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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Public Service hosts a successful 2018 Fair
The public service sector held its annual fair under the theme: "Moving Towards the future with innovation, dedication and perseverance" at the Central Park in San Pedro Town on Friday, June 8th. The event was held as way to highlight the importance of the public service in our society. At 9AM, different government departments began to showcase their work and interact with the public, while receiving feedback on ways to further improve their services.

Four Perish in Early Morning Fire in Escalante Subdivision
The San Pedro Town community is in mourning following the tragic death of four persons when a fire completely destroyed their home located in the Escalante Subdivision early on Tuesday, June 12th. Neighbors report that homeowner David Nu�ez and his son Samir Nu�ez who were badly injured, were able to make it out, but sadly his wife Clara Bacab-Nu�ez and son Allan Nu�ez (14) and daughter Mia Nu�ez (6), and niece Sherley Bacab (16) remained trapped inside the burning structure. Downstairs of the building, tenant Tracy Cruz managed to escape through the bathroom window with her two young children.

Ambergris Today

Fire Victim Hospitalized And SPHS Holds Vigil For Nunez Family
David Nunez and his son Samir Nunez (16 years old) were able to get out of the blazing house but sadly the fire claimed the lives of David's wife Clara Nunez Bacab, his son Allan Nunez (14 years old), his daughter Mia Nunez (6 years old) and Shirley Bacab (niece of David and Clara). The Nunez's residence had tenants in the apartment on the first floor, a couple with two children, who managed to safely get out of the building. A vigil was held at the Angel Nunez Auditorium on Tuesday evening where students, staff and members of the community gathered to pay their respects to the Nunez family. San Pedro High mourned the death of a dear friend, a free spirited individual, an excellent student - Allan Nunez. The choir shared beautiful songs and friends and teachers remembered Allan and shared great stories and memories which they will cherish forever. "Allan and family - gone too soon but will not be forgotten."

Government And People Of Belize Recognized For Leadership In Offshore Oil Ban
As part of national activities commemorating World Oceans Day 2018, Oceana in Belize and the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage officially recognized the Government and people of Belize for their collective leadership in establishing the world's first indefinite moratorium against offshore oil. The Ocean Champion award was formally presented to Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Dean Barrow during ceremonies in Belize City on Saturday, June 9, 2018.

Tragic Fire Claims The Life Of Four
According to witnesses, the fire started at about 2:45 a.m. in a two-storey building belonging to David Nunez. The fire quickly engulfed his house and with the strong winds passed on to the adjadent house. Neighbors rushed to help in a bucket brigade and had exhausted all their water supply (from water wells in the neighborhood) when the Fire Department finally made its way to the scene at about 4:10 a.m. The island community mourns along with a husband who lost his wife, son and daughter and a family relative in the fire. Officials are still on the scene working on retrieving the bodies from the all the rubble. More on this story as it becomes available.

Misc Belizean Sources


First Annual Banana Festival
The mighty banana is worth celebrating! Friday and Saturday June 15th and 16th, San Juan Village. Massive Banana Costume Parade on Saturday!

Office of the Prime Minister Announces Cabinet Changes
Pursuant to a request from the Hon. Dr. Carla Barnett to be reassigned from her current position as Minister of State in the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Office of the Prime Minister announces the following Cabinet changes: The Hon. Hugo Patt is being appointed the new Minister of Natural Resources and as a result will relinquish his current portfolio of Labour, Local Government, Rural Development, Energy, Public Utilities, Public Service, and Elections and Boundaries. That portfolio will now be assumed by the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow. The Hon. Frank Mena will continue as Minister of State in that Ministry with de facto charge of Public Utilities, Energy, Public Service, and Elections and Boundaries.

Summer Creative Programming Camp
Looking for something for your child to do over the summer break? CITO will be hosting its Summer Creative Programming Camp from July 9th to August 3rd!

Sarteneja Fisher Fair 2018
As part of the final activity for the Fisherfolk Month, SACD and its partner organizations would like to invite the general public to the "Sarteneja Fisher Fair 2018." when? Saturday, June 30, 2018! where? Sarteneja Almendro Park! Time? Starting at 10am.... Under Theme, "Working towards zero hunger with sustainable small-scale fisheries!"

Ancient World Week
Ju;y 16-19, Corozal

Lets Run for Allen
The Belize Cancer Society is having the Lets Run for Allen fundraising run on Sunday, June 17th, for Allen Roberson, who is fighting a brain tumor. The run will go from La Loma Luz boulevard to Galvez Stadium. All of the proceeds go towards Allen's medical expenses. Registration is only $20, and a it comes with a t-shirt. Call Ms. Chicki at 662-2191 for more information.

World Cup
Central TV & Internet Customers here are the Channels to watch the World Cup 2018! We're only a few days away from the first match of this summer's highly-anticipated tournament 2018 FiFa World Cup- Russia.

It is Tree Tuesday and we are featuring the Cedar tree (Cedrela odorata).
When Cedar trees are young the bark is smooth and their bark can become deeply fissured with age. Left alone, the trees can live more than 100 years and become quite large - more than 1 meter in diameter. The timber of Cedrela odorata is famous for use in making musical instruments, light construction, veneer, and plywood. It's Red Listed as Vulnerable due to high rates of logging and deforestation across its range. Trade of the species is regulated by CITES, which means that countries exporting cedar must have permits proving the harvest was sustainable. Exports also must be value-added products rather than raw lumber. Cedar is found all over Belize and is commonly planted on farms in Toledo, along with mahogany as a long term investment.

CCRC School students received stipend from GOB
This is just the beginning of your journey towards your education. Congratulations to Enrique Navarette (1st) and Valerie Marin (2nd) and all the students who sat the PSE. Congratulations! You all surely made your school teachers proud of the hard work and dedication that you put into your study work. It was not easy but you did it. Hats off to all Standard Six students of CCRC School.

In a joint initiative, the San Pedro Town Council, Belize Red Cross San Pedro Branch and NEMO are organizing a response to the devastating fire in the Escalante Sub-Division that occurred at approximately at 2:45 in the morning on June 12, 2018. Through the San Pedro Town Council, UNICEF will be providing psychosocial support to the affected families and the same support will also be given to students from the San Pedro R. C. School and the San Pedro High School for their tragic loss of members of their school community as an initial response. After necessary assessments have taken place, the San Pedro Town Council will conduct an immediate clean up of the affected area.

Belize governments have failed their dual citizens
BY WELLINGTON C. RAMOS. Up until the late 1970's the largest ethnic group in Belize were Belizeans of African descent which comprised the Garifuna and Creole people. Belize also have a small population of East Indians, Native Mayas, Mestizos, Mennonites and Chinese that makeup its estimated population of about 390,000 people. During that period of time, the Creoles dominated the Civil Service branches of government and were prominent politicians in both the People's United Party (PUP) and the United Democratic Party (UDP) but that has changed to Mestizos. Around that same period, civil wars were occurring in; Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. As result of these conflicts, the citizens of these countries began to migrate to the United States in huge numbers. Those from El Salvador and Guatemala who could not reach the United States, decided to settle in Belize. Due to the economic conditions in Belize and the demand by some Belizeans in Belize to join their relatives in the United States, Belizeans of African descent (Creole and Garifuna) were migrating to the United States in large numbers.

BHA 2018 Annual General Meeting
The BHA is hosting its 2018 Annual General Meeting on Tuesday July 3, from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM at the Black Orchid Resort in Burrell Boom. You are invited to join us to hear what the BHA has planned for our upcoming membership year! Keynote Speaker- Stephanie Rest CEO and Founder of Caribbean WE, and Guest Speaker Martha Valdivia of the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association. Belize Hotel Association - The BHA is hosting its 2018 Annual General Meeting on Tuesday July 3, from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM at the Black Orchid Resort in Burrell Boom. You are invited to join us to hear what the BHA has planned for our upcoming membership year!

Belize International Jazz Festival 2018
June 17 - 24, Sunday June 17/11:30AM-2PM. Sunday Brunch @ Radisson. With Canatus Sax Quintet from Cuba. Monday June 18 / 8-11PM. Welcome Jam Session. Mexican Institute: (Mexico, Cuba, USA & Belize)

The work continues!
The students are fulfilling their objects to teach our students and communities in their respective field of studies such as Tourism, Community Health, Business Development, and Mayan Language. The students were also present at Norte Vision on Monday, May 11, 2018, to speak about what they are doing and what has been accomplished at the different communities. Thanks to Sugah City Morning Show, Eduardo Martinez and Faustino Yam for your collaboration. Special thanks go to Cristo Rey School for allowing the students to impart their knowledge at their school.

Channel 7

How!? Four Perish in House Fire
How could four people - three of them children - die in a house fire? That's what the town of San Pedro and all of Belize are asking tonight. The tragedy happened last night on the southern part of the island town - and tonight fire authorities don't yet know what caused the fire. Daniel Ortiz went to the island looking for answers and found the imprint of loss everywhere:... 4 members of the Nunez-Bacab Family perished last night here at this home in the Escalante subdivision of San Pedro, about 3 to 4 miles south of the main downtown area. It's the type of ghastly tragedy that no family would ever want to face, but last night, there was nothing that these 4 victims could do to save themselves.

No Cause of Fire Found Yet
Like we said, the cause of the fire is not known as this time. But there are many more, equally pressing issues which the Fire Department has to answer. First, they responded a good many minutes after the fire is reported to have started. Second, they ran out of water. Today the Station Officer explained that time gap, and how they ended up having to draw water from a pool:... Reporter: "You said 3:30am you guys got the call and responded, but the fire started from 2:45am." Orin Smith, Station Officer: "Again, the national fire service - we really won't know when a fire actually starts. Our time starts when we received that information of the fire and then based on that our response time begins. However, on the scene, based on what you just said, I am sure that by the time they arrive on the scene they couldn't have been a rescue mounted, if the fire had in deed started that long ahead."

Hon. Patt Ascendant In New Cabinet Configuration as Barrow Bows To Barbarians
Tonight, the Barrow Administration has its fourth minister of Natural Resources in two years and 7 months. And it is most unexpected: a relatively junior Minister Hugo Patt will now take over the powerful Natural Resources portfolio. He takes the place of no less than Prime Minister Dean Barrow - who was the Minister in name only - and Minister of State Dr. Carla Barnett who was running the day to day operations of the Ministry. Prime Minister Barrow now takes Patt's decidedly un-glamorous portfolio of Labour, Local Government, Rural Development, Energy, Public Utilities, Public Service, and Elections and Boundaries - where he will be assisted by Frank Mena, who continues as Minister of State responsible for Public Utilities, Energy, Public Service, and Elections and Boundaries, while Dr. Barnett takes responsibility for Labour, Local Government and Rural Development.

PUP Warns Agains Expediency
And the PUP fired off a release this evening demanding answers for the shuffle. The opposition says, quote, "we caution the Prime Minister against making critical moves for political showmanship and expediency rather than for efficiency and good governance….the PUP calls on Prime Minister Barrow…to explain…the reasons for this latest reshuffle.

DPP Wants Cahueque Back In Jail
Aracely Cahueque: if her name doesn't ring a bell what she was accused of surely will. Caheque is said to have been the master mind behind the October 2010 killing of 18 year old Raylene Dyer. The narrative is that Cahueque hired 3 men to kill Dyer so she could take her child. The men allegedly decapitated Dyer and threw her body in the Roaring Creek River. It was one of the most chilling murders in memory. Well, the case went back before the court today with the DPP trying to appeal Cahueque's 2014 acquittal. We'll tell you about that shortly, but first for some background: as we have reported, based on the strength of a confession, police had charged 21 year old Darren Banner, 20 year old Jason Anderson and 24 year old Brandon Budna. But they later walked from the charge of murder. As for Cahueque, she was also set free. That is because the statement from the prosecutor's key witness was ruled inadmissible.

Roaring Creek Resident Charged For Shooting Man In Face
Belmopan police have charged an 18 year old for the attempted murder of 22 year old Burrell Boom resident Eugene Henderson Jr. He is Roaring Creek resident Rudolph Welcome. As we have reported Henderson went to Roaring Creek on Saturday to attend a memorial service for his missing cousin Oswald Arnold. But that night, Welcome allegedly jumped the fence, crept to the back door which was open and shot Henderson to the head while he slept on the sofa by the door. Miraculously, Henderson survived the shotgun blast. Doctors say he has a 50/50 chance of survival. we will keep following this case.

Moon robbers Arraigned
Police have closed the case on the Moon Grocery Robbery on Coney Drive. Two men have been charged with 2 counts of robbery. They are 18 year old Rikish Rimani Rhaburn and 19 year old Kentroy Mckoy. They were taken to court today and they pleaded not guilty. Magistrate Palmer asked both men if they had a special reason why they should be granted bail at this time and neither could provide special reasons so they were denied bail and remanded into custody at the Belize Central Prison until August, 2018. The incident happened on Saturday evening. Rhaburn and Mckoy along with another man allegedly pounced on Moon Grocery Store on Coney Drive. The 50-year-old owner, Guo Jin Li told police that One of them pulled out a gun and demanded money. Li complied and forked over $700 in cash. The robbers then held up two customers who had the bad luck of being in the store.

Joe's Store Robbers Ran This Time
And there was another attempt to rob a Chinese store on the Northside - not far from Creole Waggans on E street which was held up earlier in the day. It happened at Joe's Store on 17th Street in King's Park. According to a worker, at 8:00 pm, they pulled the store's grill door for safety. But last night around 8:30 two men came and wanted money not groceries. The worker immediately called the police and the robbers fled the scene. Back in December, we told you about an unsuccessful robbery at the store when the owner pulled out his gun and fired two shots at a pair of robbers.

Managing Disaster Risk In A Business Setting
The Hurricane Season began on June first, and many homeowners have started taking precautions against any potential hurricanes. Homes aren't the only places that need protection, so do businesses. But how do they protect themselves? And is there really hope for their business after a hurricane? Well, today they found out the answers to all those questions at a Disaster Risk Management conference. Shajira McCoy, Manager of Export Belize: "BELTRAIDE under a project with the OAS is having a workshop that talk about business continuity planning so what that is how does the business continue after disaster and particularly we have been talking so far about Natural Disasters as everyone would know in this region and in even in Belize we have started the hurricane season for example and they are looking at what does a business do they face a disaster and continue and not to shut down."

Brian Hyde Gets Four Life Sentences In Florida
Roaring Creek resident Brian Hyde has been sentenced to life in prison in Florida. In April, the 22 year old was found guilty of killing his aunt, Dorla Pitts, her 17 year old daughter, Starlette Pitts and her 19 year old boyfriend Michael Deon Kelly Jr in Florida. He was sentenced yesterday to four life terms - for the deaths of those three and his cousin Starlette Pitts' unborn child. Hyde used a machete to kill 37-year-old Dorla Pitts, 17-year-old Starlette Pitts and 19-year-old Michael Deon Kelly Jr. at their Lehigh Acres home in 2015. Prosecutors added the additional murder charge for Starlette Pitts' unborn child.

Did GSU Use Excessive Force Or Was It Justified?
For almost 24 hours now, a video has been going viral on Facebook showing GSU officers detaining a Belize City man - while his lady friend screams. Now, depending on who you ask, the force they used to restrain him is either excessive, questionable, or reasonable given the circumstances. But, as you can see, the man is conversation with the GSU officers, and then one of them comes up and grabs him around the neck in a chokehold. The officer then proceeds to carry him, to their police mobile, until they both fall to the ground. Pretty rough stuff, but Deputy Police Commissioner Chester Williams told us today, that the video only shows half of the story. When we caught up with him in San Pedro, he said that the video conveniently omits how this same man allegedly resisted arrest.

Don't Forget The Fisherwomen
The commercial fishermen of Belize are legend and legion. They haul the most prized catch and bring it to our markets or our favourite eateries. But that's only half the story; fishermen aren't the only ones bringing in the meat. Fisherwomen are too. Lately, many women have taken up the profession to provide for their families. As part of Fisherfolk month, the women took place in the second annual Women in Fisheries Forum today at the Biltmore. We stopped by and found out more about this year's forum. Ronda Lewis, WCS Assistant Country Director: "This year we are taking it a little bit further and looking at how we can mainstream gender in the fisheries sector. We are still looking back at that gender action plan and some of the key areas that we identified such as research, communications and so on so today one of the main things we are doing is highlighting in the small-scale fisheries guidelines which looks at securing sustainable small-scale fisheries in the context of food security and poverty eradication."

Senator Val Takes On Senator Paul and Deputy Cordel
Last week, the PUP's National Deputy, Cordel Hyde came out swinging for Senator Paul Thompson - who's facing a challenge in the Albert division form his fellow PUP Senator Valerie Woods. Woods had made a political ad out of an endorsement Hyde gave her some years ago at a party function. So, Hyde had to step up and say he was with Paul Thompson, not Valerie Woods. He told us he was setting the record straight, but today on the campaign trail, Senator Woods said words have meaning and the special ones he reserved for her, he never gave to his friend Paul Thompson:...

Fire Truck In A Bad Way
It's no secret that the Fire Department is running around in some twenty, thirty, and forty year old fire trucks. It's the sad truth and recently one of the twenty year old ones was seen with a broken chassis. we asked about it:... Reporter: "Sir, do you all have a fire truck with a broken chassis? We have seen a fire truck on social media making the rounds. But do you all, or is it your station that has the fire truck we've seen on social media that look like it is bowing and can't recite?" Orin Smith: "The fire department is not a private entity and we serve the public. I would gladly invite you to all our stations is you would like and literally see what we have. In fact, the truck is there now. You can go and take a look at it."

Sam Rhaburn, "Among the few and the last decent people in politics�"
And before we leave tonight, we note the passing of former UDP Minister and Parliamentarian Sam Rhaburn. He died on Sunday around 3:00 AM in Crooked Tree Village of complications following a stroke. Rhaburn was swept into office in the UDP's first ever general election victory in 1984 - taking the seat from former 5 term representative Fred Hunter - and becoming the first UDP to hold the seat. He won a second term in 1989 - even when the UDP lost. But in 1993, when the UDP won, Rhaburn lost by a narrow margin of only 4 votes to Maxwell Samuels.

Channel 5

Mother, Kids, Niece Trapped in Deadliest House Fire in a Decade
The San Pedro community has been left devastated by one of the most ferocious fires in the island and elsewhere in the country. The blaze erupted at about two-forty-five this [...]

Firefighters Ran Out of Water; Single Stairs was Only Exit
As the hellish fire raged, the community formed a bucket brigade to assist the Fire Department to fight the uncontrolled blaze. The fire trucks ran out of water but another [...]

Assistance Pouring in for Survivors
The response to the devastating fire has been fast as residents come together at this difficult time. The Town Council, Belize Red Cross San Pedro Branch and NEMO have all [...]

Cabinet Reshuffles: Hugo Supplants Carla at Lands
For the fourth time in less than two years, the all-powerful Ministry of Natural Resources has a new leader. At the start of today's Cabinet meeting in Belmopan, Prime Minister [...]

P.U.P. Believes There's More to the Story
The Opposition People's United Party, like the rest of the nation, says it wants answers as to why Doctor Barnett is "being demoted," in favour of "relatively junior" Hugo Patt. [...]

G.S.U. Detained Ryan Rhaburn by Tight Chokehold
Twenty-one-year-old Ryan Rhaburn was arrested and charged along with two others on October thirtieth, 2017, concerning the robbery of a pawnshop in Belmopan a few days earlier.� Rhaburn was arraigned [...]

Are Members of Elite Unit on "Payroll" of Local Pawn Shop?
Rhaburn's mother, who also asked not to appear on camera, makes some very bold claims against members of the police department.� Likewise, Shari Lopez accuses the owners of the pawnshop [...]

Chester Says G.S.U. Tried to Reason with Rhaburn
Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, who has viewed amateur footage of the incident, tells an entirely different story of what transpired.� He goes as far as stating that the [...]

Rudolph Welcome Charged with Attempted Murder of Eugene Henderson Jr.
Eighteen-year-old Rudolph Welcome has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison after being arraigned for the near-fatal shooting of Eugene Henderson Junior over the weekend.� On Saturday night, the twenty-three-year-old [...]

Court of Appeal Considers Abetment Re-Trial for Aracely Cahueque
She was not in court today, but twenty-three-year-old Aracely Cahueque could find herself back in front of a Belizean court, if the Court of Appeal finds that she must face [...]

2 Charged for Moon Grocery Robbery
A pair of Belize City teenagers has been remanded to the Central Prison in connection with the armed robbery of Moon Grocery Store on Coney Drive, located up the street [...]

Homeless Man Needs two hundred dollars to Pay Theft Fine
A homeless man caught stealing inside a clothing store on Albert Street avoided jail today. But forty-four-year-old Denroy Ingram is not out of danger yet as he must find two [...]

The "Port" Hotly Contested by U.D.P.
Minister Anthony 'Boots' Martinez is going into retirement and right about now he is observing the persons who are interested in replacing him for the U.D.P. in the Port Loyola [...]

Sargassum Killed Fish in San Pedro
There has been at least two fish kill in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Back in May, hundreds of dead fish including permit and bonefish surfaced on the Boca Del Rio [...]

Making Fishing Industry Gender Equitable
June is fisherfolk month and a number of activities are being held across the country to engage fishers on the state of the industry. Today, the Second Annual Women in [...]

Teaching Businesses to Survive Disasters
Earlier today, forty participants, including clients of SBDC Belize and Export Belize, both units of BELTRAIDE, attended a workshop to strengthen the capacities of policy makers, business development organizations and [...]

Garifuna Language Made Easier to Teach
Over the past century, around four hundred languages have gone extinct and most linguists estimate that more than�fifty percent�of the world's remaining six thousand five hundred languages will be gone [...]

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The importance of women in the Fishing Industry
Organized by the Marine Conservation and Climate Adaptation Project of the Fisheries Department and the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Second Annual Women in Fisheries Forum was held today in Belize City. It forms part of the Fisherfolk Month celebrations which is being held under the theme "Working Towards Zero Hunger with Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries". The idea �

Four persons perish in San Pedro's fire
Residents of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye are in shock after an early morning fire proved fatal. Reporter Johnelle McKenzie was on the island and has the story. Tragedy struck this morning as four members of a family perished in a fire that broke out in the Escalante Subdivision of San Pedro Town. Two families occupied �

Training MSME stakeholders in disaster management
With the aim to better prepare Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to continue operations after a natural disaster, BELTRAIDE in collaboration with the Organization of American States, the University of West Indies for Institute of Sustainable Development and the Global Affair Canada is carrying out a training session entitled "Maintaining Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management in �

Court reserves decision in Aracely Cahueque appeal case
While she is in Costa Rica, an appeal launched against Aracely Cahueque was heard today. Four years ago, Cahueque who was charged with abetment to commit murder, was freed. She was accused of assisting in the killing of 18 year old Raylene Dyer, in 2012. Dyer's head was cut off and her body was reportedly �

Belizean in the US gets life in prison for murder
Twenty two year old Belizean, Brian Omar Hyde was sentenced yesterday to serve four consecutive life sentences in prison in the US. He was found guilty of killing his aunt, her pregnant daughter and the daughter's boyfriend with a machete. He was convicted in April of four counts of second-degree murder. Prosecutors say Hyde used �


We begin our News Cast tonight with a very heart breaking story coming out of San Pedro. Four persons were burnt to death in an early morning fire on the Island of San Pedro. According to reports, the fire started around 3:30 a.m. in the Escalante subdivision of San Pedro. And, While Police continue...

Today, The Government of Belize issued a press release announcing a re-shuffling in the Cabinet. The re-shuffling reportedly comes after a request from Carla Barnett to be reassigned from her current position as Minister of State in the Ministry of Natural Resources. As a result, the Press Release o...

A video surfaced on Facebook yesterday showing three GSU officers using a great deal of force in the process of detaining a Belize City Resident. The video went viral with close to a thousand shares online and over 40 thousand views in one day. GSU officers are seen at the beginning of the video sta...

Police have arrested and charged 18 year old Rudolph Welcome for the Crime of Attempted Murder in relation to Saturday evening's shooting of 22 year old Eugene Alexander Henderson in roaring Creek. Henderson, a resident of Burell Boom, was shot to the head inside his cousin's Roaring Creek home whil...

Brian Hyde Guilty of Second Degree Murder
On April 20th of this year, 22 Year old Belizean Brian Hyde was found guilty of four counts of second degree murder by a six member jury, in a US Court. Yesterday Hyde re-appeared in Court where he learnt that he will be spending 4 concurrent life sentences in prison in the United States for the mu...

Yesterday Oceana and the Belize Coalition held its World Ocean Day award Ceremony. Prime Minister Dean Barrow was presented with an award in the ceremony entitled "The Way of the Wave". The sculpture was designed by renowned artist Gilvano Swasey, MBE and sculpted by Anthony Vacaro. It is described ...

Two well-known Port Loyola Representatives are going head to head in a battle of Words and �. In an interview with Channel 5 last night, long time PUP area rep Anthony Boots Martinez out rightly said that the P.U.P made a terrible mistake by endorsing Gilroy Usher for Port Loyola. Martinez continued...

US Capital Energy Limited has applied to Government of Belize to operate in a new concession area after their old concession license expired in 2016. According to an Article in the June 8th edition of the Reporter, the application has several layers, including holding...

Tonight two Belize City youths are on remand at the Belize Central Prison after recently turning teenagers and are accused of committing an armed robbery in the city one of many that has occurred over a few weeks of increase in robberies in the city both on the North and...

Last week Friday Ya'axche Conservation Trust and the Trio Farmers Association inaugurated a bridge to improve access to Belize's agroforestry concession in Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve. The Ya'axche Conservation Trust has been working with 31 farmers to grow cacao at the agroforestry concession, with 165 acres of cacao planted so far. Here is more on how the bridge will benefit the farmers...

Earlier you heard Hyde say that he does not believe in free passes. Yet, the Party of which he is Deputy Leader seemingly gave a free pass to Gilroy Usher in Port Loyola. We will recall that a couple months ago, Dr. Candice Pitts' application to run as a candidate for Standard Bearer in Port L...

Is Arthur Saldivar suing the People's United Part? You will recall Saldivar announcing his intentions to take the Party to court during an Online Town Hall meeting just a couple weeks ago. The announcement came hours after Saldivar found out that his PUP Standard Bearer Application was rejected by t...

A 23 year old resident of Burrel Boom Village was shot to the head in the Village of Roaring Creek V. Inspector Wifred Ferrafino tells us more Wilfredo Ferrufino, National Crimes Investigations Branch: On Saturday June 9th at about 10:05pm, Roaring Creek police responded to shots being fired in Roa...

A 26 year old construction worker was shot to death on the front porch, of the second floor, of his Hattie Ville home. 26 year old Philmore King is Belize's latest murder victim. King made the news in April of this year when he was busted by Police with approximately 50 pounds of Canabis at the Beli...

4 months old baby Dashawn Dwehene is being treated in the KHMH after he was mistakenly shot by his father with a pellet gun. According to police, on Saturday, 18 year old, Tyreeka Welch, the mother of the 4 month old was at her Gales Point Village home with the father of the child 19 year old Lincol...

Belize can expect some heavy rainfalls this week. A tropical wave just east of Nicaragua interacting with a large upper level trough has created persisting showers and thunderstorms over the southwestern Caribbean Sea for the past several hours . According to reports from the National Hurricane cent...

A 26 year old Belize City man was shot while riding his bike on Fairweather Street yesterday morning. 26 year old Nimrod Fitzgibbon told Police that he had just finished buying food in the area and while riding his someone shot him. Police say that they are investigating it a possible gang related s...

A Guatemalan Famer is at the KHMH in a stable condition after being stabbed last night. 25 year old Edwin Hernandez told Police that while he was stadding outside the, Blue Shy Nightclub in, Bella Vista Village, he was approached by , 39 year old Honduran Martin Villatoro who inflicted a stab wound...

There are reports of another robbery in Belize City over the weekend. According to reports, three male persons entered the, Moon Grocery Store on Coney Drive at about 4 p.m. on Saturday evening, one of whom was armed with handgun demanding money. 50 year old, Businessman Guo Jin Li told Police that ...

A freak Horse and Carriage accident claimed the life of a Newland Community man. 38 year old Issac Nicoli was riding is horse and carriage in the community along with a single passenger when his carriage overturned. Police tells us more Wilfredo Ferrufino, National Crimes Investigations Branch: Aro...

Five separate drug bust were reported by Police over the weekend in 4 different districts over the country. On Friday afternoon, in the Guinea Grass Village of Orange Walk, 39 year old Luis Alberto Montejo was busted with 542 grams of cannabis after Police conducted a search at his residence...

A 19 year Honduran National drowned at the San Estevan Village Ferry in the Orange Walk District this afternoon. According to reports, sometime around midday today, 19 year old Melvin Omar Pineda Gutierrez went swimming at the ferry...

An Orange Walk resident has been admitted to the Northern Regional Hospital where he is being treated for a stab wound to the left side of the abdomen. 19 year old Manuel Ruiz told Police that he was walking an unnamed street in, San Jose Village...

The Allegro Music School will bring the George Price Center for Peace and Development, in Belmopan, to life tomorrow night. The school will be hosting a live musical entitled the Greatest Showman Musical...


2 students top PSE 2018
Every year in March and May, standard six students all over the country sit the Primary School Exams (PSE). This year, March 19, the first portion of the exams, which consisted of an English component and a Science component, was administered, and on May 5, students completed the other two sections of the exam - Math and Social Studies. This year, 7,080 students - 3,568 females and 3,512 males - from 273 schools sat the PSE. On Friday, the results for the top 25 performers in the country were released and it was revealed that two students topped the PSE this year with a score of 384/400 each. These students were Haley Thurton of Hummingbird Elementary School in Belize City and Rolando Uma�a of La Inmaculada RC School in Orange Walk.

Darnell Arnold, 19, charged with the murder of Philmore King, 26
A quick investigation by the police into the fatal shooting of Philmore King, 26, has resulted in the arrest of Darnell Arnold, 19, a construction worker of Mile 16 � , Hattieville. Arnold was arraigned on a charge of murder when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser, who explained to him that she would not take a plea from him because the offence is indictable. She also explained to him that she could not offer him bail because of the nature of the offence, and remanded him until July 24.

Mayor Kevin Bernard new PUP Orange Walk East standard bearer
The area around the Louisiana Government School in Orange Walk Town became a battleground of Opposition People's United Party (PUP) campaign workers, who worked all day to bring out voters in support for the two Orange Walk Town Council members who were locked in a high-spirited battle to secure the PUP Orange Walk East standard bearer position. About one and a half hours after the polls closed at 5:00 p.m., word began to come out of the counting room that the three-term Orange Walk Town mayor, Kevin Bernard, had taken the lead over one of his councilors, Josue Carballo, who has been working the constituency since his loss to the United Democratic Party (UDP)'s Elodio Aragon, who was a first-time candidate in the November 2015 general elections.

4 life sentences for Belizean Brian Hyde, 22
Brian Omar Hyde, 22, who is a Belizean originally from the Cayo District, was sentenced to four life sentences by a Florida judge for a killing spree in Lehigh Acres that left four of his relatives dead in August 2015. His sentences are to run concurrently. This means that he will only serve one life sentence. Last November, Hyde went on trial, but that first trial was over in less than 5 minutes, because a witness, Dorrien Pitts, the husband of Dorla Pitts, one of the three persons Hyde murdered, had made a remark which the judge, Margaret O. Steinbeck, ruled to be prejudicial to Hyde, when he made reference to Hyde's illegal immigration status.

Murder acquittal of Calaney Flowers, 31, has been appealed, but she is out of the jurisdiction
In a trial by judge, sitting alone without jury, Calaney Flowers, 31, was acquitted of the murder of her baby's father and ex-boyfriend, Lyndon Morrison, in March 2017. Morrison died when he was hit from behind as he and his girlfriend were traveling on his Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle on Freetown Road in Belize City one night in August 2012. Flowers was the person driving the car that hit Morrison and his girlfriend, Sochyl Sosa, who survived the impact of the hit, but suffered a miscarriage as a result.

Graduation season begins; SCA, SJC, and EPY celebrate graduates
The graduation season has commenced, and eager students from all over the country are being, or will soon be, recognized for their hard work during their school years. So far, students from St. Catherine's Academy (SCA), St John's College (SJC), and Edward P. Yorke High School (EPY), have already marched up to receive their diplomas. On Saturday, June 2, SCA, which first opened its doors in 1883, on the first floor of the Sisters of Mercy Convent, held its graduation ceremonies. SCA has a student body of over 500 girls, and prides itself in assisting young women to truly achieve their potential. SCA's philosophy is rooted in its Christian faith and its desire to develop students spiritually, physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

World Cup 2018 Russia Group Phase Week 1 schedule
World Cup 2018 Russia kicks off on Thursday, June 14, with grand opening ceremonies followed by the opening game featuring host team Russia vs Saudi Arabia in Group A. Group Phase Week 1 schedule (local time): Thurs. June 14 - 09:00 - (A) Russia vs Saudi Arabia. Fri. June 15 - 06:00 - (A) Egypt vs Uruguay; 09:00 (B) Morocco vs IR Iran; 12:00 (B) Portugal vs Spain.

Home teams lose game 1 in Inter-District Club Tournament semifinals
Postponed from last weekend due to weather, yesterday's 1st leg of the FFB Inter-District Club Tournament 2018 semifinals ended in disappointment for both home teams. At the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga, visiting Progresso FC from Orange Walk came away with a big 5-0 win over home standing B&B Landshark FC. Sharing the scoring for Progresso were Andir Chi (14' & 55'), Eliazar Itza (34'), Ian Chi (62') and Ryan Murillo (84').

Stann Creek F.A. Week 14 results; quarterfinal playoffs next
The Stann Creek Football Association (SCFA) Cup 2018 1st Division Tournament held its Week 14 games on Friday night, June 8, at the Carl Ramos Stadium to complete its regular season. In the opener, Silk Grass SG Strikers bombed Department of Youth Services (DYS), 6-0, with goals from Nigel Elijio (13' & 30'), Erwin Flores (26') and Kenyon Lewis (28', 34' & 41'). And in the nightcap, it was Wagiya, 3-2, over Hopkins Ibayani. Shaking the net for Wagiya were Jaheim Caballero (55' & 61') and Russel Castillo (71'); while Hopkins got 1 apiece from Norman Nunez (13') and Devanny Tillett (25')

Primary school football winding down fast in Belize City
The Belize District Primary Schools Football Tournament 2018 is fast winding down. With the Belize District Championship scheduled for Thursday of this week, the Belize City competition has semifinals scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday (postponed from today, Monday); and the City finals are on Wednesday. Four male quarterfinal games were played on Friday, June 8, at the MCC Grounds, after the top 2 teams from each of 4 groups of 5 had qualified to the playoffs.

Editorial: Searching for scapegoats
Prime Minister of Belize, the Right Hon. Dean O. Barrow, has not been doing a good job of running the country of Belize for some years now, and the situation keeps getting worse and worse where the collapse of law and order is concerned and where our failing economy is concerned. To make matters, Mr. Barrow has been suffering from back problems and is looking for a way to make a triumphant exit sometime before the campaign for the 2020 general election begins. Precedent is not on Mr. Barrow's side, however. None of the three Prime Ministers of Belize before him was able to make a triumphant exit. All three resigned leadership after their parties were defeated in general elections. Mr. Barrow's United Democratic Party (UDP) will not be defeated in a general election under his leadership (except for 2003), but the indications are growing that he can't find a suitable UDP Leader/Prime Minister to replace him.

The Ineffective Renunciation of Guatemalan Citizenship: The Big Picture
The national identity of Belize is a complex, multifaceted construct that is continuously evolving. With a history amalgamated from numerous other nations and cultures, there are inevitably varied interpretations of what this identity is. Such contesting perceptions of Belizean identity have largely contributed to diverging policies on citizenship. On the one hand, at the heights of the immigration boom in the early 80s, we allowed unchecked, willful and wanton immigration, without considering the consequences of quick demographic changes on various aspects of life and society, and on the other hand, we stripped away the citizenship of some born Belizeans who became citizens of other countries.

At book launch, Assad Shoman said Che Guevara supported Belize's independence from 1961
Just at the time when the nation-state of Belize is grappling with the existential question of the Guatemalan territorial claim, whether or not the ancient claim should be settled by the judicial arm of the United Nations at its International Court of Justice (ICJ), the man who established the Belize Independence Secretariat and was the diplomatic genius behind the internationalization of Belize's right to self-determination launched a new, relevant book tonight: Guatemala's Claim to Belize: The Definitive History, by Assad Shoman. The book was launched at the Image Factory Art Gallery, located on North Front Street, shortly after 7:00 p.m. when attorney Dickie Bradley was called to say a few words about author Assad Shoman.

Two steps to make before we legalize it
There's not a person who does not appreciate the worth of neighbors who respect their values. It being impossible to find someone who is a perfect fit with everything we are, we must have tolerance in this world. But one can only bend so far. Land in a neighborhood where the folk are everything you are not, and you have to change them, or find another area to live. No beating around the bush, there are people who can't stand the smell of weed. Heck, there are people who can't stand to be around people who are smoking cigarettes! Second smoke is no issue for people like me, but there are those who get very angry when a cigarette smoker is in their neighborhood.

Malik Humes, 21, remanded for aggravated assault and theft
A Belize City resident has been arraigned for aggravated assault and theft for an incident that occurred in Ladyville around 10:05 p.m. on Friday, June 8. He is Malik Humes, 21, a construction worker of 2 Wagner's Lane. Humes pleaded not guilty to the charges when he appeared today, Monday, before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser. She explained to him that she could not offer him bail because the offence of aggravated assault was committed with a firearm. She remanded him into custody until August 28.

Man stabbed outside nightclub in Bella Vista
A Guatemalan farmer, Edwin Hernandez, 25, was stabbed early on Sunday morning in Bella Vista, Toledo. Hernandez reported to police that about 1:45 a.m. on Sunday, June 10, he was standing outside the Blue Sky Nightclub when he was approached by 39-year-old Martin Villatoro, a resident of the same village. Villatoro, a Honduran labourer, then stabbed him in the back. Hernandez was transported to the Independence Polyclinic and later transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. He is currently in a stable condition.

Wilser Chavarria, 23, found guilty of manslaughter
Wilser Chavarria, 23, accused of the murder of Panamanian diplomat Jose Rodrigo de la Rosa Stanford, 64, of Belmopan, that occurred in November 2014, has been found not guilty of murder, but guilty of manslaughter. The verdict was issued by Supreme Court judge, Justice Antoinette Moore, on Friday evening. According to a report on Plus TV, Chavarria claimed self-defense because a sexual assault was being committed on him by the career diplomat.

The evening of the crocodile on Princess Margaret Drive
This evening, many people heading home on Princes Margaret Drive to begin their weekend were surprised to see a large crocodile lying on the surface of the narrow canal that lies in the middle of the street between Pallotti High School and Cleopatra White polyclinic. Drivers slowed their vehicles to get a peep and several persons were overheard saying that they had never seen a crocodile up close like that before, as cell phones snapped pictures incessantly and a lone policeman controlled the flow of traffic.

The Reporter

Fatal fire in San Pedro
An early morning fire in San Pedro has reportedly claimed four lives. The blaze was reported in the Escalante area of San Pedro town.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belizeans busted in US immigration raids
Several Belizeans were among a group of illegal immigrants busted over the weekend in two immigration [�]

Mexican authorities to conduct inspections on vehicles entering Mexico
The Ministry of Transport today informed the Belizean public that commencing Wednesday, June 13 to Friday, [�]

PUP slams UDP Government for Cabinet re-shuffle
The Opposition, People's United Party (PUP) today issued a statement demanding answers for the abrupt reshuffle [�]

Don't blame the government for fuel prices, says Finance Ministry
The Ministry of Finance today issued a second release in less than a week explaining that [�]

Candlelight vigil is scheduled for tonight in San Pedro Town
In honor of the four victims that perished by the deadly fire that happened early [�]

Garifuna Council reaches out to Government on behalf of Barranco
The National Garifuna Council (NGC) has written to the Office of the Attorney General (AG) [�]

Prime Minister Announces Cabinet Changes
The Government of Belize has just issued a release informing of significant changes in the [�]

Belizeans involved in reported traffic accident in Mahahual
According to local Chetumal media, Linea de Fuego Chetumal, four Belizeans were involved in a road [�]

Four reportedly die in tragic San Pedro inferno
Reports to BBN indicate that four people have died as a result of an inferno [�]

WHO declares Paraguay Malaria free
Yesterday, the World Health Organization (WHO) certified Paraguay as having eliminated malaria. Paraguay is the [�]

Assad Shoman's new book launches countrywide
Belizean writer, historian and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Assad Shoman launched his new book [�]


26 Year Old Solo Traveler Vacation Review
My friend Joanne's 26-year-old daughter, Sandra came to stay with me recently. She had been to Ambergris Caye once many years ago when I lived at Hacienda in San Pablo area. She agreed my apartment in town was much better. Aside from laidback and relaxed, here is what she had to say about her vacation... It was a Thursday when I flew into Belize City International Airport and took the water taxi over to San Pedro where I met taco, and her friends Shirlee and Victoria. After a quick pass to drop-off my luggage we went to Poco Locos for dinner where I ate a buffalo chicken burger. I could taste the difference between the chicken in Canada and the chicken in Belize. I must say I like the chicken in San Pedro much better! We went back home and because it was #jerzday we had to watch Jersey Shore!

Diamond Lodge Bed & Breakfast Shines Bright
Just south of San Pedro Town within the bustling community of Sea Grape Drive lies a sanctuary of tranquil serenity. Embraced within a property of landscaped luxury and a sparkling pool that begs for quality time, the Diamond Lodge Bed & Breakfast is an intimate retreat where you can laze your day away or immerse yourself into the surrounding community. I'm always game for a weekend getaway, and when we were invited to enjoy a night and amenities at this island retreat, I was delighted to say yes! Who says you need to travel far to indulge a little? Upon arrival, we are greeted by their gracious host Seleni, who gives us a tour of their expansive great room where guests can lounge in extreme comfort and the open kitchen where Chef Duane Lizama creates his amazing meals. I can hardly wait for the morning!

Slowing it Down on Ambergris Caye: A Weekend At The Camp
My work involves getting out and about, taking pictures and then chatting about it on the internet. So when I'm at Cayo Frances Farm and Fly, 12 miles N on the west side of Ambergris Caye - a few acres of rare black soil on a sand island on a mostly hidden lagoon - things take a different pace. Not only is the internet speed awful over there* but the "out and about" is very different from San Pedro town. Over the weekend, I did a bit of reading (I LOVED this book), helped with the meals, planted about 50 heliconia and ginger flower plants, swatted mosquitoes, situated our 4 new mango trees that I brought up from Hopkins Mango Festival and took some pictures.

Outdoor Activities in Belize Inspired by Nature Photography Day
Do you enjoy the little, but grand, things in life? We surely do! A close-up of a flower, the sighting of a beautiful tropical bird, a mesmerizing thunderstorm, natural formations, breathtaking sunsets, to name a few, often bring us travellers a sense of wanderlust and enjoyment even when captured through the camera lens. Luckily for many of us, Nature Photography Day is fast-approaching (June 15th) which gives us yet another reason to celebrate Mother Nature's daily offerings and all the adventures we can find within. Created in 2006, the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) initiated this event as a way of celebrating nature as well as creating awareness for the conservation and protection of plants, wildlife, and landscapes locally and worldwide through photography.

International Sourcesizz

Flooding rain to eye Central America to Texas regardless of tropical storm potential in Gulf, Caribbean
An area of disturbed weather in the western Caribbean Sea may cause flooding problems along its path to the Gulf of Mexico despite a small chance to organize into a weak tropical system this weekend. A broad area of drenching showers and strong thunderstorms is forecast to drift northwestward from the western Caribbean to the western Gulf of Mexico over the next five days. Development seems unlikely over the next couple of days and may not occur at all, despite sufficiently warm waters, according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski.

Hard work must be the national symbol of Belize
Belize is tiny for a country - about the land size of Maryland - but it should get the prize for having the best place names per square mile. We tooled along in our fancy air-conditioned bus past Camelote, Cottontree, Sunflower, Teakettle, Mount Hope and Unitedville, which sounded so idyllic that I thought about asking the driver to pull over and let us stop for a while. I didn't for fear it would cause an argument and make us responsible for ripping Unitedville right in half. We Americans can do stuff like that without even trying. Only the name of the road we traveled was boring: Western Highway. If we had gone another direction, though, we could have gone down the Hummingbird Highway. They don't number the highways in Belize, what with there being only three of them.

Stalking the elusive permit from a fishing boat in Belize
I was standing at the front of a 23-foot-long panga in the Bay of Honduras, some 10 miles northeast of Punta Gorda, Belize, as my angling partner, Nelson Mathews, was perched in a seat below. A group of frigatebirds circled above, reminiscent of cruising fighter jets, while several pelicans and cormorants watched from a snag on a mangrove island nearby. The low-lying Maya Mountains were just visible through a thin haze to the west. My right hand held a 10-weight fly rod; my left, a size-6 Bauer Crab fly. At my feet, 40 feet of fly line lay coiled. The blue-green water danced before my eyes, assuming different shades from the ever-shifting substrate three feet below - sometimes turtle grass, sometimes coral or sand. This did not make it any easier to spot my elusive quarry, the permit. From an elevated platform in the back of the boat, our guide, Scully Garbutt, pushed the boat along silently with an 18-foot graphite pole. His eyes seemed at least as sharp as those of the ospreys that patrolled below the frigatebirds. After a time, he called out calmly, "Permit, ten o'clock. Point your rod." I pointed my rod to where I thought the fish was.

Caribbean gearing up for culinary showcase in Miami
Hosted by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bonaire, the Cayman Islands, Cura�ao, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Turks and Caicos have selected their best chefs and mixologists for this year's Taste of the Caribbean. A combined team representing chefs from some of the Caribbean destinations that were impacted by last September's hurricanes will also compete. The team comprises members from Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. Since 1993, the Caribbean's best chefs and culinary teams have been meeting at Taste to compete, demonstrate their skills, learn from each other and offer the travel trade a scintillating exhibition of the most delectable culinary treats of the region.

What now for the Commonwealth?
It's a club that covers the world, represents some 2.4 billion people, caters to nations as vast as Canada, as populous as India and as remote as Micronesian islands. And it has the former British Empire as its common roots - now, as the representatives of the 53 governments meet in London for the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), it's an organisation that is trying to forge a new future, select a new leader and work on its relationship with Britain as London tries to negotiate a post-Brexit role on the global stage. Theresa May, the United Kingdom's Prime Minister, is looking to win the support of the Commonwealth, a network of mostly former British colonies, for future trade and bolster her argument that the future is bright after Britain leaves the European Union next March. The Commonwealth, headed by Queen Elizabeth, is not a formal trading bloc with a free-trade agreement and, in 2015, it accounted for only 9 per cent of British exports while, by contrast, the EU, which Britain voted to leave in 2016, accounted for around 44 per cent.


  • Tragedy in San Pedro!, .5min. Four perished in tragic fire that destroyed two houses early this morning in the Escalante Sub-division. Authorities from the San Pedro Police Department and Fire Officials are still in the area awaiting the arrival of a pathologist before they can retrieve the bodies. We will have more on this story.

  • Father and son survive blaze in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, 1min. While his wife, son, daughter and relative could not make it out in time. Island residents devastated with shocking news

  • Deadly fire in San Pedro, 2min.

  • Belize Aggressor IV 2018, 7min. Our dive trip of May 2018 aboard the Belize Aggressor IV.

  • ROATAN AND BELIZE 2018, 10min. This years trip to Roatan and Belize.

  • Re-registration of voters, 3.5min. On July 1st, Belize will undergo a re-registration of voters. This a process that must take place every 20 years with its main objective to 'clean' the existing list and ensure that everyone on it is qualified to participate in future elections.

  • Jesse & Joanna Belize Wedding Film, 12min. by Jose Luis Zapata

  • Stann Creek Ecumenical High School - first high school to represent Belize at the 124th Penn Relays, 28min.

  • The National Emergency Management Organization - Disaster Prepareness, 66min.

  • The Crocodile Research Coalition and The Belize Zoo - World Crocodile Day, 28min.

  • Morning Matters with Drew, 62min.

  • Use of Psycho-educational assessments, 43min.

  • Women in Fisheries Forum - Working towards Zero Hunger with Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries", 24min.

  • Vigil in memory of the Nunez and Bacab family, 45min.

  • My Father Belize - Indiegogo Video, 2min. Like the Oscar winning film Moonlight, My Father Belize is an intimate window into manhood depicting universal experiences through characters that are rarely portrayed in cinema. It is a slice of life which immerses the audience into a unique world of culture, beauty, emotion, and humanity. The film will be shot on location in Belize, Central America and will feature a Belizean cast and crew. With great passion we are setting out to showcase the talent, people, and stories of our homeland.

  • Belize The Video, 4.5min.

  • Belize trip- bike riding in Placencia , 2min. While traveling in belize we took a ride on the bikes that the airbnb provided, it was so fun. We road bout 5mi up the road...

  • Exploring Belize: Snorkeling & Cave Tubing, 12min. All of St. George's Caye got put into one video. Snorkeling was amazing! The resort was breathtaking. And I can never get enough of ziplining.

  • River Tubing in Belize on the Macal River - May 2018, 8min.

  • Belize diving with reef sharks, 1min.

  • Acci�n Deportiva June 12, 56min.

  • Police Check Point Talk Show June 12, 60min.

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