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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe's Woofer: Seasick
"I sure am thirsty," Vernon said. "Let's get a beer." "Good idea," I told him. By chance, Vernon and I were catching the same water taxi from Belize City. We had nearly an hour before the boat departed so we popped into a little bar around the corner from the taxi terminal. As we left the bar I said, "Vernon, you've had five beers in the last half hour. Will they make you seasick?" "I needed them, Mr. Dennis. I'm scared of boats but don't get seasick unless I think about it. Now, you made me think of it so I'll probably get sick."

Doctor Love: At Odds Couple
Dear Doctor Love, For forty years my husband and I planned for retirement and by the time he left his long-time employment a few months ago, we had reached our goals. We raised our kids, paid off the mortgage and invested well and saved money. I need to work another three years, then I can also retire with full benefits. Life has been very good to us. A problem came up when he decided he wanted to go to San Pedro for the summer to "relax and unwind." I know he has been depressed and feeling adrift but an extended vacation without me seems unfair. First, the cost of maintaining a second home away from home was not part of our long-term plan and was not managed into our budget.

Misc Belizean Sources


Murder in Corozal
On Sunday April 1, police found a murdered man in San Pedro Village, Corozal District. The body, wrapped in a hammock and garbage bags, was identified as 42 year old Eleazar Chan. The Louisville villager was reported missing on March 31st, 2018 by his wife Ana Chan. An on site Post Mortem revealed the cause of death as blunt force trauma to the face and bronchial asphyxiation.

Cayo Murder
At about 8:00 am on Sunday April 1, 2018 police visited Buena Vista village, Cayo District. On the veranda of a house, they found the body of George Hyde. The body was lying face up with a large chop wound on the neck, left shoulder and face. A machete was in his hand. One person is presently detained for questioning.

DandE's Frozen Custard
Looking for Ice cream in San Pedro Ambergris Caye? I have been finding many place's in San Pedro, Belize. Here's a scoop where you can find Ice cream in the Island. First one, is coconut flavor at Poco Loco's located in Front Street. Second one, Ice Cream flavor is Caye Lime at DandE's Frozen Custard. Dande's is located at Middle street. Third one, is flavored Chunky Munky at Manelly's Ice Cream pallor. Manelly's Ice Cream Pallor is located on Front street.

Belize Youth Ambassadors proudly showcasing Belize's cultural diversity in the United States!

The Reporter

Elderly couple robbed inside shop
An elderly couple was robbed at gunpoint inside their shop on Good Friday. Valentine Staine, 73, a farmer of Middlesex village and his wife, Silvia Staine, 73, year old, shop owner, reported that they were inside Silvia's Shop at mile 25 in Middlesex village around 8:00 on Good Friday night when three armed men dressed in military-type clothing and wearing masks entered the business. The men demanded money and Silvia Staine handed over $1000. The men then stole a red Ford Ranger pick-up truck. Police are investigating.

Missing man found murdered in Corozal
A man from the Corozal district who was reported missing was found murdered earlier today. Police were summoned to an area in around 2:00 p.m., today in San Pedro village, Corozal where they saw the body of Eleazar Chan, 42, of Louisville village. Police say the body was wrapped in a hammock and garbage bags. Chan's wife, Ana Chan reported him missing on Saturday after he had not returned home. An on site post mortem examination certified that his cause of death was blunt force trauma to the face and bronchial asphyxiation. Police have no suspects detained.

Man chopped to death in Cayo
A man was found hacked to death on Easter Sunday morning in Buena Vista village, Cayo. The discovery was made around 8:00 on the verandah of a house. The victim, George Hyde, was lying face up clutching onto a machete, and with large chop wounds on the neck, Left shoulder, and face. Police have detained one person pending investigations.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Suspected Easter weekend murder in Corozal
This afternoon around 2, Corozal Police visited an area in San Pedro Village, Corozal District and saw the body of a man wrapped up in a hammock and garbage bags.

Man chopped to death in Cayo
Police in the Cayo District are investigating the murder of a man that was chopped to death this morning in Buena Vista Village.


April Events and Weather
This months calendar is completely full, leaving no reason to say you've got nothing to do and great weather to do it in. During April the temperatures on Ambergris Caye typically vary between a daily high of about 29°C / 85°F and a daily low of approximately 24°C / 76°F. Average for April is around 26.5°C / 79.7°F. The winds typically aren't as strong as March, but still significant. April is still "dry season" but if it does rain is most likely to occur around 6:00 am. Easter in Belize is a very is a very popular celebration time and there is no shortage of fun things to do. My reason to Celebrate is a bit more earthy, so far over the holidays, my water has only gone out 3 times for short periods and power once.

Big Dawg Beachside Sports Bar - New Folks & New Business on Ambergris Caye
Earlier this month, I ran into a couple from Kinard, Florida just outside of Panama City. Both were VERY excited to tell me about their new business venture on the island. Meet Dwayne and Peggy, new business owners in San Pedro. And their new business - Big Dawg Beachside Sports Bar & Grill. "We first visited San Pedro years ago," Dwayne told me, "and we immediately felt like 'we got it'". It was 2015 - and on that 5-day trip they fell in love with San Pedro's quaint, small town feel. "In our first few days, we really got a feel for the place and the people here. Everyone was sooo helpful, asking us "Hey big man, what you need?" when we'd walk around town. By the end of the trip, it's like we were treated more like locals than tourists."

International Sourcesizz

Caribbean States Share Common Values & Interests with Other ACP Countries
As the African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States (ACP) girds up its loins for talks on future relations with the European Union (EU) after the Cotonou Agreement expires in February 2020, the Caribbean Forum of the ACP States (CARIFORUM) has resolved that a new pact must take into account "the inherent and exogenous vulnerabilities" of the Caribbean region as critical elements in the negotiations. A Statement of the CARIFORUM Council of Ministers, which had a special meeting in St. Kitts-Nevis on March 26-27, said that they recognized "the fundamental importance and relevance of recent global agreements including Agenda 2030, the Paris Declaration on Climate Change and International Agreements on development financing."


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