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Today's Belize News: June 8, 2018 #530857
06/08/18 06:20 AM
06/08/18 06:20 AM
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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

June Special: BOGO on Iguana Juan’s Comedy Night tickets
Iguana Juan’s Restaurant and Bar is kicking off their summer comedy line up with a sizzling special: buy a ticket to the June 9th show starring Atlanta-based comic Mark Evans and receive a free ticket to the June 13th show with Jon Champion. Mark Evans brings his southern charm and keen wit to the stage on June 9th. Evan’s comedy is smart, to the point and cutting-edge clean, and his Southern Not Stupid show has taken audiences by storm on land and by sea. Mark began his comedy career in 1993, and since then, he has headlined comedy clubs, colleges, cruise ships, casinos, corporate events, international resorts and cruise ships.

Coral Reef Ed-ventures’ summer camp is back!
Summer is here and as every year since 1999, the annual Coral Reef Ed-ventures Summer Camp is back on Ambergris Caye to continue their mission of educating children on the preservation of their surrounding marine environment. The free, fun and educational camp which commences on Monday, June 25th, is a yearly collaboration between students from Smith College in Massachusetts, United States of America and the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The six Smith students volunteering in this year’s camp are Dana Vera, Emiline Koopman, Liz Nagy, Katherine Akey, Aidan Coffin Ness, and Carla Schwartz, and they are looking forward to an exciting and successful summer activity.

Ambergris Today

Re-Registration Of Electors Exercise 2018
The Elections and Boundaries Department hereby provides the public with the following information regarding the upcoming re-registration of electors exercise: Proclamation- Appointment of Commencement Day for Re-Registration Statutory Instrument No. 47 of 2017 is a proclamation issued by the Governor General altering the date for the commencement of the re-registration exercise to be carried out from 1st July 2017 to 1st July 2018.

PIC OF THE WEEK - Sargasso Hide and Seek
We have to laugh at the positive attitude Lisa and Ronnie Cyrier took when they saw a new batch of sargassum rolling onto shore. "New game in San Pedro: Where's Ronnie???" They asked. LOL! Leave it up to this fun couple to make light of a stressful situation. Yes it's a smelly situation and a lot of hard work to get rid of it all, but we just have to roll with the punches that Mother Nature brings. The death of some fish has been blamed on the excessive amount of sargassum washing up on shore and some areas are stinky due to its decomposition. The San Pedro Town Council, hotels and beach property owners are doing their best to keep the beaches as clean as possible.

Misc Belizean Sources


Donations for Guatemala at the Lion's Club
Thank you San Pedro Lions Club, Belize and the community for coming to the aid of our Guatemalan neighbors in need.

Public Service Week June 17th to 23rd
Public Service Week is being celebrated from the 17th- 23rd of June under the theme "Public Service- Moving towards the future with innovation, dedication and perseverance." See the attached flyer for the week's activities.

Clothing Drive for Guatemala Volcano Victims at the Cayo Rotaract Club
A clothing drive is being orchestrated by the Cayo Rotaract club to help the victims of the volcano eruption. You can drop off at Neyelli's, Carillo Puerto, and this Saturday at the market. "The Rotoract Club of San Ignacio is asking for your kind support as we try to aid our neighboring country Guatemala. As you may know the Volcanic eruption has left many in dire need of support. Clothing donations would be appreciated in this time of need. We are asking that you help us, help them."

Visit to the San Pedro House of Culture
Our little visit to the San Pedro House of Culture which contains some information from our struggle of the Caste War . During this period a new religion was born between the Yucatec Maya(Masewal) rebels the cult of the talking cross(Cruzoob) . While in Quintana Roo(Mex) the cult is still strong today in Belize we can still find some families and individuals who continue giving reverence to this faith . The Maya Cross’s symbolic identity is that of supernatural entities, such as Itzamná and Chaak; as well as ancestral entities, trees, corn stalks, and other plants which abound in the Mayaab, the land of the Maya.

Movie Night at KoKo King
It's almost here - Family Friday at Koko King!! Movies showing tomorrow Friday 8th June. - The hilarious SHERLOCK GNOMES - Garden gnomes, Gnomeo & Juliet, recruit renowned detective Sherlock Gnomes to investigate the mysterious disappearance of other garden ornaments. * - Steven Spielberg's latest READY PLAYER ONE - When the creator of a virtual reality world called the OASIS dies, he releases a video in which he challenges all OASIS users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune. * Kids food, popcorn and marshmallows plus adult beverages - come and enjoy the family fun at KoKo King!

UB Promotes Dr. Thippichetty Thiagarajan to Professor in Biology
The Board of Trustees of the University of Belize met on Monday June 4, 2018 and agreed to a recommendation emanating from the Promotions Committee of UB, and which was supported by the President that Dr. Thippichetty Thiagarajan, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Science and Technology be promoted to the rank of Professor in Biology. The Promotions Committee which convened recently and consisted of both internal as well as external reviewers all agreed that Dr Thippi, through his long and distinguished service to UB in Teaching, Research and Service had fulfilled the criteria for promotion.

NCCO's second National Climate Change Youth Video Competition
Belize National Climate Change Office - Calling all Belizean Youth, especially from Corozal! Don't forget, youth from Belize, ages 18 to 30, can apply to the NCCO's second National Climate Change Youth Video Competition from now until July 13, 2018. The Video Competition highlights climate action being taken by youth through videos, giving them a platform to share their successes and inspire others. Send us a 3 minute about how you are fighting climate change for a chance to be one of two lucky winners.

Rowan Garel wins Caribbean Adventure Ambassador Award
We are pleased to accept the Caribbean Adventure Ambassador Award on behalf of Rowan Garel. His multiple endeavors such as Diving the Blue Hole, Climbing the Victoria Peak and his selfless passion to help others via his fund raising initiatives proved inspiring even beyond the shores of Belize. Our sincere gratitude to all who voted for Rowan and we wish him continued success.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
Sherlock Gnomes, Darkness, Midnight Sun, Tomb Raider

San Pedro Bumperball Tournament!
Sunday, June 10 at 4 PM - 6 PM, The Truck Stop. We're mixing things up this Sunday Funday with a BUMPERBALL TOURNAMENT! Players will go head to head to see who can stay in the ring without getting bumped out. It's going to be blast! Plus, it's free to play, and the winner of the tournament will win a $100 Truck Stop gift certificate. We'll also have a smaller ring for kids! Think you have what it takes? Come prove it this Sunday at The Truck Stop!

Channel 7

Cordel Hyde Comes Out For Paul T.
If you watch the news regularly enough, you've surely seen Cordel Hyde recently. The PUP Deputy Leader isn't making news, but he's in political ads seeming to endorse Senator Valerie Woods as a political candidate. Now, that's smart political messaging by the Valerie Woods campaign because they know that her opponent Paul Thompson is from Cordel Hyde's political camp and, so if the PUP's most powerful politician in the city is endorsing Thompson's opponent…well, that's a major plug for her campaign. But, not so fast. Hyde came out swinging for Thompson today. We met them on Ebony Street which is as close to a meeting point between Lake I and Albert as you'll find. Hyde said that first off he needed to clear a few things up about that ad:

Deputy Hyde Says Party Should Have Let Dr. Pitts Challenge Usher
And on that note, should the PUP have allowed Dr. Candice Pitts - who was one of Hyde's city council candidates to challenge Gilroy Usher in a convention? Usher is a Bricenista - and it is widely accepted that his clout and calling in a few chits with the party leader - is what tipped the scales against Dr. Pitts candidacy. The vetting committee told her she couldn't run. Hyde says his party made the wrong decision on that one:... Jules Vasquez, reporter: "So then should Dr. Pitts have been given a fair opportunity to contest Port Loyola?"

PUP’s Ranking Political Don In The City Like Rodney, Gets No Respect
And while that is how Hyde sees it, clearly he doesn't have control or even significant influence over his party's decisions in the city - where the four term representative is the PUP's ranking political don. We asked him about that apparent disconnect:.. Jules Vasquez, reporter: "As the deputy leader, senior deputy of the PUP. I don't know if that's the formal post, but you are responsible for the city, so you are responsible for the success of the city council slate. One would think that after that completely unexpected victory the party would say okay, your call in the city, you have proven that you are the leader of the city. While yes, the party has its structure. How you want it in the city is how it shall be, because you are running this thing right now. Why wasn't that done if it was your judgement that there should be challenges as in Port Loyola?"

Central Bank Says Choice Under “Enhanced Supervision”
Last night we told you about the concern that at least one deposit holder is having about Choice Bank. Anja Schoneveld has filed a sworn affidavit alleging that Choice Bank plans to wind down operations by the end of this month - possibly leaving depositors in the breech. Today the Central Bank - which regulates Choice as an offshore bank - issued a statement on the volatile situation. It says, quote, "The Central Bank of Belize, having determined that Choice Bank Limited's suspension of customer withdrawals and related actions are contrary to the interests of its depositors and customers, placed Choice Bank Limited under enhanced supervision.

Relief From Punishing Pump Prices on Horizon
The pump price of Diesel will increase by midnight tonight in Belize City. It will increase by .34 cents from $10.63 to $10.97 cents per gallon. Now, while the price increase to almost 11 dollars a gallon for diesel is the bad news, the good news is that those crippling pump prices should start to go down soon - reflecting the downward trend in world fuel prices. In a release, government says, quote, "it is certain that the next shipment of fuel products, which is due toward the end of next week, will result in markedly lower prices at the pump."

Assad Shoman Pens Important New Book on Bze-Guat Claim
Historian and intellectual Assad Shoman is well known for his book 13 Chapters of a History of Belize - if you haven't read it, you have certainly heard of it. It is considered foundational reading on Belize's history. Well, Shoman has published another book that should also be required reading. It's on the Belize Guatemalan dispute and today we found out what makes Shoman's publication stand out from existing works on the claim. Courtney Weatherburne has more. The mountain of books stacked on this image factory table is the product of Assad Shoman's new project. After 3 years of intense reading, in-depth researching and compiling, it is ready for distribution.

Lawless Guat Poachers in Chiquibul Point Gun At Rangers
The Friends for Conservation and Development is reporting tonight that they caught 2 Guatemalan residents poaching rare birds from inside the Chiquibul National Park. One of them took aim at a ranger with a .22 rifle, and the rangers then had to shoot at one poacher who escaped. The poacher threw down his rifle as he ran. Fortunately no one was hurt - but the armed encounter shows the escalating level of danger in that forest. It happened yesterday morning at around 10:30, about 4 kilometers from the Western Border. The FCD rangers were training some recruits when they encountered 5 Hispanic men.

Pedestrian Killed By Motorbike Down South
Yesterday 56-year-old Hector Ramclam lost his life in a fatal road traffic accident on the Southern Highway. Ramclam was walking when he was knocked down by a man on motorbike. Today police told us more. Wilfredo Ferrufino, Inspector - CIB: "Punta Gorda police responded to a mile and 1/4 on the San Antonio road to Kettle landing village. They arrived and found two men. One standing with injuries and the other lying on the ground. The one lying on the ground was identified to be Hector Ramclam a 56-year-old resident of Cattle Landing Village..."

Robbers Target Security Company’s Guns
In other police news, there are two more guns on the streets. Early this morning Brints Security Company was robbed. The supervisor was ambushed by three masked men. Police have details. Wilfredo Ferrufino, Inspector - CIB: "There was another report of a robbery this would be Jodi Ramdas he is the supervisor for Brints Security Company. He reported that at about 3 am on the 6th of June while retrieving employees he was accosted by three masked men. These masked men proceeded to rob him of two 9mm pistols which were the property of the security firm. The matter is under investigation and police are seeking suspects in regards to this." No arrests have been made.

Police Presence Prominent and Pronounced In Downtown Bze City
Again, that ambush suggests some level of organized crime - which is what seems to have been at work in the city last week when there were multiple armed robberies on the city's main street in the same day. And the criminals pounced because police patrols were concentrated in the gang hotspots. Today though we saw a pronounced and prominent police presence in the downtown area - including multiple teams from the specialized units like SPU, and MIT. They were very visible on street corners and one team was posted directly in front of Hofius which was robbed a week ago. We also saw motorbike patrols.

CEMO Ready For Hurricane Season 2018
Hurricane season started last Friday, and the emergency management organizations have been preparing countrywide for whatever may come. In Belize City, the municipal government's City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO), has been diligently doing its work. They are well aware that the country's biggest population center has many low-lying and coastal areas that are always in danger of being hit hard by hurricanes and storm surge. Today, Mayor Bernard Wagner and his fellow councillors hosted a press conference to tell the residents of the city that they are ready, or as ready they can be.

City Seeking Civic As EOC, But Says GOB Not Helping
One important element of their preparations that's still up in the air is a location for the City's Emergency Operating Center. If a hurricane should hit, CEMO personnel and other emergency officials will need a location to safely operate from. According to the mayor, he's been having difficulties in getting the Belize Civic Center, or another suitable public building to be designated as the EOC. Today, he called on the UDP Government to be more cooperative about this very serious issue:

PUP City Hall Making Progress With Manhole and Drain Covers
One other bit of unfinished business that Mayor Wagner and his administration inherited is a contract that the past Mayor made with a construction company to build manhole covers for the City's sidewalks. If you walk around Belize City, you're sure to run into many holes in the sidewalks that either have no drain cover - a major public safety hazard for pedestrians. Former Mayor Darrell Bradley entered a contract to fix or replace those manholes, and when he was in office, we challenged him many times for failing to finish it.

Mayor On Managing Waste Control
One issue that is an even bigger headache for Mayor Wagner and his council is the City's contract with Belize Waste Control. Last week, some residential garbage on the southside wasn't picked up. That's after Waste Control went on go-slow because the council owed about half a million dollars in arrears, which means the Council was about 9 weeks behind on payments. Now, this has been a chronic problem at the Belize City Council. In fact, former Mayor Darrell Bradley and the company had many legal battles over it, going as far as to try and press in the Supreme Court for the Mayor's committal to prison. Today, the current Mayor and Deputy Mayor discussed what happened most recently, and how they resolved it:

STREAMING As An Educational Tool
Today high school teachers became students in a cutting-edge workshop. It was all about helping teachers to develop new pedagogical practices for an area of study called "STREAMING". Sounds strange right? When we hear streaming we think of youtube or Netflix, but this time is all about education. We found out more from the presenter. Dr Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, Associate Dean- George Mason University: "Stem stands for Science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and it is a way to present education in a holistic and meaningful way but by just having the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics..."

Taiwan Helps Howell
Southside Commander Howell Gillett has been on what seems like an unstoppable roll when it comes to helping young people on the southside of Belize City. He has started an urban farming project at the schools so kids can stay away from trouble and eat a healthy meal. Today the Taiwan Embassy donated over $5,000 to help him sustain the projects in more schools. We stopped by and heard more from the happy donor and recipient. Sr. Supt Howell Gillett, Southside Commander: "It will reach out to. Three different schools. I believe it is St. Johns Vianney, St Martins, and St Luke all one region one side of Belize City. Why we are doing this is because we believe if we help young people from a very early age and how can you be a productive student if you are not able to have a meal especially a breakfast in the morning or lunch so what we are doing is to create farming in these schools and then whatever is reaped is augmented and helped in the feeding program for the school. We want to help young people."

Southern Region Gets New Lab
The Southern Regional Hospital got a new Lab. The construction and equipping of the lab was done through a partnership between the Ministry of Health, UNICEF, and a company from Spain called Probitas. Here is more from the official opening. There are plans to build labs in remote areas.

The Truth Set Him Free: Rudon Resigns From The Times
On Monday was asked PUP Leader John Briceño about reports that Mike Rudon, the editor of the Party's Newspaper, the Belize Times, had resigned. He said that he knew nothing of this, but tonight, we can confirm that at the end of this month, Rudon will no longer be working at the Times. We spoke with him via telephone this evening, and he confirmed that he handed in his resignation letter yesterday. He said that he and the Newspaper, and the Party, for that matter, are parting ways on amicable terms, and that he simply got a better job offer.

Will Former UDP Mayor Run For PUP?
Keeping it on the PUP, there have been persistent reports that former UDP Mayor Zenaida Moya wants to run for the PUP in the Mesopotamia division. Moya was once being groomed to take over from the UDP's Michael Finnegan in that same area. So, the idea of her now as a possible PUP challenger is kind of unexpected - but, in politics, anything is possible. We asked Deputy Leader Cordel Hyde how he feels about the prospect of his former schoolmate being a PUP candidate:... Hon. Cordel Hyde, PUP Deputy Leader: "That's not for me to decide. Ultimately there is a process you have to go through to run for the party and I don't know that that has even been initiated. It's just a talking, but I have not heard for sure whether Miss Moya has interest at all. I've heard it from second and third hand persons. So that would be pure speculation on my part."

How to Keep The New Voters’ List Clean
Re-Register- "Your Right to Vote Depends on it," - that's the slogan being used for the re-registration of electors exercise which starts on July 2nd. It's a huge 8 million dollar undertaking - but how can the elections and boundaries office make sure the news list is clean? After all, the same political parties who got the list dirty and full of phantom voters are driving the re-registration. We asked the Chief Elections officer about it a month ago:... Josephine Tamai - Chief Elections Officer: "Like I mentioned for us at elections at boundaries department we will do our best to ensure that only persons who qualify get on those lists. If we want a clean list as citizens, we all have to do our part because in the end, yes, as election and boundaries staff..."

Re-registration in Remote Areas
We also had questions about access to registration for those in remote areas. If you live in a town or city, it's easy enough to re-register, but if you live in Crique Jute, Toledo it can get very complicated. The Chief Elections Officer said they will make all efforts to reach those people: Josephine Tamai - Chief Elections Officer: "Again, like I mentioned if persons are out there and they know that they want to get registered as long as that information comes to us we will facilitate. I know sometimes people complain and say it's costly to get your birth certificate to get your documentation. Again, in those exceptional circumstances the law provides for us to have a form for those persons to fill in and then we do the verification. So those people will not be disfranchised. We have identified 100 as of today..."

Spoonaz Not Solved
No arrests have been made in the robbery of Spoonaz cafe in Belize City which was robbed on Monday night. Today, the police shared where they are with the investigation. Wilfredo Ferrufino, Inspector- CIB: "Police responded to a robbery at Spoonaz Cafe. This is on North Front Street. Upon speaking with the owner of that business he reported that night upon closing his business he was accosted by a single male person in a security guard uniform and he was forced into the establishment. While he was in there he was tied up robbed of cash and his license 9mm gun."

Channel 5

Wilser Echevarria Guilty of Manslaughter in Death of Diplomat
A Belmopan resident has been convicted of the sensational death of sixty-four-year-old Panamanian diplomat Jose Rodrigo de la Rosa Stanford. But the verdict issued this afternoon by Supreme Court Justice [...]

Diesel Price Hiked, but G.O.B. Says Decreases Are on the Way
An eighth price hike since the start of the year is coming, but only for diesel oil as confirmed by the Government of Belize this evening.  As of midnight, diesel [...]

Assad Shoman Delivers Definitive History of Guatemalan Claim to Belize
If there is one person whom most Belizeans believe could write the definitive history of Guatemala’s claim to Belize, Assad Shoman would be a safe bet. The former politician and [...]

Ex-Diplomat Encourages Belizeans to Stand Up for Sovereignty
Shoman says the new book discusses as well how the claim is affecting life on the ground at the border lines in the west and south. Taking off from the [...]

Shoman Stays Out of Referendum Campaign
According to Shoman, he hopes his book will be widely disseminated through traditional and modern means. But as to his personal involvement in the public education campaign, which had been [...]

Hurricane Season is Here; CEMO is Ready
The hurricane season began last Friday and today, the City Emergency Management Organisation (CEMO) hosted a press briefing to share what it has done and continues to do in preparation [...]

CitCo Wants Civic for Emergency Operations Base
While logistical preparations are ongoing, if the Emergency Operations Center needs to be activated, at present moment it has no base. In recent years, the City Council has used a [...]

Working to Fix Sanitation Woes
Mayor Bernard Wagner admitted today that City Hall is facing some financial challenges and is in arrears with the Belize Waste Control.  Now, if you’ve been following the news for [...]

Policeman Arrested in Dispute in Cayo
Twenty-seven-year-old Police Constable Leonard Benjamin, a resident of Santa Elena Town, was arrested and charged for aggravated assault earlier today.  PC Benjamin is accused of pointing a service weapon at [...]

Pedestrian Struck Fatally in Cattle Landing, Toledo
A pedestrian lost his life while walking along the highway near Cattle Landing Village in Toledo District.  The fatal road traffic accident happened on Wednesday night as fifty-six-year-old Hector Ramclam [...]

Investigation into Spoonaz Robbery Continues
Proprietor Jeremy Spooners was robbed under the threat of being shot on Monday night while in the process of locking up his business on North Front Street.  During the holdup [...]

Guns Stolen from Brints Security Supervisor
Belize City police have been working diligently in ridding the streets of illegal firearms.  Those efforts are often countered by criminal elements who persist in the stealing of weapons during [...]

Central Bank Explains Choice Bank ‘Supervision’
Offshore bank Choice Bank located on Marine Parade in Belize City will be closing its operations shortly, but there is concern by some clients.  The Central Bank of Belize has [...]

Channel Five Will Broadcast Miss Universe Belize in August
Tonight, we can report that Great Belize Productions/Channel Five and the Miss Universe Belize organization have reached agreement on the live broadcast of the Miss Universe Belize in August. National [...]

Region One O.C. Hooks Up with Taiwan for School Farming Project
Three schools from the south side of the city will have the opportunity to farm vegetables for their consumption. The Farming for Schools Project was spearheaded by Senior Superintendent Howell [...]

Rabies Strikes Cattle in Agriculture Belt
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority says that paralytic rabies continues to affect cattle in the Cayo, Orange Walk and Belize Districts. The disease, which is transmitted by the vampire bat, [...]

Getting Ready for Re-Registration
During a session with the media on May ninth, Chief Elections Officer Josephine Tamai discussed the requirements for eligibility in the upcoming re-registration exercise.  The head of the Elections and [...]

Teachers and Critical Thinking
Three countries in the region, including Belize, are participating in an O.A.S.-ITEN programme. For two days, teachers will be honing their skills to support the development of critical thinking skills [...]

Belizeans to Russia for Football and Friendship
Two young ballers are on their way to Russia tonight to participate in an international programme organized by FIFA. It is called Football for Friendship and brings children from all [...]

Healthy Living Prepares for International Day of Yoga
The number of people that practice yoga is growing. For some it relieves stress, others used it for mediation purposes and many more use it as a way to stay [...]


No arrest in Spoonaz robbery case
Three days ago, businessman Jeremy Spooner was robbed of over five thousand dollars. The thief reportedly pounced on Spooner as he was closing his business. Today Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino, shared what investigators have discovered so far Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino C.I.B Belize City: “On Monday June 4th Police responded to a robbery at Spoonaz Café, this …

Security Supervisor robbed
Belize City police are investigating an armed robbery which occurred early yesterday morning on Magazine Road in Belize City. The latest victim is Jodi Ramdas, a security Supervisor for Brints Security. Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino shared what investigators have found out. Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino C.I.B Belize City: “He reported that about 3 am on the 6th of …

Belize cyclist to compete in 2018 Healthy Newton Omnium Road Race
Belizean cyclist, Oscar Quiroz, has been selected to compete in the 2018 Healthy Newton Omnium Road Race in the USA. The two-day event starts on Saturday and Quiroz will compete in the professional category. Today, Quiroz expressed his confidence about performing to the best of his abilities. Oscar Quiroz Professional Cyclist: “I am hoping that I can …

CitCo working to fix manholes
The open manholes around Belize City have been an issue for some time now and even though the previous council had signed a contract to remedy the situation, the manholes remain a problem. Mayor Bernard Wagner shared with the media how his administration is addressing this problem. Bernard Wagner Mayor of Belize: “When we came what …

Assad Shoman on the ICJ
Assad Shoman’s Guatemala’s claim to Belize, The Definitive History will be available across the country but at the moment there is a limited supply. Shoman hopes that whoever reads the book is enlightened and becomes more knowledgeable about the dispute with our neighbors to the west. He does not believe his book should be used …

PUP Leader says party will consider SSB’s proposal
Last year the Social Security Board began a series of consultations across the country with several groups and organizations to discuss an adjustment to the scheme. In September of last year, it was explained that SSB’s expenditure have surpassed contributions and with its deficit growing, if the proposal is not implemented, 2021 the fund will …

A tale of George Cadle Price…
During today’s press meeting with Assad Shoman, several historical events relating to Guatemala’s claim on Belize was brought up. Shoman, who remains an essential individual with deep knowledge and experience on the topic, spoke of the late Right Honourable George Cadle Price. Shoman recollected when Price had to resist British influence while keeping them on …

Cordel Hyde endorses Paul Thompson
This evening PUP Deputy Leader Cordel Hyde set the record straight. He is one hundred percent supporting Senator Paul Thompson in his bid to represent the PUP in the Albert Division for the next general elections. Currently, there is an advertisement running on TV which many have interpreted as Hyde expressing support for Senator Valerie …

Guatemala’s Claim to Belize The Definitive History
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Assad Shoman, one of Belize’s foremost historians has written his latest book: Guatemala’s Claim to Belize: The Definitive History. Shoman has proven to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals in Belize as it relates to the Belize/Guatemala dispute. His latest publication has been described as comprehensive and revealing, an …

Elections & Boundaries encourages eligible persons to participate in re-registration
The re-registration exercise is set to begin on Monday, July 2. A release from the Elections and Boundaries Department states that the traditional buildings used as polling stations will be used as registration centers. Efforts are being made not to use high schools since, in most cases; these buildings are used for summer classes and …

Police take drugs off the street
Yesterday, police conducted an anti-drug operation Oleander and Flamboyant Streets in Belize City which led to the discovery of a pink knapsack containing six pounds of cannabis in an abandoned house. At the time of the search, no one was in the immediate area and the drugs were labeled and deposited as found property …

Beltraide & BCCI sign MOC
The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service, BELTRAIDE, and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. Kim Aikman signed the memorandum on behalf of BCCI and Lejia Melanie Gideon signed on behalf of BELTRAIDE …

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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

The Guardian

5,163 students receive $300 school subsidy
Five thousand one hundred and sixty three students from across the country will receive government’s school subsidy of $300. These students are representative of those who have qualified under the government’s adjusted program. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber made the announcement in early May of this year that the government’s school subsidy will be expanded to automatically cover the entire Corozal district. Additionally, primary school students attending schools in rural areas of the Belize, Cayo and Orange Walk Districts will automatically receive the subsidy. In its original form, the subsidy was designed to assist students after they apply and qualify for it. The program was then expanded to be automatic for the Stann Creek and Toledo districts. Now it will cover students from countrywide rural schools. Students in the districts where it is not automatic and who live in urban areas need to apply to the Ministry of Human Development and Education to qualify for the subsidy.

Policeman busted smuggling marijuana
Police Constable Braiden Robateau, an officer attached to the San Ignacio Police formation, was caught over the weekend with 10.6 kilos of marijuana. He and 3 other men were busted on the outskirts of the Orange Walk District, in what looks like an attempt to smuggle drugs through an area considered to be a contraband hotspot. Police say that at around 12:40 p.m. on Saturday, June 2, officers from the Customs Department, the BDF, and the Police from Orange Walk were on a joint operation in the area of Santa Cruz Village. Readers may know that this location is very near to Botes, Mexico, a favorite area where Belizeans go to try and smuggle in their contraband.

CCJ tells Belize Bank enforce UHS order at Supreme Court
The Government of Belize has successfully managed to repel one of the relentless assaults that the Ashcroft Alliance continues to make on the country’s finances. The Caribbean Court of Justice has ruled that at this time, it will not force the Barrow Administration to pay an over 90 million-dollar judgment debt for the mess that the past Said Musa administration made with the Universal Health Services (UHS) Hospital. Although the Alliance has an enforceable award against Belize, it has to wait for Belize’s parliament to decide if the country will pay that judgment debt or not.

Gun toting minor shot by police
Police officers attached to the Gang Suppression Unit responded to information of a male person in possession of a firearm near the intersection of Raccoon and Seagull streets about 5:15 p.m. on June 2, 2018. The officers proceeded to the location and there they saw a male person fitting the description which was given. Upon seeing the officers, the person attempted to flee and the officers set chase behind him. While chasing him, the male person retrieved a chrome firearm from a knapsack he was carrying and pointed it in the direction of the officers. As a result, one of the GSU personnel used his issued firearm and fired shots at the individual.

Biodiversity Plan launched in San Ignacio
The Belize National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) was launched at the Falcon Field in San Ignacio Town last Thursday. Also taking place at this same event was an initiative between the Forestry Department as well as the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council for the beautification of the Twin Towns--with the planting of trees. Both game changing events were held in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Belize becoming a signatory to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.

Smart Healthcare Facilities Project Kick-Off Meeting for design of 6 health facilities in Belize
The design of a new project, the Smart Healthcare Facilities Project in Belize, was launched at a meeting between the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The project aims to provide safer and more environmentally-friendly healthcare facilities to deliver care in times of disaster. Following an assessment and selection phase, 6 out of 26 healthcare facilities have been chosen to be a part of this project.

Caribbean Fisherfolk Month kicks off at Memorial Park
Although there are only around 2,700 registered fisher folk in the country, the fishing sector provides jobs for so many more. According to Mike Heusner, Vice President, Belize Audubon Society, the community of fisher folk alone contributes around 3% - 4% of Belize’s gross domestic product (GDP); yet, they are too often uncelebrated. That is why for the fourth year, the month of June is dedicated to them.

Free eye clinic at San Ignacio Community Hospital
A group of eye specialists from the U.S held their last session on Wednesday in the Cayo District, and in doing so, conducted a number of life changing operations. For Francisco Cal from Armenia Village it was more than special; as he walked out in the morning from the San Ignacio Community Hospital post-surgery, with his happy wife following closely behind. One of those heroes to the rescue, Dr. Robert Petes brimmed at the fact that now Cal can see well.

Largest graduating GREAT cohort in Cayo
On Thursday evening the San Ignacio Police Formation held graduation ceremonies for 815 primary school students who have completed the Gang Resistance Education and Training GREAT Program. The event was held at the Sacred Heart College auditorium in San Ignacio with the participation of key partners in development. This is the largest cohort of GREAT participants countrywide.

June 1, marks the official beginning of the 2018 hurricane season for the Atlantic Basin. The season runs from 1st June to 30th November 2018. However the formation of tropical cyclones is possible at any time of the year, as shown by the formation of Subtropical Storm Alberto on May 25. This is now the fourth consecutive year that a storm has developed before the official start of the hurricane season.

Convention or Contention?
Even by PUP standards the PUP Albert Convention appears to be really getting out of control. It has gotten so bad, that last Friday night at a meeting held to hammer out the voters list, the POLICE had to be called in to quell the situation; violence was about to ERUPT. According to our sources one PUP supporter even filed a report with the police, stating that one of the candidates threatened to have him killed. We understand that part of the tension between the two individuals, stems from the fact that the supporter who works for the opposing candidate is being accused of padding the voters list by registering almost FORTY (40) people at an address on a Street, using a particular room number at the said address. The building houses some small apartments for rent.

Belize City Council’s Disappearing Receipt Books
On Friday June 1st the Belize City Council sent out a strange release stating that several receipt books were stolen the day before on May 31. The stolen receipt books bear serial numbers from 82601 to 82800. According to the release, the last legitimate receipt issued bear the serial number 82685. In the release, the Council advised the public not to accept any receipts that were being deemed stolen and bore any of the serial numbers between 82686 and 82800. The council is inviting persons who already came or may come in contact with any receipt bearing any of the serial numbers from the series listed as stolen to visit the Council’s Revenue Department at City Hall or call in to that office and make a report.

PUP says they want OAS observers
The Opposition, PUP, wants the Barrow Government to request an observer team from the Organization of American States to observe the national voters re-registration exercise that will take place next month. In a letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, dated May 30, 2018, Opposition Leader John Briceño wrote, “Free and fair elections are a cornerstone of our Belizean democracy, and is a guiding principle of the Charter of the OAS… In keeping with our commitment to ensuring that this process be managed in the most transparent way possible, the People’s United Party believes that an observer mission by the Organization of American States is essential to achieving that objective.

Rum done, JA and the Old Bicycle
There is a problem brewing between RUM DONE and JA. Apparently JA is being accused by Rum Done of getting an individual who apparently writes under the Facebook profile character Brian Arzu to slander Rum Done. According to Rum Done, the person behind the profile is a PUP supporter who is a Public Officer. He also spoke about a woman who for the purpose of this essay we will call RQ .The woman we have referred to as RQ is known around Belmopan as the OLD BICYCLE. RQ, according to Rum Done is a special friend of JA. Apparently she is so special that JA ended up leaving his good Christian lifestyle in order to have a chance of riding the old bicycle.

PUP, Zinc Fence and BTL
After reading a release from the PUP we were perplexed. We were left to wonder whether the release came from Partridge Street or Queen Street. Over the years we’ve seen the writings coming from Partridge Street, and we know the tone and the writing style of one particular scribe from behind the fence on Partridge Street. The release reminds us very much of the type of writing the aforementioned scribe pens. The only difference with this particular release is that it was penned under a PUP letterhead. The author of the release appears to be sweating fever for the people from behind the fence on Partridge Street.

BAHA issues rabies warning
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) informs that paralytic rabies continues to affect cattle in the Cayo, Orange Walk, and Belize Districts. The disease is known to be transmitted by the vampire bat; therefore, humans, domestic animals, and wildlife are all susceptible. Measures are being implemented in collaboration with the ministries of Health and Agriculture and the Belize Livestock Producers Association to prevent as well as control the disease. These measures also require assistance from the public. Cattle farmers, especially in the Belize District, are advised to vaccinate their cattle against rabies.

NEMO and Red Cross asking for support to those affected by Guatemala’s Devastating volcanic eruption
One of the most active volcanoes in the Central American region erupted in a fiery explosion of ash and molten rock on Sunday, June 3, 2018. Volcán de Fuego, or Chi’gag, is an active volcano in Guatemala, on the borders of Chimaltenango, Escuintla and Sacatepéquez departments and after its quake, almost 200 are missing while the death toll is at 75 and rising. Survivors returning to the village of San Miguel los Lotes found nothing but destruction, as the village was turned to rubble and ash in the wake of the eruption.

Relief efforts in Belize ongoing for Guatemala
In view of the resultant tragedies from the recent volcanic eruptions in Guatemala, a group of private citizens have set up the Belize-Guatemala relief centers Country-wide. This is clearly a time to help our brothers and sister in need--in times of crisis. Once the items have been gathered they will be classified starting at 9:00 a.m on Friday at the Marshalek Stadium in Benque Viejo, where volunteers will also be needed.

SSB at 37
Having been established on June 1, 1981, the Social Security Board in Belize celebrated its 37th anniversary on Friday, June 1, 2018. In light of its 37th anniversary, an open day was held at each Social Security branch in Belize, focusing on promoting the new direct deposit system, an online way of receiving and sending payments and contributions and any other transactions.

Transport Minister and Team Meet with Canadian Delegation
A team of Belizean officials met with a visiting delegation of Canadian officials in Belmopan on June 4, 2018. The Canadian delegation was comprised of representatives from the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) and a Canadian construction company, JV Driver. Heading this meeting was Hon. Edmond Castro, Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management. The CCC is a Canadian government corporation which offers prime contracting for government contracts, among other services. The JV Driver Group, established in 1989, provides a wide range of contractor, fabrication services and engineered products in these sectors.

Maurice Serrano takes life in Dangriga
While it is not customary to report of cases of suicide, the incident involving Maurice Serrano has left the Dangriga community in peculiar shock. At about 3:15 p.m. on Monday, June 4, 2018, Dangriga police visited the New Site Area residence of Maurice Amancio Serrano, 61. Once there, the officers informed Serrano of a report made against him and the reason for his detention.

Bulgarian National Vasil Kadalov is offered bail
Bulgarian national, 41-year-old Vasil Stoyanov Kadalov, has been sitting in prison for a month now but is out on a Supreme Court bail granted to him. He was granted bail by Supreme Court judge Justice Colin Williams in the sum of $7,500 cash which he was able to meet after a Western Union wire transaction on June 1, 2018. Kadalov was first arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on April 24, 2018 before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford. The complainant, Donald Stuart of Caye Caulker, made a report to the police that he checked his Atlantic Bank account and noticed that two thousand dollars were missing.

Burglarized dentist’s home
A dentist’s home in the Saint Paul’s Bank area was burglarized on May 19, 2018 and on Friday, June 1, the person accused was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court. He is Arthur Shemar Flowers, an employed resident of Berkley Street in Belize City. Flowers appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Michelle Trapp where he was read charges of burglary and damage to property.

Armed robbery at Courts in Corozal
Two persons of interest are being sought by police in connection to a robbery at Courts Belize in Corozal. The robbery happened at about 4:00 p.m. on Friday, June 1, 2018 but was reported around 8:00 p.m. that same day by the branch manager Manuel Pech. According to Pech, two men, one armed with a firearm, entered the establishment and demanded money. The cashier was held up and it was from the cash register that they retrieved $5,739 from the day’s sales.

Fatal Hit and Run in Orange Walk and RTA in San Ignacio
On May 31, 2018 at about 7:18 p.m., police responded to a report on the San Estevan Road in Orange Walk Town. Upon arrival at the location, the officers observed the motionless body of a Hispanic male person lying on the road with injuries to the body. The body was identifies as that of Melito Macario Medina, a 51-year-old Belizean of Petville Area, Orange Walk District.

Hofius robbed during lunchtime
Just before the end of lunchtime on May 31, 2018, a brazen robbery happened on Albert Street. One of Belize City’s biggest department stores was robbed by two male persons. At about 12:48 p.m., two male persons entered Hofius Hardware. One of the men was armed with a chrome .38 pistol and pointed it to the cashier while the other assailant opened the cash register and took over $1,000 in cash along with some cheques.

$20 thousand netted in home invasion
It is seemingly becoming more common that criminals dressed in police uniforms are impersonatingactual law enforcement officers to prey on unsuspecting citizens. The most recent of these is a report made on Thursday, May 31, 2018. In that report, Laine Gee Fong, a 64-year-old Taiwanese national, said that at about 8:50 p.m. On that same day, two individuals, dressed in what appeared to be police uniforms, came to his residence in Ladyville on motorcycle.

Edward Bowen arrested for rape in Hopkins
A complaint was made by a 17-year-old minor to police in Hopkins on June 2, 2018 that around 3:30 p.m. on that date, she was raped in a bathroom by someone known to her. As a result, a medical examination was conducted which confirmed that she was carnally known.

Matthew Moore applies for bail for murder
The fate of Matthew Moore, who has been on remand for the past eight years on a charge of murder, will be decided by Supreme Court Judge Justice Colin Williams. Moore’s fate will be decided on Friday, June 8, 2018 after Justice Williams decides whether or not he has met the requirements for bail.

In court for punching his neighbor
Jose Guzman, a 37-year-old Belize City laborer, was arraigned on Monday, June 4, 2018 for allegedly harming his neighbor and damaging his door during an incident. Guzman appeared unrepresented before Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court to answer to two criminal charges of harm and damage to property.

Man sets fire to his Ex’s house
Shaquille Martinez, a 22-year-old construction worker of a Neal’s Pen road address, has been accused of attempting to set fire to the house of his estranged girlfriend. Allegations against Martinez are that on May 28, 2018, he visited the home of Kimberly Miranda. Miranda refused to let him in and after refusing, she immediately smelled gasoline and saw a curtain on fire.

Sibling Rivalry leads to court
A sibling disagreement over who is taking better care of their ill mother landed a brother in court for allegedly harming his sister. Edwin Pavon, a 39-year-old stevedore and resident of Caesar Ridge Road, appeared in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, June 5, 2018. Pavon, who was unrepresented, was read a single charge of harm when he went before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser.

Altercation leads to stabbing at Civic
After becoming involved in an altercation at the Civic Center on Friday, June 1, 2018, Tyrique Garbutt was hospitalized. According to the 20-yer-old victim, he was at the Civic when he and an individual who is known to him got into an altercation. That individual inflicted two stab wounds to him, one to the upper right arm and one to the left side of his chest.

Smart Belize Hurricanes grabs their second NEBL Championship in 3 years
Sunday, June 3, 2018. The 2018 Pepsi NEBL season came to an end on Friday night at the Belize Civic Centre as Smart Belize Hurricanes swept their city counterparts, DigiCell Belize City Defenders in two games to claim their second NEBL championship in the past three years. Game 1 witnessed a 29 point blowout, while game 2 was following a similar trend as Smart Belize Hurricanes had a commanding 21 point lead going into the half. At the midway point of the fourth quarter Defenders cut a once 26 point lead down to 9 points, but missed three opportunities to further slice the lead down, giving Hurricanes enough cushion to pull off the 78 – 66 victory.

Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy halts Unitedville Rebels United in Cayo Softball competition
The Cayo Softball Association 2018 Senior Women’s Softball competition continued on Sunday 3rd June, at the Unitedville Village Softball pitch with three games. In the final game of the day played, Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy defeated the defending champions the Unitedville Rebels United by the score of 9-4. The winning pitcher was Shadalee Ho and the losing pitcher was Francine Salazar. With the win over the Unitedville Rebels United, Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy as improved to a 5-4 record.

Belize to Host XX Central American Women’s Volleyball Championship
The Belize Volleyball Association (BVA) is proud to announce that Belize will be the host country for the upcoming XX Central American Women’s Volleyball Championship. The major seven-day international volleyball event will be held in Belize City from August 4 - 10, 2018, and is a regional ranking and qualification event to the continental (NORCECA) championship that has further ranking and qualifications to FIVB world championships. All Central American volleyball federations (Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama) are expected to participate in this AFECAVOL event.

Wesley Upper School boys remains perfect in primary schools football competition
The Belize City Primary Schools Football Competition continues at the MCC Grounds here in Belize City. On Friday 1st June, in the only game played in the girls’ competition, Belize Elementary School blanked Wesley Upper School by the score of 2-0. The goals for Belize Elementary School were scored by Erin Sosa and Akina Alamina. In the first of three games played in the boys’ competition, St. John’s Primary School defeated Belize Elementary School by the score of 1-0. The only goal of the game was scored by Shemar Gillett.

Words of Life With Pastor Barry Fraser
In Belize we have a remarkable variety of ethnicities. Where did all the different races come from? The Missionary and Apostle Paul is recorded in the New Testament book of Acts as saying, “[God] made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place.”

“Whether motivated by ignorance, fear, perversion or mistrust, many people were simply impervious to any kind of reasoning.” Godfrey P. Smith pg. 291 “Guatemala City had a very liberating effect on George.” pg. 40 “He thought that Guatemala was a great city…” pg. 41 “Price didn’t…confront the issue of Guatemala’s claim to Belizean territory during the entire year that he was in Guatemala.” pg. 40

What is Narcissistic Abuse?
There are so many definitions of Codependency, however, I find Lisa A Romano and Ross Rosenberg’s definition well put together. Lisa A. Romano is a certified life coach and an author, popular on Youtube Vlogger and Motivational Speaker. She is also an expert in the field of Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse. Her definition of Codependency in her own words is as follows: “Codependency has everything to do with limiting, false belief; they’re illusions and one of the greatest illusions I’ve discovered that people have is that they need validation from someone outside of themselves.”

The Imposter Syndrome
I have this terrible habit of doubting myself. I have no idea where it came from or why I even do it, but it’s something that I am ultimately not really proud of. Finding ways to stop doubting yourself is probably difficult for everyone, but for some reason I find it particularly challenging. Like everything else, I try to take control of the little itch I feel inside to somehow get rid of it and to not let outside influences affect my decisions — but it always creeps back.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Two convicted for the murder of Steven Valencia
Today, two men were convicted in Belmopan for the murder of Steven Valencia, the former Cayo […]

Cordel Hyde endorses Paul Thompson for PUP convention
The National Deputy Leader of the People’s United Party (PUP), Cordel Hyde, today publicly endorsed his […]

Mayor Wagner remains committed to settling debt with Belize Waste Control
About three weeks ago it made news when it was speculated that the newly elected […]

FCD ranger exchanges fire with Hispanic men in Belize’s Chiquibul National Park
San Ignacio Police are reporting that on June 6, 2018, FCD ranger Marco Diaz, 25, handed […]

Ministry of Finance foresees a decrease in fuel prices in coming weeks
The Ministry of Finance (MOF) today informed that effective midnight tonight there will be an increase in the […]

Fuel prices hike (again)
The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) has just issued new fuel prices effective midnight tonight. […]

Authorities find over 3000 grams of marijuana in Belize City
On June 6, 2018, at around 11:40 a.m., police conducted an anti-drug operation in the Oleander […]

Cattle Landing resident dies in fatal traffic accident
Yesterday, at around 8:50 p.m., Punta Gorda Police arrived at 1 1/4 miles on the San […]

BELTRAIDE and Chamber of Commerce sign Memorandum of Cooperation
Today, the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), the nation’s leading business advising and […]

San Ignacio police officer charged with ‘aggravated assault’
On May 27, BBN reported of an incident involving two police officers attached to the […]

Elvin Penner cashing in on land bought in suspicious transaction
Disgraced former Minister of Immigration, Elvin Penner, is again drawing heated criticism after a sign […]

Masked men rob security firm and make off with their guns
Yesterday at around 3 a.m., Jody Rhamdas, 33, Chief Supervisor for Brint’s Security Company in Belize […]

Taiwan donates over $7000 to school farming project
Today, Ambassador of Taiwan to Belize, Charles Liu presented a $7,600 cheque to Howell Gillett, […]

BTB to host Digital Marketing Summit
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is preparing to host its 4th Annual Digital Marketing Summit in […]

Moist and unstable conditions to continue
Belize’s National Meteorological Center is reporting a moderate easterly airflow today with an increase in moisture […]

BBN’s Zoila Gonzalez nominated for US Government’s IVLP Program
Breaking Belize News’ journalist, Zoila Gonzalez, has been nominated for the United States Department of […]

Re- Registration scheduled to begin July 1
Belize’s national re-registration process is scheduled to commence on July 1. The last national re-registration exercise […]

Venezuela remains part of the OAS; Belize abstains
The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has survived an attempt by the United States government to […]

Belize Audubon Society announced closure for Victoria Peak Trail 2018 season
Today, the Belize Audubon Society announced the closing of the Victoria Peak Trail for the 2018 Season. The Victoria Peak Natural Monument was declared a Protected Area in 1998 for its uniqueness and aesthetic qualities. […]

17-year old minor raped in Hopkins Village
On June 2, 2018, at around 5 p.m., a 17-year-old minor reported to Hopkins police that […]

Rabies Advisory Issued for Cayo, Orange Walk, and Belize Districts
The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) today informed the public, particularly cattle producers, that paralytic rabies […]


Belize Caves: Our Underground Love Affair
Chaa Creek has an interesting article about Belize caves, and how Forbes Magazine likes the Great Blue Hole. They list 5 of the best caves in Cayo too. Actun Tunichil Muknal tops the list. "Our Underground Love Affair With Belize Caves. Belize’s Caves offer deeply moving experiences – from diving sparkling Caribbean waters to canoeing, tubing or rappelling hundreds of feet into a forest canopy."

International Sourcesizz

New property developments aim to bring Belize out of the jungle
On the Belizean island of Ambergris Caye, a few hundred metres from the world’s second-largest barrier reef, there has been a surge in condo construction. “If someone is looking [for homes for] $300,000, I have 30 to 40 units to show them right now,” says Michelle Lyons, an agent with Belize Sotheby’s International Realty. Not long ago, Belize was considered a Central American outpost, a remote getaway for divers, fishermen and expats eager to live off-the-grid in the jungle. But new-home projects are popping up across the former British colony, as developers roll the dice on whether Belize is ready to compete with Mexico and Costa Rica in attracting second-home buyers and retirees from the US and Canada. There are signs that it might. Earlier this year, Marriott and Four Seasons announced their first hotel and residential projects in Belize, a country that has traditionally been avoided by big chains. “The timing is right,” says Mike Crawford, president of portfolio management for Four Seasons. “The destination is coming into its own.”

Guatemala volcano alert too late to save lives, officials admit
A communication breakdown between a disaster agency and volcanologists in Guatemala delayed evacuations as gas and ash clouds cascaded down the Fuego volcano last Sunday in its most violent eruption in four decades, authorities have admitted.


  • ABL Belize Basketball Camp 2018 (Daniel Booter Edition), 8min. A tour from the top to the bottom of Belize & two cities in Mexico with the ABL Basketball League (the largest, most popular basketball league in Belize, besides the Pro Belizian Team). We were running camps everyday for the kids who live there and making amazing memories out of every second. This is the culmination of the hard work we put in everyday, the fun we had, and the effect we made. We will be back soon!

  • Raggamuffin sailingtrip Belize, 2.5min.

  • Reisvideo Belize, 4min.

  • Channel 5 Daily Obituaries, 7min.

  • Belize Metrology Lab, 6min. Belize has a state of the art Metrology Lab and it is critical to ensuring standards and accuracy. This new lab is a part of the move to gain accrediation to enter international markets. Check this out to learn more.

  • Talk Ah Di Town June 7, 2018, 30min.

  • World Accreditation Day, 46min.

  • The Belize Red Cross facilitated an actual Hurricane Family Planning session, 38min.

  • Carnival Association, 24min.

  • Belize Chateau Caribbean Hotel Drone, 2.5min. A drone video of the Belize Chateau Caribbean Hotel. March 2018, 500 days after the fire, with a little history of the building.

  • Interview with Guy McPherson from Belize, Central America, 70min. Our second interview with Guy concerning NTE and its political/social implications.

  • Chicken Bus from Belize City to San Ignacio, 3min. Traveling from San Pedro with a water taxi to Belize city and than catching a chicken bus to San Ignacio.

  • For the Love of San Pedro Public Meeting!, 6min. Residents share their concerns and solutions for the rising crime on the island!

  • Island Community Meeting Addressing Crime, 1hr45min.

  • It’s World Oceans Day!, 1.5min. World Oceans Day is Friday, June 8. Celebrate by learning about some of the unexpected ways the oceans help us, from buffering storm damage to creating half the oxygen we breathe.

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