And while the "Y" is looking for a few good benefactors, Quality Poultry is hoping to be just that to mothers across Belize. Now, I don't know if you'll be eating chicken on mother's day - but if you will Quality Poultry has activated a mother's day discount that may leave you with a freezer full of chicken. Raymond Barkman told us more:

Raymond Barkman, General Manager- Quality Poultry Products
"It is a mother's day deal and also the first time in the history we have ever done something like this. This is a whole week meaning it started Monday which was yesterday and it goes all the way to Saturday which is one week of big sale. The only reason we are doing it is for all the hardworking mothers out there and hoping we can give them a little break in their pocket for this mother's day."

"The usual price is $2.53 and right now it is for $1.80. This per pound on the whole chicken. Now what we also have done which was a common request was we got the whole country involved. There are a lot of participating stores ranging from a $1.99 to $2.15 who are participating in this mother's day event as well."

The special is on countrywide.

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