It's not exactly a glamorous profession, but the Department of General Sales Tax is reporting tonight that there are people out there impersonating officers of the department. All G.S.T. officers must have and present their identification cards identifying themselves as G.S.T. officers when interacting with registered persons. The General Sales Tax Act, Section fifty-four, makes clear persons authorized by the department as officers receive their authority from the commissioner under the act and are expected to produce that authorization on requirement from the registered persons with whom they interact. If you have interacted with a phony taxman, contact the department to report any suspicious interactions.

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It has come to the attention of the Department of General Sales Tax (DGST) that a person or persons have been impersonating GST officers.

The public is informed that GST officers must present a GST identification card when interacting with registered persons.

If you suspect that a person is not a GST officer you can call the GST office and verify if said person is indeed a GST officer.

The GST Act provides at section 54 that:

"(1) The Commissioner may designate persons to be authorised persons for the purposes of this Act.

(2) The Commissioner shall cause to be issued to each authorised person an authority in writing signed on behalf of the Commissioner.

(3) An authorised person shall produce the authority issued to him under subsection (2) of this section whenever required to do so by a person in respect of whom he has exercised, or is about to exercise, any power conferred on him by this Act."

The Commissioner DGST advises the public, especially registered persons, to report any suspicious interaction with individuals presenting themselves as GST officers.

Commissioner of General Sales Tax