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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

9-a-side Football Tournament regular season finales this weekend
Three weeks of the 9-a-side Football Tournament were completed this past weekend at the Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town. With the first round of the matches being played on Friday, May 4th. In the first match San Pedro Pirates went against San Mateo F.C, in a match that ended in a 2-2 draw. In the next match, Atletico Madrid took on Los Catracitos in the Under-15 (U-15) category. At the end of the game time, it was a 1-1 draw. The last match of the day featured Island Warriors #1 going against Island Warriors #2, with no goals being scored the entire game time. Games continue this weekend starting on Thursday, May 10th with U-15 Teams. Everyone is invited to come out and support their favorite teams in the week of the regular season of the tournament. Food and drinks will be on sale during the games.

Ambergris Today

Honduras Intercepts Transportation Of 700lbs Cocaine Headed To Belize
On Sunday, April 29, 2018, Honduran Police and Military forces presented 319 Kilos of cocaine at the Puerto Cortez Naval Base which they confiscated from a vessel registered in Panama which was destined to Belize. According to La Prensa (Honduran Media) Police and military officials intercepted a Panamanian vessel named Angeline where they found three occupants, two Colombian nationals and a Honduran national, were later released because an initial search of the vessel did not turn up anything illegal. The report continues on saying that the vessel was taken to the Puerto Cortez Naval base where a further sweep was conducted on Monday, April 30, 2018, which led to the discovery of the drugs.

Dead Bonefish Wash Up on Shore on Ambergris Caye, Residents Concerned
After Sandy Toes Beach Bar and Grill posted a video of dead fish washing up ashore in front of their establishment, residents rushed to the area curious as to what was happening. This took place last night, Monday, May 7, 2018, at around 8p.m.; it is a startling occurrence that has some residents worried. The big question on everybody's mind is, what could possibly be causing this? Amongst the many dead and dying bonefish were sardines, needle nose fish and even puffer fish. There are more questions than answers at this point though, because there are no obvious clues to what would have killed those fish. There are many speculations as to what could have caused this strange phenomena - some suggest a strong rip current, a low tide trapping the fish out of the water and even poisoning by sargasso toxins.

Madison Edwards Receives Recognition by WWF at International President's Youth Award
Nina Gualinga, an indigenous woman leader of the Kichwa community of Sarayaku in the Ecuadorian Amazon, is the recipient of this year's WWF International President's Youth Award. Joining her in receiving recognition this year is Madison Edwards of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. Madison Pearl Edwards is a twelve-year-old Belizean environmental activist. WWF added that Madison is another example of how youth around the world are stepping forward to help protect the planet. Recognized with a special mention and her video message played at the awards ceremony, 12-year old Madison has been advocating for the protection of the Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest reef system in the world and home to Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System World Heritage site, for the past three years.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve Reef Week 2018 opens with "Swim to the Reef"
Hol Chan Marine Reserve's Reef Week 2018 officially opened with the traditional "Swim to the Reef" on Monday, May 7th. Reef Week is an annual celebration featuring a week-long calendar of activities to celebrate Belize's Barrier Reef System aimed at raising awareness on the importance of protecting and preserving the marine environment.

Misc Belizean Sources


Workshop on Building Belize's National Capacity on Climate Change Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment
The National Climate Change Office (NCCO), which is part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration, is hosting a workshop aimed at building Belize's national capacity on climate change vulnerability and capacity assessments, as well as identifying adaptation measures to decrease vulnerability. The workshop is an intensive three-day session to which began today, Tuesday, May 8th and will conclude on Thursday, May 10th, 2018 at the George Price Centre for Peace and Development in Belmopan. It aims to introduce participants to vulnerability and capacity assessment methodology and complementary adaptation initiatives under different scenarios, as well as measure for monitoring, evaluation, and reporting.

Tiger Sharks v/s Defenders Boat Joyride!
11th May, Pan to joyride. Friday evening 5:30pm boat left San Pedro to Belize city. tiger shark v/s defenders $20 for the boat $20/$25 for some nice seatings/tickets buy your drinks on board... return back after game contact 632-1011 get your tickets now before it's too late

Strong Man & Woman Championship 2018
Males and Females will compete for the title of Strongest Man and Strongest Woman in Belize on Sunday May 20th 2018, at Santa Elena Sports Complex, Cayo. Disciplines include: -Bench Press -Dead Lift -Squats -Tire Flip -Farmers Walk -Truck Pull. The Belize Body Building & Fitness Federation

2018 Children's Essay Contest

Travel Tourism
Travel and Tourism is one of the world's largest foreign exchange earner among industries, provides employment directly to millions of people worldwide and indirectly through many associated service industries. A very wide industry, it includes Government tourism departments, Immigration and customs services, travel agencies, airlines, tour operators, hotels etc and many associated service industries such as airline catering or laundry services, Guides, Interpreters, Tourism promotion and sales etc. Travel and Tourism enterprises include major internationals with a workforce of thousands, to the small private travel agent with a handful of employees. Here are some stats to show how Belize is performing among some other Caribbean countries in various key areas when it comes to Travel Tourism.

"Las Mujeres Flores" Photograhic Exhibit Opening
The National Institute of Culture and History along with The Embassy of Mexico in Belize announce the inauguration of the photographic exhibition "Las Mujeres Flores | The Flower Women" by Eunice Adorno, which will be presented at the Corozal House of Culture from May 9 to May 25, 2018.

Environmental and indigenous rights activist to receive WWF's top youth conservation award Cartagena, 8 May 2018 - Nina Gualinga, an indigenous woman leader of the Kichwa community of Sarayaku in the Ecuadorian Amazon, is the recipient of this year's WWF International President's Youth award. Madison Pearl Edwards from Belize is another example of how youth around the world are stepping forward to help protect the planet. Recognized with a special mention at the awards ceremony, 12-year old Madison has been advocating for the protection of the Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest reef system in the world and home to Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System World Heritage site, for the past three years. Through her blog and social media, Madison has helped mobilize public support against offshore oil exploration in Belize, which resulted in the adoption of the permanent moratorium on all extractive activities in Belize waters in December 2017. The move not only made Belize one of only three countries in the world with such legislation but is expected to help take the Belize Barrier Reef World Heritage site one step closer to being removed from the List of World Heritage in Danger.

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday for these "Jumpin' Jellyfish".

Belize Red Cross announces vacancies
Job Title: PROJECT MANAGER, Job Title: Project Field Officer, Job Title: Assistant Finance Officer.

Channel 7

Citco Firings: the Axe For The UDP Hacks Or Victimization in PUP Nation?
This morning, news spread like wildfire that 6 employees were terminated from City Hall in Belize City. Among them was City Administrator Candice Miller, who faced a hearing last week Thursday before a Council Caucus led by Mayor Bernard Wagner. Others who got termination letters today include Whitney Waight, the Parks and Playgrounds Coordinator; Lisbeth Butler, the Manager in the Office of the Mayor; Cecil Jenkins Sr., the Coordinator of the Sanitation Department; and other technical staff members including Wayne Samuels, brother of the former Councillor Dean Samuels; and Shana Whyte, a supervisor in the Parks and Playgrounds Department.

Mayor Was Ok With Keeping On "Second-Tier" Employees In March
As soon as we learned about the mass terminations, we reached out to Mayor Bernard Wagner for comment, but up until news time, he has not responded to email and text message requests. We do have his unaired comments from an interview he gave us on March 14, discussing this very same security of tenure issue. Here's what he had to say then: Reporter: "What is the issue with security of tenure? We know that was a big thrust of the former mayor so that people would not be subject to the whims of elections. How are you managing that?"

Shooter Charged
Last night on the news we showed you the moments after 38 year old Tyrone Stevens was shot on Central American Boulevard on Sunday morning. It's part of ongoing rivalries in that area. Well, tonight police have charged 20 year old Eric Edward Mendez from 114 Jane Usher Boulevard for it. He appeared today before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser where he was charged with the attempted murder of Stevens, plus grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm with intent to cause grievous harm.

Street Justice Went Searching For Shooter
And directly connected to this case, is a separate shooting which happened in the Jane Usher Boulevard area last night. It happened right at Eric Mendez's home. As you just heard, he was charged for shooting Tyrone Stevens. Well, it appears that even before the cops charged him for that shooting, rivals wanted to mete out some street justice. Last night 2 men went to his family's house and opened fire on it. His sister told police that she heard 3 gunshots, and when she opened the door to see what was happening, she saw 2 men, dressed in full black clothing. They were standing across the street, and the immediately ran into the nearby bushes. The family checked the house and found 2 bullet holes in one of the walls.

66K USD in Suitcases - Belizeans Facing Serious Money Laundering Case in Salvador
Last week we told you about the three Belizeans who were arrested at the Monseñor Romero Airport in el Salvador for not declaring tens of thousands of US dollars in cash. Well, it turns out there are actually five with Belizean nationality. They are Marlon Alberto Valle, Jessy Grabiel Ojeda, Lilian Racquel Salazar, and Deymy Vanessa Rodríguez, plus Rongcang Chen, who has Belizean and Chinese nationality. So far we know that Ojeda was born in Cayo while Rodriguez and Valle are naturalized Belizeans originally from Honduras. They were caught along with a Guatemalan and a Honduran.

Big John Versus The BTB
Tour Operator John Pollard has appeared on this newscast many times. And that's because he's often in open conflict with the BTB - which regulates guides and operators at the Fort Street Tourism Village. Now, he says the BTB has it in for him - after they pulled his tour operators license and gave him a cease and desist order - saying that he is to stop running tours. But, this morning we found Pollard right back at the Tourism Village. He says it's not that he's being defiant, it's just that he's now changed his game up and is just a regular freelancing tour guide:...

BEL Workers Want New Uniforms
Yesterday, around 75 BEL employees and union members showed up to work in casual clothes - not in uniform. The dispute is over uniforms which management promised in January - but they haven't reached yet. Now, showing up at BEL without a uniform is frowned upon - so the management told those who weren't wearing uniforms to go home and get changed. But, that didn't happen - those who went home just didn't come back. It could have been the start of a testy labour dispute - but - things got ironed out today - as neatly as the crisp seam on an (imaginary) new uniform. General Secretary Marvin Mora told us more via phone:

Belgian Chocolate, Meet Belizean Cacao
Belgian chocolates are some of the most highly cherished sweet treats in the world. And, similarly, Belizean organic cacao is among the most prized on the planet. And now, the two might be coming together. In March of last year, we told you how the different Belgian brands were being encouraged incorporate Belizean Cacao to their blends. The Belize Embassy in Brussels hosted a promotional event to increase interest in our high-quality cacao beans. And, now, as a follow-up, a delegation from Belgium and the Netherlands is here in Belize as a part of the Belize Cacao Trade and Investment Mission. The delegation is here to learn more about the Belizean Cacao industry and hopefully come one step closer to investing in it. We found out more from the experts this afternoon.

Turning Intellectual Property Into A Competitive Advantage
Today the World Intellectual Property Organization along with its partners were in day 2 a 3 day workshop. The workshop focuses on the importance of intellectual property and how business can use IP to enhance competitiveness. Here's more from the workshop coordinators. Olabimpe Akinkuolie, Deputy Registrar, BELIPO: "Well overall the workshop is to create an awareness of what intellectual Property is all about and how the use of registering your trade mark, registering your inventions, registering your design can be an added value to anyone's business whether you are starting up, whether it is a traditional industry that you are a part of or a new and emerging one."

BWSL Resisting PUC Ordered Rate Reduction
It kind of went under the radar, but BWSL has not implemented the lower rates ordered by the PUC. It's not "OPEN DEFIANCE" - because the utility did go to court for judicial review. So, that has put the new rate package on hold until the matter is heard later this month. But, in January of this year the PUC took an initial decision to approve a 6.39 percent reduction in your water rate. That was supposed to come into effect on April first, but on March 19, 2018, BWS filed an Urgent Without Notice Application for Permission to Apply for Judicial Review and Interim Injunction against the new rate package. The Supreme Court granted BWS an ex parte injunction restraining the PUC from implementing the new rate.

From Hope Creek To Armenia, Stolen Gun Found
Today, Belmopan Police recovered a stolen 9 millimeter pistol in the outskirts of Armenia Village. It was found in an open area and the Browning pistol with one live round had a serial number. When police entered that in the Crime Information Management System officers discovered that the firearm had been reported stolen on 4th April 2018 in Hopecreek Village Stann Creek.

Sr. Supt. Howell Keeps At Community Work
LATELY, the Jane Usher Boulevard area has been one of the areas in the city torn by gang violence. There's no easy fix to gang feuding - but there are common-sense community solutions which are simple enough to implement. According to southside commander Howell Gillett, a big factor for the crime in that the area is the overgrown lots which can harbour criminals or serve as stash spots for guns and drugs. Today he enlisted the help of some prison inmates to embark on a major clean-up. Thanks to them the grass is a lot greener and shorter.

Thank-you, Baba
The Leo Bradley Library got a valuable collection of books and recordings today. It's a collection of works from Olatunji Balogun. He died last year and his wife, friends and fans all gathered at the library today to hand over all his books. Courtney Weatherburne has more. An ancestral performance from the Kwatamani Royal family - a tribute to their hero and friend Olatunji Balogun. Balogun was an author and researcher known for his works "A victim of my Own Wealth" among other publications. He was originally from Trinidad and Tobago but at age 36, he made Belize his home and it's ultimately where he made his mark.

The Y Needs Your Help For Court
That famous 1 mile stretch of Fabers Road from the Central American Boulevard to the Western Highway is in the process of getting a 8-million dollar facelift. And following right behind the major roadworks is a new basketball court that's being built at the YMCA compound on Fabers Road. For years, the children who benefit from the YMCA sporting programs have been struggling on an old basketball court. So, improve their facilities, the management is preparing to construct a full-sized basketball court. The executive director told us more about it today:

Cheap Birds For Mother's Day
And while the "Y" is looking for a few good benefactors, Quality Poultry is hoping to be just that to mothers across Belize. Now, I don't know if you'll be eating chicken on mother's day - but if you will Quality Poultry has activated a mother's day discount that may leave you with a freezer full of chicken. Raymond Barkman told us more: Raymond Barkman, General Manager- Quality Poultry Products: "It is a mother's day deal and also the first time in the history we have ever done something like this. This is a whole week meaning it started Monday which was yesterday and it goes all the way to Saturday which is one week of big sale. The only reason we are doing it is for all the hardworking mothers out there and hoping we can give them a little break in their pocket for this mother's day."

PUC Put BEL In Check With Westlake Depreciation
Earlier on we showed you the PUC Chairman throwing shade at BWSL. Well, he also had a mild admonition for BEL with their Westlake Generating Station. That's at mile 8 on the Western Highway and when it was commissioned in 2003, it was to be depreciated over 15 years. That 15 years finished on June 30, 2018 - but the PUC that - in its submission to them - BEL kept depreciating the diesel substation at the same rate. Avery says BEL is proposing to switch the plant from diesel to natural gas.

Channel 5

CitCo Fires 6 including City Administrator Candice Miller
Two months after first entering office, the Belize City Council has begun clearing house, starting at the very top. �News Five has confirmed that there were six terminations by the [...]

Honduras Stops Ship with Cocaine Cargo Headed to Belize
We have been reporting on the frequency of suspected drug planes - at least seven since November 2017 - landing in northern and central Belize. The abandoned planes are usually [...]

5 Belizeans Held for Not Declaring Money Allegedly Tainted by Drugs
There's another bust that has given Belize a black eye in the international press. A judge in El Salvador has ordered further detention for seven persons, including five Belizeans, who [...]

Dean Galvez to Court for Murder of Roni Casasola
A Saint Matthew's villager was escorted by police to a courtroom in Belmopan this morning and arraigned for murder. Twenty-one-year-old Dean Galvez was well-known to murder victim, Roni Casasola who [...]

Mom Mourns Only Son Habib Hajjara, Lost to Gun Violence
Thirty-six-year-old Habib Hajjara was ruthlessly done away with inside his taxicab on Sunday morning when someone shot him at point-blank multiple times while driving his vehicle along Mahogany Street.� The [...]

Eric Mendez Charged in Attempted Murder of Tyrone Stevens
An air-conditioning technician is accused of the attempted murder of a Belize City man on Sunday. Thirty-eight-year-old Tyrone Stevens remains in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, but he has identified [...]

Where Will the Teachers Be on Teachers' Day?
Teachers Day is quickly approaching; this year, the activities are intended to step up to a national celebration which will bring six thousand teachers from all over the country under [...]

O.W. on Alert after Fish Kill Exposed in New River
Residents of Orange Walk Town and surrounding villages are on alert tonight as the New River has suffered another fish kill. Hundreds of river fish such as tilapia and tarpon [...]

Education Continues, But No National Position on I.C.J. for B.N.T.U.
The Belize National Teachers Union says it will not influence the decision of its membership on whether the unfounded territorial claim Guatemala has over Belize should be taken to the [...]

Why Teachers are Tit-for-Tat on Salary Deductions
On March twenty-second, hundreds of primary and secondary school teachers from across the country gathered in Belmopan to march on Independence Hill.� While the annual budget was being debated inside [...]

Teachers Got Time Off for Women's Rally
According to the union senator, management did not hesitate to grant teachers and students the day off to participate in the biennial Twenty Thousand Strong rally.� When it came to [...]

Referees Suspended for Error on Penalty in Premier League Semifinal
Two referees have been suspended from officiating football games in Belize. The B.D.F. Football Club has filed a protest against a decision made in a most recent match of the [...]

A Stop to Championship Would Have Financial Costs
Sanctions aside, Chuc says that there is a legal process to the protest made by B.D.F. Football Club.� Immediately following the game on April twenty-ninth, the military team-as is mandated-filed [...]

Belize Welcomes Potential Cacao Investors from Belgium, Netherlands
Today, the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service is hosting an inbound mission from Belgium and the Netherlands that is here to learn about the cacao industry and explore opportunities [...]

Coaches Receive Training from F.F.B.
Thirty-two football coaches from across the country converged at the F.F.B. Headquarters in Belmopan for day-one of a week-long FIFA training course to improve the sport in Belize. German Instructor [...]

FIFA, F.F.B. to Install Synthetic Pitches in Belmopan and Belize City
While speaking with F.F.B. President Sergio Chuc, we also found out about some mega projects that the federation has in the pipeline. These include the refurbishing of the F.F.B. stadium [...]

Library Hosts Collection for Late Olatunji Balogun
Today, the family of Olatunji Balogun handed over a collection of his work to the Leo Bradley Library in Belize City.� Balogun, who died last year at seventy years old, [...]

Gov't, I.D.B. Shake Hands on Loan for Climate Change Project
On Monday, the Government of Belize and the Inter-American Development Bank signed a ten million U.S. dollar loan contract. The monies will be used to reduce Belize's vulnerability to climate [...]

Contract Signed for Airport Link Road
The Government of Belize also signed a contract with�CISCO�Construction Limited, for a little over thirty-four million dollars for the construction of the Airport Link Road. �The proposal includes the construction [...]


Union Tells Teachers To Halt Contributions, In Response To MOE Salary Docking
In April, the Ministry of Education decided that it would dock the salaries of hundreds of teachers who off a day from regular school to attend an anti-crime rally in the city of Belmopan on March 22nd which was organized by their union, the Belize National Teacher's Union. The news was very unwelcome to Union leaders, for the rally was a positive initiative to take a stand against crime. Today, firebrand Union President Elena Smith shared with the media that in response to the move by the Ministry, they are calling on their teachers to discontinue the contributions they pay, out of generosity, to assist school managements.

BNTU Says Rising Cost Of Living Is A Concern
While the Union is unhappy with the Ministry of Education's decision to dock teachers' salaries, the BNTU also shares concerns about the rising cost of living and the diminishing purchasing power of its members. Last year, teachers and public officers collected the third and final portion of a salary increase granted by the Government. The negotiations for the increase had initiated from as far back as 2010 under then national President Jaime Panti. His successor President Luke Palacio took up the mantle and in 2014 there was finally an agreement with GOB but it wasn't the 30% requested.

Firefighter Pleaded Guilty To China Store Armed Robbery
Yesterday we reported on the brazen armed robbery of China Store, a supermarket located on 7th Avenue in Corozal Town. The business establishment was targeted by a male individual just after 3pm on Saturday. While the male Chinese owner stood behind the cashier and chatted with a customer, the assailant arrived riding a bicycle and strolled into the store with his face covered with a mask and with what appeared to be a firearm in his hand.

Belizeans Under Preventative Detention In El Salvador
Last week we reported on a group of Belizeans who were arrested in El Salvador after they were caught with a large amount of money at an airport in that country. Well tonight a report on the Salvadoran news outlet 'La Pagina' indicates that a judge in that jurisdiction ordered preventative detention for all individuals, which includes five Belizeans, who were detained last Thursday at the 'Monse�or �scar Arnulfo Romero airport' for transporting large amounts of undeclared money.

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BWSL takes PUC to court of reduction of rates
The Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) has engaged in court proceedings against the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). BWSL has been granted judicial review, challenging the PUC's decision to reduce the water rate which should have come into effect April of this year. The PUC has mandated that there should be a rate reduction of six �

Trouble at BEL
There was some trouble at the Belize Electricity Limited after employees protested not receiving uniforms. According to reports, while some employees received new uniforms from the company, others did not and in protest, they showed up to work in casual clothes. They were later asked to go home and change into their proper attire. Marvin �

Williams says most of their resources are focused on the Old Capital
Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams who is Commander of Operations deploys police officers to different areas to conduct special operations as the need arise. Williams said that his department focuses primarily on Belize City in conducting these special operations in an effort to maintain law and order. Chester Williams, Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations: �

PSE grades should determine if you get accepted to high school, says BNTU President
Last week thousands of students sat the second portion of the Primary School Examinations. They sat the Math and Social Studies papers. On average, students have difficulty passing the Math and Science papers satisfactorily. But does the PSE grades play a role? Some high school uses PSE grades to accept new students while others do �

Police latest strategy to help curb crime
The Police Department is pulling out all the stops in order to bring crime under control and restore confidence in the department. One of the latest strategies is setting up an office that will be used to execute crime interventions. ACP Robert Mariano, Eastern Region Commander, explains. ACO Robert Mariano, Eastern Regional Commander: "Since I �

Police working to restore normalcy in Dangriga
Recently, there were two murders that took place in Dangriga, that of 55-year-old Jamaican national Patrick George Crossdale and 43-year-old Gabriel Laurie Jr. Both murders took place in broad daylight and what is even worse is that Crossdale was killed across from a school where children were present. Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told �

Potential investors visit Cacao industry in Belize
A trade and investment mission is currently in Belize with the purpose of meeting with Cacao farmers. The visit is organized by BELTRAIDE with support from the Embassy of Belize in Brussels. Manager of Export Belize at BELTRAIDE, Shahira McCoy says the delegation including representatives of Belgium and the Netherlands are interested in trading with �

Nurses' Week: "Nurses a Voice to Lead, Health is a Human Right"
This week is being celebrated as Nurses' Week under the theme: "Nurses a Voice to Lead, Health is a Human Right". The week started with a church service and today, the activities continued with a fair, which was held on the compound of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Love News was there and spoke with �

Healthcare service on the rise due to the spike in crime
With the recent spike in crime, there have been more patients that access the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for treatment. Yvette Massiah, Acting Director of Nursing Service, spoke to Love News about how the hospital has been able to adapt to meet the rise in the demand for healthcare services. Yvette Massiah, Acting Director of �

Belize City Council terminates half dozen employees
Several persons were fired by the Belize City Council today. About six persons were let go and those include the City Administrator, Candice Miller, Whitney Waight, Shana Whyte, Wayne Samuels, Lisbeth Butler and Cecil Jenkins Senior. According to Jenkins, he reported to work as usual and was called in by the Director of Administration, Sherlene �

Teachers decide to withhold contribution for school managements who want to deduct their pay
The Belize National Teachers Union has decided to take action against school managements that have decided to deduct salaries from teachers who participated in the rally on March 22 in Belmopan. The teachers rallied against the increase in crime committed against women and children. While the school's managements have the right to deduct from their salaries, it is the teachers' belief that it should not be done because they were peacefully demonstrating for a worthy cause.

BNTU helps in fighting crime
The BNTU's rally in Belmopan was a response to the spate of crimes committed mainly against women and children. The teachers urged the Government to take a collaborative effort to address crime. Since then the Ministry of National Security embarked on a series of consultations on strategies to fight crime. Last month, the Ministry of National Security met with the BNTU to discuss the teachers' role.

Gwen Liz teachers waiting on Education Minister's response
Majority of the teachers of Gwen Lizarraga High School in Belize City are awaiting a response from Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, with respect to the nomination of former UDP city councilor Alifa Elrington to the school board. As we reported last month, more than twenty teachers staged a 'sit out' after they learned that the acting principal would be reappointing Elrington to the board as the Community Representative. The teachers believe that the principal did not follow the proper procedure in selecting Elrington who had to step down from the post after she was not re-elected to the Belize City Council on March 7.

GOB signs $10M loan to address climate change
Belize has received a ten million US dollar loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The money has been earmarked to address Belize's vulnerability to climate change. The second component of the project will deal with disaster risk management governance and climate change adaptation in the tourism sector. Signing on behalf of the Government was Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Country Representative Dr. Cassandra T. Rogers signed on behalf of the IDB.

BEL spends more than $3M on diesel for Caye Caulker
According to the Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission, John Avery, it has been decided that electricity rates will increase because Belize Electricity Limited is losing revenue and the cost of power is increasing. Every year, BEL spends three million dollars on diesel to power Caye Caulker Village. This is because Caye Caulker is not connected to the national grid. Avery says that if the village is connected to the grid, operation and production cost will decrease. Unfortunately, this has not been done as yet, says Avery.

Eric Mendez charged for attempted murder of Tyrone Stevens
Twenty-year-old Eric Edward Mendez, an air condition unit technician of Tamarind Street, was charged with the attempted murder of 38-year-old Tyrone Stevens when he appeared today before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. Mendez was also charged with grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm with intent to cause grievous harm.

Belizeans caught in El Salvador imprisoned for money laundering
Four Belizeans who have been charged with money laundering in El Salvador were arraigned this morning in San Luis Talpa, of La Paz in El Salvador. They and three other persons who were detained for the same charges have been sentenced to preventive detention. According to an article on "La Pagina" of El Salvador, authorities there took into consideration that the detainees work for drug trafficking rings by smuggling money derived from drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping and other illicit activities.

700 pounds of cocaine was destined to Belize
Honduran authorities say that 319 kilos or a little over seven hundred pounds of cocaine that was confiscated on April 29 in Puerto Castillo, Colon, Honduras, was destined to Belize. Police and military officials intercepted a Panamanian vessel and at the time the three occupants were released because an initial search of the vessel did not turn up anything illegal. According to reports, the vessel was taken to the Puerto Cortez Naval base where a further sweep was conducted on Monday which led to the discovery of the drugs.


Murder in St. Matthew's Village
A teenager was murdered in St. Matthew's Village early Sunday morning. The victim was 19 year old Roni Omar Casasola Jr., a resident of that village. According to Cassasola's family members, he was socializing at a nearby bar the evening of his shooting. Cassasola reportedly got into an altercatio...

Murder on Partridge Street, Daniel Guardado killed
Belize City also saw a couple of murders this weekend. On Saturday May 5th, 43 year old mechanic Daniel Guardado was gunned down on Partridge street sometime after 9 p.m. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: Police responded to shots being fired at Park Range extension, and just on the street side pol...

Mahagony Street Murder; taxi man executed
Also in the early hours of Sunday morning, Honduran Taxi Driver, 36 year old Sbiero Habib Hajjara was gunned down while in his cab on Mahogany Street. Police told us more. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: Just minutes before 4 o clock, police responded to shots being fired at the corner of Western ...

Police concerned over increased murders apparently due to robberies
By all accounts, it appears that the two murders in Belize City this weekend were of honest working men with no criminal records. Today, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, told us these cases are harder to predict and we assume, more difficult to solve. Chester Williams, Deputy COMPOL:...

Tyrone Stevens shot on Jane Usher Blvd
Sunday morning in Belize City saw more violence as there was another shooting, this time at the corner of Central American Boulevard and Jane Usher Boulevard. Thirty-eight year old Tyrone Stevens, a security officer, was shot several times to the body. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: Mr.Tyrone Ste...

Three vehicle collision leaves one dead
A three car collision between miles 32 to 33 on the George Price Highway has left one man dead. The victim has been identified as 58 year old Miguel Ayala. Ayala was driving his F-150 truck en- route to Belize City, to make a delivery, when the fatal traffic accident occurred. According to eye witn...

Families robbed by armed men while at creek in Belmopan
Four armed and masked men held up a group of 3 families at the Rivera Creek side in Belmopan on Sunday. The families were robbed of all their personal belongings, valued at a total of $8,000. Paul Lopez reports from the scene of the robbery. Paul Lopez, Reporter: Rivera, as the creek side, is famous...

No one detained for Jason Sutherland's murder
On Friday we told you about the murder of Jason Sutherland which occurred last Thursday night in Belize City. Today, police updated on this case and said while they do not have anyone detained as yet, they are reviewing surveillance footage captured by police surveillance cameras in the area. ASP A...

Shots fired on Vernon street; one arrested
Shots were also fired on Vernon Street in Belize City on Saturday but no one was hurt in that incident. Police caught up with the shooter and have since arrested him. ASP Alejandro Cowo, Head of NCIB: Police quick response in that area led to the trace of a male person where the police was able to apprehend that person somewhere in the vicinity of Vernon Street and as a result...

Police efforts to curb shooting spike in old capital
In the first section of this newscast, we told you about the two murders in Belize city and the other shooting incidents that occurred over the weekend in the Old Capital. As we mentioned, the two Belize City murders are not gang related...

Fire in Price Alley
There was a fire early Saturday morning in Belize City. The fire started at an abandoned house at number 6 Price Alley, but spread to a nearby residence. The house at number 1 Usher Street, belonging to 40 year old Andrew Fuller, was also totally destroyed. Fuller was at home at the time of the bla...

Belize Embarks on Study to Measure Iodine Intake
The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education in partnership with Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), United Nations Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF), as well as the Iodine Global Network, will be carrying out a survey to measure and report on the levels of Iodine in children in Belize. ...

Airport Link Road contract signed
The Government of Belize signed a contract with CISCO Construction Ltd. in the sum of 34.2 million Belize dollars for the construction of the Airport Link Road. The proposed upgrades for the Airport Link Road include the construction of one high-level bridge, which will intersect at the George Price...

Belize Signs Loan with IDB to Reduce Climate Vulnerability
The Prime Minister of Belize, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, and Country Representative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Dr. Cassandra T. Rogers, today signed a loan contract for US$10 million that will seek to reduce Belize's vulnerability to climate change. Belize is one of the countries most ...

Tit for tat, says BNTU prez, Senator Elena Smith
The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU), the most organized and militant union in the country, agreed over the weekend to withhold the teachers' contribution to school management, in protest over the insistence of the management of many schools to deduct one day's pay for the union's protest against crime and violence against women and children, that was held in Belmopan on Thursday, March 22. Since the idea of the salary deduction came from the Ministry of Education, whose minister is Hon. Patrick Faber, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, many of the church-led schools have opted for the day-pay deduction, although the salaries of most teachers come from the government, the senator told us.

1 dead in horrific 3-vehicle highway accident
There was a terrible accident between Mile 31 and 32 on the George Price Highway around 10:00 a.m. today involving two pickup trucks that were traveling toward Belize City and a BATSUB (British Army Training Support Unit Belize) four-ton truck that was heading in the opposite direction. One eyewitness who was traveling on a motorcycle, and who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the BATSUB vehicle was traveling in a convoy with about 5 other trucks.

Rony Cassasola, 19, shot dead in St. Matthews
There was a spike in violent crime over the weekend that resulted in four persons losing their lives to gun violence. Three of the weekend murders occurred in Belize City and one took place in St. Matthews Village, in the early hours of Sunday morning, when Rony Omar Cassasola, 19, a construction worker, was shot dead. The gunman, who was shooting randomly in the direction of some of Cassasola's relatives, fired about six shots without hitting anyone, but his last shot hit Cassasola in the chest. At their press briefing today, police said that Cassasola and another man had gotten into an argument outside a club located in the village and the man ended up shooting him.

Mechanic and cab driver murdered over the weekend
Daniel Guadardo, 43, a mechanic of Belmopan, and Sbeiro Habib Hajjara, 36, a taxi driver of Belize City, both died over the weekend as a result of the city's ongoing gun violence. The first senseless murder occurred at about 9:30 Saturday night on Partridge Street Extension at a curve not far from St. Martin Swift Hall. During the weekly press briefing held this afternoon at the Queen Street Police Station, ASP Alejandro Cowo, Commander of Crimes Investigation, told us that Daniel Guadardo was pushing his motorcycle on the street from Vernon Street into Partridge Street Extension, when an unknown gunman rode up on a bicycle from around the curve on the street and met Guadardo at the junction of Partridge Street Extension and the narrow road that leads from Vernon Street.

PUC explains initial decision to raise electricity rates
Today at around 2:30 p.m., the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) held a press conference to discuss the raise in electricity rates which was requested by the Belize Electricity Limited, and which the commission has recently approved. The conference was conducted by John Avery, the chairman of PUC, and Ambrose Tillett, the director of electricity for the PUC. Avery began by stating that every four years the PUC conducts a full tariff review proceeding (FTRP), where it forecasts certain values, targets, rates, etc. for the next four years. There is also an annual review where adjustments are made if necessary.

Councilor Candice Pitts, Gilroy Usher and the PUP's UWG
On March 7, 2018, Dr. Candice Pitts, a first-time political aspirant, topped the polls in the Belize City municipal elections, helping to regain the old capital for the Opposition People's United Party (PUP). Following the PUP's successful campaign, Dr. Pitts submitted her candidacy to become the Port Loyola standard bearer. Her aspirations for national office, however, fizzled when the PUP Secretary General, Linsford Castillo, wrote her on May 2, thanking her for her interest, but explaining that the Party's vetting committee thinks that Gilroy Usher, Sr., is the PUP's choice for Port Loyola, and she should support his endorsement convention on May 20.

Bandits - Verdes, 1-1 in San Ignacio; Finals Game 2 in Belmopan on Saturday
Despite the controversy, the game must go on, said the PLB (Premier League of Belize), and yesterday evening at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio, game 1 of the Finals for the PLB 2017-2018 Closing Season Championship saw home standing Verdes FC take the lead on a header by Alcides "Paco" Thomas (47+') near the end of first half; but midway through second half, visiting Belmopan Bandits SC got the equalizer through young defender Norman Anderson (67'); and that's how it ended, 1-1. The championship will be decided in the Final Game 2 this Saturday at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan. As in the semis, if there is an aggregate tie at the end of regulation on Saturday, then the "away goal rule" takes effect. If there is then still a tie, overtime would have to be played.

FFB Inter-District "Round of Sixteen" Week 1 results
The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) National Amateur Inter-District Club Championship 2018 kicked off over the weekend with 8 games played in its "Round of Sixteen" home-and-away knockout series. The return legs will be held on May 12 & 13, after which the eight winners will qualify to enter the Quarterfinal Round draw, which will be held on Tuesday, May 15. On Saturday, at the Santa Elena Sporting Complex, Cayo's Peniarol FC prevailed, 3-0, over Arenal FC from Benque, with a goal each from Alex Saldivar (5'), Roy Cano (30') and Jorge Monroy (56'). Meanwhile, at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium, it was Belmopan's Valley United FC, 2-1, over Benque's Red Bull FC. Shaking the net for Valley United were Wilberth Maldonado (9') and Emerson Orellana (36'), while Noel Hyde (68') scored for Red Bulll.

Done deal; so much for "Fair Play" in PLB playoffs
Surprising to many football fans, the Premier League of Belize (PLB) held game 1 of its 2017-2018 Closing Season Finals series yesterday at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio. As late as Thursday night, the weekend Finals game was in doubt, as the BDF team was still in camp, hoping for a return to action in a re-play of their semifinals game 2. In our last report in these sports pages on Thursday night (May 3) of last week, titled "PLB football suspense," we were still awaiting the verdict on a BDF FC protest against the outcome of their decisive semifinals game 2 against Verdes FC in San Ignacio on Sunday, April 29. The referee report on that game said that Verdes FC had won, 3-0; and thus, Verdes had advanced to the Finals on the strength of a 3-2 aggregate victory, BDF having won game 1 the previous week by a 2-nil score in Belize City,

Women's League completes 1st round of football competition
The first round of the double round-robin tournament in the National Amateur Women's League (NAWL) 2018 was completed over the weekend with Week 3 games at 4 different venues. At the MCC Grounds on Saturday, Belize City's Millennium United managed to hold undefeated Gladiators of Orange Walk to a 0-0 stalemate, thanks to some outstanding goalkeeping from new addition, Joslyn Cadle. Gladiators dominated the game, but the agile Cadle handled everything they sent towards her, including leaving her six-yard box at times to intercept dangerous attacking plays.

Editorial: Battle plans and their adjustments
There was a time in human history when almost all substantive leaders were military, or so it appears. Societies were led by their greatest warrior, one of the reasons being that such a man had the ability to enforce his orders, pronto. King David of the Jews led on the battlefield. So did the Roman ruler, Julius Caesar, a few decades before the time of Christ. The Prophet Muhammad led on the battlefield in the seventh century after Christ. So did Henry V of England in the fifteenth century. Napoleon Bonaparte, perhaps the greatest military genius ever, led the French on the battlefield in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Mao Tse-tung led the Chinese Revolution on the battlefield in the early part of the twentieth century. Fidel Castro led the Cuban Revolution on the battlefield, then defended Cuba from the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 on the battlefield.

From The Publisher
When I visited Guatemala City for medical reasons in May of 2012, our hostesses took us to Antigua (Guatemala), which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Antigua, which was the third capital of Guatemala (according to Wikipedia, contrary to Stephens), is about a half hour's drive roughly southeast of present day Guatemala City. The Guatemalan leaders made a decision, when they moved the capital from Antigua because of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, some two and a half centuries ago, to preserve the place, as much as was possible, for posterity. Antigua is now a scintillating tourist attraction. When you visit there, it is as if you are going back in time. The streets are cobblestones, and there is a powerful religious aura to the place. We visited a convent cum church which had been preserved and now partly transformed into a small hotel and restaurant.

Ed. U Kate exposes Smith
It is good that some Belizeans can afford the Godfrey Smith book, and that some of those who can, believe in the Christian virtue of sharing. A lot of people call themselves Christian, but they are confused followers of Moses. Ah, the Guardian's Ed. U Kate believes in sharing, and last week, thank you, thank you, he/she did. Hope you keep it coming, brother or sister. Looking forward to more real smelly revelations about Price, the PUP, and di lak, di stak, an di baril. But let's get off the wikid business for a while and look at-what the heck is wrong with Mr. Smith. If someone lets you into their house, you leave your baggage at the door. Objectivity is to be cherished, but you absolutely can't maul your subject.

Guatemala, Belize, and the ICJ: The Big Picture
I am addressing this brief message to ALL Belizeans, wherever they may be and irrespective to which of our three political parties they belong, or, like myself, owe allegiance to none. Belize's going to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in any case with Guatemala is NOT the option Belize should adopt. The people of Belize must resoundingly tell both the UDP Government and the PUP Opposition on Wednesday, 10th April, 2019 - NO. Why? 1. Guatemala, as against Belize, has assembled the best team in the world of renowned, world-class and tried and tested international lawyers, historians and international politics specialists its extensive war chest has purchased.

Councilor Micah Goodin hangs up on Amandala
On Thursday morning, as he was leaving the studios of the KREM WUB morning show, we asked Belize City mayor Bernard Wagner to comment on councilor Micah Goodin's social media post on Monday. Mayor Wagner directed us to Councilor Goodin, who, he said, had made the social media post. After we made several attempts to call him, Goodin finally answered his cell phone this afternoon, and when he was told that we wanted to ask him about his Facebook post, he replied, "Hold on." Then there was a click, and the line went dead.

2 houses destroyed by fire in Price Alley
Two wooden houses, about ten feet apart, were completely destroyed by fire in Price Alley at about 12:30 last night. One of the homes was an abandoned house that belonged to a Belizean who had migrated to the United States, and the other house belonged to Andrew Fuller, 43, a survey technician of Price Alley. Information we've received is that the fire started in the abandoned, dilapidated house, and spread to Fuller's house. The Belize Fire Service responded, but they were unable to save Fuller's house and belongings, which were completely destroyed.

Jason Sutherland, 29, murdered in yard on southside
Jason Sutherland, 29, a laborer of Fabers Road, Belize City, was killed around 8:30 last night in Sutherland's yard, at the corner of Fabers Road and Central American Boulevard. Information to us is that Sutherland was socializing in his yard along with friends and relatives. His sister told us that he was talking with a friend of his near the gate when a man approached him and asked for some marijuana. Sutherland had gotten the marijuana and was about to hand it over when the gunman, who had entered the yard, shot him several times in the abdomen. As Sutherland was trying to escape by running under a food table, the gunman shot him in the back.

Kevaughan "Bigga" Staine convicted of attempted murder
Kevaughan Staine, 25, aka "Bigga", charged with the attempted murder of his cousin, Taisha Staine, 23, was found guilty of the charge today by Justice Colin Williams in a trial that was without a jury. Crown Counsel Rene Montero submitted that the sentencing guidelines require a social inquiry report. As a result, Justice Williams ordered that the report be submitted on or before September 5, and he adjourned sentencing until September 24.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Dean Galvez arraigned for murder of Roni Casasola
This morning Roaring Creek resident, Dean Galvez, 21, appeared in the Belmopan Magistrate Court. He was [�]

World Red Cross Day celebrated
Today the world is celebrating World Red Cross Day. In Belize, where the Red Cross [�]

BEL employees protest for new uniforms
Yesterday close to 75 employees at the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) showed up to work in [�]

Trial Farm family attacked by angry mob
A family of six was almost chopped up with machetes on Orange Wall District over the weekend. [�]

Belize City Council fires more than 11
Our newsroom has confirmed that more than 11 persons have been terminated from the Belize City [�]

Deron Lizama missing for 21 months
It has been almost 21 months since Deron Lizama, 21, was reported missing. The father [�]

Candice Miller formally terminated
Today the Belize City council officially terminated City Administrator Candice Miller. Two weeks ago she [�]

Elderly Belize city woman gets home from Hand in Hand Ministries
Staff members and 12 students from Boston College High School in the United States of America [�]

Belize city man charged for incest
Yesterday, a 42-year-old Belize city man was charged with incest. The man is accused of [�]

Miguel Ayala loses his life in traffic accident
Yesterday, BBN reported on a collision of three vehicles near Mile 33 on the George [�]

Happy Nurses Week!
This week is celebrated internationally as Nurses' Week. Every year Nurse Week is celebrated from May [�]

Football finals kicks off; Bandits looking good after Round 1
Game 1 of Premier League of Belize (PLB) finals kicked off on Sunday, May 6th between [�]


Laughs and tasty treats at Iguana Juan's Restaurant & Bar
Ambergris Caye has a lot to offer in terms of dining and entertainment, and new businesses certainly have much to live up to. With their witty slogan, eclectic vibe and great menu, Iguana Juan's made their debut in style. Oh yes, let's not forget their cool factor: Comedy Night! Owners Brad and Shannon Reeder had one of the top comedy clubs in the U.S., along with two restaurants in their hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, and so their move to Belize clearly would be a combo of the two. Iguana Juan's is the very definition of: "Conveniently located upstairs of an old building, on a back street, on an island, in Central America". Its open air setting on the second floor of the 'old building' makes for a very pleasant dining and drinking experience. With the level of heat we're experiencing these days, sitting at a table and feeling a cool breeze is practically a religious experience.

Thinking of Buying Property in Belize? Here's What Not to do
So many come to Belize, fall in love and start working out how they can invest in something more permanent than a 2-week vacation. Since there are so many things to consider I decided to accept an offer from a Belize City real estate attorney to give guidance to my readers. Today's guest post comes courtesy of Ryan J. Wrobel, an American-born attorney who has called Belize home for the past 14 years (and counting). Ryan's office, Wrobel & Co. deals predominantly in assisting people looking to move to or retire here in Belize and also assists with companies who would like to operate from Belize. This will be helpful for those who interested in relocating to Belize and purchasing a property and/or business here in paradise. You will learn more about what is involved in an official capacity and especially what to watch out for.

15 Things No One Told You About Living in Belize
In the blogging world, it's all about lists these days - and I guess, when they have a bit of substance, there is nothing wrong with that. They are orderly, informational and easy to read. So, here's my list - of things that I learned in my last 11 years living in Belize. Many�like the signs planted all over Caye Caulker, Belize, I may not have learned without moving here. It's a pretty simple but solid piece of wisdom. Especially when expanded upon. Some on my list are not so deep. Here are the 15 Things that I learned living in Belize.

International Sourcesizz

Minister: Crime Hurting Caribbean Tourism
CNS-Jamaica Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett has said crime and security concerns were hurting the Caribbean's potential to generate greater returns from its tourism product, as based on studies, the region could have earned US$13 billion more than the US$37 billion that was earned last year. Bartlett, who was speaking on the first day of the four-day 33rd annual general conference of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in St James yesterday, said studies have shown that the region has the potential to earn much more than it is now earning. "We brought in 30 million people [visitors], but we could have brought in 45 million. One of the reasons [we didn't] was that there is a creeping volcano � the rumbling sounds of insecurity that are pervading our Caribbean space," said Bartlett.


  • The new Belize Civic Center is a promise FULFILLED!, 1min.

  • Madison Edwards Recognized by WWF at International President's Youth Award, 3.5min. Madison Pearl Edwards is a twelve-year-old Belizean environmental activist. For the past three years, Madison has been the leading voice of the young generation of Belizeans advocating for the protection of the Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest reef system in the world and home to Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System World Heritage site. Madison is an active blogger and has been using social media to amplify her message. Today she was recognized with a special mention at the awards ceremony.

  • Dead Fish Wash Up on Shore at Island Favorite Hot Spot, 1.5min. After Sandy Toes Beach Bar and Grill posted a video of dead fish washing up ashore in front of their establishment, residents rushed to the area curious as to what was happening. It is a startling occurrence that has some residents worried.

  • Belize national Teacher's Union (BNTU) working to support the developmnet of the profession, 45min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Belize Red Cross - World Red Cross Day, 30min. on Open Your Eyes

  • Baked - Breakfast treat for Mother's Day, 14min. on Open Your Eyes

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