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Honduran authorities say that 319 kilos or a little over seven hundred pounds of cocaine that was confiscated on April 29 in Puerto Castillo, Colon, Honduras, was destined to Belize. Police and military officials intercepted a Panamanian vessel and at the time the three occupants were released because an initial search of the vessel did not turn up anything illegal. According to reports, the vessel was taken to the Puerto Cortez Naval base where a further sweep was conducted on Monday which led to the discovery of the drugs. That search was not conducted before because authorities did not have proper logistics in place at the time the vessel was intercepted. A further test of the contents of the parcels confirmed that it was cocaine. Authorities have also estimated the value of the drug to be some five million US dollars. At the time the vessel was intercepted, two Colombian nationals and a Honduran national were found on board.