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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe's Woofer: Hotel Maintenance
"I'm starting to get worried that they won't make it," Sherry said. "They'll be here. Cruise ships are always on time," I told her. We were sitting in the lobby of the Princess Hotel and Casino in Belize City waiting for Bruce and Becky, our friends from Texas. We had a room at the Princess because they were on the Carnival ship Breeze out of Galveston and we planned to spend the day with them. As we waited in the lobby a tourist and his wife walked past, arguing loudly. They went up to their room and a few minutes later the man came rushing back down.

Letter to the Editor: Shameful Performance of WASA
I'm sure that this is only one of myriad complaints concerning the totally pathetic performance of our water suppliers. We live at Mile Marker 3 South, and have been living without even semi-decent water supply and pressure for over 5 days now. We have to bathe out of a bucket, wash our dishes out of a bucket, and flush our toilet with water from a bucket. We are residents of 6 years standing, and taxpayers for 20 years standing. We pay all of our bills on time, and contribute considerably to this island's economy. It is quite distressing to be treated this shabbily by a seemingly uncaring service provider. We have called repeatedly, and are always told that servicemen will be dispatched to check out the problem right away, but, (really huge surprise here), we have yet to see these purported technicians. Our water pressure gauge is still bottomed out, as usual. To add to this absurdity, strangely enough, some of our neighbors to our north, and some to our south, seem to have semi-decent water supply, but not us.

Doctor Love
Dear Doctor Love, I am a divorced woman in my late forties and I have a nineteen year-old daughter who will start college in the fall. I have decided to sell everything and move to San Pedro once she is settled and comfortable in her new environment. The problem is that both she and my ex-husband are angry with me for leaving. She says I am abandoning her and he says I am neglecting my parental duties. Her dad and I divorced over ten years ago and he is remarried with two young children but they are close and he lives very near the college she will be attending.

Misc Belizean Sources


Belmopan Cancer Walk
Every year the Belmopan Cancer Society does a Cancer Walk in May, Cancer Awareness Month, as we "support the Fighters, admire the Survivors, honor the Taken and Never, ever give up hope" for those affected by Cancer. This year the Cancer Walk from Camalote Community Center to the DFC Parking Lot in Belmopan will be on 12th May. During the Walk we focus on awareness and raising funds to support our activities during the year. Join us this year. More information later as we complete our organization.

TIDE catches illegal Guatemalan fishers in Belize Waters
While many Belizeans sleep at night/early morning, our marine resources are being raped by illegal fishers of neighboring countries! At 2am we responded to a call from PHMR rangers on a night patrol with the Belize Coast Guard who arrested 2 Guatemalan fishers caught in our waters north of PG! See pictures of catch including 2 Permit that contribute significantly to the sport fishing industry! I commend the TIDE marine team and personnel from the Belize Coast Guard for protecting our marine resources even at night! Thanks for your bravery and commitment to Belize! We await results from trial and will share with our audience!

Going to the ICJ with Guatemala will not end the territorial dispute but it will die over time
By Wellington C. Ramos. Since the British buccaneer Peter Wallace made an emergency landing at the mouth of the Belize River in 1638, Spain and Guatemala still see Belize as their territory in 2018. Both of these countries fail to acknowledge that, before they became nation states, the indigenous Maya people and the other indigenous ethnic groups had their empires on this soil for centuries until they came to take their land away from them in 1493 with the Treaty of Tordesillas that Spain and Portugal signed. It should be the indigenous people taking the Spanish and the Guatemalans to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), for the genocide Spain committed and Guatemala continues to commit against the Maya people, from the time they landed on their land up to this day. The nations of the world have been standing by watching, while the Guatemalan government continues to violate the fundamental human rights of the indigenous Guatemalan citizens, with torture at times.

San Pedro Lagoon cleanup
I am a proud Sanpedrana born and raised in the island. Doing my part in participating for clean up up day. Wish I had seen more of the locals get involved. I see lots of Facebook posts of people complianing of trash but don't see them taking action! MJ Leslie we all need to inspire more people to make a change there is so much to clean. Till next clean up day...

Sugar Industry Newsletter
Download a copy of our new Sugar Industry Newsletter by visiting or by clicking on the following links: English Version: Spanish Version.

Fourteen year old Griselda Linares has been reported missing by her family. The teenager went missing on Friday from her home in Black Man Eddy Village in the Cayo District. If you have any information that can assist police and the family in location the girl you are asked to contact 6059682.

CEMJC AUDITORIUM taking shape at Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College
Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College (CEMJC), San Roman/Cristo Rey, Corozal - Shakuntala Davi once said that "Education is not just going to school and getting a degree. It's about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about LIFE". So education is not just preparation for life but it is life itself. Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College is a tertiary level institution funded by both the Belizean and Mexican Governments; it is located in the Corozal District of Belize. Currently it is in its 6th year of operation as a public school under the motto of 'Creating more access for higher education'. The school is strategically situated in a rural area of Belize to cater to, but not limit its services to rural students with the desire of continuing their studies in a Vocational Technical Institution. Together, the staff run five two year programs all with a combination of classroom instructional techniques as well as hands on application of knowledge; namely, the programs are Associates Degrees in Biology/Natural Resource Management; Tourism Management, Agriculture Business, Mathematics and Information Technology.

"BARBARIANS AT THE GATE " I could not believe these were the derogatory words Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner used to describe the same city voters who just 30 days ago handed him and his team of councilors one of the most shocking victories in recent political history. Wagner and his team of councilors campaigned on change and rebirth however his first 30 days at city hall have been anything but, instead what we have witnessed is the same old PUP lawless, corrupt ways that saw land hogs Joe Coye, Johnny Briceno, Dan Silva and Julius Espat take tens of thousands of acres for themselves. I'm not one of those politicians who is such a dogged partisan that i despise all PUPs, i consider myself a "neo political idealist" in simple terms i strive to be objective and have no problem supporting someone who is doing right by the people of Belize even if they are from the opposition. I thought Mayor Bernard Wagner was a new breed of politician, after all he is historically a UDP voter who crossed party lines to run as a PUP which falls in line with my "neo political idealism" thus I was very much hopeful that Mayor Wagner would usher in this new era of political leadership that would see all Belize city voters/residents benefit.

Malix Peek' (Stray Dog)
Belize let's learn Maya with a Malix Peek'. Last time they ask us what does Malix Peek' means. Malix or Malix Peek' is a common Maya word used in northern Belize to refer to street dogs or common dog . Malix is a Maya(Yucatec Maya) word which means "Common,ordinary or mix" . The word Peek' means "Dog". So Malix Peek' can be "Common Dog". The plural of Dogs in Maya is "peek'o'ob". Let's protect and love this dogs most of the time they are not appreciated as a "Full breed dog" and end up being a stray Dogs. so why buy a $500 Dog when you can have a Malix Peek'? This dogs are very resistant,Good hunters,good guard dogs,awesome family pets etc .

The Reporter

Mose Hyde wins by a landslide
Evan "Mose" Hyde is the new president of the Christian Workers Union.Mose weh noh pose The CWU held elections at its annual general meeting held yesterday, at the Bishop Sylvester Stadium in Belize City. where Hyde went up against Moses Sulph and Wilmore Staine for the post. Some 439 members, roughly half the CWU membership, cast a vote in the elections. At the final tally, Hyde had received 328 votes, more than the accumulated score of both his opponents. Staine managed to get 72 votes, while Sulph walked away with 39 votes. Hyde succeeds former CWU President, Dale Trujeque, who resigned last October, leaving the union to run without a president for six months.

SBDC to host business startup workshop
The Small Business Development Center, a unit of the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), is hosting a training session for entrepreneurs in the north. The workshop is scheduled for April 12, to be held at the La Immaculada Credit Union Training room in Orange Walk Town. The workshop is free and is geared towards equipping participants with knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary to start a business. The content will also cover the necessary steps finalizing a business idea as well as the necessary steps to formalizing a business in Belize.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

"We are fighting for what is ours", Jimmy Morales tells Guatemalans
Guatemala will hold their national referendum in seven (7) days time. As a result their Foreign Ministry has intensified their campaign encouraging Guatemalans to vote YES for Belize and Guatemala to go to the International Court of Justice to resolve Guatemala's long standing territorial claim for Belize. [�]

House destroyed by fire in Dangriga
Crescencio Ramos of Wageirale area in Dangriga Town reported that about 10:30 a.m. yesterday, whilst working, he was informed that his house on Nurse Thompson Street was on fire. [�]

Guatemalan fishers caught in Belizean waters
This morning, the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) informed that at around 2:00 a.m., rangers at the Port Honduras Marine Reserve on the night patrol with the Belize Coast guard found 2 Guatemalan fishers. [�]


Corozal House of Culture held their Full Moon Concert "Benque Marimba"
On a monthly basis we engage, learn and share our new learning and review music note reading with Professor Alejandro a musician by profession with speciality in bass guitar from Guatemala City; It is a fun way to embrace and expand our learning to obtain high standards in music. Music notes a universal language for our young musicians, we are humbled and proud of all the efforts by and for our Youths. On Saturday night April 7, 2017 Corozal House of Culture presented to the Public "Full Moon Concert Benque Marimba Los Hijos Del West" got invited to play live music for the public in Corozal. It all took place infront of the Corozal House of Culture where a number of people filled up the sits. At 7:30pm Ms. Debra Wilker did a short ceremony thanking everyone who came out to support Benque Marimba's Los Hijos Del West event.

Lagoon Clean-Up Mobilizes San Pedro Residents�Everyone Can Help
Yesterday lovers of San Pedro united to start a lagoon clean-up. Kids and businesses, locals and expats, visitors and our police and town council met up at 7am to pull plastic and trash from the water and mangroves around this incredibly important waterway. Saturday morning rockstars, Crocodile Chris and Christina of ACES and MJ Leslie of The Reef Angels and PassionKite, organized a hugely successful clean-up. In the stretch of water from Boca Del Rio park, under the bridge to the back side. We met. We picked up trash. Some in the water, some at the water's edge. We talked about the new ban of single serve plastic bags and plates recently enacted by the Belize government (starting April 2019) - the awesomeness of it and the immense challenge. We picked up hundreds of straws and bottle caps and way more. Here are some of the pictures. Thousands of pounds of crap that the town council came to pick and bring to the dump.

International Sourcesizz

Archaeologist who has unearthed Mesoamerican civilizations to speak at MSU
An archaeologist who discovered an ancient city in Belize and mapped Mayan ruins in Mexico is coming to Minnesota State University. Edwin Barnhart, director of the Maya Exploration Center, will be at MSU Thursday and Friday. He's giving public presentations about ancient Peruvian religion and art, and the Tarascan civilization in central Mexico. He'll also visit with students about his work for the Mexican government mapping the ancient Maya city of Palenque. An archaeologist for more than 20 years, Barnhart discovered the ancient Mayan city of Ma'ax Na in Belize and has mapped the onetime locations of over 4,000 ancient structures.

Living Legend Pen Cayetano Has Arrived to New York City!
GALENT is pleased to announce the arrival of the Garifuna Living Legend Pen Cayetano to New York City where he will receive a Garifuna Music Lifetime Achievement Award. The recognition will take place during the 2018 Garifuna Music Awards on April 7, 2018 at Maestros Caterers 1703 Bronxdale Avenue, Bronx NY 10461. Garifuna Living Legend Pen Cayetano, is a painter, singer, songwriter, percussionist and guitarist. He is the leading cultural revivalist and ambassador for the Garinagu. He is a self-taught painter and musician and mostly inspired by his Garifuna heritage. His task is to conserve the culture and give a consciousness to the people and the youth. Pen is recognized as the creator of the Punta Rock, the first contemporary Garifuna Rhythm. In November 1978 Isabel Flores was leading a group with his drummers and singers when some young folks started to sing vulgar songs in Garifuna. Nobody could stop them so the elders with Isabel Flores took his drums and left the youth doing their own thing. Pen realized that something had to be done for the younger generation.


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