It didn't make the news this week - but the economy almost ground to a halt because of a shipping dispute.

As many as 400 containers were being held up at the Port of Belize - because local shipping agents owed the owner of the CFS Pacora - one of the biggest container ships that offloads to Belize.

The local attorney for the CFS Pacora's owners invoked a little used law with the Port Management - forcing them to offload and freeze all containers until the debts are settled. That was on Monday.

But, with hundreds of containers in the balance, many private business transactions were frozen, along with a major revenue shortfall for the Customs Department. The tension built all week until finally today the Pacora's owners relented and allowed all importers to clear their containers.

We could not determine if the outstanding fees were settled - but things have normalized and all containers have been cleared.

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