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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

The island's standard six students sit second part of PSE
The second phase of this year's Primary School Examination (PSE) exam took place on Friday, May 4th, and saw hundreds of Standard Six students from across schools on Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker sitting the exam at the San Pedro High School. The second part of the PSE tested students in Mathematics and Social Studies. The exam started at 8AM, and at 2PM the school's buzzer signaled the ending of the 2018 PSE testing. Many students were relieved to be done, happily heading to the school gates to meet their teachers or parents. Several claimed that the exam was not as challenging as they thought it would be. Evan Vernon of the San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School told The San Pedro Sun that the exam was very easy. "My teachers did help me a lot, that is why I did not feel that it was so complicated," he said.

San Pedro Chapter of Justices of the Peace elect new Board of Directors
During a meeting held at the San Pedro High School (SPHS) on Wednesday, May 2nd, the San Pedro Chapter of the Justices of the Peace (JP) elected a new Board of Directors for the upcoming year. After nominations and voting, the new board consists of Clive Welsh remaining as president, Walter Zepeda as the new vice president, Maria Elena Alamilla as treasurer, Ana Ico as secretary, while the new executive members include Delia Pere and Grant Crimmins. The third meeting of the year for the Chapter started at 7PM with president Welsh, welcoming and thanking everyone for their attendance. This was followed by the singing of the National Anthem and a short invocation by JP Javier Gongora. The meeting proceeded with the election of the new board facilitated by Magistrate Janelle Villanueva.

Belize sets April 10, 2019 for ICJ referendum
Following a Cabinet meeting, the Government of Belize (GOB) has set April 10, 2019, as the date for the referendum to resolve the Guatemalan's claim to Belize at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The announcement was made on Monday, April 30th, via a press release in which GOB also stated that a public awareness campaign to the tune of $8 million is already underway under the banner 'ICJ, Be Informed.' The nationwide campaign will include various approaches and Belizeans are encouraged to learn more about the sensitive issue on which they will be asked to decide upon. On referendum day, Belizeans will simply answer 'Yes' or 'No' to the question if the ICJ should decide on the territorial, maritime and insular claim from Guatemala over Belizean territory.

PUC approves a 4.4% increase in electricity rates
The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has granted Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) a 4.4% increase in electricity rates. The increase represents 38.62 cents per kilowatt hour through June of 2020. BEL had originally requested an increase of 7.1%, which is equivalent to an average rate of 39.5 cents per kilowatt-hour for the annual Tariff Period from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019. BEL made the request to PUC early in April of this year stating that an increase is needed to cover the cost of power purchased from power producers. Even though the approved increase was lower than what BEL had requested, the increase is still expected to impact the cost of living in the country.

Ambergris Today

Ministry Of Health Receives Donation Of Equipment To Support Vector Control Efforts In Belize
On Thursday, May 3, 2018, at a small ceremony held at the Ministry of Health conference room in Belmopan, various vector control equipment was officially handed over to the Ministry of Health by the Government of the United Kingdom. The piloting of an Aedes Mosquito Surveillance Program supported through the procurement of 30 Android-based tablets, which would allow program managers to have real-time information on the Aedes mosquito infestation levels in order to monitor potential threats, and take appropriate interventions;

Misc Belizean Sources


Job Opening Chicken Depot on Caye Caulker
If interested come by!

DigiNet is in Orange Walk!
Get Ready Orange Walk! Our new state of the art fiber optic network- DigiNet is in your area! Our technicians are hard at work deploying fiber, so you can enjoy lightning fast internet speeds. Plans start as low as $69.

Funds: US $ 200K - 400K Focus: Strengthening Civil Society and Civil Servant capacity through partnership. Deadline: June 4th, 2018 APPLY NOW!

2018 Lagoon-Reef Eco-Challenge
Mark your calendars! The 2018 Lagoon-Reef Eco-Challenge takes place on Saturday, May 26th and Sunday, May 27th. Those interested in taking on the challenge can find our more via email: [email protected]

Photos of the Grand Opening of the Belize City Civic Center
Grand Opening of the Belize City Civic Center Smart Hurricanes vs. Digicell Defenders on Monday 30th, April 2018

BTB at the Taipei International Travel Fair 2018

National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) hereby wishes to invite tenders for Audit Services required in connection with the general operations of NICH.

Newly elected PUP city councilor Candice Pitts PHD, also known as the "johnny cake girl" saw her overly ambitious attempt to challenge PUP stalwart Gilroy Usher Sr for Port Loyal standard bearer come to a crashing halt after the PUP bosses dictated that Gilroy Usher would instead be endorsed as Portloyola standard bearer May 20th. This after there was a public outcry from PUP loyalists that it was unfair & facey for the Johnny Cake girl to try her hand as area rep when she's hast even been a city councilor for a month. Many Portloyola voters and PUP party loyalists felt thrown off by the rush to power by Pitts. Many feel she should pay her dues in the council before challenging someone like Usher who has taken a beating for the PUP in the last three general elections.

Holy Cha Chaac
Maya from the villages of San Pablo and San Jose(Orange Walk) preparing the food which will be the offering for the Holy Cha Chaac . Cha Chaac one of the most important rituals for the Yucatec Maya of Belize . The Way of the Masewal (U Beelil M�asewal Wiinik).

Channel 7

Another Night, Another Murder
For most of this week and last week, violent crime has dominated the headlines. And last night was no different when we reported on a wild shooting at a Chinese Store on Fabers Road in Belize City, which left 4 persons injured. And the violence in that area continued. Tonight's headline is about a murder which happened a few blocks away at the corner of Fabers Road and Central American Boulevard, only 25 hours later. 29 year-old Jason Sutherland was in his yard when a gunman, pretending to want to do business, got close enough to kill him at close range.

Sutherland Spent His Last Day At Court
In an odd aside, Sutherland spent most of yesterday at the Belize City Magistrate's Court for a traffic offence. He pleaded guilty to driving a car without insurance and was fined $155.00 - with a one year disqualification from driving.

Police Resisting Crime Wave
So, what's driving all these violent crimes, and what can police do in Belize City to contain it? That's what we asked Deputy Commissioner Chester Williams when we caught up with him at another event today. He said that police have an idea why all these recent murders and shootings are happening, and they will re-adjust and deploy as necessary. Here's how he put it: Chester Williams - Deputy Commissioner, Operations: "I can assure the public that we have noticed that the trend in the violence have changed. We are concentrating more with the rivalry involved with two other fraction. That rivalry had in some extent became dormant..."

Cops Calibrating Crime Response
National Security Minister John Saldivar had a similar opinion on the spike in violence. He told us that the police top brass are carefully tracking the crime trends and calibrating their response accordingly: Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of National Security: "Crime has as you know is cyclical sometimes its up, sometimes it's down. We are trying to control it. Whenever we see the spikes we try to find out what's the reason for it and see if we can adjust and try to reconfigure our operations and that's what we are doing. The last few days that we have had, we think we are able to get it under control."

Shot Up Cousin, Judge Says Guilty
Today a man was found guilty of the attempted murder of his own cousin. It was a trial without jury and Justice Colin Williams found that 25 year old Kevaughan Staine was Guilty of shooting his cousin Taisha Staine 9 times. Prosecutor Rene Montero Jr, who represented the Crown, submitted that the sentencing guidelines require a social impact report. Justice Williams ordered that the report be submitted on or before Wednesday, September 5, 2018, and he adjourned sentencing until September 24.

5k Bail For 40K Robber
He is accused of jacking almost 40 thousand dollars in a daring armed robbery at the UNO gas station in San Ignacio, but 19 year old Marvin Phillips was released on a bail of $5,000 today by new Supreme Court Justice Francis Cumberbatch. The allegation is that on April 23, Phillips and Asher Saunders - both from Belize City, held up the UNO Service Station in San Ignacio and made off with a total of thirty seven thousand one hundred and forty dollars and forty-eight cents (37,140.48) in cash and cheques. The police reported that at around 10:00, four men went to the service station. Two of them went inside the convenience store while the others stayed outside.

Owning A Gun, Never So Expensive
Tonight there is concern amongst gun owners after reports emerged that gun license fees are going up sharply on Monday. 7News has seen a copy of a new fee schedule which increases the fees by as much as 300% in some cases. And, in other cases introduces two or three hundred dollar fees where previously there were none. The new fees were first proposed in September of 2017, and the announcement was that they would be implemented in the coming months. And it seems that they will now be implemented as of Monday.

Std. Six Students' Sigh Of Relief
Today was an exciting day for thousands of Standard 6 students all over Belize because they sat their final two PSE exams, in math and social studies. After it was all over this afternoon we asked a few students how it went: Interviewee 1: "Well the math was easy but the math two was kind of challenging and the Social Studies was easy." Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "Do you feel like you were well prepared?" Interviewee 1: "Yes." Sahar Vasquez: "How do you feel now that the PSE is over?" Interviewee 1: "Well, I feel better and I have confidence I will do well."

Long Distance Leadercast
Today the Biltmore was packed with Belizeans ready to participate in one of the world's largest leadership seminars - which is called Leadercast. The seminar is actually held in Atlanta but countries all over the world live stream the seminar and for the third year in a row Chamberlain Consulting organized it in Belize. We stopped by at the Biltmore this morning and found that this year's event had another all-star line up of speakers. Teresita Perez Martinez, Chamberlain Consultants- Chief Implementation Consultant: "This year our theme is leading yourself. This year we are focusing on you as an individual. Understanding that you need to be able to take care of yourself, make sure that you're in a good state of mind health wise, minds, soul-wise, spiritual wise before you are able to lead other people..."

Saldivar Serves Stationary Cops
Earlier in the news, you saw our interviews with National Security Minister John Saldivar and Deputy Police Commissioner Chester Williams. We ran into them this afternoon delivering lunch to all the police officers stationed at those temporary outposts as part of Operation, ACT. Their police and ministry bosses wanted show them a little appreciation for remaining diligent and standing watch at these locations in the blistering hot sun.

The Terms Of Torture
The UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture visited Belize for the first time last week. They spent five days here and visited the central prison, police stations throughout the country, as well as a juvenile institution, where - a release says "members of the delegation freely interviewed staff as well as people deprived of their liberty." Their conclusion?: Belize must establish an independent national preventive mechanism to avert and deter torture and ill-treatment of people deprived of their liberty.

Marijuana On The Move, San Antonio Road
Cayo police caught a wholesale quantity of marijuana on the move on the San Antonio Road this morning. At around 9:40, San Ignacio Rural West precinct police intercepted a Toyota pickup. They found 13.6 kilos or 30 pounds of cannabis packed tightly into two knapsacks and a large garbage bag in the pan. The truck was heading in the direction of Pine Ridge towards a feeder road that leads to Georgeville village Five men were in the pickup. They are 55 year old Danilo Tzib of San Antonio Village, 26 year old Fernando Alford, 21 year old Daniel Villanueva, and 24 year old Andre Pugh, all of Georgeville along with 20 year old Carlos Esquivel Garcia 20yrs, a Guatemalan of San Antonio village.

Belizean Baller Devin Daly From Denmark
The Civic Center opened up on Monday to a full house, actually it was standing room only. But, tonight will be the true test of what kind of numbers it can pull without the excitement of an opening night for the most expensive building in Belize's history. It's the opening night of the playoffs for the Elite Basketball League and there is a marquee name to get fans into the seats. The Belize Hurricanes and Dangriga Dream Ballers will be battling it out in the first game of their matchup. Both teams have an impressive lineup but the Hurricanes have brought in Devin Daly - who has been playing in the top league in Denmark - where he won a championship last year. He told us he is hungry to win and to re-introduce himself to fans.

COLA: "No, No, No to The ICJ"
As we've bene reporting, Belize's referendum on the ICJ is set for next April - and public opinion is split on whether to vote yes or no. But, activist group COLA has launched a campaign for an emphatic "NO" vote. Today, President Geovanni Brackett told us why: Geovannie Brackett, President - COLA: "We want people to come out in numbers and vote no to the ICJ. We're not calling for a boycott because we don't want what happened in Guatemala with very little participation and then you have a majority of that. We're calling for people to come out and vote no to the ICJ."

Mental Health Begins in Placencia
This month is being observed worldwide as Mental Health Awareness month and Placencia village is doing its part to bring some much-needed awareness to the often un-diagnosed illness that affects millions. Tomorrow they are kicking off the month with the "Good Minded Festival". It may sound very "yogi" but in fact, the festival promises to be a day filled with fun and knowledge about the debilitating illness. We spoke to one of the organizers by phone.

On Wednesday we spoke to Maya Mopan resident, Police Constable Brian Shal who got chopped up by a machete mob when he tried to break up a fight. He was chopped to the head and leg. Today, Belmopan police report that they have formally arrested and charged, 19 year old Abelino Cal and 24 year old Irvin Cal both of a Belmopan address for the crimes of Aggravated Assault and Wounding.

Channel 5

The Cold-Blooded Execution of Jason Sutherland
Gun violence in Belize City appears to be on the rise once again, particularly in Port Loyola where two separate shooting incidents have been recorded within a twenty-four-hour period.� On [...]

Kevaughan Staine Guilty of Attempted Murder of Cousin
Twenty-one-year-old Kevaughan "Bigga" Staine remains on remand after he was convicted on a charge of attempted murder for trying to kill his own cousin, nineteen-year-old Taisha Staine. �The near fatal-incident [...]

Conquering Mathematical Jinx on Day 2 of P.S.E.
A common theme of our reporting over the years on the Primary School Examination is that English, Social Studies and Science have all been less challenging to exam-takers than Mathematics, [...]

B.D.F. Stops Championship Final Show with Protest on Disallowed Penalty
In sporting news, the planned game one of the Premier League of Belize Championship Finals for this weekend has been postponed. General Secretary to the Premier League of Belize, Wilhelm [...]

Seeing Improvement in English Writing
The Primary School Examinations are already half-marked - a computer scanner does the job for the multiple-choice English and Science papers, while selected teachers come in to mark the composition [...]

The Special Measures for "Special Needs" P.S.E. Takers
We have previously covered how students with "special needs" - the visually and hearing impaired; the handicapped; those with autism and developmental learning disabilities - have taken part in the [...]

Why the P.S.E. Remains Relevant
What really are the importance and significance of the P.S.E. results? There is an annual debate about whether the teaching content gets through to the youths, and the majority of [...]

How You Can Be a Leader
For a third consecutive year, Chamberlain Consulting has embarked on hosting a leadership conference in Belize. Leadercast Live takes place in Atlanta, U.S.A., but is simulcast to over a hundred [...]

Michelle Rudon Chosen as an Inspiring Leader
Nine dynamic presentations were featured in the 2018 Leadercast. The inspirational speakers are from different walks of life, but overcame challenges that have proven that a leader is not a [...]

Hepatitis A Watch in the West
The Ministry of Health is monitoring growing cases of Hepatitis 'A' in the west. It is a highly contagious liver infection caused by the Hepatitis virus. According to the ministry's [...]

Donations to Fight Mosquito-Borne Diseases
The Ministry of Health's Vector Control Unit received a trove of donations, including traps and tablets to fight mosquito borne diseases. The British Government handed over the equipment to the [...]

Smart Belize Hurricanes Import Belizean Overseas star Devin Daly for Playoffs
On the heels of a strong performance on Monday night at the Belize City Civic Center, the playoffs for the 2018 season of the National Elite Basketball League kicks off [...]

Hurricanes C.E.O. Says Category Five is Coming
The Hurricanes are currently ranked second in the 2018 season, with a five-game winning streak going into tonight's game. Dubbed a battle of rice and beans versus hudut, C.E.O. Gilbert [...]


Students sit the final two PSE papers
The second phase of the Primary School Examinations concluded today. Thousands of primary school students sat the final two papers, Math and social studies. The exams do not only test what the standard six students learned over the past year but they actually cover material that has been covered over a span of eight years. �

Leadercast molding leaders
Good leaders are in demand and in order to fill this void a leadership conference was held in Belize City. The conference was made up of nine dynamic speakers who were being simulcast live from Atlanta, Georgia, USA to several different countries. Here in Belize, more than two hundred persons attended the conference. Love news �

UK donates $30 K to assist in the fight against vector-borne diseases
There are several mosquito-borne diseases found in Belize including Dengue and Zika. The Ministry of Health has been making strides to eradicate these diseases. For example, in 2014, there were one thousand one hundred confirmed dengue cases; however, in 2017, the Ministry managed to reduce that amount to forty-seven cases. Yesterday, the Ministry of Health �

Mayor Wagner has a new plan for collecting property taxes

took control of the Belize City Council after they were elected on March 7. As part of the council's plan in collecting revenues, Wagner says that the property tax collecting scheme will be changed. Here's how: Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: "What we have is a property tax �

Mayor Wagner says the elderly will not be affected
In a release last month, the United Democratic Party, expressed its disappointment and strongly condemned what it describes as the callous decision of Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner to discontinue the property tax discount program. The UDP says that this program provides a standard 25 percent discount to senior citizens living in Belize City. They �

Belize City Council loses million dollar lawsuit
A de facto judgment was handed down against the Belize City Council and the mayor did not know about it. Belize Waste Control successfully sued the council for one million dollars. Mayor Bernard Wagner says he had no knowledge of this because he was not apprised of it by the City Administration Candice Miller. Bernard �

SSB says BCCI did not flatly reject proposal to increase contributions
The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) says it does not support the SSB's proposal to increase contributions to the fund. This is what BCCI President Nikita Usher said in an interview aired on Love News earlier this week. According to Usher, the BCCI cannot support the proposal because besides increasing contributions and benefits, �

Jason Sutherland gunned down in his yard
Last night, another man was shot and killed in Belize City. According to police reports, sometime after 8:00 p.m. 29-year-old Jason Sutherland was socializing with friends in his yard on Central American Boulevard when they were approached by someone who fired several shots in their direction. Sutherland was hit several times. As a result, Sutherland �

Ministry of Health continues to monitor Hepatitis in Cayo Schools
On Wednesday the Ministry of Health informed the public of a localized outbreak of Hepatitis A in Benque Viejo del Carmen and Arenal Village in the Cayo District. Three cases were confirmed in Benque and eleven in Arenal Village. Lorna Perez Surveillance officer at the Ministry says the surveillance continues and the Ministry is currently �

Josue Carballo surprised about colleague's bid for Orange Walk East
The People's United Party will be holding a convention in Orange Walk East in June. While the party has endorsed numerous candidates for the upcoming general elections in 2020, the party has opted to have East residents chose the best man of two candidates - the current Mayor of Orange Walk Town, Kevin Bernard and �

SPT: Belize needs mechanism to stop and prevent torture and ill-treatment of persons in detention
The United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture, SPT, says that Belize must establish an independent national preventative mechanism to stop and prevent torture and ill-treatment of persons in detention. The committee was on a working visit Belize in late April. A national preventive mechanism is an independent national body that will examine the treatment of persons deprived of their liberty in places of detention on a regular basis. It should subsequently make recommendations to appropriate authorities.


Four shot in Faber's Road Shooting
Five persons were shot in Belize City last night in two separate shooting incidents. We begin with one that happened on Faber's Road Extension outside of a Chinese business establishment. A total of four persons were shot. The shooting was caught on video by a surveillance camera in the area. ...

Shooting in Taylor's Alley
There was also a shooting near Pregnant Alley last night. 25 year old Hugh Thomas was the target and he was shot in the back. Police told us more. ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC CIB; Eastern Div: Sometime after 7 pm, police visited the Karl Huesner Memorial hospital where they observed a male person by the ...

Masked gunman shoots inside Burrel Boom police station
While police were on the scene dealing with the shooting of four persons at Faber's Road extension, there was a brazen shooting incident at the Burrel Boom Police station. ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC CIB; Eastern Div: Burrel Boom police reported that police constable Chris Stain was inside of the Burrell...

Police update on Owen McFoy murder
Police are investigating the murder of 30 year old Owen McFoy who was gunned down on Tuesday night. It happened in the Windmill Area of Hattieville Village. ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC CIB; Eastern Div: The investigation is pointing out that sometime earlier in the night, the deceased was socializing wi...

Police update on Jason Williams Shooting
Yesterday we told you about the shooting in Dangriga where Jason Williams was shot to the shoulder. Today, police updated on that investigation. ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC CIB; Eastern Div: Sometime after 7:30pm, police visited 24 Unmagarugu Road where they saw Jason Williams suffering from an apparent ...

Escaped Corozal prisoners all recaptured
All three prisoners who escaped from a Corozal detention cell have been recaptured. Last week we told you that police had recaptured Johnito Matus. Yesterday, the last two prisoners, Austin Sutherland and Marvin Pech were also caught. ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC CIB; Eastern Div: On yesterday's date at ...

Belmopan residents assess damage left by squatters
The residents of Doyle's Delight Street in the Mount Pleasant Creek Community in Belmopan are in the process of rehabilitating the Green Reserve destroyed by squatters. Members of the community group met on the land reserve this morning to assess the damage caused. The community members also celebr...

Anthony Carballo walks from murder charge
24-year-old Anthony Carballo Junior has been acquitted of the charge of murder. Justice Colin Williams ruled that the caution statement given to police by Carballo was inadmissible after Carballo claimed that police tazered him to force him to confess. Carballo was accused of killing businessman Jermaine McNab in May of 2012.

Son-in-law charged for killing father-in-law
Gaspar Vargas was stabbed to the stomach. The 57 year old succumbed to that injury and police have since arrested his son in law and charged him for murder. ASP, Alejandro Cowo, OC CIB; Eastern Division: Sometime after 2pm, San Pedro police visited the polyclinic where they observed Mr. Gaspar Vargas, a Belizean unemployed of San Mateo Area suffering from apparent stab wounds to the center of his stomach.

Will Candice Miller's contract be terminated?
Tomorrow the suspension for Belize City Administrator Candice Miller is supposed to come to an end. However, online media reports are that a decision has been made to terminate Millers' contract. A meeting was held between Miller and the City Council this afternoon but before that meeting, our colleagues in Belize City tried to get information from Mayor Bernard Wagner on the matter this morning; but he didn't offer much. Here is how that went.

Belizeans arrested in El Salvador for money laundering
Four Belizeans have been arrested in El Salvador for money laundering offenses. According to Salvadorian media, 32 year old Marlon Alberto Valle, 28 year old Jessy Grabiel Ojeda, 35 year old Deymy Vanessa Rodr�guez, all of Belizean nationality and 45 year old Abraham Felipe of Guatemalan nationality, were detained at the Monse�or Romero Airport in El Salvador.

One more freed of Bou-Nahra home invasion charges
Another person has seen charges withdrawn in the home invasion case of Diplomat Sarkis Bou-Nahra. Originally, 19 persons were charged in connection with the 2015 home invasion at the Burrell Boom residence of Bou-Nahra where a woman was reportedly raped during the invasion and burglary. However, the prosecution has had a hard time letting those charges stick and on Wednesday, only 4 of the 19 accused are left to face charges at this time.

Alleged Sex victim says she lied due to police threats
Another person who has been freed of charges is 39 year old Denfield Davis. Davis was accused of having unlawful sex with a 15 year old some two years ago. Davis faced four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and one count of grievous harm. However, on Wednesday, May 2nd, Senior Crown Counsel Sheneiza Smith was forced to enter a "nolle pros" motion when the alleged victim gave a statement denying that she had sex with Davis.

Light bill gwen up!
Belizeans have been complaining about extremely high gas prices at the pump. While every few weeks there is an adjustment increasing those prices, your light bill is also going to increase. BEL had applied to the PUC in April for a 7.1% average increase in the mean electricity rate. While PUC has not granted that percentage, there is still an increase. PUC has approved a 4.4% increase.

Last week we reported the ongoing tension in Port Loyola between Gilroy Usher and Candice Pitts. Long standing PUP Port Loyola Standard Bearer Gilroy Usher was contesting the 2020 general elections. However, his seat was not going unchallenged as newly elected PUP City Council Councilor, Candice Pitts, also threw her hat in the ring for PUP Standard Bearer of Port Loyola.

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Faber wants to dock teachers' salaries
On March 22, teachers from all across Belize traveled to Belmopan and gathered at the Belmopan Comprehensive High School for a Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) anti-crime rally. From the grounds of the Belmopan Comprehensive High School, the teachers marched around the Ring Road and ended up at the Civic Center, where they heard speeches that addressed the issues which prompted the teachers to take a stand. Following the end of their rally, a considerable number of teachers gathered at the steps of the National Assembly Building, prompting some Opposition parliamentarians to come out of their House of Representatives meeting to greet and interact with them.

Shootings surge in the city - 5 shot , no fatalities
Five persons were shot last night in Belize City, four of them in front of a Chinese store on Fabers Road, and one while driving in a car on Cemetery Road near the Salvation Army building. None of the victims were fatally injured. Hugh Thomas, 25, a mechanic of Belize City, was in his vehicle when he was shot in the right side of his back at about 7:00 yesterday evening. Thomas was driving on Cemetery Road, towards Albert Street, and when he arrived in front of Trench Alley, also known as Pregnant Alley, an unknown gunman came through the alley and fired several shots at him, one of which struck him.

A rise in electricity rates imminent
Earlier in April, Amandala reported that the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) had requested a 7.1% increase in mean electricity rates from the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for the period from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019. We had reported that "BEL explained that the call for an increase in electricity rates is necessary to offset an increase in the cost of power purchased from power producers." After reviewing BEL's application, the PUC approved an increase in rates, but only of 4.4%. While BEL had wanted the current rate of $0.3699 per kilowatt hour to be increased to $0.3954, the PUC has allowed a mean electricity rate of $0.3862 per kilowatt hour. This has been approved for the period from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2020.

Woman's flu symptoms led to her death
A woman from Camalote never expected that what started off as the flu would escalate into something fatal. Carolina Williams, 31, became sick after she returned from a trip to Punta Gorda. According to her husband, Thaddeus Williams, Carolina began experiencing high fever and severe bodily pain. When she began to bleed from the nose, Carolina was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). However, when she arrived there, doctors told the couple that she had arrived "too late," and Carolina ultimately passed away from double pneumonia.

World Press Freedom Day
Today, May 3, is World Press Freedom Day, and various media organizations around the world are observing the day with special activities related to the so-called fourth estate of government. World Press Freedom Day was first celebrated in 1993, 25 years ago, when the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the day. This year's World Press Freedom Day featured a flagship celebration organized by UNESCO and the government of Ghana. The events marking the day are being celebrated in Ghana's capital city, Accra, and country's president, Nana Akufo-Addo, participated in the two-day event, which began yesterday, May 2.

Former Foreign Minister, Lisa Shoman, adds new insight into the Guatemalan claim and the ICJ referendum question
Ever since Guatemalan voters went to the polls on April 15, and voted yes in their referendum to taking their country's territorial claim to the International Court of Justice, (ICJ), the question of the Guatemalan claim and Belize's impending referendum has been dominating the national discussion. The government's only input in this process has been a post-referendum congratulatory message to Guatemala, which claims more than half of Belize's territory and all the country's islands, except for St. George's Caye. Kremandala, as a news organization, has been committed to providing all relevant information to the Belizean public on this very existential subject. This morning, attorney Lisa Shoman, S.C., a former Foreign Minister of Belize and PUP Opposition senator, who has wide-ranging knowledge about the Guatemalan claim and the process for submitting it to the jurisdiction of the ICJ, took to the airwaves of Krem Radio's and Krem TV's WUB morning show with co-host Nuri Muhammad...

Women's League completes 1st round of football competition
The first round of the double round-robin tournament in the National Amateur Women's League (NAWL) 2018 was completed over the weekend with Week 3 games at 4 different venues. At the MCC Grounds on Saturday, Belize City's Millennium United managed to hold undefeated Gladiators of Orange Walk to a 0-0 stalemate, thanks to some outstanding goalkeeping from new addition, Joslyn Cadle. Gladiators dominated the game, but the agile Cadle handled everything they sent towards her, including leaving her six-yard box at times to intercept dangerous attacking plays.

Corozal Billiards Association's Open 8-Ball Tournament - Mighty Ducks champs!!!
The Corozal Billiards Association (CBA), a member of the Belize Billiards Sports Federation (BBSF), held an Open 8-Ball Tournament at the Andres Campus Civic Center on April 28 and 29 in Corozal Town. Ten teams participated, hailing from Belmopan, Belize City, San Pedro, and Corozal; but at the end it was the Mighty Ducks, one of the teams from Corozal, to swim to the end and crowned champs. Here's how the finals ended, with two teams of Corozal, Mighty Ducks vs Eagles. Eagles was undefeated going into the finals, so Mighty Ducks had to defeat Eagles twice to be the champs; and that's what they did, though it meant swimming in the deep blue sea of Corozal Town.

Hurricanes and Defenders open Civic; Pepsi NEBL playoff matchups set
After games on Friday and Monday nights, one more regular season game remains in the Pepsi NEBL 2018 competition, which will be played on Thursday night, May 3. On Friday night, April 27, at the Russel Chiste Garcia Auditorium, visiting Smart Belize Hurricanes came away with the 73-61 road win over the Griga Dream Ballers. Leading the Hurricanes were Tyson Reynold 16 pts 7 rebs, Akeem Watters 14 pts, Brian White 13 pts 12 rebs, Glency Lopez 9 pts 8 assts, and Raheem Thurton 9 pts 5 rebs; while for the Dream Ballers, Edgar Mitchell had 20 pts 7 rebs 8 assts, and Tahj Wells 14 pts 9 rebs.

Cricket Update - Florida Cricket Academy visits
Greetings from the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA)! Only four games were played over the weekend of April 28 & 29; the results are as follows: Summer Fever won over Western Eagles in Rancho Delores with a score of 268 to 116 (Summer Fever declared at 39.3 overs; it was a 40-overs game) with one wicket to spare. For Summer Fever, Jermain Baizer top scored with 78 runs not out, and Travis Stephenson took 5 wickets. For Western Eagles, Dirk Sutherland top scored with 26 runs, and Norman Pook took four wickets.

Editorial: ICJ referendum volatility
COLA's media outburst on Wednesday, May 2, two days after the Government of Belize's somewhat of a surprise announcement on Monday, April 30, that Belize's national referendum on International Court of Justice (ICJ) arbitration for the Guatemalan claim to Belize will be held on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, suggests that the road from here to April 10, 2019 will be an increasingly bumpy one in The Jewel. The fact of the matter is that $8 million is about to be introduced into the domestic discourse in Belize with the specific intention to have the Belizean people vote "yes" to going to the ICJ. We have been told for years that the money, subscribed by the international "Friends of Belize," will be used to educate the people of Belize about the ICJ process and the precise choices facing us in the referendum. It is now pretty clear to the people of Belize, notoriously laid-back but also quite observant and analytical, that the "education" hype was a lie: the money has a message. That is why COLA went on the offensive Wednesday, and made threatening statements.

From The Publisher
Over the past four decades and more, there have been several occasions on which I sought to give our readers a glimpse of the most powerful families which comprise the Guatemalan oligarchy. I used as my source material on these previous occasions a 1974 publication, entitled GUATEMALA, by a group which called itself the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA). In 1974, the publication sold for $5 US, but today my personal copy, tattered and falling part, is priceless to me. I have no recollection of how it came into my possession. One of the most important sections of the book is called "Guatemala's Bourgeoisie: The Top 20 Families." It occurred to me that we had to reproduce some of the material in that section when, during KREM Radio/Television's live broadcast from Guatemala City on Sunday, April 15, during Guatemala's referendum on International Court of Justice (ICJ) arbitration for their claim to Belize, a skeptical roots Guatemalan underlined his disinterest in the referendum vote by telling his Belizean interviewers...

Check the "T" sign at Libertad
Dear Editor, The "T" at the Libertad junction in the Corozal District has been without traffic direction signs for more than a year. I see many visitors coming from Mexico go straight to Libertad and not realize they are on the wrong road until they run out of pavement. This makes visitors upset. I wonder who is in charge of such sign?

It is most unfortunate that it seems that one of the national pastimes has been to use social media to bring down, attack, degrade, humiliate and where possible, destroy the lives of each other. This has reached one of the most vile phases, where without regard for any consequences many have taken to Buy & Sell page and posted vile comments and '"obscene" nude pictures or videos of persons who have become the target of their vitriol. Much of what is said is also hate speech, especially the two most recent of two men, apparently in gay relationships, being called out and their pictures being sent all over. One female went as far as calling out the mother of one of the young men and another female went after the status of the other as a "badman" in the community.

A deeper look at the Barranco protest
The people of Barranco finally decided that they had enough of the decades-old, clandestine shenanigans of the Forest Department and its habitual practice of granting logging concessions to foreign and oligarchic interests while denying local loggers similar concessions to log within and around their own village. On Tuesday, April 25th, a delegation of stalwart village leaders traveled the roughly 165 miles each way from their village to Belmopan to publicly air their grievances. One of their main concerns was that over several decades, distant bureaucratic decisions regarding forestry and other resources adjacent to their village have most often been made without consultations and have repeatedly excluded them from opportunities to substantially improve their quality of life.

UN told them to get off that
I am, like almost all Belizeans, a very interested party in the ongoing to-go or not-to-go discussions re the ICJ. I do not consider my opinions "expert", but on this one we have to sleep wid wi own eye, as they say. I read; I listen; I try to understand. My opinions on the matter are about sharing, not so much about winning souls. I believe I understand the "no" vote. I lean "yes". Brother Clinton Canul Luna said in his column last week that if we go to the ICJ, he wouldn't be "surprised that probably Belize may lose a southern part of its territory." Before I go on, I must point out that the United Nations already ruled on Belizean territory, in 1981. The United Nations ruled that the rights of the Belizean people trump any claims by Guatemala that she inherited this territory from Spain.

In 1798, when the Settlers of the swamps and bush became aware that a flotilla from Yucatan would sail to the Settlement to dislodge them, they held a meeting and decided unanimously to confront that Spanish force and defend what they had come to regard as home. Spanish explorers had passed through and skinned up their nose regarding where they were treading as not worth the effort to colonize. British pirates, however, had thought the shallows and swamps of this land very suitable as safe havens, from which to launch their efforts in piracy. So in September of 1798 led by H.M.S. Merlin and boarded on other small vessels also the Baymen sailed to St. George's Caye to confront the Spanish threat. We do not know exactly why the Spanish forces left the field of battle, but they did. Common sense tells me that when you abandon the field of battle, you lose and abandon the claim that had caused you to embark on a mission to exert your will to possess.

Government sets ICJ referendum date: April 10, 2019
Exactly two weeks after an estimated 26 percent of Guatemalan voters went to the polls, where 97 percent of them voted "yes" to take their country's territorial claim to more than half of Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Belize announced today that it has set a date for its own ICJ referendum, "in accordance with the Special Agreement and its protocol." Incredibly, Guatemala had been congratulated by the Belize Government after the outcome of their referendum had been made public. In the Government of Belize's press release, captioned, "Cabinet Sets Date for Referendum on International Court of Justice", the following is stated: "The Government of Belize announces that Cabinet has set the date for the referendum where Belize will decide whether or not to take the dispute arising from Guatemala's claim to Belize's land and insular territories, and to the maritime areas pertaining to them, to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for final settlement. In accordance with the Special Agreement and its protocol, the referendum will be held on Wednesday, April 10, 2019."

How cooperating with the Feds helped illegal Belizean, Steven Reneau, from being deported
All across the United States, Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents are cracking down on illegal "aliens", deporting them in accordance with the campaign promise made during the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump, who was elected president of that country in their November 2016 elections. In January, ICE agents stopped at the Florida home of Belizean Steven "Insect" Reneau, picked him up and took him into custody to begin deportation proceedings. Reneau has been living in the US illegally for a number of years. Reneau was not only living in the US illegally; he is also a convicted felon who had served two years in a federal prison.

Anthony Somerville, 38, dies in traffic accident
Anthony Maurice Somerville, 38, a construction worker of Hattieville, was a passenger in the pan of a vehicle travelling from Orange Walk to Belize City around 1:00 Sunday morning, when the driver of the vehicle observed a checkpoint at the Boom-Hattieville Road junction with the Philip Goldson Highway, at Mile 13. Reports to us are that the driver spun the vehicle around and headed back toward Orange Walk when he saw the roadblock. As the driver was trying to get away, however, the vehicle overturned. Somerville was thrown out of the vehicle, which landed on top of him. He suffered massive injuries to his head and body and reportedly died on the scene.

2 escapees from Corozal Police Station cell block recaptured after 20 days
Three prisoners from Corozal - Marvin Pec, Austin Sutherland and Johnny Matus, who broke out of the holding cell at the Corozal Police Station, have been recaptured. Pec and Sutherland were at large for twenty days before being captured. However, Matus was caught by police last week. The breakout occurred sometime between 4:00 and 6:00 on the morning of Wednesday, April 12. The three men sawed through three iron bars of the holding cell and escaped to freedom by scaling the fence that secured the compound. The police said that they conducted regular inspections of the cell block where the men were held, but the prisoners timed the routine of the officers doing night duty.

The Reporter

Fire reported through Usher Street and Cadle's Alley
News has been received at the Reporter of a fire through Usher Street and Cadle's Alley around 1:00 a.m., today. We do not know the extent of the damages and will have more details later on.

Belize City man shot dead inside his yard
Jason Sutherland, 29, was shot multiple times last night inside his yard on Central American Boulevard in Belize city. Sutherland was injured around 8:35 p.m. on May 3rd, and died shortly after while receiving treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH). According to police, Sutherland was […]

Empirical Costs of Corruption
At least once per month the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)'s Business Perspective TV and Radio Show, the broadcast counterpart to this column, seeks to feature a discussion (and where possible) an update on the United Nations Convention Against Convention (UNCAC) and its relevance to the Belizean economy […]

Meat pie legend, Dario, to be laid to rest Friday
Rufino Dario Hernandez – the man everyone knew as Dario – was laid to rest last Friday at the Homeland Memorial burial ground at mile 8 off the George Price highway following a funeral service in his memory at the Holy Redeemer Cathedral on North […]

Man stabbed to death in San Pedro
A man allegedly stabbed his father-in-law to death in San Pedro around 2:00 on Monday afternoon after they had a dispute at their home in the San Mateo area on the island. The Reporter has learned that the deceased, Gaspar Vargas, 57, a construction worker, […]

Boyfriend stabs his girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend
by Anita Nembhard/Flowers Tonight a Salvadoran national, identified as 21-year-old Jefferson Jacobo, who has been living in Belize while processing his nationality papers, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison pending bail. Jacobo is accused of stabbing his girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend and was taken to court 2 on […]

Estranged girlfriend accuses man of stealing her panty
by Anita Nembhard/Flowers Michael Martinez, 25, remains in police custody after he was accused by his estranged girlfriend of stealing her $5.00 undergarment. Martinez was charged with theft, assault and the use of threatening words on Monday, April 30th in court 2 before Senior Magistrate, Aretha Ford. He was unrepresented […]

Climate change activists should strongly resist Guatemala's unfounded claim
It may not seem an important angle to the territorial dispute between Belize and Guatemala, but the world - and especially climate change activists - have a stake in ensuring that Guatemala's unfounded claim over at least half of Belize is never sanctioned. Western and […]

More attention needs to be paid to male suicide in Belize
Universally, more males commit suicide than females do but in Belize, there is a growing problem among young males that needs to be addressed. The crime statistics reveal that young males in central Belize (particularly the Belize and Cayo Districts) are the most frequent victims […]

Ninety-nine resilient youths awarded for engaging in positive lifestyle
Staff Repoter The Community Rehabilitation Department (CRD) within the Ministry of Human Development, last Thursday, hosted an award ceremony at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts to honor 99 young people who have made tremendous strides in living a positive lifestyle despite adversity. The Youth Resiliency […]

National Agriculture Show numbers decline
The 2018 National Agriculture and Trade Show was held this past weekend at the show grounds in Belmopan from Friday to Sunday, and while attendance was slightly down from last year, organizers say the show was still a major success. According to the Ministry of […]

Roof repair contract for KHMH goes to tender
The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority (KHMHA) is seeking a local construction company to conduct the remedial works on the hospital’s ceiling and roof. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Health Ramon Figueroa, who sits on the board at the KHMHA, confirmed that the […]

CARICOM buys more of Belize's exports than the USA
Although the USA and the UK are said to be Belize's top trading partners, the biggest declines in export sales so far this year were recorded for those destinations. Meanwhile, CARICOM countries are becoming increasingly important trade partners for Belize, particularly as they are now […]

GOB sets referendum date
The Government of Belize announced, this week, that Cabinet has set the date for Belize’s referendum to decide on taking the territorial dispute with Guatemala for a final decision at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). GOB issued a statement on Monday evening saying that […]

Chamberlain consulting presents Leadercast 2018
On Friday, May 4, Chamberlain Consulting is hosting the 2018 installment of the world's largest one-day leadership seminar "Leadercast". The conference, to be held at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza, will be held under the theme "Lead yourself." More than 200 local participants will join over […]

April 2019 is the month set for Belizeans to vote in a referendum on what direction we are to take to refute the Guatemalan claim to our land. We have an opportunity to put to rest the century old dispute brought on by our neighbour's claim to the southern portion […]

Four shot on Fabers road
Four people were shot on Faber's road in Belize city on Wednesday night in front of a Chinese shop and surveillance cameras at the establishment captured the entire ordeal. Emerson Requena, 34, was shot in his hip and right thigh. Michael Requena, 27, was shot […]

PUC decides, light bill going up
While the price of various goods and services have steadily increased in recent months, Belizeans are now bracing for increased electricity rates, following the latest decision by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). The PUC issued its initial decision this week, to grant Belize Electricity Limited […]

Micah Goodin rants about Mayor and party on social media
Micah Goodin, the People’s United Party’s (PUP) second youngest City Councilor who garnered the second highest number of votes in the March 7th Municipal Elections, finds himself in political embarrassment after he ranted on social media this week about his boss, Mayor Bernard Wagner. On […]

Belizeans arrested in El Salvador for suspected money laundering
Three Belizeans were among a group of seven arrested at the Monse�or Romero Airport in El Salvador, this week for attempting to smuggle undeclared sums of cash amounting to US$10,000 each. Authorities from El Salvador's Financial Investigation Unit busted the Belizeans along with co-conspirators from […]

Gunman shoots at officer in Burrel Boom police station
The Police Department is reviewing its security measures at the Burrel Boom police precinct after a bold gunman entered the station on Wednesday night and opened fire on the lone officer on duty that night. According to police, Police Constable Chris Staine was the only […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Crooked Tree Cashew Festival coming soon
The annual Crooked Tree Cashew Festival and Agricultural show will be held this year on [�]

Cacao festival kicks off on May 18
The annual Toledo Cacao Festival is kicking off on May 18 in Punta Gorda town [�]

Officials meet to discuss regional agriculture and rural development
Officials from the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and Caribbean Community Climate Change [�]

National Security Minister meets with IDB consultants
Yesterday, Minister of National Security, John Saldivar met with two consultants from the Inter-American Development [�]

UN experts say Belize must establish a torture prevention mechanism
United Nations experts have issued a statement after their first visit to Belize, stating that [�]

United Kingdom government donates equipment to Belize's Health ministry
Yesterday, various vector control equipment was officially handed over to the Ministry of Health in [�]

Fair weather will continue
The 24-hour forecast is for mostly fair and warm weather to continue with sunny skies [�]

Teachers who protested against violence to get salary cut, BNTU to discuss response
On Saturday the executive of the Belize National Teachers' Union (BNTU) will determine actions to be taken [�]

Anthony Carballo beats murder charge
Anthony Carballo Jr. is home after serving six years on remand at the Hattieville prison. [�]

Man Dies After Being Shot Multiple Times in Belize City Last Night
Belize City police are investigating a murder that occurred last night. Around 8:35 pm, crimes investigators went to [�]


Juan and Abelina Cho believe that chocolate will save the rainforest
I think it is safe to say that there's not many people on the planet who really appreciate how chocolate is made. As is the case with many agricultural foods we enjoy, the process from crop to table can be a complicated one, and when it comes to the transformation of the cacao pod to delectable chocolate, the procedure it is nothing short of magic. Ingrained within the Maya culture, and once a revered delicacy that only the privileged hierarchy of the Maya civilization could indulge in, thankfully chocolate is now a sweet treat even we common folks can enjoy! One couple, Juan and Abelina Cho have not only embraced their Maya heritage of producing fine chocolate in the Toledo District of Belize but are dedicated to preserving the rich culture that surrounds it through conservation, education and organic crops.

Cinco De Mayo and so Much More
As usual too many great parties at once. If you are a smart planner and have wheels or are good at hitching rides, you could make them all. Aside from being a good planner, you also need to be able to stick to a schedule haha. It is all to easy to get waylayed somewhere - you never know who you will meet.

International Sourcesizz

Belize to Host Caribbean Peering and Interconnection Forum
Belize will host the fourth Caribbean Peering and Interconnection Forum, known as CarPIF, on June 13 and 14. Since its inception in 2015, CarPIF has brought together regional and international technology experts and telecommunications industry execs to discuss a range of topics related to Internet peering and interconnection trends, and their relevance to the Caribbean region. It is coordinated by the Caribbean Network Operators Group (CaribNOG), with support from the Internet Society, the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, the American Registry for Internet Numbers, Packet Clearing House, the Latin America and Caribbean Internet Address Registry (LACNIC), and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).


  • Zip lining in Belize, 3min. We went zip lining in Belize and it was an amazing experience. Belize is one of the most beautiful places I've traveled to

  • Belize Reef Squid, 2min. Night Snorkel in Hot Chan.

  • Belize night snorkel at Hol Chan, 10min. with Lil Alphonse.

  • Winter Wonderland Dec 20 2016, 2.5min. Cave Diving in Belize. Winter Wonderland.

  • NEIU 2018, 17min.

  • Talk Ah Di Town May 3, 2018, 38min.

  • Yes or No to ICJ? Louis Wade and Senator Henry Gordon, 2hr.

  • Grace Flava with a Beat - Barbados and the got a taste of Cou Cou, 31min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Update - Dru Joyce Classic Basketball Tournament in Akron Ohio, 34min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Hope Haven, 3min. Check this awesome ministry out! It's called Hope Haven in San Pedro, Belize. A new shelter for children at risk that was built in an old strip club. The staff and volunteers at Hope Haven provide a literacy program, individual and group therapy, hot meals and a safe place for neglected and abused children.

  • GARIFUNA SHIPWRIGHT ART IN PUNTA GORDA BELIZE!, 2min. The documentary features Garifuna shipwright art in the southern town of Punta Gorda in southern Belize. It presents the work of two of the most prolific Garifuna shipwright artists of past and present, Leonides Sanchez and his late father, Peter Sanchez and their outstanding ship models designed from Rosewood; one of the most beautiful woods of Belize. The Garifuna father and son artistic brilliance have designed a large collection of miniature boat models that reflects the Garifuna sea life and culture through an Afrocentric sense of consciousness.

  • Sunday Fun at The Truck Stop in Belize - Corn Hole Tournament, 6min. Today is "Sunday Funday" and I am headed to The Truck Stop a popular establishment on Ambergris Caye for the weekly Cornhole Tournament. Always a great time, anyone who enters can win a $100 bar tab if they win. My son and I are defending our title after a victory last week. Check out the action and enjoy a tour around The Truck Stop.

  • Nomination for Fisher of the Year 2018 Belize, 1.5min. Send in your nominations by June 15, 2018

  • Griga Dream Ballers vs Smart Belize Hurricanes, 2.5hr.

  • Highlights of Monday night game. Smart Hurricanes vs. Digicell Defenders, 3min.

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