For decades, the Football Federation of Belize has lagged behind in the development of women’s football. But today an encouraging announcement was made that The National Amateur Women’s League will be fully funded by the FFB.  Now, the big boys underwriting the girls league sounds like a night out on the town more than it does a sustainable long term plan.  But, there is such a plan. 

We learned more at today’s press conference:…

Cruz Gamez - Vice President, FFB
"The federation is now embarking on a very ambitious project for women's football from the grassroots up to the elite players and we hope to get the entire community involved with this. We want to as well have the best players in the country and this is the reason why we will begin our process from grassroots up to elite. When we say elite, it will be the national amateur women's league. We expect that we will have the best players in this league and hopefully in the near future we can then have a professional women's league in Belize."

Iris Centeno - Director of Women's Football
"I am very thankful with the president because he accepted my budget. He has decided to support our teams. This is the first time teams are being given uniforms, first aid kits. The referees will be fully paid. We will be proving the 50 percent transportation to all teams and match balls will be given. Also the champion of this tournament will be fully paid to travel and all expense. Our league has a long term objective; our objective is that the national amateur women's league becomes independent. Right now we are fully dependent on the FFB. Later on we want to have our membership, our bodies of executives running our league whereby we'll be independent in our objective is to be independent in 2020."

Sergio Chuc - President, FFB
"The team that wins will have all expenses paid; plane ticket, hotel, food, everything so we want to encourage each team to give their best out there."

There a total of eight teams representing north, south, east, and west.

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