We asked councillor Pollard to comment on the new streetlights on the busiest junction on Central American Boulevard.  The lights at the corner of Vernon Street and the Boulevard have been out of service for years - and just this week we saw some shiny new ones in place.  Pollard told us that we should thank the Ministry of Works:…

Allan Pollard - City Councillor
“Well, the new traffic lights, I've seen them up now fully functioning, those under the ministry of works for quite some time even before me getting here, I know the department, the manager has been writing to the ministry to get those up. Every day we have officers in that area, every morning, every evening, it’s a hotspot for us, the intersection, many accidents, so we're very happy for those lights, we thank the ministry for getting those up. We also have in our pipeline some traffic lights in other areas that we identified as key hotspots where we've seen a surge of accidents, so those will be coming soon from other donors outside, they have committed to over 20, possibly 30 so we can't wait to get those as well."

Jules Vasquez
"I see that the cameras, that the lights have cameras perched on top of them. Who is surveilling it and for what purpose?"

Allan Pollard
"I really don't know (laugh).”

We could not reach the Ministry to find out who’s watching the cameras.

Channel 7