I just received a phone call from Gaz Cooper and Javier from the top of our "Bird's Nest". First and foremost, everybody is OK. Here is what Gaz reported: Almost all palm trees are gone @ Playa Blanca and other areas, 1/3 of Keans dock is gone, minor damage to windmill house (still generating usable power), Pat Callahans roof gone, Don Bennet's house OK, Gaz Cooper's house minimal damage, Mata Chica resort had extreme damage (dining room roof gone), Green Parot minor damage.

Report sunny with 15-20 knots of wind - "a beautiful day". Sea has alot of floating debri and is very dirty.

Report that there is severe damage to backside of town. Boat Yard is thought to be severly damaged along with most boats(estimate that 75-85% of all boats damaged). Journey End's boat was on the runway at the airport. Many planes are upside down or cut in half.

Will be receiving another call from Javier in a few hours. He is checking on everybody on the North side of the Island that he can. Will report more when I recieve the call. No injuries that Gaz or Javier had heard of.