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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe's Woofers: Horsepower
"I took care of the car rental," Sherry said. "I told them you'd be there around nine a.m. to pick up the car." "Thanks. Now take me to catch the plane for Belize City." By ten o'clock I was on the Burrell Boom road heading into Bermudian Landing. From there I would take the Lemonal Road to a cutoff that would take me to Mike McFarland's ranch near the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. That was the plan, but when it started raining the dirt road to Mike's place turned to sludge and before long my rented car was hopelessly stuck. An hour later the rain stopped. As I sat there wondering what to do, a Mennonite with a horse and wagon came plodding up the road.

Letter to the Editor: Crime does NOT pay!
To the trouble makers in San Pedro, the known criminals, the gang members and the wanna-be's, listen up. I don't think you've thought what you're doing to and on the island of Ambergris Caye. Killings every month, hit and run thievery, robberies (where you hurt someone) and burglaries (where you don't). And now a stupid act of knocking off a popular bar - and hurting a popular employee??? Let me repeat that�STUPID act! You may as well have shot yourself in the foot. Every time you do these senseless acts, you are hurting the economy of the only place you think you can make an unearned living. Have you ever heard of killing the goose that laid the golden egg? You don't have any more eggs!

Misc Belizean Sources


Photos from Flowers Bank Day

Corozal - 666 grams of that green leafy substance (suspected cannabis) thrown out of Blue Toyota Camry Corozal Taxi
On Thursday May 31st, while custom officials were on a regular patrol, they sited an item being thrown out of the taxi. The officers stopped to pickup the item which ended up being suspected weed. As a result, four Corozal residents were detained for trafficking marijuana. The four men Rafael Garrido Jr., 21, Victor Dominguez, 34, Darren Carrias, 26 and Jermaine Flores Baltazar, 43, (all of Corozal District) were immediately arrested and taken to the Corozal Police Station.

Mango Festival 2018
Hopkins hosted all the excitement this weekend for the annual Mango Fest.

The Reporter

Police say youth who was shot pointed gun at them
Police say the minor who was shot this evening on Raccoon Street pointed a gun at them and they shot him in his feet to disarm and restrain him. Police say the incident unfolded around 5:15 p.m., when they responded to a reoort that a youth was in possession of a firearm near the intersection of Raccoon and Seagull Streets. Officers reportedly saw the youth who fit the description of the one in the report and set chase after him. The police report continues, saying they saw the youth retrieve a .38 special revolver from a knapsack he was carrying and then point the gun at them. […]

Man chopped during argument
A man reportedly suffered chop wounds on the left side of his neck earlier today in Belize City. Thw incident happened on Mapp Street and left Zagreus Ford, 37, of Cleghorn Street wounded but in a stable condition. Ford claims he was standing on Mapp Street when he got embroiled in am argument with a man he knew who chopped him. That man is now being sought. […]

Youth reportedly shot
Police are investigating a report that a youth was shot about a half hour ago in Belize City. The report is that the incident happened on Raccoon Street in the Collet area and that the youth allegedly had a gun. Rhe youth reportedly got shot in the leg. We are awaiting further information from police. […]

Man reportedly stabbed near Civic
A man was reportedly stabbed near the Belize City Centre last night. Unofficial reports are that the stabbing occurred during a robbery. The victim was stabbed in the left side of the chest. The Reporter will release his name and condition after his family has been notified.[…]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Seven employees from Lands department are abruptly 'no longer employed'
On Friday, June 1st 2018, the Ministry of Natural Resources issued a release informing the public that [�]

Cayo Rosario development project approved
Members of the San Pedro community had previously expressed their discontent with [�]

Meet the 4 students from Mount Carmel High School that topped Grad class 2018!
L-R: Melissa Puc, Jia Xiao Zhen, Milenie Archilas, Ceidy Rodriguez Four female Belizean students from [�]

La Loma Luz Hospital to host Community health fair
The La Loma Luz Hospital in Santa Elena town will be hosting a community health [�]

BDF soldier shot in Toledo
Yesterday evening, police confirmed to the media that a soldier from the Belize Defense Force [�]

Two powerful homemade guns found in Corozal
BBN has received reports that around 7:45 a.m. today, a police search on an abandoned lot in [�]


Snapshots from Hopkins, Belize - Let's Get Ready for Mangos!
I was off to Hopkins, Belize. The annual mango festival waits for no man! A celebration of the summer fruit that explodes all over mainland Belize is the summer months. Trees are literally bursting with them. Let me lead with the most exciting news about Hopkins for those who visit frequently. The road through the village has finally been paved! No more puddles and bumps� Though only 100 miles away from Ambergris Caye, Hopkins is SO different. As you approach the village, there are mountains behind you and gorgeous savannahs to both sides. The broad beach is made of river rock, rather than coral sand. Coarser and deep, it is a serious calf workout to take a stroll on the beach. The reef is a few miles out but the ease of visiting the orange orchards, mountains and waterfalls is pretty�awesome. And everything just seems so lush and GREEN! Flying over mainland Belize is a thing of beauty.

Cloudy Saturday view in Corozal
Many may enjoy the weather in Corozal differently here in Corozal. Wether it is cloudy, rainy day, hot day or just relax at home and enjoy the weather in Belize. Today Saturday June 2, 2018, I came out to enjoy the cool weather right here in Corozal. I came outside and noticed the rainy day earlier this morning. I walked along the beach from Scotty's to Dukker's Ice Cream palor in Corozal. I saw things changing around town. Like new businesses, local painting's being painted on the wall around Corozal, new buildings being built or businesses being upgraded in Corozal.

International Sourcesizz

Where are the best places in the world to go camping?
TV survivalist and adventurer, Ed Stafford holds the Guinness World Record for being the first human ever to walk the length of the Amazon. Unsurprisingly he's an eager advocate of camping. "It's a natural reset and an antidote to a stressful life," he tells His favourite places to go camping in the world range from Madagascar to Belize and here he shares his top five al fresco locations. Number one on his list of best camping spots is the Daintree Rainforest in Queensland, Australia. Second is on top of Victoria Peak, the highest mountain in Belize. "This peaks just out of the Central American jungle canopy and on a good day you can see the Cayes on the Caribbean Coast," Ed says.


  • Flavas With A Beat, 21min.

  • Belize !!, 4min.

  • Notre Dame Zika Feature, 2min. In 2016, the Zika Virus ravaged South America. When Zika was found in Belize, the Ministry of Health turned to researches from Notre Dame's Eck Institute for Global Health for help tracking and slowing the outbreak. Here's how Professors Nicole Achee and John Grieco are fighting mosquito-borne diseases.

  • Belize & Guatemala 2018, 4min.

  • Belize Parasailing May 2018, 7min. Belize Parasailing May 2018 at Harvest Caye on a shore excursion from the Norwegian Getaway ship.

  • Swimming with a Loggerhead Turtle in Belize!, 36secI had the opportunity to swim with a beautiful loggerhead turtle a few days ago in Belize. These amazing turtles are on the endangered species list. Let's work together to save these incredible creatures, conservation is the key! .

  • Hand Feed a Spider Monkey in Belize!, 1.5min. On our way out to Lamanai ruins the tour guide took us to meet a friendly spider monkey who was waiting for his customary banana. So cool!

  • Punta Gorda, Belize Trip, 5min. A group of students from John Paul II Junior College from Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Belize, went on a missionary trip to Punta Gorda and the villiages around to help and assist those in need. It is always an amazing feeling and experience when it comes to helping others and being in an adventure.. Punta Gorda is a beautiful town and along with its villages and lovely people in them. The experience was amazing and here is a recap of all the exciting adventures we took. Enjoy and leave a like! Subcribe i will get better at this and have more coming!

  • OLD BELIZE, 12min. Nice day in Old Belize.

  • My Birthday Trip to Belize, 29min.

  • Footage of San Pedro, Belize, 4min.

  • Shark, snook, tuna and bonefish in Belize - Fishing Adventurer, 19min.