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Ambergris Today

Belize Opens Border To Residents Of Chetumal Passport-F
The Government of Belize says they have opened the border for residents of the state of Quintana Roo, allowing Mexicans to enter the country without passports. Through its consulate office in Chetumal, the Government of Belize says the Belize Hotel Association began a campaign to promote its tourist attractions to increase the flow of Mexican visitors into the country. In a press conference, the Belizean Consul in Chetumal, Luis Montero Maldonado and the representative of the hoteliers Tessie Dur�n Tonaco, explained that a fundamental part of this exchange of visitors will be to grant greater access to the facilities and different tourist destinations in Belize.

Misc Belizean Sources


Belize to Celebrate Public Service Day: Public Officers to be Recognized at Award Ceremonies
In solidarity with the United Nations and other countries around the world, Belize celebrates Public Service Day on 23rd June, with a week of activities each year, to recognize and celebrate the work and worth of the Public Service. The theme for this year is "The Belize Public Service - Moving towards the future with Innovation, Dedication, and Perseverance." This year marks the implementation of the 'Recognition and Meritorious Award Policy' for the Belize Public Service, which is a demonstration of the Government's commitment to building employee morale by showing appreciation for employees across the Public Service at every level for outstanding performances.

Export Processing Zone Committee Decision on Santander Sugar Limited Violations and Waiver Request to Sell Locally
The Export Processing Zone Committee (EPZC) convened a meeting in respect of (1) a request made by Santander Sugar Limited, a Belizean EPZ Company, for a waiver to be granted allowing the company to sell approximately 5,000 tons of direct consumption sugar and 2,000 tons of molasses in the domestic market; and (2) violations committed under the Export Processing Zone Act, Chapter 280, Substantive Laws of Belize, by Santander Sugar Ltd. The methodology for the review of the waiver request was premised on three criteria: i. Will the waiver aid the economic development of Belize? ii. Will it relieve a shortage of sugar in the domestic market? iii. Does it otherwise seem to be in the interest of Belize?

Belmopan Humane Society Annual General Meeting
The Belmopan Humane Society is actively recruiting volunteers that would like to join our Board of Directors. We are in need of a secretary to take minutes of the meetings and a treasurer. If you feel you can commit to a full year to help the Society achieve its ambitious goals please call 602 7947

Corozal ArT In ThE ParK
This weekend's edition of Art in the Park on Saturday, June 16th will be monitored due to the oncoming weather condition. According to our Corozal House of Culture, it is still scheduled for this weekend. Please come out and enjoy the camaraderie. One Love!

History Department of Corozal Junior College attands Presentation of Shoman book
A gracious thank you to the History Department of Corozal Junior College in extending an invitation to attend the presentation of Assad Shoman's book - Guatemala's Claim to Belize, The Definitive History. It was wonderful to see students engaged in question & answers with the author on this critical challenge facing our nation.

SBDC Bookkeeping Workshop
The SBDC is having a couple of free workshops today. There's an Intro to Accounting and Bookkeeping workshop and a Cost and Pricing workshop. Contact them at 822-3737 to register.. "If you live in San Ignacio and own Small Business, SBDCBelize, a unit of BELTRAIDE, is offering a Free Training Opportunity on June 15, 2018. Just call our offices at 822-3737 to register for "Introduction to Accounting and Bookkeeping" and/or "Cost and Pricing". Don't miss out!"

Movie Night at KoKo King
FAMILY FRIDAY - Let's cross our fingers that the rain holds and we have a great movie line up commencing after the sun sets!!! CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS (PG) - 2 overly imaginative pranksters named George and Harold hypnotize their principal into thinking he's a ridiculously enthusiastic, incredibly dimwitted superhero named Captain Underpants. TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT (PG13) - Autobots and Decepticons are at war, with humans on the sidelines. Optimus Prime is gone. The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth.

Lobster Season Opens Today!
The Lobster Season officially re-opens today, June 15! The Lobster Season will last June 15, 2018 - February 14, 2019. Please note the following Fisheries Regulations: � No person or establishment should have in possession filleted or diced lobster tail. � No persons shall take lobster with berries, eggs or spawn removed that is molting or has soft shell. � It is illegal to remove any female lobster, any egg or spawn or the setae or fiber to which any egg or spawn are/previously attached. Be a responsible consumer - the minimum carapace length is 3 inches and minimum tail weight is 4 ounces! Be sociable - share! Photo credit: Matthew Scott

Voter Re-registration Meeting today on Caye Caulker
Attention General Public: Elections and Boundaries will be in Caye Caulker to inform you of the process and requirements needed for re-registration. It will be held at the Community Center on Friday, June 15th,2018 at 10:00 a.m. You are all invited to attend. Thank You.

Made in Belize Expo 2018
Saturday, June 16 at 10 AM - 5 PM, National Agriculture & Trade Show Grounds, Junction of George Price Hwy and Hummingbird Hwy. Come out and see us at the Made in Belize Expo, this Saturday, June 16th, 2018. Enjoy 20% off all our Grow Big Products! Bring an old Grow Big or similar gallon jug and receive $1.00 off the product of your choice! Buy Belize, Support local made products!

BTB offers vacation to US Open competitor
The Belize tourism commission is offering a free vacation to whichever U.S. Open competitor posts the worst score at the notoriously difficult par-3 No. 7.

National Song Competition 2018 Receiving Submissions
Each year, the National Celebrations Commission strives to highlight Belize's rich and unique cultural heritage through the numerous events held to commemorate our national celebrations. One such event is the National Song Competition which was created to provide professional and amateur musicians with the opportunity to create and showcase their original pieces. The goal of the competition is to promote artistic expression, national pride and Belize's diverse culture. The competition was created to give both professionals and amateur song-writers and performing artists an opportunity to showcase their original pieces on a grand stage. It comprises of two categories:

The Belize National Team Friendly Matches
The Football Federation of Belize (FFB) continues the preparation of the National Teams. This weekend, Sunday June 17, 2018, the National A-Team and U-19 team will be playing both Crack International from Cancun, Quinta Roo A-Team and U-19 Team respectively at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium. The U-19 teams will play at 4:00PM, and the A-Teams will play at 6:00 PM. The Belize U-19 National Team will be competing in the UNCAF U-19 male tournament in Honduras from August 20-26, 2018 and the Belize A-Team will be competing in the CONCACAF Nations League tournament scheduled later this year. Both our U-19 and A-Team will be traveling to Merida to participate in a Quadrangular tournament against Club Venados and Atlantic of Merida on June 28 - 29, 2018.

Johnny Bee Birthday Bash
Bay Breeze on the Corozal Bay invites this Saturday, June 16th from 7:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. - Johnny Bee Birthday Bash - Various DJ's. Come out and have fun in a safe environment.

Telethon for the Escalante Sub-Division Fire Victims
Share the word an lend a hand. Telethon in aid of the Escalante Sub-Division Fire Victims. Starting at 7am on REEF TV Channel 20 and Reef Radio 92.3FM

The Stann Creek Regional Archaeology Project wraps up their 2018 season in Belize
Here's a heartfelt thank you to our students and staff for making the SCRAP 2018 field school such a memorable success! It was a pleasure working with all of you! Safe travels everyone.

Channel 7

Feud Between Neighbors Leads to Late Evening Shooting
At 6:00 this evening, bus commuters were alarmed to hear the sound of 6 gunshots right near the bus station. A man was shot and killed in what appears to be some kind of dispute between neighbors. It happened on East Canal near the junction with Cemetery Road. Details are scarce at this time, but police are processing the scene where a man is dead in his yard, and his neighbor is on the scene in handcuffs. We'll have more on this tomorrow.

Off Duty Cop Saves Businessman From Ruthless Robber
For two weeks now we've been telling you about the rash of armed robberies at businesses across the city. Today one assailant took it to another level - he straight up attacked a businessman and tried to pull him out of his vehicle. It happened on busy King Street at 10:00 am, half a block from Albert Street - which is teeming with police, and in plain view of everyone. The brazen nature of the crime was captured on security camera and Jules Vasquez looked at the footage:… Jules Vasquez reporting: At a few minutes after 10:00 this morning - an Indian businessman is seen taking his time to climb into his Four Runner SUV. He lives and works in the area so is comfortable and at ease.

Balloon Bar Targeted By Pair of Thieves
And last night gunmen descended on a bar on the northside. Balloon Bar on Marine Parade was the target this time. At 8:10 two men - one of them with a gun - robbed the place, pistol whipped the owner, and then robbed the wait-staff of their personal possessions. Police told us more. Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino, C.I.B., Eastern Division: "The Balloon Bar Pizzeria. The owner of the establishment, Mr. Ahmet Bekiz, reported that he was inside the establishment along with four of his employees when two male persons of dark complexion entered the business, one of whom was armed with a firearm. They proceeded to rob the workers of cell-phones and jewelry and they made their escape in a black pickup truck..."

Customer Shot in Calcutta Village
And gunmen weren't only in the prowl in the city - as far north as Calcutta Village in the Corozal District there was gunplay. Police told us how an alert security guard and two would be robbers got into an exchange of fire that injured a bystander:.. Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino, C.I.B., Eastern Division: "Police responded to a shooting at a community supermarket in Calcutta Village. There on arrival, they spoke to the security of the business and he indicated that while standing in front of the establishment, he noticed two male persons approaching the supermarket and their movements were suspicious to him..."

Faber not Flustered By Patt Promotion
Last night, we showed you our interviews with UDP Ministers Wilfred Elrington and Edmond Castro discussing the Prime Minister's latest reshuffling of his Cabinet. Dr. Carla Barnett, the Minister of State who ran the day to day operations of the Ministry of Natural Resources, is being replaced by her elected UDP colleague, Hugo Patt. Her unexpected exit from one of the most powerful ministries has been cause for speculation, since the Lands Department is regularly under the spotlight for allegations of corruption. And, rather suddenly, Prime Minister Barrow has chosen an elected representative and a juniour minister to take over. Today, when we got the opportunity to speak with the Deputy Prime Minister, we asked him for his take on the portfolio re-assignment:

Was Saldivar Passed Over For Patt?
So while Faber isn't chafed over the Cabinet twist, it's much the same for National Security Minister John Saldivar. As a senior minister he also would have seemed a suitable choice for such a senior ministry. But, today, he couldn't seem less bothered by Hugo Patt's major promotion. Saldivar says he is very satisfied with running his ministry and wished Patt well. Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security: "I would like to think that the Ministry of National Security is a senior enough ministry for a guy like me. I certainly want to add though that I think Dr. Barnett was doing a great job in terms of trying to institute reforms that would bring about better service delivery in the ministry and I expect that Minister Patt is going to continue on those programs and plans that the former minister had in place and I know that Minister Patt will do a good job. I wish him well. It's a tough ministry, people are looking for service and that's why we are making the changes that we are doing and I think that he is going to continue along the lines that Dr. Barnett had already started."

How Will Hugo Handle Natural Resources?
So with all those well wishes and endorsements, Corozal North's Hugo Patt can get to work. The Natural Resource Ministry is a powerful but very difficult ministry to manage - and Patt becomes the 4th minister in less than three years since the last general election. Today when we spoke to Patt he said he is approaching the task with a positive and open mind. Patt also addressed all the issues and setbacks at the Lands Department which is the lynchpin in the Ministry of Natural Resources: Hon. Hugo Patt, Minister of Natural Resources: "I welcome this. As you indicated it's a big ministry. It's a huge challenge and as I indicated it is not like we will be starting from scratch. It's not like we will be starting from zero. A lot of work has been put into the ministry in terms of reforms, in terms of restructuring. So that we have a part that we need to streamline. We have a roadmap that all we need to do in my opinion is tweak and fine tune in order to get the processes in place and for the people to get a timely service."

Taking A Stand in South Cebada, Chiquibul
The South Cebada area is one of the most bountiful and pristine areas in the Chiquibul Forest - but it's also under the most pressure from Guatemalans who are pushing into Belize. The Friends for Conservation and Development recently reported that rangers documented fresh survey lines, and beans, corn and banana plantations by Guatemalan farmers. So they're pushing in - today Courtney Weatherburne went to Chiquibul to find out what Government is doing to push back:... Like first time home owners checking out their new crib - National Security Minister John Saldivar and his colleagues inspected the conservation post in the South Cebada area of the Chiquibul. Of course this new space isn't for them.

Military Minister Saldivar Urges For Restraint On Otoxha Border
And those crafty Guatemalan encroachers have already found another to penetrate - and that's Otoxha in southwestern Belize. Villagers recently took to the airwaves and asked for the BDF's help in clearing the border line. National Security Minister Saldivar advised against that:... Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security: "Since they made the call we've been down there and continue to have a presence down there. We are looking at how we can improve what we are doing down there. I should be visiting there sometime next week, but I know that we are on the ground and that we've been able at least for now arrest the situation. We are working on a plan that will involve the villagers, the alcalde association and all, so that we can have a more permanent fix to this problem."

Nurse Was With Her Two Children When Killed in RTA
As we told you last night - a nurse was killed in a fatal accident on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Police told us today that 43 year old Lemi Ewan was with her two children when she lost control of her Suzuki Gran Vitara and flipped multiple times: Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino: "Miss Rosa De Jesus was driving the vehicle from Crooked Tree in the direction of Rhaburn Ridge when she lost control of the vehicle and caused it to overturn. Inside the vehicle were two minors, a a twelve-year-old and a nine-year-old. The twelve-year-old Christopher Ewan and the nine-year-old Astria Salam. They received minor injuries and they were treated and released from the hospital."

Dwayne Davis Tells Court He's Neither Gay Nor Bisexual
37 year-old Dwayne Davis, the man who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in a male on male sex tryst that went wrong, will have to wait 6 more days to find out how much jail time he will serve for the 2012 killing of the Guatemalan Doctor, Ivan Garcia Today, the judge heard a mitigation plea from both Davis and his attorney, Bryan Neal. They offered testimony that the judge should consider in arriving at the prison sentence. Davis told the court that he is neither gay nor bisexual, and he was not Dr. Garcia's lover. He said that he was simply defending himself. He asked the court for leniency, and he said that he would greatly appreciate any consideration given to him. Attorney Bryan Neal told the court that he has served just a few days short of 6 years on remand. Neal asked Justice Lucas to subtract the remand time from Davis' sentence.

Santander Gets A Stern Slapdown
The Santander Sugar Group got a strong rap on the knuckles today when the Export Processing Zone Committee handed down its decision on the company infractions of the EPZ regulations. First, the Committee denied their application for a waiver of the EPZ regulations so that they can sell sugar locally. The Committee found, quote, "the main conclusion from the assessment was that there is not any shortage of sugar in the domestic market. Based on this, and other findings of the assessment report, the EPZC decided that market conditions do not warrant the waiver at this time, and hence, the committee was unable to favorably consider Santander's request to sell sugar and molasses in the local market at this time." And then, the Committee also reviewed Santander's violations of EPZ regs and decided, quote, "to impose the maximum fine applicable under the EPZ Act."

Restoring Regality to Queen Of the Bay
The last time that the Queen of the Bay pageant made evening news was during last year's September Celebrations when it turned into a public fiasco. The decade's old pageant has a long history of prestige, and it even has a special place in the September Celebrations schedule. But, all that was disregarded when the past Chair of Queen of the Bay Committee got into a public dispute over the with the judges over who should have won. That turned an exercise in patriotism into a soap opera on a public stage. So, this year, the Government wants to make sure that there is not going to be a repeat of that embarrassment. So, they've decided to turn over leadership of the pageant to a committee made up of past queens who have intimate knowledge about how coordinator Emma Boiton ran it before her she had to step down for health reasons.

NEMO Is Down With EOC
Last night on the news NEMO Minister Edmond Castro was non comital about the Belize City Council's request to use the Belize Civic Center as the Emergency Operation Center in the event of a hurricane. He didn't exactly say yes to the EOC, and so today, the NEMO Ministry sent out a press release which makes it clear that they agree with the EOC at civic. The press release says, quote, "Minister of National Emergency Management Hon Edmond Castro and officials from… (NEMO) and …(CEMO) agreed that the Civic Center, in the event of a major disaster, would be utilized as headquarters for the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), among other things." End quote. The Press release confirms that an emergency medical center, operated by KHMH staff, will also be housed at the civic.

Apex Bex 'Bout Trade License Assessment
So, while that dispute appears to have been amicably resolved, another is brewing between Apex Belize, the managers of the Civic, and City Hall - this one is over trade licenses. The press has learned that the City's Trade License Board is considering billing Apex a half a million dollars for their trade licenses to operate in Belize. Now, as viewers are aware, the almost 33 million dollar facility will cost almost a million dollars to run it annually. Apex has to rent it out to cover its operational costs, and they have to meet strict revenue targets in order to be allowed to continue managing it.

Faber Says Trade License Fee Is Victimization
We also asked Sports Minister and BIL Co-Chair Patrick Faber about the possibility that half-a-million-dollar trade license bill. He told us that from his perspective, it looks like victimization, and here's how he explained why: Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Sports: "I heard only vaguely about the desire of the council to do that. I suspect that there is some element of victimization, if you will. We know that the opposition party, particularly the mayor, on his campaign ranted and raved about the civic center. This is not something that they support..."

Waggan Robbers Got Small Take
On Monday we told you about the armed robbery of the popular discount outlet, Kriol Waggans. It's newsworthy because it's a robbery, but also because it happened at a store in the King's Park area. Since then we've been pressing police for details - and today they finally provided it:.. As you heard, there are suspects based on what was captured on security camera.

Police Say Golf Cart Caused San Pedro Blaze
And going now to the san Pedro fire, police are only now managing to put together all the details in a blaze that killed four and affected many more. They are also saying that a golf cart which was charging started the fire that turned into an unspeakable tragedy:… Nunez remains in critical condition.

Toddler Drowns In Disposal Pit
And another child died in tragic circumstances. Yesterday, 24 year old Rosa Cisneros saw that her three year old daughter Abigail was missing. Police explained where she found the child and what happened next:... It was a pit used for disposal, not a well.

He Won Quarter Mil!
Only 3 months ago, A San Ignacio man got very lucky with a quick pick in Fantasy 5 which saw him walk away with the 345-thousand-dollar jackpot. Well tonight, there is another quick pick Fantasy 5 winner. This time, it's Hernan Serrano, a Ladyville resident. On Tuesday, he bought a quick pick and he learned today that he had the winning ticket, which gave him the current jackpot of 284,000 dollars. We go a chance to speak off-camera with him and the PR Officer for Fantasy 5 about his sudden and big come-up: After taxes, Serrano will take home $241,400.

Bouncy House Babylon Making Rocky Road Relief
And, finally tonight, in police news that has nothing do with crime, we went out to Rocky Road yesterday to see the Region One commander recruiting kids for his cadet corps. Rocky Road is a gang affiliated area and it's right beside its biggest rivals on George Street. But when Senior Superintendent Gillett showed up with a bouncy house - kids from both neighborhoods came together. He told us that's exactly the plan - creating peace through policing:… Gillett makes weekly visits to Rocky Road and Mayflower neighborhood and hopes to expand it to Lake Independence next.

Channel 5

Hugo Patt Speaks on Taking over the Ministry of Natural Resources
His promotion to the second most powerful government ministry is still making headlines, but since the announcement that on June twenty-fifth, he will become the new Minister of Natural Resources, [...]

Will Promotion Boost Patt's Chances to Contest Upcoming Leadership Convention?
Hugo Patt's ascension as well as the significance of the portfolio he has been assigned, leads many to question whether the U.D.P. Corozal North area rep is being primed for [...]

DPM Patrick Faber Comes Out in Support of New Lands Minister
As you heard, Minister Patt officially assumes direction of the Ministry of Natural Resources, in the next two week. The minister from the north has not held any of the [...]

Was Carla Barnett Pushed Out of Lands?
The announcement on Tuesday that Senator Carla Barnett was leaving the Ministry of Natural Resources took a lot of people by surprise because it is well known that the senator [...]

G.O.B. Rejects Santander's Request to Sell Sugar Locally
There is sweet news for cane farmers who strongly fought against the Spanish multinational, Santander, for introducing white sugar into the local market. Tonight, there is a decision in respect [...]

Controversy over Development in Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve
There is growing public concern about the status of a development in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve by a group of businessmen led by former Immigration Minister Elvin Penner. [...]

C.E.O. Percival Cho Says Environmental Clearance to Developer Not Granted
According to C.E.O. Cho an application by the developer has been halted because of environmental clearance not being granted. The Department of Environment, however, is reviewing that application.   Isani [...]

Foiled Robbery on King Street; 1 Man Detained
A police officer's quick action foiled a robbery in progress in the downtown area today. The brazen robbery in progress happened shortly after ten this morning in front of a [...]

Armed Robbers Target Balloon Bar Pizzeria
On Wednesday night around eight-twenty, robbers struck the Balloon Bar Pizzeria on Marine Parade.� Police say they were called out to the establishment where they learnt that two armed robbers [...]

Thieves Identified in Creole Wagans Robbery
Creole Wagans located on 'E' Street was the target of robbers on Monday around two-thirty in the afternoon. The perpetrators only managed to take a small amount of cash and [...]

Are Robbers Abandoning Downtown and Targeting the North Side?
Are robbers abandoning downtown and targeting the north side? From all indications it appears so. After police implemented the "safe zone" on the Alberts following a string of daring armed [...]

Landy's & Sons in Orange Walk is Targeted by Thieves
And from robberies in the city to a burglary in the north.� Today police said that Landy's and Sons, a hardware store on the Belize-Corozal Road in Orange Walk Town [...]

Faber for U.D.P. Leadership, Next Prime Minister
Political pundits view Hugo Patt's promotion to the Ministry of Natural Resources as an attempt to neutralize any power play by frontrunners Patrick Faber and John Saldivar in the run [...]

John Saldivar Already Campaigning for U.D.P. Leadership
Despite having lost to Collet's Patrick Faber for Deputy Party Leader in May 2016, John Saldivar has reemerged as a serious contender. �The Belmopan area representative is already on the [...]

Trade Licenses Bill to Apex; is it Political Victimization?
Is a move by the Belize City Council to bill the managing company of the Civic Center approximately half a million dollars for trade licenses, a case of political victimization [...]

Late Evening Murder in the City
Late this evening, there was a murder in the south side of the city. Police have not been able to confirm details, but we know that a man on Collet [...]

Nurse Leimi Ewan Perishes in Fatal RTA
There was a fatal accident on the Philip Goldson Highway on Wednesday evening which claimed the life of Nurse Leimi Ewan. The northern regional nurse was traveling from Crooked Tree [...]

Bystander Injured During Shootout in Calcutta
Police say they were called out to the scene of a shooting around eight-forty-five on Wednesday night in Calcutta Village, Corozal. A man who was standing behind a supermarket fired [...]

Did a Charging Golf Cart Cause the Deadly Fire in San Pedro?
The Fire Department continues its investigations into the horrific fire in the Escalante Subdivision of San Pedro. Thirty-six-year-old Clarita Bacab, perished in the inferno as did her two children and [...]

Sentence Deferred for Dwayne Davis, Guilty of Manslaughter
Thirty-seven-year-old Dwayne Davis remains behind bars tonight pending sentencing. Davis was charged with the 2012 murder of Doctor Ivan Garcia but pleaded guilty to manslaughter. He was to be sentenced [...]

South Cebada Conservation Post is Inaugurated
The Protected Areas Conservation Trust, PACT, along with a team of five ranking government officials, including Minister of National Security John Saldivar, journeyed to the depths of the Chiquibul National [...]

Setting the Record Straight: G.O.B. Decides Whether Salaries of Striking Teachers are Docked
Minister of Education Patrick Faber says that the government is solely responsible to make decisions on whether or not salaries should be docked for teachers who go on strike. There [...]

Details on the Drowning of Toddler in Southern Belize
A baby girl drowned in a pit of water in Bella Vista Village on Tuesday. Police responded to the drowning sometime around one-thirty that afternoon when a woman reported that [...]

Queen of the Bay Pageant Taken Over by Former Queens
The Queen of the Bay pageant is a highlight in the September calendar as highly anticipated as the Carnival Road march. Deep in tradition, the pageant has been running for [...]


Faber says results cause for concern
Last week the results of this year's primary school examinations were released. The results did not show an improvement in the four core subject areas. Minister of Education Patrick Faber said while he is not pleased with the results, he hopes that the work that is being done within the system will yield results. Patrick �

EPZ says no to Santander
Santander will not be allowed to sell their sugar on the local market. That is the decision of the Export Processing Zone Committee. As has been reported, Santander had requested a waiver for the company to sell five thousand tons of direct consumption sugar and two thousand tons of molasses on the domestic market. The �

Jose Mai says sugar industry must be prioritized
Over the years the sugar cane industry has had its fair share of challenges. Farmers have had to adapt to changes in the global market which has led to falling prices. Area representative, Jose Mai said the Ministry of Trade needs to look at expanding the country quota. Jose Mai, Area Representative, Orange Walk South: �

Past Queens form new Queen of the Bay Committee
Last year the Queen of the Bay pageant was embroiled in controversy as there was the crowning of two Queens. To ensure there is not a repeat of last year's fiasco a new Queen of the Bay Committee has been put together. Deputy Prime Minister and Chairperson of the National September Celebrations Commission, Patrick Faber, �

Police suspect that tragic fire on San Pedro was caused by golf cart
In the early hours of Tuesday morning, a fire in the Escalante subdivision area of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye claimed the life of 36-year-old Clarita Bacab, two of her children and her niece. Today the Police say the fire might have originated from a golf cart that was in the area. Insp. Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB, �

Faber endorses Patt as Minister of Natural Resources
The next Minister of Natural Resources will be Hugo Patt. As was announced earlier this week, Patt was assigned to the portfolio after Dr. Carla Barnett requested to be reassigned. Patt will become the fourth Minister of Natural Resources in under three years. Yesterday Minister Wilfred Elrington told the press the problems within the Lands �

Mother killed in traffic incident
A woman was killed in a road traffic incident yesterday evening on the Philip Goldson Highway. Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino provided the details. Inspector Wilfredo Ferrufino - Crime Investigation Branch: Police visited Mile 33 or visited an area between Miles 33 and 34 on the Philip Goldson Highway. Upon arrival they discovered a Suzuki Grand Vitara. A �

CEMO holds out hope for Civic
The City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) has its eyes on using the Belize Civic Center as its emergency operation center. Edmond Castro, the Minister of Transport and NEMO, said that priority is being given to the hospital and the security services. On the other hand, the Minister did not confirm that CEMO will be allowed �

Will judgment against Samuel Haynes cause it to fold?
Approximately three years ago, an iron-gate located at the Samuel Haynes Institute fell on three-year-old Brianna Timmons. The family had sued the contractor, Brian Espat and Pickstock Development Association, which owns the property where the Samuel Haynes Institute is located. Minister Wilfred Elrington's wife, Barbara Elrington, is the Executive Director of Pickstock Development Association. Earlier �

NEMO tours civic
Minister of Transport and National Emergency Management, Edmond Castro conducted a tour and inspection of the Belize Civic Center facilities to examine how adequate it is to be used in case of a disaster. Castro told the media that it will be used to house the hospital. Edmond Castro - Minister of Transport & NEMO: "It �

The Reporter

Murder reported near Pound Yard bridge!
A man was reportedly murdered about an hour ago near the Pound Yard bridge in Belize City. The incident happened during a confrontation between the deceased and someone from Pacheco's Jewelry Shop on East Collet Canal. The police are at the scene and The Reporter [�]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Orange Walk hardware store burglarized twice within 24 hours
This morning, John Burns, a businessman of Orange Walk reported to police that Landy's and Sons [�]

Orange Walk youth drowns while swimming in river near San Estevan Ferry
On June 11, 2018, around 12 p.m., police were called by the person in charge of [�]

Belize Civic Center to be used for Emergency operations center
Yesterday, the Minister of National Emergency Management, Edmond Castro, officials from the National Emergency Management Organization [�]

Man shot dead near Pacheco's jewelry shop in Belize City
A shooting in Belize City minutes ago has left one person dead. BBN can confirm [�]

Creole Wagons employee robbed and held at gunpoint
On Monday around 2:30 p.m., police arrived at the Creole Wagons on F Street, in [�]

Belize's Blue Hole featured in Forbes most amazing underwater caves
Prestigious American magazine, Forbes has included the Blue Hole on a list of the most amazing [�]

Belize to Celebrate Public Service day
Today, the government of Belize announced that in solidarity with the United Nations and other [�]

Person of the Week- Jane Usher
Whenever one thinks about the credit union movement in Belize, the name Jane Usher comes [�]

Export Processing Zone Committee denies Santander's waiver request
On Tuesday, May 12, the Export Processing Zone Committee (EPZC) convened a meeting in respect [�]

National Song Competition 2018 now receiving Submissions
Each year, the National Celebrations Commission strives to highlight Belize's rich and unique cultural heritage through [�]

World Blood Donors day celebrated
Every year on June 14, health professionals and blood donors commemorate World Blood Donors day. [�]

Maya Mountain Cacao Ltd. launches Project to certify selected Cacao Trees as Heirloom
On Monday, June 11, the Maya Mountain Cacao (MMC) group, in partnership with the Heirloom [�]


More Docks in Boca Del Rio, Indian Food in San Pedro And SO MANY EVENTS Coming Up
Just a few months ago, I posted about a proliferation of piers in the Boca Del Rio area just north of the town center (Two New Over the Water Bars and one dive shop) I'm left a bit confused. There has been talk for years about thinning out the number of docks in San Pedro town. The last mayor even suggested the removal of all docks to the back side of the island. I'm not sure many thought that would be possible. But over the past year or so, not only have all the docks damaged/destroyed by the hurricane been rebuilt, but even more docks - longer and bigger - have been constructed. The newest example is one that is under construction now in Boca Del Rio. Renderings have surfaced on the opposition party's Facebook page for "Losers" Bar.

Guyventures: Take Her On An Adventure Trip To Western Belize
Belize is confounding. A place cannot be this beautiful - it's unfair. Nestled below Mexico's southeastern corner, its borders slice through western Guatemala and its coastline looks out onto the Caribbean. A former British colony, Belize is officially an English speaking nation in the heart of the Spanish speaking world. But as I learned when traveling there - in Belize, official is little more than a guideline. Vastly different cultures blend to make up what Belize is today and, impossibly, they manage to thrive together. Regardless of where their ancestors came from, an impressive percentage of Belizeans speak English, Spanish as well as Creole (similar to Jamaican Patois) - pretty much everyone I spoke to did.

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Shillong band to participate in Belize fest
Shillong band 4th Element will represent India at the Belize International Jazz Festival at Belize, Central America this year, The festival begins on on June 16 and will conclude on June 24. Band from countries Mexico, Hungary, Quba, USA, and Belize itself to name a few will take part in the festival. The band members of 4th Element are hugely excited to perform at the Belize International Jazz Festival and have also included a few Khasi songs in the lineup, which have been musically designed according to the styles and elements of the band. The 4th Element of Shillong will be the first band from India ever to play not only at the jazz festival but in the beautiful Caribbean coast line country of Belize itself.

Belize opens border to state residents passport-free
The government of Belize says they have opened the border for residents of the state of Quintana Roo, allowing Mexicans to enter the country without passports. Through its consulate office in Chetumal, the government of Belize says the Belize Hotel Association began a campaign to promote its tourist attractions to increase the flow of Mexican visitors into the country. In a press conference, the Belizean consul in Chetumal, Luis Montero Maldonado and the representative of the hoteliers Tessy Dur�n, explained that a fundamental part of this exchange of visitors will be to grant greater access to the facilities and different tourist destinations in Belize.


  • Mennonites in Belize, 44min. Mennonites in Belize form different religious bodies and come from different ethnic backgrounds. There are groups of Mennonites living in Belize, who are quite traditional and conservative in Shipyard and Upper Barton Creek, while others have modernized ... Thousands of younger Belizean born Mennonites have been excommunicated from the old backward racist church. Belizean mennonites are slowly becoming free Belizeans... In my days as a kid in Belize, Mennonites did not drink, smoke,party, listen to music,take pictures or nothing of that sort. Oh how things have changed...

  • Shark Ray City - Belize, 3min. Snorkeling w/ Sharks.

  • Sports Talk Show June 13, 2hr.

  • Talk Ah Di Town June 14, 2018, 37min.

  • Belize Secret Beach Great Egret, 2min. On the way back from Secret Beach on Ambergris Caye, we spotted this Great Egret.

  • 5 Hours Fishing: Long Caye Belize with Belize Tradewinds, 4min. 5 Hours fishing in Long Caye.

  • Critically endangered Hicatee turtle hatching in Belize, 1.5min. The critically endangered Central American River Turtle (aka Hicatee) is shown hatching on June 12 2018 at the Hicatee Conservation and Research Center in Belize.

  • Sharks, Mayan Ruins, Blue Hole, Marriage Proposal and more, 11min.