Due to an outbreak of the deadly virus, Parvovirus, the San Pedro Saga Humane Society has launched a campaign to provide free Parvovirus shots to island pets. Aimed at preventing the spread of the deadly and highly contagious virus on the island, Saga is encouraging all pet owners to get their dogs vaccinated at their earliest convenience.

According to Saga, they have seen more than 15 cases of Parvovirus in the past three weeks on the island. However, thanks to medication/vaccinations the majority of the dogs who have contracted the disease have survived. Saga further states that they have not had a case of Parvovirus in the clinic or shelter during the recent outbreak, all of them have occurred in pets brought in by their owners to the clinic for treatment. If your dog has Parvovirus he/she will show the following symptoms; fever, loss of appetite, bloody diarrhea, lethargy, rapid weight loss, and vomiting. Saga advises pet owners who suspect their dog is infected NOT to bring them inside the Saga yard and kindly notify the front desk by calling 226-3266

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