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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

CARPHA introduces Caribbean Tourism & Health Program to Ambergris Caye
Aiming to raise awareness on a newly implemented Tourism and Health Information System (THIS) the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) held a training session at the NEMO office in San Pedro Town on Wednesday, April 25th. The presentation was facilitated by Head of Tourism and Health Programme and Foodborne Diseases of CARPHA Doctor Lisa Inder, with members of the islands hospitality industry in attendance. The session began shortly after 4:30PM, with Dr. Inder thanking everyone for their attendance, followed by a brief explanation of the program. THIS is a real-time web-based health information management system for hotels and other facilities to monitor the health of their visitors and staff. The program monitors provide alerts on the health of guests and staff members.

Reniery Garcia killed in San Mateo Area
On Thursday, April 26th 25-year-old Honduran National Reniery Adalid Figueroa Garcia, business owner of the San Mateo Area in San Pedro Town was shot and killed. Garcia received one fatal gunshot to the head. According to the official police report, around 8PM, Garcia's body was found behind the counter inside his shop, Dicky's Store, located on the lower flat of his building. Two male persons entered the shop, and one of them fired a single gunshot towards the victim, causing the fatal injury. They then ran towards the lagoon area making their escape. Residents of San Mateo Area are shocked at the news of Garcia's death, as they knew him to be a good person and not a troublemaker.

San Pedro Police officer awarded for outstanding performance
The San Pedro Police Department is proud to have one of their own recognized at the annual Eastern Police Division Awards. San Pedro's Corporal 1037 Allan Woods was recognized as one of the top performing officers for 2017 Wednesday, April 25th in Belize City for his outstanding performance for the most drug interdictions. Woods is very happy to receive such award. "I am part of the criminal investigation branch where we deal with drug and firearm operations," Woods told reporters. "I was also tasked to do some operations in Caye Caulker where I did a lot of drug-related arrests. I feel very proud of myself and the officers that work along with me." Woods pledged to continue working harder for the betterment of San Pedro.

Cayo Rosario Developers must comply with Environmental Compliance Plan
Residents of Ambergris Caye are greatly concerned at reports alleging the approval of a tourism development on Cayo Rosario, located off the northern-western coast of Ambergris Caye within the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Zone IV: Cayo Rosario Conservation Zone. The Environmental Impact Assessment was given the green light by the Department of Environment (DOE) in December of 2017, while the National Environmental Appraisal Council (NEAC) is yet to weigh in on the first draft of the project's Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP) which comes with specific stipulations demanding changes in the construction design. Some of the changes include a reduction of over-the-water structures and allowing access to fishing in the area to name a few. This initial draft will be discussed next week by NEAC, and once it is finalized the developers will then be required to sign it before they can start the project.

Ambergris Today

Shop Owner Murdered In San Mateo Area
San Pedro Police are investigating the murder of a San Mateo Area resident of Ambergris Caye. Police arrived at the scene of the crime to find the lifeless body of businessman Reniery Adalid Figueroa Garcia, a 25-year-old Honduran national, with an apparent gunshot wound to the head. Initial investigations reveal that on Thursday, April 26, 2018, that about 8:00p.m., the deceased was inside his shop, Dicky's Store, located on the lower flat of his building seated behind the counter. Two male persons entered the shop where one of them fired a single gun shot towards the victim, causing the fatal injury. They then ran towards the lagoon area where they escaped.

Belize And Cuba Share Ideas For Sustainable Fisheries Management
Belize and Cuba meet for a Fisheries Exchange to Share Challenges, Innovations and Success Stories for Good Governance of Fisheries and Sustainable Management of the Caribbean Ecosystem Sustainability and good governance of marine resources are critical for the national interests of both Belize and Cuba. This week, from April 24-28th, 2018, delegations from Belize and Cuba comprised of government representatives, managers, scientists, leaders of the fishing industry and representatives of fishing communities are meeting in Belize to share lessons learned and success stories in sustainable fisheries management and good governance of the seas.

Minister Of National Security Meets With San Pedro Residents
It was quite ironic that heads of government officials and high ranking members of the Belize Police Department were on the island addressing the crime situation in the country and addressing issues on the island of Ambergris Caye, that a shooting incident took the life of a shop owner as the meeting took place. The San Pedro Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) held a special meeting at the conference room of the Sunbreeze Hotel last night Thursday, April 26, 2018, that was a stakeholders consultation on citizens security to address crime. The discussion lead to the crime situation on the island and views were shared on ideas and possible strategies that the island community can take to address key crime issues. Officer Jemmott also answered questions from those in attendance. He also made mention of new police substations to be opened in North Ambergris Caye, continued works on a boat passenger manifest for increase in travelers' safety, issue with golf cart theft and arrests made in some of the cases, admission of testimony via teleconferencing for court cases, among others.

Misc Belizean Sources


Ministry of National Security meets San Pedro BTIA Chapter to discuss Citizens' Security on the Island
Last night, Hon. John Saldivar and representatives from the Ministry of National Security met with the BTIA San Pedro Chapter to discuss Citizens' Security on the island.

We join wildlife lovers across the world today in recognizing one of the most amazing megafauna to ever trundle across the earth: the tapir! There are 4 species of tapir globally, and Belize's National Animal, the Central American Tapir, is the largest land mammal in our region! Tomorrow, Saturday 28th, we will be bringing festivities home with National Tapir Day at the Zoo from 10am to 3pm. Activities will be on-going throughout the day.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Wildling, Submergence, The Week Of, Early Man

Tapir and the Maya
Several Maya cave sites showed evidence of tapirs being sacrificed. Crystal Cave and Actun Uayazba Kab in western Belize both have tapir remains along with ceramic offerings to the gods. These creatures were associated with the underworld since they are nocturnal. Happy Tapir day!

Due to the rain, the Market Day is being MOVED to Om Shanti Belize - Yoga, Spa & Wellness, Healthy Cafe -Vegan/Vegetarian at 10 Fort Street (The old Harbour View building close to the lighthouse). Still all your local favourites, but now in a cute place that will keep ya dry! Same HOURS: Saturday April 28, 11AM-2PM Please tell everyone you know about the changes!!!

Ambassador of the Republic of Peru Pays Farewell Visit to Belize
Today, April 27th, the Ambassador of the Republic of Peru accredited to Belize, His Excellency Jorge E. Rom�n Morey, paid a farewell visit to the Government of Belize. His visit commenced with a bilateral meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Elrington and Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, H. E. Pat Andrews to discuss topics of mutual interest and cooperation. The Government of Belize and the Government of the Republic of Peru also signed a Framework Agreement on Friendship and Technical Cooperation aimed at promoting and deepening the mutually beneficial friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

Power outage scheduled from 10:00am to 2:00pm, Sunday, April 29: Mile 1 to Mile 8 along George Price Highway
Including West Lake, Western Pines, Sunset Park and Tropical Park; and Mile 1 to Mile 3 along Philip Goldson Highway including Coral Grove, West Landivar, Buttonwood Bay and Belama Phase 1. BEL to facilitate construction works on the George Price Highway.

Channel 7

Dangriga Witnesses Second Broad Daylight Murder in 72 Hours
Dangriga Town residents are still in shock tonight - after they witnessed the second murder in three days. And the reason they are shocked is that this kind of thing just doesn't happen in Griga - maybe Belize City, maybe Orange Walk or San Pedro, maybe even Cayo or Belmopan - but not Dangriga - which is known for its easygoing way of life. But, it is happening: two execution style killings in broad daylight in just 72 hours. Daniel Ortiz raced down to Griga to see what this one was about - and he found that it may have been the common denominator in many recent killings: a battle over drugs:... 43 year-old Gabriel Laurie Jr. was found dead here inside his house this morning after 10:00. Residents of the Wagierale area tell us that they heard the sounds of about 5 gunshots, and as soon as they felt it safe enough to venture outside, they discovered Laurie's body near to his front door.

Police Actively Investigating...
Less than two hours after that murder, we spoke to Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams who would not speculate on a motive:.. DCP Chester Williams, Commander of Operations: "The investigation in Dangriga is still underway. It is still in its infancy stage. I can't say much about but I can confirm one male person was shot and killed in his in Dangriga and the police are currently working on that investigation." As we told you, police do have a known suspect who they are actively seeking.

San Pedro Shopkeeper Killed At The Counter
And going now from a municipality not used to murders - to one that has seen too many for its own liking….San Pedro witnessed another killing last night. It happened in the San Mateo area of the island town. 25 year old Shop-owner Reniery Figueroa Garcia was killed as he sat behind the counter. Two men came in - not to rob - but to kill a man who his family says kept to himself. Sahar Vasquez found out more from his heart broken aunt. Dicky's store is usually filled with customers but this morning it was filled with grief. His aunt still in shock grabbed her dead nephew's cap and held it close to her heart with tears pouring out of her eyes.

Deputy Compol Says It Was a Robbery
And while Figueroa's family told us that the only thing they took was his cell phone, and police said in a press release that there was no robbery at all, Deputy Commissioner Williams had a different take. He told us that the incident now looks like a robbery because contrary to what was said before it seems money was stolen from the shop. DCP Chester Williams: "Well from what we are gathering the motive may have been robbery." Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "I know they did not take any money. DO you find that strange?" DCP Chester Williams: "From what we understand money was taken."

Renesha Remanded For Stabbing Common Law In Chest
Today a 19 year old female was arraigned for stabbing her common law husband, Herman Solis, who's also 19. Police say she did it after she read a text message on his phone. Renesha Alvarez, from Holy Emmanuel Street was charged with dangerous harm when she appeared today before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. No plea was taken but the Crown objected to bail. They say that if she gets bail, she may end up being harmed by the relatives of the man she stabbed. The police prosecutor added that he has two more surgeries to take and his condition is still uncertain; and further charges may be levied against Alvarez.

Belizean Remains In Guate Jail, Family Fears For His Safety
Tonight, Belizean fisherman Iginio Canto remains in a Guatemalan jail - and his family is worried about his safety there. As we told you he was arrested along with 2 Guatemalans 10 days ago allegedly smuggling large quantities of out of season lobster into Guatemala. On Wednesday, his brother in the Corozal District told CTV-3 that they got a call from inmates at the Puerto Barios prison demanding five thousand dollars to ensure his safety.

Vicious Robbery In Sandhill
A Chinese grocer was pistol whipped and robbed in his Sandhill shop. It happened on Thursday night around 8:00. Jimmy Huang was at his store when two armed masked men along with another man, stormed in. One had a shot gun and the other had a hand gun. The men held up Huang and stole about $5,000 from the cash register. They also made off with his wallet. One of the men hit him in the head with the gun. The trio then escaped.

A Quarantine Arch Now At Port
For some crossing the border to Chetumal, or even for those Guatemalans hopping over to Benque through the western border - those Quarantine treatment facilities that spray your vehicles may seem to be a nuisance. But, these structures are important. It keeps pests, bacteria and other agricultural crop- threatening diseases from entering the country. Well, to ensure this practice continues, one of these automatic spraying facilities has been installed at the Port of Belize. It was officially opened today and the Minister of Agriculture elaborated on the importance of this facility. Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture: "This is a new spraying station. We have built it in cooperation in OIRSA. If you recall there is one in the North we opened some time ago, there is one at the Benque Border..."

While Contraband Produce Keeps Coming�
And while those quarantine facilities have been set up at all the key border crossings - we know all too well that those contrabandists still find a way to get illegal produce in through the back door. A proof of that came this morning between 6:00 and 7:00, when officers from the Eastern Division Region 3, Quick Response Team and Special branch nabbed a whole bunch of contraband vegetables on 3 different buses. They stopped the buses at the intersection of the Phillip Goldson Highway and the Boom Road. In total the team confiscated 4 sacks of lettuce, 4 sacks of broccoli..

What To Do About Sagging Sugar Fortunes?
On Wednesday we told you the not so sweet news about Belize's sugar industry. The industry is taking a blow as the price for sugar on the world market has plummeted. As you heard from BSI, Belize was getting 21 cents per pound but now we are only getting 11 cents per pound. And it is all because of that cheap European beat sugar that's flooding the market. Today we asked Agriculture Minister Godwin Hulse, how Belize will recover. Well, he says he had anticipated this price drop, But he is optimistic that ASR/BSI will find a way to work around it.

The Wreckage Of The Rains
As we have reported, January 2018 was the wettest month on record. And while many of us might wish for some those rains right now to put out this scorching April heat, the farmers certainly don't need anymore rain. Many of their crops were destroyed in the deluge. Minister Hulse didn't give any stats or figures in terms of damage assessment or cost but he believes these farmers will bounce back with the Ministry's help. Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture: "There was some damage in the south, from flooding and the Ministry did have a look down there to see how we can help the farmers particularly with seeds and that sort of thing, there were farmers in the central who has some issues one particular farmer with watermelons."

Come One, Come All To Agri
And the place you can find some of those farmers is at the National Agriculture and Trade Show. It's this weekend and Minister Hulse told us why everyone should be out there. Hon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture: "Our theme is let's get growing and so you will have displays of livestock, you will have displays of vegetables, fruits, you will have processing and the grounds have really really been improved, I mean I can assure you this year when you come even the sun hot you used to walk through, we have done something to help with that so you can cool off in some areas, there is a lot more benches, there are garbage bins all over so please no garbage on the grounds, there are bathroom facilities. It is just a good fun day but more importantly to inform our people and celebrate our hard working farmers." The show grounds open tonight.

Police Will Be Super Vigilant At Agri'
Hulse is not the only on that has something to say about the highly anticipated Agric fair this weekend. Alarmist threats have been sent out suggesting that gang members will be looking for five men during the fair. But Deputy COMPOL Chester Williams ensured everyone that the police presence will be heavy and they are taking all the necessary steps to avoid any adverse event. DCP Chester Williams: "In respect to the national agriculture which begins this evening and will come to an end on Sunday I would like to inform the Belizean public that the police will be at the show grounds in full force as well as on the highway to ensure that the show ground goes through peacefully and we know that there are certain rumors going around about threats against individuals at the show grounds.."

One George Street Man Charged For UNO Robbery
San Ignacio police have charged one man for the robbery of the UNO gas station in their town. He is 19 year old Marvin Phillips, from George Street in Belize City. He was formally arrested and charged for robbery and other suspects also from Belize City are being held pending charges. The armed robbery happened on Monday, and was caught on security camera, and cell phone by civilians standing outside the gas station. They saw the robber dashing off, but he was one of a team of 4, who got away with a whopping $33,000 in cash and cheques.

Belizean Boxer Big Baby Ready To Rumble
Tomorrow night on HBO, Belizean American World Heavyweight Contender Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller is fighting french boxer Johann Duhaupas at Barclays Center in Miller's hometown of Brooklyn, New York. The Frenchman is a former world title challenger - but he's seriously undersized at 244 pounds - while Big Baby weighed in this evening at 304 pounds. It's an important fight for Big Baby because its' basically an audition for a shot at world champ Anthony Joshua.

The Persistent Manhole Problem
Yesterday you saw Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner lambaste the fiscal indiscipline and reckless spending of the previous UDP council. And while he did a takedown for the financial mismanagement, his Deputy Oscar Arnold brought up the previous council's failing with those manholes. We had challenged the mayor on it many many times before. And now the new council's says it is something they plan to address: Oscar Arnold - Deputy Mayor, Belize City: "The council inherited an issue where there are many missing covers to what people refer to as manholes but they are actually over the drains where people walk; where individuals of diverse abilities have to navigate almost daily..."

Mayor Won't Let Tax Slackers Get Away
And while the council will spend on those manholes - it plans to crack down hard on those businesses which aren't paying their trade licenses. The mayor says it is an area of lax enforcement which cannot stand:... Bernard Wagner - Mayor, Belize City: "Again, arrears continue to rise. Businesses are allowed to operate without paying taxes. This must come to an end because it clearly demonstrates a weak compliance." As you heard yesterday, the PUP council is looking seriously at putting an end to property tax discounts. Today the UDP issued a release saying it, quote, "strongly condemns the callous decision of Mayor Wagner to discontinue the property tax discount program..."

Channel 5

Family Grieves in San Pedro as Killers Slay San Mateo Shopkeeper
There are two murders to report tonight that occurred within fourteen hours of each other; one in San Pedro and the other in Dangriga. We start tonight's newscast with the [...]

In Dangriga, Death Came for Gabriel Laurie at Home
Another Dangriga resident was murdered today, making it the second homicide in that municipality over the past three days.� While both incidents may not be related, investigators are tonight piecing [...]

Referendum Push Gets Underway with Visit to Cayo
Guatemala completed a successful referendum on taking the Guatemalan claim to Belize to the International Court of Justice two weeks ago. A super-majority of voters said yes, but soon it [...]

Foreign Minister Wants Media to Stop 'Obsession' with Sarstoon Protocol
But even before Guatemala's referendum on April fifteenth, questions were raised in a lawsuit in Guatemala's Constitutional Court about the validity of the 2008 Special Agreement and 2015 amendment. The [...]

Belize, Peru Sign Cooperation Agreement
Fresh off the recent Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington and Peruvian Ambassador to Belize Jorge Roman Morey, based in El Salvador, signed a special [...]

The Results of the Summit of the Americas
Belize was represented at the eighth Summit of the Americas by both Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington and Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte. This triennial meeting of members of the [...]

Teen Girl Charged for Near-Fatal Stabbing is Remanded
Nineteen-year-old Renesha Alvarez is behind bars tonight, charged with dangerous harm against her domestic partner, who is in a critical but stable condition at the hospital. Alvarez is accused of [...]

Security Guard Accused of Sex with Schoolgirl Out on Bail
He is accused of a sensitive crime, but tonight, twenty-seven-year-old Ryan Neal is out on bail on a charge of unlawful sexual intercourse and grievous harm. Neal is accused of [...]

U.D.P. CitCo Didn't Pay Taxes, Social Security
On Thursday, Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner held a press conference at City Hall to share with the media findings from a transition report that was commissioned upon the new [...]

Successors at City Hall Fear Cash Crunch
During the past two terms of the U.D.P. city council, large sums of money were borrowed for the construction of streets across the city.� Those projects were funded with the [...]

Port of Belize Gets New Area for Quarantine Treatment
Today, the Ministry of Agriculture officially opened a quarantine treatment arch at the Port of Belize in Belize City. The new arch is part of a wider effort done across [...]

Forum to Discuss Response to Gender-Based Violence and Trafficking in Persons
Last November a project tackling official responses to gender based violence and trafficking in persons was launched. Supported by the U.S. Embassy through the Central American Regional Security Initiative, it [...]

Peruvian Photographer Featured in Exhibition
At this hour, an exhibition called "La Mirada de Chambi" is opening at the Mexican Institute in Belize City. �It is a photography collection by Peruvian artist Martin Chambi which [...]

Mexico's Great Artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Featured on Exhibition Tour
The "Diego y Frida" exhibition is on a tour across Belize. Last September, the exhibition opened at the Mexican Institute in Belize City and now it is in San Ignacio [...]


New Quarantine Treatment arch inaugurated at the Port of Belize Ltd.
The Ministry of Agriculture and the International Organization for Health in Agriculture, (OIRSA) officially inaugurated a treatment facility at the Port of Belize Limited. Hipolito Novelo reports. Belize has been part of OIRSA since 1996.

The life of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera on display
Frida Kahlo is one of Mexico's most famous artists. She is known for her self-portraits and admired as a feminist icon. She married Diego Rivera, a famed Mexican muralist. The lives of the famous Mexican couple is on display at the San Ignacio and Santa Elena House of Culture. The exhibit is a collaboration among �

Belize represented at 3rd annual regional training
The third annual Regional Training against Illegal Trade and Custom Defraudation was held in San Salvador. The two-day event saw representation from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, the United States of America, and Belize. Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett, Commander of Eastern Division Region One, represented Belize at the event. The event discussed tools to recognize contraband �

Ministry of Transport will open office in Spanish Lookout
The residents of Spanish Lookout and surrounding villages will soon have a transport office in that vicinity, making it easier to conduct their transport related business. Earlier this week, the Ministry of Transport, Edmond Castro, and leaders from Spanish Lookout met to discuss the matter. Love news spoke with Castro about the initiative. Castro said �

Recological System Ltd interested in developing Port in the South
Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), with responsibility for Ports, Edmond Castro met with representatives of Recological Systems Limited, who have formally submitted a proposal to the Government of Belize for the development of the Commerce Bight Port in the Stann Creek District. Love News spoke with Minister Castro who said that �

Belize represented at UWC Summit in Guatemala
Central American countries, along with Mexico, are participating in a scholarly summit which commences today in Guatemala. United World Colleges is hosting the summit. Emil Pulido, who is a volunteer member of the United World Colleges, is representing Belize at the summit. Pulido spoke with Love News about his participation. The 3-day summit is to �

Mayor Kevin Bernard wants to be Area Representative
Orange Walk Town Mayor Kevin Bernard wants to be the Area Representative for Orange Walk East. He wants to defeat the current UDP Area Representative Elodio Aragon Jr. Bernard told Love News why he has decided to take up the challenge. Before Bernard can challenge the current UDP Area Representative, he needs to defeat his �

Peruvian Ambassador donates Quena flutes to Samuel Haynes Institute
The Peruvian Ambassador later stopped by the Samuel Haynes Institute to make a donation of Inca Wooden Peru Quena Flute. Minister Elrington spoke of the donation. Belize and Peru established a relationship in 1991.

On last official visit Peruvian Ambassador sign framework agreement
As part of his farewell visit to Belize, Peruvian Ambassador to Belize, Jorge Morey signed a framework agreement with the Government of Belize. The Framework Agreement on Friendship and Technical Cooperation is aimed to promote and deepen mutually beneficial friendship and cooperation between the two countries. Hipolito Novelo reports.

'La Mirada de Chambi'
This evening the exhibition "La Mirada de Chambi' will officially open for public viewing. The exhibition is a collection of black and white photographs by Peruvian artist Martin Chambi. He was one of the first major indigenous Latin American photographers. Legal and Press Affairs Officer for the Mexican Embassy in Belize, Hugo Juarez Carrillo, says �

Ninety-nine youths awarded
The Community Rehabilitation Department within the Ministry of Human Development has awarded ninety-nine youths from across the country. The awardees were recognized for their remarkable strides to live a positive life in spite of the hardship they face.On hand for the occasion were: Captain Adrian Ramirez, a pilot in the BDF Air Wing, who was the Guest Speaker, Starla Bradley, Director of CRD, and Minister of Human Development, Anthony Martinez...

US Embassy giving away $1.2 million dollars
The US Embassy has been offering grants for several years under their Central American Regional Security initiative economic support fund. The first several years of the grant focused on at-risk youths; however, last year it shifted to support initiatives that promote good governance. In this regard, this year the US Embassy will be disbursing as �

"A Call to Action"
RET International Belize, in partnership with the University of the West Indies Open Campus, is hosting an open forum which is coined "A Call to Action". This forum will tackle gender-based violence and human trafficking. Love News spoke with Malenie Barnes, National Programme Coordinator at RET International Belize about the initiative. The forum will �

Trio responsible for murder of Oscar Rosado remain at large
Police continue to look for three persons in reference to the murder of businessman, Oscar Rosado Sr. The well-known businessman was in his business place Rosado's Construction Supplies around 1:30 Monday afternoon when armed robbers entered. Following a confrontation with the men, Rosado was fatally injured. Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino gave an update on the investigation �

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Man shot, crashes before reaching hospital
There was another murder in Belize City last night. The deceased has since been identified as Kemmar Edgar Wade. Wade was shot to the head and the body. He was found dead in his car which had crashed into a lamp post. Police told us more. Wilfredo Ferrufino; Crimes Investigation Branch: Sometime aro...

No leads, no radar detection of drug plane despite new $13M radar equipment
There have been no leads in the recent landing of a suspected drug plane. The plane was discovered early Tuesday morning. Today, gave some information on the new plane landing. ASP Joseph Myvette, OC NCIB: Upon inspection of the aircraft it was found that only the pilot seat was affixed inside the a...

Escaped Prisoner Johnny Matus found
One of three escaped prisoners has been captured. 19 year old Johnny Matus had been on the run for almost two weeks after he and two other men sawed their way through the metal bars of their holding cell at the Corozal police station. On Tuesday morning, Matus was recaptured. Wilfredo Ferrufino; Cr...

By now, most Belizeans are well aware of the results of Guatemala's referendum held on April 15th. But, has the 'yes' vote of the Guatemalan people placed pressure on Belize to also vote 'yes' ? Foreign Minister Elrington told the media that Belize has to get a 'yes' vote in order to avoid the possi...

VIP condemns international pressure to go to ICJ
Today, Vision inspired by the people issued a press release saying that they reject any international pressure on the issue. The Release says that "If Minister Elrington is to be believed, Belize faces a grave position on the international scene which requires an urgent and decisive national respons...

NEW CITY COUNCIL says old City Council monies don't match up
It has been fifty days since the elected PUP's have taken office at the Belize City Council. Today, the new City Council held a transition team report in which they revealed what they are calling inconsistencies, discovered from an ongoing audit at City Hall. According to Mayor Bernard Wagner, the ...

No arrests in Oscar Rosado murder case
The Oscar Rosado Sr. murder which happened on Monday afternoon is being investigated by police. As we told you, the 70 year old businessman was in his store, Rosado's Hardware, near to the Cemetery in Belize City on Monday afternoon. That is when three men entered and tried to rob Rosado. He resiste...

Patrick Crossdale murder update
was gunned down in broad daylight in the Monument Site area of Dangriga Town. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment but by the time police arrived there, Crossdale was already dead. Wilfredo Ferrufino; Crimes Investigation Branch: HE was deceased when police arrived at the hospital. Information is that he was travelling on his motorcycle on his way home when an individual exited from the bushes and fired shots at him which proved to be fatal.

Thieves made off with 30k in Cayo robbery
On Monday, we told you about the brazen midday robbery in San Ignacio. It happened at UNO Gas station. A witness pulled out his phone camera and captured two robbers running from the scene. In the video, one of the men can be seen holding a blue bag which held the cash stolen; over thirty thousand dollars. Today, police filled in some of the details.. ASP Joseph Myvette, OC NCIB: 23RD April shortly before 10Am police was called ...

Girlfriend detained in TEENAGE DOMESTIC DISPUTE
A teenage domestic dispute left a young man badly injured. On Tuesday afternoon, 19 year old Herman Solis was stabbed to the right side of his chest. Police told us more. Wilfredo Ferrufino; Crimes Investigation Branch: Investigations have revealed that he and his common law wife Renisha Alvarez were in a argument and she inflicted...

Only 25% percent of Guatemala's voting population was represented in the Guatemala referendum. While it is speculated that the low voters' turnout in Guatemala is an indication that Guatemala's majority is not interested in Guatemala's claim to Belize, Belize's Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington told the media that the referendum was a democratic process in which some people simply decided to not show up. Journalist: " What is the perception of the Belize government in the fact that only it was a 26% voter turn out In Guatemala...

New charges for Mexicans accused of ATM stealing
On Tuesday, two Mexican nationals returned to court in ongoing investigations into a series of ATM thefts at Atlantic Banks across the nation. In all, the Mexicans are accused of withdrawing over one hundred thousand dollars from Atlantic Bank accounts countrywide. The culprits allegedly used several international debit cards to steal the monies 26 year old Belen Hernandez, and 31 year old Lionel Rodriguez, were originally charged back in January...

Another accused killer walks free
Another accused killer has been able to walk free from conviction. The murder trial of 33 year old Orlando Ciedos, which occurred in the Dangriga Supreme court, ended in a Nolle -prose on Wednesday. Ciedos was accused of the murder of 21 year old Edilsar Juarez which occurred on October 9, 2016, in Bella Vista Village, Toledo. Juarez was sharing an apartment with Ciedos when he allegedly hacked Juarez to death with a machete...

Belizean fisherman fined in Guatemala
A Belizean fisherman remains in a Guatemalan jail. Corozal resident Iginio Canto Bacab has been in a detention facility in Livingston, Guatemala for the past week, awaiting monies from home to pay his court fines. As we have reported, Bacab was picked up by Guatemalan authorities a week ago...

Adam Estell pleads guilty to weed possession
Twenty-eight-year-old Belize City resident Adam Estell pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana when he appeared in court yesterday. Estell and 3 other persons who were at his residence at the time of a police search, were all hauled off to court when cops found half a pound of weed...

Another Drug Plane lands
Another suspected Drug plane was landed in Belize, its contents carted off, and the airplane left abandoned. This morning, the large aircraft was discovered on the San Estevan/ Progresso Road in the north sometime after 5 a.m. No one was found at the plane and whatever it was carrying was long gone...

Murder in Dangriga; Man shot in the back
There was a shooting this morning in Dangriga in broad daylight. The incident happened sometime after ten o'clock this morning in the Monument Sitee area of Dangriga Town. According to police, 55 year old Jamaican national and resident of Dangriga, Patrick George Crossdale, was riding his motorcycl...

Another armed robbery in Dangriga
Reports of armed robberies have increased within the past few months and there was another one reported last night, this time in Dangriga. The target was Harlem Store located on Commerce street. The robbery happened sometime after 8 p.m. when three persons entered the store. One was armed with a poi...

One man detained in Oscar Rosado murder
Yesterday we told you about the murder of Oscar Rosado Sr. which occurred during a robbery at his store on Cemetery Road. Today, police issued a report on the incident. According to the police report, sometime around 1:15 p.m. on Monday April 23rd, two dark complexioned men and one Hispanic male p...

Baranco Residents want concessions for logging in their community
A contingent of dissatisfied Baranco residents gathered in Belmopan today for a scheduled meeting at the Ministry of Forestry and Fishery. For over a decade, the residents have been complaining about rapid deforestation in the Baranco forest area. Beatrice Mariano, Vice Chair Person of the Baranco V...

Minor charged for murder of Jason Bellencio
On Sunday, April 15, Jason Bellencio was walking on Lovely Lane in Belize City at around 6:30 when he was met by a barrage of bullets. Five bullets made their mark, hitting Bellencio to the head and back. Bellencio was not known to have any gang affiliations but today a 16 year old minor with clear...

Marlon "Yankee" Everett charged for PG man's murder
Police have arrested and charged one man in connection to a weekend Belize City murder. Last Night we reported that 25 year old Albert Johnson, a resident of Punta Gorda was shot and killed on Rectory Lane in Belize City. Police have since arrested and charged 28 year old Marlon 'Yankee' Everett of ...

Belmopan resident to be charged for intentionally knocking down teen
Belmopan police are getting ready to charge a Belmopan resident with Dangerous Harm and Grevious Harm. This is in connection to the Tyreke Flores traffic incident that occurred in Belmopan last week. As we have reported, Tyreke was riding his bicycle in Belmopan when a vehicle ran him over. The driv...

House fire in Santana
There was a house fire in Santana village on Thursday night. According to police reports, 23 year old Melonie Francine Jones, a Belizean domestic of Santana Village, reported that on April 19th between 11:00 am and 12:00 p.m., she was at home with her two sons under the house when she connected a...

Accused murderer Allan Sommerville walks free
27 year old walked free of murder charges today. Sommerville was the accused gunman in the 2012 murder of Contractor Eleno Requeno. 32-year-old Requena was gunned down in cold blood in the presence of a group of minors. He was walking with a group of children, all relatives and minors, on the edge o...

Accused bank thieves granted bail
24 year-old Damon Dawson and 21 year-old Jonathan Almendarez, were granted bail yesterday when they appeared in court to answer to charges of theft. The duo is accused of stealing $10,000 from Heritage Bank. According to police reports, Damon Dwson was an employee of the bank who processed the ten t...

Gasoline prices go up again
Gasoline Prices go up at the pumps yet again. Effective tomorrow Wednesday 25th, the price of Regular Gasoline as well as Diesel will be increased. A gallon of regular gasoline, which stood at $10.65 cents per gallon, will now cost $11.06 cents, while a gallon of Diesel, which stood at $10.01 cents,...

Belize represented at the Commonwealth Heads in London
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Elrington, led Belize's delegation to the bi-annual Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) held in London, United Kingdom from 16th-20th April 2018. He was joined by Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mrs. Laura Tucker-Longsworth; CEO in the...

Hurricanes Vs. Belmopan Bandits
With only a few games remaining in the 2018 Pepsi NEBL regular season, the Smart Belize Hurricanes played against the Belmopan Bandits at the Belize Elementary Gym on Friday night. Glency Lopez was the top scorer for the Hurricanes as he led the team with 19 points. We spoke with Coach Jamel Wagner ...

The Guardian


CitCo audit report reveals "a free for all," says Mayor Bernard Wagner
Belize City's mayor, Bernard Wagner, and deputy mayor, Oscar Arnold, held a press conference this afternoon at City Hall, where the senior managers of the new PUP Belize City Council were all present. The purpose of the press conference was to present the findings of the transition team's audit report on the finances at the council. Mayor Wagner described the financial practices at City Hall prior to his entry and the new City Council members as "a free for all." At the beginning of the press briefing, Mayor Wagner explained that they would present the facts on what they inherited from their predecessors.

City Council will tackle the "UDP" silt problem near Yarborough Bridge
The silt that has formed at the Yarborough Bridge, where Collet Canal empties into the Caribbean Sea, is not only an eye sore, but the stench coming from it may be a health hazard to area residents. Silt has been accumulating at this spot since Mayor Zenaida Moya's time at City Hall, 3 years ago (how long was that?), and very little has been done about it since that time. Mayor Darrell Bradley and his team had promised that the canal would have been dredged, but this was never done, and now the silt is choking the canal from the Mex Avenue Bridge all the way to Yarborough Bridge.

Move or be moved: Belmopan CitCo gives squatters eviction notice
On Friday, April 13, the residents of Belmopan were shocked when PlusTV's Louis Wade, Jr. showed photos of squatters who were occupying the Pleasant Creek Reserve area. For months, the residents of the Belmopan Heights area had complained about the sound of trees being cut down and other noises associated with construction. PlusTV had decided to take it upon themselves to fly a drone over the area, and discovered severe illegal clearing of the land. This area became a reserve after attempts to subdivide in it 2008 were obstructed by the residents, who touted the importance of the area as a water catchment area, as well as the habitat of a large amount of fauna and flora in the city.

Barranco villagers protest in Belmopan for logging rights
As the early morning heat beat down on Belmopan City, a group of protesters, between 25 and 30 persons, who made the journey from Barranco, Belize's southernmost village in Punta Gorda, walked around the National Assembly building in colorful Garifuna attire in an orderly protest, beating their drums and carrying placards in a protest against the refusal of the government's Forestry Department to grant them concession licenses for logging on lands surrounding their village. The villagers demanded that they be allowed to earn money through the harvesting of trees from lands which are adjacent to their village.

Belize Chamber of Commerce holds AGM
Today, the Chamber of Commerce held their annual general meeting. The Chamber is currently in its 98th year of operation, which makes it the longest serving private-sector organization in Belize. Kim Aikman, CEO of the Chamber, told Amandala that the central theme of this year's meeting is anti-corruption. She stated that, "corruption is the root of all the inefficiencies that we have in the economic climate right now." Aikman mentioned that they insisted on the government's signing on to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. They were able to have a guest speaker from Fiji, Mihaela Stojkoska, who is the United Nations Development Program's senior anti-corruption expert, join them via Skype.

Drug traffickers now using jet plane to move drugs into Belize
The transshipment of drugs through Belize has entered a new phase of sophistication after a twin engine jet plane landed on the San Estevan / Progresso Village Road, located about 3 miles out of San Estevan village, Orange Walk District, early yesterday morning, Tuesday. The Hawker Siddeley 225 jet (wing span: 14.32m (47 ft 0in), length: 14.42m (47 ft 5in) (It has also been classified by some experts as a British Aerospace 125 - which is a twin-jet business class aircraft.) has presented Belizean law enforcement officials with a major challenge: how to move the mid-sized jet from the village road, where it is now under the guard of Belize security forces. Although it is most likely still airworthy, reportedly, there are no pilots in Belize who could fly it from its present location.

Bandits vs Police; Verdes vs BDF - "away-goal" rule and implications for game 2 of PLB semifinals
Both top seeds in the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2017-2018 Closing Season got a wake-up call last weekend in the 1st leg of the home-and-away semifinals. #1 seed Belmopan Bandits SC barely salvaged a 2-2 draw in injury time against #4 seed Police United FC; and #2 seed defending champions Verdes FC were shocked, 2-nil, by #3 seed BDF FC/ Though the last half of this regular season has proven that there is parity in the PLB, these opening semifinals results were a bit surprising. Consider that, only the previous weekend in the final game of regular season, Police United had been bombed, 7-1, by Verdes; and the Bandits had pretty much "owned" Police, beating them twice, 2-1 and 2-0, in regular season play; while Verdes had cruised to 3-1 and 2-1 victories over BDF in their regular season encounters. But the playoffs are the playoffs; the re-set button erases all achievements in regular season, where advancing to the championship is concerned.

Tennis News - Brodies & RF&G Insurance Men's and Women's Doubles Tournament
This past weekend was one of some exciting tennis, as the Brodies & RF&G Insurance Men's and Women's Doubles tennis tournament kicked off at the Pickwick Club tennis courts under the auspices of the Belize Tennis Association. The format was done as a round robin to increase playing time. There were nine men's teams which were divided into two groups, and there were four women teams playing round robin.

City Boys 10 & Under Grassroots - Championship results
Good night, Football Family! The City Boys 10 & Under Grassroots Tournament 2018 concluded on Saturday, April 21, at the Yabra Field with the 3rd Place & Championship games. In the 3rd place game, Reality Youths drew, 1-1, with Poor & Famous in regulation. Reality Youths then won in penalties, 3-2, to secure 3rd place. The championship game was a blowout, as City Boys Jr. won, 5-0, over Ladyville Rising Stars.

Cricket Update
Greetings from the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA)! There was a break in the regular Sir Barry Bowen Harrison Parks Cricket 2018 competition over the April 21 & 22 weekend to allow the BNCA to host the All Star Event. There were two 20/20 matches played on April 21. The results were as follows:

Editorial: Stress and anxiety
In this third millennium world of social media, it appears that a lot of people have appointed themselves experts on a lot of matters. The problem is that such self-appointed, sometimes attention-seeking, "experts" are not held accountable, do not hold themselves accountable, when their opinions prove to be flawed or inaccurate. Newspapers like ours have to be substantially more careful than those who operate in the social media. There are matters which involve Belize's national psyche. Such matters can be delicate. As the arrogant Guatemalan government, oligarchy and military turn up the pressure on the people of Belize, the level of stress and anxiety in The Jewel increases. At such a time, for sure, strong, mature, consistent, legitimate leadership is at a premium in Belize. In Biblical terms, one would say that the flock needs their shepherd more than ever when big, bad wolves are circling and howling.

Mr. Compton's opinions on the Guat claim
Next month will make it exactly 81 years since the United Kingdom made the suggestion to Guatemala in May of 1937 that they agree to take their unfounded claim of our territory to the Hague Court, now the ICJ. Guatemala's capable envoy, Jose Matos, who led the delegation to the coronation of King George VI, 12th May, 1937, met with officials of the British Foreign Office regarding Belize following the ceremonies. Matos was a member of the League of Nations/United Nations/ICJ, so he knew full well that his country had no valid case to take to the court, hence his insistence on going "ex aequo et bono". Unfortunately for the Guatemalans, they were ill-advised by a few Central American lawyers at the time that they could claim Belize through the process of devolution, i.e., they could inherit Belize from Spain.

Coffee high
I absolutely don't drink white rum. You want to know if a man is a low-down, good-for-nothing borracho? Just notice the color of his rum. If he's drinking white, you don't want too much of his company. Don't let anybody tell you not to discriminate. You better know who to flock with, and who not to flock with. You don't want to be around the white rum kind. Allow me, I need to invest a little more ink on those rum riff-raff, because it is so sometimes that a little graphics is required to drive a point home. If you see somebody sleeping in the drain, you don't have to sweat your brains on it. It could be that white thing made from that plant which grows native in Bolivia. I hear that can really have a negative effect on a person. If it's not that, it's white rum.

Referendum to go to the ICJ - think it through!
I encourage every Belizean to visit the ICJ website ad learn about its functions and how it deals with disputes such as the Guatemalan claim over Belize. What I would highlight above is that once we remain before the court and allow it to give a verdict, we must be prepared to obey said verdict because there is no appeal process, unlike our local court system. On the issue of enforcement of the order, it is also different from a local court, yet in its own way it is powerful, especially for a small nation like Belize that does not have the influence and might at the UN Security Council as the U.S. has. This is what is stated on their website: "The court itself has no powers of enforcement, but according to Article 94 of the Charter of the United Nations:

Simply put� Guat es Mala
There are two conclusions we may reach from the results of the ICJ referendum recently held in Guatemala. Firstly, despite the expensive inducement campaign undertaken by their government, only about 25% of Guatemala's 7.5 million eligible voters took part in the process. We may therefore conclude that the overwhelming silent majority of Guatemalans are not really interested in having a slice of the Jewel. Secondly, of those who voted, 95% are resolved to take the issue to the ICJ pursuant to the will of a Guatemalan oligarchy who are hell-bent on acquiring at least a significant portion of Belize. Even more significant is the fact that some Guatemalans challenged the April 15th referendum because their country's constitution mandates that the people go to a referendum after the ICJ has made a ruling in the case and not before.

Citrus Growers Association turning their woes into wins
Many Belizeans enjoy eating sweet oranges, or drinking a cup of freshly squeezed lime juice. Yet, many people are unaware of the major challenges facing the citrus industry. Henry Anderson, CEO of the Citrus Growers Association (CGA), sat down with Amandala to talk about what the CGA is doing to effect a positive turnaround in the industry. The CGA is investing heavily in the future of the citrus industry, but all is not fine with the organization at this time. The organization borrowed from Atlantic Bank, $2 million to invest in a fertilizer program, and $1.7 million to establish Plant World Nursery. This loan has accumulated interest of a little over a million dollars, so the association has a total debt of 5 million dollars. The bank is set to foreclose on the nursery, but CGA has plans to save it. CGA plans, in coordination with the Legacy Fund, to float a bond for 8.5 million dollars. They are also opening the door for investors in the nursery.

"Sweet sampling for sweet returns" in cane land
In ordinary times the sugarcane industry has its ups and downs, its boom and busts. At different times King Sugar has been challenged by world prices, and pests, and productivity. Belize does not dictate world prices, and in the best of managements, pests will become a problem in a monoculture. For decades the Ministry of Agriculture, BSI (Belize Sugar Industries), and the Cane Farmers Association(s), have been working to help farmers to improve their crop management, with the primary objective of increasing the productivity of Belize's cane fields. There are presently some 60,000 or so acres of sugarcane in the Corozal and Orange Walk districts, and Belize has known for a long time that the biggest challenge yet to our 5,000 sugarcane farmers was ahead - that being open market competition with European farmers and their beet sugar.

Gas prices rise yet again
A few days before the Easter holiday, the Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) stated that the prices of fuel were going up, angering many Belizeans who were planning to travel. Another hike in gas prices happened again earlier this month, and even though the month isn't yet over, we can expect yet another rise in prices. On March 27, the price of premium gas had risen by $0.15, the price of regular gas by $0.43, the price of diesel by $0.25, and the price of kerosene by $0.24. April 1 saw a rise in the price of kerosene by $1.32.

Kemmar Edgar Wade, 27, fatally shot on St. Jude Street
Kemmar Edgar Wade, 27, of Belize City, died after an unknown gunman shot him in the back of the head, in the left upper rib cage, and in the left forearm. Wade, who was employed at the Philip Goldson International Airport, was reportedly driving on St. Jude Street at about 11:00 last night when he was shot by an unknown person or persons.

The Reporter

School managers taking names for salary deductions
The Government of Belize has requested that school managers submit the names of teachers who participated in the March 22 protest, so that their salaries can be docked. The Reporter confirmed that GOB, through the Ministry put out the request today in preparation to make [�]

Man killed in Dangriga
Belize has seen its second killing for the weekend, this one in Dangriga. Dangriga Police say that they responded to a call about a shooting in the Wagierale area of Dangriga Town shortly after 10 a.m., today, to find a man, later identified as 42 […]

Brian Hyde convicted of murdering his relatives in Florida
Belizean national Brian Hyde, 22, was found guilty in a Florida court last Friday of murdering his aunt, Dorla Pitts, 37; his cousin, Starlette Pitts, 17; her boyfriend, Michael Kelly and their unborn child in 2015. Hyde was found guilty on four counts of second […]

Hit and run victim succumbs to injuries
Eight days after he was knocked down and left badly injured near the Burrell Boom bridge, Christian Charles, 27, succumbed to his injuries at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) on Monday morning. Charles reportedly died after 5:00 a.m. He had been in a coma […]

PG resident shot dead in downtown Belize City
A resident of Punta Gorda town was shot dead in downtown Belize City sometime around 11:00 last Friday night. When police arrived at the scene on Rectory Lane, they discovered the body of Albert Ervin Johnson, 25, lying face up in the middle of the […]

Man falls from boat during trip and drowns
A man reportedly fell out of a boat and drowned while he and fellow work colleagues were travelling in the vessel last Wednesday. Jose Miranda, the manager of Turneffe Island Resort told police that they were heading out from Belize City to the resort when […]

Former employee is charged in connection with bank theft
Two men have been charged with swindling a customer of $150,000, via bank transactions. Both men are currently out on bail. The accused are former Heritage Bank employees – 27-year-old Damion Dawson and 21-year-old Jonathan Joshua Almendarez, a labourer and resident of Teakettle Village. Both […]

Mason kidnapping case to be decided next month
The notorious William Mason is awaiting a decision from the Belmopan Magistrate's Court, on whether or not kidnapping charges against him will go to trial in the Supreme Court. Mason appeared before Belmopan Senior Magistrate, Marlene Moody on Monday, alongside former employees Ashton Vanegas, Keiron […]

App and Information Center launched for immigrants in Belize
In order to better facilitate ease of access to free and reliable information for migrants in Belize, the United Nations Agency for Migration (IOM) on April 18th announced the launch of the new Migration Information Center and MigrantApp. The new information hub is situated at […]

Goldson House to host World Press Freedom Day event: “Let Journalism Live!”
The Goldson House in Belmopan, the former residence of Philip S. W. Goldson, deceased Belizean politician, journalist and editor, will host an event to honor the ideals of this national hero on World Press Freedom Day, celebrated each year on 3rdMay. In celebrating this year’s […]

Metamorphosis hopes to tranform Belizean crime landscape
Spikes in crime in recent years have highlighted Belize's need to find viable, long term solutions to an ever growing problem. Restore Belize has taken on the challenge and in a forum designed for the media, shared their findings and potential solutions. On Wednesday, April 25th, Marydelene Vasquez, Director of […]

PUP holds endorsement conventions in preparation for general elections
General elections are not due until 2020, and before that, Prime Minister Dean Barrow is expected to retire and make way for his successor in time for the elections, but already the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) is getting itself prepared well in advance to […]

NGC to elect new executive at Dangriga Convention
The National Garifuna Council (NGC) is slated to have its 34th Annual Convention on May 18 and 19, 2018, at the Pablo Lambey Center in Dangriga, and executive posts will be up for grabs. Incumbent president Sandra Miranda is seeking a second term of office […]

Bleak days for sugar, as export earnings plunge; prices on the world market may not rebound until 2020
When Belize's domestic exports underperformed in 2016, sugar's performance helped to mitigate the impact on the Belizean economy, and it was the only major export to record growth for the first quarter in 2016. Last year, when the economy began to bounce back, sugar continued […]

BTL workers sign collective bargaining agreement
A new pension scheme, vehicle allowance and data plan are all part of a new four-year collective bargaining agreement signed by the Belize Communications Workers Union (B.C.W.U.) with the management of Belize Telemedia Ltd at the Belize Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City […]

Exports and Imports down for first quarter 2018
Belize's exports continued to decline, showing a 19 percent drop for the first quarter of 2018 when compared to the previous year. First quarter imports were also marginally less than last year, according to the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB). The SIB's latest External Trade Bulletin, released […]

The struggle for independence in Mexico began in 1810 with the famous "grito" of Miguel Hidaldo, one of the heroes of the revolution. On August 24, 1821 Spain recognized the independence of Mexico in the Treaty of Cord�ba. Three weeks later, on September 15 of that same year the Captaincy […]

Man shot, crashes and dies
Kemar Edgar Wade, 27, a customer service officer from Belize City became the nation’s latest victim of gun violence when he was shot three times on Saint Jude Street, just behind the Belize City Centre late Wednesday night. Wade was reportedly driving his grey Saturn […]

Another plane lands
The Ministry of National Security (MONS) broke its silence this week, following the latest in a string of illegal aircraft landings. The MONS issued a statement on Wednesday, explaining that Belize relies on the United States, Mexico and other Central American neighbours for information and […]

City Mayor accuses last Council of financial mismanagement
A review of the city's fiscal and financial operations from March 2014 to March 2017 suggests that the past City Council mismanaged the Council's funds by non-adherance to its budgets. "Everybody was running a free-for-all; everyone", Mayor Bernard Wagner commented, as he reviewed the past […]

Gas price gone up again! Regular now over $11
Only nine days after the last gas price increase, Belizeans have been hit with another, this one sending the price of Regular fuel to a staggering $11.04 per gallon. The Belize Bureau of Standards announced on Tuesday, that the price would go up on April 25. The […]

Police gain ground in Rosado murder investigation
Police say they are closing in on the men that are responsible for the brazen daylight robbery which claimed the life of prominent Belize City businessman, Oscar Rosado Sr., this week. On Thursday, the Belize Police Department told the media they are seeking three suspects, [�]


Belizean gift products are a hit at Giftionery Taipei 2018!
The National Institute of Culture and History, Belizean Artisans and Unique Belize attended "Giftionery Taipei 2018" to showcase high quality assorted products that are created in Belize and are available for export. Giftionery Taipei, is an annual 4 day "International Gift & Stationery Show" held from 19th April to the 22nd April with this year's show being hosted at the Taipei World Trade Center in Taipei, Taiwan. This event showcases products ranging from Gifts & stationery, Promotional Items, Holiday Decorations, Stationery & Art Supplies, School & Office Supplies, Art & Crafts, Houseware & Home Living, Toys & Children, Articles, Bags, Jewelry & Accessories, Pet Accessories etc. in the Gifts & Handicrafts, Office & Commercial Supplies industries. Rebecca Stirm of "Twig & Pearl" along with Ms. Karen Vernon, who represented Unique Belize Artisans including Sharondale Humes, Lula Bennett and Marvin Meza, were present for the event with Belizean products proudly and prominently displayed at the Belize booth.

Tapir Crossing - Janiel helps to bring awareness

International Sourcesizz

Louisiana Guard member practices jungle warfare in Belize
Louisiana National Guard 1st Lt. Kenrick Cormier became the first National Guard member to graduate from the Belize Defence Force's Jungle Warfare Instructor Course, Dec. 2017. In addition to Cormier, two Navy SEALs and 25 BDF members participated in the course. He was one of only 13 graduates. Cormier, a Lake Charles resident, has already earned a Ranger tab, Airborne and Air Assault wings during his nearly 15-year Guard career. The LANG and the BDF have trained and worked together as part of the State Partnership Program, which is administered by the National Guard Bureau, for over 20 years. Over that time, the two countries have participated in more than 250 events. This partnership has led to the beginning of several programs, such as a youth challenge program, modeled after the LANG's, in Belize.

How Bad Is The Corruption In Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua And Belize?
"As the founder of Best Places in the World to Retire, I'm often asked by those living in the US and Canada (what we'll refer to collectively as "North of the Border," or "NOTB"), the following question: "How bad is the corruption in Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua or Belize?" (I'll refer to these countries collectively as "South of the Border," or "SOTB.") When I dig a little deeper to find out why they were asking, there would usually be two responses: 1) they wouldn't want to live in a country where corruption was bad; and, 2) they wanted to find out how that corruption would affect them personally.

Simone Biles details her struggle to get back to top form in the gym
Olympic gymnastics champion and Rio 2016 sensation Simone Biles has only been back in the gym for a few months, but she's got her sights set on even greater medal success in Tokyo in 2020. The talented athlete is the subject of a new video by USA Gymnastics, which shows that the 21-year-old is already back to form and in the thick of training as she prepares to make her comeback to the sport after taking more than a year off to travel and spend time with her family. In the clip, Simone addresses her hotly-anticipated return to competition, admitting that, while others may have been eagerly awaiting the next step of her career, she hasn't been thinking much about the Olympics because 'so much has happened since then'.


  • Night fishing in San Pedro Ambergris Caye, 4.5min.

  • Find our Roots Feel (Y)our Rhythms, 2.5min. Destination Belize has a new video out for their 20th edition. Some Cayo attractions are in it, as are Los Hijos del West. Worth a watch. "Destination Belize Introduces the 20th Edition Theme "Find our Roots Feel (Y)our Rhythms"

  • Marine Conservation in Belize part 1 - Lionfish, 2min. I had a fantastic opportunity back in March to showcase some of the work Reef Conservation International are doing on a tiny remote island in the middle of the Belize Barrier Reef - the second largest coral reef system in the world after the GBR. This first video details what the teams are doing in an attempt to reduce the numbers of the invasive lionfish (Pterois volitans)

  • Coral Reefs in South Water Caye | National Geographic, 2min. At the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, biologists work to preserve and encourage the growth of coral reefs, which are home to an astonishing variety of wildlife. Video by Ross Weinberg in South Water Caye, Belize, aboard the National Geographic Quest.

  • Opening Coconuts | National Geographic, 1.5min. Naturalist Maguil Cespedes demonstrates the proper technique for using a machete to retrieve and open a coconut.

  • Belize U-15 National Basketball Team recently returned from the COCABA Championship Games, 36min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Bruk it Down Jenny - preparing parents to talk to their teenagers about dating, 37min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Aim That I Am Book Launch, 19min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Scuba Diving in Belize, 13.5min.

  • Belize Vo-Tech 2012-2016, 16min.

  • Dangriga Dream Ballers vs Smart Belize Hurricanes, 3hr.

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