Belize City Admin. Candice Miller has been suspended with full pay. Reports say she got her letter from the Mayor Bernard Wagner today - one month after he took office. According to reports, the issue is a $6361.00 dollar payment issued to Joe Bradley to pay for food and liquor at a Chinese restaurant just across from City Hall on North Front Street. Mayor Wagner has said that he will not pay it because there is no documentation to back it up.

Well, it turns out the payment was authorized by the former Mayor Darrell Bradley and City Administrator Miller and the cheque was prepared and signed by the former mayor.

But, council sources say that these items were obtained for council social events - and had appropriate requisition documentation.

But, that's really neither here not there, the issue now is the city administrator, who was criticized for her contract even before the PUP took office. Now, she is suspended - we are told - without proper procedures since she had no hearing before a council meeting. The City Admin had already been removed as a signatory on council cheques - which is unusual for an accounting officer.

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