Summer is here and as every year since 1999, the annual Coral Reef Ed-ventures Summer Camp is back on Ambergris Caye to continue their mission of educating children on the preservation of their surrounding marine environment. The free, fun and educational camp which commences on Monday, June 25th, is a yearly collaboration between students from Smith College in Massachusetts, United States of America and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The six Smith students volunteering in this year’s camp are Dana Vera, Emiline Koopman, Liz Nagy, Katherine Akey, Aidan Coffin Ness, and Carla Schwartz, and they are looking forward to an exciting and successful summer activity.

The group explained that the summer camp is broke down in two separate activities. The first one is the Reef Program geared towards students ages 12 and up, and set for June 25th through June 29th. Campers will meet at the San Pedro High School from 4PM to 6PM, focusing on mapping to find the impact of plastic pollution, erosion, and activism in the community. Additionally, there will be field trips to the beach, mangroves, and the reef as part of the mapping activities.

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