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The San Pedro Sun

Guatemala votes ‘Yes’ to take the territorial dispute over Belize to the ICJ
Despite a low turnout of voters, on Sunday, April 15th Guatemalans voted ‘Yes,’ agreeing to take their territorial claim on Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The electorates’ participation in the referendum was at 26.33%, representing about 1.9 million of the over seven million eligible voters. Almost 96% of voters support the ICJ idea, while less than 5% voted against it. Belize is expected to hold its own referendum, where Belizeans will determine whether or not to take the territorial issue to the ICJ. A date is yet to be announced, but it is expected to take place sometime after the re-registration process scheduled for July of this year.

CRFM to convene 16th Meeting of the Caribbean Fisheries Forum in Montserrat
Once a year, the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), an inter-governmental organization established to promote and facilitate the responsible use of the region’s fisheries resources, convenes a meeting of heads of national fisheries authorities from its 17 Member States. This year, that group of the Caribbean technical experts who make up the Caribbean Fisheries Forum will meet for two days in Montserrat. The CRFM will convene the 16th Meeting of the Caribbean Fisheries Forum on Monday, 16 April and Tuesday, 17 April 2018 at the Montserrat Cultural Centre in Little Bay, Montserrat. International and regional partner organizations, observers and stakeholders from the fisheries and aquaculture sector have also been invited to the event, organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Lands Housing and the Environment (MATHLE) in Montserrat.

Ambergris Today

Guatemala Votes To Send Belize Territory Dispute To ICJ
On Sunday, April 15, 2018, Guatemalans voted to ask the top United Nations court to resolve its claim that it owns half the territory of its neighbor Belize, a dispute that dates back to Spanish and British colonial rule of the region. An overwhelming majority, more than 90% of the votes, ask the International Court of Justice to intervene in the long-standing territorial dispute. Guatemala recognized the independence of Belize at the beginning of the 1990s, but it never accepted the borders and continues to stake a claim to about 11,000 square kilometers (4,200 square miles), half the territory of the former British colony.

Work Underway At The Caye Caulker Municipal Airstrip
The Belize Airports Authority wishes to take this opportunity to update the general public that works on the Caye Caulker Municipal Airstrip project are well underway with the rehabilitation and widening of the runway. The works include the installation of a new runway lighting system that will allow for night-time landing capabilities.

Misc Belizean Sources


San Pedro Tourist Guide Association General Meeting
The San Pedro Tourist Guide Association cordially invites all members for a General Meeting to be held on Wednesday, April 18th at the San Pedro Lion’s Den starting at 7PM.

Belize to Conduct its First-Ever Internal Review of Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management System
2018. Belize is strengthening its capacity to establish and apply quality assurance and quality control of its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory Management system through the support of the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat. From 16th to 20th April, experts of the UN Climate Change Secretariat will facilitate Belize in its process of conducting their internal review of emissions data and help to build the capacity of local experts and practitioners involved in the process of the preparation of national GHG inventories. Through this initiative, Belize will complete its first-ever in-country voluntary quality assurance of a national inventory system and national inventory report from a non-Annex I Party from the Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Government of Belize Issues Statement on Belize-Guatemala Referendum
The Government of Belize avails of the opportunity to congratulate the Government and people of the Republic of Guatemala for conducting its referendum on April 15, 2018 on the question of going to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in accordance with the Special Agreement of 2008. The Government acknowledges the results as a step further toward permanently settling the age-old dispute. This act of civic expression in Guatemala was conducted smoothly and efficiently in a way that contributes further to the strengthening of democracy, peace and security in Guatemala as well as in the region. At the recommendation of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States in 2007, the Governments of Belize and Guatemala were asked to consider going to the ICJ to settle finally and definitively their dispute arising from Guatemala’s claim on Belize’s continental and insular territories and the maritime areas pertaining to them.

NEMO Minister Tours Humana Projects and Infrastructure Works in Toledo
During a two-day visit to Toledo on April 12-13, 2018, Minister of National Emergency Management Honorable Edmond Castro met with officials from Humana People to People Belize (HPPB) which is executing a number of projects throughout that district in partnership with the Government of Belize and various local organizations and groups. The projects currently underway are being executed in 11 villages throughout the Toledo District and fall under the categories of: Improved physical Infrastructure and Early Warning Systems for Reduced Risk to Natural Hazards; Improved Agricultural Farming Systems Resilient to Climate Change; Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Public Education and Awareness and Emergency Response; and Project Management and Administration (with gender equity). The Minister’s tour started off with a quick briefing in Punta Gorda, followed by a visit to Humana’s Clothing Store (in Punta Gorda) which provides affordable second-hand clothing for low-income families. The delegation then headed to the village of Santa Teresa where they inspected a tower and solar-powered facilities to provided communication for five villages, thereby improving emergency and disaster response in the area.

The Government of Belize rejects completely the statement made by Guatemalan Vice President Cabrera who stated that Belize will be holding a referendum in May of 2018
Belize’s Ambassador to Guatemala, H.E. Alexis Rosado, made appearances on the Guatemalan media, and informed the Guatemalan and international media who are currently in Guatemala that Belize’s referendum will be held after the re-registration process is sufficiently complete, and stated that Belize also proposes to intensify its public awareness campaign starting this and next month.

When Marcos Canul and his warriors took Corozal Town
A day like today April 16 but in 1870 our Maya Grandparents lead by our comandante Marcos Canul and his warriors took Corozal Town . The Yucatec Maya group known as the Icaiche Maya stoop up against one of the most powerful impires at the time the British . In 1853 the Yucatec Maya (Iciache),Yucatan and the British sign a treaty that northwestern Belize land will be and would be retain by the Icaiche Maya . A treaty which the british never respected by continuing of cutting of logwood and burning several Maya villages in the yalbac area in 1867 . Long live Marcos Canul !!! Long live the Maya !!! Long live Belize !!!

esterday the people of Guatemala, after several months of enticement by their government to covet their neighbours territory, voted a resounding NO to the claim of their government over Belize. Only 26% of their voting population took the time to participate in their referendum on the issue. 74% said NO by avoiding the polls. As could be expected, those coveteous souls who took to the polls voted 95% yes to take the issue to the ICJ. During the intense campaign over the last few months, the Guatemalan government proposed to its people that taking the claim to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) was the only and best way to settle the age-old dispute, hanging the beautiful jewel of Belize, its inland gems, pristine waters and white Caribbean island beaches. Like a piece of negotiable floor mat, ready for exploitation. They told the people that the taking of Belize would allow more rapid economic growth and better living standards for Guatemalans.

CCC Marching Band Victory 2018
Come join a motorcade at 4:30pm on Friday April 20th to celebrate the CCC Marching Band victory at Band Fest!

CAWS Jefe de La Cocina Cook-off
The 2nd annual CAWS Cinco de Mayo Cook-off is schedule for Saturday, May 5th. It'll be at Remo's, and will start at 3:00pm. There's still time to enter your dish in the competition. They'll have the silent auction again. "Mark your Calendars! Saturday May 5th! Join us for our 2nd Annual Cinco De Mayo Event! Contact us to reserve your food entry to compete for Cayo's Jefe de la Cocina 2018!"

Scarlet macaw biological monitoring is underway
With a known population of no more than 125 pairs the race is on to protect and save our scarlets (SOS) this year.

Legislative Reform at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
Special Envoy for Women and Children, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow, participated in a panel discussion on Legislative Reform at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London, April 16, 2018. Other panelists included: Caleb Orosco (Belize), Ambassador Faure (Seychelles), and Jill Iliffe (Australia).

Celebrating Young Belizean Entrepreneurs!
For the month of April, we are excited to feature Ms. Margarita Maria Leiva as our Young Belizean Entrepreneur! Margarita Maria Leiva is a graphic designer who started Margarita Leiva Graphics and recently Kamana - Mars Hat Collection. In 2011, while attending University of Belize, Margarita was introduced to Adobe Photoshop and eventually started to create digital art. After graduating in 2014, she started to build her own brand as a graphic designer, which became known as Margarita Leiva Graphics. Her main focus is creating brand ideas for businesses, including business cards, brochures, menus, flyers, posters, billboards. Margarita works for both local and international business in Houston, Dallas, New York, and the United Kingdom! Recently, Margarita opened a new business called ‘Ka-mana’, which is Hawaiian for empowerment. The business’ main focus is to create hats that empower women. Her first batch of 20 designed hats sold in less than two hours! Margarita also expanded and created unique hats for men and women that amplify various topics, including supporting the #LGBT community.

Cultural Festival & Fashion Show
The Caribbean Kings will be performing at the Cultural Festival & Fashion Show Fundraiser this Sunday. Make sure to come along and celebrate with us and support the House of Culture.

Channel 7

Guate Votes Resounding “Yes” to ICJ Referendum
Guatemala has voted yes to go to the ICJ with the Belize - Guatemala territorial dispute. The referendum, or - as they call it - "Consulta Popular" was held yesterday, and it was a decisive outcome: 96% of the 1.9 million voters said "yes", while only 75,000, or 4% said "no" to the ICJ. And while 1.9 million votes may sound like a whole lot, voter turnout was low at 26% of the electorate - and throughout the day, there were many stories in the Guatemalan media about how slow it was at the polling stations. Our Daniel Ortiz and Codie Norales were in Guatemala City for the vote, and they have this story:... Here in Guatemala City, like the rest of the country, Guatemalans joined the lines on a Sunday to say yes or no to taking their territorial claim to Belize to the ICJ.

Former Guate F.M. Ecstatic About “Yes” Vote
While our news team was in Guatemala City, we ran into former Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales. While he's no longer a member of Government, he still had a leading role in the public education campaign. We asked the Morales to discuss the outcome of the referendum, and, not surprisingly, he was very pleased that Guatemalans want to take their claim to the ICJ. Here's what he had to say: Carlos Raul Morales- Former Guatemalan Foreign Minister "It is a clear message of the Guatemalan people that we want peace. This is for me the most important message. Guatemalan people are people that love peace. And a lot of the Guatemalan people are not aware of the issue with Belize. They only know about Belize when someone dies in the adjacency zone and there are sentiments, very special feelings when someone dies. Our message to Belize is that we are going to be neighbors forever, we have a problem, we have an issue, we need to solve that issue. But the message that the 96% of people said 'yes' is to give a solution to a problem we have in the International Court of Justice in a peaceful way..."

Ambassador Alexis: “Is the Pressure now on Belize?”
So, what happens next? Well, now that the Guatemalan electorate has said "YES", it wants to resolve the dispute at the ICJ - they must wait and see what the Belize electorate says. So, now, the pressure and scrutiny is squarely upon Belize, since the Guatemalans have given their emphatic yes vote. We asked Belize's Ambassador in Guatemala, Alexis Rosado if Belize is under pressure to produce a "yes" vote in Belize. Here's what he had to say: H. E. Alexis Rosado - Ambassador of Belize to Guatemala "Well, it is a historic occasion. It is a big step in the direction we had already agreed upon in 2008 when we signed the special agreement. It will now required for Belize to prepare and conduct its own and we will see how that goes."

What if Belize Claimed Guatemala?
And, finally from Guatemala City tonight we have a different perspective on the vote. We asked Guatemalan voters, "what if?" As in, "What if Belize was claiming half your country? And some faraway court would decide whether they were entitled to it?" We got some interesting reactions, including some sudden about-turns:... Daniel Ortiz - Reporter: "Let's say for example, you grew up with a different history, let us change history just for a little bit. Belize is claiming Guatemala as its territory. As a Guatemalan, how would you feel about that?"

Country Confusion for Pres. Jimmy
And while putting the shoe on the other foot changed the perspective for some of those Guatemalan voters, it seems President Jimmy Morales wasn't sure what shoe he put on when he woke up on Sunday morning. He was widely made fun of in the Guatemalan media for saying the dispute was between Mexico and Belize:.. Similarly, a Guatemalan congressman is reported as saying that the dispute is with Brazil whom he would vote for because it would help in football.

An Ugly Murder on Lovely Lane
Three weeks ago, southside Belize City was in turmoil due to rising gang related crime, but, now, it's the Northside - which witnessed its second execution style killing in four days. On Wednesday night the victim was 37 year old Marcia Downs, and yesterday evening it was 30 year old Jason Belencio. In both cases, the victims were not known to be in any gang, but both of them were shot in the head with deliberate cruelty. Today, Sahar Vasquez went looking for answers in Belncio's murder: Sahar Vasquez reporting: In 2012 while police officers were doing a meet and greet on Lovely Lane, 24-year-old Jason Belencio made sure to greet the police. But Belencio didn't just exchange courtesies, the 24-year-old shared his life story and made one request.

Fearless Defender Gunned Down
The weekend's other murder happened in Ranchito Village, just outside of Corozal Town. At five minutes past midnight on Sunday morning, A shooter toting a sawed off shotgun killed 38 year old Emmanuel Evan Sosa at the Pasadina Bar - which is just off the highway. It all started at midnight when the female bar owner was closing up and a man with a sawed off showed up at the door. Sosa sprang to her defence and confronted the gunman outside, while she locked herself inside. Police told us what happened next:

Murder Suspect Says Ambassador Tried to Rape Him
He is accused of killing a diplomat, but 23 year old Wilser Echeverria told the court that the Panamanian Ambassador Jose Rodrigo De la Rosa was trying to rape him. Echeverria's trial without jury started last week in the Belmopan supreme Court before Justice Antonette Moore. According to the evidence, in November of 2014, De La Rosa met Echeverria - who was only 19 at the time - at the bus terminal and invited him for a drink. He then drove Echeverria to a remote area off the Hummingbird Highway and he began to make sexual advances on Echeverria.

From “Chamako” to Chief
Corozal North Representative Hugo Patt has been named Acting Prime Minister again. Prime Minister Barrow left for Washington yesterday to meet with the IMF and the OAS. We understand he is also seeking further medical consultation on his ailing back. He'll be gone for 6 days - returning on Saturday, April 21st, 2018. And until then, two term area rep and Minister of Labour and Local Government Hugo Patt will again be acting Prime Minister. Again, it's surprising because Patt is considered a junior member of Cabinet And the Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber returned to the country today. But Faber tells us he will travel to South Korea on official business before the end of the week - which is why he is not acting.

Banana Farm Sues Fyffes for Millions in Losses
Turning now from politics to the court, Meridian Farms took multinational corporation Fyffes to the Belize Supreme Court today. As we've reported, Meridian - which took over the farms form John Zabaneh was the biggest banana producer in 2012. It claims that Fyffes was the moving hand when it was cut off as a supplier who could export bananas to Fyffes. That sent Meridian's farms to ruin and resulted in the loss of hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars. Meridian's attorney Eamon Courtenay is claiming for breech and damages against Fyffes, alleging that the company refused to receive its bananas.

Caye Lago Escape Boat Found
There was a double murder on Caye Largo early on Friday morning. That's a private island close to Caye Caulker where Mark Seawell and Gabriel Escalante were killed by an unknown gunman or gunmen, who made off with the island owner's boat. Well, police found the boat. Today when they addressed the media, the Coast Guard was going to pick it up:.. Wilfredo Ferrufino - Inspector, CIB: "Prior to coming to this press briefing, we had received that there was a vessel that was found. Police and the Coast Guard will proceed to that location and confirm if it is the vessel that is from this double murder."

Contraband Cerveza Intercepted in Corozal
Corozal Police made a contraband bust on Sunday, when they intercepted a van driven by a couple from Calcutta Village. Inside the van, they found twenty cases of contraband Superior beer from Mexico. They were both detained and the van and its contents impounded. Police handed the matter over to customs who will likely settle with the couple. They have not been criminally charged.

Ranchito Fisherman Fined
A Forty-seven year old fisherman from Ranchito was fined for undersized conch today. Sojo Moises Catzim pleaded guilty to possession of 65 undersized conch. He was fined $250 plus $5 court cost for the offence and he was also fined $20 per conch, which amounted to $1,300. On March 11 Fisheries officers found Catzim on Turneffe Reef Atoll with 65 fully processed fillet conch which did not exceed 3 inches in length. Catzim said in court that he fished for the undersized conch because he is sick and constantly in pain so he cannot work as he used to.

Caye Caulker Airstrip Renovations Underway
The Caye Caulker airstrip has been closed since late last year, and probably won't re-open until the second half of this year. The Belize Airports Authority today sent out a release saying that the renovation of the has, quote, "picked up momentum and is moving briskly to meet its completion date by mid-June of this year." We asked the general manager for details:... Nick Ruiz - GM, BAA: "What precipitated the close down was undulations that were forming on the runway and when it was built in 2005 - 2006, we now know that the base was not fully addressed and so you may have come and done some cosmetic work at the top you could say but it wouldn't address the problem that is really at the bottom of it all. So, this time around in Caye Caulker we have determine to go and fix the problem which is underneath the runway..."

Channel 5

Guatemala Says YES to I.C.J. Resolution
Guatemala has spoken and its citizens have done so decisively, those who came out on Sunday to participate in the referendum.  Following a somewhat abbreviated education campaign which commenced in [...]

In Belize, Will Political Parties Work Together?
In the absence of Prime Minister Barrow and Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington, we sought a reaction to Sunday’s outcome from Opposition Leader John Briceño.  The head of the People’s United [...]

Referendum in Belize in May? No Way!
Guatemalan Vice President Jafeth Cabrera recently met with Belize’s Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington in Lima, Peru while attending the Eighth Summit of the Americas.  Cabrera reportedly told the Guatemalan media, [...]

Ambassador Rosado Confirms Re-Registration Must Come First
Vice President of Guatemala Jafeth Cabrera voted in Sunday’s referendum in Guatemala City. According to Prensa Libre, he told reporters that he understands Belize will go to vote in its [...]

Belizeans React to Guat Referendum Outcome
With Guatemalans giving the nod to take the territorial claim to the I.C.J., does the result put added pressure on the Belizean government and populace to have the same? On [...]

How Did We Get Here?
We have heard from Belizeans as to what they are thinking now that the results in Guatemala are a reality. But how, really, did we get here? It started ten [...]

Who Wanted Jason Belencio Dead?
A father of three was killed in Belize City on Sunday evening. Police say that they have one man in custody and are looking for another – but the motive [...]

Ivan Sosa’s Good Samaritan Deed Ends in Fatality
Corozal Police are looking for one person in connection with a murder that occurred in the village of Ranchito on the Philip Goldson Highway. Just after midnight on Saturday, as [...]

No Suspects, No Motive in Caye Lagos Double Murder
The shocking double murder on Caye Lagos on Friday has shocked the Ladyville community and left two families grieving. Forty-eight-year-old Mark Seawell and forty-two-year-old Gabriel Escalante were shot to death [...]

Police Still Hunting Marcia Downs’ Killer
Thirty-seven-year-old Marcia Downs was murdered in cold blood last week Wednesday night around eight. She was killed inside her yard when a man approached her house and called out her [...]

Rural Area Man Struck by Vehicle
Twenty-six-year-old Christian Charles is clinging to life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was knocked down and left for dead in a case of hit and run. Swanka, [...]

P.U.P. Says Mayor Wagner Can Be Available, but Prudent
Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner has been facing serious criticism since deciding to lend financial assistance to needy residents via a social program at City Hall.  Despite having cleared up [...]

Banana Titans Unable to Prove Case in Court
The fallout over the designation by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control of banana businessman John Zabaneh as an alleged drug trafficking kingpin continues. While he is no [...]

Humana Hooks Up with NEMO for Toledo Emergencies
A number of projects are being undertaken in eleven villages within the Toledo District through Humana People to People Belize.  Those initiatives include the improvements of physical infrastructure, as well [...]

Commonwealth Cyclists were Class of the Caribbean ‘Down Under’
Most of Belize’s delegation to the Commonwealth Games concluded on Sunday in Gold Coast, Australia, returned to Belize this afternoon. There were no medals to show off, but the athletes [...]

Training Continues for Table Tennis Trio
The table tennis team of Devesh Hukmani, Terry Su and Rohit Pagarani were also participating in the Commonwealths for the first time and faced some of the very best in [...]

The Weekend in Sports
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities….]


Father of three gunned down
A father of three was shot and killed yesterday. Shortly before six o’clock yesterday evening shots rang out on Lovely Lane in Belize City, when the shooting ended, 30-year-old Jason Belencio lay dead. The family is in shock and disbelief as they are trying to come to terms with his murder. Today, Love News visited …

Guatemalan Garinagu boycott referendum
During over coverage of the Guatemala ICJ referendum on Sunday, we came across a group of Garinagu who has ancestry in Belize. They told us that they are Guatemalans who have family in Punta Gorda. However, life on that side of the border is not what many would expect. Earlier in the month, UNESCO in …

Will Belize be pressured to vote ‘yes’ to the ICJ?
Today the Government of Belize sent out a release, congratulating Guatemala for what it described as “a step further toward permanently settling the age-old dispute.” The Government says that Guatemala’s referendum promotes peace, democracy, and security, not only in Guatemala but in the region. This is a similar message sent by Guatemala’s former Foreign Affairs …

Misinformation or Misinterpretation?; The faulty Guatemalan ICJ campaign
As you heard in the story, some of the people who spoke to Love News gave different reasons why they voted yes in Guatemala’s ICJ referendum yesterday. Some believed that if they voted “yes”, Guatemala would recover a portion of Belize while others believed that some sort of free trade agreement will be established. When …

Guatemala votes to have dispute with Belize settled by ICJ
Yesterday, one point six million Guatemalans voted in favor of taking their country’s territorial, maritime and insular claim on Belize to the International Court of Justice, ICJ. Guatemala is claiming half of Belize or about four thousand square miles as its territory. While in the early 1990s the Guatemalan Government recognized Belize as an independent …

A Belize delegation attends 11th Commonwealth Forum
A Belizean delegation returned today from the Commonwealth Games in Australia. Meanwhile, another delegation is presently in London, where they are attending the 11thCommonwealth Forum which started today. Love news spoke with Aida Escobar, the Public Relations Officer at the Department of Youth Services about the delegation. Aida Escobar – Public Relations Officer, Department of …

Man seriously injured in a hit and run incident
A young man is fighting for his life after being knocked down in Burrell Boom Village, near the bridge. 26-year-old Christian Charles was knocked down about five thirty on Sunday morning. He was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he is listed in a critical condition. Love News visited the KHMH, where we …

Villager shot and killed; was he trying to foil a robbery?
A few minutes before midnight on Saturday, a robbery in Ranchito Village in the Corozal District ended in death. Police say that the deceased, 38-year-old Ivan Emanuel Sosa was killed as he attempted to foil the robbery. They add that the owner of the bar locked Sosa out of the building as he confronted the …

Police continue to look for suspects in last week’s double murder
Police are looking for suspects in last week’s double murder. Ladyville residents, Mark Seawell and Gabriel Escalante were shot and killed on Caye Lagos. Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino of the Crimes Investigation Branch shared the details of the double murder. Insp. Wilfred Ferrufino, Crimes Investigation Branch: “On Friday the 13th police received information of the body …

Candian women battered and robbed in Corozal Town
Two elderly Canadian women were robbed and beaten in Corozal Town. The incident happened on April 7, but the Belize Police Department has not issued any official report on the matter. Love News understands however that the women, one of them the proprietor of a hotel and restaurant in Corozal Town had driven to one …


UDP cries corruption; PUP Mayor says not so
PUP Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner has been in office for less than a month and already he is being accused of corruption? The accusations came after it was learned that Mayor Wagner wrote checks on the city council’s account to himself to distribute as social assistance. Today, the Mayor spoke to...

Police say man accusing cops of brutality not truthful
In Yesterday’s News Cast we reported to you that 24 year old Leray Simons claimed that he was badly brutalized by Punta Gorda Police while in their custody. Simons told Plus News that PG Police even refused to give him a medico legal form to take to his doctor and so he had to make his way to the Be...

GOB clarifies Minister Elrington’s Comments on Guatemalan Referendum
Yesterday we told you about the PUP press release demanding that Minister Wilfred Elrington clarify his statements made in interview with Channel 5, where Elrington said that Guatemala would have to go to referendum to adopt any decision made by the ICJ. The PUP said that Elrington is contradicting ...

Elderly Business Owner Robbed twice in less than 2 weeks
On March 30th , Silvia’s Shop in the Hummingbird Community was reportedly robbed by three camouflaged and armed men. In a police report sent to us by police at the end of last month, it stated that 73 year old Silvia Spain and her husband were in the shop when the men entered and robbed the couple o...

Over the weekend, 7 foreign women were arrested from three different bars after a sting operation by immigration and police. The 7 women from the neighboring countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador were arrested after they were suspected of working in bars located in the Ladyville area. The...

Ibrahim Smith of Manslaughter by Negligence charge
A 26 year old who accidentally shot and killed his friend in 2010 was set free of a manslaughter by negligence charge. 26 year old Ibrahim Smith was 17 when he was charged for the shooting death of 17-year-old Shenaine Reyes, aka “Shenelle” a third form student at Saidie Vernon High School. The tee...

Teenager Charged With Drug Trafficking
A 19 year old has been charged with Drug Trafficking by Belmopan Police. Reports are that police conducted a search on 19 year old Otis Garcia while conducting a mobile patrol on Monday morning. Their search resulted in the discovery of 780 grams of cannabis o n Garcia. Garcia was arrested and char...

Tense times at City Hall
Earlier we told you of Belize City Mayor Wagner’s worries regarding Social Assistance check that he wrote out in his name and then distributed to needy Belize City residents. That brought about sharp criticism and cries of corruption and illegality. That is not the only situation the Belize City Cou...

No more Social Assistance Program at City Hall
Mayor Bernard Wagner says that while he is glad to assist residents of Belize City through the current Social Assistance program. He is hopeful for a more meaningful way of assisting people in need. He believes that in time they can do away with the Social Assistance Program and set up a City Fund i...

FREE Medical Services to 4 Villages
The Ministry of Health in Collaboration with Path Light International is offering free medical services to Villages in the Cayo South. According to Rose Anderson from the Ministry of Health the free medical services will be offered for the entire week up until Friday morning. Rose Anderson, Ministr...

Truck overturns on George Price Highway
A pickup truck overturned off the George Price Highway this morning. It happened this morning near Central Farm. We don’t know what caused the vehicle to overturn but it appears no one was seriously injured. The pickup truck was carrying a pan full of oranges which ended up on the road and the gras...

Charges for stealing phone
A woman tried to blame her son in court for a phone she stole and now she is in more trouble. 29 year old Tina Herbert appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser where she pleaded not guilty to one count of theft. Herbert was denied bail and remanded into custody until Friday, after she tried to...

Farmers of the Year 2018
The Ministry of Agriculture and the National Agriculture and Trade Show Committee has selected the winners of their 2018 farmers of the year award. Mr. Baltazar Campos of Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District was selected as the ‘Male farmer of the year’. Lorena Peralta of La Gracia Village...

Fighting corruption by helping cops stretch incomes
Police Officers working on the South Side of Belize City are receiving incentives to work harder and avoid corruption. This is coming through initiatives to help police officers to stretch their incomes. According Howell Gillett, Officer Commanding Eastern Division South, within a few days the offi...

US Embassy give New Grants
The U.S Embassy in Belmopan has announced a new funding opportunity to strengthen civil society and civil servant capacity through partnership. The funding is intended to support U.S. Government objectives under the Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) to support democracy and govern...

Belize and Guatemala host Garifuna Cultural Event
Belize and Guatemala collaborated in a Garifuna cultural event over the past two days. The event entitled “The Belizean and Guatemalan Garifuna Culture as an Expression of Social Cohesion, Intercultural Dialogue and Promotion of Peace” was held on the 8th and 9th of April 2018 in Guatemala City. Th...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Corozal police seek one person for murder
After midnight yesterday, Corozal police responded to a report of a shooting incident at […]

Belize city man killed on Lovely Lane
Police are investigating the murder of Jason James Belencio, 30, which happened just before […]

Truck valued at $35,000 destroyed by fire
Last night around 9:20, Belize city police visited the scene of a fire on […]

Belize must complete re-registration before referendum
With Guatemala having already fulfilled its obligation to hold a national referendum on taking […]

Belizean man accused of triple homicide in USA to stand trial (again)
Belizean Brian Hyde who is accused of murdering his three family members ( Dorla Pitts,37, […]

Inspector Nicolas Palomo passes away
The Police Department is mourning the death of Inspector Nicolas Palomo,42. Palomo had been […]

Guatemala said Yes to ICJ, how will Belize vote?
Yesterday, over 1.7 million voters of Guatemala’s 7.5 million registered voters voted in the National Referendum to take the long standing claim on Belize’s continental, insular […]

Belize to conduct 1st internal review of Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management System
Belize is strengthening its capacity to establish and apply quality assurance and quality control […]

GOB congratulates Guatemala; says Belize referendum will be after re-registration
The Government of Belize (GOB) issued a statement today congratulating the Government and people […]

NEMO Minister tours Humana projects in Toledo
Minister of National Emergency Management, Edmond Castro met with officials from Humana People to […]

Belize Government rejects referendum date by Guatemala’s Vice President
The Government of Belize (GOB) has released a statement informing the nation that it rejects […]

Belize: The Death of The Guatemalan Claim
By Richard Harrison: Yesterday the people of Guatemala, after several months of enticement by their government to covet […]


Ambergris Caye Check-list: 11 Must-Do’s On Your First Visit to Belize
Ambergris Caye has SO much to offer and can keep you busy from morning until night. The food, the festivals, the people, the shopping, the aqua blue waters, the gorgeous barrier reef and wildlife – most people are quickly hooked. My one BIGGEST tip is to chat it up – with locals, with tourists…it’s a great way to find out what’s going on in town and the newest, hippest spots. But it’s your first visit…and with only a few days or a week, where to start? Here is a check list – a mix of fun, adventure and…chocolate – that will make the most of your time on the island. And give you a real feel for what living on Belize’s largest island is like.

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Liz Weston: Beat the Retiree Crowds to These 5 Places Abroad
Retiring in less popular places could mean a lower cost of living and a more authentic experience abroad. Coronado in Panama once had pristine beaches and not much else. Today the resort town is a haven for U.S. and Canadian retirees, with strip malls, fast-food joints and a lot of people speaking English. That kind of retirement destination appeals to many who are looking for an established expatriate community where they may not have to learn another language, says Dan Prescher, a senior editor at International Living, another site for people interested in life abroad. Places like Coronado or Boquete in Panama, Puerto Vallarta or Ajijic in Mexico and Ambergris Caye island in Belize have been welcoming North American retirees for years.

Central Albertans provide Belize’s students and teachers with literacy tools
In Belize, many students have to “dream big” just to finish high school. With a $1.50 per/hour minimum wage in the Central American country, the $500 cost of finishing high school can be an insurmountable obstacle, said Lynne Paradis, international director and project lead for the Rotary Club of Red Deer. But hope for a better future was conveyed by 30 Central Albertans who recently travelled to Belize with suitcase-fulls of books and writing equipment. The goal was to encourage students to stay in school for the long-term by applying for scholarships and subsidies. That way they will gain better jobs prospects by becoming literate members of society, added Paradis.

Belize steps up to prioritize health challenges faced by its youth
ared Cain, 18, from the south side of Belize city, Belize, knows all too well the sound of gunshots. “In the past two to three weeks alone, there’s been multiple shootings in my neighborhood," says Cain, a member of the Belize Children’s Advisory Body and the Belize Family Life Association Youth Advocacy Movement. "It’s common to hear gunshots outside my window while I’m studying or playing video games with friends." Violence, particularly homicide, sexual violence and bullying, is a significant adolescent health issue in Belize. Teenage boys are more likely to drop out of school and become involved with violent gangs or other illegal activities, a WHO report on Tuesday said.

Threatened: A Green-Haired Turtle That Can Breathe Through Its Genitals
(And one of Belize's turtles too). In the debate over saving endangered species, it may be that some should get priority just because of how weird they are. Take the green-haired turtle. It breathes through its genitals. Not all the time — but after a long time underwater, an alternative way to get oxygen really helps. The turtle is thirtieth on a new list of reptiles in trouble put out by the Zoological Society of London. The Edge of Existence program at the society looks at the evolutionary trees of animals that are endangered to determine which are most evolutionary distinctive.


  • Morning Matters with Vero Belize, 62min.

  • Belize's First Line of Defence | Episode 1: Defining Belize's Borders, 14min. Episode one of the documentary series "Belize's First Line of Defence" highlighted what areas define Belize's borders and how they were established. Let's take a look back!

  • Recap of Guatemala Referendum Open Your Eyes, 2.5 hr.

  • Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed at the Milwaukee Public Museum, 5min. Michael Schlesinger takes viewers inside the latest special exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum showcasing artifacts from the ancient Mayan civilization.

  • Guatemala Referendum Coverage, 90min.

  • House Hunters: Jungle Love in Belize (Clip), 3min.

  • 1999 BELIZE, KEY WEST CRUISE, 18min.

  • Bike Belize, 2.5min.

  • Diving in Belize, 1min. Footage from 2 Tank Dives in Belize and 1 Tank Night Dive! Incredible underwater experience with several large sea turtles, nurse sharks, octopus, sting rays, lobster, and many other sea life!

  • How to open coconut husk, 2min.

  • The Creatures of Belize, 5.5min. Ants, Tarantulas, Scorpions, Sharks, Birds, Frogs, Lizards,etc...

  • The O'Gradys Fly Fishing Belize !!!, 6min.

  • Secret Beach & Tropical Paradise, 9min.

  • Belize Nature Sounds - San Lorenzo Farm: Lower Pasture, 10min. As part of Grassfed's Nature Series, here is 10 minutes from the lower pasture at San Lorenzo Farm in Cayo, Belize. This is the current base of operation for Team Grassfed, the 200 acre farm is home to Hanna Stables and Nabitunich: The Stone Cottages.

  • Belize Hol Chan Night Dive, 1min.