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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Roman Catholics celebrate Easter on Ambergris Caye
Easter is considered the holiest time of the year among many religious communities around the world, particularly celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion. In San Pedro Town, the Roman Catholic Church observes the occasion every year with many scheduled events to honor Christ. This year, besides the special church activities, the San Pedro House of Culture (SPHC) joined the celebration by creating elaborate sawdust carpets in front of the Catholic Church. Religious events began on Sunday, March 25th, with the observance of Palm Sunday. The event included a procession at 7AM from the Roman Catholic Primary School and a mass along with a Passion Play at 8AM. On Thursday, March 29th there was another mass at 7PM, followed by a Eucharistic procession along with a silent adoration that ended at midnight.

U.S. Marshals expand manhunt beyond USA for former Marine wanted for murder: Reward of up to $11,000 offered for information leading directly to suspect's arrest
The U.S. Marshals are asking for the public's help to locate Raymond "RJ" McLeod, who is wanted for murder. McLeod may be using aliases of Matt or Mateo, and is believed to be on the run in Central America or Mexico. "His last reported location was in Guatemala in March 2017, but he has also been spotted in Belize and in Mexico," said Steve Jurman, U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force Commander. "Marshals are asking anyone with information to come forward so McLeod can be arrested, returned to San Diego, and held accountable for his brutal crime."

San Pedro Pirates lose last home game of the regular season
The San Pedro Pirates F.C lost their last home game of the regular season of the Premiere League of Belize (PLB) at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town on Saturday, March 31st. The island team fought hard to win against the current champions of the PLB, Verdes F.C, but when the long whistle was blown it was a victory for them with a 1-0 point score. The second half once again saw both teams going on the offensive with neither team allowing the next to score. Fans loudly cheered, demanding a goal. It wasn't until minute 54 that Verdes' Alcides Thomas met the fans demand and nailed the first goal for his team. With the visiting team on the lead, the Pirates' responded with several close attempts but all were unsuccessful. When the long whistle was blown it was a 1-0 victory for the Verdes F.C.

Ambergris Today

$11,000US Offered In International Hunt Of Ex-Marine Wanted For Murder In USA
Raymond McLeod, an Ex US Marine is wanted by San Diego Police for the murder of his girlfriend in 2016. An international search for the U.S marine is ongoing as he is believed to have spent time in Southern Belize in 2017 or may still be in the country. San Diego Police are offering $11,000US for information leading to the arrest of 34-year-old Raymond McLeod from Arizona suspected of murdering his girlfriend two years ago while visiting friends in San Diego.According to Fox 5 San Diego, San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan and other local law enforcement officials made an international plea on Tuesday, April 3, 2018, for help in finding Raymond "RJ" McLeod, who is accused of killing his girlfriend Krystal Mitchell in 2016. He is believed to be in Central America or Mexico.

GOB To Apply GST To Internet - Cable Operators Say No!
The Prime Minister of Belize on his latest budget speech stated that the Government of Belize plant to charge 12.5% GST on internet, something that would affect everyone in the country except for schools. The Belize Cable Television Operators Association (BCTOA) made a letter to the Prime Minister urging him to reconsider this proposal which would come in effect as of April 1, 2018.In the letter addressed to the Prime Minister the BCTOA states that the application of GST on this technology would affect the most under privileged in our society, the most remote residents and businesses in our country, the young entrepreneurs needing to communicate with the international market, students research and studies, farmers in remote areas connectivity and the family communications.

Misc Belizean Sources


Dermatologists in San Pedro Town on July 9, 10, 11, and 12
The San Pedro Lions Club will be hosting a group of dermatologists on July 9, 10, 11, and 12. Anyone with skin disorders or issues please call ‭620-1281‬ for an appointment. They will be doing examinations for skin cancer, removal of warts, moles and skin tags. Persons with acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin lesions, rashes, etc are all welcome.

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday.

Team Belize at the Commonwealth Games in Australia.
Good luck Team Belize. A winning team already.

Keeping Caye Caulker streets cleared of signs,tables, etc.

Reef Week Hol Chan 2018
Its that time of the year again when we come together to celebrate the reef.

Carpet designs with sawdust in Benque on Good Friday
Beautiful work on the streets as they prepare for the procession later that evening.

The classic Belizean Balladeer, melodic singer and musical artist, Harry Shaw, comes to us at "Belizean Legends" with great fanfare and excitement since he will be honored on Sunday April 8, 2018 at the Bombay Lounge at the Little Belize Restaurant & Bar in Inglewood, California. Harry Shaw has not changed one bit in terms of such a funny and vibrant Belizean artist who wrote the book on Belizean style ballads. As we discussed so much "Belize" and his musical career across Belize and Central America that transcended generations of Belizean musical artists, vocalists and musicians, it became apparent that Harry Shaw was the best of them all.

It's is amazing to us here at "Belizean Legends" of the guts, brain, and bran that Belize Cross Country legend in the making, Joel Borland, showed in the 2016 88th Belize Holy Saturday Cross Country Race. He is our champion here today, since Belize did not win the Cross Country. But Borland's third place is like first place for us here. He made us all proud at home and abroad for his relentless strength he endured being 'double benk' by two serious Guatemalan brothers cyclist who appeared to have come to Belize to win by all means necessary. Joel Borland was impressive to us here from this side of the world. We had hoped for a repeat of the 2015 Belize Cross Country Champion, Justin Williams win here, but it was not meant to be.

The four times Belize Cross Country Cycling Champion, the legendary Kenrick 'The King' Halliday who won four Belize Cross Countries has gone down in Belize sports history as one of the few Belizean cyclists who had won four Cross Countries like Aston Gill, Jefferey O'Brien, and Johnito Miguel before him. It appears that no other Belizean Cross Country champion had repeated four wins as these four legendary Belizean cyclists, and Kenrick Halliday has gone down as one who had accomplished this phenomenal record in Belizean cycling. From his book, Sports, Sin & Subversion, the acclaimed Belizean writer, Evan X Hyde wrote: My Uncle (Buck Belisle) is always arguing that Hutchinson would have continued to beat Halliday on Holy Saturday, but I'm not so sure of that. I loved The Tank, but Halliday just kept getting better and better, and he and Alfred Parks ruled the remainder of the golden seventies.

The legendary Belizean Cross Country cycling champion of the 1980 Belize Cross Country Cycling Classic has died. Vasquez who rode to prominence in winning the most popular Belizean sporting past time the Belize Cross Country was found dead in his sleep according to family sources in Los Angeles, California where the former Belizean cyclist lived since his migration from Belize in the 1980's. Belizean Legends wish to expresses its condolences to the family of Alexander Vasquez who throughout his life and his struggles have always been a very kind and beautiful brother in the Los Angeles Belizean Community where he lived and became an activist at one time in the Belizean organization called, The Winners. Yours truly spent some quality time with Vasquez in 2014 while trying to make a documentary on his life as a Belizean cross country champion. Though it didn't materialize, my many conversations with the legendary Alexander was refreshing as he chronicled the highlights of that very race in 1980 when he went against some of the best and won. Vasquez would allude that he knew that very day that he was going to win, and that he was the best of them all that year being that he knew how much training went into his race.

SAVE THE DATE. MAY 18TH AND 19TH 2018. MAYA SYMPOSIUM IN COROZAL. BELIZE. Sponsored by To'one Masehualoon and The Northern Maya Association of Belize.

Philip Willoughby is New NEMO Operations Officer
Taking up the post of Operations Officer with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) is Mr. Philip Willoughby.A former Belize City Councillor with responsibility for the City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO), Willoughby has abundant knowledge and experience in the area of Disaster and Emergency Management.Willoughby, who is 40 years old, has been involved with NEMO since 2006 when he was first elected as Belize City Councillor, and says he is happy and thankful for the opportunity to continue serving the country and people of Belize in this new capacity. His appointment takes effect immediately.

Sargassum sea weed
Every year around this time, our island is invaded by sargassum sea weed and there is little that can be done. The San Pedro Town Council, residents and resorts/hotels daily try to overcome this problem by collecting it into piles and later disposing of it. There are however some uses for this sargassum: it can be used as landfill, with time it turns into sand, and can be used as a natural fertilizer! Here is a graphic to help spread awareness with our friends and visitors. Check it out!

National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) 2018
Looking for something to do this month? Why not visit the National Agriculture and Trade Show happening this year on April 27th, 28, and 29th of this month in our Capital City of Belmopan.If for some reason you have never visited the show, here are some facts about the Show:The National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS) which was established in the year 1970, is an annual public event that is held in Belmopan city, which is the capital of Belize. It is a family oriented event created in order for farmers as well as numerous businesses and organizations to showcase and sell their products to the Belizean public. Approximately 40,000 to 45,000 individuals visit the Trade Show over the three days.

Nohoch Che'en Archaeological Reserve
Assessing, monitoring and planning for the trail project.

Channel 7

BEL Wants Rate Increase, Says Cost of Power Going Up
The PUC will have to decide whether an increase in your light bill is justified - because that's what BEL is asking for. On Saturday March 31st., BEL asked the PUC for an increase of about two and a half cents per kilowatt hour. BEL says that from 2016 to 2017, the actual cost of power was $3.8 million higher than projected. And while the company absorbed that increase, the problem is that the cost of power to BEL is only going up. The company says that the cost of power for the 2017-2018 review period will be almost five million dollars more than what the PUC approved.

How The Cops Kept Easter Peaceful In City
As we told you last night - there was no gang warfare in the city over the long Easter weekend. But, what's behind the peace? Were the gangs just taking a holy weekend break? Or was it effective policing? Or was it effective mediation. We spoke to the commander of operations and the commander of the southside to get their perspectives:...ACP Chester Williams:"I must thank all those who made the past weekend a success for us, that includes the police officers and those members of the public who were there with us to ensure that whatever activity they had observed within their neighborhoods were reported to the police in a timely manner. With that, we were able to respond to avert anything major from occurring."

Police Morale Boosted By Scrapping of "Emergency Areas"
And so while community policing and mediation were factors that made for a peaceful weekend, it was enough for the political directorate to hold off on those "Emergency Areas" that were supposed to be declared in Belize City. It would have been like a state of emergency in those zones - but the government now seems confident good, effective policing can contain the crime in those areas. Deputy Commissioner Williams commented:ACP Chester Williams:"Well I am happy to see that the government does have confidence in the work of the police and the fact that that has been done is a feather in the police's cap to show that we are quite able and competent to take a grip of the crime situation."

The Conundrum of Kendis' Killing
But there's no amount of police diplomacy that can allay the concerns of Kendis Flowers' family. They've seen the security video police speak about - which the cops say shows that the GSU didn't kill the Ghost Town General. And they're not satisfied that it establishes anything. Williams said he understands:..Jules Vasquez, reporter: "They say in their mind it is far from conclusive. It does not exculpate the GSU - in their minds. I know you have seen this video as well and certainly you had to be aware of the fact that the family was being allowed to see the video. What do you make of this conclusion that they have reach that? In fact they still feel the GSU was involved."

Punta Artist "Lova Boy" Daniel Cacho in Jail Without Bail
His legal name is Daniel Cacho but as an artist, he’s known as “Lova Boy” - one of the biggest names in Punta Rock in the last 10 years. And Lova Boy got that name partly through his popularity in Los Angeles where he lives. But, tonight, reports from Belize’s music industry say that 36 year old Daniel Cacho has been charged for a felony and is held without bail in an LA County jail. According to jail records from the PITCHESS DETENTION CENTER SOUTH FACILITY which we’ve found on the internet, Daniel Cacho was arrested on 14th March for kidnapping and is currently being held without bail.

BTL Holding Off On Applying GST on Data
At the top of the news, we told you how Belize Electricity Limited is asking the Public Utilities Commission to increase your electricity rates.The PUC will have to review that request to see whether or not it is justified, but one utility bill that you will see an increase in is your telecommunications bill. If you are a customer who buys data for your cellular phone, or you have an internet connection at your home or business, you are now expected to pay 12.5% General Sales Tax on it. That was the decision which Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced as part of the budget for 2018-2019. All data services, whether it's 4G, or high speed internet access, are taxable as of April 1.

Willoughby, From Superman To Captain NEMO
He may have lost in his fifth bid to be a city councillor - but Phillip Willoughby still has political capital for the ruling UDP - and the man we used to call Superman has now re-emerged as Captain NEMO. He made his name when he was with CEMO - but now he's gone national and was officially handed the reins today as NEMO's Operations Officer. We caught up with him today where he told us what he will be doing: Phillip Willougby, New NEMO Operations Officer: "I am grateful the work that I have put in since 2006 has rewarded me with the opportunity to continue serving in this new capacity. It is larger than just working for the Belize City jurisdiction it now encompasses working for the entire country so it will give me another opportunity..."

Belizean Born Evan Perez is Top CNN Journalist
Late last year, Belizean-born Kendis Gibson from ABC News visited Belize to share his experiences as a journalists and television personality as an inspiration for school kids, and an instructive influence for the Belize media. Evan Perez is another born Belizean who's now a big name US television journalist. He can be seen on CNN as the Justice Correspondent almost every day - breaking news about the Trump administration. Indeed, Perez is a major presence on the cable news network - and he's one of the key journalists assigned to cover the ever changing landscape at the White House and Pentagon.

Easter Weekend Was Rough For Manatees
Three manatees were killed over the course of the long weekend. One was killed in Belize City and the other two were found dead down south. We spoke to manatee expert Jamal Galvez who said this is an unfortunate trend seen around Easter. Jamal Galvez, Progam Coordinator Sea to Shore Alliance "From the three that were reported I know for sure that one was from a watercraft collision, the other two were too decomposed to have determined what the cause of death was. I was just able to see the one at the Radisson which was really decomposed so those will be ruled as undetermined.""It was from a really big boat judging from the size of the chop wounds from the photographs. It had to have been some sort of dive boat or huge boat that could have caused such impact to that animal."

Belize District Buses Impounded For Road Service Permits
Commuters from Burrell Boom and Ladyville may have noticed that the companies such as Haylock's Buses and Stuart's Buses were not doing their usual runs today.That's because the Ladyville police cracked down on them for lack of a road service permit. This permit, which is given by the Department of Transport allows, is legally required by all bus operators to conduct business, but we understand that about 2 weeks ago, officers from Ladyville Police started stopping these buses passing through Ladyville.

Southside Commander Proposes Gun Amnesty
Gun Amnesties - over the decades - we've covered at least three of them - but, here we are in 2018 - and there are more guns than ever on the streets. Because of the random nature of violence, no one can say for sure if amnesties work - but the Southside police want to try again. Today the commander told us that he's gotten interest from sponsors:...Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett, OC, Eastern Division South:"There are still guns on the street, that need to be taken off the street. As a matter of fact just this morning the Belize Chamber of Commerce and the Scotiabank is talking about a gun amnesty. It's something that would be forwarded to our superiors in Belmopan to see if that's something that we could do. The business community, I believe will be sponsoring this and they are showing their support for us. So if that's the way to go I believe, I hold the opinion that yes indeed that is something that we should do, but again I'm not the one who will make that final decision that way."

Community Calls On Police For Equity
We met Senior Superintendent Gillett today as he did his weekly meet and greet - this time in the Neal's Pen Road area. He told us that the community wants to work with police - but in a fashion that puts equity and justice first:...Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett, OC, Eastern Division South:"The number one issue people wanted that the relationship between the police and the community to improve and to do that we have to show the public that we are doing our side of it. The police, we have to minimize the number of cases of abuse, corruption has to go immediately and for the past few weeks we haven't heard anything about corruption coming out of the south side and we are very pleased for that."

Cops Will Get Something Better Than Tents
And so while citizens - even lawbreakers - should be afforded basic human decencies, what about police who have to toil at checkpoints for hours at a time - oftentimes without a restroom or proper shade? Gillett said they too must be treated better:...Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett, OC, Eastern Division South: "We are going to change from some of the tents that they are under and we will build some booths so that they are able to weather rain or sunshine. That will send the right message that we do care and I believe we will get optimum performance if we do so. If we are to fight crime in a meaningful way, the officers who work for us have to be happy working for us. It is just doing our part to have them do their part."

Wanted US Man Could Be In Belize
The US Marshals need your help in locating this man: Phoenix national Raymond McLeod. He is a former US marine. He is accused of killing his girlfriend Krystal Mitchell in San Diego in June 2016. The San Diego District Attorney's Office charged McLeod with murder, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Authorities have been trying to find him since. He was seen in Guatemala in March 2017, but he has also been spotted in Belize and in Mexico. There is an award of $11,000 for anyone with information leading to McLeod's direct arrest. US Authorities say they have expanded their manhunt.

Former Politician's Home Cleaned Out
Burglars made off with over $66,000 worth of items from an Orange Walk house. 59 year businessman and former UDP politician Orlando Burns reported that someone broke into his house over the easter break - between 4:00 am on Good Friday and yesterday at midnight. Apart from cleaning out the house, the thieves also snatched $4,372 in cash.

Robber in Hope Creek
Before the break we told you about a home cleaned out by robbers in Orange Walk. Well, there was also a robbery down south. This time it was at a store in Hope Creek. 41 year old Barrington Young was closing his shop around 8:00 last night when 5 armed masked men stormed in and fired several shots. They made off with Young's licensed 9mm pistol an about $300 in cash.

Domestic Abuse Turns Into Drug Bust
A domestic abuse case turned into a drug bust in Orange Walk. Yesterday evening around 6:00, Belmopan resident Monica Flores and her common law husband Omar Fransisco Mejia were returning from Botes, Mexico. They got into an argument and Mejia hit Flores in the head. Flores called the police. The police responded and searched Mejia only to find 21.2 grams of weed, 1.5 grams of cocaine and 1.6 grams of crack cocaine in his pants pocket.

Belize Contingent To Commonwealth Games
A Belize contingent of 12 athletes, nine males and three females are at the 2018 Commonwealth games in Gold Coast, Australia. Cyclist Alicia Thompson carried the flag during the opening ceremony - which looked like this - with video provided by team Head of Mission Giovanni Alamilla:...

Triathlete Is Ready
Belize is participating in track and field, cycling and table tennis and triathlon. That event was held today in Australia which is 12 Horus ahead. Here's what our lone competitor said about his preparation:..

Promising Youths For Table Tennis
In table tennis Devesh Hukmani, Rohit Pagarani and Terry Su were also preparing to play Nigeria - they spoke about the match:...

Cops Want Farming and Feeding Program
And finally for some more police news tonight. As you've been seeing, in only his first few weeks on the job, the new Southside commander is changing his mode of engagement with the community, the private sector and the public sector agencies. One group he's reached out to is the Ministry of Agriculture - for an urban farming and school feeding project. He told us why:...Sup. Howell Gillett- O. C. Belmopan Police Station:"There are many kids who go to school without having breakfast and sometimes lunch. Some naysayers might say: well what do the police have to do with feeding programs or farming in school? But of course we have a lot to do with it because if we don’t look after these kids at this current moment then it may well become a police issue..."

Scotiabank Wants To Help Cops
And while he met with the Ministry for the public sector side of the equation - he met with the bank manager at Scotia for the private sector side of the story. Gillett says there are also promising opportunities there:Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett, OC, Eastern Division South:"Number one would be, We want to have a Chaplain for the police because people take it for granted that when a police officer goes on a crime scene that everything is okay, but not so, because it affects the brain. It affects the family because when he is reminiscing or remembering what occurred, it affects not only himself but his colleagues and family. We want to help. When an officer goes on a murder scene, we want to do some counseling shortly after where applicable."

Channel 5

What Really Happened to Kendis Flowers?
By News Five's unofficial count, there have been forty-eight murders in the span of three months and a few days, or on average sixteen per month. One of the more [...]

Police Say They Know Who Killer Is - and It's Not G.S.U.
Police have denied involvement. Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett this afternoon reiterated that the critical surveillance footage in their possession vindicates the GSU and that police had intended to show the [...]

Government Puts Gangsters on Notice after Halting Plan for Public Emergency Areas
In the aftermath of a horrifically violent weekend in March, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced a package of anti-crime measures. Under Section eighteen of the Constitution, the Governor General was [...]

P.U.P. Proposed Special South Side Development Zone
The Opposition People's United Party had objected to the calling of any state of emergency or declaration of public emergency areas by the Governor General, accusing the Prime Minister of [...]

Legislation Not Enough, Says Dickie Bradley
Attorney Richard "Dickie" Bradley has also weighed in on the matter of emergency zones. He says had the public emergency declaration gone through, the government could have opened itself up [...]

Time for Another Gun Amnesty?
With close to fifty murders so far this year, the new Regional Commander of the Eastern Division South, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett, is making his rounds - meeting with religious [...]

Gun Suppliers Linking Up with Police
Still on the topic of guns, Gillett also met with the licensed arms dealers in Belize City to discuss issues related to the availability of ammunition. According to the Regional [...]

"Lova Boy" Accused of Rape, Kidnap in L.A.
There is breaking news tonight that thirty-six-year-old punta rock artist Daniel Cacho, known to all as "Lova Boy", is behind bars. The artist is being held without bail in a [...]

B.E.L. Wants to Raise Your Light Bill
Just in time for the Easter holidays, the prices of fuel went up driving the cost of living further up. The news tonight is that the cost of another utility [...]

Sedi Says Guats Insisting on 2 Referenda
On April fifteenth, a referendum is scheduled to take place in Guatemala on taking the territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice. But should Belize be worried about the [...]

FM Elrington: We Will Monitor, But Not Worry
In December of 2016, Belize's Senate, which has sole responsibility for ratification of treaties, protocols and other official documentation, ratified along party lines the 2008 Special Agreement and 2015 amendment. [...]

Belizeans Considering Similar Court Challenge�
But Minister Elrington could not have known that earlier, we were made aware of just such plans by a group of litigants. They took their plans to attorney Richard "Dickie" [...]

Can Local Lawsuit Against Compromis Succeed?
So if the Guatemalan lawsuit succeeds, could it give a boost for opponents of the process in Belize? Bradley reminded that the Sarstoon River and Sarstoon Island remain effectively under [...]

$8 Million Wanted for Public Education Campaign
There was consternation in the Senate with news that only forty thousand dollars was in the recently passed Budget for the public education campaign for the referendum on settling the [...]

Belize Turns to International 'Friends'
So where will the funding come from? The Government aims to use a mix of local funds, contributions and donations, and funding from several identified international partners. These range from [...]

Marshals Seek ex-Marine, Raymond McLeod, in San Diego Murder
United States Marshals have expanded the manhunt for former marine, Raymond McLeod, who is wanted for the murder of his girlfriend, Krystal Mitchell. As we reported on Tuesday, an eleven [...]

Landy Burns' Home Ransacked in O.W.
Orange Walk police are reporting the burglary of the home of well-known businessman and former politician Orlando "Landy" Burns. According to a report made by the fifty-nine-year-old victim, sometime between [...]

More Drugs Off the Streets as 2 Arrested
There were separate drug busts on Tuesday in the south and north. Around four p.m., officers on a mobile patrol on a feeder road near Swasey River covered by the [...]

Willoughby Captains NEMO Operations
Less than a month after he was beaten at the polls, former Belize City Councilor and CEMO Coordinator since 2006, Phillip Willoughby has been appointed the new National Operations Officer [...]

Police Find Better Reception on Pen Road
As you heard earlier in the newscast, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett is working on multiple initiatives across south side Belize City. Today we caught up with the regional commander at [...]

Cops Will Take Care of Their Own Too
Gillett says that while a lot is being done to curb the crime and make life safer in communities, those on the frontlines can also expect some much needed incentives [...]

Athletes' Christian Basketball Mission
Building Up Nations for Christ hosted a one-day mission called "Young Athletes for Christ Camp". The U.S. team has hosted mission camps in Belize over the years, but this is [...]

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GOB holds off on 'emergency areas' as mediation working
As part of its crime fighting strategy in Belize City, on Sunday March 18, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced several measures. Those measures were designed to tackle gun violence in Southside Belize City. One such measure is declaring several gang ridden areas as 'Emergency Areas'. While the legal documentation only awaits the Governor General's signature, �

Someone torched DJ Jago's car
A 2002 Ford Runner belonging to Justin 'DJ Jago' Williams was torched last night. It happened at around midnight last night while he was asleep in his apartment in West Landivar, Belize City. Fire officials had to be called in order to douse the flames that destroyed the vehicle. Williams says he has no idea �

Thieves escape with 70K in valuables and cash
The house of 59 year old Orange Walk businessman, Orlando Burns was burglarized sometime between the hours of 4 am on March 30 and midnight on April 3. The thief or thieves made off with several household items and personal items totaling sixty six thousand two hundred and ninety five dollars and four thousand three �

SEA busts illegal fishers
Three Honduran Nationals were detained on April 2 for illegally fishing in Belize's water. They are Mario Ricardo Banega, Jesus Alvarez and Jolbin Roberto Cabrera Flores. The trio was caught by rangers of the Southern Environmental Association (SEA) and members of the Belize Coast Guard during a joint patrol at the Spawning Aggregations Zone at �

Direct Consumption Sugar may help improve cane payments by the end of the crop
On Tuesday we told you about the third estimated cane payment that has been issued to cane farmers which stands at forty-one dollars and sixty-nine cents. The latest estimates reflect the plunging sugar prices at both the EU and global markets. The industry however had been bracing for the changes in prices. For this 2017/2018 �

Will new legislation solve crime problem?
On February 6, the Belize Police Department unveiled its National Crime Fighting Strategy in order to combat the escalating crime situation in Belize. Part of the strategy was to put in place legislative reform to assist in getting the crime problem under control. In this regard, the Criminal Control and Criminal Justice Amendment Act is �

Philip Willoughby us NEMO's new Operations Officer
Philip Willoughby was known mostly for his work for the City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) in Belize City, and while he was voted out of office on March 7, Willoughby has emerged as the new Operations Officer with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO). Willoughby who is forty years old, has been involved in Disaster �

Suspected murderer believed to be hiding in Central America
Eleven thousand dollars is being offered as a reward for information leading to the capture and arrest of accused murderer, 34 year old Raymond McLeod. He is wanted by the San Diego Police Department in the US for the brutal murder of his ex-girlfriend, 30-year-old Krystal Mitchell. She was killed on June 10, 2016 and �

12.5% GST on data services comes into effect
As one of the Government's tax measures for the new fiscal year, a 12.5% general sales tax is in effect for the purchasing of data service. Despite the objection of the Belize Cable Television Operators, there is no indication that the Government will reverse its decision. The effects of this new GST are already being �

Is Industrial Hemp in Belize's future?
For the first two months of this year, the country's imports totaled two hundred and eighty point nine million dollars, an increase of one point six percent or four point three million dollars when compared to the first two months of 2017. Exports for January and February totaled forty eight point five million dollars, this �

Marlowe Neal is BNE's new CEO
Belize Natural Energy (BNE) has a new Chief Executive Officer. (VO STARTS) Marlowe Neal succeeds Dr. Gilbert 'Gilly' Canton as the new CEO of BNE. Neal holds a Master of Science in Finance with a focus in Investments from Florida International University.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Five armed mask men rob business on Coastal road
Last night, Barrington Young, 41, a businessman of Hope Creek village, Stann Creek reported that [�]

Manuel Canales stabbed to death
A post-mortem examination was conducted yesterday on the body of Manuel De Jesus Canales, 40, [�]

Over $70,000 in items and cash stolen in Orange Walk
Orange Walk businessman, Orlando Burns, 59, reported that between the hours of 4:00 a.m on [�]

Internet now costs more, GST applied on data services
Despite outcry from cable and Internet providers about the potential negative impact on applying General [�]

KHMH re-opens services affected by structural damage
The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), via a release issued yesterday, announced to the general [�]

GOB holds off on declaring 'Emergency zones'
In Prime Minister Dean Barrow's press conference in March following a spike of murders in [�]


Belize to Tikal tour: A day trip to Guatemala's ancient Mayan ruins
It was easy to see how the ancient Mayan site of Tikal, Guatemala earned the nickname 'Jurassic Park.' From the lush jungle surroundings to the screams of howler monkeys in the distance that sounded more like dinosaur roars, it felt like a raptor could pop out of the dense vegetation surrounding us at any moment. Twigs snapped underfoot as we made our way along the dusty trail, as exotic creatures like Yucatan spider monkeys, oscillated turkeys and bright-billed toucans rustled around in the leafy tree branches high above our heads.Rounding a bend, the sight we'd come all this way for suddenly appeared before us: our first glimpse of Temple I, the so-called Temple of the Great Jaguar, rising nearly 50 metres toward the bright blue sky. Dramatically jutting out of the tree line, it felt like we'd stumbled upon a lost pyramid, a relic from centuries past. And as it turns out, that's exactly what it was.

Where in Belize will you be for Spring?
Belizean Spring Destination Vacation is one of a kind experience! With a diversity of cultures and tropical environment, Belize should definitely be a destination vacation on your bucket list - especially during Spring! From our ancient Maya ruins and lush tropical rainforests to our white-sand beaches and islands with access to the largest living Barrier Reef in the world, it's definitely worth a visit. Here are the places you should visit during spring in Belize:

Craving Savings?
As we have completed the first few months of the New Year, we look back on what good habits we practiced last year. It's not often that we can say that savings is at the top of our list, but it should always be a habit that we practice. Saving money is important and can be a long-term beneficial practice as it plays a significant role in creating a healthy and stable future. Unfortunately, it may be a very hard habit to practice due to the economic and sometimes unexpected challenges we face. It may also be difficult because we often fail to control our bad spending habits and we may not have the proper guidance from our financial institutions. Economic crises can ruin our finances if we do not practice the art of saving. Proper saving enables us to make wiser purchasing decisions and it encourages us to consider the dynamics and reasoning in spending on something. Although it has been proven to be easier to spend money rather than save it, there are several practical ways to save.

Students: Enjoy an Amazing Summer in Belize
Are you a student looking for an amazing way to spend your summer? Caves Branch Lodge in Belize has a student vacation package that includes lodging, transportation, meals, and plenty of hands-on experiences to inspire and teach students to be savvy travelers.Traveling is much more than just visiting new places. Travel is also about learning new perspectives. Instead of sitting in a bland hotel or standing in line at an amusement park, a summer vacation to Belize will get you outside of your comfort zone.Belize is a small country in Central America where English is the official language, so you won't have any trouble getting around. But despite its small size, Belize is home to a world of adventure that includes lush jungles, verdant rainforests, gorgeous tropical islands, and lost cities built by the ancient Maya.

UFO spotted near a cave in Belize; Tourists describe encounter
A group of travelers who were at the scene described the UFO about "40 feet long, with no wings, and with a dome on top."" I have never seen anything like this in my life. We were approaching the Actun Loch Tunich cave to do the Black Hole Drop Tour and we saw this mysterious object just hanging close to the sink hole and then it moved rapidly unlike any other thing I have ever seen in the air," Steven Williams of Colorado, USA said.The Black Hole Drop is a unique climbing adventure where participants get lowered down through the floor of a cave that sits high above the nearby jungle canopy. As participants rappel further downward, they pass through the canopy layer until they arrive in a deep hole that looks inky black, hence the name.

Zip-line: A Must Do Adventure Tour in Belize
What is a zip line adventure? To put it simply, it's a series of steel cables that connect to platforms located high up in the jungle canopy. By strapping into a safety harness, visitors can get as close to possible to what it must feel like for a bird flying through the air.But zip lines are so much more than that. Zip lines are completely safe to enjoy, but they offer a unique thrill that you just can't find anywhere else. The only "danger" in zip lines is psychological, and the simple act of stepping off a platform can provide a tremendous boost to one's self-confidence. Indeed, many participants love zip lines adventures because this unique challenge allows them to overcome their fears.The jungle in Belize seems tailor-made for zip lining. Entirely powered by gravity, zip lines allow participants to see a different side of the jungle, one of the most bio-diverse habitats on the planet. More than 500 species of birds can be found in Belize, and zip lines allow participants to enter the upper world of the lush jungle canopy where birds, howler monkeys, and a huge diversity of animals and plants exist.

The Best Time to Visit Belize for Whale Sharks
Belize is a world-famous mecca for scuba diving and snorkeling thanks to its massive barrier reef system (the second-largest in the world), crystal clear waters, and abundance of marine life. But one of the rarest and most beautiful animals in the ocean's waters only visits Belize once a year.Whale sharks are not whales in the true sense of the word. Instead, they are the largest fish which have ever existed. Whale sharks can grow to up to 41 feet (12 meters) in length and weigh up to 47,000 pounds (21 tons), roughly double the size and weigh of a semi truck. Despite their huge size, these sharks pose almost no danger to humans because they are filter feeders.Whale sharks may be huge, but they feed exclusively on microscopic plankton and fish spawn and have enormous mouths that can be as much as five feet (1.5 meters) wide, which they use to gulp down thousands of gallons of water. Whale sharks use 10 filter pads in order to strain out their microscopic food from the water.

The 5 Best Belize Resorts & Hotels For Honeymooners
Belize has always been a popular choice for honeymooners due to its close proximity to the United States and amazingly beautiful beaches, islands, and natural scenery on the mainland. It's also a top choice for many Hollywood celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon, who celebrated her marriage to Jim Toth with a honeymoon in Belize.If you're planning your honeymoon, here are the five best hotels & resorts in Belize:

Belize's Culture Life
The Kekchi Maya is originally from the Verapaz region of Guatemala. They migrated to Belize in the late 1800's after losing their land and freedom to German coffee growers. Their language is also called Q'eqchi'. Maya women wear tops-when there was a feast, when they went to mass, when they danced, or when they had their pictures were taken for them it is a tradition. But for day-to-day woman's work around the house. The two type of dress Kechi women uses is Mopan Maya huipil and skirt and a dress with little puffy sleeves and lacy ribbons that would have been appropriate for a child. Food was masa, raw tortilla dough-dried corn soaked in slaked lime, and then finely ground, with enough water added to stick together, Tamales or Corn Tortilla with beams or Bush Veggies. Maya's use to use Corn as for Startch. They are recognized as the poorest and most disenfranchised of the ethnic groups in Belize. The system of ''alcade'' was practiced to be subsistence to slash and burn agriculture and have self-governing.

International Sourcesizz

2018 Atlantic, Caribbean & Gulf Of Mexico Hurricane Season Forecast
: I am expecting that the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season will be about average in terms of activity. One reason for this is due to the fact that we are slowly transitioning from La Nina conditions into either neutral ENSO conditions or a weak El Ni�o during this summer into this autumn.It needs to be pointed out that the forecast for the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane season is a difficult one due to the fact that it is uncertain whether we will see El Nino conditions form or whether we will see a repeat of last year where we had a failed El Nino and instead we transitioned back into La Nina conditions. If the forecasts for El Nino are incorrect and we end up with another La Nina, then we could see a much more active hurricane season than what we are forecasting right now. On the other hand, should a full fledged El Nino develop during the summer, then we could see a very inactive hurricane season with numbers that are much lower than what we are forecasting right now.In addition, I am expecting the formation of at least one tropical storm in the western Atlantic during either May or early June. In addition, I also think that we could start out "quick" with tropical storm/hurricane formation from May to August, but then slow down in activity during September with the hurricane season potentially ending early in October as El Nino strengthens and attempts to make the Atlantic increasingly more unfavorable for development.

Penn State Shenango's 'Alternative Spring Break' goes to Belize to help build a school
At night in Belize, it is never quiet with the dogs, roosters, chickens and toucans all singing their songs.Those noises were foreign - and at times scary - to the 11 Penn State Shenango students who went on a trip to San Pedro Columbia, a Belizean village of about 700 people named for the Columbia river."Every morning you woke up and heard a rooster and saw chickens. There were like, 80 of them. They were just everywhere," said Freshman Sam Wadrose.The students took part in Penn State Shenango's fifth annual service "Alternative Spring Break" trip to Belize, where they - along with about 12 men from San Pedro Columbia - worked for a week to build a school building with two kindergarten classrooms.

Abiodun leads Nigeria against Belize, Malaysia in table tennis
BODE Abiodun will lead Nigeria's quest for honours against Belize and Malaysia in the first round of the men's team event of table tennis at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, following the late arrival of Aruna Quadri and Segun Toriola in Australia.Abiodun, who will arrive early today, will lead the duo of Olajide Omotayo and Azeez Jamiu against Central American nation of Belize.Portugal-based Abiodun is expected to arrive early today just a few hours before the first game against the Belize side.

A student from Phillipsburg aids ocean research in Belize
A fourth-grade project piqued Emily Gallant's interest in sea creatures. A senior class trip got her face-to-face with them.The 17-year-old from Phillipsburg and a senior at an all-girls prep school in Somerset County spent nearly a week aiding ocean research in Belize last month, part of a class trip with 15 students and their adult chaperones."Not a lot of people get to see sea turtles or manatees in real life" outside an aquarium, Gallant said. "We got to see them in their natural habitat."

Local Penn State students bring home life lessons from Belize
While some choose to relax on a beach for spring break, a group of students from Penn State Shenango spent their week away from class much differently. It's called Alternative Break.The group traveled to the San Pedro Columbia village of Belize where they helped to build classrooms for Kindergarten students.The students and faculty who went on the trip gave a presentation on campus about the experience - all living under one roof, with one couple, Gustavo and Catalina, who cooked for them, taught them and opened their home in ways we may never think to.

Favourite English speaking expat hubs for those allergic to language learning
If you're desperate to emigrate to somewhere warm and welcoming but don't have a talent for learning a foreign language, there's a good selection of English-speaking tropical islands to investigate. Popular with well-heeled expats for three decades and more, Belize's Ambergris Kaye is a hub for ocean sports and nighttime socialising. The island is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations, with English its official language. It's the only South American expat destination with English as its primary language, which is also used on its outlying archipelago of tiny islands. As it's an emigration hub for USA citizens, Western style foods are easily found, and residency or starting a business is much less trying than in many other expat destinations. As regards cost of living, Brits need to remember the USA pension is literally four times that of the UK's state handout, averaging around $2,000 a month, plenty enough for the good life in Belize but pricey for many UK retirees.

"Huech" a sacred animal for the ancient Maya
The Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) is a species of mammal that is related to anteaters and sloths.It is known in different ways depending on the area, for example, in Yucatecan it is called "Huech" and in the rest of the Peninsula, Belize and Guatemala it is known as "Tat�".Its distribution is very wide, since they can be found from the south of the United States, to the north of Argentina. Quintana Roo and the Yucatan Peninsula is part of its habitat.They are found mainly in humid areas, having activity at night, helped by their acute sense of smell and hearing.


  • SAGA Humane Society Programs, 38min. on ReefTV

  • Caminando Juntos En La Fe, 60min. on ReefTV

  • BELIZEAN AUTHOR JENNIFER BETSON-WLLIAMS CALL OF DUTY IN BELIZE!, 47min.The feature with Jennifer Betson-Williams highlights a candid conversation with yours truly about Belizean values that have been a missing aspect of Belizean society today. Born and raised in Belize City, Belize, Betson-Williams grew up on the Southside of Belize City to humble Belizean parents who raised their children to be God fearing and respectable citizens of Belizean society.A devout Evangelist Christian, Betson-Williams immigrated to the United States to Los Angeles, California in the 1990s, and began pursuing her dream of educational mobility and spiritual contentment. Her story here chronicles the life of a Belizean immigrant who while making considerable progress in her life making it worth-the-while but who also witnessed the disintegration of her home country Belize experiencing deep moral breakdown and spiritual lost of values among its young people who were suppose to be Belize's future again.

  • Wednesday's early morning sunrise over our Corozal Bay, 1.5min.

  • Intense Hail Storm While Tendering to Carnival Glory from Belize February 2018, 2.5min. Experienced an INTENSE hail store while I tendering back to the Carnival Glory on my Caribbean cruise in February 2018

  • Episode 13: How to Fly a Firetruck to Belize, 21min.

  • A view of Belize City, 4min.


  • How to Fly a Firetruck to Belize, 21min. What if you had a calling, but didn't know how to fulfill it? What would you do? Listen this week as James York III shares his inspiring story about how he never gave up. He successfully helped bring a firetruck from Columbus, OH to Caye Caulker, Belize.

  • Airbender Yoga Studio is introducing Bikram Yoga to willing participants, 25min. on Open Your Eyes

  • The Belize Solid Waste Management Project II - Improve solid waste transport, recovery, 26min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Freedom of Speech and Expression on Social Media, 51min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Channel 5 Daily Obituaries, 4min.

  • Maya Island Flight from Belize to Caye Caulker Island, 20min.

  • Hol Chan snorkeling Belize, 4.5min.

  • Banana bank Lodge Belize, 1min.

  • Xunantunich Maya Ruin Belize, 3min. Standing on top overlooking the surrounding valley towards Guatemala and Belize.

  • Splashdown Angel Falls, Belize, 1min.

  • Belize Mek We Go E1 S1 | Caribbean Beach Drumming Experience, 8min.

  • Lina Point: Overwater Cabanas @ San Pedro, Belize, 3min.

  • Gator Hunting in Belize, 7min. Jed & Brad are back at it again for a second episode of Jed and Brad's Survival Show! This was definitely a highlight for all of us on the team, and it's a story that we will be talking about for years to come. I'd like to take the time to thank our guides for showing us where the gators were, and making sure we were able to carry our own gators which made the trip 10 times better!!! I really hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did, be sure to like this video up and share it on social media to make sure everyone is able to enjoy it with you!

  • Belize in the 1980s, 11.5min.

  • Sports Talk Show, 2hr.

  • Bike Belize 2018, 3min. Partnering with The European Nature Trust (TENT) has brought a new dimension to the work of the FCD. See the video which outlines TENT's involvement. The European Nature Trust hosted their new experience - Bike Belize - cycling through the tropical wild heart of Belize, visiting ancient Mayan ruins, exploring giant subterranean cave systems and meeting the people working tirelessly to protect Belize's natural wonders.

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