Recycle San Pedro Belize continues to find ways to keep La Isla Bonita clean and now the team has taken up a new initiative of pulverizing glass. This project consists of residents of San Pedro dropping off their empty glass bottles, of all shapes and sizes, at a designated location just south of SP Hardware, next to the Garifuna Black and White Restaurant. The collected glass bottles are crushed by a pulverizing machine that reduces the glass into a fine sand that can be used in other ways.

According to co-founder of Recycle San Pedro Belize, Ray Tyree, the pulverized glass is used for making building blocks, bricks, pavers and Water Filter Systems. They expect to pulverize the glass on a monthly basis. Plastic can also be dropped off at the location as the team is also looking at purchasing a plastic granulated melting machine. "I want to thank each and every person for taking the various steps to put waste in its correct place, for recycling and practicing waste control on our beautiful," said Tyree.

Anyone can drop off their glass at the secured area, however, the team asks residents to please be conscientious when doing so and not just throw it in a pile. The next glass crushing is tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 15th.

To learn more about Recycle San Pedro Belize and the great work there are doing on the island you can follow them on Facebook.

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