. Belizean singer Shans Moir shared an inspirational song. The Embassy thanks Mr. Virgilio Murillo and his team for the partnership and hopes that programs focused on motivation and rehabilitation will become part of the holistic approach and ongoing programs by the local government and NGOs.

Roy Hale Live Concert in San Pedro
March 28 - April 1 in San Pedro. Roy Hale Live Concert on San Pedro kicking off. Wednesday: March 28th Palapa Bar and Grill 6pm-9pm, Thursday: March 29th Marbucks Coffee House 4:30pm-7:30pm, Saturday: March 31th Banyan Bay Suites 1pm-4pm, Sunday: April 1st Palapa Bar and Grill 1pm-4pm, Sunday: April 1st The Dive Bar 6pm-9pm.

Channel 7

Boatmaker Killed By Friends
Tonight, police say this man, Allen Russell Felix, known as "Dhadi" is wanted for the murder of Mario Guerrero at his home in Sunset Park. Felix is believed to be the man captured on security camera beating Guerrero repeatedly with a barstool right in the driveway of the 64 year old's home. That happened at 5:00 am on Sunday morning. Sahar Vasquez tells us that what ended up as murder - started off as a night of socializing:...

Shot And Killed Man For stealing Mangoes, Perez Gets Off
Ladyville resident Hilberto Perez got off a manslaughter charge in court today. Perez shot 60 year old Daniel Trapp with a pellet gun in 2015 because Trapp was stealing mangoes - Trapp died later that day. A jury of 9 women deliberated for almost 4 hours and they found Perez not guilty of manslaughter. The incident happened on May 9, 2015 at Perez's Ladyille residence. Trapp went to Perez's yard to steal mangoes. Perez hollered at him and told him to leave otherwise he will call the police. But according to Perez Trapp refused and that's when Perez fired hi pellet gun - hitting Trapp in the left side of his chest.

Senate Spars Over Budget
Last Week Thursday and Friday, we brought you coverage of the marathon, 2-day, Budget Debate in the House of the Representatives which went all the way past 11:00 on Friday night. Well today was the Senate's turn to take a go at it, and they were no less thorough. Each of the senators pored over different elements of the budget, exploring - or, as the case may be - magnifying the strengths and the weaknesses. On one side, there were the opponents of the budget who say that the increase in taxes and the deficit financing will make it the next fiscal year very hard times. Then, there were the supporters of the budget who acknowledge that there will be a deficit, but they assert that public spending will continue to remain stable for the most part.

Honourable Gentlemen, Mike and Mark Face Off
So, as you saw just now, UDP's Michael Peyrefitte called out Business Senator Mark Lizarraga on his suggestion that the Government needs to be reducing the amount of public officers hired at this time. That sounds a lot like a call for retrenchment, even though Lizarraga didn't exactly say the dreaded "R" word. Well, that wasn't the only time that the two clashed. In his budget presentation, Lizarraga publicly questioned the function and budget of Peyrefitte's ministerial portfolio as the Attorney General, and the UDP Minister responded saying that he took great offense to that. Here's how that one went:

Cable Operators Plead For No GST on Data
In a few days when the new fiscal year starts, your internet bill will probably be going up. Whether you buy two dollars mobile data from your corner store - that is now expected to be $2.25, or if you buy one of those slick, high speed Diginet packages at home, for, say, 20 megs: instead of $179.00 monthly, that is now expected to be $201.00 dollars monthly. The pricing hasn't been finalized yet, and those figures are projections, but either the price, or the amount of data you get for it has to change because - for the first time - GST will now be applied to internet and data sales.

Violence Expert: Targeting Women For Murder Is Worrying Next Level of Warfare
Today, the University of Belize and the Ministry of Home Affairs finished up a 2-day Seminar with a big theme. It was called Understanding Masculinities and Male Violence in Belize. That misunderstood masculinity is what's driving the epidemic of violence in Belize - and one of the experts who was brought in to try and decode it is Jamaican violence anthropologist, Dr. Herbert Gayle. He's written the definitive study of male violence in Belize - which was released as a book in 2016. But today we tracked him down at the airport to ask him about the violence that we've recently seen indiscriminately targeting women and children. As we've reported three women and one male minor have been murdered, while others have been shot in the city in the last two months.

Gayle: Emergency Areas Can Only Work For So Long
But, before he left, we also asked Gayle about the "Public Emergency Areas" which the Ministry of National Security plans to declare in certain - still unspecified - crime ridden areas of Belize City. This draws a parallel to Jamaica where a state of emergency has been declared in two crime ridden provinces since January - using legal provisions similar to the ones they plan to use in Belize. We asked Gayle whether this is an effective means of containing gang warfare:

Ministry of National security Wants To Talk About Crime
And, hopefully, before it activates those emergency areas, the Ministry of National Security will consult. That's what it plans to do when it embarks on a nationwide consultation with stakeholders. A release says the Ministry plans to, quote, "discuss, and share ideas and possible strategies to address the crime situation in Belize." The release adds that the Ministry has invited the BNTU to meet on April 11th, and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Belize Council of Churches, and the National Trade Union Congress of Belize to meet on April 13th, 2018.

Man Loses Everything When Trailer Home Burns
Tonight, 77 year-old Lionel Williams, a Belize City resident, is homeless after his trailer home on Jabiru Street burnt this morning. He says that he was right in the yard doing a bit of work when it suddenly caught on fire, which quickly raged out of control and destroyed all his belongings. Here's how he described it: Lionel Williams - Fire Victim: "I was the yard cleaning it up and then all of a sudden, I see some smoke coming from the front there and afterwards I told the guy, where is this dust coming from? He said no, it's not the dust, it's the smoke and that's how it started."

Cayo Cops Got A Stolen Sawed Off
Cayo cops took a big gun off the streets. This morning at about 6:45 a joint anti-crime Easter operation led by San Ignacio Special Branch Unit, the Tourism Police Unit, and staff personnel rolled out. They searched a number of areas, but had the biggest find at an abandoned house in the Santiago Juan Layout in San Ignacio. The found a sawed-off 20 gauge shotgun that had been reported missing in a burglary two weeks earlier. At another location, they also found a plastic bag in a culvert with 73 grams or 2.5 ounces of cannabis. And, in a bushy lot, they found another plastic bag with 354 grams or three quarter pound of weed.

An Early Warning System To Avoid A Human Disaster
EWS stands for Early Warning System - and it's something you would normally associate with natural disasters and the like. But, Restore Belize is using a EWS to avert another kind of disaster - the human kind, when a kid drops out of primary school. A few years ago Restore Belize put the program into action and integrated it into five pilot schools along with the Ministry of Education. Today we spoke to two educators from one of the pilot schools and they told us how this program designed to keep kids in school has made them better teachers, and turned possible dropouts into star students. Sahar Vasquez reports:

Aggravated Assault With A Fast Car?
John Muschamp is accused of trying to run over another man with his car. The Compliance Officer appeared in court today charged with aggravated assault with a vehicle. It allegedly happened almost a year ago in May of 2017 on Cleghorn Street in Belize City. Sales Representative Leon Flowers told police that he was walking on Cleghorn Street in Belize City when he heard something coming behind him. He swung around and saw a black vehicle barreling towards him.

Shrimps Situation Not Too Bad Without BAL
On Friday we told you that one of the biggest shrimp farms in the south was laying off 100 workers due to continuing problems with Early Mortality Syndrome, a disease that has been affecting the shrimp industry since 2015. Well, the Belize Shrimp Growers Association says that does not affect the overall industry output because of the 7 million pounds of production that the Industry anticipates this year, Belize Aquaculture's contribution represents less than 3%.


Belize Cable Television Operators Association Writes GOB On GST On Data Services
Last week, stakeholders in the agro-productive sector successfully lobbied against a proposal for 12.5% general sales tax to be charged on land preparation for agriculture, harvesting, and crop dusting services by taking their concerns directly to the Prime Minister. On March Thursday March 22nd, following that same script, another group, this time in the cable and internet sector known as the Belize Cable Television Operators Association wrote Prime Minister Dean Barrow, requesting that the same consideration be taken with the Government's plan to charge GST on data services

Gaspar Vega A No Show At Budget Debate
For the two days of budget debating that took place last week Thursday and Friday in Belmopan, we noted that only 30 members of the House of Representatives showed up. The missing member is of course no other than Orange Walk North politician Gaspar Vega, who has developed a truant style ever since falling out of grace with his own party and resigning from Cabinet in October 2016. Vega missed most House Sittings last year, and so far has not shown up this year, not even for the all-important budget debate. But that doesn't mean his name didn't come up. Caribbean Shores' area representative Hon. Kareem Musa raised concerns that the Government still owes $70 million in land compensations in instances including where the deals are corrupt and illegal such as the $800,000 that were paid to Andre Vega and Sharon Pitts.


Fire leaves man homeless
Seventy-seven-year-old Lionel Williams is seeking help from the public after his home was destroyed by fire this morning. The fire started sometime after nine at Williams' home on Jabiru Street in Belize City. Williams told Love News that he lost everything in the blaze. Lionel Williams - Fire Victim: "Well we were in the yard �

Early Warning System to help at risk children
RESTORE Belize and the Ministry of Education has collaborated on an Early Warning System program that targets at risk children. The objective of the program is to prevent students who are struggling from dropping out of school. Rosalyn Bradley, Consultant with the Ministry of Education explains. Rosalyn Bradley - Consultant, Ministry of Health: "Basically we �

UWI Open Campus Council holds meeting in Antigua & Barbuda
This year is the tenth anniversary of the University of the West Indies Open Campus. The Open campus gives those employed, who are unable to sit in a classroom, access to education online. This morning UWI Open Campus held its annual open campus council meeting under the theme "Opening Doors to Life-Changing Learning". The meeting �

A crime fighting strategy that involves all stakeholders
Over the past few weeks, major crimes in Belize City have increased to a shocking level, prompting the Government to immediately institute crime fighting strategies. But crime is a problem that the Government itself cannot effectively address and solve. The Ministry of National Security says it stands ready to work with all factions of the �

Caribbean countries owe US $250 million dollars to UWI
At today's Campus Council Meeting, Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles, pointed out that two-hundred and fifty million US dollars is owed to the University of the West Indies by the Governments of the Caribbean. Love News asked the Head of UWI Open Campus, Jane Bennett, whether Belize �

Shyne Barrow to inaugurate new resource center for Mesopotamia children
The Shyne Barrow Mesopotamia Resource Center will open next week in Belize City and will cater to students and children in the division and surrounding areas. Today we spoke with the man who pushed and collaborated with several other persons to have the center fully furnished. Shyne Barrow told us that he has always been �

Private Sector Senator says budget lacks fiscal discipline
Senators today debated the General Revenue Appropriation (2018/2019) Bill. The first to contribute to the debate was Senator for the Private Sector, Mark Lizarraga. Senator Lizarraga's debate was about an hour, about 15 minutes above the allowed time frame to make his presentation. He did so by focusing on facts contained in the budget. Lizarraga says �

Budget is a cocktail of "barrow-nomics", says Lead PUP Senator
Following Senator Lizarraga's presentation, Lead PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay made his presentation. Senator Courtenay says that the budget has no vision and no plans. He says it is a prime example of a UDP administration of nothing more than a cocktail of "barrow-nomics". Eamon Courtney, Senator: "A visionless budget Mr. President. Misleading figures, unsatisfactory program �

Attorney General expresses support for Barrow's Budget
While Senators Mark Lizarraga and Eamon Courtenay pointed out what they say is everything wrong with the budget, UDP Senator and Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte, rose to support his administration's fiscal strategy. For the most part, Peyrefitte confined himself to matters relating to his office, saying that he did not get everything he asked for. �

Senator Duncan says we are better of under a UDP Government
Joining his colleague in praising the Prime Minister's Budget was UDP Senator Stephen Duncan. Senator Duncan compared the economy realities under a UDP administration to that of a PUP administration. He mainly focused on social and infrastructural programs. Stephen Duncan, UDP Senator: "As we run a deficit there is a marked difference between the deficits �

One arrested another sought for murder of Mario Guerrero
Police have detained a woman as they continue investigating the murder of businessman Mario Guerrero. They are also looking for forty-year-old Allen Russel Felix, a resident of Western Paradise Village and have put out a wanted poster for him.

Belize Cable Television Operators ask Prime Minister to reconsider internet tax
The Belize Cable Television Operators have written to the Prime Minister Dean Barrow seeking a reconsideration of the proposed tax on internet. According to the Association, the new tax will completely wipe out benefits to customers and worse, the adverse effects will result in an increase in costs of several internet supported services to Belizeans. These include communication, on-line banking, access to on-line degrees, on-line training, research, and telecommunicating.

Union Senator speaks on Ministry of Education budget
The unions were not consulted during the preparation for the 2018/2019 budget. This is according to Union Senator, Elena Smith. Senator Smith told her colleagues that while they were part of the process last year, they seemed to have been forgotten this year. At the start of her budget debate presentation, Smith who is also the National President of the Belize National Teachers Union, focused on the allocation made to the Minister of Education.


Looking to have a unique, off-the-beaten-path experience in Placencia? Here are some ideas!
There are some excursions and adventures that are well traveled and well known in Placencia- such as snorkeling at a caye, visiting a private island, hiking or seeing waterfalls, etc. Belize gets so many repeat visitors that our awesome tour guides are always coming up with new tours to keep guests coming back for more and more intense experiences! Here are some of the off-the-beaten-path experiences that are NOT on everyone's radar....yet.....but should be! Also great for repeat guests, or for those that live here - here's a way to really blow your guests away with adventure :) (all pics from provider websites)

C is for Crocodile�.it's good enough for Me! A fun and educational tour with ACEs
ACES (American Crocodile Education Sanctuary) is a non-profit organization in San Pedro, Belize that is dedicated to educating the public about crocodiles and conserving crocodiles and their habitat. ACEs offers a fun and interesting tour as part of their crocodile education program. On the tour, you drive around the mangroves at night on their boat, the "swamp thing", and search for crocodiles while learning all about them. Here is the incredibly cool ACEs team: Christina and Chris. (I didn't have a picture of them so this is borrowed from their facebook page) On the day of our scheduled tour, there was a problematic crocodile who was located in a neighborhood that needed to be relocated. So our experience was just a little different than their typical tour.

International Sourcesizz

5 Best Affordable Caribbean Islands to Live On...and 2 to Avoid
Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Mexico all offer islands off their Caribbean coasts-islands that share the same turquoise-blue waters and powder-white beaches you expect when you hear "Caribbean"-only you won't pay a fortune to live on any of them. Read on to find out more about five Caribbean islands that won't break the bank�and two that just might� 1. Ambergris Caye, Belize: English-speaking Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize at 25 miles long and a little over a mile wide, and San Pedro is its only town. Expats give up little living on Ambergris Caye. Power, water, cell phone coverage, and internet are reliable�and you can buy most necessities for daily living on the island. Regular water taxis and flights make it easy to take a quick shopping trip in Belize City, or Chetumal, Mexico. The selection of quality restaurants and bars is constantly expanding.

Mexico, Belize and Guatemala seek creation of the first trinational Protected Natural Area for jaguars
Alejandro del Mazo, head of the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp) explained that Mexico reported that it seeks to create the first trinational Protected Natural Area (ANP) to conserve the jaguar and the Mayan jungle, shared with Belize and Guatemala. During his participation in the International Jaguar 2030 Forum held at the headquarters of the United Nations (UN), commented on the cultural and ecological value that keeps the figure of this feline animal for the country, this from the pre-Hispanic era.

UNC student studies a Caribbean species of coral's possible resistance to climate change
Although disease outbreaks and climate change have caused an 80 percent decline in coral cover in the Caribbean since the 1970s, a UNC Ph.D. student in the Department of Marine Sciences discovered that some species of coral in Belize grow faster in the harsh environment along the coastline than they do farther from shore. Justin Baumann, the leader of the project, said he studied two species of coral: the massive starlet coral (Siderastrea siderea) and symmetrical brain coral (Pseudodiploria strigosa) that seemed to grow faster in a particular coastline environment in Belize, despite the prevalence of human interference and runoff that could harm them. "We've identified a stress-tolerant coral, and we've identified that in the near shore areas of the reef - closer to shore, further from the open ocean and further from the main reef structure - these corals are subjected to conditions that allow them to essentially acclimate to climate change or just stress in general," Baumann said.


  • New Basketball Rim at Boca del Rio Park in San Pedrp, 15sec.

  • Yo Soy Guille - Bufalos Latin Band-Belize Band Fest 2018, 15min. Participacion en el Belize Band Fest 2018, en Corozal, Corozal, Belize.

  • Square in center of San Pedro in Ambergris Caye, Belize, 1/2min. Try the tacos at the street stalls. Cheap and delicious.

  • Scooby Doo Pa Pa & Chocolateh by Corozal Community College in Belize Band Fest 2018, 1min.

  • Collaborative Research on Bats in Belize, 69min. This presentation by Dr. Nancy Simmons was given at the American Museum of Natural History on March 21, 2018. It describes some of the field research on bats conducted by Simmons and her collaborators and students over 8 years in and around Lamanai Archaeological Reserve in Orange Walk District, Belize.

  • BELIZE: Diving with sharks, manatees (sea cows), eagle rays and turtles, 4min.

  • Swim Thru - Half Moon Caye Wall - Belize, 1.5min.

  • Belize 2018, 2min.

  • BELIZE TRAVEL DIARY | Kloee Kartchner, 12min. Here is all the video footage I took while in Belize. We did so many fun things and this isn't even half of it

  • Belize 2018, 3min. Our spring break trip to Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye in Belize.

  • San Pedro Belize, 4min. Fun in the sun! (a/k/a: How we spent our Spring vacation.) FYI: Belize has the world's second-largest barrier reef, just offshore of Ambergris Caye.

  • How to change a truck tire in minutes!!!, 7min.

  • UNCAF Beach Tournament, 4min. Belize's Beach Football National Team, departs today to Costa Del Sol, El Salvador to play Costa Rica, Panama and Salvador in the upcoming days from the 29th - 31st of this month.

  • Police CheckPoint, 55min.