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The San Pedro Sun

Minor charged with Reinery Garcia's murder
A minor has been charged with the murder of 25-year-old Honduran National Reniery Adalid Figueroa Garcia, who was shot and killed on Thursday, April 26th. Garcia received one fatal gunshot to the head while managing his store in the San Mateo Area. Along with the minor, the San Pedro Police have another person in custody who is presently being investigated as an accomplice to the crime. Despite charging someone for the death of Garcia, a motive is yet to be established. According to Assistant Superintendent, Alejandro Cowo Officer in Charge of Central Intelligence Branch Eastern Division, "So far there is no indication that it is a robbery. We are getting other information as to what led to the death of Garcia but it is still just part of the preliminary investigation at this moment; we can't release the information."

Albert Tillet charged for wounding
On Wednesday, May 2nd, 25-year-old musician Albert Tillet also known as 'Continental Cat,' from the Boca del Rio Area in San Pedro Town, was charged for wounding after appearing before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford in Belize City. Based on the ongoing investigation, Tillett stabbed his girlfriend on Saturday, April 21st during a confrontation. At the court hearing, Tillett wanted to plead guilty to the charge, but Senior Magistrate Ford entered an equivocal plea of not guilty after he explained that it was his girlfriend who assaulted him first. Tillett was then offered a bail of $1,000 and his case was adjourned to July 2, 2018.

Food service workers trained in advanced safety practices
Members of the hospitality industry participated in an advanced safe food practice training at the National Emergency Management Organization in San Pedro Town from Wednesday, April 25th through to Friday, April 27th. The training was facilitated by Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Head of Tourism and Health Programme and Foodborne Diseases, Doctor Lisa Inder, along with John Bodden and Lisa Sanchez-Marin from The Ministry of Health. During the first two days, participants were trained in various areas of food safety. They discussed how to handle food in ways to prevent the spreading of disease during outbreaks, cleaning and sanitizing, the use of safer facilities and equipment, and overall methods to safer ways of handling food.

Fuel Prices go up for the third time this year; SIB reports the cost of living down
For the third time this year, gas prices have gone up in the country. On Tuesday, April 24th, via an erroneous press release from the Belize Bureau of Standards, they misstated the level of increase reported, however, a correction was released later showing the increase on the prices of regular gasoline and diesel. Regular gasoline saw an increase of .39 cents, going up to $11.04 per gallon. Regular gasoline began the year at $10.18, making the overall increase of .86 cents in three months. While, diesel increased by .86 cents, going up to $10.49. Premium gasoline remained at $11.34 per gallon, however, it has seen a price increase of .32 cents since the start of the year. The price of kerosene did not rise in this latest spike, but it has suffered the highest price increase since the start of 2018, with close to a two dollar per gallon increase.

Ambergris Today

Dawson's Pit Fighters Compete At 1st Annual Jiu-Jitsu Competition
On Sunday, April 29, 2018, The Sports Jiu-Jitsu Belize Federation (SJJBF) held its 1st Annual Belize Kids BJJ Championship was held at the Gateway Youth Center in Belize City where a total of 36 competitors from three different teams registered across 13 different categories. The three participating teams were Belize Jiu-Jitsu Social Project, Judo Life Changers and Dawson Pit Fighters San Pedro. Children between the ages of 5 and 15 participated in different categories and were awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Misc Belizean Sources


Managed Access: A Rights‐Based Approach to Managing Small-Scale Fisheries in Belize
In Belize fisheries contributes to domestic food security, livelihoods, economic development and is an important part of the tourism product of Belize. Additionally, Fisheries ranks 4th in income earnings and contributes 3% to the country's GDP (2016). Belize is committed to ensuring the sustainability of its small-scale fisheries and has implemented a model for small-scale fisheries management based on three main pillars.

Fisheries and Aquaculture: Outlook and Opportunities
Belize offers an ideal marine environment that has bolstered continued growth and diversification in the fisheries and aquaculture industry. Belize's unique geographical location and close proximity to major market destinations, offers a multitude of key advantages for investment. Being located only 2 hours away from the US and other key Central American and Caribbean markets has enabled the industry to supply fresh products on a weekly basis. This continues to provide many benefits to the industry's continued development allowing Fisheries to rank 4th in income earnings contributing up to 3% to Belize's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2016.

Sacred Heart Primary School visits House of Culture
So wonderful to have out of district school visits here at the House of Culture! We enjoyed sharing Northern Belize's history and culture with Standard 5 students and teachers of Sacred Heart Primary School, Dangriga Town last week during their educational visit.

Belize's Wonder Women! Mrs. Martha Pulido
We are proud to announce that for the month of May, Mrs. Martha Pulido is our Belize Wonder Woman! Mrs. Martha's love for what she does is truly inspiring. Mrs. Martha leads the Cornerstone Foundation Belize feeding program. She works from early mornings to late nights prepping food for many children and elderly who are less fortunate and cannot afford a nutritious meal. Mrs. Martha also spends her free time volunteering at the Octavia Waight Centre and the local hospital, where she cares for and nurtures patients.

Goldson House hosts "Let Journalism Live" on World Press Freedom Day
The National Institute of Culture and History, through the Institute of Social and Cultural Research and The Goldson House for Democracy and Patriotism will host "Let Journalism Live!" to honor Journalists and Journalism in Belize. "World Press Freedom Day" will be celebrated on Thursday, May 3, with this year's theme being 'Keeping Power in Check: Media, Justice and The Rule of Law', highlighting the importance of proper journalism. We will also be taking this opportunity to remember Philip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson as a gifted writer, well recognized for his skills as a journalist. He wrote numerous articles published by The Belize Billboard, the foremost newspaper of the time, which championed the cause of Belizean workers and the unemployed. On Thursday, May 3, we will have two guest speakers at the Goldson House: Ms. Adele Ramos will be heading our morning session at 10:00 AM and Mr. Paul Lopez will lead the afternoon session at 1:30 PM. Both Journalist will be discussing topics such as the History of Journalism, Importance of Journalism and its Influence on Society.

These are some of the legends between the Yucatec Maya people of Belize
The Legends of the X'tabay,Huay K'eek'en,Nukux Tat ,Alux ,Huay peek' and others . The Northern Maya of Belize belong to the Yucatec Maya group which are found in Corozal, Orange Walk and Cayo. Their native language is known simply as Maya or M�aya t'�an but it is also known as Maya Yucateco. Today mostly elders are the Maya speakers while many of the younger generation have exchanged their native Maya language for Spanish and English, putting the Maya language endangered with just a little over 2000 speakers in Belize. The Yucatec Maya in Belize identify in different ways depending on the individual, such as Maya, Masewal, Maya Masewal, Maya Mestizo or Mayero.

Las Mujeres Flores by Eunice Adorno
Photographic Exhibition at the Corozal House of Culture, Wednesday May 9.

Caye Caulker Certification Ceremony
May 14, Basketball Court. CERTIFICATION CEREMONY FOR: Customer Service Training, First Aid & CPR, Wine Pairing, Tour Guide. $10 Contribution/Entrance fee is to Cover General Expenses and any Surplus going to Education Fund. OA students will get their Customer Service certificates at this event.

Lionfish Tournament in San Pedro
May 11, Join us in showing how we do our part to manage lionfish. Part of Reef Week Hol Chan 2018.

Channel 7

Unpleasant End for Mount Pleasant Squatters
For some - squatting is the only way they know to get a piece of land. And that's just what 6 immigrant families in Belmopan did. And, usually, that's the end of it - since a large part of greater Belmopan was settled through persistent squatting. But, not any more, apparently. These squatters settled in a jealously guarded reserve which is within City limits. Area residents had carved out the area Mount Pleasant Creek reserve as an important environmental buffer - and weren't about to stand by and watch it overtaken by squatters. That's why three weeks ago the city council ordered them off the lands - but they didn't budge, and today the Council enforced its removal order. Courtney Weatherburne has all sides of this story:...

Working Man Killed in Windmill Area of Hattieville
Last night the usually the usually quiet Windmill area of Hattieville was the scene of the murder of Owen McFoy. The 30 year old was watching a basketball game at a neighbour's house when gunmen ambushed and tally shot him. Today Sahar Vasquez found out that Mcfoy was just a hardworking man who stayed away from trouble - but, last night, deadly trouble came looking for him. Sahar Vasquez reporting: Last night the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Toronto Raptors in an overtime thriller. Fans all over enjoyed the intensely competitive game. Thirty-year-old Owen Mcfoy was one of them but the difference between Mcfoy and others is that the thirty-year-old will never know the outcome of the game because he was murdered.

Family Wants Justice for Hit and Run Victim
On Sunday night St. Ann Village resident Aurelio Gonzalez was riding his bike home from Maskall Village when he was knocked down by a vehicle. The person who knocked him down did not stop to render aid, but miraculously Gonzalez survived the ordeal. He's still at the hospital - and has a tough recovery ahead, but his family wants justice: Gloria Ramirez, Wife of Accident Victim: "I was wondering why he did not reach home but when I look I saw the policemen come and his Godson on a cycle. When they brought him they told me that it looks like he fell off his bike or something. When I looked I saw him bleeding. I was trying to help stop the blood but it did not want to stop. His foot was in pain. He tried to lift it and was shaking so we knew it was broken.

Policeman Lives to Tell Tale of Machete Mob
A police man is happy to be alive after he survived a machete-mob attack. Maya Mopan resident PC Brian Shal was on his way home with his cousins on Sunday night. They had just left from the Agriculture Showgrounds. A man then approached Shal's cousin on Bethel Street in Maya Mopan - asking or a drink, but things turned messy quick and Shal intervened to try and break up the fight. But playing the role of the mediator almost cost Shal his life. The man and his crew pounced on Shal and chopped him to the head and leg. We spoke to Shal at his home where he is recovering. Here is his story.

Attempted Murder of Prominent Figure
Last week there were two execution style murders in Dangriga in just four days - which left townspeople reeling. And last night there was the attempted murder of a high profile town resident. 32 year old Jason Williams was reportedly gambling with some friends at a yard on La Isla Road when two shot rang out - one of them hit him on the shoulder. He was treated at the Southern Regional Hospital for minor injuries. Williams is known to be a close associate of UDP area representative Frank Mena - but he was also witness to the April 2016 murder of gang boss Gerald Shiny Tillett in that southern Town.

No Arrests for In-Law Murder
He allegedly killed his father in law - but San Pedro police have not charged Ricardo Mendoza for it. The 35 year old remains detained after he allegedly stabbed 57-year-old Gaspar Vargas in the stomach on Monday afternoon. It happened at the family's San Mateo home on Monday afternoon where Vargas and Mendoza had a disagreement. Alcohol was involved. The San Pedro Sun reports that the pair had a history of disputes, and Mendoza had allegedly beaten his father in law before.

And Then There Were Four
Originally, 19 persons - old and young, male and female - were charged in connection with the 2015 home invasion at the Burrell Boom residence of Diplomat Sarkis Bou-Nahra. But, that number has been successively whittled down by the courts, and tonight, one more name has been removed from the list. Lane Grinage saw the charge of aggravated burglary charge withdrawn today by the police prosecutor prosecutor. He remains in jail on remand for a charge of carrying a prohibited firearm.

Mother & Daughter Claim Coercion in Creation of Complaint
Denfield Davis spent three days in jail in early 2016, and his picture was all over the evening news, when he was accused of having unlawful sex with a 15 year old. He faced four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and one count of grievous harm. But today, more than two years later, the 39 year old mechanic was freed of the charge in the Supreme Court. Senior Crown Counsel Sheneiza Smith was forced to enter a "nolle pros" motion when the alleged victim gave a statement denying that she had sex with Davis and revealing that the statement and its contents that she gave to the police were untrue.

Corozal Cops Capture Uzi
Corozal may be a sleepy border town, but, owing to the drug trade, there's a violent subculture. Town Police saw a sliver of that yesterday when they found a high powered machine gun. Based on intelligence, they searched an abandoned home in the Dominguez Layout Area. They found one slightly beat-up 9millimeter Uzi pistol along with one magazine containing twelve live rounds of ammunition. No one was around, so everything was labelled and deposited as found property

Cran Street Fire Caught Early
Yesterday morning a two storey house on Cran Street caught on fire. 19-year-old welder William Mcdonald was outside when he saw sparks coming from the upper flat. He rushed to turn off the electricity but it was too late the fire had already spread to the living room. The fire department was able to reach before it spread any further. No one was injured and the total cost of the damage has not been assessed yet.

Creating a Culture of Competitiveness
Today, Beltraide had a lot going on in Belmopan. The Beltraide team launched what is called Competitiveness month with a round table discussion at the NEMO office in Belmopan. Also SBDC client Laura Raymond of Amarabi seasoning got a special distinction. Here is more from today's packed schedule. Lejia Melanie Gideon, GM, Enterprise and Innovation - BELTRAIDE: "Today is the official launch of the national competitiveness month. Beltrade has partnered with 12 different government agencies and private sector to bring awareness and celebrate what is competitiveness at the firm, labor and government level."

Price of Power Going Up
Your light bill is going up - but by less than the figure the power company was asking for. Back on April first, BEL asked the PUC for a 7.1% average increase in the mean electricity rate. 30 days later, the PUC has approved a 4.4% increase - basically meeting the utility halfway. BEL had asked that the average rate go up from the current 36.9 cents per kilowatt hour to 39.5 cents for July 2018 to July 2019.

More Micah Madness
On Monday night we told you about PUP City Councillor Micah Goodin who posted a scathing rebuke of his mayor Bernard Wagner on his personal Facebook page. Goodin also threatened to resign - and then shut down his page. Now, we've seen this kind of Facebook rant and renunciation from him before - and, while entertaining, he always ends up right back in the arms of his beloved PUP. But, this time Goodin says he has no "sorries" to say. He is quoted on NBZ Live as saying, quote, "My party wants to punish me for speaking out yesterday…I have no apologies for anyone. I meant every word I wrote and I will stand by it…."

Remembering Goldson, The Journalist
Tomorrow is being observed as "World Press Freedom Day" - all around the world. In Belize, it will be observed at The Goldson House in Belmopan with a presentation called 'Keeping Power in Check: Media, Justice and The Rule of Law'. It's appropriate since Goldson started out in public life as a journalist at the Belize billboard - and he was made - basically - a political prisoner of the colonial government when they jailed him for sedition based on what he had written. The free and independent press has come a long way since then, and Coordinator Kendra Griffith gave us the historical perspective:..

Civic Center Opens, Game Sold Out
The Civic Center opened to a full house on Monday night. The two Belize City teams faced off against each other and in the end, the Hurricanes easily beat the Defenders. But, the real story was the civic. It was a full house, and a comfortable one with the Ari conditioning. Managers of the facility tell us that there was standing room only. They say that in addition to 4500 seats, they sold 175 standing tickets and turned away 50 people. The NEBL's next game there is on Friday night when the playoffs start.

Agric Attendance Down
And while Civic had a big crowd, attendance was slightly down at the National Agricutlure and Trade show. 37,461 people visited the showgrounds, down 927, 2.5% from last year's 38,388. Event organizers believe that a baseless social media scare campaign hail on Friday and a bit of rain might have impacted attendance.

Channel 5

In San Pedro, In-Laws' Argument Turns Deadly
A San Pedro resident remains in police custody tonight, pending charges for the murder of his father-in-law in the San Mateo area of the island town. Gaspar Vargas was ran [...]

Owen McFoy Gunned Down in Hattieville
Shortly after nine p.m. on Tuesday, a succession of gunshots rang out in the Windmill neighborhood of Hattieville.� When the shooting subsided, Owen McFoy would lay mortally wounded inside a [...]

Dangriga Man Shot while Socializing
There was also a non-fatal shooting on Labour Day in Dangriga. Around seven-thirty p.m., police responded to a report of gun violence on Isla Road and found thirty-two-year-old Jason Williams [...]

Family Asks Perpetrator of 'Lelo' Knockdown to Come Forward
Sixty-five-year-old Aurelio Gonzalez, known to all as 'Lelo,' remains in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital with injuries sustained in a late-night traffic accident on the Old Northern Highway between Maskall [...]

Morales, Jovel, Almagro Gives Thumbs Up to Referendum Plan
As expected, Belize's announcement on Monday of the date for our referendum on the taking of the unfounded Guatemalan claim to the International Court of Justice was good news for [...]

COLA Says Belizeans Will Vote No
But don't expect Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) to pop any champagne. It issued a strong blast at both sides via press release this morning, pointing out that [...]

COLA President Brackett Urges 'Get Tough' Measures with Guats
COLA also noted in its press release that of those Guatemalans interviewed by Belizean reporters, including our News Five team which covered the recent referendum, the majority only want their [...]

Belmopan Squatters Moved on by City Council
For the past two weeks, we have been reporting extensively on the squatters' situation in the Mount Pleasant Creek Reserve area of Belmopan. Well, today that situation came to a [...]

Mayor Bernard, Councilor Carballo Head-to-Head for O.W. East
In the run-up to the March seventh municipal elections, mayoral candidate Kevin Bernard and councilor candidate Josue Carballo campaigned collectively with other members of the People's United Party slate to [...]

Mayor Denies Tension in Council and Says He Has Not Abandoned Sugar City
Since commencing his campaign a few weeks ago, Mayor Bernard has been soundly criticized for his decision to run for standard bearer for Orange Walk East.� This is considering the [...]

Light Bill Going Up!
At the beginning of April, just after the Easter break, we told you about a request made by Belize Electricity Limited to take up electricity rates. At the time, B.E.L. [...]

Turning Abandoned Lots to Football Fields and Healing Hearts in Mayflower
There were inmates of the Belize Central Prison in the city today, but they were being kept out of trouble. Region One Commander Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett employed them to [...]

A Draw on the Field, But a Victory for Region One Police
On the occasion of Labour Day, police from Region One, Eastern Division, brought out thirty-two kids from Region One area of Eastern Division to play football against Roaring Creek and [...]

Belize Talks Competitiveness in Trade
BELTRAIDE, in partnership with public and private sector partners, are celebrating National Competitiveness Month. The month of May is being used to showcase how competitiveness is being strengthened in firms, [...]

Entrepreneurs Share Success Stories
All month long, there will be a series of activities and events to highlight national competitiveness month. �The activities kicked off today with a roundtable discussion on export within CARICOM. [...]


COLA: the problem is "border issues"
COLA's President Geovanni Brackett, says that the problem is not Guatemala's claim but rather "border issues". Taking a page out of US President Donald Trump's book, Brackett suggested that there is a need for immigration reform and even close the border. Geovanni Brackett, President of COLA: "What Belize has is not, this claim is not �

BCCI opposes increase of social security contributions
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) is not supporting the Social Security Board's proposal to increase contributions. Last year, the SSB began a countrywide public consultation with regards to the possibility of increasing employee's contribution and benefits to the scheme. The SSB's reasoning is that if the contributions increase so will the benefits. �

COLA says NO to ICJ
The Government of Belize has set April 10, 2019, as the date for Belize's referendum. COLA, a grassroots organization which is anti- ICJ, has weighed in on this latest development. In this regard, COLA said that Belize will be putting everything on the line. Love News caught up with the President of COLA, Geovanni Brackett �

Shrimp Industry still battling deadly bacteria
Government Hulse is a very busy Government Minister and Senator. He is in charge of many portfolios including agriculture. So when we caught up with him over the weekend we asked him for an update with regards the shrimp industry. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture: "The Shrimp Industry had been struggling a little bit because of �

Citrus industry to expand, says Minister
We also asked the Minister of Agriculture about the citrus industry. Minister Godwin Hulse says that the citrus industry will experience major expansions in the near future. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture: "There is a little difficulty in terms of production based on several factors. What we intend to do is to hold a �

Senate Select Committee begins to compile report
For more than a year, the nation tuned in every Wednesday to hear the controversies that would air during the Senate Select Committee hearings. Senators sat for more than 12 months hearing testimonies of witnesses as they investigated the Auditor General's Special Visa and other findings Report on the Immigration and Nationality Department for the �

Belmopan City Council removes squatters
The Belmopan City Council has forcibly removed families who were squatting on a privately owned land near the Belmopan Heights Area. The council had initially given the squatters fourteen days to voluntarily move but when some refused, the council warned that they would be removed by force and their houses dismantled. This is what happened �

No motive for Gabriel Laurie's murder
Police in Dangriga Town are still investigating the brazen daylight murder of 43-year-old Gabriel Laurie Jr. He was shot dead while at his resident in the Wagierale area of town. Neighbors say they heard as much as five gunshots before finding Laurie's body at his front door. Investigators have not established a murder and no �

Minister of Foreign Affairs address concerns raised by BCCI
Since last year October the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) has been asking the Government for clarification regarding the renunciation process that Guatemalans have to go through in order to receive Belizean nationality. In a letter dated October 23 2017, BCCI President Nikita Usher points out to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred �

Mid-afternoon murder in San Pedro Town
A man was killed this afternoon in San Pedro Town. He is 57 year old Gaspar Vargas. Police say that Vargas was at a house socializing with his son-in-law when they got into an argument. According to police, the son-in-law allegedly stabbed Vargas with a knife during the argument. He died while undergoing treatment. Vargas �

The Reporter

Man reportedly murdered in Hattieville; another shot in Dangriga
A man was reportedly murdered in Hattieville on Tuesday night, while another was shot in Dangriga. Unconfirmed but reliable reports are that the murder in Hattieville happened sometime around 10:00 p.m., while the shooting in Dangriga took place about an hour earlier. The Reporter will [�]

Issue #39 - March 2018 of The BELIZE AG REPORT is online here!
Click HERE to download the PDF

Ramon - Also Known as Maya Nut
Brosimum alicastrum, is a member of the fig/mulberry family can be considered as one of the 'miracle trees' found in our forests. It has over 50 common names but we may know it as Maya Nut, Ram�n tree, or Iximche (Corn Tree). The name Iximche derived from the classical Maya Ixim - corn or grain, and Che - Tree. The Spanish name Ramon derives from the word 'ramonear', meaning 'to forage' and makes reference to one of the widespread uses of the tree as feed for livestock. Maya Nut refers to the seed of the tree and is known as being a nutrient dense food that was a staple in the diet of the Maya civilization.

The Sweet and Sour of Sugar
The latest export figures for 2017 highlight the significance of the sugar industry to the country; 35% ($157.8 Million) of the total national export revenues of $445.6 Million is derived from the exports of sugar (and molasses). The figure in 2016 was only $110 Million, reflecting a substantial 43% increase. With the addition of Santander entering the production phase, the volume of sugarcane production and processing has significantly pushed national output levels. Cumulatively in 2016, the national sugarcane deliveries rose by 24.6% to 1,455,053 long tons, of which the North and Santander accounted for 1,292,515 long tons and 162,538 long tons, respectively.

Beyond the Backyard
By Jenny Wildman - Driving from north to south one can find tall droopy berry trees following the paths of our inhabitants. Considering that the berry tree grows so profusely it is surprising that there is very little information on its taxonomy and uses. In fact, even its name is in question as there are plants of similarity and several varieties within that species. Perhaps we can pull them out of the woodwork and take a closer look.

Homemade Health - Essential Oils - Part 2
Why and How to Use Essential Oils - Part 2 By Marguerite Fly Bevis, RN, BSN This article, part 2 on how to use essential oils, follows part 1 in the Belize Ag Report, August 2017, issue 37, which described the basic properties of essential oils and why they are used. See also Issue 30, November 2015, for background information. There are several ways to use essential oils. Diffusing is a way to "clean the air" as the tiny particulars destroy microbes in the air. Inhaling, simply smelling the drops on a cotton ball for 90 seconds is an easy and safe method. Diluting in a carrier oil such as coconut oil and applying to the skin or affected area�

Industrial Hemp Cultivation in the Tropics
It is important to understand the differences between industrial hemp and marijuana. Technically, industrial hemp and marijuana are from the same plant genus: Cannabis. However, the genetics of industrial hemp and marijuana have evolved from different subspecies and there are many important chemical and physical differences.

Pesticide Import Data 2015-2017
Tables & Charts: Pesticide Import Totals, Top ten most imported pesticides, Total Kg of Active Ingredients - by Year, Total Kg of Active Ingredients - by Class

Energy Production from Organic Waste
Reliable energy is critical to all world governments and available renewable energy production has become a focus of industry worldwide. Belize purchases about 46% of the country's power from Mexico at a cost of $137 million USD per year, 38% from Belize Electric Company Ltd., 2% from Hydro Maya, and 10% from Belize Aquaculture Ltd. Belize Electric Company Ltd., and Hydro Maya produce power from dams that supply hydro power generation.

Spanish Lookout Community Statistics - 2017
Agriculture production statistics chart for the Spanish Lookout Community 2017.

SOS: Save our Soils
Dr. Christine Jones Explains the Life-Giving Link Between Carbon and Healthy Topsoil. To the pressing worldwide challenge of restoring soil carbon and rebuilding topsoil, the Australian soil ecologist Dr. Christine Jones offers an accessible, revolutionary perspective for improving landscape health and farm productivity. For several decades Jones has helped innovative farmers and ranchers implement regenerative agricultural systems that provide remarkable benefits for biodiversity, carbon sequestration, nutrient cycling, water management and productivity.

Rainfall Reports for 2017
Rainfall reports for 2017 from various agricultural communities and sources, with charts and graphs brought together for us by Dottie Feucht.

Preparing Soil Fertility for New Plantings of Deep Rooted Crops
Preparing new soil for planting can make significant differences in plant growth - some good and some bad - depending on several important, but too often overlooked, considerations. It may be dressed up in one way or another, but taken as a whole, those whose goal is only to sell fertilizer generally use some type of feed the plant program. Too many who offer advice about what fertilizers to use have never been taught to understand any other way!

The Protein Bank - A Project For Cheaper Feed
Like many small farmers, here at White Rock Farm we have heavy feed bills for our poultry, pigs, sheep and goats. We have been looking for ways to mitigate this burden, and came across the idea of a "protein bank". We're also looking for feed which will be more nutritious, more natural, and more sustainable. We're very conscious that we depend heavily on corn and corn derivatives, and corn prices can fluctuate quite a bit.

Seven Miles Women's Group and Farmers Association
November 2017 was an exciting month for the El Progresso (Seven Miles) community located near the Chiquibul National Park; two groups there are grant recipients, beneficiaries of the project entitled, "Promoting Sustainable Natural Resource-based Livelihoods in Belize (PSNRL)" being implemented by the Government of Belize, funded by the Japan Social Development Fund, and administered by the World Bank. The objective of the PSNRL is aimed at "promoting viable and sustainable natural resource-based livelihoods for poor communities in Belize and, thereby, reducing anthropogenic pressures on key natural resources".

Canning Tropical Fruits
The potential abundance of fruit in our tropical climate creates a preservation paradox. You don't "need" to can fruit because with the right effort and planning, you can have some kind of fruit year-round, or nearly so. But when you really have lots of a certain kind, it's hard for the thrifty householder to see it spoil. So we can fruit, stockpiling for the winter that never comes. I have mixed feelings about canning, but I do it, and you can too if you want to.

Sapodilla Trees in Belize
Growing and harvesting sapodilla trees have been an important contribution for nutrition, healing, chicle production, building and boosting the economy of Belize for many centuries. Many birds and animals depend on the sapodilla tree for food and shelter. Sapodilla, also known as naseberry, chicle tree, dilly, chiku or chico. The tree is a hardy, slow-growing, long-living evergreen which can grow in the wild up to one hundred feet in height.

Friesen Cattle Auction
Cattle Auctions in Spanish Lookout are becoming an annual tradition for the Joe Freisen family. Joe Jr and Eva Friesen hosted a successful auction on Saturday, 17th February 2018 at their facility in the Iguana Creek area of Spanish Lookout.

Ag Calendar

Agriculture Prices At A Glance


Labour Day Photos In San Pedro Belize
Yesterday was a national holiday in Belize - Labour Day. And while Labor Day in the US is a bit sad, marking the end of summer, back to school and the end of wearing white pumps (old-fashioned "rule": NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY - and the history of that rule), in Belize it is a beginning. Originally May Day - it is now a day-off. A celebration of labor and spring. And I had NO idea it was a holiday until I arrived in town on the Coastal Xpress water taxi and realized that my first stop - the gas station (for an icy cold Coke Zero in a bottle) was closed. Kids were out of school and out and about. Banks, offices and some businesses were closed.

International Sourcesizz

Hawaii lawmakers approve ban on sunscreens with chemicals harmful to coral reefs
Hawaii lawmakers passed a bill Tuesday that prohibits the sale of sunscreens believed to be harmful to ocean ecosystems, including coral reefs. The bill, if signed into law by the state's governor, David Ige, will make Hawaii the first U.S. state to enact such a ban starting Jan. 1, 2021. "Amazingly, this is a first-in-the-world law," Gabbard told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. "So, Hawaii is definitely on the cutting edge by banning these dangerous chemicals in sunscreens." "When you think about it, our island paradise, surrounded by coral reefs, is the perfect place to set the gold standard for the world to follow," Gabbard added. "This will make a huge difference in protecting our coral reefs, marine life, and human health."

Shyne Hints At New Album & Reflects On Bad Boy Days In Rare Interview
Shyne appeared on Red Bull Radio's The Federation Sound for his first interview in years, providing insight about his current life in Belize and looking back at his brief run as a Bad Boy Records artist. During the conversation, Shyne said he's working on a documentary and book about his life. The film could lead to him releasing a new LP, which would be his first since 2004's Godfather Buried Alive. "There's a possibility of another Shyne album," he told host Max Glazer, stating it would serve as a soundtrack to the movie.

Why British overseas territories fear transparency push
Britain has incurred the wrath of several of its overseas territories by backing measures to force them to publish unprecedented levels of information about who owns the companies based in their jurisdictions by 2020. Territories including the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands fear that the new transparency measures could undermine their positions as leading offshore financial centres. But the British politicians who pushed the new disclosure rules through the House of Commons on Tuesday insisted that having publicly available registers of beneficial owners of companies based in the territories will help stamp out money laundering, tax evasion and terrorist financing.

The Race to Build the Perfect Island
"The cruise lines have done an extraordinary job of building their private islands to create an experience that captures the laid-back, 'fun in the sun' vision most people embrace," says Don Walker Co-President of the online travel agency However, he also cautions, "The majority of our clients also want to experience different cultures and interact with locals from various islands." Passengers such as inveterate cruiser Teyoune Harris agrees, saying: "The man-made sand and beaches gets old pretty quickly." She is looking to explore the local culture and explore new places and while the private ports are nice, she says they provide "no authenticity to the islands." Some of these concerns are addressed at newer private ports that combine the resort-style amenities with local attractions. For example, Royal Caribbean in partnership with the Port Authority of Jamaica re-initiated the historic port of Falmouth, which was billed as the "first-ever thematic cruise port." Similarly, NCL in conjunction with Belize developed Harvest Caye, a 75-acre destination with resort amenities but also offering tours to the nearby rainforest and an ancient Mayan archaeological site.

Friends to Foes: When a Symbiont Becomes a Parasite
Hotter water changes the relationship between coral reefs and tiny single-celled organisms called symbiodinium. We've all heard that rising global temperatures are bad for the environment. Typically, this is framed in terms of rising sea levels and melting Arctic and Antarctic ice and a host of other ecosystem level changes. Sometimes though, the ways these changes affect organisms are more difficult to understand. For years, coral reefs have been dying in a process called bleaching which has been linked to rising sea temperatures and lowered pH. However, exactly how that happens wasn't so clear and a research study led by David Baker sought to answer exactly that.


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