For many years, we’ve reported on how slow and expensive internet in Belize was - compared to other places in the Caribbean.   And that’s why it’s news tonight that due to major upgrade sin speed by mobile service providers, Belize now has the fastest internet in the Caribbean and Central America.  In fact, it has some of the fastest mobile speeds in the developing world.  

The CEO of BTL is the one who pointed it out to us yesterday:…

Rochus Schreiber - CEO, BTL
"I'm very happy to report that as of February Belize has the fastest mobile network in Central and Latin America. If you go to international benchmarking agencies,, there you can see that Belize is currently above global average in mobile download speeds and we are on position number 54 globally just 8 places behind the UK."

And while the mobile speeds are excellent, the same cannot be said for fixed broadband speeds.  Belize is currently ranked 102nd in the world for that, with an average download speed of 10.6 when the global average is FOUR TIMES THAT AT 42.7.  Same for upload speed where the global average is 20.39, and Belize is at less than half that at 8.6.

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