A donation of nine floating marine radios, 10- 50-feet throw ropes, along with other items were officially presented to the Chairman of the San Pedro Tour Guide Association Philip ‘Billy’ Leslie on Saturday, May 12th. The donation came from the non-profit organization Rickilee Response and Rescue (RRR or Triple R Response) based in Houston, Texas USA. The supplies are expected to aid the Water Emergency Response Team on the island, particularly in terms of communication when responding to an emergency at sea. It is expected that with an effective and well-equipped rescue team, the possibilities of a fatal accident at sea will be minimized.

Triple R Response was formed in memory of Rickilee Mercer, an American National, who lost her life on the leeward coast of Ambergris Caye on March 1, 2017. Mercer had gone jet skiing around the area of Secret Beach north of San Pedro Town and apparently drowned, after disappearing a day earlier. A few weeks after Mercer’s death, the Triple R Response program was initiated by family friends Traci and Jim Curtin.

Leslie welcomes the donation assistance and says that the radios will be monumental when it comes to efficient emergency response. “In the case of any water emergency, we can then radio the person that is nearest to the accident location. That member of the team can then update us on the situation and request what is needed so we can send the appropriate assistance,” said Leslie. He added that, in the past, cell phones were the main source of communication. “Cell phones are not really reliable when you are out at sea,” said Leslie. “You can lose signal, the communication back and forth may not be as fast as you can. But when you have radios, then you can easily switch to different channels and get in touch with the people you need to in a much faster and efficient manner.”

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