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The San Pedro Sun

Guatemalan Congressman presents a bill to strengthen relations with Belize
Following the positive response to the referendum in Guatemala to take the old territorial claim on Belize to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), members of that country's Congress have presented a bill to strengthen the relations between both countries. Congressman, Fernando Linares presented an initiative on Friday, April 20th in Guatemala City asking his government to invest in infrastructure and services in the communities along the Adjacency Zone. The Guatemalan Ministry of Education was called out to invest in new schools, and health centers along the Peten area near the Adjacency Zone. The bill also asks the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to organize visits by social groups of both countries to have a closer bond with Belizeans.

Misc Belizean Sources


Dear Belize Birders
I just finished an amazing chat with all Central American eBird reviewers or Global Big Day coordinators. They gave me the real run-down of what happens in each country to accomplish their results, and it leaves me baffled, in awe, in disbelief and with the tremendous task of coordinating the upcoming Global Big Day for Belize on October 6th of this year, and next year's GBD. To put some figures to the massive effort set off by Central America, let this sink in a bit� Costa Rica had 349 eBirders reporting on GBD, Panama had 338 eBirders participating on GBD, Guatemala had 131, Honduras had 87, Belize had 85 eBirders participating, Nicaragua had 25 and El Salvador 22. That's a total of 1,037 eBirders in all Central America! We submitted 4,253 checklists and reported an impressive 1,035 species for the region. You can start clapping now. Hang on� in comparison, Colombia reported 1,546 species among their 5,075 checklists submitted by 1,736 eBirders within the country. Feel like clapping now?

Recap of the kayakers' arrival in San Pedro yesterday

The Embassy was honored to attend the Commonwealth Day celebrations in Belize City this morning!

Ready for the Commonwealth Day celebrations this morning!

The Maya Symposium this weekend at Chactemal Corozal
Great Job TOONE Masehualoon . To'one Masehualoon is a Yucatec Maya group of Corozal .

The Reporter

One man is dead after a shooting outside Blue Angel Night Club in San Ignacio
Police say they responded to a 911 call around 12:45 a.m. and headed to the club to find Kyne Gentle of Esperanza Village, lying dead on the stairs of the establishment with two gunshot wounds, one to the head and another to the stomach. Reports are that […]

One dead, one injured in mid-morning shooting
A 40-year-old market vendor is dead this morning and another injured after a shooting that happened at the Michael Finnegan MArket in Belize City. Michelle Aguilar was at her stall in the market when a gunman approached an opened fire, hitting her in the chest and hitting […]

Deadly domestic disputes out west
There are reports coming from the the Cayo district of two separate domestic disputes involving police officers that have ended in violence. The first reportedly occurred in San Ignacio where a woman police constable (WPC) allegedly stabbed her husband leaving him in a critical condition at the […]

Three charged for gas station robbery in San Pedro
Police have formally arrested and charged three men in connection with the Saturday night robbery at Caribena Fuels Gas Station in San Pedro. Police charged Zimmer Joel Perez, Arrie Kareem Gentle and Jair Vincent Brown jointly for (2) counts of Robbery. Police also charged Perez charged for […]

Taximan charged with hit and run
Police have arrested and charged Camalote taximan Earl Wright, 46, for a fatal hit and run that happened on the George Price Highway between miles 45 and 46 on Friday night. Police charged Wright with Manslaughter by Negligence, causing death by careless conduct, failure to stop and […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Fish vendor shot dead inside Michael Finnegan market
Belize City police are investigating a shooting incident this morning that claimed the life of a [�]

Belize's Black Orchid went down the isle with Meghan
Fans of the English royal family woke up early on Saturday morning to watch history [�]

Woman police allegedly stabs common-law-husband
According to reports, a man was rushed to the San Ignacio Community hospital for medical treatment yesterday [�]

Charred human remains found in a burnt building in Hopkins
Police are investigating a fire that destroyed a 2 story building in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek [�]

Police charge taxi man for manslaughter
Yesterday, police arrested and charged Earl Wright,46, a taxi driver of Camalote Village for manslaughter [�]

San Ignacio police issue report on early morning murder
San Ignacio police are investigating a murder that occurred this morning. Around 12:45, police were called to [�]

Belize~ Guatemalan Belizean on ICJ
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize [�]

$1,900 stolen from Caribena Gas Station in San Pedro Town
San Pedro police are investigating an armed robbery that happened at Caribena Gas station on [�]

Santa Elena man shot dead this morning
This morning around 1, Kyne Gentle from Santa Elena Town was shot and killed in front [�]


Belizean Cooking 101: Fun, Food, History, Cocktails, You Can Cook!
Last week I was SO excited to receive this invitation. Belizean Cooking 101. Cooking Class! What a FANTASTIC IDEA. To learn how to cook some of the delicious and multi-cultural dishes of Belize. To listen to some history of how people arrived from Africa, the Caribbean islands, from Europe, from India, from Mexico, from El Salvador and Guatemala, how their cuisines and ingredients mixed and melded with those of the native Maya peoples to make something delicious and often unexpected. BELIZEAN FOOD! Ceviche and tamales and conch fritters and cassava bread and stew chicken and Chinese fried chicken with ketchup and rice & beans and boil up� But let me back up�

International Sourcesizz

Can We Revive and Sustain the Caribbean Queen?
What do the names Cambombia, Cambute, Cararol Rosa, Cobo, Botuto, Guarura, Lambi and Carrucho all have in common? Prized in many countries, the queen conch (Strombus gigas) has a wide variety of aliases - and rightly so, given its extensive distribution and economic impact across the wider Caribbean region. Even with all its accolades, this once abundant marine gastropod is facing the very real threats of unsustainable harvesting, over-exploitation, habitat degradation, and illegal fishing. Supply is caught between meeting the demands of a lucrative United States market for conch as well as accommodating the dietary needs of many poor subsistence fishing communities in the region. Since the late 1990s, the global conch market has been estimated at US$60 million each year, and in 2015 alone, 1.4 million kilograms of conch was exported to the United States from the Caribbean.

Now a Medium risk for Tropical Development
We now have a 40% chance tropical development in 3-5 days. A broad surface low has developed a couple of hundred miles east of Belize. It's moving West 9 mph. Winds about 30 mph. There is little rain around this low. It's dealing with dry air and some stronger winds aloft. When it moves into the Gulf conditions are expected to become more favorable for development. Regardless of development, it will cause increasing rain as we go into the weekend.

25 vacations every horror buff should take in their lifetime
Not all vacations necessarily involve lounging by the beach or exploring art museums. For lovers of all things scary and unsettling, it would be infinitely more interesting to spend a night in a house full of ghosts or take a walk through a haunted forest. Whether you're more fascinated by the mysterious and the supernatural or real-life horrors and atrocities that actually took place, you can find inspiration for your next spooky trip on this list. From an old fortress in London that is teeming with paranormal activity to a museum in Hollywood that displays serial killer artwork, there's something to thrill and delight every horror buff. The Actun Tunichil Muknal cave in Belize is a site where the ancient Maya made ritual human sacrifices. The cave contains pottery and sacrificial tools including sharp rock blades and ancient bowls with "kill holes" that would allow the blood of victims to drain - as well as the skeletal remains of the sacrificial victims.


  • Here they come Corozal, 1min. Last leg of the BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge leaving San Pedro Ambergris Caye, enroute to our beautiful Corozal. Meet and greet at our Rainbow Beack Park today with the Mighty sounds of Gilharry 7. Come out and enjoy the end of this wonderful journey.

  • Getting sardine for bait on a dock here in Ambergris Caye Belize, 2min. I get a call from my brother in law that a school of sardine was by the dock so I went out there and catch some. Hope you guys like this short video.

  • Coverage of Day 5 of the BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge !, 17min.

  • Puffing snake (Phrynonax poecilonotus), 1min. They can grow pretty big and are well known to eat other snakes:

  • Corozal is jammin...More photos of the BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge! , 3min. How about making this event an international one with higher cash prizes! We want to thank the organizers for doing a wonderful job. What a great time we had. The cheers from the community was encouraging and well liked. Thank you Corozal and thank you to all the sponsors.

  • Welcoming the first tandem kayak that came in first on the last leg from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye to Corozal, 1/2min. What a special greet from our Corozal Community

  • Best Of Belize, 4.5min.

  • Belize Bees Corozal 2016, 16min.

  • Buzz's Scuba trip aboard the Belize Aggressor March 1991, 10min.


  • Belize Trip May 2018, 3.5min. San Ignacio, Belize City, Caye Caulker, Ambergris Caye, San Pedro.

  • Belize Permit on Fly with Capt. Lacey & Tres Pescados Fly Shop, 1.5min.

  • Belize 2018, 12min. Casa Tortuga Ambergris Caye.

  • FINALS!! GAME 2 Premiere League of Belize! Belmopan Bandits SC vs BDF FC:, 3hr.