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Calling the Next Miss Belize Universe

The Miss Universe Organization is searching for the next Belizean beauty ambassador to participate in the 2018 Miss Universe Pageant. A team from the U.S., dubbed Miss Universe Belize Organization, has been in Belize since the beginning of the week and on Friday and Saturday will be carrying out auditions for young Belizean women between the ages of eighteen and twenty-seven who would like to represent the country in the upcoming national pageant slated for August twenty-fifth at the Best Western Biltmore Plaza in Belize City. Meet the National Director of the Miss Universe Belize Organization, Romeo Escobar:

Romeo Escobar, National Director, Miss Universe Belize Organization

"We will start from ten a.m. all the way to two p.m. here at the Biltmore Plaza, Belize; the Orchid Room. We will be here; the whole organization will be here meeting these young ladies who have a dream of representing the country at Miss Universe, but they will represent the country nationally as well."

Duane Moody

"What's the criteria; what are you really looking for?"

Romeo Escobar

"This is a huge opportunity, it is a huge platform. So besides physical beauty, we are looking for intelligence, we are looking for women of substance, women who obviously can speak about Belize nationally and internationally. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing; we want to make sure that Belize is well represented worldwide. It hasn't been announced yet, but the finals will take place August twenty-fifth at the Biltmore Plaza, Belize; more information as far as tickets will proceed. There is no exact date for the Miss Universe pageant; we are still waiting on word from the Miss Universe Organization. It could be in November, it could be in December; we don't know yet. But as soon as she is crowned after August twenty-fifth, we are going to spend a lot of time with the New Miss Universe Belize to train her-not only here in Belize, but also in Los Angeles to ensure that she has all the right tools to represent the country to the best of her ability. This week, the entire organization is in Belize City meeting with the Belize Tourism Board, meeting with the media, meeting with businesses to start those relationships to make sure that we have the support of all of Belize. It is important that all of us come together to make sure that at the end of the day we are well represented and we are seen in a good light around the world."

Channel 5

The Search for Next Miss Belize Begins

The Miss Universe Organization started the search for its Belizean beauty ambassador to represent Belize in the 2018 Miss Universe Pageant. The auditions, which started today and continues on Saturday, saw Belizean women between the ages of eighteen and twenty-seven try out to make the cut for national pageant which will be held in August. National Director Romeo Escobar shares more about day one of auditions and what they are looking for on day two.

Romeo Escobar, National Director, Miss Universe Belize Organization

"I think the first day went really well. we had a lot of girls show up that actually want this. We have to inform them that of course whoever is chosen as Miss Universe Belize it is a lot of work. But I saw that excitement in a lot of girls and I think overall it went really well."

Duane Moody

"Your anticipation; they must know that they have to compete in a local pageant before they go out of the country for training."

Romeo Escobar

"Yes of course. Before they even compete at Miss Universe Belize pageant final on August twenty-fifth, she has to prepare for that. And after that, she has to prepare for an even bigger pageant which is the Miss Universe pageant."

Duane Moody

"Are you expecting for girls that have been coming to come with some kind of background or pageantry?"

Romeo Escobar

"Not necessarily. I mean we don't want to discourage anyone from coming to try out because we as an organization have to prepare the young lady that gets chosen at the end. But of course if she has pageant experience that is a plus, but again we don't want to discourage her from trying out and coming out."

Duane Moody

"Education background�"

Romeo Escobar

"She has to have education background or at least on the verge of getting that background. Much more than a beauty pageant this is a huge platform and opportunity like I've said before. A woman of substance that's well rounded-not only physical beauty, but there is internal beauty and also can communicate with people."

Duane Moody

"Interestingly tomorrow, our Rebecca Rath (Bex) will be here for the auditions. Talk to us about that."

Romeo Escobar

"We are very excited that Rebecca will be here and take part in the casting process; helping us select the young ladies that will compete for the Miss Universe Belize title."

The auditions continue on Saturday from nine a.m. to three p.m. at the Biltmore Hotel.

Channel 5

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Introducing Miss Universe Belize Delegates

The Miss Universe Belize beauty pageant has returned to the country, and the 11 delegates from across the country who will be competing for the crown have been revealed. The new Miss Universe Belize will get the opportunity to represent the country at 67th Annual Miss Universe Pageant. The 11 girls that will be competing for the title of Miss Universe Belize 2018 are Christalyn Castillo, Ashley Reid, Kiah Pastor, Alicia Banner, Jenelli Frazer, Jessica Flores, Kayla Awe, Kelsey Tillet, Nicole Hamilton, Selena Urias and Shante Morgan.

Meet the delegates of the 2018 Miss Universe Belize. The eleven ladies were selected from a pool of thirty-two applicants following auditions, background and social media checks. The candidates will now undergo rigorous training to prepare for the pageant at the end of August. Here's a quick look at the ladies vying for the title:

Kayla Awe, Delegate, Miss Universe Belize 2018

"I believe I can be an advocate to inspire younger people, younger specifically, to become more confident in themselves. Like the slogan says confidently beautiful and that I feel is what us young women nowadays in our society because of how it is built up, is bringing us down and making us feel like we are not enough. And I believe that being the next Miss Universe Belize, I can help inspire these females to realize that yes we are enough, we are equal just as men and everyone else."

Kelsey Tillett, Delegate, Miss Universe Belize 2018

"I have a passion for children and I want to be an advocate for these children in our society, especially of what is happening in our community today. I want to be that person to recognize that children are our next generation growing up."

Kiah Pastor, Delegate, Miss Universe Belize 2018

"I would love for it to be my duty to inspire others and I would like to branch out of Belmopan and reach to girls all over the country and let them know that they can reach for whatever dreams they have. They need to love themselves, respect themselves and believe in themselves. I would just like to be the best ambassador our country has ever seen and represent us the best I can on the international stage."

Jessica Flores, Delegate, Miss Universe Belize 2018

"I believe that it is a great opportunity to help children and young females. I want to encourage young females to be very independent and to get a decent education so that they can uplift themselves. And by becoming Miss Universe Belize, I believe that I can help females do that because I am becoming that. I am an activist for mental health because it is a challenging situation in our community and a lot of people struggle from depression and sadness and it is a sad situation."

Shantae Morgan, Delegate, Miss Universe Belize 2018

"I believe I should be the next Miss Universe Belize because it is a great opportunity to become a great positive role model for young girls. And also a great opportunity to alleviate poverty which is something I am very passionate about."

Christalyn Castillo, Delegate, Miss Universe Belize 2018

"I believe that there are certain characteristics that a Miss Belize should possess-enthusiasm, hardworking, perseverance and those are some characteristics that I possess. With those things, I can inspire young women of Belize and by inspiring young people; I believe that Belize can be a better place."

Selena Urias, Delegate, Miss Universe Belize 2018

"I believe I have the attributes to represent my country and my people. I want to break the stereotypes in the country, be a voice not only for children, but for young women. I want to create a platform in order to uplift social standards, change society. And also because pageantry goes beyond the physical attribute."

Jenelli Frazer, Delegate, Miss Universe Belize 2018

"Given the opportunity to be the next ambassador of Belize will give me the chance to inform others about two sensitive platforms that is very passionate to me and that would be mental health awareness as well as gender based issues. It gives me the opportunity to shed light on the positives in Belize, rather that Belize being notoriously known. And lastly, it gives me an opportunity to inspire others. The norm is no longer-step outside your comfort zone. It's okay to be different whether it be race, gender, age, height; it is okay to be different. And as long as you are confidently beautiful in who you are, go out there and represent yourself well and respectfully and that is my goal."

Ashley Reid, Delegate, Miss Universe Belize 2018

"I really just want to be a part of this pageant and win this pageant because I want to instill a change especially when it comes to the societal standard of beauty. And also I would like to put something out there that will just renew and set the new aspect of what is an ideal woman-one which is career independent and just intellectual."

Two of the delegates were unavailable for interview today. Tickets are out and can be bought at Pink Boutique Outlets across the country and at Lush Spa and Beauty Lounge for thirty-five dollars.

Channel 5

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Miss Universe Belize: 11 Delegates, But Only 1 Will Walk Away with the Crown

Preparations are well underway for the upcoming Miss Universe Belize Pageant. Of the eleven young ladies from all over the country one will walk away with the crown and go on to represent at the Miss Universe Pageant. Rehearsals and training are taking place, all leading up to the August event at the Biltmore Plaza. The delegates have each adopted platforms on issues dear to them ranging from at-risk youths to women empowerment.� This station will be broadcasting the event live and News Five's Duane Moody got an exclusive preview at practice time. Here is his story.�

Duane Moody, Reporting

In less than four weeks, a beauty ambassador will be chosen to represent the Jewel as the next Miss Universe Belize delegate for the 2018 international pageant, which the Miss Universe Organization recently announced will be hosted in Thailand in December. Eleven young women from across the country will vie for the coveted title to win the crown from 2016's Rebecca Rath.

Since the formal introduction, the contestants have been rehearsing every Saturday inside the dance studio at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts; all were there except for Corozal's Kayla Awe.

[Nat sounds of some of the delegates introducing themselves...]

Well-known choreographer, Crysel Gabourel, who has represented the country both locally and internationally and toured Europe and elsewhere with the Belize National Dance Company has been working on the presentation and introductory dance with the ladies.

Crysel Gabourel, Choreographer

"We've had about six practices so far. Honestly, I believe that we needed more; however, we are wrapping up. They finished the choreography already and it is very important that everybody is here so that we know placement, especially when it comes to the staging, the walks; how long we are going to take on stage and we have a time limit to work on. The choreography is already completed, but the practice is where all the effort needs to be made. It is pretty difficult not working with everybody at the same time, but for the most part, the girls that have been putting all the interest in, they are doing an excellent job."

Outside of the sessions with Gabourel, the ladies have been working with trainers and preparing themselves for the various categories of the pageant.

Christalyn Castillo, Delegate, Miss Belize Universe

"I do personal training and I am very confident that she knows what she is doing and I am confident that the night of the pageant, I can tear that stage up and I'll do my best to make my fans proud."

Alicia Banner, Delegate, Miss Belize Universe

"I've been researching, practicing a little of the question and answers and also getting some advice from other people who have experience in pageant cause this is like my first time, but it is very good. It is a very exciting feeling, but can’t wait for it."

Nicole Hamilton, Delegate, Miss Belize Universe

"I am ready. I am definitely ready. What all I have been doing? Even though I am petite, I am watching what I eat, exercising. The most part that I've loved so far is shoe shopping meeting the new females and everyone of them, as you can see Belize; they are all divas, they are all beauties, all educated."

Ashley Reid, Delegate, Miss Belize Universe

"Being that it is my first time, it is thrilling. It is amazing. I love everything so far and I can’t wait until you guys get to see us with the different events."

Duane Moody

"Your preparations; how has that been going?"

Ashley Reid

"Well everything has been going very fine."

Shanta Morgan, Delegate, Miss Belize Universe

"My preparation has been very tedious and challenging at times, I won’t lie. But I am really getting the head of it now; it is improving a lot and I have a lot of supporters who are really helping me and ti is motivating me to do better."

Jessica Flores, Delegate, Miss Belize Universe

"My preparation has been going very well. I have been doing a lot of question and answers; I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos learning how to walk better and having confidence. I have been working and talking to a lot of young people-youths and teenagers that go through mental illness and it is really surprising how many people go through it."

All the delegates have platforms that they would like to highlight; some having personally connections and experiences to the cause. Several others have been working with nonprofit organizations and championing back to school drives, women empowerment and assisting at-risk youths.

Kiah Pastor, Delegate, Miss Belize Universe

"I believe we already bring something different to the table; we are all unique in our own individual ways. However, I am overall a passionate person and it shows. So when you see me, you'll see confidence, you'll see passion and you'll see hard work paying off on that stage. I was late today because I had a women empowerment brunch under the theme: "Your Current Situation is Not Your Final Destination."

Selena Urias, Delegate, Miss Belize Universe

"My experience has been very fulfilling. I am very humble; I am blessed for this experience. It is an honor to represent my country because even though we are just contestants right now-we don't have a queen-it's already a big achievement. The past weekend, we had our first walkathon with able-children, I should say. These are children who really don't have a school. They go to regular schools, but we decided to do a camp with them. So every week we do something different with them: we have culture week, we have beach day�take them out and teach them new experiences. And it is so fulfilling to know how much love these children can bring to each one of us and everybody out there. It is an inspiration."

Kelsey Tillett, Delegate, Miss Belize Universe

"I've been working with programmes dedicated to youths. One was the Department of Youth Services expresses arts programmes; the children, the experiences they got. We took them to Wave Radio, we did yoga with them, palates. It was a great experience and other than that, I've also been working with the community policing on eastern division. On Saturday's there is a mentorship programme with these youths and you get a lot of feedback of these children."

Jenelli Fraser, Delegate, Miss Belize Universe

"Many of you may not year, but this is something that I wanted to do from last year and so it meant that I needed to change my lifestyle; changing what I eat, exercising, mentally preparing for this pageant. I've been doing a little bit of community service. This has been a part of my life for some years now-so this is just an extension of who I am. But I am currently working on a back to school drive. So if you like to donate, you could reach me on Facebook or Instagram�anything would be appreciated. I am also working on a big project; it's a surprise, but I can tell you it is with an N.G.O. group as well as the city council. So look forward to it Belize."

So who is your pick for the title? The pageant airs live on August twenty-fifth right here on Channel Five. Duane Moody for News Five.

Channel 5

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Miss Universe Belize 2018 Contestants tour Ambergris Caye

As the Miss Universe Belize 2018 beauty pageant draws near, the 11 delegates vying to become the next beauty ambassador of the country toured La Isla Bonita on Saturday, August 11th. The new Miss Universe Belize will get the opportunity to represent the country at 67th Annual Miss Universe Pageant to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on Sunday, December 16th. The 11 girls competing for the title of Miss Universe Belize 2018 are Christalyn Castillo, Ashley Reid, Kiah Pastor, Alicia Banner, Jenelli Fraser, Jessica Flores, Kayla Awe, Kelsey Tillet, Nicole Hamilton, Selena Urias and Shante Morgan.

From 11PM to 1PM, the delegates held a "Meet & Greet" activity at Pink Boutique in downtown San Pedro, where various island residents reached out to meet, hug and even take selfies with their favorite delegate. Later that day, the beautiful delegates were hosted at Nook Restaurant & Cocktail Bartique for dinner. Present at the dinner was island pageant trainer Enrique de Leon, who shared some tips of the world of pageantry with the delegates. Each girl also shared a little bit about themselves and what motivated them to compete in this year's pageant.

Click here to read the rest of the article and see more photos in the San Pedro Sun

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Miss Universe Belize; Who Will Represent the Jewel in Thailand?

On Saturday night at the Biltmore Plaza in Belize City, eleven delegates will vie for the title of Miss Universe Belize in hopes to represent the Jewel at the Miss Universe Pageant later this year in Thailand. The pageant will air live on this station starting at six-thirty p.m.� Dangriga's Rebecca Rath last represented the Jewel in the 2016 international pageant and she will be taking her final walk. Over the course of this week, the delegates have been doing their final rehearsals before meeting the judges tonight. Organizer Romeo Escobar says that everything is place to determine Belize's next beauty ambassador.

Romeo Escobar, National Director, Miss Universe Belize Organization

"Right now everything is set, so we just have to hope that everything goes according to plan. But right now it is just excitement; the girls are excited, I am excited, we are all excited so we are hoping for a great show."

Duane Moody

"We know that there have been several events that you guys have been doing. We see that you've been to San Pedro and even down south in Placencia and different other events. Talk to us about this importance of this for these girls."

Romeo Escobar

"It's not only about exposing them throughout the country, but it is also getting them use to a hectic schedule because whoever ends up winning and goes on to Miss Universe, they have activities nonstop. So it is also part of the preparation process. �All of them have been preparing for the last two months, all of them have been putting all their heart and soul into this, so the best one will win. That’s all I can say. The judges have the rules, we are going to have the meet and greet with the contestants on Friday; the stage is going to be set, the DJs have been set, the host has been set…everything is ready and we are just ready to give a good show."

Tickets are limited and are selling for thirty-five dollars each.

Channel 5

Miss Universe Belize 2018 Contestants

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A new Miss Belize has been selected. Congratulations, Jen Fraser!

[Linked Image]

Miss Universe Belize 2018 Video, 2.5 hours

Miss Belize Universe 2018
Miss Universe Belize 2018 - Jenelli Fraser

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Jenelli Fraser is Miss Belize Universe 2018-2019
The new Miss Universe Belize 2018-2019 is 27-year-old Jenelli Fraser from Belize City. Fraser charmed the judges and audience in all four segments during the pageant held at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza in Belize City on Saturday, August 25th. Fraser will represent Belize at the 67th annual Miss Universe Pageant to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on Sunday, December 16th. This year's pageant saw 11 women competing: Christalyn Castillo, Ashley Reid, Kiah Pastor, Alicia Banner, Jenelli Fraser, Jessica Flores, Kayla Awe, Kelsey Tillet, Nicole Hamilton, Selena Urias and Shante Morgan. Via her social media account, Fraser expressed her happiness at becoming the country's beauty ambassador, stating that she will continue to work hard to represent Belize. "I look forward to my journey with my team and the organization as we build on presentation skills, public speaking, modeling, education about world issues, and whatever else that it takes to get Belize recognized for its greatness! Belize is my home, and I am proud," she posted.

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Jenelli Fraser is Miss Universe Belize 2018

Belize has a new beauty ambassador. She is twenty-seven-year-old Jenelli Fraser from Belize City who on Saturday clinched the title of Miss Universe Belize. The beauty queen was crowned after she bested ten other hopefuls from around the country. The new queen was crowned by outgoing Miss Belize Rebecca Rath. Fraser will represent Belize at the international Miss Universe Pageant to be held in December of this year in Bangkok, Thailand.� Andrea Polanco shares some highlights from Saturday night's show.

Andrea Polanco, Reporting

Twenty-seven-year-old Jenelli Fraser is the new Miss Universe Belize. The Belize City resident was crowned on Saturday night inside the Biltmore Hotel after beating out ten other contestants.

Jenelli Fraser, Miss Universe Belize 2018

"I was really, really excited. I have been working so hard for that moment and I said finally my hard work paid off and my journey begins."

The eleven ladies, including Fraser, competed in a couple segments which included swimsuit and evening gown, after which five contestants advanced: Selena Urias, Kiah Pastor, Jenelli Fraser, Ashley Reid and Christalyn Castillo. The semi-finalists were each given a question to answer - so that the judges could select the top three contestants. Here's how three of the top five responded.

William Neal, Host, Miss Universe Belize 2018

"What is your personal opinion on the decriminalization of Marijuana in the country of Belize?"

Ashley Reid, Contestant

"I would first like to start off by saying that I support it. One hundred percent because I know it benefit a lot of people more than alcohol does. Alcohol causes people to kill each other and do a lot of negative things. But what has marijuana done negatively? So, yes, I am in full support. And I don't see anything wrong with it because Marijuna is medicinal. Thank you."

William Neal

"Do you think the House of Representatives should have a minimum mandatory quota for women? Yes or No? And why?"

Selena Urias, Contestant

"I do believe that women should. First of all, women have revolutionized through-out the years and even up to today. They are great leaders and I strongly support that. Thank you."

William Neal

"Social Media allows us to share every aspect of our lives. But it also allows us to compare ourselves to others. That being said, do you think social media has a negative or positive impact on society?"

Kiah Pastor, Contestant

"Everything has its pros and its cons. But I believe that social media has affected us very positively. It has opened doors for us to communicate with people from all over the world and learn different cultures and meet new people. It has also given us a voice to speak anything we want to. Thank you."

And much to the public's surprise, the ladies were asked to do a walk because there was a "tie" - and following that tie breaker of a couple seconds walk across the stage, the judges were confident they had selected the top three. But much to the public's dismay, Belmopan's Kiah Pastor, whom many saw as a front-runner in the pageant, didn't make the cut after the tie-breaker. The top three ladies selected were Fraser, Reid and Castillo. And then it was the final question to determine the winner - Here's how Castillo and Fraser described what it means to be confidently beautiful in 2018.

Christalyn Castillo, Contestant

"Beauty can be defined by your looks, your appearance. But also by your character. Beauty can vary from a person to a person or from nations to other nations. But for me beauty is having a nice personality and as well as carrying our yourself and inspiring others. If each and every one of us are beautiful from the inside-out, our communities can then be strengthened from the inside out. Thank you."

Jenelli Fraser, Miss Universe Belize 2018

"Confidently beautiful is me in this moment. I cannot help but feel overwhelmed with the emotions of the journey that it took for me to get here. It meant that I had to overcome fear, negative comments and a weight loss of over twenty-pounds. It means I will become the next beauty ambassador for my country and what an honor. I am the epitome of what my country is. I am bold. I am strong. I am confidently beautiful."

Fraser's response won her the crown and title of Miss Universe Belize 2018; Reid nabbed second place and Castillo took home third. Fraser will now represent Belize in the Miss Universe Pageant in Bangkok, Thailand, in December.

Channel 5

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