Gesneriaceae of Belize
There are a number of field guides that we are working now with Marie Selby Botanical Gardens team- this is all part of our Inventory of Epiphytes of Belize project. As you can imagine we came across very interesting plants that were lithophytes( growing on rocks) as well, so we including them in our materials.

Epiphytic and Lithophytic Fern and Lycophyte Genera of Belize
Here is also another field guide that we just published. The PDF files are easy to download and you can recognize a lot of plants that you see in Belize and it gives you various photos and descriptions to help with identification.

Common Palms of Belize

Spiny Bromeliaceae of Belize

Cayo District -- Las Cuevas Trees

Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae) of Belize

Palms - Chamaedorea of Belize

Smooth-leaved Bromeliaceae of Belize (excluding Tillandsia)

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Tropical fruits of Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador used by the Maya for thousands of years
Fruits and nuts have always been part of Mayan diet. Most Mayan house gardens have fruit and nut trees surrounding the homes. And in many Mayan milpas the fruit and nut trees are not cut down when the rest of the forest is slashed and burned. So fruits, nuts, and the soft flesh of seed pods such as Inga species have been a part of Mayan diet for millennium. Most studies of Maya diet and agriculture focuses on maize, beans, squash, and root crops. So our will have plenty of discussion of those seeds and vegetables. But we do not want to forget fruits and nuts either. So on this page, rather than devoting an entire page exclusively to one single plant or flower, I will introduce several groups of related fruits.