A wooden structure in the San Pablo Area, south of San Pedro Town, was gutted by a fire on Sunday, July 1st. The fire reportedly started close to midnight threatening to spread to other houses in the vicinity but was quickly put under control by the prompt response of the San Pedro Fire Department, (SPFD), who battled the blaze. No one was in the house at the time of the fire, thus, no casualties were reported. The SPFD has launched an investigation to find out the cause of the fire that has left a family homeless.

According to neighbors, the fire started minutes to midnight. They quickly sounded the alarm to others in the neighborhood. When firefighters arrived, the flames had already engulfed the structure threatening to spread to nearby bushes and other homes. Thanks to the rapid work of the firefighters and volunteers, the inferno was extinguished, however, nothing inside the house could be salvaged.

Neighbors said that the house was rented by a lady named Felisa Aguirres, where she lived with her young grandson. Aguirres, affectionately known as ‘Licha,’ is a businesswoman who sells clothing and jewelry, and often travels to Guatemala where she purchases all of her merchandise. She reportedly left the country on Friday, June 29th, and is to return sometime this week. The fire destroyed all her belongings, including her merchandise.

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