Ambergris Caye is one of the main nesting beach for loggerhead and Green turtles in Belize. These turtles take many years to reach maturity and return to their natal beach to nest themselves, up to 20 or more years. People are aware that Robles and Rocky Point are key nesting sites, but areas that are very important are also Punta Azul and Basil Jones, and the development in these areas now threatening the integrity of these sites to remain as nesting areas. As we use heavy machinery on the beaches and armor the coastline we affect female turtle ability to lay on the beach. Development and nesting turtles can co-exist, we just need to be mindful of how what we do affect the nesting turtles keeping in mind that it may take 20yrs for them to return. Each year an increasing number of nest is recorded in the Punta Azul and Basil Jones Area.

To those enjoying the northern beaches Punta Azul, Basil Jones, Robles, please remember that for the next 6 months you will be sharing the space with sea turtles who are laying eggs so be careful not to drive over the nest, take your garbage home with you to dispose of properly, and do not tamper with marked nests. The turtles will thank you.