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The San Pedro Sun

Assad Shoman presents ‘Guatemala’s claim to Belize; The Definitive History’
Former Belizean politician and diplomat Assad Shoman presented his latest book on the Guatemalan territorial claim to Belize in San Pedro Town on Monday, June 25th, at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium. The 75-year-old long-time historian’s six-chapter book, ‘Guatemala’s claim to Belize: The Definitive History’, aims to better educate and prepare Belizean people with the relevant facts and arm them in the present day struggle against the Guatemalan claim. Shoman made it clear that his book does not aim to make a case in favor of against going to the International Court of Justice as the public education campaign leading to the April 10, 2019, Belize referendum heats up, Shoman hopes that with the detailed information in his book, Belizeans will find it easier to make a decision at the polls next year.

Public Officers awarded for years of service
In honour of the United Nation’s Public Service Day (Saturday, June 23rd), several public officers in San Pedro Town were honoured at a social event on Tuesday, June 26th at the International Boat Terminal Lounge behind the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex. The social evening included the presence of Mayor Daniel Guerrero, who distributed certificates of appreciation to the outstanding government workers, particularly those that have devoted over a decade of their service to the country. The celebration also featured great food, refreshments, music and fabulous giveaways via raffles. The event started shortly after 8PM, and after some socializing time Jorge Aldana from The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), let a short awards ceremony. He commended all public officers on behalf of the SPTC and thanked them for their unconditional service to Ambergris Caye and the country of Belize.

Ambergris Today

Ashley Furniture Store Coming To Belize
Mirab and Co. a family owned business, is taking the consumer market to a whole new level, with its soon to be launched mega department store. The new store is located 1.5 miles on the Phillip Goldson Highway, Belize City, covering a square footage of approximately 100,000 square feet. This 3-story building is the largest department store in Belize. The new facilities will Welcome Home loyal shoppers with several outstanding new features, textures and sensory triggers that will provide a unique and pleasurable shopping experience. The biggest secret being disclosed is the announcement of the first ever Ashley Furniture Home Store in the country of Belize, which will be located on the 3rd floor of the new building. “We saw the potential for expansion a few years ago and decided to deliver on our promise for continuous improvement. We are grateful to our staff and customers and thought that it was time to offer them an upgrade to our existing facilities launched some 18 years ago.”

Flood Prevention Seminar Hosted By Governments Of Taiwan And Belize
The Governments of Taiwan and Belize hosted a Belize Flood Prevention Seminar on Wednesday, June 27, 2018, in Belize City. The seminar had distinguished experts from Taiwan and Belize who shared their experiences and technologies in the following topics (1) Disaster Research and Prevention Strategy, (2) Flooding disaster simulation and early warning technology in urban areas, (3) Disaster Prevention in Using Geographic Information Systems(GIS).

Misc Belizean Sources


Closure of conch season
The Fisheries Department hereby reminds fishermen and the public that the Conch Season will be closed from July 01, 2018 to September 30, 2018. This is in accordance with Regulation 6 of the Subsidiary Regulations (Chapter 210’s of the Laws of Belize – Revised Edition 2003). The public is reminded that no person or establishment shall have in possession any conch during the closed season. Any person or establishment found in possession of conch during the closed season will be charged and prosecuted in a Court of Law in accordance to the Fisheries Regulations. The Department can also be reached by e-mail at [email protected]

Checking on young macaws
During the bio-monitoring period of scarlet macaws, Dr. Isabelle Durand who is an FCD Board member and Director of the Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic, together with the FCD Research team conduct veterinary checks on young macaws to assess their condition in the wild.

Ancient World Week
The 3rd annual Ancient World Week is coming! Are you curious about archaeology especially in Northern Belize? This event is for you!! Archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology NICH and Northwestern University of the U.S. will be presenting with a focus on Northern Belize. If you are an educator, tour guide, student or interested in the Maya please call 422-007, fb message or visit the House of Culture to register for this free event.

Power outage scheduled for portion of the Corozal District on Tuesday, July 3 from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
To affect: Yo Chen, Cristo Rey, San Pedro, Louisville, San Narciso, San Victor, San Roman, Santa Clara, Concepcion, Libertad, Estrella. BEL to conduct maintenance and testing of equipment at the Corozal Substation.

"Allan D Real McCoy" Musical Concert and CD LAUNCH PARTY
"Allan D Real McCoy" in conjunction with the Corozal Town Council will be presenting a Musical Concert and CD LAUNCH PARTY of beautiful genres of english, spanish and instrumental music dedicated to the late Ray Gonzales. Come and listen to great music on Saturday, June 30th from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. at the Corozal Central Park. CD's will be on sale for $5.00. Come out and support our Corozal music and culture!

Summer Strings Benefit Concert
Mary Open Doors is having their Summer Strings concert on Satrday, July 14th, at the George Price Center. Have a great time while supporting a wonderful cause. "Save the date!!! July 14th, 2018 The Summer Strings benefit concert at the George Price Center will feature talented musicians, including Czech violinist- Karolina Kukolova. The proceeds from the concert will be used to buy the property and building where Mary Open Doors currently shelters victims of domestic violence.

BELIZE FISHING REPORT: Weeks of June 18th thru June 24th, 2018
Over one hundred bonefish caught this week as anglers put on their bonefish game face and got it done. In spite of the cloudy skies and windy conditions, the guides managed to put all anglers on Bonefish. Sometimes the fish get tired of waiting for the weather to improve and decide to eat regardless of conditions. Great week to be a Bone fisherman!

Water Outage along Philip Goldson Highway July 3
Belize Water Services informs customers along a portion of the Philip Goldson Highway that there will be an interruption and low water pressure in the water supply Tuesday, July 3, 2018, starting at 11:00am. The area to be affected by the water interruption is from 6 Miles on the Philip Goldson Highway to San Cas Plaza. The areas to be affected by low water pressure are West Landivar, Buttonwood Bay, Mayflower Garden, and Bella Vista.

2018 Taste of Belize
Indulge in succulent Belizean cuisines at the “2018 Taste of Belize” on July 21, 2018, at the Princess Hotel & Casino! As a diverse country, Belize offers a wealth of foodie-appeal, from delectable ancient Maya flavours to the cultural spices of the Garifuna and Mestizos! This signature Belize Tourism Board (BTB) event is the ultimate venue, featuring different culinary competitions, such as the Belize Master Chef and junior Cook. Other Competitions include Bartender of the Year, Pastry Chef of the year. The BTB is excited to celebrate the creativeness of Belize’s food industry and we invite you to savor the flavors of Belize during this event!

Dawn Drake & ZapOte from New York at Xunantunich!

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Blockers, A Quiet Place, Life of the Party, Isle of Dogs

Channel 7

Supreme Court “Brakes” Belmopan Convention
A month ago, there was a public eruption of discontent in the PUP, after 2 prominent candidates, Jason Patrick Andrews and Arthur Saldivar, were disqualified from running in this Sunday's Belmopan convention. Andrews, the former PUP candidate in the capital, said that he would grudgingly live with the decision. Arthur Saldivar wasn't so accommodating, and he said in a Facebook Town Hall meeting that he was going to sue the PUP, to try and reverse the decision from its vetting committee. He proved that this was no idle threat when his attorney, Christophe Rodriguez, filed his claim a few weeks ago. It has landed on the desk of Justice Shona Griffith, who scheduled an injunction hearing today. They want the Judge to stop the PUP from holding its convention, while the court decides whether Saldivar's disqualification was justified.

Looking For Answers In Wild OW Shooting
On last night's news we told you about the mass shooting in Orange Walk that sent Nazario Herrera, Diana Ack, Victor Ku and Monico Gomez to the hospital. The group of friends were hanging out in Herrera's yard when a gunman entered the premises, guns blazing. All the victims are now reported in stable condition. Here's what the police know so far... ACP Joseph Myvette - HNCIB "Orange Walk police responded to the northern regional hospital where 4 persons were observed with gunshot injuries, namely Nazario Herrera, Diana Ack, Monico Gomez and Victor Ku. Mr. Herrera received injuries to his buttocks, whilst Diana Ack received a gunshot injury to her chest and Monico also received a gunshot injury to her chest..."

Bogus Bitcoin Connection For Campos Kidnappers?
Omero Campos, a San Narciso businessman, has been missing since Father's Day. Days after he went missing his family was contacted by his apparent kidnappers who called from a Mexican number, and allegedly demanded $1 million for his return. About a week later, the family was contacted again but this time spoke to Campos directly; assuring them that he was still alive. And after another week of no contact, Campos' alleged abductors allegedly sent another message - this time, though, supposedly through the media. In an email sent to Breaking Belize News, the kidnappers supposedly changed their ransom from a million in cash to cryptocurrency and now want 20 bitcoins. For those that don't know, Bitcoin is an online currency currently worth about $12,000 US dollars per unit - so that works out to about half a million Belize dollars. Police told us more about the latest developments.

After 2.5 Months Choice Bank Allows Withdrawals
Tonight, depositors at Choice Bank can breathe a little easier - because after more than two months where their money was on lockdown, - the bank today announced that it is emerging from its "constrained liquidity" - and the good news is that depositors should be able to get back their money by the end of the year. A release says that as of Monday, all depositors will be able to withdraw up to $25,000 US dollars from their accounts. And then, later in July, they will be able to withdraw up to $75,000 US dollars. By the end of August, that will go up to $100,000 US. The release adds, quote, "by the end of the year, all those depositors are projected to have full access to 100% of their funds should they wish to close their accounts."

FCD Found Farmers From Guate, 8 Years An Encroacher
The Friends for Conservation and Development have captured 2 more Guatemalans encroaching on Belizean territory inside the Chiquibul National Park. Yesterday, a team of FCD Park Rangers and BDF soldiers were on patrol in the Cebada area, in southern Chiquibul. They encountered 2 Guatemalan farmers 2.7 kilometers inside the national park. 42 year-old Benigno Oroman Perez, and 17 year-old Elder Danilo Oroman Perez, who both live in Las Brisas de Chiquibul, in Peten, Guatemala acknowledged that they were trespassing on Belizean territory. They told the Belizean lawmen that they have been farming in this area for the past 8 years. They were then escorted to the San Ignacio Police Station, where they await charges of illegal entry and illegal cultivation.

Israel Defends Its Position
The dramatic news this week came from Belmopan, where the "Artists for Peace and Common Sense" gathered an eclectic group to protest against Israeli training for the Belize police department. They say that the Israeli's are exporters of brutality and oppression - while the Minister of State for National Security Elodio Aragon said the training has nothing to do with that. But, what do the Israeli's themselves say? Today we tracked down the Deputy Chief of Mission from Mexico - Alon Lavi - who came to open the two week training on Community and the Police. He said it's all a big misunderstanding:

The Forward Base Is Opened
The Hunting Caye Forward Operating Base has been in the plans since 2014. As has been widely publicized, the construction of the base had to come to a halt because the public was outraged that a Guatemalan company was contracted by the US government to build it. Well, when that had to be scrapped for obvious reasons, the Government of Belize had to foot the bill and finish the construction of the base itself. So, finally, after all those setbacks, the base has been completed. It was officially opened yesterday and here's more from the ceremony. Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security: "It is indeed a great pleasure to finally be able to welcome you to this very special occasion after a long wait and a list of unwanted delays, we are finally here to have the opening of this strategic forward operating base."

Sugar, Yield Was Up, Money Was Down
The 2017/2018 cane season closed yesterday, and millers, BSI/ASR, are reporting that just over 1.274 million metric tons of sugar cane was milled during this crop. That's approximately 16,000 metric tons less than last year's total of 1.29 million metric tons. Out of this 1.274 million metric tons of sugar cane milled, 142 thousand tons of sugar was produced, which is the same as last year, but from less cane. But, despite the local sugar industry performing with high efficiency, the shifts in the global world market have resulted in a significant fall in the prices of sugar. This will result in lower export earnings.

Another Missing Man On San Pedro
If you're on social media, there's a chance that you've seen a photo of Clarence Lorenzo Brown Jr. The San Pedro resident has been missing since the 13th, which is almost three weeks now. Here's what police said about their leads so far... ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "We have a report of a missing person. I know that this have been circling in the social media but until the 21st, the mother made an official report to San Pedro police. She is mentioning that her son is missing from the 13th June. He is Clarance Lorenzo Brown, 25 year old tour guide of DFC area San Pedro. The last time they saw him alive or that he was seen alive was in the immediate area of the Coka Cola place in San Pedro. Information up to now is they have not receive any information as to where any possibility that he can be. He has not answer his phone and nobody has seen him since then."

Man Charges For Aggravated Burglary
Last week Friday, two men stormed into Bibiana Cus's home in St Matthew's village - demanding the keys for her husband's pickup truck. They stole that vehicle as well as jewelry and other items. The pickup was intercepted in Hattieville - and today police told us that they have charged a suspect - who is familiar to the family: ACP Joseph Myvette - HNCIB: "In relation to the aggravated burglary at Bibiana Cus' residence in St. Mathews Village which has occurred on Friday 22 June, police have since arrested and charged Valerio Aragon, 24 years old tour guide for the crime of aggravated burglary, one count of aggravated assault and one breach of protection order."

Robbers In Uniform Suggest Organized Crime
We've reported on several robberies over the past few weeks, and in that time police increased patrols throughout the city in an effort to protect businesses. But the police can only do so much and it's impossible to prevent every attempted robbery. Today the head of the Crime Investigation Branch, Assistant Superintendent Alejandro Cowo advised business owners to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity... ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB Belize City: "I would like to take this opportunity to encourage and advise the business owners, yes the police has a responsibility to patrol the entire city and the country, but it is also their responsibility to make sure that their business is safe, to be alert, observant..."

The Cpl Matute Situation
Police also spoke about Corporal Luis Matute - who shot a machete welding man in Camalote. Truman Parham was shot twice and is listed in a stable condition and police guard. But what about possible charges for the Corporal?

Teen Shot In South
A teenager was shot on Wednesday night in Bella Vista Village, Toledo District. 19 year old Valentino Ack was approached by three men - and one of them fired at him from a shotgun, hitting the young man in the legs and arms. Police say he knows tow of the three suspects, and so do they:.. ACP Joseph Myvette - HNCIB: "Shortly after 9pm on Tuesday, Independence police responded to an information where one Valerio Bak, 19 year old labourer of Bella Vista Village was seen with several gunshot injuries, one to his right leg; one to his left arm and one to his left foot. Initial investigation revealed that the victim was walking alone in the village when he heard several shots and realized that he was shot. Police are looking for 3 suspects in relation to this incident. Mr. Bak has since been release from the southern regional hospital"

City Hall Flip Flopping On Relocation of Tour Operators?
The Fort George Tourism Zone is always congested on cruise ship days. On a typical cruise ship day you'll be met with dozens of buses, horses pulling carriages and hordes of tour operators in vans and taxis. It affects the guest experience, and, for years now, the BTB has been trying to solve a congestion problem - against a wave of protest from the small operators. But, the effort continues, and now the BTB has to the new city council on board to resurrect the idea of moving the bus landing area to the Marion Jones Sports Complex parking lot. But before they do that, they are holding a public consultation to make sure that the Marion Jones is the right fit for tour operators and the residents in the area. That consultation is happening right now, but before it started we spoke to a representative from BTB and the Fort George Tourism Management Committee about the new plan...

Concerns Mount For Missing Girl in Belmopan
A Belmopan mother is reporting that her 15 year old daughter has been missing since Monday. Karen O'Brien reported that Alyka Coye hasn't been seen by her family in almost 100 hours - she was last seen on Monday at around lunch. If you do know her whereabouts, please call police or 615 7061.

After 4 Years, Mirab Will Soon Open
It's one of the most anticipated commercial debuts in memory - and today Mirab announced that it will open its new, three story, hundred thousand square foot department store in late summer. It may be the largest store in Belize and will include Belize's first Ashley Furniture Home Store on the 3rd floor. The new building has been a four year project, with a price tag projected to be well over ten million dollars. It will include escalators and elevators. No specific opening date has been announced.

Jamal Took His Story to NatGeo
Last night we told you about the adventures of Jamal and Tarzan as they took in an injured baby manatee. Well, linking up with an American social media sensation such as Tarzan isn't the only way Jamal Galvez is spreading awareness about manatees. He is now a NatGeo fellow and he plans to use that platform to highlight the issues manatees face in Belize. Yesterday he told us about the importance of this prestigious award. Galvez spent 1 week in Washington D.C participating in trainings and public discussions. He got $25,000 US dollars from the fellowship. Galvez says he will use that money to fund surveys, patrols to ensure that boats are complying with the regulations along with many other manatee protection initiatives.

Madison, The Wave Of The Future
Madison Edwards: She is the 12 year old environmental activist who has been making waves with her powerful and committed advocacy for the protection of the Belize Barrier Reef. She recently got the Oceana Ocean hero award. Well, Edwards continues to make a name for herself. Yesterday, she gave a short presentation to the World Heritage Committee in Bahrain. As we told you, it is at this committee meeting that it was announced that the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System has officially been removed from the UNESCO World Heritage Center List of World Heritage Sites in Danger. Now here is an excerpt of Edwards' meaningful speech.

Brandon Battles With Federation To Ride Road Championship
Two months ago we told you how elite cyclist Brandon Cattouse had tested Positive for a banned substance. At the time we were told he had been placed on a provisional indefinite suspension by the National Anti Doping Association until his hearing is held. But, reports to 7News this evening are that Cattouse has served an injunction on the Cycling Federation at a technical meeting just a few minutes ago - forcing them to allow him to ride in the National Road Championship on Sunday. It seems he is challenging his suspension in the courts - and is now using the injunction - since he was banned from last week's time trial championship.

No More Frittaz!
If you're a fan of conch fritters, or ceviche, you'd better get your full of it between now and Saturday night. That's because conch season is closing on Sunday July first, and will stay closed until September 30, 2018. Any person or business found in possession of conch during the closed season will be charged and prosecuted. The Fisheries Department advises the public to report any illegal fishing activity by calling telephone numbers: 224-4552 or 223-2623.

Channel 5

P.U.P. Postpones Belmopan Convention as Arthur Saldivar Seeks Injunction
Attorney Arthur Saldivar is turning against his own party, which he wants to represent. This is all because he is not allowed to run for P.U.P. standard bearer in the [...]

Saldivar Explains Why He Wants to Contest P.U.P. Belmopan Convention
The three candidates who have been accepted to contest the convention are Oscar Mira, Wiezsman Pat and Michelle Rodriguez. After this morning’s court session, Saldivar told supporters who had gathered at [...]

Belizean Shot & Killed in the U.S., Before Husband Turns Gun on Himself
A murder-suicide claimed the lives of a Belizean woman and her American husband. Thirty-five-year-old Rushan Tucker was shot and killed by her husband Malcolm Tucker on Sunday morning in their [...]

Ring of Thieves Responsible for Robberies in the City, Elsewhere
Over the past month and a half, there have been a string of robberies within the city and elsewhere across the country and police are inching closer to the perpetrators. [...]

Kidnappers Now Want Bitcoins for Safe Return of Abducted San Narciso Businessman
Despite an ongoing hunt, San Narciso businessman Omero Campos remains missing. Campos was abducted on June sixteenth when he headed to his farm in the nearby village San Victor, well [...]

Police Brief on Trial Farm Shooting in which 4 Persons were Injured
Within twenty-four hours, there were three shootings in the north, west and south of the country that have left six persons hospitalized. On Tuesday, shortly after eight p.m., Orange Walk [...]

‘Old Beef’ Cause of Shooting in Bella Vista Village
Also on Tuesday night, there was a shooting shortly after nine p.m. in Bella Vista Village on the Southern Highway. Nineteen-year-old Valerio Bak was shot multiple times to the body [...]

Russell Hyde Junior Charged for Shooting Farmhand Jose Gonzalez
Russell Hyde Junior has been charged for the aggravated assault and wounding of Jose Gonzalez, who was shot on Sunday in Camalote Village. Gonzalez was shot to the chest as [...]

Internal & Criminal Investigations Continue Following Camalote Shooting
The spate of shooting started on Monday night in Camalote Village, in the Cayo District when Truman Parham was shot to the abdomen and arm by off-duty Police Corporal Luis [...]

A Forward Operating Base is Inaugurated at Hunting Caye
A forward operating base was launched on Wednesday at Hunting Caye in southern Belize. The base was long in coming; work started in 2014, but was abruptly halted after it [...]

FinSec Joseph Waight Says G.O.B. Will Not Reduce Fuel Tax
The price of fuel has been fluctuating in the last few weeks with the latest adjustment to diesel, a decreased of twenty-two cents and is now retailing for ten dollars [...]

Government to Meet with Chambers over Fuel Tax Regime
G.O.B. has refused to reduce fuel tax. Entities such the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry have called on the government to re-strategize and review its fuel tax regime. Last [...]

$400 Million Owed for Petrocaribe
Petrocaribe is rolling no more. Belize is among eight countries affected by Venezuela’s PDVSA which has said that it is suspending its petroleum deliveries. Reports emerging from Venezuela suggest that [...]

New Developments on Embattled Choice Bank Limited
There are new developments in respect of the embattled Choice Bank Limited.  In a first statement issued today, the financial institution informed its depositors that as of July second, they [...]

FCD Rangers Bust Guatemalans in Cebada
Two Guatemalan farmers from Peten were detained inside the Chiquibul National Park on Wednesday. Friends for Conservation and Development and Belize Defense Force personnel were on a patrol to document [...]

Man Charged for Saint Matthew’s Home Invasion
On Monday we reported a home invasion in Saint Matthew’s Village. Bibiana Kus and her family were accosted by a pair of armed men, who stormed her property sometime after [...]

Government Signs Off to Guarantee a Loan from Taiwan for B.T.L.
Belize Telemedia Limited has spent forty million Belize dollars rolling out its National Broadband Plan.  The project commenced in San Pedro in July 2017 and now the company wants to [...]

Will Independent Tour Operators be Relocated to the Marion Jones?
A public consultation involving stakeholders within the Fort George Tourism Zone is underway at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex, the proposed staging ground for the relocation of tour buses in [...]

NSC Director Says Parking of Buses a Business Opportunity
According to Ian Jones, the National Sports Council is simply taking advantage of a business opportunity which it can parlay into the improvement of existing programs at the department.   [...]

Conch Season Coming to a Close
The conch season is closing from July first through to September thirtieth. During this period, anyone found in possession of the conch will be fined.  The Belize Fisheries Department says [...]

Sugar Cane Crop Season Officially Closed
Up north, the sugar cane crop at A.S.R./B.S.I. is officially closed. In a release issued today, the millers say that the final sugar cane fields have been cut and the [...]

Healthy Living: National Testing Day
Do you know your HIV status? The Ministry of Health and the National AIDS Commission have been working to ensure that you do. For some time now, there have been [...]


Criminal and internal investigations ongoing in Camalote Police shooting
Police Corporal Luis Matute of Camalote Village remains on duty as the police department continues to investigate the incident in which the officer shot 44-year-old Truman Parham. As reported before, the incident happened around 6:30 on Monday evening. Today ACP Joseph Myvett explained what they understood happened after Parham reportedly entered Matute’s yard wielding a …

Shooting victim recovers, police seek three suspects
Police are looking for three persons in connection with the shooting of nineteen-year-old Valentino Ack. He was shot while walking in Bella Vista Village in the Toledo District on Tuesday night sometime after nine o’clock. ACP Myvette: Valerio back 19 years laborer of Bella Vista village was seen with serval gunshot injuries, one to his …

Foward Operating Base opened on Hunting Caye
A Strategic Forward Operating Base was opened on Hunting Caye on Wednesday. The facility, was completed with the assistance of the US Southern Command. Minister of National Security, John Saldivar says the base is a critical point for deterring illicit activities. Minister of National Security, John Saldivar: Hunting Caye has been an integral part of …

Still no leads on whereabouts of Kidnapped Omero Campos
The search for businessman Omero Campos is ongoing, but police say they are unable to say whether he is still alive. Campos was last seen on Sunday June 17 when he left his house to go to his farm. His family received a call hours after they realized he was missing, but police say that …

Did a dispute lead Sabino Domiguez to his death?
Earlier this week Police charged two persons, 40-year-old Arnulfo Nunez and 39-year-old Hilcia Cano Arevalo, for the murder of Sabino Santos Dominguez. Dominguez’s body was found on the side of a road in Franks Eddy Village early last Sunday morning. He had sustained several chop wounds to the head and face. ACP Joseph Myvett says …

Police joins search for Clarence Brown
Police have also launched a search for 25-year-old Clarence Lorenzo Brown Junior who has been missing since June 13. He was last seen at around one o’clock in the afternoon driving a red motorcycle in San Pedro Ambergris Caye. The family has not seen him since and fear his disappearance may be linked to him …

Police are still looking for gunman who shot and injured four persons in Orange Walk
Police continue to work on establishing a motive for the shooting of four persons in Trial Farm Village in the Orange Walk District on Tuesday night.35-year-old Nazario Herrera was sitting in front of his house along with his common-law-wife, 26-year-old Diana Ack, 19-year-old Victor Ku and 20-year-old Monico Gomez when someone entered the yard and …

US Sanctions affect Belize’s ties with Venezuela
Under the PetroCaribe program, Belize received fuel from Venezuela through a special arrangement. The program was also able to generate monies for the Government of Belize. However, the US sanctions against Venezuela has impacted the program. Financial Secretary, Joseph Waight explains. Joseph Waight – Financial Secretary: the problem with Petrocaribe is that there is although there …

Waight: no plans in place to lower fuel prices
Motorists continue to lament the high price of fuel in Belize. A couple organizations have called on the Prime Minister to revisit the tax structure to provide some sort of ease; however, the Prime Minister has insisted that would have a negative impact on Belize’s economy. Today, the media asked Financial Secretary Joseph Waight about …

Sugar payment estimates pending
With the expected drop in sugar production, cane payments will be affected. However, the extent to which payments will be impacted is yet to be seen. There are other significant factors to consider, particularly the continued drop in market prices. Cane Farmers Relations Officer at BSI Olivia Avilez explains further. Cane Farmers Relations Officer at …

Robberies spike; police believe a small circle is largely responsible
Police say that a recent escalation in robberies within and outside Belize City is being conducted, for the most part, by th…

Sugar crop closes; industry sees improvements on the fields and at the mill
As we reported, yesterday the 2017/2018 sugar cane crop has come to a close. According to BSI/ASR, the total cane delivered…

BTL signs loan agreement to expand its services
Belize Telecommunications Limited is looking to expand its coverage and services. To that end, the company signed a loan agr…

Arthur Saldivar takes the PUP to court
Over the last few weeks, the People’s United Party has been holding its conventions in preparation for the next general elec…

The Reporter

Murder on Pickstock Street!
A minor was reportedly murdered a short while ago in Belize City. The Reporter understands that the victim is a 15 year-old boy of the Lake Independence area and that he was shot dead on Pickstock Street on the north side of the city. The […]

Belize and Taiwan conduct study on flooding in Belize
Belize’s vulnerable flood-prone areas will, over the next three years, be addressed with a view to minimizing the hazards and vulnerabilities in these areas, especially with the effects that climate change can have on a community. The first collaborative effort to address the problem came […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Teen gunned down on Lovely Lane in Belize City
BBN has confirmed that a teen identified only as Warren Rudon was gunned down minutes ago […]

Teenage female reported missing in Belmopan
A teenage female student residing in Belmopan is reported missing by her parents. Seventeen year old […]

US Vice President visits Guatemala to discuss immigration
Today, Vice President of the United States of America, Mike Pence arrived in Guatemala. Pence […]

Conch season officially closes
The Fisheries Department today issued a reminder to all fishermen and the public that the Conch […]

Atlantic Bank San Ignacio Branch invites you to its ‘Back to School Loan Fair’
Parents are already gearing up for the new school year 2018/2019 and Atlantic Bank San […]

Valentino Ack knows who shot him says police
We had previously reported that Valentino Ack, 19, was shot multiple times while walking in the Bella Vista […]

Belizean woman killed by husband in the US, husband then kills himself
Belizean national, Rushan Tucker, 35, has been living in the United States for over a […]

Son of slain Russel Hyde charged in connection with shooting
Russel Hyde Jr. also known as “Willow” has been charged with aggravated assault and wounding […]

Police say email used by Omero Campos’ kidnappers traced to Switzerland
It has been twelve days since San Narciso businessman, Omero Campos, has been reported kidnapped. […]

Moneygram robber may be involved in a string of other robberies
Jiovannie Augustine, 22, has been charged in connection with the robbery of the Moneygram office in […]

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How the Belize Barrier Reef Beat the Endangered List
An oil drilling moratorium, development restrictions and fishing reform has helped the 200-mile-reef come off Unesco’s endangered world heritage sites list. This week Unesco, the United Nation’s scientific and cultural agency, removed the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, part of the 600-mile long MesoAmerican Reef System, the world’s second largest, from its list of endangered world heritage sites. And, surprisingly, it’s not because the reef is so degraded or damaged that it can’t be saved. The BBC reports that instead, after a decade of “visionary” work to protect the reef, Unesco believes it’s safe for the time being. According to a press release, the roughly 200-mile-long reef was inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 1996, but in 2009, due to a spate of threats, it was added to the agency’s endangered list. In particular, the possibility of offshore oil drilling near the reef, the rapid destruction of mangrove forests and coastal development all threatened to degrade the reef system, which in addition to being part of the largest reef in the northern hemisphere, is also home to threatened species including sea turtles, manatees and crocodiles. Tryggvi Adalbjornsson at The New York Times reports that the reef was struck from the list because, at least for now, all of those threats have abated. “In the last two years, especially in the last year, the government of Belize really has made a transformational shift,” says Fanny Douvere, coordinator of Unesco’s marine program.

Cajuns' Justin Miller takes Belize opportunity to find himself
What was supposed to be a basketball trip to the Far East for Ragin’ Cajuns men’s basketball forward Justin Miller turned into a trip of self-reflection. Heading into his junior season with UL, Miller was given the opportunity to spend 10 days in Belize, playing basketball and helping others for Campbellsville, Kentucky-based Sports Reach USA. The trip, from May 16-26, saw Miller and Sports Reach go unbeaten in six games against teams from the Belize National Elite League, along with local all-star teams from across the country. But that wasn't the most important thing Miller took away from the trip.

This Caribbean Nation Gets The Lowest Rank From US On Sex Trafficking Fight
As the global spotlight continues to be put on the issue of sex trafficking, one Caribbean country has again received the lowest rank of any other regional countries. The U.S. government on Thursday again slapped the ‘Tier 3 level label on the Central American CARICOM nation of Belize as the U.S. State Department on Thursday issued its 2018 annual Human Trafficking in Persons report under the theme: “Local Solutions to a Global Problem: Supporting Communities in the Fight Against Human Trafficking.” In the report, the US said the Government of Belize does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so therefore it remained on Tier 3. It also claimed that allegations of trafficking-related complicity by government officials remains a problem. The US report said Belize is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor. It cited the UN Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons which reported that family members facilitate the sex trafficking of Belizean women and girls.


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