The BDF plans to pull out of the area when the fence is finished. But while they won't stay at that border the army is increasing its presence along the western border in the Chiquibul Forest. Last week, the Friends For Conservation and Development reported that since the April 15th referendum in Guatemala, many of the campesinos in the border communities adjoining the Chiquibul were misled into believing that the "yes" meant, "yes" they now own Belize.

The BDF has had to respond by increasing patrols along the wide frontier before Guatemalan farmers put down roots in Belize:

General Steven Ortega, Commander - BDF
"It is something that we're aware of and we're already starting to address it. We've started to conduct a lot more patrols in the area in terms of the military side and from the diplomatic side we have forwarded our recommendation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for them to liaise with their counterparts on the other side to continue the education process for people who live along the border because of the sensitive nature of the issue. As you know we also have a bilateral meeting with the Guatemalan Military. This is something that we'll bring up to them on our next meeting which is next week for them to continue their process because they're also education their people who live along the border as well."

Jules Vasquez, reporter
"How important is it that you all are able to stem this before they 'put down roots'?"

General Steven Ortega, Commander - BDF
"That's the idea of the aggressive patrols, they'll be seeing us out there, they'll be noticing that we're doing a lot more movements going further and deeper south than we normally would. Along with the education campaign, we believe from the Guatemalans side, that this is one way to stem the flow."

The incursions are most prevalent in the south Cebada area.

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